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Use the power of Wolfram's computational intelligence to answer your questions. Building on 30+ years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha is the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation.

Across thousands of domains—with more continually added—Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you.

Walk through the steps of solving many math and chemistry problems with Wolfram|Alpha. Get even more detailed assistance with a Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscription.

Parts of Wolfram|Alpha are used in Apple's Siri assistant; this app gives you access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine.

Use Wolfram|Alpha to compute the following and much more:

- Get homework help "Factor 9x^2 + 29x + 6"
- Identify a plane "Flights overhead"
- Find out weather "Weather last New Year's"
- Get information on movies "Movies with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock"
- Get financial insight "APPL vs. MSFT"
- Calculate units and measurements "Seconds in a nanocentury"
- Get trivia answers "Number of tennis balls that can fit in a Boeing 747"
- Find nutritional information "Whopper vs. Big Mac"
- Get shopping help "Chicago Target stores open at 10 pm"
- Get fitness information "Running calculator"
- Have fun "Tell me a joke"

Subscription Details:
Become a Wolfram|Alpha Pro member to unlock enhanced step-by-step solutions and image as input. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscription fees are $6.99 per month or up to $65.99 per year depending on your plan. You can manage your Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscription by visiting the iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscription.

Privacy policy: https://www.wolfram.com/legal/privacy/wolfram/
Terms of use: https://products.wolframalpha.com/iphone/app-internal/termsofuse.html

WolframAlpha App Comments & Reviews

WolframAlpha Positive Reviews

Steps useful but missing Math Photo CaptureThis WolframAlpha app is useful for the ‘brief’ step-by-step solutions and advanced keyboard. This seems sufficient for the parent / school student use. (The subscription version would have more detailed intermediate steps) However, the additional $1 in-app purchase to analyze / recognize images is not directly useful for school math as it simply cannot recognize any math expressions. Almost any math app these days let you take pictures of math (Socratic, MS Math, Symbolab, Photomath, etc)- so this is a serious omission for a company with one of the best math engines. So the pro version is not as useful without this photo feature. In fact, you tend to use the other apps first to get the photo based math solving quickly and only use this app with a copy-paste of the problem using LaTeX if you need ‘steps’..Version: 2.0.8

Problem with Functioning -Update problem resolvedThis is an update to a previous 3-star rating. I was having an issue with this application after downloading iOS 14.4 for my iPad Pro. When I would enter a query it would show the computing message and the moving line but would not retrieve the data. It would eventually stop. This acted very much like my older iPad when its iOS could no longer be updated and this app would not run on it. After my 3 star evaluation, I received a note from a developer. In the meantime, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it began functioning again. I have used this app in the kitchen nearly everyday for several years as I am working on creating gluten-free versions of family vintage recipes. I have found the data I need for converting from volume to weight measurements using this app. It is also great for calculating the nutritional values of the recipes..Version: 2.0.8

Amazing but could use workThis has everything. If you frequently use google or Wikipedia just use this instead it is so useful for such a wide variety of things, I use it mostly for STEM applications which it is amazing at. They added a camera feature which I begged for and I’m glad my pleas were answered it was definitely worth the $5. But here’s where it falls short, I still have apps like mathway because this does not accept mathematical input from images which I NEED in daily use. This would be the only math app I’d ever use if that was a feature. There is text recognition so I don’t think this is far out. Please add this and superb job on the app it’s absolutely amazing and worth the money..Version: 1.8.5

IncredibleThis app is amazingly good for STEM majors (science, technology, engineering, math). It is not a search engine like google as some of the other reviewers seem to believe. If you want to know what it’s like, the website by the same name is almost identical. Paying for the app lets you see step-by-step solutions to math problems, but does not give you access to the website’s same premium feature. You should know the step-by-step solutions are sometimes not helpful (e.g. often uses reduction formulas to solve trigonometric integrals, when students are generally taught to use those as a last resort). Still an amazing app though. I think many people that would like it would be content with just the free part of the website..Version: 1.8.1

Best Search Engine/ Research App Ever!This app is honestly better than Google. It has information on everything I need instantly, without looking through multiple web pages to no avail. It’s so easy to get any research I may need for school. And, it’s not biased in any way. They do not promote any political party over the other. What I’m getting is unbiased acts only - you won’t get that from any web browser! Overall, this app is 100% worth the price and is incredibly useful for anybody who needs to quickly search something and get answers fast. It makes homework so easy, giving step-by-step solutions. I would recommend this app to everybody. Thank you WolframAlpha!.Version: 2.0.9

Masters degree in your pocketAnyone who gives this ap less than five stars is an ignorant fool. Absolute must have for anyone seriously committed to mathematical education by actually learning the material and actually working through textbook problems. This ap basically gives you the ability to automatically factor polynomials as you develop proofs thereby getting you to the end result step by step. Not for fools this is a tool for learning and man aid to developing formal proofs by allowing you to troubleshoot each step as you go without having to constantly reference tables of identities. Basically an abstract algebra calculator much cheaper than their full product Mathematica..Version: 1.8.1

Sometimes problematic, but generally great...I’m really glad I got this. My professor, for whatever reason, wants all solutions in y=mx+b format, but then assigns us a book that has the solutions in the back in Ax+By+C=0 format. Sometimes, it’s obvious that my solution is the same as what’s listed. Other times, it’s really not. This app helps me to check if I’m right or not and walks me through the steps to solve equations so I can see where I went wrong if my answer was incorrect. Sometimes it doesn’t understand my input. I really don’t find the input suggestions in the app to be helpful — they’re not specific enough. I wish that aspect of things were fixed. Otherwise, it’s a great resource..Version: 1.8.3

Love this app butI have been using this app for years. Seeing the “go pro” come up with having advanced solutions, i decided to try it out. Did an in app purchase for a subscription based purchase and still keep getting asked in app to upgrade to pro. I hit restore purchases and i get a quick screen “thank you for your purchase” and again i go into the step by step solution and it is giving me “Basic solution” and having the pop up at the bottom AGAIN! “Go pro now”. I have cancelled the subscription immediately and now writing this review. Seems like some bugs here that need to be fixed.....Version: 2.0.7

Improve 3D graph viewingIt would be really nice if you could type in a 3D function to graph and be able to manipulate the graph with multitouch. WolframAlpha is an amazing product. It’s right up there with IBM Watson and other incredible feats of computer science that I can have such a versatile and useful knowledge resource on my phone. Which makes it that much more shocking that you only get a single view of a 3D graph with whatever range and graph angle that Alpha chooses for you. Make a button to go into a detailed graph viewer. I don’t understand what is stopping Wolfram from implementing this. I hope that they read these and incorporate feedback into the product..Version: 1.8.1

Brilliant, period.Without question, this app deserves a place on the home screen of anyone who occasionally needs a thorough answer to a technical question. What’s more, WolframAlpha is a dictionary, a fast calculator, a mathematics teaching tool, a de facto tutor, a superior substitute for Photo Math, and a great place to type in numbers for copy/pasting in other apps. If they’d add 3D Touch support, I will deem this app truly flawless. The service could use a spell check enhancement, but if you know how to type, you should be fine..Version: 1.8.2

Subscription warning is bogus!!I use the free version of wolfram alpha online all the time. It does NOT break down the step by step procedure... for just 3 dollars this App DOES break it down step by step. So then there IS a huge difference between the free online version and this paid app. Again, for 3 dollars you will see the step by step breakdown for the math solutions... that’s a great price even though the subscription apparently gives you even more in depth breakdowns etc. This App IS definitely worth 3 dollars, other people are confused!!.Version: 2.0.7

Ignore the 1 starsI recommend that people ignore the one star reviews, those people have no idea how to use the app. They think this is some search engine like google but it’s more suited for running calculations. If you’ve heard of Mathematica and know what the wolfram alpha website is then you are basically getting full support with this app for peanuts compared to what the website charges. It’s not as mathematically powerful as Mathematica but for running quick calculations on the fly, this is indispensable..Version: 1.8

New update made accounts/pro literally unusableI love this app/program, but this new update made the app literally unusable for me. I tried to contact their support, but long story short, this review is the only other way I can think to contact them. The issue: the app works perfectly fine until I try to sign into my account, then the screen sits on loading for minutes and after you’re “signed in” literally nothing, not any query, your account, or even app information will load. DO NOT GET THIS UNTIL THE ISSUE IS FIXED IF YOU INTEND TO USE PRO. This is a major issue that needs to be fixed immediately.Version: 2.0.8

Name search crashGenerally, this app is stellar. Sometimes interpretation of search term can be unusual. But, certain name searches will crash the app. For example: Dana, Gerald, & Michael, to name a few. The search starts okay. Then the app crashes and a black screen appears. On an iPhone 6+, the device reverts to Home after the black screen. Even restarting the device or doing a name search hours or days later results in a crash. Lastly, the iPhone was checked out to be 100% at an Apple store..Version: 1.8.1

Best App for Computation Processes and so much more!I’m a long time user of this app, and regret not rating it until now, although I have recommended it to fellow tutors and students in person and in online forums. I saw how this app was one of the first math apps to include the step-by-step operations of problems in Algebra I through Calculus III, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. And yet it offers so much more in the other sciences and even English vocabulary. I hope you’ll check this app out. It’s worth it and then some..Version: 2.0.7

WowThis is seriously an excellent app. It may seem confusing to use at first but once you have figured out how to use the notations and how it works it is actually incredible. While you do have to pay for it, I still recommend buying it. Having one of the worlds best calculators in your phone is amazing. Finding limits, graphing, solving logarithms, anything is easy with this. Seriously a must have for any high school to college math student. Thank you WolframAlpha.Version: 2.0.8

It’s Like Google for S.T.E.M!!This should be in the hands of every child. It is amazing to see the diverse data when searching topics in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. As a software architect, I plan to use the Wolfram Alpha API (Application Programmer Interface) and the Notebook API to build an Augmented Reality app. As a father, I want to build something useful for kids of all ages and grades. The goal will be to help them navigate this data to learn, discover and create. The in-app purchase to make the input accept images as well as text made me smile from ear to ear. I literally felt like a kid again, building a machine with the add-ons. They are totally worth it! Even with all the troubles we have in this world, I have not been this excited about the future as was when I saw the power I have in my hands right now..Version: 2.0.7

Now a Pay to Use app...I would have gladly given this app 5 stars, like another user mentioned. Back when I bought this app, all features were unlocked with purchase. But the fact that you have to pay for it, then pay for a subscription is not a fair practice in my opinion. I still give it 4 as it’s still really useful overall..Version: 2.0.5

Great for schoolI use this app for school and it works great for math and stuff like that it will give the answers for most algebra and pretty much any simple math questions. Mathway is better if you need the steps to “show your work” but its a significantly more expensive app thats paid annually or monthly. Wolfram has a one time payment for the paid version so if your a student I would recommend it for sure..Version: 1.8

Majorly HelpfulUsing this app for my college physics and calculus classes and it is a huge help. Gives more information on subjects and explanations than I can find on any other math calculator or search engine. I highly recommend for anyone with lots of questions that normally nobody understands! Also, I love the depth of information and intuitive view given on EVERYTHING. My go to app for questions!!.Version: 1.8.3

Great Overall AppI’ve been using wolfram Alpha online for quite a while now. This app is perfect for me. It lets me use the full capabilities of Wolfram Alpha on my iPad along with step by step solutions at no extra charge. If you don’t want the mobile experience and step by step solutions you can use the web version on Safari for free, but in my opinion the three dollars is definitely worth the price..Version: 2.0.5

The Worlds Best ToolThis answer engine is the most amazing reference to search for truth and fact. Absolutely brilliant! I use it for my children with homeschooling and for my own self as I grow, heal and learn through life, and I use it for inspiration for my creative endeavors and spiritual questions. Wolfram Alpha is the biggest gift to the world and we should leverage this tool to figure things out and heal ourselves and the world. Thank you! 🤟❤️✌️.Version: 2.0.7

Subscription is a COMPLETE waste of moneyThe app was working completely fine before i bought the pro version. Now, all it does when i write in a problem is say ‘computing...’ and after waiting, it’ll say ‘the request timed out’. So now after buying the full app, not only can i not get the step by step solution it promised, but also an actual answer. I suggest you get the app, it is very useful, but the pro version is actual garbage, and definitely not worth your money or time..Version: 2.0.8

So much information and computation easily accessibleAs a physics and chemistry teacher, I routinely use Wolfram Alpha Pro in my classroom to help my students on projects with their data analysis. Such an amazingly wonderful tool for anyone with an interest in calculation and data analysis, or anything else in general. Getting the Pro version was worth every penny. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Grateful science teacher.Version: 2.0.0

By far worth the moneyI'm a student who just is taking college classes instead of high school ones and this is a lifesaver. It will not only give you the answer, but a step-by-step guide to getting to that answer. Definitely a must buy for any students but calculus students especially. It will do everything from solving systems of equations to solving complex limits..Version: 1.7.3

Lucky me!Looks like this crackpot hit the jackpot. I’m telling you (and you know who you are) you can keep the propagating these anomalies. There’s definitely data within the background noise. I don’t mean to make anyone jealous, however I just can’t contain myself. Simple rules producing seeming random complexity. All the richness life has to offer. The app? Yeah, it’s cool, too. Thanks for hanging in there with me on this review..Version: 2.0.5

Excellent tool for studentsI’m going into high school and I’ve used this app for both 7th grade (Algebra) and 8th grade (Geometry). It has helped me immensely in regards to understanding graphing and geometric concepts, as well as in other projects, like programming. I’ve used Wolfram Mathematica in the past, mainly on Raspberry Pi. Most of the functionality of Mathematica is transferred over to this app (and for a mere $3!!). I can’t recommend this app enough!.Version: 1.8.2

Just because you thought it would find you memes...Folks, this is the most advance tool you will ever have access to. The ‘questions’ this app can answer are simple limitless. As many have pointed out, this is not google.... please grab this, pay the sub. fee and find out how amazing using these devies, and this amazing service, for knowledge can really be fun..Version: 2.0.5

Best data appBetter than Google for most questions I have. Not just math. Want to know how the Sahara compares size-wise to the US? Avoid Google unless you really want to start being inundated with ads for travel agencies and expedition pants. Wolfram Alpha is my go-to app for data questions. Never tried it for philosophy, but I wouldn't be surprised to get those answers, too..Version: 1.7.3

Nice idea, less powerful than the online version.I use this to just do sanity checks of definite integrals as I work. The app constantly computationally-times out before it can produce the result I need. However, the website has no problem analyzing the same quantity. I find myself coming back to this app less and less as it doesn't seem to handle very basic mathematical. I highly recommend the website. Especially since this is not a free app..Version: 1.7.3

It's worth the three bucks.The app doesn't give you useless data, making it a streamlined way to search for random questions that enter your head. The user has to be able to construct good keywords, because he quality of input determines the quality of output. Overall, my new favorite way to look random stuff up..Version: 1.7.3

FantasticI cannot recommend this app strongly enough. I am semi-retired, work a minion-type job (to stay busy) and I am always thinking Great Thoughts, a process requiring the occasional small datum. I regularly access this app for information and it has yet to fail. Even if the answer is not exactly what I am looking for, it creates other pathways to pursue the answer..Version: 1.7.3

Helped me pass calculus!!!I paid for complete access to this app when it was first released- now it has moved to a subscription model after I already had access to the full app. This app is the only reason I passed my college calculus final... Must have for anyone taking an advanced math course!!! Best $3 I've ever spent on an app!!! This app does everything you ask and more... Can do ANYTHING with numbers as long as you know the correct way to input your query.Version: 2.0.7

Saved my Calculus GradeThe fact that I can use the app to see step by step solutions for only a fraction of the price to see them on the website is GODSEND. Unfortunately I downloaded this app near the end of my class and I only wish I’d thought to do it earlier. Highly recommend for checking your work for integrals and derivatives..Version: 1.8.3

Most outstanding free app worldwideI have never asked a question that this app could not answer. Even if you make a question that it doesn’t understand it will make suggestions. This app is “free”, but if it was not free I would be quick to buy it. This is better than Siri or any other AI applications.Version: 2.0.5

Best money I’ve ever spentI cannot emphasize enough how great this app is. Literally any math thing I’ve ever wanted to do could be done so simply through this app. And it’s not just a calculator, it’s tools and logic language helps you actually come to understand what you are calculating. Just an incredible thing. Thank you Wolfram..Version: 1.8.5

Worth itI’ve had this app for years. Sometimes it gets deleted off the phone but I always come back to it. It’s almost always needed again at some point. Especially concerning mathematical computations or just about anything else you need to know..Version: 2.0.8

Modern Algebra and MoreI use this for quick algebra I don’t want to slog through and to look at various tables of data I’m interested in or want to memorize. It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with this app and you can really turn it into quite a powerful personal tool in life if you invest some time..Version: 2.0.8

WolframAlpha appThis is by far my most used app and I have many. As a math teacher, I can easily check my answers or find all the steps needed to get the answer. I must use this app several times a day. It’s the best $1.99 that I’ve ever spent. And it’s not just for math. I would highly recommend this app..Version: 2.0.4

A student’s or a lifelong learner’s best friendI’ve been using this app, off and on, on the web and now through my iPhone for a long time. I cannot stress how important this app is. I’d like a subscription feature, though the app and have an option to get PRO features, through the app, please and thank you..Version: 2.0.7

Please add themesPlease add dark mode. It would be extremely useful of a feature. Otherwise so far so good..Version: 2.0.9

Life Saver for Calculus Help ❤️Will give you step by step instructions for derivatives and integrals that are easy to follow, worth the money just for that feature alone..Version: 1.7.3

Not as good as I'd hopedInteresting app, but I'm having problems asking the question to get results. I also got the second party guide. Trying to find "Philips Vue lights" ( without the quotation marks), for instance, tends to break up the words and ask which word I want to look up. This does not get me shopping advice (as it is supposedly should) - just definitions of each word. Some queries are easy ( eg. "Highest Montain" gets to detailed info about Everest), but even after watching several videos and reading the guide I can't always get the expected results. I'm hoping to learn more about how to ask the question properly, but I wish there was a help area in the app itself that could help. Siri seems like to understand questions better than this app. When a search brings up a picture it's often very small and you can't zoom the screen or make the picture larger. Overall, it's a good app but it still needs some upgrading..Version: 1.7.3

Great reference toolI’ve used it hundreds of times to look up data, data trends, and qualitative information on image files. Excellent data access to publicly available information. UPDATE: Also a valuable tool for playing Scrabble on the iPad..Version: 2.0.9

Cool IOS App however...It would be cool to have an icon change option because it is too bright and colourful to have on the homepage. As minor as it is it one of the few apps that still hold onto its old look and another option would be ideal. Aside from that it is a useful app but quite slow as well..Version: 2.0.7

Highly recommendIt’s what google should have been. Search tools and related content with calculations at your fingertips..Version: 2.0.9

This app does my homework for me!Time to get easy honor grades in math..Version: 2.0.8

Amazing!Great app, does everything!.Version: 2.0.7

A great find.Invaluable..Version: 2.0.7

Good start!I do not have a math or engineering background so I'm probably not the target audience. At $50 it's way too expensive for someone like me but the current $20 sale price is much more likely to draw customers. I'm impressed with the results it delivers but at the same time I wish it was better at interpreting what I'm trying to ask..Version: 0

Way Worth itThis is so much better than photo math! Honestly it’s worth the really small payment (especially when compared to the monthly payments from other apps) and I find its step by step instructions more thorough than other apps as well. If you're in higher-level math of any kind ( you can even do some analysis problems on this) I would recommend this software over any other..Version: 2.0.7

FantasticMy number one go-to tool for economic and statistical data..Version: 2.0.7

CrashesCrashes on iPhone 6s when starting for some reason. Reinstalled to fix it.Version: 2.0.6

Worth to go proThis is powerful even good enough for varsity level use and been tried it is awesome .hope for more functions.Version: 2.0.4

The App to go to, for Facts.When it comes to finding out information, there are a few trusted websites one can go to on the web. Among the top, is WolframAlpha!.Version: 2.0.3

EditEdit.Version: 2.0.1

Fantastic!Absolutely love this app. Anyone who complains clearly doesn’t know its full potential or how to use it. This is NOT just a calculator - it does a heck of a lot more. Some folks say it is slow. Not sure what you expect considering all the results it gives you. I use this app on a regular basis and enjoy it immensely..Version: 1.8.5

Great appI find this more and more my go to. Particularly for mathematics..Version: 1.8.5

Wonderful for Math!I have only recently started using this app. However, the step-by-step instructions it provides for solving absolute value equations seem quite useful..Version: 1.8.5

Keeps on quittingWorked fine to begin with now every time I try to search for something, it half loads then closes the app. iPhone7 and totally up to date.Version: 1.8.1

Awesome! Thanks!Small bug: crashes when saving QR codes on iPhone 7..Version: 1.8.1

A+Works well for me. Though I’d really appreciate the inclusion of archaic definitions of words. With that, this would be my definitive dictionary but until then I’ll have to stick to paper..Version: 1.8.1

ExcellentA very smart app..Version: 1.8

A GemIndispensable Mathematical tool for learning, research, and your next project.Version: 1.7.3

10/10Fantastic.Version: 1.7.3

The keyboard has lagThe keyboard doesn't work fluently..Version: 1.7.3

OmgI got lady wood when I saw the price for this thing at $1.99. This is such a useful application! -a very happy physicist.Version: 0

Too expensive for what's thereDelivers as advertised but too expensive for what's essentially a glorified browser. Does not work in airplane mode even for all that money..Version: 0

Invaluable resourceAs a student studying math/physics, I use Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica on my laptop all the time, and had been wanting to get the app as well. The previous price was too high for me (I would rather just use the web interface), but at $1.99 it is definitely worth it. It is really intuitive to input math; it always understands what I am trying to say and the specialized math keyboard is great. I use this app all the time to check my calculus problems, plot functions (which it does WAY better than my TI graphing calculator) and compute things quickly. It will do any math related thing you can think of - including generating fractals and calculating eigenvalues of matrices. Impressive!.Version: 0

Excellent and great priceMuch better than going through to their website which I was doing till they finally reduced the price. It is now worth every penny..Version: 0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.0.9

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