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My Coloring Book is a fun coloring activity for all ages. It has a variety of bright colors to use and show off your creativity. It will keep your children busy with a positive activity that fits right into the palm of their hand. You won't have to worry about them crying over crayons or books that they have dropped and cannot reach. The touch screen is easy to pick up and play for both kids and adults. This is one iPhone / iPad app the whole family will be sure to enjoy.


- Over 350 hand drawn pictures to color
- Works on iPod, iPhone, and iPad
- Help children develop hand-eye coordination
- Save pictures to Photos library for easy sharing or to use as wallpaper
- Automatically saves works in progress
- Easy to clear coloring page and start over
- Zoom in and Zoom out feature makes it easy to color smaller areas
- Kid tested

My Coloring Book App Comments & Reviews

My Coloring Book Positive Reviews

ReviewIf they made it so that you can use half rating s, I would give this 3.5, but 4 is the highest I’ll give it. It is a pretty good app, but I do have some critiques. 1. Screen size too small - I have an iPhone XR, and I know this was probably made for phones with a home button, but they should make it fit for phones without a home button, due to the fact that the screen size in phones have gotten a lot bigger. 2. No undo button - instead of having to go to the color picker and pick the color a specific part of the art was, you can just press the undo button. This will be a simple addition. 3. Make the color slider more accurate - what I mean by this is that you should make the end where it gets darker, black. When it’s on the left side completely, it should be black. Same in the right, it should be white. These are the only problems I have with the app, everything else is pretty good..Version: 6.2

Great fun, but needs an undo buttonThe app is great and simple to use. Not much to it, in a good way. However after spending forever on the color wheel finding the perfect shade of a color, then later accidentally coloring over that perfect shade, there needs to be a way to undo the last action. This would help so much with the issue of never being able to get an exact shade after you've accidentally colored over it.Version: 2023.4

KHonestly I like it! I see the new update and am excited! I will love how we can see the drawings we have already colored! This has been great for my friends kids! When I watch them or babysit they love to be able to pick what they like and color it! It’s really simple to use and makes it easy to pass time and just enjoy it! Also for this being a free app it’s absolutely amazing! I would love to have somewhere to donate money though!.Version: 2023.4

More functionsI like this app for a mindless little craft to kill some time. BUT I would say it would be nice to have an “undo” button and maybe a dropper function to use colors you’ve already created. Also, I completed a dozen and enjoyed looking through them until they just randomly all cleared back to all white. :(.Version: 6.2

Great concept needs workThis app has create templates and a ton of color options but it is incredibly difficult to use because once you change colors you can’t see the color you just used. I feel like there should be a toolbar with recently used colors. Also at the top it makes it difficult to see where you left off because even after you’ve been working on a piece it stays white at the templates portion..Version: 6.2

I want all devicesThe reason why I put 3 stars is because I want more devices to be able to use this app because I want to do this color trend on TikTok and we have to use this app to compare these pictures to my friends pictures but my friends don’t have iPhones and we really want to do this so can you please update the app to have all devices added to be able to use this app please I’m begging you.Version: 6.2

Totally awesome, but needs helpI REALLY love this game, but sometimes I am playing it and I will click on one of the pictures that I already completed. So maybe in your next update you should make it so once you finish the picture it will show how you colored it, so you don't click on one you already did..Version: 6.2

Fun (& frustrating??)TikTok made me get it & it’s been fun!!! I know it’s a long shot that this app will be updated, as it’s been 6 years since it’s been updated. However, as mentioned in other reviews, several things are needed to make this a better functioning app. 1. The color picker —recent colors would be the biggest game changer! This has been the most frustrating part 2. Undo button 3. Rather than have images to color at the top, it would serve well to have them be on their own page. Additionally, if you could sort by type. (More of a folder view, e.g., Dinosaurs: each page of dinosaur options).Version: 6.2

Love this app butI love this app!! I’ve been finished with all the drawing templates for some time now; I wish they updated the app more frequently with new templates. It would be 5 stars but since there hasn’t been anything new to color it’s a 4.Version: 2023.4

Soooo Awesome!I’m in my 60’s. This App is so relaxing to use. Love to use the color charts and also to mix your own and color the pictures. Did 75-80 so far and there must be 100’s to color. Also, I think this App was free but I paid $0.99 to remove the ads. Well worth the money!.Version: 6.2

Please update some featuresI love this app! I just wish there was a undo feature. I know it hasn’t been updated in years but maybe just maybe with the TikTok Trend it’ll encourage just a small update!.Version: 6.2

Good but needs workIt won’t let me use the color wheel it just kicks me off when I try to use it and I don’t know how to fix it.Version: 6.2

Miss having new picturesMy daughter has played this game for years, she loves it. However, she is sad there have been no new pictures in a long time. Please make more..Version: 6.2

WONDERFUL GAMEThis game is probably the best I have ever played. The amount of things you can color is unimaginable. There is so many options to choose from. This is the perfect coloring game..Version: 6.2

Improve color schemeI like this app a lot, but you should add a lighter black. The only shade of black you can use it pitch black, there should be lighter shades..Version: 2023.4

Great coloring game!!Me and best friend love this coloring at but one this that was brought up was to make the bright colors (hot pink, neon blue) EVEN BRIGHTER to really capture the image we want to color. -thank you.Version: 6.2

If you can type then you should even be playing this gameI see all these hate reviews and im siting here like. This game if for KIDS not adolescents or teens. KIDS.Version: 6.2

Good appI love this game just wish I could keep track of how many pictures that I have colored.Version: 6.2

No Ads not working “anymore”Whenever I try to purchase no ads, it keeps saying “could not retrieve product” So annoying….Version: 6.2

AureliaI love the way you guys are doing keep making more fun and entertaining games.Version: 6.2

Omg!As a kid I used to play this game (just 5ish years ago 😐) and I used to love it. I finally found it again today.Version: 6.2

What they need to add and how much I rate itI think they should add like more cute dogs and add some hello kitty and spider man and I’d rate this a 4/10.Version: 6.2

ReviewCan yall make it so when u color a drawing it shows in the catalog.Version: 6.2

NostalgicThis game was my childhood. So glad I found it again thanks to a TikTok trend.Version: 6.2

5 stars but…I love this coloring book game. it’s absolutely amazing!!! but, if it had an eye dropper option it would be even better. that’s genuinely all it needs and it’ll be perfect :).Version: 6.2

Dcoloring bookI love the app it fun and easy.Version: 2023.1

I love this appThis app is the best thing I've ever had.Version: 6.2

AdjustmentsYou should add new pages every few days @ & show the pages you have already colored.Version: 2023.1

Amazing!Been doing these since 2011! Best app out there.Version: 6.2

IdkSo Bella is a 5 year old girl who likes drawing.Version: 2023.1

Awesome app!This is a really great app to play with! very relaxing and very fun!.Version: 6.2

I love this!!I love this app I can see how.Version: 2023.4

Life changingI love this app, it cured my depression. We love Lan..Version: 6.2

When I’m stressed I come to this app and color I LOVE IT SOOOOOO much5 STARS.Version: 2023.4

Like itGood app, interesting templates).Version: 6.2

LoveI made a tiktok on this and colored the page.Version: 6.2

ReviewI love it.Version: 2023.4

AMAZING APP!!!This app is awesome! I love it..Version: 6.2

Excellent and simpleI've had this app on my phone for a couple years (4s, now on the 6). I have tons of kids apps for those moments when you've just got to give your kid the phone, and this one is STILL among the top 5 or so apps that they use. It's very simple to use and very responsive, and gets new coloring pages frequently. There are probably at least 150 coloring pages, and what the kids color is auto saved and always still there until they clear it. No ads that I've seen either, not sure an app gets much better than that!.Version: 4.4

Fantastic!!!!!Amazing brilliant app!! I'm a teenager and for some reason me and all my friends find this app amazingly fun! It is extremely well designed with the beautiful and quite excellent array of colors, whilst still giving many pictures to chose from! I love every update and can't wait for more! Only possible suggestions I have.. -maybe a way to import your own pictures? Might be hard though. -a color circle with every color to drag your finger through and select whatever. All and all app is amazing even without these suggestions!.Version: 2.4

Wonderful free app that keeps givingI wouldn't judge My Coloring Book Free by its features and finesse - it gets good scores in these two departments. But the ultimate judge is my kid, who really enjoys it, partially for its measured simpleness and graphical elegance. Recently added pictures help, too. And no sooner as my 6-years-old told me that all were coloured than more pics come. The latest updates also included new colour picker which even delighted my now 10-years-old. Keep it on!.Version: 5.2

Still a great app!They added the color wheel!!!! Now I really feel guilty not paying something! You guys ROCK! This is one of the very first things I bought for my first iPad. They constantly add new pictures, the app is free, the updates are free. The ads are unobtrusive. You can get ad free for one payment of .99! IF I were to add anything at all to this sweet & simple app it would be a larger pallet. I would gladly pay for it.... I feel kinda guilty having so much fun for free!.Version: 4.9

Good but one problemIt's easy for kids to accidentally hit the advertisements at the bottom, which brings up ads in your browser. But you could avoid that by putting your iPhone on airplane mode..Version: 1.4

I don’t haveI have no problem.Version: 6.2

OrganizationThey’re cute, but i feel like they could’ve put the pictures into grids so you can find them easier, or at least number them. its very messy to look through.Version: 6.2

My kids love this game!!!This is the best game for kids my children have all downloaded this game and one of my children has already finished 35 pictures and I’m pretty sure she downloaded it 3 days ago.Version: 6.2

Great game for kidsHfhfjfjfjfjcjfjjdiuieidjfj$kxjcjjxkmfjjckskjdkxvjjc.Version: 6.2

Loveeeee itttI love this app I’m ten years old but I still love it I got this app on my iPad when I was four and I still have it lol.Version: 6.2

Great app for kidsVery easy to use for my 2 year old. He loves it..Version: 6.2

Awesome used to love it when I was a kid and still doThis is so fun 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 6.2

Awesome distraction for 2yr oldsKeep updating your content and bringing higher quality art doodles. Thanks.Version: 2.0

My coloring bookI like the new layout but not the new pushs coming from poker apps. Not appropriate for child app.Version: 2.0

Perfect for young kidsMy three year old loves this app. I recommend it. Is there a way to reset/clear all of the pages at once? Right now I go to each page and reset them one at a time..Version: 0

Great for kids!My 4 1/4 year-old son loves it!.Version: 0

It's good!It does what it's supposed to do. It's a fun little game to take up time..Version: 0

WellIt's not to bad. I guess it something to do for when you board. I wish there was levels though. Like easy medium hard. I'll look in the game some more and if I can rate it again:).Version: 3.1

Not just for kidsThought i'd try out a colouring app and chose this one cuz the pics have nice big parts to colour. and for any that have tiny bits, there's a zoom so you can get closer and make sure it's precise. and its fun. could do with a few more colours. such as a couple more shades of orange and yellow and a darker pink or two. overall, worth it and no in app purchases which many of the others i looked at have..Version: 5.4

AwesomeI have had this game since I was 4 years old ( I am 12 now) and I haven't deleted it since then. I really like this game and it is the best couloring game I have had for I pad. Awesome 🎨.Version: 5.2

AwesomeI love this game I had to delete it and get it again because I loved it so much!.Version: 3.8

Update???This game is awesome but is there a update for more pictures to color. Thanks.Version: 3.2

OkVery boring. Needs more pictures to colour.Version: 3.2

Good! :)I'm not even a little kid and I enjoy this!.Version: 2.8

GreatIt's the ONLY free Colouring app. Good job guys (girls). :).Version: 2.9

GedhsgxgdgdThis is so cool.Version: 2.9

AwesomeThis game is awesome bit it would nice with more colors. Its just because I'm ten years old and loving this app.Version: 2.8

MissBest app Jeff and ash :D I'm waaay to old to be addicted to this!!.Version: 2.8

5 star gameThis is a great game for 2 and up!!!!.Version: 2.7

AmazingGreat work keep it simple not all high teak and confusing nice work( please make more pictures though).Version: 2.5

Great app for little kidsMy kids love this app. I wish we could download more pictures. It is great for learning iPad and is easy for kids as young as 2..Version: 2.5

😘Good game.Version: 2.5

My kids like this appGreat coloring app for kids. I kind of miss them wanting to use real crayons..Version: 2.4

Great for a 3 year old!My daughter has spent hours coloring on this app. She loves it..Version: 2.3

This is a great appAnd my 5 year old grand-daughter loves it! I'd happily pay .99cents for a further selection of more complex pictures..Version: 2.3

CuteNice little program. While I as an adult would like to see higher quality graphics, I'm sure my 2 year old doesn't mind at the moment. There should be a few more "complicated" picture options. She can find the colors easily, but right now only picks one color. This means she goes on to the next picture quickly, which, like another reviewer said, it would be VERY helpful if you could clear all the pictures at once! Please add that feature. Please continue updating! Thanks..Version: 2.2

Love it!!I am 10 yrs. old and I love this app a lot!! The pictures are great and the layout is amazing!! The colors are good and I love that you can zoom in! I would rate this 10 stars!.Version: 2.1

Great for toddlers!This app kept my 3 year old entertained for almost 30 mins while we were waiting on slow service at a restaurant today. That's what I call a successful app..Version: 0

Love it!!I'm 13, and I love it!!!! It's Entertaning..Version: 0

No noI was then 11 year old who liked it when it kept my cousin busy on car ride but The update is horrible!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.2

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