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Sam's Club App Comments & Reviews

Sam's Club Positive Reviews

Lesser of two evilsWe switched to Costco about 10 years ago and have not regretted it until recently. We decided to get a basic membership to Sam’s club again just to see if it will fill the void missing at our Costco. We didn’t even get through half the store when we made our decision. Costco has stopped selling (not even offering an alternative) to so many items that we found at Sam’s. We found the exact garlic bread brand and more options with ice cream. We also found it had a good wine selection and baking items. We went in with a plan to only pick up 5 items and walked away with a cart full. I’m sure that’s not a surprise to most. We are looking forward to using this app for the scan and shop feature because that is amazing! After not allowing Apple Pay, etc at the stores this one shocks me. I had been thinking that Costco was advancing more quickly with technology, but that has not been the case at all. I also really appreciated the final check at the exit. It seems so much more secure for the store to just scan the receipt and then a few of the small items. I’m very optimistic about switching so far..Version: 21.07.11

Works Great & Doesn’tI’ve used Scan & Go since it became an option at my club. Bypassing the lines has been a great bonus. The inclusion of scanning to pay at the pump was another awesome update for those of us living in states with winter (-20° weather isn’t enjoyable to stand outside and fight with the old fashioned pay at the pump game). Everything was mostly smooth except trying to buy items off the mobile site. It’s a guessing game if the item will load properly, lock up, or suddenly send. The latest update exasperated these issues, bleeding over into the Scan & Go function when I first arrive at the club. It tries to load an initial screen that has all my I formation visible that seizes the app, forcing a restart. Then I usually can find that screen cleared and the original screen that has divided sections for mobile site, scan & go, member info, and settings ready to use. The problem is this “pop up” window caused the mobile site to lock up. I’m trying to mobile order a pick up or delivery and the app locks up no matter how many times I try to restart and use it again. This is a nightmare for items that only appear infrequently at my club that I could actually use are now at the mercy of random chance. This is frustrating..Version: 22.03.11

Almost excellent app, but needs a few more optionsI was loving the Sam’s app after I joined yesterday and was excited to pick up my first curbside order. When I got home, though, I was missing 7 out of 23 items. There’s no way to notify the store of missing items through the app like there is on the Target app. I had to call the store, and it took around 10 min to get through (just kept ringing after I pressed 0 to speak to a store member). Then I had to be put on hold to get to the right person. Around 20 min total. Then she had to check the curbside area to see if my items were still there, and now I have to go back to the store to retrieve them. Sam’s also needs a direct line to curbside personnel instead of routing it through the operator. The Target app lets you notify which items are missing and offers free shipping for missing items, or an option to cancel or pickup. As well as an option for damaged or spoiled goods, with an option to send a picture, and automatically refunds you. No return trip needed. The lady I spoke to said she always tells the curbside customers which items she’s loading as she places them in their cars, so that they have a chance to realize if something is missing. Would be great standard practice..Version: 22.07.21

Jdjr2020It was suggested to me that I download the Scan n Go app and bypass the long lines at “the” register or the slow moving, when working, self check lines. So I did. I couldn’t wait to try it! It was heavenly, the first time. The second time was a waste of time. Every time I’d scan an item the app would blink and end up back at home screen. It soon became too much like work so I got in one of the few working self check lanes and back to the way we were. Now I would expect this from a little fledgling operation just trying out some new technology, but this is a multi billion dollar company. All I can conclude is that Sams Club at the highest level just doesn’t give a d*#m. You can’t tell me they do. Spend a few dollars and pay somebody to make sure that the world’s largest retailer has working self check systems. Pay them to tighten up the screw that holds the credit card scanner so I don’t have to hold it in place while inserting my card. I thought self check was going to replace employees. I now see that they too are at work and not working. I believe if Sam Walton we’re alive and he walked into Sams Club on Covington Pike in Memphis and saw 9 self check systems and 3 with “Out of Order” signs on them... I believe he’d raise hell and put a prop under it! Sams, Operating like an under capitalized mom and pop. Sad.... Gonna uninstall app.....Version: 19.10.1

Application performance and suggestionsI have recently started using click n pull and noticed couple of issues. 1. Whenever I reach club and open app, it shows my order and ask me to enter my parking spot. Once I enter my slot, it gives me error saying “Something went wrong, please try again”, but in reality it worked internally and notified the associate. This is very confusing and it’s happening repeatedly for me. 2. We have family membership and it would be great to be able to see other person in click n pull and add rather than typing names etc. 3. In family membership, there should be option to share “click n pull” orders with other members of family (at least who are registered and have sams card) so that either person can use the pickup. Currently my husband is not able to view any order that I make for click n pull. 4. This app has some serious issue with internal memory or CPU utilization. Once I was using scan n go feature when it suddenly cause my phone to turn off and my phone stopped working. It wasn’t charging or turning on. Apple support told me that your last app caused gpu to crash and impacted working image and it had to be hard reset..Version: 19.12.0

Visiting the storeI love ordering on line and usually order from app. Yesterday I thought I would go into the store to do my shopping and did. I was done after a few hours finding everything I wanted and went to checkout. Waiting to checkout I discovered I left my card at home. So I asked if I could use a different card, saying I was a plus member. She said that was ok since I was a plus member. As I got closer to the checker, I asked again. She said I must have my membership card, and to go over to returns and get them to give me proof of membership, so I left my things there waiting to be checked out. When I got back, all the things I was purchasing were gone. I asked the checker where was by basket, she said they took it over there, pointing behind her. Apparently someone put a full basket of thing back on the shelfs. Besides the checkers rudeness, when I had to wait until 4/5 people returned things in the other line. I believe the checker could have gotten someone to help me put everything back in the basket or at lease tell me that I should take everything back with me so I could purchase it later.Version: 23.02.11

Check Before Ordering Pickup!The app lets you order pickup but NOT ALL STORES OFFER PICKUP! First and ONLY time I’ve ordered with in store pickup. I use Walmart Grocery app often and it works great. Same company so it should also be a decent experience, right? The app lets you order and then sends you direction that tell you to pull up next to the “Club Pickup” sign and someone will bring your order out. Yeah... They have a sign but there’s nowhere to park anywhere near it. So we drove around the parking lot and looked around. There was a cart associate so I asked him. He says, “we don’t do that.” His attitude was “duh, why don’t you know this?” So we parked and went inside. We were directed to a kiosk to check in. Because the app tracks your location, it marked the order as picked up and I couldn’t access my order. I couldn’t find an associate. Took about 20 minutes to figure out where our order was and how to get it. The associate that we finally talked to said that it happens all the time because the app feature launched without the stores being ready and able. It would have been faster to go collect what I needed and then check out..Version: 19.0.4

What’s happened?I loved this app when it first came out. Easy to use, Scan and Go was fantastic, online ordering was a snap. Lately it’s become almost useless. The last couple of times I’ve been in a store I’ve had trouble with scan and go not letting me check out. So I’m told to go through checkout and scan all my items again. Grrrrr. Now, at home placing an order to be shipped it freezes up at the checkout page after swiping to pay. I switch devices and try again. Same problem. I finally found a customer service phone number by Googling Sam’s Club (because there wasn’t a phone number on the app that I could find). Lo and behold, I’m pretty sure their customer service is now in a foreign country. After being on hold for 10 minutes I get disconnected. I call back and wait. This time the guy has such an accent I couldn’t understand what he was saying except “sign out and sign back in”. He didn’t seem to understand that my iPad had locked up. I COULDN’T just sign out. I just close the app and reopened it, but that doesn’t fix it. I had to hang up because he was wasting my time. Sorry SAM’s. I’ve been a loyal member for 40 years. This is about the worst experience I’ve had. PLEASE FIX THE APP AND YOUR. CUSTOMER SERVICE..Version: 23.03.10

Great appI’ve been using scan n’ go since it’s inception & love using it in store. It saves time at checkout, & no more loading & unloading items in checkout lines! Also have done online ordering on my Sam’s Club app for curbside pickup since it started & love the convenience of having the shopping & delivery to my vehicle done for me. However, I wish that when I choose to place things in my online order cart for “pickup at store”, it would stop putting several of the “pickup” items in my cart for “shipping to me”. I have to double check my cart before checking out as there’s always items that end up in “shipping list” instead of free pickup at my local store! And NO, I’m not placing them there nor are they items that are clearly marked out of stock in store or online only! I’m looking forward to using scan n go app for fuel also. All in all this is a great way to shop at our local club without needing to actually enter the store. So convenient in store or out. Just need to fix a few glitches in app, but not something a quick review by me when ordering can’t address. I highly recommend!.Version: 20.10.10

App is overheating my phoneI’ve enjoyed using the scan and go service the few times I’ve gone inside the store now that we’ve opened back up, but I mostly use pick up and that’s been wonderful to have that service. My only complaint is that every time I use the app, it causes my phone to over heat within a couple of minutes, so it takes a full day of looking for a few groceries, then closing the app to let my phone cool, then coming back to the app later to find a couple more items really fast and closing the app again. It’s ridiculous. If I leave the app open for too long, my phone gets so hot it begins to lag and then stalls completely and crashes. I don’t have this issue with any other app, and I use my phone for work a lot. I make sure I’ve closed all background apps before opening the Sam’s Club app, so it’s not an issue of background overload. This is strictly an app issue that needs to be resolved. Otherwise I’ve enjoyed being able to order and utilize car side pickup, so thank you so much for offering this, but please make it easier for your customers to get to you..Version: 21.06.10

App 👎I started using the app a few months ago and liked it for a while. Then suddenly it wouldn’t let me log on; saying my user name and password didn’t match, which they did. I stopped using the app for a while, kept trying to log on from time to time, just to see if the issue would resolve itself, it didn’t. Finally I thought I would try changing my password, my account number wasn’t being use and I couldn’t do it. Next I tried calling the customer service number on the back of the card and was assaulted by an endless string of offers that I could get passed. Then I went back to the app and found another number. Finally I was able to get on a chat and got re-registered. At that point I thought I was good to go. So I went to the store, got on the app and scanned my purchases. When I tried to check out, my credit card information was missing and it took me a half an hour to figure out that to re-enter it. I have lost all my purchase history and don’t have any receipts because they were on the phone. I’m about ready to give up on the app..Version: 19.12.0

Life is not fairThe worst customer service I have a seen in my life I am a regular customers are the tire at Sam’s Club, I went this morning shortly to make sure arrive on time and I will be serve the first, I approach to the coroner ask him nicely if somebody can take a look for my tire to see if they need to be replaced or repaired. Customer service agent name is Mike, he asked me are you going to bike tire? Tell him not yet until somebody took a look up them, he told me I have to wait until somebody’s coming in and enter the information in the computer because we don’t have anybody, suddenly a second customers approach, and ask him how can I help you, he said I need the battery to be checked out he told him he’s going to take a while at least 30 minutes, he ask him another question would you like to purchase a battery., customer said yes .immediately A customer give his credit card . Immediately he was the first I was sitting at seven in the morning wait, for the store to open. Very very very bad customer service, are we not recommend Sams Club tires to anybody.Version: 18.9.1

App is better than it used to be but still needs some improvements.The app is easier to use now and if you remember to check as you go in the store with it it saves the hassle of loading, unloading to check yourself, reloading, unloading to the car and then unloading when you get home. The main problem I have had since the beginning is that it randomly picks a store to have your order picked up at when you order online for pickup. I always buy at the Plano store on Ohio. The app pays no attention to that. Once it had my pickup in Dallas. This time I thought it was the Plano store on Ohio but no…it just said Plano and nothing else on the page you can see right off but I didn’t realize after shopping the Ohio store for other items and then trying to pick up my order that it sent the order to Coit. Very frustrating! And you can transfer an order. You have to cancel and pick out the items yourself and pay again while you wait for your refund for days on the order or you can make a trip to yet another store. But I have to say that many things have improved on it. I wouldn’t have given it one star some years ago..Version: 22.04.21

Lifesaver...Literally.Sam’s Club has been amazing. The app makes it very easy to stay indoors and have very limited contact when you actually need to go into the warehouse. What are you are you are using the to ship items, pick up in store (they’ll even bring it to your car and load it up if you call them once you’re there), or using the app to walk through the store and both scan and pay through the app, this app really reduces stress. I wish Costco would stop staying stagnant and get it together for the new reality of social distance, limiting contact overall, and staying home when possible. Costco does not offer grocery pickup nor does the app allow scanning as you shop or paying when you’re done. Costco used to be my favorite because it was the first of the major warehouse stores to stock lots of organic foods. But the tides are shifting. Sam’s club has lots of organic and Non-gmo, and they definitely win when it comes to this handy dandy app to help many of us get through Covid..Version: 20.5.1

Skip the line- use the app!Okay- this app had some serious issues in the beginning, but we usually experience very few, if any technical issues with it anymore. While there are occasional inventory discrepancies, that’s everywhere you go and worse with covid. They now include all the flyer sales and everything, is generally spot on. (Instant savings are applied to shipped items too and everything seems correct. Frankly if you only use the Scan-and-Go feature, it’s worth the download. Scan your items and pay from app. Nothing has to be moved around so the cashier can ring it up. You’re just done. You show the barcode (receipt) on your phone to the checkout guard, who may verify any random number of items and off you go. (2-5 items usually unless the store is having issues. In Dover recently I bought 3 cases Pepsi and three small ticket grocery items like chips and the door guard “verified” 3 items. I thought that was overkill but whatever- near home we only get that treatment when we have a cart full of expensive items like meat.).Version: 21.09.22

Why did the update destroy this app?I’ve used the scan and go feature EVERY week. Sometimes TWICE each week. Yesterday i allowed the app to update. Today the app doesn’t work on either of my phones OR my iPad. Oh I can scan. But I don’t see a list of what I’ve scanned. And that little thing called “check out”. Where the hell is it? Sams need to fix this app. They’ve reduced the number of associates in the store to check your order out. The self service lines reach to the center of the store. The Scan and Go app is the ONLY reason i shop at Sams. I need convenience. Not frustration. And don’t tell me to call their help line. Two updates ago the app stopped working. I called and got nothing. No answers. Just handed off to someone who was going to research the problem. 4 weeks later i received an email saying they had looked into my problem and i should go to the store for assistance. 3 months later an update fixed my problem. When the scan and go app works it’s great. But it isn’t working now..Version: 19.8.1

Great and needed experience .Since joining Sam's club. We find that at least half our shopping needs are met through Sam's club. The ease and convenience of online shopping and help when picking up our order makes it a pleasant experience. The friendliness of the staff inside the store and during pickup is stellar. There are times when Sam’s club may be out of an item, and we do miss it dearly. Then again I like to find the positive in everything. So when we don’t get what we want, that gives us a chance to venture and try something new. Getting back to pickup. I personally appreciate the staff when my order is ready. They always are respectful and pleasant and load our items with care. So to the management and staff of Sam’s club, my wife and I say, thank you! We seriously appreciate the effort you’ve placed into customer care. And when we come to Sam's club to shop or pick up our order, it’s always an uplifting experience. Thanks, George & Evelyn Shaffer..Version: 22.07.20

The App lies...I tried to place an order at 1:00 pm today. Right on the page where it tells you to select a date & pickup time it states, “All orders places before 3pm will be ready for pickup the same day.” But every time I tried to select the time and date that was shown as the ONLY option in dark blue, it kept telling that time wasn’t available. I tried it several times. Finally went out, closed the app and then went back in to my cart. When I get to the select date and time for pickup the only valid time listed was tomorrow! It was approximately 1:30pm now. Still before 3pm and I’m in the eastern time zone. I even called the store and they said yes the order would only be able to be filled tomorrow. Again the app clearly states order by 3pm & pickup the same day. The lady on the phone told me they could transfer me to someone but they were going to tell me the same thing. REALLY??! Please update the app to state if you don’t order by 1pm you’re outta luck trying to pickup your order the same day. 😡.Version: 19.10.3

App Malfunction on a SATURDAY!!!Was in the store yesterday trying to check out with my app & kept receiving error message. The store was crowded And the lines were extremely LONG, down the isles. I told my sister, who had items also & was receiving an error message on her app too that if we couldn’t check out on our phones we would leave everything in the cart right where it was. After 10 minutes of receiving the same error message & letting a few people cut in line in front of us, we decided to continue on through self checkout. We then discovered other people in line looking at their phones & decided to ask the couple in front of us if they were having trouble with their app & they were(which explained why the lines were so long) Being that I haven’t gone through a checkout line at Sams since the app debuted, it was very challenging having to find my membership card, scan items & find $$ to pay for my items. Praying the app doesn’t malfunction ever again!!.Version: 20.08.20

First experience using a shopping AppToday was the first time I actually used a shopping app. I downloaded the app about a month and a half ago but wasn’t really sure on how to use it. So today while at SAMs I decided this is the day where I’ll do my shopping with this app. I scanned all my items and because I was nervous I didn’t see the check out button. So I asked one of the employees for help. I felt real dumb when she showed me how simple it was. Two thumbs up for the Sams employee for her help. Since I had already scanned everything I was out the door almost immediately. It’s a great app but very sensitive it scans quickly and picks up any items with in your shopping cart. You can also see if you scanned any items twice and can remove them before check out. You can see the number of items scanned for easy tracking. It’s a great app especially if your in a rush. If the store wasn’t full of people I would still use the registers with a person. We all need job security..Version: 19.6.2

Update Product AvailabilityI use this app at least once a week. Without fail every time I use it the app says items are out of stock. When I go in to pick up the order everything that was “out of stock” is in stock and abundantly so. The convenience of the curb side pick up is negated because I still have to go into the store and grab 3-4 items that I couldn’t order when they were actually available but just not updated in the system/app. Every week for the last 2 months I try to order the 500 count plastic forks and every week it says they are out of stock, I know for a fact they are not. It’s been the same with the 5 gallon bucket of hamburger sliced pickles for the last 3 weeks. Also, don’t even try to get someone in store to help with these issues because apparently they have no idea why this happens. Which is fine, but at least a manager could start that process but they have the same response as the people working the pick up area...😳.Version: 19.7.0

Great appI love the ability to order ahead from the app, and I really love the scan and go feature. My only two issues are: 1) In the manage your credit card section, I can’t toggle back and forth between multiple cards. When I log in, it shows all my cards, but once I tap on one, I can’t return to that screen again unless I log out and back in. There should be an easier way to switch between cards. 2) When scheduling a pickup I don’t like that it doesn’t allow for more than one phone number. What I mean is that if I schedule a pick up and use my phone number, then the next time, when the other person on my membership schedules a pickup and uses their number, I get an automated text saying “sorry to see you go, you won’t receive messages at this number any more”. Since there are 2 people on the membership, and most people have their own individual phones, the system should allow for at least 2 numbers. These aren’t major issues and the app has served me well, so all in all, I think it’s worth it..Version: 20.07.13

Updating Dec 2018....Makes Shopping SlowThe update has greatly improved the app. Fixed the Instant Savings issue described below. Also improvement in search engine as my iPhone example discussed below, now provides much more relevant results. The default to All Items when searching is still annoying though. Prior review.... It’s okay, but too slow to get any real shopping done. For example, most images of Instant Savings sale items do not show on screen...just a gray diamond box and the savings amount. And with no item description, you have to click on the > arrow to see what it is. The search engine is clunky. For example, I wanted an iPhone case, but despite specifying that, it returns results for Galaxy cases before many of the iPhone items. Also, the Online Only vs “All Items” filter always defaults back to All Items each time I search for another product. It should stay in the shopping mode that I choose..Version: 19.0.4

Pro- Convenient! Con- Editing, removing, adding a credit card is almost impossible!Worked wonderfully when I initially started using it however, when it came to removing an expired credit card, no go. When it came to adding a new credit card, no go. When I attempted to edit the card, no go. I also attempted to make the changes through the website on a computer and was able to make them, however, when it came to using the app those edits were nonexistent so I had one lone expired credit card on my app and could no longer use it. With this new update, Sept. 2019, it appears that I can now see the cards I added via the computer, but only when I select OTHER payment method, and BTW, the expired cards that were deleted are still listed with no way within the app to delete them. There is a BUTTON that says “delete card” with the ONE card that was my default, but after deleting the card remains as default and appears with all of the other cards that have been added and REMOVED over time. Seems old/expired/lost cards just cant be removed😟..Version: 19.8.2

Easy to use*** Discretion - I’m giving 4 stars because I’m a firm believer that nothing is absolutely perfect and there’s always room for improvement; no matter what it is. With that said, 4 stars from me is the highest rating I give. - The app is easy to use. I appreciate the convenience of the scan and go option when shopping in store to avoid the hassle of long lines at self checkout because there’s either no actual cashier or only one cashier working (which can be a nuisance). - I rarely use the curbside/pickup option to shop because something usually comes up and either an item becomes unavailable and substituted for something that isn’t what I want or an item or two is damaged and I am not made aware of it till I get home because the employee either didn’t know or didn’t say anything. I have learned the hard way to never buy any fresh meat/protein via pickup as well because it isn’t always what I would pick out if I were in store shopping..Version: 24.01.10

Wrong charging for some items bought onlineEverytime i purchase vienna sausage, it’s the yellow variety that i end up ordering cause the blue one is always out of stock on line. The yellow variety is also more expensive than the blue one. When the goods get delivered, i always get the blue variety (with leaser price) but no price adjustment is being made even when i email customer service. Thought the 1st purchase was an isolated case but same thing happened when i made a 2nd purchase of 4 cases. Worse part is that i only got 2 unopened cases of sausages and the rest of the cans were scattered all over the bigger box used to house the orders. There were dents on most of the cans as the cushion placed inside th package was not enough, i wasn’t surprised cause the box was all banged up when it was delivered. Also, few cans were missing. 1 case has 18 cans and when i counted the scattered cans of sausage there were only 32 (should be 36 for 2 cases)..Version: 21.01.12

It’s for those that are smart-shoppersIt makes shopping easy and less time consuming. Before I go shopping I can check prices, availability and options to things I am looking for. I can make lists, shop online, order online and pickup in stores or ship something to my home. I typically use it to be more smart about my grocery shopping though. My shopping list is organized by store, so with this app, I can see what Sam’s has, how much they price the items, as well as information on the products like quantity and size. That way, I’m able to compare prices. It’s come to the point that when I’m about to buy a pack of anything at a different store, I open this app to see if Sam’s has it and for how much. Then I compare which would be a better deal. Since I’m in Hawaii, not all Sam’s products are available in store, but with this app, I can still see what I can’t in store. And with my certain membership, the shipping is free!.Version: 18.4.2

OrdersI sometimes get products that I order they arrive in bigger box with lids off and places tore in side of products and when I order oxyclean it always has alot of the powder outside of box and is not open but mashed or ripped I have reported still receive products mashed ripped, open ,,, I love the prices and shipping,,, But I almost did not renew ,,, because there is no toilet paper or paper towels maker mark that is available to ship and there is never in store or online either Lysol spray at all or toilet paper or paper towels ,, I am trying to be understanding about products available because of covid,, but it will be a factor in deciding to renew member ship,, I drive 2 1/2 hours to get the Sam’s closest store and I have went earlier when the store open different times still no Lysol and limits so thanks for products and prices but I do pay a membership fee And this stupid nickname is a bit much use my name if need be it keep saying everything I want to put is used lol.Version: 20.10.10

DissatisfactionI place an order for which I mistakenly press my daughter’s address instead of mine even though is only a block away I thought about calling to change the address, since I’m in a wheelchair and sometimes even small tasks like retrieving my order from another address could be a challenge. Anyway I was invited to comunicate in chat to see the changes I was hoping to make, the change of address was not possible so the alternative was to cancel the order and re-order. I figured easy to do right? Then I got news that the funds could take up to 30 days to be returned to my account, depending on my bank, and I say what bank? I used my Sam’s Cash and my Sam’s Credit Card. I view of that I asked if it was possible to simply send my order to the address originally appointed, and no that was not possible. So I will publish a message in my social networks to warn peopke about making mistakes when buying at Sam’s with the “convinience” of home delivery so that my friends won’t make the mistake I made.Version: 22.12.10

Application feedbackI started using the application yesterday and it has been very essy in some areas but extremely difficult in others such as: 1- I registered myself and now I wa t to add my husband and I can not find how. 2- the system did not accept my address 3- I entered my credit card to pay but it did use the info to pay my order... i do not understand why 4- There are 5 items that were “saved for later” There is no place that states what will happen. Will the system alert me when the items are available? It states that shipping is free in all items, which I assume that they are going to be ordered by you and when they are available you will automatically promote to a cart and wait for my approval. Is that how this works. How long should I wait???Those are questions I have. 5- I consider you could have a great application but if there is not a service that can help you navigate on it, it becomes very cumbersome for people like me, although I consider myself a verse person in this type of device. 5- I tried to chat and it put me in waiting list, at least that is what I understood; still almost 5 hours after I have not received any signal that the person is available for me. I will appreciate if an associate could contact me or answer those questions for me. Thanks, Genoveva Yordán.Version: 20.4.0

Keeps resetting and emptying my cart while I’m using the Scan & GoI love the concept of what this app offers. However, numerous times while I am shopping in store and using the barcode scanner to add the item it will 8/10 times force close and empties everything I already scanned in. There is only one location close enough to me I go to and the reception to use the app is hit and miss depending on what areas of the store you’re standing. I’m all for this feature but ever since it was all integrated into one app it has never been the same since. It’s frustrating especially when at times I’m scanning last item and go to checkout and pay, when I slide the bar to process payment it continuously circles and freezes. When I am able to pull it back up and try again it force closes! After all the work of scanning and maneuvering everything to fit in the shopping cart based on how I will load it in my car, I frustratingly proceed to stand in line... my soul reason for using the app goes right out the window. So frustrating.Version: 20.3.0

It is good but not great…I use this app when getting gas, online shopping, and when in store. It is a really good app but has a major issue/flaw for me. I use the list feature and have a shopping list I create to ensure I don’t forget things. The issue is that the list can only display about 10 items on the screen. Anything past that isn’t displayed and there is no way to see them until you delete a currently displayed item. It makes creating a list unproductive and I am not sure how the programmers think a list should work but it isn’t this way. Maybe the item to make the list display everything is item number 11 of their list and until they complete one of the other 10 items they don’t see it. Besides the list issue…it is really the only trouble I have had with the app. I am giving this a 3 instead of 4 stars because it is a really big issue/flaw/bug that should be there after the amount of time this app has been around..Version: 23.07.20

FrustratingWe live in a very rural area and Sam’s is an hour away, we do a months worth of shopping here. Ordering through the app and doing curbside pickup has been awful. The first time (3 months ago) the app was incredibly slow, cart wouldn’t update and got kicked out 3 times before I could actually place my order. Last month for whatever reason it kept telling me that all the fresh produce I put in my cart wasn’t available for curbside and I’d have to go into the club to purchase it, then they forgot to give me 15 items but that’s not the apps fault. I just got back from picking up my order today and realized that the app took things out of my cart without telling me when I went to check out, locally the stores don’t sell the things that were removed from the cart so running to the store and grabbing it isn’t an option. I’ve honestly never had such a hard time using ordering curbside pickup through an app, we’re honestly thinking about driving the extra 30 min and switching back to CostCo..Version: 20.09.10

Fun, easy to use this app. Shopping is fun at Sam’s.I’m using my Canadian Apple ID to use this app. Target I can’t download it : they lost my business for sure. This Sam’s App is so easy to maneuver.. It’s actually fun to shop .. my 70 years old grandmother is enjoying this as well Game changer ! I do not like to visit my local Sam’s club ( old , grungy) & I was going to end my membership …. Just upgraded to Plus membership. So worth it. This is so much better than Costco.Version: 22.02.11

So easyEasy, convenient and makes my life much easier.Version: 23.10.33

SpedI love it and it’s time saving.Version: 21.10.24

Sam's Five Star WebsiteLove Sam's Club !! Pricing and Quality of Products ! Very Competitive to other Clubs !! I myself Prefer Sam's Club !!!.Version: 3.6.2

Great app but room for improvementI would like to see the ability to buy all store stock from the app at the same price..Version: 20.12.10

Great appHandy to have!.Version: 3.0.1

Great app - fix for CanadiansWorks great!! No issues. Excellent layout For those with sign in problems - I suspect you are Canadian, as I am. It's our postal code that screws up the sign up process. When trying to sign up for online log in it tells you it's a bad membership number - this is not the case. Call your local SAMs club and have them change your postal code to the zip code of the store. Problem solved.Version: 3.0.1

Amazing app!Amazing app! Shopping is so much convenient now!.Version: 3.0

Well doneVery nice organized and well sorted.Version: 2.5.1

Great!!Easy to use, perfect.Version: 1.2.6

Tweeking neededTough to use when searching through the tire part. Searching by size optipn would help..Version: 2.1.2

Works perfectLove it. It's a SAMs club app hence works perfect with SAMs club in States as Canada does not have any SAMs clubs..Version: 1.2.6

A+A+.Version: 2.5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 24.04.10

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