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Plenty of Fish Dating App Comments & Reviews

Plenty of Fish Dating Positive Reviews

Needs some changesCouple of things, the Your Matches should not be showing me a majority of users that ‘Wouldn’t Date a Smoker’ when one lists that they smoke often. It’s a total waste of my time to be reviewing these profiles to find at the very bottom the person wouldn’t date a smoker. Not to mention, this information is hidden to non-upgraded users, so if one is not upgraded, how much time are they wasting for the other person sending messages to someone that would never date them? This should also be an option in the refine search. Speaking of the search, if a person puts in show me users within X amount of miles, don’t automatically expand the search if there are not enough users within that parameter. If I’m only going to date people with 25 Miles of me why would you expand the search and show me people 100 miles away?? If there is not enough users that fit my parameters fine, show me the ones that do and stop. Time is valuable to everyone and there are features of this app that waste a ton of it with results that just don’t fit what you’re looking for because you arbitrarily decide to mix in. Also your block feature is useless if the person you block can still view your profile. I moved and had a user blocked and just received a notice that she ‘liked’ me. So now she knows where I live again. Thanks for the great safety feature..Version: 15.81

Over 1 Year UserI’ve used POF for over a year, and it’s well built and I have much more success building a relationship of any kind (friendship or otherwise) with the guys I find on here. I really love this app/site. It took a year for me to have a complaint. There is no way to contact them about a personalized issue that I can find. I just want to email them asking why they removed my main picture. The bot says it didn’t show my face, but that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I know tons of people who have memes and stuff as their main pic, mine literally just had my hair covering one of my eyes. If that breaks the rules fine, but the real issue at this point is there’s no easy to find place for users to give detailed feedback to the makers of this app/site and dispute issues. And if you’re gonna knit pick girls profile pictures, please do that with the men too. Tons of them don’t have a pic of themselves, or it’s a chest pic which isn’t allowed, or they’re taking a pic with their gun or dead deer or something expensive car they saw in a parking lot, etc. which is clearly stated against the rules, unlike hair covering one eye..Version: 8.90

You will have to pay for this in timeTHIS IS NOT FREE. You cannot do almost anything, see who likes you, click on profiles to look at those who like you etc. unless you pay for their service. This is set up so you can infrequently match with some locals, but inevitable need to buy a subscription to effectively communicate with anyone or even just browse profiles. Technically, yes, you can get away with doing this entirely free, but what really is free is setting up and having your profile. If you want to legitimately meet anyone, go ahead and just buy the subscription because you will have to, they make you. They even give people the option to only receive messages from upgraded accounts, which is pretty much all the legitimate accounts on here. While in the app, most of the functions lead you to a link to buy their subscription, and you cannot do anything other than watch people on live stream or browse through their selection of “potential matches” which 99% of the time will not include anyone who has already liked you, forcing you to pay for a premium membership just to see these members. I would give this app zero stars for misleading all of their users, but sadly I cannot. Outside of this huge issue, I would still only give the app 3 stars..Version: 13.10

Sort your life out mate!Most things about this site are pretty good and standard. But there are a couple of issues I think need to be addressed. I have noticed that I just cannot send certain messages, or I cannot send messages at all, to certain people. Pof should, in no way, get to decide, or even provide provisions to not allow people to just message certain people. Just like in real life, people surprise you and turn out to not be what you expected and possibly someone you turn out to be interested in. The feature that prevents you from messaging certain people because ‘you’re not what they’re looking for’ should be removed. The people responsible for controlling certain aspects of this app do not have any interest in your personal endeavors and should not restrict the parameters of those endeavors as they are not aware of anything that pertains to a reasonable decision to act on anything more than the basics. You’re not Cupid’s or match makers.. you’re a bunch of people who know software enough to have that job. Therefore none of your decisions should play into any kind of restrictions placed on me or any other user. You’re providing a service. What good is your service when it prevents people from doing what they reasonably expected they could? Not good is the answer..Version: 11.21

Too Many Scammers.I get almost daily emails from women that state their age to be between 50 and 70 but their pics are of 20 or 30 somethings. Then their profiles are almost word for word the same. Bad use of words and broken English. They immediately request a phone number yo text. I've gone along with a couple of them and within 5 or 6 texts they're asking for money. Under my weekly matches there are rarely women that even come close to what I'm looking for. Under Want To Meet Me, well they rarely requested to meet me. POF made the request not them. Most of the women that are shown to me are from quite a ways away although my search states a max of 100 miles away. I'd say that 90% of the women that I contact don't answer back. They put their profile up and some almost beg for responses but if my profile doesn't fit their mold they don't answer. To me that's downright RUDE. And most of the women that do contact me do it with two words. HEY THERE, yet they want you to write them an essay......just for them not to answer. With all of that said I have been on a few dates from this site but haven't met my soulmate yet..Version: 7.00

Tech gone wrongI’ve used a few of these, including match and okc. I’ve found pof to have more real women on it that are looking to meet and not just have a text buddy while they hang around with their cats. It does have scammers that send you links but I kept reporting and blocking those and they dropped away pretty quick. The search function doesnt usually do anything. It’s really just random. I’m looking for women above 5’10 and it just sends whatever. The app loves randomizing what you see, like every window has a line of visible women in it. These reset on their own so if you saw on in the messages window and went to the message, any women you wanted to look at would be refreshed away. Stupid programming, it can be very frustrating if you see a woman and it deletes her. Bet you’ll never see her again! It also definitely is sending me false “she wants to meet you” pings. Lol you can see on her profile she never viewed you, or she hasnt been online in a week, and women arent sitting there swiping right. I paid to meet real women and that’s fraud. In conclusion the pool of cis women looking to meet is better, but like most things now the app is rendered near useless by faith in garbage algorithms and stupid marketing strategies..Version: 11.21

TWO ISSUESPlease help to end discrimination towards Trans Men or Women on the site- deleting and blocking their accounts is unfair. Find a better way to resolve customer issues and allowing customers to know that their issues will be addressed. HELLO ALL! I am not yelling but want to bring importance to my concerns. THERE ARE SOME MEN on there who have hatred or discriminatory behaviors towards Transgender women, my account was blocked user or reported so I was removed. I ASK that you review and change the conditions of which blocking a person or lying to say something that will cause another’s profile to be deleted to be CHANGED. It is utterly inconveniencing, unfair and a loss of money for upgraded users to pay for services on your site and be removed for non legitimate reasons. If possible may you please change how accounts are DELETED AND RESTORE MY ACCOUNT PAGE! Please also- can you all add a sex selection for TRANSGENDERED individuals so that they may freely express themselves and choose who they really are. PLEASE HELP US ENJOY THE SITE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND AS PAID ACCOUNT USERS BY THE WAY. I hope that these recurring issues will be resolved..Version: 8.50

Male review.They do a good job for a free site. It’s like others, ladies putting up old pics and saying their recent. Some are extremely demanding cause their pretty or whatever. I have been bold faced lied to way too much but that’s what you get for free. Hint: see who’s viewed you after you viewed them first try writing them. Suggest all pics should be 2 yrs old or less as a selfie is pretty easy. When I see 10 yr old pics posted I write them n say take them down, nobody cares. They always have excuses. Look at their worst pic and that’s closest to how they look now. Usually the last pic on the right. This site should push for current pics only as were on an honor system. Try to write a few times, suggest one shorter phone call and then you will learn a lot more if you ask 2 or 3 questions, then maybe a meeting for coffee or lunch. Some are out for a free lunch only and their the liars about the pics. Ask how many meetings they have had too. Ask if they meet Mr right will they eventually move in with him. If her place is full n small then no room for you. Ask yourself if you have room too.Version: 6.80

ScammersTo all the women out there, you have to be really careful I was scammed and it was horrible it was the most humiliating embarrassing situation I’ve ever had in my life I don’t blame POF for that I blame the scammers that are out there every day looking for women any women old young fan fat ugly it doesn’t matter to them they just want to scam you they want to take your money from you they tell you they love you they can’t live without you and that’ll go on for about a month and then they start asking for money little bits at a time, And I got suckered in to $1480 he sent a companies check that was bad deposited into my account through wire money it was a week before the bank even notified me then I had to pay the bank back the biggest thing about it was there there are lots of ladies out there and men that are being scammed every day by these horrible people. I think God every day that I am off the site and not interested anymoreI hope you ladies listen to my letter I don’t blame POF but I do blame the scam that’s out there Wise senior lady.Version: 11.00

The little site that could, but didn’t.Unfortunately the times that we are living has been influenced by people that feel that are untitled to the top 20%. And everyone else is beneath them. SMV (sexual market place value) is being ignored and because of this there a lot of lonely people out there. If your reading this just know education doesn’t mean intelligence. There are people out there that believe that if your well educated that you will find someone as educated or more that yourself. I believe the saying is water finds its own level. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Just know a man looks for different things that a woman does and a woman looks for different things that a man does. But now women act like men and men act like women. The hole situation is upside down. There’s no more ying and yang. No more complimenting each other. It’s much more about selfishness and resource Acquisitions. Maybe one day people will see each other as the complimentary to each other. But I will continue searching for the elusive unicorn. Maybe there’re out their. But if this elusive isn’t found it will be ok. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family. I’ll never be alone..Version: 10.41

No good....I’m just saying, like most of you reading this if you care enough about reviews on a dating app..... then read on. This site was amazing years ago... actually worked and made actual relationships. I’m tried and true. Batgirl, Red, Glasses, I’m talking to you! But then.... POF went another companies route. There’s what seems to be an algorithm that when you make a “friend” that’s not a real one (you all know what I mean if your even still reading this) that I’m sure gets sent like a spam from your favorite company that you ordered something from, you all of a sudden get flooded with other “interests” liking you. It’s funny how I get one a month when I’m not using the app and soon as I log in I get about 30 over the next week or whatever. This isn’t rocket science folks. It’s fake unless you are really dedicated to finding someone and can get through the $$$ smokescreen. I have and it’s possible, but they won’t make it easy on you. Just my personal opinion and observation over the years. I miss the old POF, a real dating site..Version: 9.90

Let’s talk !I am a single 64 yr old beautiful woman with plenty of life in me. I love to have fun and be happy. Ive had my share of bad relationships. I gave up for a long time. Then thought I met the right guy. What a joke that turned out to be. All he could do was tell one lie after another. Then after 9 months of ups and downs I caught him in the lie that put him out of my life completely !! I WOULDNT normally even give this site a chance but here I am just praying there’s some man out there who is honest and a good man. I am a very honest good woman. Yea I know they all say that. But I know what I am. I love animals of all kinds. Love long walks in the park. Bowling. My favorite thing has to be dancing. I use to go dancing with my best friend every Friday night until this COVID started. I will tell you I have a hard time trusting. Thanks to the last jerk I was with. If I wrote everything about myself I would be writing a book. If you want to talk and find out more about who I am just get back to me on this site. Let’s talk !.Version: 15.60

Welcome to this dating game of chess it the same as all the rest but!Like any dating site you need to be ready for a relationship and if you just almost not quite finished the end of your long term relationship you should be focused on yourself before starting another relationship and the reason you don’t is you think you need to show everyone you are a hot and popular person and moving into a relationship before you are ready is called Rebounding and this is we’re you get taken advantage of by the predators that are on all dating site. So when you get your head together and grounded you won’t fall for all the slick talkers on theses sites and this will be a great way to meet people, the man that started this dating site only wish was to get people together and be happy so have your life together before you move Forward not move on and you will find someone. Thanks to the owner of this Free dating site and his true meaning of helping us in the search for that special person, Thank You..Version: 14.41

Easy way to meet localsI’ve been on POF for about seven months. Overall it’s been a good experience and I’ve met up with lots of guys in person, 95% are nice and normal, you just have to ignore the creepy sexual messages from others. I am the type of girl who goes to work and straight home, I don’t go to bars/clubs, so it’s a good way to meet people and plan dates. I have met some quality men on here and am confident I will find a life partner on POF..Version: 12.51

Good but too many fake profilesI report fake profiles immediately. They are super easy to spot after a while. But I find that they aren’t taken down. When I hide my profile, I would prefer to have the choice to hide it from everyone including people that I have already had contact with. Profile pictures of flowers and sunsets should be eliminated. There should be a way of reporting that to help with it..Version: 11.50

Pretty coolLots of variety.Version: 13.40

PréférenceÇa serait bien de mettre plus de préférence pour voir seulement ce qui nous intéresse. Genre distance, 25km, 50km. Non fumeur.Version: 15.70

Cannot reverse likeApp has a daily limit of likes and doesn't allow you to unlike..Version: 16.00

It’s okI used pof a long time ago. It used to be good, it’s still ok but not as good. it’s got a cheaper look and links to other sites that are garbage. It still stays free even if you don’t upgrade and that’s good..Version: 15.90

Great siteGreat site.Version: 16.00

Great fun experienceWicked fun interactive great application.Version: 16.00

IdeaBecause it givesAstrology sign compatibility of the signs should be shown.Version: 16.00

GreatGreat !! :)$$.Version: 15.90

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