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You have always dreamed of flying - but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beautiful hills. Use the hills as jumps - slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment - until this annoying gravity brings you back down to earth. But the next hill is waiting for you already. Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again.

Tiny Wings was chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year in App Store Rewind 2011 in Europe and many other countries.
Thank you Apple and a big thank you to all Tiny Wings fans!


• simple "one button" (ok... maybe "one tap") arcade game about the dream of flying

• the world is changing every day - so it does in this game! Procedural generated graphics will make "tiny wings" look different every day you play

• Two game modes: "Day Trip" and "Flight School"
• iPad only: Split screen multiplayer!
• upgrade your nest by fulfilling tasks
• Play as the mama bird or one of her four children
• 30 hand-designed levels in the new "Flight School" mode
• iCloud support (even syncs your game between the iPhone & iPad versions)

Tiny Wings App Comments & Reviews

Tiny Wings Positive Reviews

Best game on the App StoreI recently went back in my app history and downloaded games I was into almost ten years ago when I was in middle school. This game is still A++, it has it all. Super smooth playing, beautiful artwork, the music is high quality and sets a great vibe. The birds are very cute and also funny (the “yooohoooo!” from one island to the next gets me every time). It’s engaging yet relaxing, and all the while uplifting. I love that in you can just compete against yourself, and when you lose your momentum you can build it again quickly, so there’s no real frustration, just potential for getting into an exciting “flow” mode; the perfect level of challenging and accessible that can cater to everyone. And what’s new since I re-downloaded is the flight school mode, where you can race the other birds for a faster and more competitive pace. I’m incredibly impressed and grateful that the developers have kept up this game, it really brings me a lot of joy. Thank you!.Version: 2.3

An instant classic game from iOSRemember well when this game was featured in a Apple Keynote way back in the first years of the App Store starting to thrive with games. The art style really atracted me, and gameplay, promising. Got an iPhone a couple years later and saw why many websites were amazed with the game. The gameplay is very arcade style in you can keep going by skill and rack up points, but unlike many arcade games, its a very relaxing game. The art style has such a happy, feel good, type of setting that gors well with the music and playful physics of jump-sliding through hills. Each hill area also feels like it was random generated, and keeps a feel of variety. Definitely a great example of simple phone controls with depth in gameplay, plus replay value. The race addition mode of playing the chicks to be the first to mama bird is also genius in reusing some assets with new ones, without feeling cheap. I am glad this is still in the app store and will be superior to any other flappy bird ever. Download this instead..Version: 2.3

Nostalgia.My mom got this for my first-generation iPod was I was seven years old, and I LOVED this game. I got to island ten once or twice when I was eight, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to match that. Now I’m back to occasionally hitting islands eight and nine, but I haven’t gotten back to ten yet! I still remember how all the islands (up to eight) are laid out, so it’s even easier for me to play this. When I was seven, I got through the level in which you had to pass through island four in fever mode; it’s not really that hard (you just have to know how the land is laid out). I remember the racing mode, but I’ve never really cared all that much about it. Now I’m fourteen, and I still love to play this on my phone. The game is not glitchy at all, and it never has been. It’s such a beautifully simple game. The colors are amazing, the gameplay is awesome and the nostalgia is MAJOR. Now that I’m a sophomore, looking back at my second-grade self playing this game, I get odd sensations (especially if I’m playing 2008 Taylor Swift or Cyndi Lauper in the background 😂). It really makes me feel warm and safe. As I’ve already said, I’ve loved this game since I was a little girl, and it’s still as great as ever. It’s a classic! Thank you for so much fun over the years! (Ignore your negative reviews, because they’re mostly misspelled. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about 🙄😏😆).Version: 2.3

Brings back memoriesI’m now 13 years old, but when I was around 7-8 my mother downloaded this game for me. Of course I didn’t really get it, and just though the bright colors were cool. We ended up deleting it, simply because of my short attention span as a little kid. I recently downloaded it again, and was surprised at how smooth the gameplay was. One tap controls make the game nice and simple, while rolling hills make you feel warm and fuzzy, almost. I highly recommend this game! Also... I’ve read a lot of reviews about the objective ‘reach island 4 in fever mode’ being too hard. I finished it in one try. The objective is to simply be in fever mode (starts with a perfect slide) while transferring to island 4. Not being in fever mode nonstop on islands 1-4. Additionally: these aren’t fake reviews, like people are saying! SOME people just don’t understand the simple beauty of the game!.Version: 2.3

Gold Standard for Mobile GamesIt’s always sad to come back years later to a game you used to love as a kid and find it filled with ads, microtransactions, and obnoxious unlockables that are clearly trying to frustrate you into spending money. Fortunately, Tiny Wings is not one of those games. The game is just as fun as I remember it being with none of the annoying updates that many older mobile games have received over the years. Even then it was a great game. Great music, satisfying gameplay, and perfectly simple controls all make for a game that is easily worth the asking price. Objectives add a great amount of replayability, as if it was needed, and the racing mode is a great way to make the gameplay feel fresh without adding any new mechanics. This is exactly what every mobile game should be..Version: 2.3

Great for flow stateI love this game. I think it is brilliant. It is both very engaging for the mind, but also relaxing. It requires soft focus to play well. The music is soothing without being annoying. I find the way that the colors of the islands change over time, like seasons almost, to be mildly enchanting (for a cartoon). The sounds that the little bird makes are so precious. It makes me want him to do good, so that he can feel so cheerful! Seriously though, I play this game in times of my life when I feel overwhelmed and just want to space out in a peaceful way. Like when you are waiting to hear back about your job interview, home loan application, surgery results, never ending existential doom, etc. Warning: it is addictive and gets harder and harder. I've been playing for 8 years, it transfers from phone to phone.Version: 2.3

Tiny Wings review 💛Tiny wings is an addicting and fun game you get to fly and race and travel to all different islands. But when it comes to the races it’s not always fun because your running against COMPUTERS. The odds are not in your favor. There is no luck it’s you racing against computers. So yes I love this game I’m addicted to it because it’s so fun and you want to win the race so you go over and over again, but eventually it gets so frustrating because you just can’t win and if you don’t get a fish you can’t move on to the next island, and if you can’t do that you can’t keep moving on with the game. So please unless you want to get frustrated ALOT don’t get this game. I’m sorry tiny wings but it’s just to much. Tiny wings creator if your seeing this improve your game by making the people be able to move on even if they don’t get a fish do something to make them be able to move on. Thank you in advance, love your game but it gets frustrating..Version: 2.3

AMAZING GAMEI love this game. It is a great way to kill time and is extremely fun and addicting. There is the option to play with one bird trying to beat your high-score, or race against other birds trying to get first place! Although the game costs money, it it’s totally worth the buy. My friends and I constantly play the game and compete who has the highest score. I do have a few suggestions that I hope the app could include. One being a way to race your friends by playing together online. Another being a way to change your bird by unlocking costumes. These ideas will make the game more interesting and addicting to play. Overall, it is a great app that never gets boring or old as I have had it downloaded for years nows..Version: 2.3

Love it!I recently redownloaded this game, after loving playing it when I was younger. And it is still so amazing. Relaxing music, pleasing graphics, and easy to play but not so easy it gets boring c: My only suggestion is that maybe introduce a multiplayer race mode, just like flight school but an option to go against real people. The computer controlled birds are great, hard to beat but it is possible, and all have different difficulties, but after beating every level on every bird I’d like to play some rounds a little differently! And I feel it would be fun knowing you were against real people! That said, this game is pretty much perfect the way it is anyway ^^ And the bird noises are the cutest c:.Version: 2.3.3

Best smartphone arcade game yet!To be honest, this is one of my favorite old time classic games! Best of all, no ads or stupid micro-transaction! I remember when I first downloaded it on the iPod touch and everybody likes it. Thank you dev for keeping up-to-date with the latest support on newer phones no matter the reviews on new phones. Just stay up-to-date with every phone release. Works great on my iPhone 8 plus as well as my mom's regular iPhone 8. I hope you can add in something like where we can choose a skin or theme from classic, to tron like, futuristic, retro, etc. I would definitely look forward for those update in the future if you plan to add them..Version: 2.3

A shining example of mobile game design done rightThis is a game that I hold very close to my heart. I remember playing it for hours on my mother’s IPad, loving every second of it. I returned to it after a multi-year hiatus, but I was worried at first. Most mobile games from this time period were either left behind after iOS updates, abandoned by their developers, or filled with ads and microtransactions to the point that the game wasn’t fun any more (sometimes all three!). I’m so happy to see that this game is still here, and it serves as a beaming reminder of the good old days of the App Store..Version: 2.3.2

WonderfulI recently downloaded this game onto my phone for the first time since my high school days. It’s a relaxing way to pass time, and as nerdy as it sounds, it gives me a lot of joy to hear how excited the little bird is when you help him touch the clouds or fly over to another island. The music adds a nice element as well. It’s the kind of game I play when I just want to have some fun and zen out, and the challenges give you some cool goals you can work through if you want to try for something other than a new high score or a new best in distance. Simply a wonderful game..Version: 2.3

This Game Is a Joy to Play!Tiny Wings is a cute classic of a game that I think every iPhone owner should have. The music and art style just make you feel happy, there’s no winning or losing, you just ‘fly’ as far as you can before the sun goes down. It’s relaxing, no pressure gameplay that I think many people will enjoy. That’s not to say Tiny Wings doesn’t reward skill. It’ll certainly take practice to really be able to analyze your trajectory and come tumbling down a slope at just the right time, but Tiny Wings is a simple, feel good game at heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 💖.Version: 2.3

Amazing but...I love this game so much! It’s been one of my favorite games now for several years but after a while I’m getting bored. After you finish flight school, it says more islands coming soon. But it’s said that for many years so I’ve given up hope that you will add islands. Please add some more islands to flight school as that would make it much more enjoyable. Another suggestion is maybe a shop. After collecting the coins in solo mode, you could go to the shop and buy new birds to play as and new nests. That would be fun and interesting to try out. These are some suggestions that a lot have people have talked about so I hope you think about them. Thank you..Version: 2.3

Love Love Love The original, The One, The Only TINY WINGS!I’ve loved this game since the first time I tried it! From the continuing levels in Day Trip to the competitive races in Flight School, it never gets dull! (And I’ve been playing it for years!) My only grumble, is when will we see the “Coming Soon” Islands after Guppy Islands? It’s said coming soon for a loooooooonnnggggggg time. Pleeeaaasssseee, can we get the next set of islands???? Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about Tiny Wings. Even when I’m stuck on a level in Day Trip & I’m totally frustrated, I know I’ll eventually get thru it and on to the next adventure!.Version: 2.3

Problems with touch responseI love this game & have played it off and on for years. Lately, though, it doesn’t always respond to my touch. At first, I thought maybe I was letting my thumb drift out of the sweet spot, but even if I keep my thumb exactly in the bottom right corner, the game sometimes seems not to know I’ve pressed down, so the bird doesn’t descend. Needless to say, this takes ALL the fun out of playing. I usually just quit before the time runs out when this happens. This is the only app I have a touch-sensitivity issue with, so I’m think there might be a compatibility problem after a recent update, maybe to iPadOS 14 ’cause it’s been doing this for several months..Version: 2.3.3

Engaging and relaxing, a sentiment.I downloaded this game at 18 years old in 2011 after multiple surgeries, a tumor removal, and bone grafts. Tiny Wings was my main focus/distraction during the 3 months I was bed ridden, healing from previous surgeries. Here, at the end of 2019, I’ve decided to revisit this game. Very little has changed, other than the enhanced, beautiful graphics The music and gameplay continue to invoke the same comfort and satisfaction as it had almost a decade ago. I felt compelled to give a 5 star review because of the sentiment I have for this game. But it deserves it because the game is still very fun and enjoyable..Version: 2.3

Great Game, with one idea.It’s great to see that this game got a recent update after a few years of silence. I have an idea for a future update, I think we should be able to use the coins we collect to purchase costumes for all of the birds. You can get as creative as you’d like with these if you consider it, I think it would be pretty neat since I don’t see those coins used for anything else. It doesn’t have to happen, it’s just an idea of mine. Thanks for reading, and have a great day to anyone and everyone who read this review! 👍👊😉.Version: 2.3.2

Addictive delightI’ve been hooked on this game since it first came out, and have been eagerly awaiting the new islands for months now. The game is relaxing, sometimes challenging, but ultimately adorable because the animation and the colors flow beautifully together. However, trying to pass the level which requires flying through island 4 in fever mode is next to impossible. I swear I’ve been stuck on that level for years. So if you have any tips, please, please let me know. Otherwise, I love this game. But more levels would be appreciated..Version: 2.3

Love it!This game is so much fun! I’ve been reading other reviews and many others seem to agree with me. One thing I’ve noticed is that many people who left reviews said that it brings back memories. I couldn’t agree more! When I was six or seven I got this game and played it with my brother. Now many years later, I’m still playing and loving it the same as I did since day one! The music and art is out of this world and even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to find any errors to this game. It is flawless..Version: 2.3

Childhood game still is awesome!I used to play this game on my parents iPad when I was pretty young and I would never grow tired of it. I downloaded the game ten years later on my iPhone and the game is still incredible. It’s very hard to get bored of it and there is always something to do. I always play when I have littles around and they constantly ask if they can play when I’m around. I’m thankful the game is still around and very happy that I can still play!.Version: 2.3.3

One of the OG games that still holds upTiny wings is one of the best games to ever come out of the App Store. It’s quality, design and music is unrivaled and gives you such a tranquil and enjoyable playing experience. I used to play this on my I touch back so many years ago and downloaded it out of nostalgia thinking it wouldn’t have been updated all these years like so many old games but it has been constantly increasing in quality. I’d rate it 6 stars if I could..Version: 2.3

The perfect appI got this game when it was free on iOS 4 on my iPod Touch 2nd generation as an elementary schooler. A few days ago (now in college) I went to redownload the game only to realize I didn't have it on my new apple ID - I spent the $1.99 without hesitation. The developer has always made sure to keep their game up to date with the latest OS and screen sizes. The game has never had a bug or a glitch. It is a beautiful and soothing wholesome game. It gets me through difficult times. Thank you, kind developer..Version: 2.3

Ode to balanceHave you ever thought about what could possibly be the best app ever created. If so, you need to lower your expectations. This is a free app on the App Store, you can’t possibly believe that you were gaining he key to happiness through downloading this app. However, for what it claims to offer, it delivers four-fold. I don’t think that I’ve ever had so much fun playing a game that I got for free. I would give this game 6 stars out of 5 if I could; not because it is objectively dominant, but because it excels from its humble beginnings..Version: 2.3

All-time classic2 years after the last game update and NINE years after its release, this game is STILL #4 on the top casual games. It’s not hard to see why. Incredibly addictive, cute, very catchy music, unique art style and even more unique game mechanic. One of my favourite pick-up-and-play games of all time, on any platform. Other great games have disappeared, for example when Apple cutover to 64-bit-only, and that was a great shame. I hope this game persists forever. It’s timeless..Version: 2.3

A delightful classicMy wife and I have played this a lot over the years. It’s simple, fun, and one of the few games I always make sure to install when I upgrade my phone. It’s simple and so much fun. The challenges are nice addition to just trying to get further and further. Love the music too. It does seem like it could use some updating for the latest iPhone X/Xs/Xr models. Mostly the rounded corners seem to slightly get in the way of the day/night indicator. It’s a minor issue though, extremely minor. M.Version: 2.3

G.O.A.T.The greatest app game of all time, of all time. Once you get it, never ever delete it. It will still be fun, enjoyable, relaxing, peaceful, joyful, and challenging five years from now, just like it's been for the past five years. I like a lot of games, casual and otherwise, and this is in the top 5 on any console. Seriously, I'm so happy this still exists. And it's from an era when a talented dev could just put out a game, charge 0.99 for it, and then never bother you for freemium money again. Support this dev!!.Version: 2.2

Amazing Game!I’ve had this game for years and I always go back to it and play it. Controls and everything about it is great and a classic. I wish and hope they had abilities to customize your main bird (not the babies) and give him clothes and change his color and stuff. Also to add more levels and worlds to choose from on the main story (again not the babies lol) but that’s just extra stuff, still amazing!.Version: 2.3.3

Breath takingI love this game. From the calming music to the cute little birds, from just playing it this game will have you in a chill mood. I had played this game when I was younger, and coming back to it had not only brought back good nostalgia, but also great vibes for the rest of the day. I honestly feel like more mobile games should be like this, or at least try to be, because it has definitely put an impact on many people, including me. Definitely recommend..Version: 2.3

This makes me happyI remember playing this game a long time ago. And now playing it much later in life I’ve come to see the similarities I have with this small bird. I want to escape I want to get away from my next, to chase the day from morning to night. This game and it’s core gameplay loop hit home for me as It’s very simple and easy to learn. But the small voice lines that come out of the bird mixed with the music are just adorable..Version: 2.3

Favorite game on iOSI don’t say this lightly. I’ve been using iOS for 12 years and I always come back to tiny wings to relax. Today I wanted to share my gratitude because after a horrible week, once I had some time for myself and I wanted to play something, I sat down to relax in my phone and I went straight to tiny wings. Consistently, for about 10 years I’ve had the game somewhere on my devices. Thank you!.Version: 2.3

Epic gameThis game is awesome! I love the cute bird, the soothing but exciting music! This game is truly a masterpiece. The only thing I recommend is fixing it to save your progress, i did a lot of islands in one sitting and got lots of the golden fish, but when i came back later after doing something else, all my fish were gone and i had to start at island one again. But other than that, i love this game! Don’t change anything!.Version: 2.3

Wonderful game!I’ve been playing this game for years, and it is one of the highest quality mobile games out there! I wish they’d add more islands, and birds. The music, sound effects, and gorgeous design of the game make it a soothing experience. A couple suggestions of features to add from a fan. It’d be awesome if you could create your own custom bird, or get little hats and accessories for them. Overall, a fantastic game, and incredibly relaxing..Version: 2.3

Instant classicI had this game a few years ago and totally forgot about it. But today I was looking on the App Store, I saw it and said “Hey, I think I remember this game.” And I remembered a while ago saying that this game was so good, and it still is to this day. The gameplay is amazing, the islands, and the sounds are amazing. Just an overall great game. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a game to play and enjoy for a long time. 5 stars..Version: 2.3.2

Relaxing, Challenging, BeautifulI am so happy that this game is still going strong. So many great games I used to play have now been left behind as iOS updates have continued to roll out…but not this one. The details are gorgeous, the gameplay is simple enough to master but the levels are challenging enough to provide interest, and the sounds are so soothing. Thank you for keeping Tiny Wings alive and well!.Version: 2.3.3

Relaxing, wholesome, and fun. So glad it’s back!I remember loving this game years ago and was sad when it was taken off for various reasons by the developer. Other copy cat versions just weren’t the same and ads were everywhere on those making it impossible to chill out and just play. I happily paid the money for this app on the hopes it was what I remembered and I’m so glad I did. Thank you!!.Version: 2.3

Fine Game!Everything that needs to be said about this game has already been said so I’d just like to make a reply to those who say that the game is too hard or that it’s impossible to complete a given achievement: I’m pushing 70 years old, have never been a serious gamer and yet I’ve have made it to nest 10 and completed 29 out of 30 achievements. If I can do it, so can you!.Version: 2.3.3

Worth the Money 👌I didn’t mind spending 99 cents on this game I thought it was a decent price when I first bought it but now I’d spend more if I had too. The game is extremely fun and addicting. Aside from other games the controls run smoothly and easy. I love the backgrounds and the diverse patterns of the hills. It’s relaxing and can be frustrating at times (depends how good you are) but overall a fun distraction! Not to mention a fun throwback game..Version: 2.3

Island 11Andreas, is there an island 11? I have put many hours into this game over the past 1.5years (all in fun) and have gotten to where the end of island 10 should be many times (based on how long the other islands are). I’d like to know if my efforts to reach island 11 are in vain haha. EDIT: After reaching 681m, I will regretfully be uninstalling Tiny Wings. My dreams of reaching Island 11 seem to have been only dreams indeed. Thank you.Version: 2.3.2

It’s a time capsuleI remembered playing this on my iPod 2 my mom bought me. Absolutely no ads then and no adds now, despite it being a free game. At least it was free when I got it, but I would easily spend two dollars any day. For a game from 2011 it especially shocks me because I would of guessed it’s from 2018. I just forget everything that’s happening when I play this game, life feels simple like it was back on my iPod 2.Version: 2.3

Thank you!I never leave reviews but this is such a great game. I’ve played it for years and it’s always been a nostalgic experience. I’m so glad that experience hasn’t been ruined by the kind developer not putting ads or power up purchases in the game and keeping it as pay once get the full experience. Rovio and other developers take note, the gaming experience should be fun and nostalgic, not fraudulent!!.Version: 2.3

Major nostalgia.I remember playing this on my first gen iPod Touch when i was around six or seven. I saw it again today on my phone and it brought back so many memories. I played it and it is still the classic game I remember. Good job developers for not going down the route of Rovio. Also thank you for keeping this great game on the app store for us to continue to enjoy. Much love..Version: 2.3

The only reason you should get an iPhoneI’m currently playing on my girls phone and I just remember the good times back then when this game first came out. I switched to Samsung after Steve Jobs passed away, bless his heart. Tim Cook’s just hasn’t been doing the work Steve did back in his prime. Anyways, this game is the most soothing game I’ve ever played and I wouldn’t mind if it was the only immobile game that I played for the rest of my life..Version: 2.3

The only game I’ve been able to pick up again and againI remember downloading this around the time it initially came out and it became my go to time killer. Obviously, as with all iOS games, it wears out after a while but this the one game I’ve always came back to and have just as much fun as when I first started playing it..Version: 2.3.3

The chocolate bar of gamesThis game provides a lot of satisfying sensations. It is easy enough but not too easy. I can pick it up or put it down without angst. The colors and sounds are soothing and totally not annoying or frustrating, and there are no negative associations whatsoever. For me, that’s a huge deal because almost everything gets on my nerves in some way. Thanks for this game!.Version: 2.3

I’ve been loving this game since 2012I started playing this game in 2012 while on vacation. I started collecting nests, and at some point that summer reach the goal of making it through the fourth island in fever mode. It is now nine years later, and although I don’t play all the time, I’m still trying to get through the fourth island in fever mode LOL..Version: 2.3.3

Great game! Could use some updates! :)It has been almost couple of years since the last update of Tiny Wings 2.0. But at long last, on August 13, 2014, Tiny Wings FINALLY receives a new update, featuring a new island with 5 new levels, "Tuna Islands". These new islands now include underground tunnels in the hills. I wish you can be able to skip objectives by using the coins you've collected and get the multipliers and nests, faster. I'm sure it would be a smart choice to update this feature, ESPECIALLY, if anyone has a REALLY HARD time to complete these objectives. 1.) "Fly throught the 4th Island in Fever Mode". 2.) "Reach the 9th Island". Also, I wish there is a way to change the CPU's skill in flight school. :) Have a nice day! :D.Version: 2.3

DuneWow I guess I came here at the right time! It says updated one minute ago! Anyways, to the developer (if you see this) are you aware of the new app called dune that is very clearly a ripoff of this app? I mean, the entire idea is stripped right from tiny wings and it’s comepletely the same accept it has more boring looking graphics. I don’t know. I guess it’s just something that you should know..Version: 2.3

AwesomenessI love this game and it has always been fun with my kids. We love challenging each other to see who can get the furthest or the most points. We love to play it on the Apple TV too. I’m so excited and glad they came out with some new levels. I’ve waited years for that. Thank you. Would recommend this game to everyone..Version: 2.3.2

Have played it since I was like 8Tbh I’m not going to write a long winded review about this game. It’s awesome. That’s all. My mom got it for me when I was really little and I still love it. I didn’t want to give it 5 stars cuz I was thinking: “there’s no such thing as perfect” but if there was a perfect mobile game this would be one of them. This game is worth the money..Version: 2.3

Pretty ferdaGame is more classic than Jagr's flow. This game gives me the ability to fly more than mcjesus on the ice I'll tell you that much. Thanks and have a cold one!!.Version: 2.2

This game ...This game is the only one I never removed from my installed app since I bought my first Apple device in 2008 (Apple Touch). It has a special spot in my heart and I don't think I will ever get tired of it. Thanks for the latest update, can we get a few more songs ? 🐒.Version: 2.2

BeautifulWhat a beautiful cute game. Had it when i was a kid, recently redownloaded it. Good times.Version: 2.3

ReviewEvery day 12 billion children die from tiny wings! 🥸that’s why I give it three stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ otherwise very fun 🤷🏼.Version: 2.3.3

So awesomeThis game is super nostalgic, I played it so long ago and it’s still awesome.Version: 2.3.3

Awesome game 😄😄🐥🐥I love that it doesn’t lag, at first I had no idea how to play this game, but now it is the easiest thing ever! Good job on this game!.Version: 2.3.3

Golden classicOne of the few apps from the golden age of the App Store that are still around today. I’ve had this game for over 10 years and still consistently come back to it..Version: 2.3.3

StellarHes so cute.Version: 2.3.3

AwesomeBest Game Ever Played.Version: 2.3.3

BirbI love birb.Version: 2.3.3

I’m never gonna get tired of this gameI’ve always played this game on my dads phone when i was 10 when i got my ipad i downloaded it i payed 3 dollars but i never told my mom i don’t regret it at all i play this game ALL THE TIME when i have no wifi and have wifi, right now i’m almost done finishing the red bird. i love this game because i find it really satisfying when the bird goes in the hill holes perfectly, can anyone relate?.Version: 2.3.3

Tiny wingsThis game is so calming, it calms me and my family down and we had quite a good experience. The reason this review is a 4 star instead of 5 is because of the pay wall. I bought it separately because i do not have the money to have apple arcade.Version: 2.3.3

Such a good gameVery relaxing and also fun to play, loved it for years.Version: 2.3.3

This game is the goatThis game is goated..Version: 2.3.3

BirdBitd.Version: 2.3.3

Great!Very fun and enjoyable! It was very fun and enjoyable! No ads and it is fun! Worth the price tag!.Version: 2.3.3

ReviewI really enjoy this game, thank you for making it!!.Version: 2.3.3

An Excellent Waste of TimeIt takes a few rounds to get the hang of it, but as your skill in this game develops, l and your avatar’s speed increases, it becomes very satisfying. It’s more exciting than you would expect..Version: 2.3.3

NostalgiaThis game was fun to play when I was younger, and somehow it is still just as enjoyable and addictive now. Thanks for creating such a great game, brings back some good memories!.Version: 2.3.3

Love this gameI’ve been playing this game for years on and off, so I just re-downloaded and I still love it a lot! The graphics are cute, and it’s an easy way to get my mind off of whatever I need distraction from. Also, with all the years I’ve played I’ve never had it glitch which is amazing!.Version: 2.3.3

Love It.Only game i have on my phone, the music is so good and the gameplay fluid. Love It..Version: 2.3.3

Addictive I love it I live itI breathe this game I sleep rather than playing this game I got my physics degree from this game.Version: 2.3.3

Rewards patienceDifficult to touch the clouds and fly like an eagle instead of a chicken at first… but if you keep at it, this is a simple classic that just keeps getting better..Version: 2.3.2

My iOS childhood right here.Thanks so much for keeping this alive 15 year old me loved this game and 26 year old me still does!.Version: 2.3.2

Simplicity!Great game!.Version: 2.3.2

I love this gameThis game is so relaxing! I love it and the music and landscapes are so pretty!!.Version: 2.3.2

OG ClassicI’ve had this game since the year it came out. Good game to play when trying to go to sleep.Version: 2.3

Just as good as it used to be!What a classic! Used to throughly enjoy this game back in the day and it’s just as amazing as it used to be!.Version: 2.3

My childhoodI was 8 or 9 when i first played this game. it was the best game ive ever played. i didn’t have my own device at this time but i had it downloaded on my grandmas ipad and i was always so excited to go to her house to play this and doodle jump. we unfortunately got locked out of the ipad and i forgot about the game until recently when i was listening to throwbacks and it reminded me of all the fun i had playing this. i 10/10 recommend this game. thank you for making my childhood even better :).Version: 2.3

Great gameIt’s very good just not one of my favourites.Version: 2.3

Love it.When I was a baby I would always steal my moms phone and play this game. I recently found it on my families purchases and I’m happy I did. It’s relaxing and addicting.Version: 2.3

Thank youI got this game in 2012. I’m scrolling through my old downloads, seeing things my sister and I downloaded. (We shared this account). She passed in 2014 and seeing these games makes me happy to go back in time for a minute. Thank you.Version: 2.3

Amazing game.I got this game back in 2011, this game was AMAZING, the memories I had were so fun. It’s a shame that a lot of games have copied this idea. If a developer reads this, thank you. 🙂.Version: 2.3

Best game on iPhone EVER !When I got one iPod touch , I got this game , and today I still like it ..Version: 2.3

Its 2020 and this game still rockinYup.Version: 2.3

I believe I can fly...I was born with tiny prehensile wings. While they are most definitely cute and score me a ton of chicks they do not function for flight. Playing this game made me feel like anything is possible. I will now climb onto the roof of my house and live my dreams. Thanks, Tony Wings!.Version: 2.3

A Timeless Classic of the App StoreYear after year I come back to this game for its beautiful artwork and wonderfully simple and enjoyable gameplay. 10/10.Version: 2.3

Best gameMastapiece.Version: 2.3

GoodBearing my gf in this is like getting a bj :).Version: 2.3

Relaxing but Somehow ThrillingLike classic Mario run game but more based on physics; momentum and velocity. Graphics are simple and neat, sounds are v chilled out. love it! 6/5 STARS..Version: 2.3

Fun!I love this game. Recently re-downloaded and am constantly playing it!.Version: 2.3

Very relaxing 😌I remember playing this on my iPod 2, this game is so old but it aged very well. I’m also very thankful that they added support for iPhone X! I just wish that they would make more updates and advertise it, I’d be very happy to see other people play this game as well..Version: 2.3

YesPlay it.Version: 2.3

GOATThe single greatest iPhone game. Been playing it since I got my 3GS..Version: 2.3

LightheartedBeautiful visuals and an upbeat soundtrack make this gem a fun game to pick up when one finds oneself in a waiting room..Version: 2.3

So addictingWill the new levels ever be added?.Version: 2.3

The art is so cuteThe game is so fun, but I cannot hear music in this version. I use an iPhone 7 plus. Hope that you can fix it. Thank you..Version: 2.3

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What do you think Tiny Wings ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Tiny Wings iPad Images
  • Tiny Wings ipad image 1
  • Tiny Wings ipad image 2
  • Tiny Wings ipad image 3
  • Tiny Wings ipad image 4