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Bleacher Report: Sports News App Comments & Reviews

Bleacher Report: Sports News Positive Reviews

BR app is apart of my daily social media line upThis app lets you pick your favorite teams and access articles and news on them through a easy to understand user interface. I also love how you can turn off notifications for each individual sport so when basketball is in the off-season I turn off notifications while I pay attention to football. Also it has an active, yet sometimes rowdy, user base to there are tons of ways to connect with fellow fans and see what people think after games or breaking news. One criticism however: can we please go back to showing season stats for players for the upcoming game match ups? I don’t care what the stats for the last game were and often it doesn’t impact the current game all too much. Wanna see season stats..Version: 7.6.0

It’s alrightI’ll start off by saying when I try to read articles not written by Bleacher report the fully loaded page turns white making it literally impossible to read. Kind of annoying and it’s only when it’s non bleacher report articles. iPhone Xs The rest is about Bleacher report itself. Annoyed of the constant click baiting when I just want good sports knowledge. Constant errors in the writing, it doesn’t seem like they have an editor. Sometimes it’s really minor stuff like a misspelled word. Most writing programs have a spell check feature so it’s really bothersome that the writer couldn’t click a few extra buttons to make the article better but I think it’s actually representative of the writing in general. I don’t think much time or care is taken with the assignments. I definitely think they are more interested in getting you to click something rather than making sure whatever they write is worth clicking. I am slowly and slowly finding myself just going to google and searching for writers who I know took time to write rather than go on the app and that’s kinda sad cause this app is really what got me into sports as much as I am. I understand you got to keep the lights on but I just want to be entertained or interested not bored or mad..Version: 7.2.0

Functional, but confusing for PPVFirst time buying an AEW ppv on this app, and the stream worked fine on my Apple TV - no issues there, and the stream was high quality. However, the UI could really use some work for finding PPVs and finding your library afterwards. It’s hidden under “My Events” in my profile, when really it should have a dedicated tab for streams/purchases. The ATV app seems a little more simplified in this regard at least, which is where it counts. Also an issue I ran into: I was logged into the app on my phone earlier in the day, before I bought the PPV. Then when I actually bought it, come to find out, I had been logged out at some point, so my purchase wasn’t associated with any BR account. Thought I threw out $50 because I couldn’t get it to play on the native ATV app when I was signed in, but luckily I found the link to “sign in to link my purchase” on the stream on my phone. It just made it kind of hassle to get it to show up on the ATV BR app, and I’m not sure the average person would have been able to figure it out. Might be a good idea to make that link or a restore purchases option more visible/obvious..Version: 9.6.0

Good app, this would make it better/more convenient.Great app. I love the articles. I would give a 5 star, if you had a way to see previously read articles or were able to favorite preciously read articles like the “News” app on iPhone. It makes it incredibly more convenient and easier to share articles or refer back to an article when needed. I’ve given up on multiple occasions when trying to find an article I’m referencing when talking to friends or family or when I’m trying to see if someone’s responded to my comment. Locating a previously read article is so difficult, I’ve been unsuccessful with finding some articles even after going to bleacher report after a few minutes, notably if the article is under the “Fire” category. Usually, I have to do a google search of the terms I remember + bleacher report just to pull up a previously read article. This issue should not be an issue in this day and age..Version: 6.6.1

Alright but one major flawThe articles are not top tier, its very much a quantity over quality situaion. This is fine for me since I usually just pass time reading articles or checking scores. The major issue I have is with the video player. It has a bad habit of playing a video from a different feed and it will play at the same time as a video you are viewing. So you get to hear two videos at once. Has been happening for over 6 months. Ive been using BR since 2014 and this is starting to push me to something else. Why cant you just play the audio for the video im looking at, why is it always some random video playing from the twitter feed that I never clicked on playing in the background or simueltaneously. Id give 5 stars if it wasnt for this because it really is great for getting scores and highlights quick. Sadly highlights cant be listened to because of this video player bug.Version: 9.12.0

OverwhelmingDon’t download unless you want to see/read a overwhelming number of Lebron James stories. They will pop up in every sport everyday. There are multiple articles about him regardless of what you follow. If he posted he was “walking to his car” there would be multiple articles about that post no matter what sport or team you follow. Also now that can be said about Deion Sanders and Colorado. There are dozens of articles written throughout the week about Deion/Colorado/his sons. Bleacher report could save a lot of money by cutting half the staff since 50% of stories are on those 2 even if you don’t follow them or their teams. By cutting half the staff with the money saved they can invest in making the app about the followers and what they want and not about Lebron and Deion. Use the money wisely or change your name to the “Lebron and Deion reports” so people know what they are actually downloading..Version: 9.45.1

My favorite sports app, but…This is my go to sports app for quick sports updates. In my opinion, it is (almost) superior to all others. It’s quick, fast, and gives me just about everything I want. My only drawback, for me it’s a big one, is that there are no “in-game” updates like from ESPN or TheScore. I still use these apps because I get in depth notifications of a TD alert, run scored alert, hockey goal or beginning of power play alert, each quarter-end updates, etc. If B/R adds this like these other apps have, then in my opinion they will have to best sports app on the AppStore. And I would have to use any other apps for anything. 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for now, but it’s game over if they add those in-game notifications..Version: 9.0.0

Notifications are weakPlease update the app to notify users when a game has started and ended. Also, update app with notifications for any and all scoring changes, which include notifications for when an inning/quarter/period ends along with scores. Notifications for starting lineups would also be great. If for some reason the app does offer these notification features then there needs to be an update to fix any bugs that are preventing me from receiving them. I have gone through the entire app to make sure I have all the notifications I want on but don’t receive anything related to what I’ve requested at the top. I bounce back and forth from Bleacher Report to The Score app because the latter does offer these notifications. The only thing is that those notifications come in unnecessary waves of useless info like podcasts alerts and stories that I don’t particularly care for..Version: 8.0.0

BR used to be the place to get news on our favorite teams.BR has stopped providing news stories on college basketball teams. Tried to contact them several times to only be told the issue is resolved. We follow Indiana University Basketball and there has not been any news provided since the Purdue game two weeks ago. I have confirmed others in the IU community are seeing the same issues. BR will not acknowledge there is a problem and will not fix the issue. BR is no longer a reliable source for anyones favorite teams. It has been over a month and there no stories in the Indiana feed. I am getting NBA other CBB news in the IU feed. Why BR has decided to stop providing the news we want is absolutely crazy. Why would I want to see news on everything but my teams. It is time to delete the app and try to find my news somewhere else..Version: 9.4.0

Articles won’t fully loadI have been using BR for a few years now, and I have been thankful to be able to follow my favorite teams easily on one app. Lately, I have been having struggles getting articles to load, especially the longer articles with multiple X links in them. I’ll start reading them, get a few sections in, then the screen will completely black out. I’ve started avoiding most of the major highlight articles since I know I won’t be able to make it all of the way through them. I’ve tried waiting a few minutes to give the article time to load all of the X links, but the links do not load in until I scroll to them. This causes the article to jump around for a bit, then, after I find my place again, it will shift to the black screen. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. Please fix.Version: 9.48.0

Great app but missing one thingI’ve had bleacher report since it was on the old app and it was called Team Stream and I love it and use it everyday for my sports news. However, I have one thing I wish you guys would add. On the Scores page either under each matchup, or as part of the Game Info section under its preview could you please put what channel the game is being covered on? There are lots of games that I want to watch but am not sure where they are playing on tv and have to look it up somewhere else. Like the Copa America final today for example, it was on telemundo and I spent the first five minutes of the match looking for it online and on my guide. If you could add that this app would be perfect! Thanks!.Version: 6.19.1

Buggy and poor filteringWith recent updates, the app tends to freeze up a lot, especially when trying to use the “back” button. I keep having to close the app and reopen to get back to the Home Screen. My other issue is one that has plagued the app as long as I have used it. Poor content filters. Example 1: there is an overall NFL thread. I choose a thread for a specific team to filter out other news, yet in that team thread there are still articles that have nothing to do with that team. Example 2: There is a WWE thread. There is an AEW thread. Both of those threads have bleed-over. I would like to see the lists of stories in specific threads kept on-topic without the irrelevant articles that seem to be cross posted just for click bait. That defeats the purpose of topic-specific filtering at its premise..Version: 8.30

Decent not greatThis app is a good app. It will get you the information you want and then a whole lot more that doesn’t matter. They post article links that take you to paywalls on other sites regularly, they have their own writers who write click bait articles with no merit, the notifications no longer give preview pics/videos and on top it there’s a 50/50 chance that your page will encounter an error loading at any given time. I’ve had this app since the early 2010’s and watched it rise into a sports fan’s dream, only to sell out. They love to add features while not improving the app at all ie We don’t need your “experts” live-streaming about a topic they know as much about as the fans when we could have fast load times and well thought out articles. (I have great wifi and an updated phone).Version: 9.20.0

SolidBleacher Report is a fun app for keeping up to date on sports news from your favorite teams and from around the sphere of the sports world in general. The layout is sleek and well polished. I really enjoy the Perfect Picks feature. If you get all of your picks correct, you are entered into a drawing with other winners for a gift card or prize, which is very cool! The only downside of the app is the comment sections under every article are heavily moderated. This hinders the free flow of discussion, thoughts and certain opinions. While I agree that certain things shouldn’t be tolerated such as promotion of violence, you also shouldn’t be able to remove comments that you disagree with or find personally offensive. Some comment sections are even shut off. This is a bad look!.Version: 9.24.0

Easily the best for up to date sports news and highlightsThis app is a total upgrade from the ESPN app where it is hard to get to an article you are looking for, this has all the up to date sports info before every other app like ESPN and CBS Sports. This app also gives you easy access to highlights or cool plays of any sport, on the other apps you have to search and search and sometimes it not even there like you want it to be. You can also discuss opinions with the other users and it's nice when you want to say something about what just happened and you have no one else to tell so you turn to Bleacher Report. This app is a very good and well maintained app and deserves five stars.Version: 7.7.0

Spread LoveI love this app but I have an issue with something here. I love sports and I love the creativity with the stories. But one thing i do not like is negative comments. There are parts of the app where the story is there and you can see two comments instead of saying view comments. Usually those comments are racist or somebody talking bad about something. I think the comments section needs to be hidden and if people want to see more they will press view comments. Some have that some don’t. There should also be an option in the settings to not have comments. I just want to read sports. I’m not interested in someone’s opinion that’s a completely negative comment. Click on any comment section all you see is negative, hatred .. if you guys are trying to help then give us options to not see that..Version: 8.1.0

A must for getting the info firstWhile you may think this is a bs paid review it’s not. I’ve been a fantasy football commissioner for 6 years and been in a league for 12. This is by far the best app I’ve downloaded for football info. I run my league on espn but they always seem to be a step behind. I get notified by this app long before espn posts injuries and any other things to effect my team. If you want to be up on what’s going on before everyone else this is the app you need. I can’t promise you a championship but this app gives you the info to help make better decisions. Oh yeah and it’s free so if you don’t like it after 2 weeks delete it but I would bet you probably won’t..Version: 7.1.0

Just a regular sports guy !Let’s just start with a thank you to the guys and girls that make this app run! This is by far the best sports app there is. I have espn+ no hate or shame for them but you guys with the alerts and breaking news are just ten times faster, which is one of the main reasons I love this app. As of many of the things this app brings to the table. I love how you chose what you want to see by selecting the categories your interested in, not just any old team that I don’t care about! I also love how diverse it is with the gaming sections to the golf sections there’s just so much good content here, so with that I say thanks again guys and girls at BR!!.Version: 8.0.0

Bad writing for WWE pageBleacher Report is a good source, overall. My biggest criticism is how awful the writers are for the WWE page. They constantly knock the product by writing negative articles. Throughout their recaps of shows and events, they make overly biased, condescending comments about what transpired, as if they could have done better if they had wrote the show. Do they even like wrestling? Do they understand how wrestling works? It would be nice to read about what happened on Raw or Smackdown without having to read several amateur snipes about the product, which only makes them seem bitter and pretentious. I don’t even bother reading any of their articles anymore about “So and So must do “X” to stay relevant”. Again, bitter and pretentious writing. I hope Bleacher Report recognizes their WWE writers’s incompetence and puts an end to it..Version: 5.14.0

Lots of bugsI’ve used BR for many years, and I’ve always been impressed by how consistently buggy this app is. It’s as though the company refuses to hire enough developers to actually put out a fully functional app. The latest bug for the last few months is that the entire app freezes while scrolling through your feed, and then locks up iOS, forcing the user to turn off their phone to unfreeze, great experience! I feel like a huge source of the buggy ness is poor/inconsistent advertising integration, the ads always seem to be onscreen when I have crashes of the app. Also, stop integrating tweets or links to other websites that are not functional, if I am going to take the time to click on something, I don’t want to go to a broken page..Version: 8.28

Does the job but has some annoying thingsI get majority of my sports related updates from this app but one of my biggest gripes is when I navigate the community. As I scroll down, the live updates will automatically put me at the newest posts instead of allowing me to keep going through older ones. Same happens with scrolling the live updates on the community’s main page. Just keep it stationary or don’t do the updates unless the user actively requests it by dragging down at the top of the page. The other thing is that the content could be even more customizable. I don’t want to see WWE posts or golf posts. Don’t have a way to disable this though. Other than that, it’s got the content I need..Version: 9.7.0

If you love sports, download bleacher reportI use this app ALOT, whether it be to read up on new stories or check in on analysis or predictions or check scores. The only thing I’d love if they added was to be able to edit your comment. I comment a lot on stories and articles so I engage in the comment section a lot. I’ve seen everyone including myself make a spelling mistake. It would be cool if you guys added the option to edit your comments and maybe showing that the comment was edited. I can see people fixing their comment and going back on something they said so showing like a transcript history would be beneficial. Thanks for all you do B/R, you guys have changed the game for sports reporting and sports app.Version: 7.7.1

Good, but no longer greatI rarely write reviews, but the ads are getting really annoying trying to watch clips. I understand ads between posts, but now they took it a step further on top of their writers and staff that everyone seems to complain about. Maybe look to hire more reputable names so we’re not immediately questioning the opinions of the reporters? IMO it’s also really difficult to trust reporters if they don’t have proper setups/clothing - at least make it look more professional so I can buy into the fact that they enjoy their profession. Not messy backgrounds and t-shirts. Maybe I expect to much from BR? It’s still a all-in-one sports news app, but I’m sad it’s getting worse. 30 second unskippable ads!!.Version: 9.56.0

Video content is not managed correctlyI love the content that I get from this app. To be able to personalize and get the sports news I actually want to read is great. I’ve been using bleacher report for forever. It’s only become worse with the constant video barrage. Most of the time you start a video, there’s another video that’ll start playing in the background and you can’t close it, so you’re forced to close the app. I would love to be able to read and not have to watch some random persons video telling me his opinion on a subject. Should of just kept it simple and aggregated news based on people’s preferences instead of adding all this video content nobody wants to watch..Version: 9.35.0

Notifications bugsThis app is really great when first using it. However after sometimes you don’t receive any alerts for the teams you have alerts for. So what’s the point of the app if I’m not receiving notifications for my sports. Yes I do have bleacher report enabled in my settings for notifications and also in app as well. And I haven’t been able to get a notification for months. When the app was working, everything worked well and it was better than ESPN which I deleted for bleacher report. Also, bleacher report would be quicker to give alerts than ESPN as well..Version: 6.0.0

Awesome - With One FlawEverything a sports app needs to be. I switched to Bleacher Report years ago and have used no other sports app since. But… Months ago I reported an issue that popped up and the developers still have done nothing about it: please fix the messed up, moving column headings in the game stats while using the app in landscape mode on an iPad. When it comes to both the developer response and using the app on an iPad I frequently use with a keyboard in landscape mode, it is incredibly frustrating and something that needs to be fixed. If not for the unresolved column heading issue, this would be a 5-star app for sure..Version: 8.30.1

Awesome appThis app is generally very good. Unpopular opinion: the stories are great! It’s not your everyday sports app, while it can give you the final score to the games, it also gives you more lighthearted and funny stories that the MLB and NFL for example, don’t give you. I understand why some people don’t like to get stories based on the jokes and stuff that goes on within the professional sports leagues, but I think it’s great, knowing that you can also get your basic sports news here and from many other apps. If you want a new look on your favorite sports teams, look no further than bleacher report..Version: 6.14.1

Not Articles OpenI love using the Bleacher Report for all my sports needs, however lately certain articles will not open. Currently the two I have trouble with is LA Times and The Athletic. What is annoying is that I see the article on Bleacher Report and I get excited to read it and then find that it won’t open unless I subscribe to that company and pay a fee. Why do I need Bleacher Report if I can’t open the articles and I have to sign up for other company articles to read anything? I would just as well prefer that those articles were not there or if they were better identified as articles you need memberships for to read. Then I wouldn’t get excited about articles I am not allowed to read..Version: 6.0.0

P-ewwww!!!!Yahoo!!!!.Version: 9.57.0

CFLPlease add CFL team streams.Version: 5.14.0

Good appFire Section shows content from a year ago.Version: 9.3.0

Latest update fixed the Music play issue(Old review) This used to be my most popular app. I spent more than an hour every night before bedtime with my music app on and browsing through the day’s sports news. The new update somehow stopped my music play whilst reading which is kind of sucks. (New review). Latest update fixed the Music play issue. Now I can enjoy my music whilst going through all the news and comments in the community on a nightly basis. So back to 5 star. Thanks BR..Version: 9.48.1

PWHLGreat app, but missing tennis score and PWHL!!!.Version: 9.53.0

NiceGood app.Version: 9.47.0

Alr AlrVewy vewey fun an good.Version: 9.30.0

Can’t Access CommentsI try using my google account too access comments screen goes black.Version: 9.33.0

Good app, sometimes crashesAfter last update sometimes app crashes when looking thru the scores, however overall great for all my sports needs!.Version: 8.8.0

BleachI just got an alert and then it said database error you must delete and re download the app which is really annoying because then I’m gonna lose all my things that are on there.Version: 9.16.0

WidgetWhere's the App widget for the live score?.Version: 8.30.1

App is goodEverything else is great besides the slow speed and glitching. Also please add a 🎱stream to follow.Version: 8.21

Dark modeDark mode please.Version: 8.8.0

Dark modeWould be great to have the option to switch to dark mode. Otherwise best social app out..Version: 8.5.0

Get a dark modeNeeds a dark mode, would be a great addition..Version: 8.1.0

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