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Easily turn your phone into a high definition Mac or PC webcam.

Perfect for business, online teaching, live streaming and more, EpocCam works seamlessly with popular video conferencing and broadcast software. Connect via USB or stream camera footage to your PC over Wi-Fi, and move freely while broadcasting anywhere in your local network.

Shoot in portrait or landscape mode with background blur or enhanced chroma key. Use gestures to control Snapchat Lenses with AR effects, animations, objects and characters. Easily add a secondary camera angle to your existing setup. With EpocCam drivers installed on your computer, your phone automatically appears as a webcam in apps like OBS Studio, Zoom and Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only).

Employ EpocCam to leverage the superior processing power of your phone, and look just as polished online as you do in person.


- Webcam App: convert your phone into a high definition computer webcam.
- Professional Quality: conference call and live stream in 1080p, HDR, and more.
- Software Friendly: OBS Studio, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only) and more.
- Modes: portrait and landscape.
- Snapchat Lenses: faces, objects, effects, background blur, chroma key, and lots more.
- Perfect for Remote Work: business, online teaching, content creation, etc.
- Easy Multicam Solution: add another camera angle to your setup.
- Wireless Freedom: connect via Wi-Fi for unrestricted movement.
- One-Time Setup: phone automatically appears as a webcam in computer software.
- Compatibility: works with Mac and Windows PC.

Turn your phone into a webcam in minutes:

1. Get the EpocCam app
2. Download and install the computer drivers
3. Connect phone to PC via Wi-Fi or USB
4. Set EpocCam as the webcam on your computer


- EpocCam App: iOS 13.0 or later
- EpocCam Drivers: macOS 10.14 or later / Windows 10 or later
- Wi-Fi network or USB cable

Learn more: https://elgato.com/epoccam

EpocCam Webcamera for Computer App Comments & Reviews

EpocCam Webcamera for Computer Positive Reviews

Great app!With the considerable increase in webcam price over this past year, this app has been my webcam for necessary online meetings, and it’s worked great. through my iphone 8, it provides a clear image with relatively low latency, an image, mind you, that is miles better than that $100 Logitech C920 that has been the webcam standard. i have never experimented with grabbing audio from my phone too; but i have never had issues with audio from airpods syncing up. some of the new, experimental additions such as an automatic green screen filter or background blur are certainly there, but very rough. i’d recommend if you want to alter your background, leave it to Zoom, their greenscreen masking tech is a lot more refined, and can be used on the video feed coming from Epocam anyways! though and though, this is a great app, and one ai would recommend to anyone in need of a webcam, or a better webcam than your integrated laptop one..Version: 2021.3

App works with PC....Mac Users Beware!!!!If you are not tech savvy, do not try this app. I gave the app 5 stars only because it works great with PC. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH MACS!!! I tried the free version on my work PC with the USB cable and it worked great. Used it with Zoom and Microsoft’s teams. So I bought the paid version to get the better quality. Once again, worked great on the PC. Got home and downloaded the OS driver to my MacBook, pull up zoom for a meeting, and nothing. Went to the website and found out that it currently doesn’t work with Mojave and they are currently working on a solution. It would be nice if they would put that in the description of the app. I’ve wasted $8 on this. I have parallels on my computer so I’m going to put zoom into Windows and download the windows drivers and see if it works. I’ll update after. Update: I downloaded everything to Windows on parallels and used it for a zoom meeting today. It worked fine for the most part. For some reason the app timed out on the phone a couple of times which was not good. But it did work. I have another zoom meeting tomorrow so I’m going to make some more adjustments to see if I can clean up the process a bit. Just to repeat myself, if you are not tech savvy, I don’t recommend this app. There are too many moving parts to the process..Version: 2020.1

Using for twitch streamingI started with the free version of this app. The free version works just as well as the paid version. I have not noticed any difference between the camera quality or the Wi-Fi quality between the two apps. However, my biggest complaint with the free version is that every so often a full screen ad will pop up on my phone that I have to click an X button to remove. This is frustrating to have to do on stream as my viewers see my finger clearly click the screen, even though the ad does not disrupt the video. With the paid version, there are no ads so it is not an issue. Additionally for anyone looking to use the front facing camera, you need to write a review for the app first. However, you can get around this by clicking write a review in the app and then simply hitting cancel on the review and it will still allow you to use the front facing camera. If you’re not worried about the ads inside the app, I would recommend the free version but if you are using this for any sort of streaming service I would get the paid one..Version: 1.10.6

I’ve been using this app for quite some time nowKinoni has apparently have had it with my ducking and dodging the questions and have voluntold me to rate and review (I’m kidding, though, right?) — and fair enough, I’ve been using this thing way too much for way too long to not have some opinion on this product. Granted, the only time I’m asked is when my dedicated webcams fall short and Old Faithful EpocCam picks up the slack and then leaves the others comparatively static. I didn’t know if this app was the bee’s knees of “turn my phone into a webcam”apps, not just because I never could figure out how to use EpocCam as a proper internet webcam device, but also the lack of parameters or expecting much better resolution. But it’s the only app that has remained in any use from any cam/phone apps I had tested; only EpocCam is left. It’s grounded. And reliable. And when it’s acting abnormally, it’s a small pool of suspects with a small pool of solutions. **UPDATE** I found out that HD no longer compatible with EpocCam Viewer!.Version: 1.11.1

Best purchase of an app over 99 centsUsually after I’ve purchased an app that’s priced over $0.99, I’m sorely disappointed. But not this app. I have an iPhone 11 and a Mac, running Catalina OS. The setup was simple but there are something you should know. The instructions make it sound like all you have to do is download the app and a driver for your Mac or PC, but what they failed to mention is that you need to download the viewer for your Mac or PC as well. I googled and found their website, which is where I found the viewer. After downloading the needed app, viewer and driver, I connected to WiFi and it worked much better than I expected. No setup. Just turn on the cam app, startup Zoom or whatever webcam client you use; select EpocCam as your camera, and voila you’re in business. I’m able to use my iPhone wirelessly as my webcam, which I can place ianywhere that gives me the most flattering angle. I love it. I think you will too..Version: 2020.1

Frustrated that screen dimming is automaticI think this is a great app to reliably get good video wirelessly from my phone to my computer and OBS. My use case for video capture works best when I can see the image I'm capturing on the phone screen...I was surprised when the automatic screen dimming feature was added without a way to toggle it off. Now as I'm walking around with my phone on a gimbal presenting products to customers, I have to keep tapping my screen to keep it awake. Luckily, the video stream is still rock solid, but why isn't this something that I can control myself? I totally understand the feature, but I need to use my phone to monitor the camera at the same time..Version: 2023.2

When it works, it's excellent. But the "when" is a problem.I purchased this app in Jan 2021 the pro version. I came across it when I searched Google for apps that let me use my iPhone (SE 2nd G) as a video camera for my WebEx and Zoom Meetings. I am using a Mac Mini M1 chip. Initially, it would not connect by Wi-Fi or USB. When I tried to use it with WebEx, it could not be found as a video system. I tried using it with Mediasite via the desktop app and it worked, and after that, I was able to use it with WebEx directly via the USB. The clarity was excellent, the switch from landscape to portfolio mid-video was seamless. I was able to use it with Zoom. Only via USB, but I did not mind this. The controls are simple and I like the options to reflect the image. Since February 22, it stopped working again with WebEx. Doing the same thing it did when I first downloaded the app: WebEx can't find it as a video system. As I write this, I realize I should try it with Zoom and Mediasite again. But, even if that trips the application to work again, it seems there's something faulty going on. I did stop it from the Activity Monitor, restarted my phone, and looked at update and release notes, etc. I haven't reached out to technical support yet, but I find it disappointing to read so many recent reviews that speak to no help from customer support..Version: 2021.1

FantasticIts easy to set up and works over wifi or usb. The market for webcams is pretty booty right now and this makes my smartphone an even more versatile tool than it already is. My phone's camera was able to work with nvidia broadcast on a 30 series card so I got to use the cool features of it over my video calls. I do wish there was more quality options for things like 60FPS or at least 1440p video capture since some video call apps can use that or even 4k just because then recording videos using a phone and Nvidia broadcast features becomes possible. Being able to do some editing like simply enabling low light mode and HDR on my phone would go a long way in improving the app and making products like the Brio and Kiyo Pro superfluous. I gotta admit I never liked elgato because they reminded me of apple for streamers but after getting a wave 3 mic and I saw how open the system was to use with software not from elgato really change my view of them and after trying this out and seeing its interoperability with broadcast, I am blown away. I am excited and looking forward to future solutions from elgato that can be used for more than just streamers and youtubers..Version: 2021.1

Useful but flaky and not easyIt does work, but it is more plug-and-pray than plug-and-play. The picture quality is good, and I do regularly use it with Zoom, Teams and other video apps. It was adding some flutter to my audio, so I broke down and bought a separate mic, which eliminated that problem. The most annoying thing is that the connection can be flaky, especially when connected via USB. It will just disconnect with no notice or reason during a video call. I can quickly reconnect, but it is mot conducive to hassle free meetings. WiFi connection is more reliable but still disconnects occasionally. I use it with an iPhone XR and a Windows 10 desktop, so plain vanilla setup This app gets the job done if you are willing to fool with it, but I would not rate it as a consumer grade solution. Good idea, but they should do more testing to make it robust..Version: 2020.6

Worst waste of moneyI could not link my phone with my mac. I tried wifi and usb cable. I tried with google meet, ring central, quick time, slack, zoom. NONE could connect to my iphone camera. This is a scam. Just tell users your app don’t work with mac and you are good man! Edit: I solved the issue. The Daemon wouldn’t silently fail when launched in launchd. I suspect because there is a typo in the Launch Agent plist. Still fixing the typo didn’t made it work so I had to directly reach to the app packaged in the plug im an run it. Finally I could use the phone camera as the Google Meet Camera. It even works to record in quicktime, which comes handy. If you are not tech savvy and use mac, it will be a hell of frustration to try to use this app..Version: 2020.5

Best Zoom quarantine upgradeMy laptop web cam was pretty bad, and a friend recommended using my old iPhone 5s. Best suggestion ever! The phone was sitting unused in my sock drawer. Not only was I able to avoid the online shortage of web cams right now, but I was able to up-cycle something I already owned. I started with the free app and was blown away about how much better my old phone was. Try out the free app. If you like your old phone better, paying for the full version got me the full resolution that my phone could stream. For me it was totally worth it. I feel like my streaming has finally gone pro. Green screen, pro microphone, and now a real quality camera. What a great purchase..Version: 2020.1

Not workingI have an iPhone 11. Used the free app and it worked great, but I believe it was with Kononi, something like that. I purchased the app to use with my Windows 10 PC and cannot get the phone to connect. I did everything they suggested to troubleshoot, still nothing. I’m at a lost. My PC is compatible and so is my phone so not sure why the phone won’t connect. I downloaded itunes, downloaded the 35 something for compatibility, they have the same wireless connection, I reinstalled, rebooted, nothing.🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ It gets a 3 star because I know it works, just not for me. Any other ideas would be helpful, especially since I’ve already paid for the product..Version: 2020.7

I absolutely love this!I’m so glad I discovered this app! All you need to do is install a simple driver on your computer and it adds a camera source that you can use with just about any program. So instead of streaming with the low quality webcam built into your computer, you get the full quality of your iPhone or iPad camera. I tried the free version first, then upgraded to turn off ads and turn on higher resolution. This enhanced version also lets you swap front and back cameras and tinker with the settings such as resolution, bit rate, etc.. Another great feature is you can connect your iOS device via USB, which means it won’t matter if you have a weak WIfi signal..Version: 2020.1

Finally found an app to make iPhone a webcam!I tried the free version and found that it synced right up to OBS on my MacBook. So I went ahead and purchased the paid version. It asked me to do a review to get access to the front camera which I thought was a little weird but whatev! Here I am. Giving a 5 star rating for 3 minutes worth of experience. lol! If it stays consistent with what I’ve experienced so far, it will be well worth the money bc I was literally wondering if I’m going to need to buy a new video camera to live stream church services from home during this coronavirus shutdown. But now I have a way to use my iPhone instead making that purchase, and the video quality will probably outperform a camcorder..Version: 2019.9

EpocCamThe instructions did not make it clear that you needed to also install EpocCam Viewer... I haven’t been able to get it to work with the testing website they recommend. Haven’t tried a Skype or Zoom call yet. Based on EpocCam Viewer, the quality seems fine. But I’m having to write this review to use the front cam on the PAID VERSION of the app. Update: You do not need EpocCam Viewer. In fact, it messed things up for me. If I remember right, I just had to restart everything to get it to work. Now it works perfectly, and I use it daily with zoom. Still annoying to have to write a review to unlock features for a paid app, but it works well..Version: 2019.9

4 stars, but could be 5The application works as described with a couple of caveats. With each update, you have to delete the app and the computer driver or the connection gets spotty. There is no auto update so it just gets janky and you have to check for new versions. Usually you discover this in the middle of a Web meeting. I have no idea why it doesn’t update like other apps. The BIG flaw to this app is that you cannot set/fix the exposure/brightness/contrast on the camera. The exposure constantly jumps around if the subject changes or moves. As webcam, I imagine that’s fine but for anything else it just gets really annoying. You can fix the focus, but why not the exposure?.Version: 2021.4

Works fineI agree with another reviewer that if you aren’t tech suave, you may become frustrated. I often have the reset the program within Task Manager. I also find it frustrating that it will unlink sometimes. It disconnects when the app ask you to rate it, it disconnects when the phone turns off, it disconnects after a long period of just sitting there. All of these are understandable but, as soon as I wake the phone back up, I wish it would automatically reconnect. It’s kind of hit and miss and sometimes I need to reset the app on my computer through task manager before it picks up again. I know all that sounds awful but it’s not as bad as it sounds. It works. I just wish it connected faster..Version: 2021.1

GoodUsing my iPhone to connect to Citrix Jabber or Microsoft Teams provides a much better picture than using the Microsoft webcam that I got from work. Setting up didn’t work as smooth as I expected it. The connection didn’t work first but then all of a sudden it worked. I found the review pop-up already at the beginning VERY annoying! So I gave it first a one-star rating because at that time the connection didn’t work. The colored backgrounds are not satisfying at all. The cam can only be used horizontally. I wish it worked vertically too, maybe showing a square picture with black bars on the sides. This would be helpful. But in general it is a good app once it is running and connected..Version: 2020.1

Worth every PennyBought the pro version to remove watermark. Prior I purchased a Logitech C615 HD camera to use with Zoom and Teams for sales presentations. The Logitech is absolute garbage and using this with an iPhone XR was incredible. The quality was impeccable. I had set the phone on a tripod and was showing apparel to a customer. The level of detail and clarity was unmatched! I would suggest one important need, there should be a way to turn off the phones display as to save battery. I had mine plugged in USB and it maintained a charge on the Phone, but with the display running as well, it doesn’t allow the battery to fully charge..Version: 2021.1

Simple but powerfulVery simple to set up and use, but works great via either WiFi or direct connection with my MacBook Pro. The only glitch I ran into was after installation, I couldn’t get it to work until I realized i needed to launch your recording app on the computer FIRST, and THEN launch EpocCam on the phone. Once everything synced for the first time, it happily resyncs regardless of which order you launch which app. Also, locked vs autofocus was not explained in the setup instructions. Locked focus works by tapping once on the image in the iPhone. To return to variable (auto) focus, double-click on the screen..Version: 2020.1

Just got it to work...It took some doing, but I somehow managed to get the wired connection to work. I’m leaving a review so I can start using the front camera (not a fan of this tactic), but I do hope the developers get some handy feedback regardless. I was in need of a webcam that I could put anywhere (like over the shoulder on a tripod. Given of the shortage of webcams for purchase online at the time of this writing, I figured there’s got to be a simple way to use my phone for this... and this app does just that! Hoping I don’t run into more hiccups as I continue to use it — like I said at the start — it took some doing to get the app and my MacBook Pro to start communicating. Thank you to the developers for making this tool available, and I hope you continue to keep it updated..Version: 2019.9

WiFi rarely works.Easy to setup and use, but WiFi rarely works, so I have to connect with a usb cord. Since I only have 3-foot long cords, I have to buy a longer cord, so the total price just went up. The video quality with my iPhone 7+ is better than the camera in my laptop and the webcam I bought an returned after I discovered this app. No regrets but still wish it did what it says it can do. When it does work with WiFi, I haven’t noticed a lag with speech/audio, but there is sometimes a delay if I move my hand into view. The interface is severely lacking. There are hardly any options. I’m not sure if my video is 1080p because it just has fair, good, and best quality as options, not specific numbers. The desktop app on my PC is also barebones..Version: 2020.5

Worked only reliably on 5GHz WiFiAfter purchase, the software worked as intended the first time after launch of the application and connection to a Windows 10 PC. However when the app was closed even for a short time, it often was unable to re-connect. Based on recommendations for a video streaming protocol NDI, I configured the WiFi to use only the 5GHz band. Since this reconfiguration, the app works as intended. In my rating, the app losses one star for the required configuration of the WiFi and one star for the incomplete implementation of "manual focus". The manual focus is listed as pro feature but its nowhere documented what it does and it is not manual. This app does not have a manual focus function that allows you to manually focus. I would call it a fully automatic focus on demand..Version: 2020.1

Works great!I rarely write reviews because I figure most are biased or fake but I had to send one for this. Planning a Zoom board meeting for some in person and some on Zoom. Want to use projector to show Zoom people to the room. Wanted camera to show people in room to Zoom. Computer built in camera not good for moving from speaker to speaker etc. Plus I need to see computer screen during meeting and macbook camera only faces me. My iphone is best camera I own. You cannot get iphone camera into computer. I spent a lot of time trying. This app made it quick and easy to do. I selected 720p and it’s really good quality. Thanks!.Version: 2020.1

Good EnoughFrom all the research I did a couple months ago this is the only option to use an iPhone as a USB webcam. All the other apps are WiFi only. Or you are using a screen capture method. That can work if you can get a clean video output. I can’t remember exactly how to do it, but it’s possible. Also, WiFi can have more latency, especially when using a separate mic. I’ve used this app quite a bit for Skype and Zoom calls. For the most part it works like a charm. However, sometimes it loses connection with my iMac or MBP. It’s always connected via USB and I have it set so that it can only use USB, plus I have the WiFi turned off anyway. If it was more stable, then I could use this in more “mission critical” situations where I’m recoding an interview via Skype. For the typical video conference call it really does the job of giving you a high quality camera. I think this is a very good app and I definitely recommend it to up your webcam game. They just need to make it more reliable and it will be perfect..Version: 2020.1

It just worksSo I don’t know what it’s like to try to use this app with an older OS, but I was running High Sierra on my 2017 MacBook, which is not supported by EpocCam. So I upgraded (free) to Big Sur. Downloaded and installed the driver (took seconds.) Downloaded the app. Started the app and then tested it on Zoom. Since my MacBook and iPhone are on the same WiFi network, EpocCam automatically showed up as an option. The picture is a zillion times better than the MacBook webcam. I did basically nothing and it worked. If you’ve got different tech specs it may be a different story, but this was the least difficult thing I’ve done this week!.Version: 2020.7

Awesome app, when it works...I started with the free version and was so impressed with the quality I upgraded. Here’s the thing, it crashes and loses connection constantly. I’m using it with OS X Catalina and it’s just too unstable to rely on. The quality is fantastic when it’s working but it’ll drop out in less than 10 min into a Zoom call. It seems to be very prone to conflicts with other apps you may have open. If the company can get a fix out I would highly recommend this app. As it is, I recommend you steer clear of this app. It’s just not reliable enough and at best, you’ll have to fiddle with it several times while in the midst of a call to keep it working. Fingers crossed for a fix from the developer, great potential here!.Version: 2020.1

Been an EpocCam user for......about ten seconds now. Since they require a review to use the phone’s front camera, I am submitting this review. So far, the app purchase went exceedingly well as they took my money with no issues at all! That was pretty cool. Then I opened the app and ten seconds later, here we are... so based on past relationships, I wonder if this is a warning sign. Is this app going to be a needy app, constantly needing reassurance? Will it become bitter and vindictive if I’m not constantly validating it?? Well, I’ve never paid much heed to warning signs in past relationships, and I’m not about to start now. I look forward to a long, happy life with EpocCam! What could possibly go wrong?.Version: 2019.9

Drains The Battery FASTThis is hands down THE best webcam application out there. There is an option to connect via WiFi or through USB which is great flexibility, but i highly recommend connecting via USB for the best performance. Unfortunately the one thing i have a problem with is a pretty big one which is why i can’t give this app 5 stars. I use this app for streaming which means i use it for about 2-4hrs at a time and each time, the battery is drained by the 1st hour. I am connected via USB. I am writing this review in hopes of getting the attention of the developers, is there a way to stop the battery from draining?.Version: 2023.2

Finally a stable and reliable webcam app for OBS and Wirecast!I really struggled finding a good solution to use my iPhone as a quick and easy way to bring video into my streaming software platforms. I tried to use NDIHX Cam and NDI Cam, I had nothing but Jenkee and horrible issues that made it incredibly frustrating to do anything. Video freeze and jerky video. Disappearing options on software etc. I love that EpocCam utilizes a driver! This app just works and always looks great. Has a great onboard menu as well. If you’re doing any streaming, I highly recommend this app. It is the only one I have found to be this dependable and stable!.Version: 2020.1

For 39 minutes it rated a 5 and then notWorked well for a zoom meeting. Connected and ran well for about 39 mins or so and then I got a reconnecting notice. Could not get it to reconnect. Rebooted everything. Started and for about 30 mins it ran properly and then started saying reconnecting. I had the free version on phone as well so removed them both reinstalled and ran program. About 15 mins and said reconnecting. This time it reconnected for a while and then lost connection again. Gave up and switched to crappy internal laptop camera. The pieces never moved during this. Internet was active at all times. No idea what’s going on. If maker reads this please advise. I need a package I can trust. Did I just waste my money?.Version: 2020.1

The IronyI used the free version of the app for about 2 days with no issue. I used front facing for zoom without a hitch and switch back and forth between them with no issue. It was plug and play no worries I bought the pro version to have a microphone, and now it’s just not wanting to play nice with zoom. The front facing camera either crashes the EpocCamService in windows or crashes the app on here. The rear facing camera does work but then it occasionally connects with an odd filter over it or something, like at one point it was entirely green. The pro version is worse than the free version in almost every way, I will be troubleshooting as I did pay for it and therefore want it to work but this is ridiculous.Version: 2020.7

Needed a camera for video conference gamingWith Covid-19 stay-at-home orders in my state getting together for face-to-face tabletop RPGs is not going to happen. Getting started in a virtual tabletop would involve spending hundreds of extra dollars. I read about groups using Zoom or Skype and doing “theater of the mind” RPGs but our group doesn’t play that way favoring heavy miniatures use on mats. I have all the minis and mats (I’m the GM). Webcams were all sold out everywhere right now but I came across a story on using EpocCam to use an extorting iPhone as a camera in Skype or Zoom. Two weeks ago I tested this out, plugged my iPhone 11 Pro into a six-foot lightning cord to my iMac at the end of my game table and hung the iPhone high looking at the table mat. We had to use Skype because Zoom’s latest update broke. I watched all my players on my iMac screen while all of them saw the game table from the camera as I moved minis for them. I even got to use the 2x zoom feature at times! It worked out better than I hoped! All with this app!.Version: 2020.1

Questionable AppWell, I tried the free version, and it worked ok. Feeling satisfied, I upgraded to the pro version. Then, right when I started to try some of the additional functions, it stopped working entirely. I uninstalled the drivers and the app from my computer and phone, reinstalled them, and same result, nothing, it just refuses to connect for some reason. Now it won’t even work with the free version anymore. I’m only writing this review because I read others that said you have to write one before the app can access your camera, that’s just ridiculous, but I have to try something since I paid $8 for this thing. I hope I did not get scammed..Version: 2021.4

Saved MoneyThe functionality of EpocCam is great. I was on the verge of buying a webcam when I realized my iPhone was a really good camera. A little searching and I found EpocCam. Saved all that money, so I didn't mind paying for the app. Paid $5.99. Oh you want higher rez and more features - pay $7.99 more. Oh you want to use the other camera - write a review. This would have been a 5 star for ease of use, features, etc. But -1 star for making me jump through hoops to get what I would have been willing to pay $20 for in the first place..Version: 2019.9

IPhone 4s works now in OBSI needed another video camera for a 4 camera shoot. Didn't have a lot of money to spend. I then remembered my iPhone 4s. I bought a battery for it years ago but I forgot to put new battery in. After putting the battery in I checked some apps that have the NDI protocol and even though a lot of them said the requirement was for iOS 10 or 11 or 13 when I hit the Epocam HD download button it downloaded the older version that was compatible with my iPhone. I didn't open OBS and Shernoff there is my video feed from my iPhone for us very good program and worth every penny for the HD version..Version: 1.10

Going backwards?For the most part the app is ok. It worked fine before the last update 2 days ago where you are now REQUIRED to use alongside the computer software to use your phone as a webcam. Now with this new update the camera ends up with a very noticeable delay of almost up to a minute if not that. Its not only when I’m obs and you can also see the delay in the Elgato camera hub software itself. The filters could use some work which I haven’t seen any made. To be a PRO version it definitely needs more work to be had. But I’m hopefully that with an update the camera delay will at least be fixed..Version: 2022.2

Kind of WorksI have tested this app on an iPhone 6 se and an iPhone XR. On both the video lags by 2 seconds or more above 640x480. Even at 640x480 it will be fine for about 30 seconds, lag and freeze up and then be fine for a short period of time again. I made sure to eliminate the variable of a bad network connection by creating a computer to computer network between my phones and the computer I was trying to stream video to. I still had the exact same problem. The only other possible source for this problem could be the live-streaming software I am using: Ecamm Live. I am leaving 3 stars in case it is not the EpocCam software and is indeed the Ecamm Live software..Version: 2019.9

I use this app for Kiss Cam and Dance CamI’m a DJ and I do mostly weddings. For the past two years I’ve been using Apple TV to project my iPhone camera on my tvs but it was so glitchy. I had been looking for an app where I could use my iPhone to stream directly from my laptop to the tv screens and this did it perfectly! Now I build my overlays (wished I could post the pics) on the laptop and put them on the screen with my iPhone camera wirelessly with an Osmo gimbal! I tried other apps but they were blurry, glitchy and wouldn’t work with my existing DJ software. Thanks EpocCam!.Version: 2020.1

WorksTransmits for streamlabs. Cant get usb to stream though. So i have a bit of lag..Version: 2021.5

Works great...but...The software has been nothing but excellent EXCEPT every 15 minutes or so the image becomes blurry. I am connecting via USB and to remedy it I have to either go into app setting or close and reopen the app. I have sent a support email but no one has gotten back to me..Version: 2020.1

Works well, but not actually 1080pYou’ll get a decent looking 720p stream with this app but while the promo videos and screenshots say 1080p it actually maxes out at 720p..Version: 2020.1

Great ideaAnd the app price and features are good. Not overly complicated. But on my current Mac it doesn’t work so I had to use other options. Please optimize fix guys..Version: 2023.2

Still could use some features…Maybe I’m picky but the AR filter lenses changed recently with the camera hub update and they’ve lost practicality. Please add a library or something with more lenses to choose from. The new focus blur specifically is pretty terrible..Version: 2023.1

So smoothIt looks smooth on obs.Version: 2022.2

Great! Quick questionThis app is great! Does exactly what is meant to do. Would it be possible to add eye tracking? With the new iPhones and iPads and the Face ID fonction. If it’s possible would it be like tobii?.Version: 2022.2

Always works great.Used for over a year now and results have been amazing.Version: 2022.1

Awesome.Awesome.Version: 2021.5

NiceNice.Version: 2021.5

Perfect webcamMy phone already has an awesome camera so it makes sense to use it as a webcam for $12 instead of buying something else that can be repositioned on a tripod so easily to make sure it avoids getting my mic in the shot.Version: 2021.5

Does not work for driver 3.4 on windows 10Installed EpocCam_Installer64_3_4_0.exe for windows 10, but phone can not connect once it installed. Re-Installed the version 3.3.1 to make it work. Issue with driver 3.3.1 is that the driver need to be installed each time after rebooting my computer. Not sure if it is only for my computer or it is a bug..Version: 2021.5

Works OKCamera quality is great, as expected. I’m using it with a PC via USB and it requires an iTunes installation which is very unfortunate. It just stopped working, which is also unfortunate. This was due to the need for a new iTunes installation and new driver installation. Update directions are good, but this seems like it will be a fairly high maintenance app in the long run. The biggest miss is a lack of iPhone audio support. The ability to use with AirPods would be great..Version: 2021.3

Epoch camSimply awesome.Version: 2021.4

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