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MLB Play is the home for all of your favorite FREE predictive baseball games and trivia challenges. Fan favorites like Beat the Streak and Pickle live in MLB Play, with newer titles like By the Numbers and Bingo joining the scene. Will you be the fan skilled enough to be the first to finally Beat the Streak after over twenty years and take home $5.6 MILLION? How quickly can you guess the mystery Pickle player of the day? Take your swings, compete against friends, and unlock exclusive items and real baseball prizes only on MLB Play.


NEW FOR 2023! Earn prizes like MLB.TV subscriptions, MLB Shop gift certificates, and more throughout the season

NEW FOR 2023! GROUPS are back in Beat the Streak! Manage a group and track Streak progress all year long

Make predictions in games like Beat the Streak and Bingo

Solve trivia challenges with Pickle or By the Numbers

Earn XP for playing to unlock trophies

Earn Tokens for correct answers to unlock exclusive rewards

Unlock Badges for completing unique challenges


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MLB Play App Comments & Reviews

MLB Play Positive Reviews

They dumbed this down : (Updated Review: Thank you for making the updates I listed below!! The app is way better. It really matters when you listen to your users. Thank you! New request: consider allowing 3 picks a day. It will provide more interest, bigger swings, and extend the game longer when players are mathematically eliminated late in the season. Lastly, 3 picks better aligns with baseball - 3 strikes, 3 outs. ———————————————— MLB opted to go pretty with the new app and throw functionality out the window. Here’s what’s wrong: - got rid of filtering tool - dumb! - can’t tell left, right, switch hitter - can’t tell home or away team - doesn’t include full roster - cannot search for a player - can’t see picks of other users - so many open modals; hard to navigate Whoever approved this approach needs to be fired. The old app needed upgrading but this is a complete fail. If you really were into the MLB they blew it for the true fans and opted to cater to people who are passive at best. If someone thinks this poorly functioning app is going to pull more fans to MLB or more gamblers to MGM they are fooling themselves. Enjoy the pretty pictures : (.Version: 12.1.0

Way to view your and other players’ profiles in BTS?There seem to be some improvements to this latest iteration of Beat The Streak in this app vs. the past BTS apps, primarily in appearance. But unfortunately, it seems design may have been prioritized over improving and building on existing functions that the old app had, or even keeping certain functions around at all. For example, I can view my profile, but I don’t see any way to see which players I have picked most often (it’s currently only one game into the season and I’ve only had outcomes for one day of picks total so far, so that information would be admittedly kind of meaningless at the moment, but I want to be able to see a summary of which players I have picked most frequently as the season goes on). Is there a way to view that? It just seems like users should be able to view a summary of their outcomes. I also enjoyed being able to view other players’ profiles and which players they have picked most often but I can’t seem to see how to do that now either. The old app, even with its problems and being glitchy as it was, at least had these functions..Version: 12.0.0

Enjoyable, & funIt’s a fun way to stay involved with a game through a long season. It is a great thing to do if you can get some friends together & make it a league type deal I would imagine, I don’t have friends so that is out for me sadly… one day however… one day I will have that perfect friend. Haha back to the app, it’s good, I kinda wish they would do more things like this, do more giveaways are always good, and maybe just give me the $5.6M bc I am betting I could hire a friend with $5.6M…. Dang I needs that money… 🤤🤤🤤 I did make a few dollars selling my chronicles of Reddick spin off series to Netflix, but I don’t think it’s ever gonna get made… so alas… my only hope for friendship is that $5.6M nummy nummy in my little baseball tummy! 🤗🤗🤗.Version: 12.1.0

Some ideas to add in the future1) Add a different mode where you can pick a lot of people (maybe up to 5 or 10 each day) and see how far you can get. You probably don't win money in this mode but maybe you can win a cool profile pic or something - Maybe have a different leaderboard to show how many total players hits and overall total hits you have throughout the year 2) Fun idea: A betting mode where you make crazy parlays and win points or cool prizes (doesn't have to involve real money, a free bet mode would actually be cool) 3) Add a special Playoffs mode? (i don't believe there is one, i could be wrong idk) 4) More stats for you, who you like to pick, etc.. - A section that shows everyone you picked and how well they did throughout the year (i remember they had this on an older version of the app) I feel like these simple additions can go a long way, i think people would like these. Always looking forward to playing this every year, one of the hardest competitions to win!.Version: 13.0.4

Love itI love this app so much! I use it every day and pickle is my favorite of all of them. I love how you get to guess the player and get clues. I love base chase too. One of my favorites as well. Beat the streak is awesome as well. It is very good. I also like how you can be a captain or starter and get to higher levels and look at what your friends have. I recommend this app to anyone who is a die hard fan of baseball!.Version: 12.3.0

A bit improved but could still be better.To follow up on my previous review, I actually do like that the MLB Shop prizes are gift cards and no longer discounts codes that expire. One thing that it would be really nice to see improved though is a pick for a game that never starts and gets postponed eventually unlocking so that I can pick a different player. For one thing, if I really want to pick a player, I’m not just going to not pick him because of a threat of rain. But imagine if two guys are at 56. One picks a guy who gets a hit, and the other picks a guy in a game that’s not even played. I think that would really be unfair..Version: 13.0.4

Fun, but no rewards for Pickle?I enjoy baseball, and this app helps keep me engaged, following games and learning about players and stats. I ignore “Beat the Streak” because gambling is the last vice I haven’t indulged, and I’m skeptical of MLB embracing big money gambling houses after a long history of hands-off. I guess there’s too much money to be made… “Bingo” and “By the Numbers” are both quick and fun. Pickle is my the favorite feature, but for some reason gives no tokens. I have a two-week winning streak, but still 0/0. Ah, well..Version: 13.0.2

MLB Play GamesLove the app and participate daily! For the most part, I’m happy with the current games available. Though I would also like to see past games made available at least periodically (such as “Base Chase”). Also, I would like to see “Bingo” adjusted for the use of multiple bingo cards &/or being able to have a bingo card(s) for multiple MLB games in a single day! My only real disappointment regarding the games themselves, is that “Pickle” awards neither XP nor Tokens!.Version: 13.0.4

I like the new and improved look of this new 2023 BTS App.I like the new look of this new 2023 BTS App. This new site is well thought out and very easy to navigate when playing BTS. I’ve been playing BTS for many many years and the last few years, the App was terrible. Now it is back to being a fun game to play. Keep up the good work! Hope I win! Wish me luck! 👍🙏.Version: 13.0.2

It doesn’t cost a pennyYou have nothing to lose. Only problem, is that with these ball players these days , they can’t hit. These should make allowances to somehow keep streaks going or doing something to make it more practical. This pool is impossible to hit. They could give 10 million dollars, and they will never pay out a dime..Version: 13.0.0

Very Fun!Beat the streak is so fun and user friendly, just wish there were other achievements throughout the streak besides trophies. One problem with Quick Pick for me is that it doesn’t reset fats enough, as in the morning I still can’t make my picks right now, even though my score is already released..Version: 12.1.0

Old Options BackI like the new “Glitzy” look, but would like the ability to have group leadership back. The ability to see other peoples picks back as well. The stats about our average in our picks was a nice touch as well. If we could get those things back it’d be appreciated. I love that you don’t count a player that was not starting if we picked them. That’s a nice change as well..Version: 12.1.0

Notifications?Hey I’ve been playing beat the streak for about 4-5 years now. It’s very entertaining and I love how it gives the fans appreciation for the only truly unbreakable record in sports, the 56 game hit streak! I’d like to request from the devs, please add the option to give a notification when I haven’t submitted a pick for the day!! I have forgotten to pick many times and had decent streaks ended!.Version: 13.0.2

My opinionI like all the info I get daily. The one thing I didn’t like was after buying viewing games I found out all the Astro home games were blacked out. The only reason I bought it was to watch games. So at least I could watch after game was over. So it wasn’t a complety lose..Version: 13.0.0

Ton of fun!I’m really enjoying this app. I’m terrible at the numbers game but guessing the player is a lot of fun for me, i because I’m not so terrible at that. Plus the chance to win big money for FREE is something that’ll keep me using this app. I do hope they add a little something more to do but other than that, it’s great!.Version: 13.0.2

Best Sports App - Period.The fine folks at MLB's media team have outdone themselves with this year's version of Beat the Streak. This app has it all: money, sports, fun, honor - just to name a few. What else could you want? So quit wasting your time and download the app now! And join the countless fans who will try beating it and streaking all season long..Version: 13.0.0

Good but not greatIt can be glitchy. Will have days it is temperamental. Beat the streak works best of the two. Takes some time to get used to the new layout. The old one was simple and not as flashy but was better. Improved the graphics hurt the ease of use. Old was better..Version: 12.1.0

Bring back groups!This app is used by me and several buddies of mine at work. We had so much more fun when we were able to be in a “group” together and see each other’s progress. Still a fun app but I definitely miss that feature..Version: 12.1.0

Thank you!!I'm SO excited to have found this app! The Beat the Streak website doesn't work right from my iPhone, so I had to make a pick of the day and then go in and change it from there. So glad I can just go straight to the app now!.Version: 13.0.4

Found an issueGood app and enjoy playing. Todays pickle did not turn yellow or green in the league division spot. I had the correct division on try 1 but none of my tries changed colors. This led me to also discover there is nowhere to report an issue so I came here..Version: 13.0.4

Fun app, resolution terrible.Maybe this is only meant to be played on a giant 12” tablet. Super annoying to scroll all over to try and see the full picture of anything. And by picture I don’t mean all the graphics, I mean relevant info and stats for picking players. Pickle is lots of fun, but on my standard sized iPhone the keyboard covers up all the info of players trying to pick..Version: 13.0.2

MLB PlayI think it’s great that you guys give us this great opportunity to have fun and interact with the game we love….. with lots of different chances to win lots of different prizes. I for one think it’s great and I sincerely appreciate it without question. Thank you so much ⚾️💙🤙.Version: 13.0.4

Playing Beat the StreakI’m enjoying playing Beat The Streak, it’s really fun, I just don’t understand how this Beat The Streak, is like the others, the tokens and the lighting rods, I really don’t know how this is like. I’m not sure how to really play it, it’s really Different..Version: 12.2.0

So much fun!Really a lot of fun - especially for someone like myself. who doesn’t know anything about the actual sports gambling world and terms. It’s quite difficult to win anything, but you don’t ever lose anything!.Version: 12.1.0

Not badDecent way to see if you can guess who hits or up-to-date averages, as well as a neat bingo feature which helps keep your attention, wishing that they had more bingo cards per day.Version: 13.0.4

Mlb PickleIt is so annoying to play this every day, get a good score every day and then reach a high number and it doesnt add it and sends me back to zero. I had 21 straight as of 2 days ago. It didnt add yesterdays and now today sent me down to 1. I like the game…why cant you keep it working right?.Version: 13.0.2

Improved app. Suggestion on Beat the StreakEnjoy all of the games. My one suggestion to make Beat the Streak better is if a contestant has not guessed any hitter for 5 consecutive days, then they go down to 0. Joe DiMaggio’s 57-game hit streak in 1941 had doubleheaders mixed in and it was a maximum break of 4 days in between games..Version: 13.0.4

So far so goodLove the fact I can double up on the hit streak. And very challenging questions on the other. Been using app for a couple weeks now But I’m not sure what the the Diamonds rewards are for??.Version: 12.1.0

Like March Madness Every WeekI’ll start off by saying I’m not a huge MLB fan, but watch the occasional game. But trying to research teams to predict what might happen is surprisingly fun. It’s also a great way to engage with your kids in discussing a sport. Nice work devs!.Version: 12.0.0

Better than last year but…I feel like improvements have been made from last year. One thing that bugs me is that the app asks me to sign in about every week or so and I feel like it should remember me on my devices. Would appreciate it if that could be addressed..Version: 13.0.2

Could be betterInstead of giving you 3 of the same wallpaper… Why don’t y’all give one of each. I’m logged in as a marlins fan, and have yet to receive a marlins wallpaper. Literally every other teams stadium but the fish.Version: 13.0.4

Great way to know moreGreat way to find more info about player you wouldn’t necessarily watch..Version: 13.0.2

GreatI’ve had the game for a season my friend & I got into this. If you follow the seasons. This app you will want to have. I enjoy it a lot!.Version: 13.0.4

Mlb playGreat app.Version: 13.0.4

Great fun5.6 million reasons to play beat the streak.Version: 13.0.4

It’s goodBut im missing the grid idk where to find it.Version: 13.0.4

BaseballLove. The. Game. Baseball. Forever. I say..Version: 13.0.4

Baseball pot of goldBTS is a free game that could have you win millions as well as many prizes for following baseball.Version: 13.0.2

Very fun game to play.Joe D streak take down. Let’s go !.Version: 13.0.2

Quick Pick not showing upFun app but for some reason I don’t have access to all the games offered? Weird.Version: 12.1.0

GoodGood.Version: 13.0.0

GoodGood.Version: 13.0.0

Great appThe best ever.Version: 13.0.0

GoodVery nice.Version: 12.3.4

MLB Play AppGreat app, love playing.Version: 12.1.0

InteractFeels like you are there even when you are not.Version: 12.1.0

Great appKeeps me entertained.Version: 12.1.0

FunEasy to play. Hard to win. Nothing is impossible..Version: 12.1.0

GreatGreat Job keep it up.Version: 12.1.0

PLAY ⚾️Going YAARD ALL SEASON LONG.Version: 12.1.0

AwesomeAwesome app.Version: 12.1.0

Playa 187Nice.Version: 12.1.0

FunIt’s fun to play games and follow along to watch the games to see if they get their hits.Version: 12.1.0

TonyAmazing!.Version: 12.1.0

Fun😊I like the excitement of trying to guess who’s going to hit as well as cheering for my players!!.Version: 12.1.0

Great gameKeeps me score checking.Version: 12.1.0

SueGreat.Version: 12.1.0

Beat the streakThe game is fun and easy to use Love the badges and challenge of the game in general..Version: 12.1.0

Awesome!Nothing more enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. Love it..Version: 12.1.0

It’s funUsually pick players from my team!.Version: 12.1.0

Only one issue.Cannot use the app when on cell network, only when at home or work on Wifi. Error is that it’s not available in my region when using cell data. Second issue - needing a nickname…..Version: 12.1.0

Best appYou should bring the prizes back.Version: 12.1.0

Good funWho doesn’t want to $5.6 million without costing you a penny?.Version: 12.1.0

Match up optionsWhy did you eliminate bater / pitcher - lefty / righty matchups etc.Version: 12.1.0

Beat the streakI love the game I just miss the old scratch cards, was nice having incremental rewards. Thank you.Version: 12.1.0

Awesome appI have a lot of fun with this app..Version: 12.1.0

JumbolieGreat fun.Version: 12.1.0

Great Fun!Makes baseball more enjoyable. Great to have all the latest info and be able to share the fun with friends eg Beat the Streak.Version: 12.1.0

So much fun!I’m just a casual Baseball fan, learning so much. It’s awesome..Version: 12.1.0

Beat the streakGreat game. It engages one in baseball on another level. Thanks for doing this..Version: 12.1.0

Baseball knowledge not requiredReally enjoy this app. They give you recommendations or pick your own batter. Give it a try!.Version: 12.1.0

Hard as hell game.Love playing and it’s not easy at all..Version: 12.1.0

GoodA lot better than the previous bts app since you can connect with friends again (2022).Version: 12.1.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 13.0.4

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