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forger is a digital sculpting and texture painting application for the artist who wants to be able to work on the go. forger lets you sculpt and texture paint while you are on the train, sitting on the couch, or waiting in a queue.

Featuring an intuitive multitouch interface, many sculpting brushes, powerful remeshing capabilities, the ability to import/export OBJ files, a desktop-class brush system, and many other awesome features, now thanks to forger you can sketch out ideas anywhere you go.

File I/O
Save your scenes to the internal scene format and use the popular OBJ file format to import or export new models or base meshes, Alembic file import is supported too.

With many brushes to choose from; standard, clay, flatten, move, pull, smooth, pinch, inflate, crease, scrape, polish, planar, layer, stamp and mask. You will always find the one you need for the right task, each brush has an alternate function that does even more! Use custom stamps (alphas) to finish your models.
forger has a desktop-class brush engine that allows you to be able to do anything you would in a regular Desktop sculpting application, without compromises, whether you're after using brush images, need jitters or want to do smooth strokes, you no longer need to compromise your workflow for using a mobile app.

Professional concept sculpting
With two powerful remeshing algorithms (volume based remeshing and edge-flow topological remeshing), the ability to cap holes, slice, split and merge sub-meshes; doing concept sculpting on a mobile device is no longer a dream.

Multi-resolution meshes
Increase the resolution of the model by multiplying the number of faces by four, whilst keeping the previous (coarser) version of the mesh as another sub-level. Step back and forth between levels to do big changes or work on details. Rebuild subdivision levels on previously subdivided meshes if importing from another software and carry on with forger!

Partial mesh visibility
Hiding parts of the model you are working on will help you focus on your sculpture, and getting to hard to reach areas.

Control the areas your brushes can affect by masking them. Masking will make sculpting in delicate areas easier.

Sculpt layers
Work in a non destructive manner by creating layers per sub-level for quick concepting and adjusting their intensities for different results.

Advanced stylus & external keyboard support
Users can choose whether they want brushes to be affected by pressure in strength or size. Users that are used to sculpting & texturing softwares will feel at home with keyboard support, allowing them to skip the learning stage of the app due to the very common shortcuts found in known Desktop 3D digital content creation tools.

Vertex Colors
Paint your creations with per-vertex colors for presentation purposes, use this to create rough base textures or final stylized ones.

The app has a forum which you can use if you have any ideas on how it could be improved, found any bug, or want to be in contact with us. ;)

Please do not leave feature requests or bug reports on the app review comments as they won't be tracked internally, consider contacting support before leaving a bad review as whether it is a dev error o some user error mistakes can be easily resolved, use the website support form or the forum to contact us.

Forger App Comments & Reviews

Forger Positive Reviews

4 stars when it works...1 star when you keep getting errors such as “can’t remesh” which creates errors where you can’t open an exported OBJ in another app... it makes the app kind of pointless. Also 0 stars when the developer says “you’re doing it wrong”. Let’s see, using sculpting tools in a sculpting app... and getting errors, seems like I’m doing things right and the developer is ignoring BUGS. He’s made an amazing app, you’d think he’d want to get rid of bugs and reduce bad ratings. But after all is said and done, it’s a light duty, portable Zbrush. I’ve been able to do full sculpts and send them to a slicer to be printed. That’s pretty awesome..Version: 1.6.39

ImpressedThought I had already rated and reviewed this. Whoops.. Anyway. Brilliant application! And the latest update that has introduced a new painting feature is extremely welcome. Definitely looking forward to what the future brings. This is finally starting to feel like a mobile version of Zbrush albeit with a lot less brushes etc. (something I do hope will change over time) however despite that, the app works very well and you can see the developer has worked very hard to keep performance in mind. I’d say the ease of use of this app is decent. But you’ll likely need to read the guide which is included to fully understand how to use the app and it’s features. Overall, very impressed, keep up the great work and I genuinely hope to see this application blossom further with more brushes and other nifty features. You can definitely get things done with this app unlike the very select few other modeling and sculpting apps available on the store. And again, whilst they do work (some of them anyway), the new painting feature blows them all out of the water when it comes to sculpting and texturing. In short, I think this has the potential to be the real go to mobile app for sculpting and texture / color painting if its development continues like this. So consider buying it to the support the developer and the further development of the app..Version: 1.6.4

Yup, it's really ZBrush!The future has arrived in my mere pocket. The Retina display makes this possible. Even has subdivision levels. Brushes fully adjustable. I want to add exclaymation marks to these sentences. The modifier buttons offer two handed or careful two finger quick smoothing and even lighting direction change to highlight your relief area better. BUG: zoom with two fingers is funky. Hardly works. The Home button helps get me a useful view at least. The quick tutorial shows three fingers seemingly on the wrong command. Needs a maintenance update. Works on iPhone 6s iOS 10.1.1 despite this zoom hassle. Ah, zoom works better when I really move two fingers out drastically, so there's a threshold effect for this action. I'd prefer immediate fine control. Also, it's quirky enough that brush action kicks in as I'm just trying to zoom as one finger lifts off before the other. Please fix this utter deal killer. Other 3D apps have no such problem. I can't zoom in and out as I work and having to undo massive damage destroys my flow state of just sculpting. Even toy level app iDough readily does zoom/rotate simultaneously without invoking a brush. BUG: double tapping to keep the smooth brush down invokes the rotation locking modifier. BUG: the rotate gumball tool disables view rotate, meanly..Version: 1.5.4

It’s easy to sculpt with the pencilHonestly I wasn’t expecting the app to be so great. This is first time in my life when I was sculpting in 3D, I spent about 1,5 hours to create a nose I wanted and almost finished with face shape (thanks for the face template). It might sound a lot of time, but it’s actually very fast, compare to the computer and I had no experience. Super smooth app, all instruments on the side, I customized them a little bit and was ready to go. I wish the app will have an option to paint my work after I’ll finish, to make face look more realistic, maybe it does, but I didn’t found it. If you have no experience, and you have Apple Pencil, definitely worth buying! Great job developers!.Version: 1.6.20

Love, butttt some problems (painting(Hey! I get that it’s very hard to have smooth running when there is a lot going on, but my projects often run very roughly, which is somewhat annoying, but I can deal with it. The one big problem is the painting. I just feel like it’s unprofessional because it’s so rough and unrealistic. I need something different Forger. If you really work on the painting application and add a lot more in that category, forger will easily be the best sculpting app on a mobile device. You’ve probably got that a lot, but please take it into consideration. Making the paint more professional will stop the best mobile sculpting app debates. Forget can will the best. It’s up the you, the developers..Version: 1.7.11

Mobile zbrushI was looking for a long time to find a mobile sculpting app for iOS that was comparable to Sculptris or, obviously this is no zbrush, but it is the close seat I've ever seen on a mobile device! You can subdivide 6 or 7 times, add new spheres to give yourself more "clay" to work with, and switch between many brushes. This is an amazing app and easily blows 123d Sculpt out of the water. I'm using an iPad Pro and have never had trouble with lag in this new version, it is honestly more enjoyable to sculpt in my iPad with forger than it is on my desktop with Sculptris. If you're looking for a fairly serious 3D sculpting experience on you iPad, this is the app you want!.Version: 1.5.4

Won’t allow Texture Painting after in-app purchase??This app is amazing for sculpting meshes. It really is a portable version of zBrush. But I paid for the feature to paint meshes and the in-app purchase tells me that it was successful-but, it wasn’t. I still cannot paint anything. Yes I turned on local storage. Yes I restarted the app and clicked restore purchase. Yes I tried to convert my sculpted mesh to paintable. Still NOTHING. Anyone else having this issue? I have an iPad Pro running iOS 12. UPDATED After messaging the dev back and forth, I found that he actually cares about the customers and he updated the app twice after I told him I was having issues with it!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.Version: 1.6.26

Not efficientA nice introduction to 3D sculpting but not efficient. The mesh rarely stays in symmetry. I have to constantly remesh, apply symmetry and start over again. The clay ceases to respond like clay once large amounts of clay are applied to a particular surface. Sculpting Tools are hit and miss. They work one minute, next they don’t. It’s an app that’s consistently inconsistent. I don’t have precise control over any of the tools. It’s a nice app to learn 3D sculpting on but I serious can’t hope to put up any professional work using this. Tutorials are vague and nonexistent. Yet it’s worth the 2.99 considering the fact that a Wacom and Zbrush will run me back 5K..Version: 1.6.27

Pretty amazing.This developer is pretty stellar. Updates are frequent, the app has tons of potential and power - but if I could ask for one thing: Updated tutorials. The app tutorials are pretty outdated (That I can find) and are lacking. This tutorial needs some high-quality training and if it had that it could literally compete with high-end 3D sculpting tools that begin with the letter “Z”..Version: 1.6.43

Excellent tool with loads of featuresWith several emails from the developer I was able to work through some quirks; I’m glad I did because this is a robust, powerful application. I’m the “read the manual” type of person but I was guilty of jumping right in to something new and shiny, so take my advice and READ THE HELP NOTES. Having said that, there are a couple things that weren’t obvious but we’re made clear by the developer: PAINTING: I didn't understand how the modeling and painting were handled autonomously. You must first export your model then when reloading there is the option to continue modeling or to paint. MULTIPLE OBJECTS: When I began painting, I couldn’t understand why only certain polygons were taking the color. Under the OBJECTS tab there were both the original edited model as well as the identical mesh for painting (each has a unique icon). After deleting the original mesh everything was peachy. Many thanks to the developer for all of your assistance..Version: 1.6.9

UpdateThis is one of the best sculpting softwares out there- the update has created a bunch of setbacks. Things are getting stuck, certain menus won’t open etc. Def not operating smoothly in UI/UX. Needs work there, and we need quick fix for the stuff the update tossed off. Second, where is the option to turn the grid off? We need a simple single button that allows us to toggle the background grid on and off. I no longer see the grid options in the settings. Also after the update the software is not picking up Apple Pencil input well, and the global pressure curve should most definitely not reset every time we reopen the software. The global curve needs to saved to whatever we set it at so it does not go back to where it was every time we open to work. If you guys get this stuff fixed you have a fantastic software- and really the only software for IOS that is a pro grade sculpting software. However, these performance and UI setbacks are big. Must evolve your development and UI skills to a new level..Version: 1.6.3

A great substitute for ZbrushAs an avid sculptor of Zbrush (and a huge fan), I have started to use this app heavily on my vacation. After a bit of a learning curve as with most programs, I have really got the hang of it. It has a lot of the basic functions you get in Zbrush. Remesh, subdivide, multiple objects, key brushes, etc. It’s really quite solid. Of course there are small requests: keyboard shortcut for increasing/decreasing radius of brush and intensity, better lighting/rendering and of course more polys. Again if you are a 3D sculptor and have an iPad Pro and Pencil, this is pretty great for simple sketches. It’s super handy!!.Version: 1.6.30

Please Help ! Many BugsI really love this app and just want it to run smoothly. I’m having an issue where I have to “recenter my selection” in the tool menu every time I create a new object. Is this normal ? When I started making the first few objects this didn’t happen. I re-insatalled the app and tried again. It stopped till after the 3rd object then persisted. After that it kept keeping the centering tools snapped to the last object even when I made an entirely new onject. When I hit “recenter my selection” it goes back to where it should but I have to do this with every new object. I’m thinking its some sort of setting but I’m thinking its mostly just me. Lastly sometimes objects just won’t duplicate or the tool will be selected to lets say move but it will be affected like the last tool I used like flatten. Thank you for the app other than these little hang ups I absolutely love it ! - AV.Version: 1.7.2

New update ruined itIt’s a very difficult app to use for starters. I used it for modeling horses. Once I got the hang of it, it became fairly easy to make models. There were glitches and problems, but nothing too bad. However the new update destroyed my ability to use the move, sizing, and rotating tool. Previously the tools had not been problematic until the editors deleted the tools and put them into one extremely broken tool. Thus making any of these ability’s completely useless..Version: 1.6.22

This is a new development.Well I have had the app for a while now but never really gave it a try, and end up back at Sculptris for the materials. One day I was curious about the lit spheres in forger and all the materials in forger are the same format and with a trick you can get the entire Pixologic alpha, materials, and texture library is compatible with forger just takes some work to get them where you need them to be. This app was great before I found this now my iPad has a new work flow for my creativity..Version: 1.6.30

Very impressedThis app is off to an amazing start and has huge potential for the future. It has almost all the standard tools that you would find in zbrush or mudbox. The navigation is gesture based and has a very logically laid out UI. As someone who uses Zbrush professionally and daily I have to really congratulate the developer for making a great iPad sculpting app and at such a good price. Keep up the great work!!.Version: 1.6.6

It's... fine.I have had no prior experience to working with 3D before working with this app. It is fun to use, when not frustrating. Last night I had spent an hour working on something, and I needed a break so I decided to save it. After opening back up, my work was just... gone. Was really bummed. It is also a bit hard to get things in the shape that I want without creases and such that are nearly impossible to get rid of. Though, that may just be my inexperience..Version: 1.6.43

Just purely amazingI bought his app a few years ago and have been impressed by not only the quality but the dedication of the developer. This is honestly the best iPad sculpting experience I’ve had and honestly the closest thing to zbrush that you’ll get on the platform. 10/10 I would absolutely recommend this app for any 3D artist using a mobile device..Version: 1.6.17

Palm rejection issues(EDIT) review update: Turns out it was a palm rejection issue, developer was very helpful in identifying the problem on the forums, A+ Please please fix the invert toggle. When you hold the +/- toggle on Ipad pro, it switches back and forth between addition and subtraction in an unpredictable manner. The rest of the program is great but this particular bug is so frustrating..Version: 1.6.37

Quite ImpressiveThis app is no lightweight. Pushing and pulling on a smooth 1.5+ million poly mesh on a 1st Gen iPad Pro I wouldn’t think possible, but Forger does it. The interface reminds me of Blender with the performance of ZBrush; it’s pretty intuitive and responsive. I haven’t used it with the Apple Pencil yet, but imagine it can only get better. Solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ in its category. Time to get creative again 🤗.Version: 1.6.12

Best sculpting app!This app has all required tools and functions, for mobile/tablet devices, to sculpt on the go. - Face, body and basic geometry to start with your project. - Standard, clay, flatten, inflate, move, pinch, crease, smooth and other essential brushes. - Subdividing, working with higher or lower subdivision and remeshing up to 128 res. - Symmetry, translate, scale, rotate options. - Masking and selection tools just like ZBrush. - Layers, option to edit/create materials, change light position. - Option to export as obj and use dropbox within the app. Had no issues or bugs on my iPad Air 2, except when zooming in with two fingers sometimes. Good job developer and keep the good work going..Version: 1.5.4

Amazing just AmazingUsing my iPad Pro to create wonders .. it’s so amazing how your able to sculpture so perfect. Now with little details some are achievable and some are not you have the option to export to another program like a rush or blender etc .. I love this app so much so easy for my basic structures .. I started a character for games from this.. just like nomad it’s powerful for iPad.Version: 1.7.2

Almost there!This makes my iPad Pro completely worth the money. Now I have a portable sculpting station on the go. Only thing that would make this 100 percent perfect would be a refined ui, an auto mirror tool to mirror one side of the model to the other and the ability to inser shapes into the mesh similar to zbrush’s IMM tools.Version: 1.6.30

Feature needed !An Amazing app, best I can find to sculpt and prototype 3D model. One missing feature to make this app the best ever. The ability to lock the perspective and switch from different view points like front,side and back. Specially when using reference photos..Version: 1.6.50

A most relaxing appEver since I picked this up, I can’t stop sculpting. When taking breaks from ZBrush, I sit with it on my iPad mini and sculpt away. Granted, it could use a few more features, like extra lights for the renders, brush alphas, and more obvious transpose (I discovered it by mistake), this app is my perfect companion alongside the Adobe suite. Great job!.Version: 1.6.36

This app makes sculpting less intimidatingYes there’s a learning curve, but this app is near perfect aside from a few glitches with symmetry sometimes. I’m blown away by how much you can do with an app on a mobile device. The dev team really puts love into this app and it’s easily worth the price of admission..Version: 1.7.7

Best 3D sculpting app on iOS!This is the best 3D sculpting app on iOS! The best experience is on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil, but the fact that you can also use it on your iPhone in a pinch is a plus. The developer has put a lot of work into this, and continues to support it with new features and bug fixes..Version: 1.6.26

Just keeps getting betterBest sculpting app for the iOS. Developer keeps dropping updates that makes this app the most versatile sculpting app out there for the iPad. Performance is smooth and features a great tool set. It’s the closest thing out there to Zbrush on the App Store. Keep the improvements coming!.Version: 1.6.12

So closeThe sculpting engine is really nice and it's the closest to zbrush I've found. But there are so many bugs. The settings drawer once active, stays open. How do we chose this? Also the model can become inactive and I didn't see the option to choose the canvas. Please continue support for this!!! Could be so good. I love the touch navigating and sub dividing. Please contact me I would love to help you keep this going..Version: 1.5.4

Symmetry issuesAt the start i had a few issues with this app (symmetry acting up is still one of them) but after restarting my ipad and reinstalling the app all of the previous issues seems to be fixed!.Version: 1.6.44

Great toolReally enjoy the tool so far. Feature rich and great for blocking out models. One thing that I struggle with is being able to orient the mesh exactly as I would like. I use Zbrush on a daily basis and would prefer forger to follow its rotation behavior, meaning the pivot point is the position of the mesh that was last touched..Version: 1.6.22

The best 3D sculpting app in Appstore/iOSAs context, I’ve done 3D professionally for almost 20 years, on numerous platforms/software. Forger has all the needed features (e.g. Subdivisions, Remeshing, Apple Pencil support) to allow you to start working on your model on the go and then export it as on .obj to your favorite desktop package if you need further detailing or polish. Calling it Zbrush feels like exaggeration, but Sculptris isn’t far off - and this is a compliment. Smart set of well functioning tools, intuitive UI and good performance. This is the kind of pro app that Apple should feature and promote more..Version: 1.6.28

Mobile ZBrushThis app is great for touching up ZBrush models on the fly. I’m having an issue when mirror with the “Mirror” button. Selecting an axis in the drop down mirrors my brush, but using the labeled button and selecting X-axis crashes the app. I’m trying to mirror my mesh for eyes and can’t figure out how. Thank you..Version: 1.6.12

Great little app!This is amazingly cool app. It really is Zbrush lite ... or maybe digital sculpey clay. I’ve made a lot of intricate sculpey clay sculpts and it looks like I can totally recreate them in every detail with Forger. Can’t believe that I can get this level of quality on my iPad. It even exports to Zbrush, 3D Coat, and 3D printers. Love it!.Version: 1.6.37

Real close to a real Zbrush iPad app.Good: - Great value and great start. - Works well with pencil - Good innovative navigation - Well on the way to a Zbrush for iPad. Bad: - Needs love in the UI and documentation - Painting is in very early stage and is one way street - OBJ / texture exporting seems to be missing. Overall I highly recommend it, and hope to see improvements to make my iPad into the 3D modeling tool i would love to see it become. 1 star was removed for the painting add-on , presently it works more like a gimmick and disappointed to pay extra for a toy ad on..Version: 1.6.26

Keeps getting betterI've been using this app for a while now and i'm consistently impressed with how it continues to improve. I've said it before but Pixologic needs to buy this app and turn it into ZBrush for iPad..Version: 1.7.11

New UpdateTo the developer thanks for the new update you can now paint a sculpture that has been remeshed awesome features keep up the good work. I highly recommended this the future add a way to create or pose a base mesh or create an armature for sculpting. That would be the win😀.Version: 1.6.19

Sculptris levelSo far this is a great little app...I wouldn’t say it is a Zbrush but so far it is defiantly close to sculptris, can’t wait to see if it already supports alpha brushes or if it will in the future...It is definitely a tool worth it for the sculptor on the go..Version: 1.6.19

What I was looking forWorks just fine with a iPhone, you need to pay attention to what the UI functions like. I might get the Apple Pencil for better control, fingers are okay but not ideal. Unless you have super skinny fingers..Version: 1.6.42

ImpressedAmazing app, I just thinking that it would be good if the brush size and opacity tool could be swapped with the mask, smooth and invert tool, because they would be in a more confortable area! Anyway it’s totally worth it!.Version: 1.6.30

Seriously awesomeVery deep app. Has a lot of very well that thought out tools and the interface is great after a bit of studying the manual. Apple Pencil support would make it even better..Version: 1.5.4

Where’s the new color option?I like this app. Used to be free ones like it. But I’m ok with paying a little. I paid an extra $1 for color and texture but the option never appeared even after “restore purchase “. PLEASE FIX!.Version: 1.6.4

Catastrophic Save Errors.I love this app. I love everything about it. It’s literally zbrush lite and because of it, I can actually afford to model. Quick support responses, awesome people, thanks for making an awesome app..Version: 1.6.36

A great program, effected by a wonky file system...Really love this program. Easy to sculpt on an iPad with a pencil. But it’s really diminished by the file system. It’s not intuitive and needlessly hard to do certain things. I’d love to see you adopt a standard iPad file system or something similar..Version: 1.6.33

Nice app but add-on doesn’t workI paid for painting as well as the app itself. The app is okay but the new update has nerfed the already broken painting option. I’ve been trying for 2hrs now. The forums directions do not work. Update: it’s still nerfed. I’ve read your documentation..Version: 1.6.31

Exciting update!This is still the best app of its kind on the iPad. I am always excited about the updates. Thank you for all the amazing work!.Version: 1.6.43

Amazing!!This is super close to zbrush! Amazing interface and fast to work with!!.Version: 1.7.2

Super impressive developmentKeeps getting better and better. just read the manual... ibl support! Very nice. Would love to be able to render with an alpha channel for importing into procreate. Edit: oh wow, there are Render options under export! This should be added to the manual..Version: 1.6.48

Really excellentHas a ton of potential! Price is awesome and with the apple pencil 2, it really feels accurate. Great for quick ideas and concept work!.Version: 1.6.45

Great app great support!Dude this app is so good! Never before has 3D modelling been so accessible I love it! Not to mention that support is fast and friendly. Thanks forger, can’t wait to see what’s in store!.Version: 1.6.43

I bought an iPad Pro for ForgerThat’s about it, this software is part of my workflow as a character artist in the video game industry. I love it.Version: 1.6.33

Very very good!I have used both Mudbox and Zbrush. Considering that this is implemented on the iPad, this does a comparable job. Manages memory well. Includes a wide range of features and tools. Interface might be more streamlined but it is not difficult to learn. Recommended..Version: 1.6.31

Best sculpting app BY FARI´m a professional modeler working on the vfx industry for almost 20 years, and I can assure that this is the closest thing to the real deal you will find on your Ipad. The amount of tools and options is second to none and the brushes are butter smooth and totally customizable ( Stamps, curve fallof etc...). For people used to Zbrush, Mudbox etc you will find yourself in the perfect place. This is a must for anyone a bit serious about sculpting. You have subdivision levels, dynamesh, a simple zremesher tool, layers, masking, hidding of areas, OBJ import-export etc etc. You can´t go wrong with this. Stay away of imitations, THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR, trust me..Version: 1.6.30

Bravo !Très belle application ! Efficace et stable. Incroyable de pouvoir vraiment sculpter et exporter des géométries complexes sur un iPad. Merci !.Version: 1.6.30

Nevermind I found the subdivide.Great app.Version: 1.6.30

Very cool! Not a Zbrush replacement though :(This app is very cool and has a lot of great features for 3D sculpting. Needs a better retopo operator and/or manual quad drawing tool. Would be sweet if the devs added in usdz support that could be used directly with some 3D scanning features that take in tru-depth data for scanning and sculpting!.Version: 1.6.30

Love itThis is awesome considering the price and supports even iPad Air. I found the tutorials on YouTube wish they mentioned that in the app..Version: 1.6.22

Excellent,This is an amazing app..Version: 1.6.18

AwesomeBest sculpting app on iOS, even has texture painting. I would suggest a moving around system, kind of difficult to move around the model for me (the panning and zooming is fine).Version: 1.6.18

Sooooo goooood👍🏻Guys this is a fantastic app. ZBrush users will feel like home. Best iPad sculpting app hands down.great interface and very intuitive.Version: 1.6.15

ImpressiveAs a professional 3D artist I must say this is quite good for an on-the-go alternative to Zbrush for some touch-ups or sketches. Hope to see nice new features added in the future. I recommend it!.Version: 1.6.13

Great sculpting appAs a digital sculptor on movies I always wanted a good sculpting app on my iPad and iPhone for when I'm on the go. Forger is that app. All the tools you need to create are implemented in a nice easy to use package. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this app because it's already awesome..Version: 1.6.7

Great app and update!Just got the small iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and with Forger now supporting the Pencil this app is amazing! It's more sophisticated than other similar apps out there so I can do a lot more with it "on the go." Looking forward to what the developer has planned next for this valuable (and fun) app!.Version: 1.5.0

A good mesh modelling app.I have used this app to model a character mesh with the apple pencil, then export it to Blender for rigging. Using the pencil and tablet allows for more play and gesture. There have been some hiccups in the workflow, and with importing /exporting, and I have yet to use the new texture painting function, but it is an app with real potential as a professional tool..Version: 1.6.6

Undo redoGreat sculpting app,I’m not a pro but I am creative so I like apps like this, definitely a learning curve for the amateur but has built in help, the only thing that is a little bit of a pain is the undo when painting doesn’t seem to work, I’ve hit the paint brush by mistake and then try and undo it but it just doesn’t, other than that it’s good..Version: 1.6.2

Awesome app!Works really well, very slick..Version: 1.0.1

Lots of functionality, but stylus doesn't workFirst, the app has an amazing arsenal of built-in functionality that I almost feel like I am using Zbrush on iPad. However, it has a rather clumsy UI, and a major bug with stylus: I bought this app over Autodesk's 123D, mostly because of its ability to support (or supposedly support) the Wacom Creative stylus that I have. However, the app simply crashes when one clicks on the Wacom button in the preference menu with bluetooth on, no matter how many times I tried or reinstalled the app. I've already deleted the app, and hope that the author can come up with a solution and hold on to his promise of supporting the stylus. Hope this is only a problem with iPad Air 2 or iOS9, instead of a major glitch that the author himself forgot or didn't bother to fix..Version: 1.4.7

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