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Why you’ll love using OfferUp:

• The biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers.
• List an item using your phone or tablet in as little as 30 seconds.
• Know who you’re dealing with through reputation and safety features.
• Browse local items with thousands of new postings daily.
• Message buyers and sellers securely from within the app.
• Build a reputation with your unique seller profile page.
• Browse items by image and sort by category or location.
• Join millions of people using OfferUp across the country.

OfferUp is the easiest way to buy and sell locally.

"I have found several items at a great price on OfferUp, saving me tons of money" - Elaine
"We offered up 3 items in minutes and sold them within 48 hours. Doesn't get much easier than that!” - Summer

"I made $1,000 by offering up my daughter's unused items on OfferUp" - Claudia

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OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Letgo. Positive Reviews

Great concept, however...This is a great app and a great concept, however, there is no system in place (negative feedback, etc) to hold people accountable when they flake on transactions or disappear. I've made offers to purchase items which end up expiring because the sellers never respond. They have a profile rating system which will tell you a seller "Responds in minutes" and weeks go by without the person responding. Finding that item you're looking for doesn't mean you'll actually get it. I can list an item, never respond to any offers or messages and still have great seller ratings. As for meeting on person, I can make an offer to buy something, not show up and suffer no negative feedback. Feedback is only left AFTER the transaction is complete. It's very frustrating dealing with people. It's even more frustrating finding that item or tool or collectible you've been looking for and never getting a response when you make an offer to buy it. This app could be great but it needs accountability when it comes to making sure sellers respond in a timely manner. The way it's set up allows a lot of flaky people to be on the app. I realize it might be hard to control whether or a not a person responds but other platforms (eBay and Mercari to name a few) have figured it out..Version: 3.81.4

Need to make some changesThere needs to be a way to remove more than one saved item at a time on boards, you have to remove them one by one and it forgets the spot you are at and goes to the top automatically. Also stop sending me more picks for you notifications it can confuse you into thinking you have an actual message or change the color from orange to another color keep messaging the same or make it red. Also make a way to remove my phone number I change my number and now I can’t access unless OfferUp sends me a verification even after I log in. I have email and password I would like to remove my number for my privacy I should have a option but once you use a number you have to keep using one. Meanwhile if you never use one you don’t need to use it as a verification. And stop asking me do I love the app it’s annoying you guys don’t even add features or changes but ask me constantly. Also a way to search by ratings and by how long they been on the app because so many scammers are making profiles the same day and are posting ridiculous offers. Also a better way to narrow down what I want to buy example if I’m looking for an iPhone 11 the 11 pro or pro max models show up when I’m looking for a specific item instead of just putting them in a melting pot make it a way I can specify exactly the item I need. Make some changes and the app would be much better it’s a decent app besides things I just named. Love the fact I can look nationwide very good feature..Version: 3.81.3

Great app!! Customer service needs work.Offer up is an excellent app. It’s very easy to use. It’s fun to use! Customer Service however— needs a little work as of December 2017. I had an issue with a paid for feature called “bumps” which put your items above other sellers ads so your items are seen first. It’s a really nice feature. I paid for two but only received one. So I sent an email to the address listed on the app. I didn’t get a reply, so about a week later I sent another email. I still didn’t get a reply. Then by chance while using the app, a question came on screen asking if I liked the app or something on those lines. I explained my situation regarding the issue and how there had been no reply. I asked to please have Customer Service contact me. Within a week or two the issue was fixed. It was frustrating to not find customer service contact info on the app (most apps have this) causing me to have to go search for it here where apps are sold. There’s a “frequently asked questions” area on the app, but no email address or contact form. It was also frustrating not getting a reply. About a week after the issue had been fixed, (they didn’t tell me, I just happened to find out) customer service finally contacted me. At that point I no longer needed help. It would be great if there was a contact form or email address on the app and getting a reply would be good as well. That aside, it’s a great app for buying and selling items. I found it very easy to use!.Version: 2.17.0

UpdatesEdited review: The messaging is still glitchy with latest update, but is no longer the most annoying thing on the app, so in a sense congratulations I guess?? Since the latest update, the "Watching" section has changed to creating boards, I'm assuming to compete with Pinterest, which is completely unnecessary. In consequence, the coding got changed and now I have over 300 "saves" I have to delete in the "Quick Save" of things I saved over 2 years ago that have since been sold or unlisted. This wouldn't be as annoying if as soon as something was "unhearted" it didn't go back to the top of the list, which it now currently does. Whoever did the coding for this section obviously doesn't use it or doesn't care if it's clean with only available items or has an insane amount of downtime on their hands. Not sure why but a few days after an update it gets glitchy. For example, the last update was 5/9/17 and now I can't share an item. The messaging portion of the app needs help. Maybe start from scratch, I don't know, but it's always glitchy, recent update or not. It doesn't automatically load a new message especially when you're in that thread, you have to go out and go back in the thread. I get the cash register noise and I have to go to the messages page and slide down to refresh messages to get the new ones to come through. Especially annoying when you're trying to coordinate with a buyer/seller..Version: 2.11.12

What would make OfferUP TEN TIMES BETTER.OfferUP would be ten times better i if everyone was a verified member and there wasn’t allowed any fakes or frauds. Usually my inventory would be flying for sale, but recently it’s been laying going nowhere due to all these fake people mole on here like collectors and whomever else that don’t belong on here, I haven’t made a sale on here because it seems as if someone is telling people not to buy anything, it’s just not the same, I can tell you this, is make this site one hundred percent better if given the opportunity but Opportunity has been taken away like most of our civil rights Americans give away each day. I’m a fighter and a person who stands up for what I believe in, I’m not someone who just takes the easy way out, those people are all the people who were the mistakes coming in. I’m 36 looking for a job, profession I know I can build and help rise, so if any job opportunities are available please let me know, sorry I can’t see my writing for some reason but how fully this finds someone with authority or in charge of hiring or building OfferUP to be a much better site, I’m sure your fully capable of doing it yourself but a little help from the right person(s) would never hurt. God bless and stand up for your rights, don’t ever sell out. Thankyou.Version: 3.53.0

I love the appIt’s perfect for selling your outdated items, unused items or reselling new and used items for sellers who can answer back quickly and who can have customers meet up with them quickly. If you answer and can meet them at their earliest convenienc you will sell a lot of items fast! People want a deal so be sure you price a little higher than you actually plan to sell it for in order to make money on the item. Otherwise price it as firm by pressing button on the setup portion that says price firm so people realize you are not going lower. You can see what is trending/selling that month in emails OfferUp sends you if you sign up for their push notifications or ask for emailed tips from offer up. Different things tend to be trending every month. One thing that always goes fast is electronics/cell phones/computers/ and have decent profit for seller. If you are selling books and have there are probably better places to sell them than on here. The app is responsive to questions and answers the?’s I send via email fast. Just make sure if you are shopping you do it in the timeframe they set out. Read the policies and follow the protocols/rules quickly and you will succeed..Version: 4.2.0

Best marketplace appI have been using offer up for almost a year now and I have to say it's one of the best marketplace apps out there. I have made about $6,000 on the app in 6 months. I love using the app it is very straight forward and fun to you use when you make a sale. The only problem I have is a lot of people on here send you a legitimate offer but then never respond. This is very frustrating and I think they should implement a penalty system for late replies that way sales can be made faster and buyers can get the item quicker. If they did this I think this app would be revolutionary and more people would be using it than they already are! Fast forward a year and I have been using this app for almost 2 years I have sold over 200 items and while this app did make me money in the past it is no longer worth my time. Mainly because the developer has still not implemented a system that corrects the non responders on this app. The community for this app has kind of ruined the experience. Because the developer has not taken action on this issue the problem has gone even more rampant and has made a once good app mediocre. It’s very unfortunate because this app had tremendous potential but unfortunately the community and the developer have short come that. That’s why from this day forward I will be deleting the app it was good while it lasted.... so long Offerup!.Version: 2.69.0

Review ratingThere are a lot of fake people. either they write " is it available", or " i am interested", BUT then after that they never respond. on a desktop or somewhere else is there a button that they might easily accidentally push? it gets annoying to have so many people inquire about your producr but then they never respond back. hard to say if they are fake people or what. it takes time away from your hands too. also is there any way in a phone or iphone to look up a person by their profile name for easier look up?it would be easier for buying too or selling lets say that person not familiar too much with offer up but they asked you to let them know if you have more items of what you sold them to let them know. and is there in settings to unblock people? once their blocked is there anyway to look them up of anyway of finding out who you've blocked. because then in the future you find a post they posted to sell but can't offer because we blocked them. yea maybe that one time theh said they were coming but never showed up so we blocked them, but then who knows maybe that person was real and not fake but had an emergency. so now has a post. wish there was a setting to see all the people you have blocked to unblock?.Version: 2.69.0

Love the app but a few notesLet me start by saying I love this app. It’s been so fun selling on here especially during covid since my hours got cut quite a bit. I really like the look of the new update and the new categories/detail options are nice. There are a few things I wish were better though. First, when I set the location for my listing it always changes after i press publish. It’s SO annoying! I’ll have to edit the listing 2-3 times to make it stay correct and now its been like 4-5 times per listing since the update. Second, I like the new categories and I like that you can list the material. I think it’d be cool if we could then filter listings by those things. I’d like to be able to click on "Wood" and then only have things made of wood show up. And then speaking of filters, it’s great that you can sort to have the nearest listings appear first but it’s utterly useless since listings never expire. If you sort it that way you’ll just get a whole bunch of stuff listed 2 years ago from now inactive accounts. But yea all of these things are pretty minor. Overall a great app. Mainly wish the location thing wouldn’t change after i publish my listing..Version: 4.0.14

Great appI do find I use this app quite a bit as second hand stuff is usually cheaper than buying new. Usually. All item interactions are grouped into sections which is convenient when you’re looking through multiple items or sellers. I do get annoyed at many of the sellers though as they often don’t respond so if I’m looking for an item I have to message 8-10 people just to get a response. The rating system is also fixed. You can’t review someone unless the seller marks you as the buyer. In essence I’ve had questionable interactions and then do not get marked as the seller I assume so I don’t provide any negative feedback. I don’t sell many things but their posting system is very straightforward to post an item. Although, if you have the item up for a while, it seems better to archive and reupload as even “reposting” doesn’t update the time stamp. I think post from “6 months ago” or even “more than a year” are probably overlooked due to time. It would be nice if reposting updated that date so it still seems fresh and for sale. They have a verification system for truyou members which I tend to use for all my interactions buying or selling. It’s not that if you don’t have it I won’t buy or sell something but it’s something so simple so why wouldn’t you?.Version: 3.47.0

Great platform with some flawsI love the app, however, there are still some flaws in the way the services work. For instance, with shipping, some things are misleading and put the seller in an awkward and uncomfortable position. If you drop off a package at the post office without having it scanned in and receiving a receipt using the OfferUp provided prepaid shipping label, and then get notified later that your transaction was canceled because it was sent late. The shipping label does not deactivate, and your package will still be sent. However, the buyer at this point will have already been refunded. You’ll get a notification in the app that states if you already dropped off the package at the post office, you’ll still get paid. After a couple days and you don’t get paid or hear back from OU, naturally you’ll figure out how to contact customer service (for me it was not easy to find a phone number, but I did), to which they’ll say you need a receipt from dropping off the package, otherwise it’s up to you as the seller to contact the buyer and work out how to get paid. Luckily in my case the buyer was honest enough to send me an electronic payment, but they easily could have just said no, and there would have been no way to do anything about it, not even leave a negative review because the sale was cancelled..Version: 3.40.0

Letgo worked. Offer up doesn’t.I would sell things so quickly on Letgo. If something didn’t sell there was always interest. I would get messages all the time. Once this switched to Offer up that all ended. I’ve even payed 8$ twice to try to promote an item that easily sold on Letgo with no bite! I ended up selling on Craigslist. Also there is no customer support. They charged me twice for an item promotion and when I tried to reach out to someone to correct the issue I just got a random email not addressing the problem then a survey email right after asking if the problem was solved. Are they all robots over there? What is going on? The time isn’t even worth the effort anymore. Don’t promote items if you are going to use this app. It does nothing. Two stars because I have sold a few items. But I rarely check this app as I have better ones I’m on now. Really missed Letgo. I felt like they were more about keeping things local. So more people saw your posts. Anyway not a fan. Update: After posting this review I was contacted by customer service and my issues were resolved so I will add a star for that. I received a refund and I’m happy about that. But I still feel like since Letgo changed to offer up I get less views. I guess because there are more users and more people promoting their products..Version: 4.2.0

Offer Up FlawsI honestly really like offer up. I use it a lot. Posting things is really made simple. It’s very easy to search and communicate with other buyers/sellers. In fact you could go through a whole transaction without ever exchanging personal information. The reason for my 3 Star, comes because of the flaws I find on offer up. Simple things that I think the app makers could fix. First when you save or favorite something it goes on a board. I like that you can create boards for different searches. But when it gets to cleaning up those boards, it’s a pain in the bottom. You have to go thru every item you’ve saved and individually delete them off of your board. There isn’t any way to mass delete. Or edit, and select what you don’t want. In this day and age, that should be fairly simple to add to this app, but after years, nothing. The next thing is the whole “hide” messages or “archive” posts. There isn’t an option to simply just delete them. I’m done with it, I don’t want it there, I should be able to delete them. In conclusion offer up is great, but those are its downsides IMO. I wish they’d fix it, change it, make it better..Version: 2.53.0

3 year userI've been using this app for 3 years now and I there are definitely some pros using this app, but also some cons that I believe could be fixed yet Offer Up doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.I don't need to go in to detail about the pros because everyone else seems to have let you know. I will say this though; its a great app that lets you make some extra cash due to it being a very popular app making it a great platform to sell from. Con: 1. No call no shows; if you're looking to dabble in the offer up community please don't be someone that hits that buy now button when you're not a serious buyer. This happens so much it makes me want to give up and start selling on eBay. I believe Offer Up could somehow make it where they have to give a deposit when pressing that buy now button. That would seal the deal. For example : Last night I made plans for someone to meet me in a walmart parking lot. We messaged each other while on the way, they said they were a few minutes away and i ended up waiting over an hour in that parking lot only to figure out they weren't going to show up. I'm already bored writing out this review, so this is all i'm giving you. Thats all you need to know really anyways..Version: 2.11.12

OfferUp SuggestionsOfferUp is great, I love it and it has been great buying and selling things on it. My three suggestions to make this a better experience would be to 1) fix how images are shown in OfferUp. I take a wide angle picture, and somehow it ends up getting cut off (even when you click on it to show the “full” picture). It’s quite annoying when trying to zoom in just right only to find that half your image is missing on the edges. 2)The app UI for the Description field is a bit wonky whenever the text becomes long enough to require the scroll feature. It is very hard to make my cursor line fall where I want it to. If I tap on one spot in the text, it will often scroll/zoom to a completely different location. If I try to use the long press space bar function on my phone to move cursor, the text glitches if attempting to scroll up or down. I have an Apple iPhone, and usually never have this issue when typing. 3) If there is a way to create and filter cars to show “Sold by Dealership” vs “Sold by Owner” or something along those lines, it would be really helpful. Please fix and then it’ll be that much more awesome!!!.Version: 4.0.35

I love offerup!I have recently started using it a few months ago and have made about $1,000 in 3 months! Im a single mom so it helps out a lot! Its a great way to declutter and even get rid of stuff for free that you dont care for at all. I also sell everything from my front door and just tell people to leave the money under the mat!! I have not ONCE been ripped off! Im glad to know I can trust people Ive even sold something for $100 and they left the $ under the mat. Ive also met some great people for when I have to meet them for bigger things like a treadmill. I plan to keep using offerup I also buy on it as well. There are some lowballers and laggers but that's normal so it doesn't bother me I just ignore them. Offerup is very addictive as well. The only thing I dont like is how you cant permanently delete anything you can only hide it. I also wish they would make a section for advertising. Sort of like craigslist. I’ve also had buyers give me an extra dollar of two and one time I wanted to buy two candles from bath n body so I asked the lady to leave them at my door and I left her the money under my mat and she did (: love this app !!.Version: 2.11.12

Decent sellers appI was on this when it was Letgo. I never really sold anything that required mailing until OfferUp & agree that the OfferUp fee of 12.9% is very high. Especially when you factor in having to pay for shipping, the seller won’t make much. It’s because of their rate that I tend to list all of my items locally. I also gave it only 4 stars because there is a lot of shadiness on this app. Much more than Letgo had previously. Examples: I posted an item, then less than 4 seconds later came a comment (from what I can only assume was a foreign computer “i want to buy your [insert item from my listing verbatim] for $10 only. Is it still offered up?” If I checked the profile, it was created that month, no history or verification. Another thing that happened soon after I posted my profile photo was 1) I got hit on by someone trying to buy an item & 2) someone who claimed he was a 16yo kid asked me to drive the $100 item, 40 mins away for an extra $20. Again, he had just joined this month, so I voiced my concern & never heard back. I feel there should be a better system in place to protect users from scam artists. We’ve joined the site to offload some items, not get scammed or taken advantage of..Version: 4.2.0

Contact their Twitter support if problems!It’s a fantastic app, and I get better results when listing something than I do on LetGo (which is still a great app itself) , but during my first week using it, I was randomly struck with the inability that a lot of other people have experienced where I couldn’t see where my listings were, nor reply to people or buy from them. What you need to do if you want to get ANY response from them is contact their twitter support. You can simply Google this and it’ll pop up. I contacted them and was met with a representative named George, about 7 hours later after sending a Direct Message. He asked me for my account email and then informed me that it was a bug within their app and he had it fixed and back to normal within like 2 minutes. He had me confirm that it was working again and I have had no problems since. I do agree that the customer service is very poor but contacting their Twitter Support seemed to have done the job just fine, however having to seek out a Twitter account rather than using their default customer service email option is VERY unprofessional. OfferUp if you see this, you need to LISTEN to your customers. This is absurd seeing how so many unfortunate people are struggling with such a simple app..Version: 3.7.0

Small issues but love it overall...One thing I have an issue with is the saved items feature. I’d like an easier way to delete multiple posts at a time & multiple categories I no longer use. If the app could have a way 2 remind you when a post u liked is still available at the amount of time u were able to preselect it would be very useful in negotiating a price when an item hasn’t sold 4 a month or more. Also, when saving items, it’d be more useful if the categories were arranged in order of last used not first created or alphabetically. This way of u are searching 4 a lamp, but created a “Lamps” category last year when u were looking 4 one, once u saved a recent post in the “Lamp” category it stayed on top until u saved 2 another list. This way u don’t need 2 scroll down 2 find your lamp category each time, or end up creating a new “Lamps 2021” category 2 avoid the hassle. It’s all about the save/delete options 4 me. Just one more thing, maybe have a user preference of whether u want the app 2 auto delete items you’ve saved once they seller removes the post or sells the item. That would be so awesome !!! Otherwise I love it! Thx so much 😊.Version: 4.3.0

Wonderful Idea undercut by annoying UIFirst of all the platform and idea are fantastic. I have made money and given myself something to do with all my excess crap which is great. Woo yay and all that. My problems are nitpicks but if fixed I believe they would make the experience tremendously more enjoyable. First of all change the messaging system so the newest message -you- sent snaps to the top. As it is now it doesn’t move in the order until both people see the message. Very annoying when messaging sixteen people at once. Also it desperately needs better, more customizable search functionality. I want to be able to search a radius, a specific category and subcategory and a specific price all at the same time. Right now I can pick one large category and either “newest” or “closest”. I want a precision junk buying experience. Not a “scrolling past more cat hair than table for half an hour” junk buying experience. Making your users feel like they’re awash with too many options can make them feel overwhelmed. It’s a sea of junk I just wanna be able to narrow it done a bit, capiche?.Version: 3.11.0

Not Bad, But Be CarefulMy first meet up was regarding a PA System that someone had told me they were interested in. I was selling it for $150 and they guy offered me $100. I told him I would meet him at $125. He said he did not have the extra $25 and that he was hoping to get it and give it as a donation to a church in Haiti. Because of his good intent, I not only agreed on $100, but I threw in a microphone and microphone stand. We met up and I loaded the microphone stand that was in my rear seat in his truck. I opened my trunk and when he saw the speakers he said they were too small. I told him they were the same ones he saw in the picture and he continued on with how they had to be big because it was for a big church and yada yada yada. I believe he was trying to bring me down on the price thinking that I would after having driven all the way to meet him. I took my stand back and left. Minutes after, I began to get texts from people in his same area wanting to low ball me. I really do not need the money that badly, which is why I was willing to come down so much when I perceived it to be for a good cause, but I refuse to be taken for a sucker. I would rather donate it than sell it to a scammer..Version: 3.32.0

Thank YouI tried Wish Local when I first learned how to sell online it was a nightmare a complete scam I had to call Sheriffs office . Beware if thinking of doing Anything on Wish. Then I tried Offer Up number 1 u made it easy for a non technical person to use it is so user friendly I love the way u have boxes that pop up when for example someone wants u to call them on there phone u tell us Beware cuz u have made it so u only have to message through u and I like that very much& my life situation is so bad right now ( 1- my husband of 43 years passed away)& offer up has made it possible for me to try to get rid of over 60 years of living that I no long have a place for. I have met only very nice people which is a blessing so Thank You Offer Up I have only 1 question I know it's just me & im not seeing it how do I reach customer service if there is a problem the easiest fastest way . I'm sure u have it or told me when I first opened and because u are so user friendly I know I can find it Thank You Offer Up for helping me when I have needed it the most I tell everyone they should get this app. Sincerely Kim.Version: 2.61.0

Was good until they started shippingUsed the app all the time before the shipping feature. Tried it out for the first time. Mailed item right away and customer received it. Deposit was pending for three weeks without being placed in my account. App requested personal info multiple times for one transaction including address, bank account info and social security number. Not sure why they need this info multiple times for every deposit. I Sent multiple e mails for support to find out what the delay was. First 3 responses claimed the hold up was on the banks end. Finally on the 4th email got a response that the items sold were fraudulent and another claim was made they would suspend the account and contact the authorities. So guilty until proven innocent. I have a great reputation for selling and buying. It’s really shocking how instead of doing a investigation they just take the buyer side without any notice to the seller. They did release my funds because I complained. But that was after I sent multiple emails and threatened to post on social media. Beware. If you get a buyer trying to scam you will be screwed..Version: 2.42.0

Too many scammersI previously had Let Go but was obviously forced to get this new app, due to the merger/buyout, if I wanted to continue selling though this outlet. I do use other selling apps as well (Poshmark & Mercari) but it’s nice to have an app that also allows local pickup, especially for larger items. However, since the update, the majority of “interested buyers” are actually scammers. Luckily it’s typically fairly easy to detect these scammers (new account, asking for your phone # to communicate, etc), although some are a little less obvious initially. Unfortunately that’s 90% of the messages received... scams. You would think this company would require a little more to verify your account before you can begin conducting business. There are several verification methods in place, they just aren’t required. Anyone can make up and verify an email address then start scamming! For the record, I’ve sold numerous items through Let Go, Poshmark and Mercari. I’ve now sold one item on Offer Up, but that’s only after reporting and blocking likely 20+ scammers. The app functions decently, they just need a better scam deterrent process. I’ve also provided this feedback directly through the app. Happy selling/buying! Just be cautious!.Version: 3.81.4

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