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Do you need to work with documents on the go? Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app, the world’s most trusted PDF viewer, with more than 635 million installs. Store your files online and read PDF files anywhere with this leading, free PDF reader and file manager. You can also view, share, annotate, and add e-signatures to PDF documents.

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• Write on PDF documents by adding text or drawings.
• Share a file with others to collect all comments in one place.

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• E-sign documents using your finger or stylus.

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• Access all your files by linking online storage accounts, like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
• Star files to quickly open your most important or favorite documents.

• Connect your Google Drive account to access PDFs and other files with ease.
• View, share, and star Google Drive files directly in Acrobat Reader.
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• Access scanned PDFs that you’ve captured using the free Adobe Scan app.
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• Protect PDF documents by adding passwords.

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The Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF creator and document editor app puts your office in your pocket. View, annotate, fill, sign, and share PDF files with the free Adobe PDF reader. Convert JPG files to PDF format, create and sign fillable PDF forms, and add your e-signature to shared documents. Working with PDF documents has never been so easy.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Maker Positive Reviews

Does What It ShouldIn general I find Adobe products (I have many) do what they should do without much of a problem and Acrobat DC is no different... once you climb the learning curve, which is often steep considering the range of functionality. Though some object to subscription models, the need to keep programs updated to meet requirements of your OS is a great convenience. Apple keeps up a regular pace of changes, most of which are positive, so having other programs kept up to date is critical. I often turn Word, Pages (Mac OS), images, scans, etc. into PDF’s for convenience, especially when sending by email, some needing passwords for sensitive documents, or messaging app on an iMac. One improvement I would recommend is that the program ought to enable “tagging” that is compatible with Mac OS tagging. I haven’t a clue about how Windows PC folks find Acrobat DC but in general my forays into the Windows PC world have left me feeling that the Windows version of anything is clunkier, less user friendly and more frustrating than the Apple version..Version: 20.11.00

Super handy appLove this app... works wonders on an iPhone and makes so much more so much easier and obtainable via your iPhone vs having to use the computer. Can access most everything right on our phones now and even upload and forward or send most all needed documents. Can’t begin to count how many times this app have been a complete life saver! Thank you adobe! No complaints here, do wish more features where available throughout each app instead of having to open multiple apps and somewhat bounce back and forth between them, however despite that small inconvenience you have still absolutely completely saved our butts hugely several times! We’d be up s*~! Creek with out you so once again thank you for all the simplicity and conveniences you’ve brought to and made available on iPhone..Version: 20.04.00

Very powerful, missing critical annotation featureThis app has been great when it comes to storing, reading, and annotating documents. I’ve been using it with the Apple Pencil and I’ve noticed the drawing features are lacking support for the pencil in one key area: it takes the touch of the palm of my hand or my fingers as drawing touches. I must have the option to ignore all drawing events with my hand and just accept them from the Apple Pencil, with the exception of scrolling. I want to be able to use two of my fingers to navigate the document and the Apple Pencil strictly for drawing. Because I don’t have the option for this extended Apple Pencil support it’s difficult for tasks such as writing notes over presentation slide PDFs during the presentation. I can’t rest the palm of my hand on my iPad and write normally because it listens to finger touch events. EDIT: I have learned a day later that once you start using Apple Pencil in drawing mode, it ignores other touches, but you have to start with the pencil. Still, it would be nice to be able to scroll without leaving draw mode..Version: 19.08.00

Good app for my studiesI don’t do lengthy reviews and only do when I enjoy a good app, or software. After using Adobe acrobat reader actually I wanna get all three Adobe apps, and including this. The only con is why $52 for individuals per month? I know it’s fair but why per month? I won’t complain. I think other companies alike Adobe needs to rely on yearly subscriptions at lower prices. Because I’ve been hearing complaints from people on the media using Adobe apps, so what you could improve is include more colors in Adobe reader, and make the monthly payments for individuals maybe like $25 per year. That’s just my feedback and I ain’t gonna complain, and people just don’t like when people feels their money is robbed, and I’ve notice the prices are getting better. The one for individuals per month probably alright for people who has enough money, and were able to pay per month. It would been helpful if you made an affordable yearly subscription for individuals..Version: 21.03.00

Finally , I find the best PDF files app that suit meI had tried a few different PDF files and Acrobat is the best so far . It has all the features and functionalities in helping me creating , editing PDF files ; it has very simple interface and tools in guiding me to finish my works. with the Scan file app , it add more useful functions in creating PDF files ; the Acrobat cloud allows me to access my files from everywhere ; and upload to cloud to store my files securely . and Sharing the files easily to anyone . On the other hand , I find the app a bit of confusing in some area . the default language is English (UK) ; the app i was downloaded for my iphone , I can not use the app to edit or fill the files . and it require Window or Mac Version of the app to edit or fill my files. Why can the app tell me before I purchase it ? lastly , I cannt download the finished the files to my iphone or my icloud.Version: 19.02.01

Need auto-save as you workUpdate: delete and reinstall app fixed the launch issue; back to 4 stars. Update: from 4 to 1 star. 2-2-20 app update results in app crashing on my iPad while it’s working on launching, then it just sits in the background stuck on th3 splash screen before I flick it closed. Utterly useless to me right now... Unlike Office and Google, this will not save changes as your filling in forms or annotating; will save changes only when you back out of the document to the larger document list. I have a fillable PDF I type into during a group study, and lost 1 1/2 hrs worth of work when the app crashed. I lost all that work because the info in the lecture was coming fast and furious and I didn’t have time to back out to the documents list so this particular group study PDF could save. Thought about giving it three stars because of this issue, but other than that I like the app..Version: 20.01.00

Couldn’t live withoutThis is a paid subscription however it has paid for itself several times over. It’s every important document saver with adobe cloud. It’s a must for anyone that is a multi tasker from a busy Mom to an executive. The best app that is also a must have is Adobe Scan app. That is the most convenient app I’ve ever downloaded. It can save business cards to your favorite pictures your kids have made and can print and edit better than any program. So yes I pay every month for the apps but it comes with a lot of Adobes Apps. Would most definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed. If I had one ding I wish they would put down the monthly payment. Maybe they will read this and make the change!!.Version: 19.01.00

Acrobat Reader.: My reviewI really like using Acrobat Reader in order to save pages from the internet to be able to read or reference later and to save copies of online orders and refunds and files so that they are always available to me and I can keep them conveniently with me on my iPhone and/or iPad wherever I go without having to carry a bulky, (and extremely heavy,) amount of paperwork, and can use it to quickly access the document cloud and add attachments in pdf form to emails or messages, or open it in notes to reference it quickly on my iPhone while I’m reading something on my iPad. The only issue I had was that I hadn’t kept up with technological advances and hadn’t used the internet or pretty much anything as far as newer technology for years and so it took me some time to figure out how to use Acrobat Reader and am still figuring some things on it. I have to say that it has been fairly easy to figure it out though even without having used adobe acrobat or early version of Reader in so long. Over all I rate the basic online version that I use, without any upgrades so it’s free, as 9 out of 10, but that’s because of my lack really and I didn’t check to see if there is tutorial though either. Keep it up everyone at Adobe!! Awesome products👍👍 a Happy consumer, Bonnie K., Oregon City, Oregon.Version: 20.04.00

Mostly Satisfied withLittle IssuesI like Adobe and use it for most of my readings and note taking needs. However, lately I came across an issue. I have a document which I could read and make changes in the beginning. However, Adobe is losing the pages of my document. The pages get blank and receive an error message that “some of the properties of document is not supported this version of Adobe acrobat”. Reuploading the same document fixes the issue; however, after taking some notes and highlighting lines, the same error pops up and my pages disappear. This issue does not happen on all the documents. So, it’s document specific issue. However, if there is an unsupported thing on the document, the app should not show everything perfect. After you work on it getting and error message is something undesirable..Version: 20.09.00

So far so badI was surprised today to find that the Adobe app on my iPad had been “upgraded”. From what I can to determine thus far, it appears that Adobe created This “upgraded” app to encourage the use of “the cloud”. That is all well and good. BUT Adobe might have considered its users who sometimes have reason to use the Adobe app off line before it shoved this “upgrade” down users’ throats. Prior to the Adobe “upgrade”, I had organized all my Adobe files into folders based on categories. I had several dozen files organized that way. But the “upgraded“ Adobe app wiped out all my folders. I cannot find a function in the “upgraded“ version of the Adobe app that allows me to create folders. Therefore, It will now require hours of my time to figure out how to re-organize my files in a way that Allows me to find the file I want when I want it. Very bad adobe..Version: 18.09.13

I used to love this app before the most recent updateI have loved using the Adobe Acrobat app for many years. It has improved over time and has many wonderful features that the desktop edition has. Using the app has been easy, almost instinctive, until now. Nothing is easy to do anymore. The typeface is light and difficult to read for those of us who no longer have 20/20 vision. I’m still trying to figure out how to move a group of files (used to be really easy). I know that the performance is supposed to be improved but scrolling through lists of files and folders seems slower. May be I’ll update this review after using the new update for a while..Version: 18.09.14

New update hindrance to annotationFor users annotating PDFs the pen tool’s thickness has been scaled up with no smaller option, making it impossible to write small annotations in margins with Apple pencil. Further, comments and drawings are not saved automatically. Previously users could go between local copies of their documents and have all annotations saved. Now we have no choice but to save in the cloud to retain changes, and see two copies show up in our library? Lastly, tools have an added step and have been miniaturized and placed on the top pane, after tapping the blue pen icon in the bottom right. This update totally baffles me; why make an update that reduces functionality save the addition of cloud improvements? If this isn’t fixed I’ll be using a third party app. I had loved Adobe Reader for its clean UI and superior aesthetic when annotating documents. Why this update?.Version: 18.09.13

Awesome job and User FriendTo Adobe and all your employees, You have been able to create The most user-friendly software I have ever seen and used. I am simply a end-user one person but I am very lucky to have run across such a program that makes my job so much easier to be able to sort quotes and deliver a professional looking quote.I upload a template for whatever I need like a survey on the store lighting refrigeration or a repair for SERVICE Quote sheet. So I like to thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate each and every employee for contributing to such a great platform to work off of!!! Michael Sandlin.Version: 20.10.00

Useful but lackingI use this a lot to mark up PDFs but there a few UI improvements needed. Needs an erase tool to remove free hand marks, needs a setting to only recognize Apple Pencil to avoid stray marks, needs the ability to choose thickness and color before starting to draw (this is available on my Note 8 but not iPad version). Saving back to google drive should be as easy as saving back to Dropbox. I think there needs to be a Pro version and Reader version just like on desktops. There is no reason why the iPad Pro can’t handle a pro version. Update: since updating to latest version I’ve been receiving a message that my document is read only whenever I try to comment on it. If I close and reopen everything is fine for a few minutes. Reduced 1 star because of this..Version: 18.01.15

Good app but useful feature removed.Useful app. Would have given 5 stars but once they changed it so that you need to download a separate app to use the scan feature it makes it more annoying to use because I use mostly to mark up scanned paperwork or photos. You now have to scan in the other app then wait for it to load into the cloud then use the scan app to open in adobe. 90% of the time i have to load it twice because it doesn’t work the first time when pushing the open in adobe app. Wish they would bring back the scan feature in this app it makes no sense. The scan app alone is good for some people but when need to scan and edit it makes it more difficult. Overall you can still accomplish the same task but it’s now more difficult..Version: 18.09.14

Just a feedback on one of your featureHi developing team, I realize that a feature in this app is that while reading through a pdf file, a click on the top panel (where the time and date is) will send the user back to the first page. I understand the convenience this feature provided, but at the same time would like to point out that a sloppy user like myself often touches the top bar accidentally quite often. For instance, when I read intently, I hold the top and bottom side of my iPad together, or have my elbow over. This accidental touches send me back to the first page. It’s an exasperation to try to find my way back. As you can see, when reading a document hundred pages long, worse with an added deadline, a few of this trips certainly translates into frustration. I wonder if you have a switch somewhere to turn this feature off. If not I know your engineers will take this feedback and come up with something way smarter than we expected. As I enjoy using your app and plan to use it in the long term, your consideration of this feedback will tremendously improve my experience. Thanks for providing this useful app, as well as taking this feedback into consideration..Version: 19.04.00

Overall good but need a few improvementsThe app itself is good for iPad user but still need a few major improvements. I am a student and I frequently use it to mark up my PDF using Apple Pencil. The app doesn’t have palm rejection that is seen in OneNote, which is definitely a bummer. Also, what what really makes a difference b/w a good and a great app for student is being able to scroll with finger and write/highlight with Apple Pencil. I find myself being slowed down my task whenever I want to switch b/w scroll and write/highlight. OneNote somehow has this feature figured out. Lastly, whenever you try to add a text in your PDF, we can’t type directly onto the PDF since we are brought to another window. It will be way more convenient if we can do that. Thank you again! Keep working at it :).Version: 17.12.15

Edits to PDF on Box do not save (Fixed with Restart)Edits made to PDF on Box used to save back to Box when file is closed. But now they are not. This appears to be specifically happening on iPad. Update: Restarting the iPad appears to have resolved the issue. This should be communicated during app updates. Normally, a restart is not required. Many of my colleagues are having this same issue, so the fact that a restart is required in order to regain full functionality is maybe something you can include in your app update notes. I think many of us take for granted the fact that we use devices every day that do not have be booted up or restarted. So if a restart must be performed, it would help to be notified of this..Version: 17.07.27

Not a fan of the latest update!I’ve used Adobe Acrobat reader for a few years. Most of my time is spent in the evening or at night. The night reading mode is always on, but with the new update, is not available. They’re response is to go to your settings and turn it on the device. If you use your tablet for anything else, that doesn’t work. In order to use the app now with night reading mode, I need to go through a four-step process, only to repeat the process when I’m finished. That is frustrating. Another issue is that pages don’t load correctly, or can’t be reformatted in reading mode that could be prior to updating the app. I hope to see fixes for these issues soon. Normally, I thoroughly enjoy using this app over my other options..Version: 18.09.14

THE ultimate PDF viewerAdobe invented the PDF format so that a file looked the same on a PC or Macintosh or even a Unix system. Ofcourse you must have the correct fonts and the correct font sizes installed, which anyone with enough experience involving PDF files has run into from time to time, which when absent can occasionally make hip modern art out of an instruction manual or other document. But it’s usually pretty easy to find missing fonts online, taking a matter of minutes for Adobe to locate thee correct fonts, and nine times out of ten you have all the necessary fonts already installed, especially if you’re a regular user of the App!.Version: 19.11.01

Not sure of the need for the new updateI really like this app and it being free is a super bonus, but this version brought some design changes that didn't seem necessary. Honestly, the UI of the previous update was spectacular. Sure, there are always improvements that can be made with applications, but I was very satisfied with it and you guys changed it a lot. The one nitpick I have that really prompted this review was the 'Bookmarks' button. I used it all the time because I have some open source textbook PDFs that I got for class, but now it's hidden in a menu and replaced by options I've never used once. If there was an opportunity to configure the toolbar myself, I'd be fine with the other changes..Version: 18.10.01

Seems to be glitchingI’ve used adobe acrobat reader for years to read knitting pattern PDFs but lately it’s been having this annoying glitch. When the page loads it doesn’t seem to completely finish. Most of the pdf is there but there are a few extra large stretched letters and a few gaps in the script. It’s frustrating because missing a line when you are knitting mean having to go back and fix it when you realize the error. I’ve tried checking for updates to fix the problem several times. I’ve also closed and reopened the app as well as just restarting my phone. I even tried it on my tablet to see if it’s my phone and it’s doing it on there as well. Fix this problem and the app would be a full 5 stars again..Version: 18.07.30

Super versatile document scanning from mobile devicesThis app is incredibly useful if you need to capture small documents to save or share using a mobile phone or tablet, and the OCR (optical character recognition) is super helpful when you just want to access the text. For example, snapping a photo of a postal tracking number (have you tried entering these accurately by hand? Doable but tedious. Using this app, you can snap the receipt and run the scan and grab the tracking number from the pdf that's produced and then just drop this into google, to get your tracking information. Hundreds of other uses as well..Version: 20.11.00

Useful but can be improvedI really like this application because of how lightweight and useful it is. I mostly need this application to annotate PDFs with my Apple Pencil and take notes on them, but I think accessing the annotation menu is not as intuitive and simple as it could be. You have to touch the edit icon, and then comment, whereas instead of that you could just have a more accessible button to show the options for different annotation tools. Also I can’t find any option to erase the text that I write with pencil, I have to use the undo button which doesn’t do what I want exactly, because I might want to partially erase something or erase something not in the reverse order of writing it..Version: 18.10.00

Why?Update: Adobe! Thanks for listening to me. It’s fixed on my end. And it’s users like me who forget that every little thing on software takes a human touch. And it needs to be perfect or people like me will complain. Thanks for updating this, it great! 👍 Why is it every time I open a document in the adobe app it walks me through a 4 step getting started menu? This happens at least once a week, then I need to find the document I’m using out of the long list. I understand the getting started menu when you update the app or when it’s brand new... but I am seeing this all the time. It’s an unnecessary extra step..Version: 17.12.15

Google Account IntegrationFor one have two different personal Google Accounts and currently the app only allows me to add one account and there doesn’t appear to actually be any other way in the app’s main user interface to selectively add another Google account to import more PDF files from and I really wish I could do so too. Add this feature and I will definitely give this app four out of five stars too. It would also really be nice to be able to sort my documents alphabetically like the Default used to be in previous Mobile Adobe Reader stable maintenance release versions of this particular app too. Also the aforementioned account adding wizard should allow a second chance to link your Facebook account to this app too..Version: 19.04.00

WHAT A WONDERFUL App.HELLO AND GOODAFTERNOON Ladies and Gentleman, how are you doing today so far on your side? NOW THE MAIN Reason why I am writing this particular review is to definitely let you know, that this particular app is a very very beautiful, wonderful and a very very helpful app. This particular app is so helpful, because i can definitely scan all of “My Receipts,” and store all of those scanned documents online in “Thy ICloud.” Meaning i can scan all of “My Receipts,” and store here inside of this particular app. I can definitely use this particular app to scan and transform any type of documents into a “PDF File.” Thank you so much for reading my review..Version: 20.10.00

Apple Software GlitchUpdate - Ap has been updated and bugs repaired. Thank you for actually listening! When opening the app, at first works fine. However, if you momentarily look at another app, for example attempt to copy and paste a reference from another source and paste into this app, the program will not allow this function. You have to close the app completely and reopen. Same problem happens if attempting to highlight or underline. A warning box appears and says your document is a read only when it isn’t. Very frustrating. Avoid this app until repaired..Version: 18.01.22

Please help meDear adobe acrobat I request please give a Chanel from my telegram because all news and videos I favorited them comes to your websites so please a Chanel in your name take and never can enter your Chanel but can only read article in your name please accept inmy telegram over 200person subscribe that every day read. Articles and you can in your Chanel write your advisor and way of rescue of course your app maintain and only one person can read your article and see your videos he is owner of phone and I know all people interested your nicely app but with this way Many people familiar with you Thanks so much.Version: 18.07.30

Normally good but current version has a problem UPDATEDThis is usually my go-to PDF reader, but in the latest versions, when you word search, the word doesn’t highlight when found most of the time, which means you’re still looking on a crowded page. This can be very inconvenient — hopefully they will fix this. It does sometimes highlight, but it seems almost random. UPDATE: 21 Feb 2021 — The new version seems to highlight found items again. Previous versions seemed to have problems with Hangul (Korean alphabet) in CSV generated lists. The highlighting seems to work in the current version again..Version: 21.01.02

One annoying glitchThis app is mostly good, but I’ve been creating a form in Acrobat Pro DC (generated over a Word document) and I’m finding the form filling capabilities are making my current form unusable on the iPad. I have some date fields that in certain cases are not required, but if you tab into those date fields, it seems impossible to clear the date. You have no choice but to allow some date to remain, and resetting the field doesn’t work. The pop up calendar in the date field seemed cool on my desktop but fails in IOS. It’s a small thing since I can just use a normal text field as I used to but I thought it’s worth mentioning. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong..Version: 18.09.14

Very goodGreat app.Version: 17.07.27

Super Document RepositoryExcellent!.Version: 17.07.27

A good appI use this a lot for reading papers for my university courses. Allows me to quickly download and article and read it on my break. Very helpful!.Version: 17.07.27

Not opening many PDF filesWhen I tried to open some PDF files, it’s not opening at all. Thanks.Version: 19.01.00

Dumpster Fire pure blood-boiling frustration- Landlord send me “Adobe Acrobat PDF File Share Link”lease contract to review. - I tap open and see a preview. - I want to download a copy—DENIED. Must sign in to do that. - So I have to make an account—FINE I’ll play ball. - I tap Sign in, and it takes me to a landing page saying that I can only view shared files if I create an account or sign in—Damn you Adobe you already broke me into submission, you really gotta rub salt on the wound? - I tap continue. - Spinning wheel of death. * Uninstall * Reinstall * Reboot iPad * Use LTE, * Use another wifi. In conclusion: Can’t download a copy of the PDF because I can’t sign in to Acrobat, because when I try to, I get the spinning wheel of death no matter the work-around I try..Version: 20.01.00

Le meilleurSans aucun doute pour moi Adobe est dur à battre. Et j’en essayé beaucoup pour comparer. Je recommande Cher un peu parcontre.Version: 21.03.00

Excellent RatingVery useful , nice to use..Version: 21.02.00

AcrobatAcrobat's preferences do not work. It does not match a letter-sized document to the screen size. It is much better to use Apple's Preview program. The free version of Acrobat is useless..Version: 21.02.00

GreatIt is so amazing using this App... ❤️❤️.Version: 21.01.01

Mise à jourDepuis la mise à jour du 3 mars 2021 je ne suis plus capable de cocher mes case sur mes PDF que puis je faire pour y remédier.Version: 21.02.00

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