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Video doesn't lie. Get Coach's Eye today and see your performance improve immediately!


“Coach’s Eye is an innovative way for anyone to gain the competitive edge by studying the performances of elite athletes and translate that to their performances.”
—ALLYSON FELIX: 4x Gold Medalist, USA Track & Field

“Coach's Eye allows us to film and analyze players right on the ice. It is a great tool to use for parents, athletes or coaches to help see their performance in practices and in games!”
—MARCO MARCIANO: Professional Goalie Coach

“Coach’s Eye has removed a barrier to great coaching, and athletes anywhere in the world can now receive feedback from their coaches.”
—DREW DILLON: ProjectLift


Coach's Eye is the world's leading video platform for coaches and athletes who need to review athlete technique. Coach's Eye delivers state of the art coaching and content management tools on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Record your players and instantly show them how to improve. Refine your pitcher's fastball, analyze your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate proper weightlifting form. Every coach, parent and athlete needs the edge Coach's Eye delivers.



• Capture videos at 60, 120 or 240 FPS with newer Apple devices.
• Video camera zoom during recording with newer Apple devices.
• Import video from your device’s Camera Roll, Dropbox, & more.
• Organize videos with tagging.
• Instantly review video on the spot.
• Compare two videos side-by-side.
• Zoom and pan videos to see just the details that matter.
• Draw on videos using lines, arrows, circles, squares, and freehand tools.
• Create videos with audio commentary, annotations, and slow-motion.
• Quickly share videos via email, SMS, YouTube and Facebook.



• Angle tool: Draw multiple angles while reviewing video.
• Timer tool: Add timers to see elapsed time and calculate splits.
• Spotlight tool: Focus on the most important parts of your video.



• USA Track & Field videos from Ashton Eaton, Allyson Felix, David Oliver & more.
• Professional goalies Marc-André Fleury, Jonathan Bernier and coach Marco Marciano.


VIP MEMBERSHIP (Subscription)

Get access to industry leading video tools and content management services for one low monthly price.

• Free up space on your local device without losing your videos.
• Access your videos anywhere, from any device.
• Cross platform license to state-of-the-art mobile coaching tools.


Individual Account Plans



• 2 GB of free cloud storage for sharing videos.
• Unlimited unlisted video sharing up to 2 GB free storage limit.
• Register up to 5 personal devices with your account.

• 150 GB cloud storage.
• HD sharing.
• HD cloud backup.
• HD export.
• Create lockers to organize and store content.
• Access videos from any of your mobile devices or the web.
• All premium tools and effects.


Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew each year. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings. No cancellation of your subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

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Coach's Eye - Video Analysis App Comments & Reviews

Coach's Eye - Video Analysis Positive Reviews

Vital toolI’ve been coaching swimming for the better part of 40 years and this app is an essential tool I use everyday. A lot of times all I have to do is hand my iPad to my swimmer and they know exactly what I’m thinking. It’s a great way for my swimmers to check their progress. The ability to compare our technique to last weeks is really helpful. With the use of an Apple box I can display the videos onto a large screen for my entire group to see. They immediate feedback huge reason why my club has a reputation for great technique. The frame by frame also shows the kids if they are getting the best relay starts. I rely on this app because before this came along our videos required a big camera and a play back machine. Now with the GoPro I can also film underwater using this app to slow motion or frame by frame. I’ve shown this app to a lot of my colleagues and they are all hooked on it. If you’re and you’re not using coach’s eye you’re at a disadvantage. I eve use this app on myself to help with my golf game..Version: 6.4

Fabulous for tracking studentsThe learning curve was a little more than I expected. This could be because I was so used to a previous application. Once dialed in I now can review any students swing with comments. Record my session notes with their swings and store them in a file. The next week I simply open previous session and start exactly where we left off without wasting their time or mine. Bravo Coaches Eye..Version: 6.4.7

Scam for your $$Pay away if you’re a full time athlete and your coach uses this to teach. Paying for the app alone gets you nothing; understand this. You have to pay much, much more for it to be useful at all. What is worse, the interface, even setting up an account is frustrating, unintuitive, and a waste of time..Version: 6.1

Bad user interface and no customer serviceI want to love coaches eye and in many ways I do. When it works, it’s great but it’s glitches make it almost impossible to use. If you have a problem, you can’t get to a person for help. You’re sent to bogus help videos that have no connection to the issue..Version: 6.4.7

The bestThis app is fantastic. I have numerous swing analysis apps and I generally don’t see this one 90% of the time. It has everything I need and it’s super easy to use. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about this app is that they leave you alone. You don’t have to join groups or constantly get annoyed with community nonsense..Version: 6.4

Ok but a bit frustratingI purchased this mainly to draw angles on people to record joint mobility. The angle tool Is frustrating as it can’t be adjusted or increased once placed and so you need to delete and redraw. With a small screen it’s not always easy to get the placement correct. Unfortunately there is no good screenshot option or ability to mark up a photo, the screenshot using the iPhone buttons leaves all the onscreen options in full view..Version: 6.4

BugsI’ve used coach’s eye before and had a lot of success. Re-using it recently I’ve experienced nothing but bugs, crashes, no explanation to them. It’s frustrating as a coach to have a good app such as this without transparency with the app on how to make things run smoothly. Needs to be simplified.Version: 6.4

Good, but not greatTHE GOOD: Great telestrator tools. Great to be able to speak to the video that you are evaluating. NOT SO GOOD: Hard to navigate through the app to find things you need (adding coaches, finding features, etc). No ability to add text to your videos. Not great camera qualities- they say it’s HD but I don’t see that at all. Can’t zoom in well, loses video quality. Can’t import video from other apps without them being choppy..Version: 6.4.5

Missing FunctionsOverall, a helpful app. Several things could make it better: ability to crop, rotate. Without the option to rotate, sometimes it defaults to where you can’t view your video full screen in the orientation you’d like. Secondly, disable “app switching” by swiping. Often times I am swiping to speed through a part of the video and inadvertently swipe out of the app..Version: 6.4

A bargain at twice the priceI have used Coach’s Eye for about 10 years in baseball, softball, basketball and golf. It is incredibly simple to use and extremely intuitive. I love the features it provides. I’d give it 20 stars if i could. I have encouraged coaches and parents alike to purchase and use..Version: 6.4.7

Awesome program.I’ve been using this program four years now with my baseball and Fastpitch teams. It has been extremely helpful in breaking down video of my players and especially now during the quarantine period..Version: 6.4.2

Outstanding AppI’ve used the Coach’s Eye app for several years to assist my athletes in identifying and correcting good and bad form, and now that I’ve moved to a nearby district, I’ve found myself promoting the app to their sport as well such as track and field’s high jump, discus and shot put throwing. Many praises..Version: 6.1.2

Great coaching/learning toolHave had this app for 4 years and has helped my son greatly improve. Have used in training sessions as well as games and the feedback is instantaneous. The tools and analysis features really helps highlight tracing points..Version: 6.3.1

Game ChangingCan't say enough good things about this app. Like all technology, you do have to have some patience and learn the interface, but once you get there, which doesn't take long, you can do amazing things....Version: 6.0.2

No helpIf you have a problem you are in trouble. There is no person to talk to. The process expects you be very knowledgeable about coach’s eye to follow tutorials. I want to share videos. I have been dealing with them for 2 weeks..Version: 6.4.4

Awesome teaching aide!!The ability to break down to a frame by frame view is one of the best ways to see, diagnose and correct whatever you are working on in whatever game you are playing!.Version: 6.1.3

Such a useful appBeing a canine therapist I use Coaches app all the time to help slow down my videos. I can see all the subtle changes they the naked eye doesn’t see. My clients love when I show them the video..Version: 6.5.1

Just what I was looking forGreat tool to improve athletic performance. I have been looking for something just like this. My students love it. The instant feedback makes a big difference..Version: 6.0.2

Love it!I use it a lot in my coaching gymnastics and find it to be an integral part of the learning process. The girls are now able to watch the video frame by frame and tell me right where they need to make a correction. Fabulous!.Version: 6.0.2

Love this appGreat slow motion - very high quality video that allows lines to be drawn over the video, voiceovers for coaching points, and the ability to send videos to coaches, parents or players..Version: 6.0.2

CoachI love it and the athletes love it - close, quick evaluations. But, I wish that finding the particular athlete's video were easier - it's hard to tell where the last video that I close will appear(so that I can compare, for instance). In all, easy to use..Version: 6.0.2

Incredible Value. Easto useAwesome program, with really great tools for improving your game. I paid more for the iPad holder so I could videotape my own practice that I did for this program. I have recommended it to many.Version: 6.0.2

StopwatchOnly paid for the stopwatch not the entire precision pack, tried to click restore like previous post but still not coming up..Version: 6.0.2

💋Love it....I’m a track coach. Video is the best Coach! It’s my job to make sure my athletes understand proper technique. The camera allows them to filter through my lingo and see for themselves what I’m trying to convey⚡️👊✌️.Version: 6.3.1

Love this appSuch a great app for video analysis. I use it for extra coaching in the biomechanics of beach volleyball for my club Circles. So much fun. I have an exercise science degree and I just love that this app allows me to dive deepen into my fascination and expertise of movement patterns for the betterment of the athletes. Wahoooo.Version: 6.2

Nice app but needs one more featureI'm a PGA Golf Instructor and I think this is a very nice app especially for the price. I love the ease of using the voice over feature. The app keeps improving, I love that!.Version: 6.2

Update fixed my issueVideos were shrinking and now the app is back to normal again. Great job fixing it so fast.Version: 6.4.4

Great productThis is a great product for coaches. I use it often to analyze players hitting, pitching, and fielding. It’s great to use as a training tool to improve player skills and techniques..Version: 6.4.2

Good product...too expensiveI’d give it a 5 star rating for just the usability but to add locker storage space and to upgrade, I feel the price is too high..Version: 6.1.2

Video playback fixed!Thank you for fixing the playback size with the new update!.Version: 6.4.4

Point out my flawsMy coach showed me this and I really think that it has help with everything and what it and do it awesome..Version: 6.4.2

Video gets trashedWhen filming us, sometimes waves cause video to be trashed. Please move trash button to top of screen!! Or have double confirm that user wants to trash the video being recorded..Version: 6.5.1

PerformanceGreat tool, but you better know what you're talking about. Makes you a better coach and student..Version: 6.0.2

Awesome skiing MA toolExcellent movement analysis tool. Can even sync videos to do a virtual race! Slow mode and manual speed control really pin down athletes problem areas.Version: 6.4

Can No Longer Export to Camera RollIssue exporting to camera roll. Could be due to latest IOS 14. Keep getting error when Export from App -> Photos “Saving Failed - Your video could not be saved tp the camera roll”.Version: 6.4.5

The BestBest video system! The control of the video....stop, reverse, draw graphics, and side-by-side comparison videos are used all the time. Players learn so much!.Version: 6.1

More options for uploadI would like to see the option of uploading videos for. Vimeo and directly from FB..Version: 6.4

Great teaching tool for my studentsMy students learn better when they can see what I am seeing as they shoot. Great tool!!!.Version: 6.4.3

Awesome toolWe knew right away that this tool will be immeasurably valuable for my progress and others. Well done!.Version: 6.0.2

AwesomeHonest, it's awesome and used by all of the position trainers I know. I also use it for my kids sports. Helped me Improved my kids foul shooting from 50% to 79%.Version: 6.1

Best AppBest app for teaching hitters what they’re doing right as well as wrong to make corrections. Can easily load MLB players to show students how the best hitters in the world do hit..Version: 6.4.7

Great ap to help you get betterWorks great. Using it to improve my tennis swing. Highly recommended.Version: 6.5

ChangesHave just gone from my Samsung to a new iPad. It seems the version I have now takes getting use to. Also, does not contain all tools from my Samsung version like the angle tool..Version: 6.4.5

AmazingLive it.Version: 6.4.4

Every little movementTry it out.Version: 6.2

Wins where others fail.Easy to use, very instinctive. Other apps have fancier colors or options, but CE allows you to do video analysis on the fly with easy to use circle and arrows in real time as you voice over your clips, with option to pause, rewind or “play in real time”. Downside: As with any drill, you must be prepared to explain your sequence before you hit that record button. Avantage: You can always start over if you find yourself too choppy in your analysis. But once you’re “in the zone”, this app does what you want it to accomplish for your team..Version: 6.3.1

Does a fine job.In it's simplest form Coaches Eye is an invaluable tool for coaches a cross many sports. There really is no need to purchase upgrades: it is a fine diagnostic tool right out of the box. Advanced capabilities of the app are beyond mine..Version: 6.1

Great Tool!Excellent for making patients aware of their gait mechanics and comparing post therapy. I have used this system for over 3yrs and I can tell you that it does not disappoint.😄.Version: 6.1.2

Very usefulLots of features. Really allows you to break down the plays. Free features are all we need for my child's coach. Easy to use.Version: 6.0.2

GreatGreat app. Easy to use, effective in all kinds of athletic uses..Version: 6.0.2

Amazing for Gait AnalysisThis app has made assessing patients gait so easy! The ability to see things in slow motion has given me the ability to see things I could never see with the naked eye. Thumbs way up for this app!.Version: 2.1

Support is greatCoachs Eye is still perfecting the app. Lots of updates and improvements. Shows my athletes their form and power..Version: 2.1

Great AppWorks as advertised, great for videos of the kids playing sports, well worth the money..Version: 1.0

Simply but effectiveFirst, an iPad version would be great, please add one! This App is very simple compared to some others, but very effective for quick analysis. It is by far the easiest to use on or off the field. Big controls and the wheel for moving the video is pure genius. An option to title video by athlete name would be great as well as still including date and time. Also how about a photo option as well as video, and the ability to do side-by-side comparisons....that would push this app to a 5 star. Only complaint is you can't pause or start over on a review, once you stop it converts the video and if you don't like it you have to wait for the conversion to complete, delete the video and then start over. There are similar products out there and I find that I use more than 1, but this my go to one and still #1 on my list for sport video analysis..Version: 1.5

Great App! Very practical.It does what it says. Very practical. Only issue is that sometimes the line/circle/square annotations seem to move when rending out a final video. Also, it would be nice to be able to render out to full 1080HD..Version: 1.0

Does the trick!Works fine for my needs. Helps me review my taekwondo kicks. Do wish you could move/drag your lines or circles as sometimes they miss the mark and you want to adjust them. Maybe in an update!.Version: 1.0

It is a nice toyIt does very little - the mark up is primitive. But if you need on the spot review of an action and at .99 there is nothing like that for the iDevices on the market. Get it if you understand its function and limitations..Version: 1.0

Dog SportsBest app ever for Dog Sports.Version: 6.0.1

Awesome coaching toolThis app is by far the best video coaching equipment any coach/team may have. Offers huge range of options to review the videos and work through them with your athletes. I use it with my ski team and the athletes are stoked by the possibility to look at themselves and work on their training progress. Simply go fo it folks !!!!.Version: 6.0.1

Great for player developmentI use this app often and record my analysis of skills and email it to the families they are always very happy to receive such great feedback from such a great tool..Version: 6.0

Great App!!Love how this App not only allows me to coach regular students in between clinics but also to help riders who are unable to make it to a clinic due to their location. As close as you can get to taking an actual 'Ride With Your Mind' lesson. Students love it!!.Version: 6.0

Great appThis app is great! It's useful for gait analysis..Version: 6.0

CoachGet app can't wait for hockey season.Version: 5.3.4

My #1 teaching toolThere is nothing like being able to instant review a skill and show your player what he/she is doing. The variety of tools on coach's eye have made my teaching so much easier..Version: 5.3.4

You need this appGreat app. A must for coaches..Version: 5.3.3

Simply Great!Very good app.Version: 5.3.2

Good coaching toolGood app, Very useful tool to correct and teach the kids - easy to use, thx.Version: 5.3.3

Excellent ToolCoach's Eye is an excellent tool for hockey coaches. The ability to import HD video from a variety of source with the best tools on the market for analysis. The product gives you a competitive advantage from teams not studying the game the right way!.Version: 5.3.1

Awesome appThis is a great way to correct your mistakes in any sport and to practice with your friends. It's so much fun. I wish that it was less expensive than it is right now..Version: 5.3.2

Love the app miss the zoom sliderI use this app pretty much every single day. I coach figure skating at the national level and this app is perfect for slowing down jumps and turns. I do miss the zoom slider. It is very tedious to pinch to zoom in and out when filming my skaters. The zoom slider was much easier to use. Hope you guys bring back the slider. Me and a ton of other skating would appreciate it.Version: 5.3.2

Best App out thereAs a professional coach I use this app near daily. Amazing tool and highly recommend..Version: 5.3.1

Great for PTsI use this to help my clients understand postural imbalances, as well as to show them a job done really well. :) love the analyze and record feature!.Version: 4.9

Great Video AppThis has been a excellent video app for reviewing of my hockey videos. Very easy to use. Good support and very little problems..Version: 5.3.0

P o S! - my in app purchase have disappearedMy in app Angle Tool Disappeared. In app purchased restoration doesn’t work. To delete & reinstall the app means my videos will disappear! To extract the videos I have to pay a min of $5.00/mo. This is extortion & bad faith business..Version: 4.9.1

Excellent review for playersLove showing my players what they are doing during skill development ..Version: 4.9

Very good appsThis apps is just amazing ! very good for sports and very good for rehab too! it would be nice if we could use the iphone as a remote control over the ipad to start and stop recording !.Version: 4.8.1

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