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Accurate weather forecasts and powerful tools save you time, keep you safe, and ensure you get the most out of every day on the water.

Access all the world’s top ranking forecast models for reliable and accurate weather data, including ECMWF, SPIRE, UKMO, GFS and more. Our very own PWG & PWE models offer incredible accuracy and a record-breaking 1km resolution.

View high resolution maps for wind, gust, CAPE, wave, rain, cloud, pressure, air temperature, sea temperature, ocean data and solunar.

In additional to forecasts, PredictWind also provides a suite of powerful marine tools to save you time and keep you safe at sea.

Weather Routing takes your start and end points then calculates your route factoring in tides, currents, wind and wave data, depth and your boat's unique dimensions to give you the best route for comfort or speed.

Departure Planning quickly summarises the weather conditions you’ll encounter along your route if leaving on day 1, 2, 3, or 4. Use this data to select the perfect departure date, every time.

Daily Briefing: Powerful weather data condensed into a simple text forecast.

Maps: High resolution forecasts maps with animated streamlines, wind barbs or arrows.

Tables: The ultimate dashboard for detailed analysis.

Graphs: Compare multiple forecasts at the same time.

Live Observations and Webcams: Know what’s happening right now at your local spot.

Local Knowledge: Hear about the best spots, amenities and activities at your destination.

Weather Alerts: Set your preferences, then get alerts when conditions are just the way you like them.

Ocean Data: See what’s happening under the waves with ocean and tidal currents, and sea temperature.

GPS Tracking: Get a free customised GPS tracking page for your blog or website.

AIS Data: View over 280,000 vessels worldwide on the AIS network.

PredictWind — Marine Forecasts App Comments & Reviews

PredictWind — Marine Forecasts Positive Reviews

Bait and SwitchI have used this apps for a couple of years. This year I upgraded to basic as we are cruising up the inside passage to Alaska. The basic package says it includes 1km resolution forecast maps; 9 saved forecast locations; wave, rain, cloud, isobar maps; wind observations; and forecast alerts. I don’t get most of that. After emailing the help desk they told me I only get one 1km resolution map, as in 1 and never another and I don’t get wave maps. Those are the only reasons I upgraded. There are several other apps that will give you the information they are giving for free. Skip if you want more detail or want to deal with an honest company. If I could post a picture of what they tell is included I would..Version: 3.8.3

Don’t put your money on itThis weather app has been a ride, it looks nice and fancy with all kinds of features and stuff and boy do you want to believe it. Couple of weeks ago I was going to get the paid version and then I saw the price so I thought let me wait a little bit longer. Well, I’m really happy I did. They have been wrong a a good bunch of times, but it always comes down to “its weather” anyways. Today I write this review because I took this App “to the bank” literally. this is the complete opposite of what they said it was going to be and what an embarrassing mistake. This weather app just screwed up my bosses, golf trip..Version: 4.9.6

Ultimately pretty darn goodWe fought for about 18 months with the Predict Wind Offshore App. First with windows 8, then windows 10. Eventually, thanks to determination on our end, and good customer service, we got it going correctly. The program ( Predict Wind ) is great, we love the departure planning feature. The learning curve is a little painful, just lots of non intuitive steps you have to fumble thru till you get the hang of it, but well worth it. Now, it's one of our essential planning tools..Version: 3.6.0

Great Application for sailors !!After a three years of constant use, I'm quite satisfied with the features of this app. However, I'd like to see the following capabilities implemented: 1. User should have capabilitity to (a) interchange the order of the graphs, for example, wind speed followed by atmospheric pressure, or 2. User should have capabilitity to superimpose graphs. For example, wind speed over atm pressure. 3. Provide the option to show a graph showing the average of the two graphs. ie, the midpoint between the two graphs. 4. Provide user graph entries on the chart to plot actual observations to compare the merits of the various app's graphs. User can save screen shots.Version: 3.5.2

Always use for fishing, in my small boat on sometimes big waterI fish onshore in Massachusetts, mostly tidal rivers, but occasionally out into Buzzards Bay, in a 16' aluminum boat, 30HP. The bay is notorious for kicking up in a hurry and and is funnel shaped from the SW, concentrating winds from that direction. I've gotten into trouble on the bay in years past, enough that I bought an offshore PFD. I now rely on PredictWind to tell me when its stupid for me to go out..Version: 4.9.3

User friendlyI’m a Sternman on a commercial lobster vessel; we have 800 traps 5-10 miles outside. This app has been extremely useful for me for planning purposes. Also, their upgrade options are great, and definitely worth the short money as far as I’m concerned. - Also, I had a simple question about one of the app’s features that I emailed to their support center for clarity, and got an RSVP the same day. Hope this helps!.Version: 3.7.1

Excellent program!Are use this program all the time for fishing and find it excellent. Sometimes the accuracy is just uncanny… Calling the start of wind practically to the minute. I preferred the old format slightly, which showed the time of day continuously in a legible location. The time of day will now disappear occasionally, and be more difficult to see. All in all, I would recommend this program highly..Version: 4.9.6

Love this App!Predict Wind has helped make our travels throughout the Med, the Caribbean, Bahamas, and East Coast for the past 2.5 years a safer and unforgettable experience. It is my go to for all the weather and route planning. Combined with Iridium Go! we can make good decisions regarding departures and routes. I've never used an app that was so efficient and helpful. The bonus is the PW team continues to update and improve. Their team is professional, courteous, and they always take the time to help you out if you need it. Their customer service is second to none. After all the weather apps I've downloaded this is by far the most accurate and thorough weather app. If there were 6 stars I'd give it that as my rating. Annie.Version: 3.5.2

PerfectPerfect app with all the information presented in whatever you think is the best possible way it is. Takes a little time to understand the different models and it is disconcerting that at times they disagree so much but, it's all the information and the uncertainty in the models should tell you the uncertainty in the production. Love the app. Have used it in the Mediterranean Caribbean Pacific in San Francisco bay area and seems very good..Version: 3.5.2

More and more inclusive….I am an avid user of predict wind and happy with all their recent improvements. Routing does work and is useful particularly once you learn how to put suggested trajectories in context rather than following blindly. I can’t wait for them to blend the current into their predictions..Version: 4.9.6

Enjoying predict wind.I am enjoying predict wind. It’s not always right, but most of time It is. I sail a boat and also fly RC planes within 12 miles of each Location. I feel like that the app is more accurate on the lake with wide open expenses for the breeze to blow. Compared to up in the Meadows between the mountains where we Fly very small finicky planes..Version: 4.8.5

An app that does what you expectI have been using this app all summer on Lake Mi and love it. I have only been using the free version but even that has sone serious power. The app is pretty self explanatory and is easy to navigate. This app just does what you expect and is easy to use..Version: 4.9.6

Information for self, locator info for others.I’ve crewed on two boats that subscribed to Predict Wind. The sailboat enjoyed the point to point plotting features and GPS tracking for his friends. I like the multiple layers of info graphed out and easy to read. The 5 day forecast..Version: 4.9.6

Easy. Accurate.Just found this app at the end of summer here in Michigan, USA. So I have just used it a few months. I am just a casual dingy sailor, but this app has been very accurate, and helpful in choosing when to sail and when to stay home. Easy to learn and use..Version: 4.7.0

Consistently accurateI keep a sailboat at a lake about an hour from my home in Kansas. This app has been really consistent in its prediction of the wind and that makes weekend plan making a lot easier! Loving this app so far. Been using it for three or four months, runs really well on iPhone 11..Version: 3.9.6

Powerful Knowledge in a Single SiteHave an Island cottage requiring private boat access. Information on PredictWind is very accurate and timely. Tells me where to position my boat most safely for mooring, and whether planned boat trip will be pleasant, or a bit ‘hairy ‘. Meteorologists and computer modelers on PredictWind are top tier..Version: 3.9.0

Very helpful weather planningI’m a Captain on motor yachts and have my own sailboat, This program is easy to use and to see how the “predicted” weather forecasts for winds & sea conditions will effect my motoring or sailing. The forecast here is only as good as the data models are accurate. I’ve used this program from local waters in New England up to Maine and Florida to the Caribbean and it’s been very helpful..Version: 3.7.1

Quite usefulThe free version gives you predictions with 8 km spatial resolution. Good enough for me to decide when to go paddleboarding for two hours or so. User interface completely intuitively. Heard of a public ocean weather service that even they make use of the predictWind forecasts..Version: 3.8.2

Amazingly accurateWe use this app a lot while cruising the Great Lakes. The wind predictions are quite accurate out to three days ahead. We are impressed with how easy it is to stay out of trouble on open waters..Version: 4.9.6

Best Sailing Weather AppI have been using PredictWind for a couple of years now. The forecasts are very helpful in planning sailing trips, either day sails or longer trips. It is easy to use and I have a choice of forecasts to use. Thanks PredictWind!.Version: 4.4.0

Well it worth investment For SafetyWell worth for the investment when I go offshore this is what I look at along with the other apps I ownThis appbut this app is the best so far and easy to read and I highly suggest that one get it. It’s been a lifesaver..Version: 4.8.5

Love the weather routingWe upgraded our Predictwind service to Standard and used the weather routing and departure planning functions to help us cross the Sea of Cortez from Puerto Vallarta to La Paz, Mexico . This helped to ensure a smooth ride. We will DEFINITELY use it again!.Version: 3.9.5

TahitiAm planning a 2 week sail in Tahiti. Put in the last/long and the data showed but no islands. A quick email to Craig and all is great. I have never had such rapid, personal, and friendly response from any other developer. Super job Craig. Thanks..Version: 4.3.0

Best weather appThe free version is great, totally sufficient. However, when you sign up for the real deal, this will become the only weather app you need on your device. And the web based service is jaw dropping..Version: 3.9.4

Science and Beauty!Forget staring at your favorite slow-moving screensaver, forget listening to your calming app: watching the wind is the coolest thing and it will show you the actual real world, in the most beautiful way..Version: 4.6.0

Worthwhile addition to compliment boaters needs for accurate weatherThis is a great product for any boater motor and sail. For my wife and I this is one of our go to apps. It is straight forward and easy to use..Version: 4.6.0

Used all the time!We use Predict Wind all the time for helping us schedule passages and cruises. It’s easy to use and understand and the several models help reduce risk. I only with I could buy a Predict Wind hat and/or shirt so l could promote them!.Version: 4.3.0

Great AppHave used this to study weather, plan de-attires and to get suggested courses. Does a far better job than I. Have also used the offshore app in conjunction with Iridium GO and recommend it also..Version: 4.8.5

Sailing channel SV Dawn HuntersThis program is excellent and a real life tool required while voyaging or even a day sail. Just rode out 27 knot sustained with 35 knot gusts at anchor. Predict Wind forecast was dead on so our preparations last night kept us safe. Thank you Predict Wind. Capt W.Version: 4.8.5

Very accurateI have use this app to plan our boat outings for 5 years and it has never been wrong! Extremely accurate.Version: 4.9.6

Every sailor needs thisEspecially where winds are not dependable. In Puget Sound a sailor really has to plan days for sailing as they aren’t every day... or weekly. Great interface and good options..Version: 4.4.1

Great reference appI have two wind apps to compare and predict wind app is accurate and easy to read for wind weather. I would recommend getting and subscribing to this app.Version: 4.6.0

My favorite marine wind and weather appI’ve been sailing, boating, windsurfing and kiting since the 70s. Obviously not kiting all that time. Of all the apps out there currently, that I have tried, PredictWind is by far the best..Version: 4.8.5

Excellent content and easy to operateDosent smash the adds like most and is easy to use if you have any interest in this go no further use this app.Version: 4.8.5

Most accurateI use several programs and at the end of day this seems most accurate to actual conditions.Version: 3.9.0

Great AppThis app is uncanny in its ability to predict wind and thereby waves. We recently had to run 1100 miles up the Pacific coast of Mexico in 5 days. This app allowed us to run a course with little wind improving our transit time. Highly recommend!.Version: 3.6.3

Pensacola weatherI have been using this app a few weeks while we are at an anchorage near Pensacola. Very accurate and easy to use this wind app..Version: 4.6.0

Good toolHas been very helpful for planning our days on the water. Accurate and useful information..Version: 4.8.5

Clear presentationI like that I can switch between graphics and table. Being able to see all 4 model predictions at the same time is very helpful..Version: 3.5.2

SolidI’m a commercial Captain, I use this app daily, always accurate, always better than the other apps I have..Version: 4.8.5

Amazing!This app has been the single biggest impact to my happiness! It allows me to see what days I need to skip work and be in the water! Thank you.Version: 4.6.0

Very useful toolI’ve used it for a couple of years, found it to be pretty accurate both current and future.Version: 3.7.3

Updating timesI like your product but it would be heaps better if it updated 4 times a day instead of twice..Version: 4.5.0

Top AppI’m a very active cruising sailor and use modern technology as much as possible when it makes sense. Predict Wind clearly lands as one of my 3 must have pieces of software..Version: 4.9.2

A must for all boatersDon’t leave the dock without it!.Version: 4.1.1

Wind PredictionGreat Aid for Wind Forecasting!!! Used for Sailing/Farming/Wind Turbine/Aviation!!!.Version: 3.9.6

Awesome!I have been using PredictWind for the two years to watch out form storms hitting our marina. The results have been extremely accurate. To within 15 minutes. I can not ask for a better tool..Version: 4.9.6

The big pictureGreat tool to see the long term weather events. Planning a voyage made easier.Version: 4.9.6

Predict windThe forecast is great. It is seldom wrong. As a sailer I use this app every week end. It proved that I can depend on it. The forecast is fairly accurate even though it’s several hrs behind. I used when racing or occasional small cruise. Overall, it’s a great app. Can someone get a more accurate forecast? How much would it cost to get a more accurate forecast? Could I pay once a year as opposed to monthly? Gilbert.Version: 4.9.2

Boating we go out for weeks at a time very nice to have something so reliableWe go out.Version: 4.9.2

Finding the Glass WaterOnly a few times a year my local lake is as smooth as glass making it an amazing SUP paddle. This app found 2 perfect days. Thank you for making it! 2020 was a crappy but this app found 2 perfect Standi up Paddle day! 2022 update Still using the App…accuracy amazing..Version: 4.8.5

Very good app for off shore fishingFree and accurate, good!.Version: 4.8.5

Great AppEasy.Version: 4.8.5

Trust PredictWindWe just PredictWind daily to see what is happening in the strait. We use it to plan our boating and in ten years we have never let us down. We have grown to trust PredictWind!!!.Version: 4.8.5

LikeHi I like your apps. I use it for sailing Good job!.Version: 4.8.5

ImpressiveSo far so good. But the true test will be when I use this app to sail in the spring. But so far it has been quite accurate...Version: V4.8.0

Works as expected.Works as expected and is quite handy for planning..Version: 4.6.0

AccurateGreat wind direction far more accurate than local weather I use it all the time.Version: 4.6.0

BoaterI look at this app before I go boating. Pretty accurate:).Version: 4.6.0

Predicting wind at seaWe have used PW for years, while sailing about 6 months/year Used it from Norway to Panama Great presentation of a huge amount of data Forecasts good, particularly in the areas where it is enhanced to take account of local terrain.Version: 4.6.0

Great!Easy to use. Seems very up to date and reliable.Version: 4.6.0

AwesomeThis app gives me very accurate and detailed information on the area I fish and it’s free👍.Version: 4.6.0

FeedbackI prefer the way windy weather allows you to scan ahead to look at the wind in the following days..Version: 4.6.0

Great Wind APPI live in the Pacific Northwest, coastal British Columbia. We get lots of wind here and nice nice know when it’s coming. I’ve been using Predict Wind for a number of years now and think it’s fantastic. It’s the first thing I look at when I’m preparing to head out fishing. Would highly recommend this app..Version: 4.5.0

Another safety appThanks for the app ,keeps me and family safe on the water..Version: 4.4.1

This app is amazing. Protection from storms and help with sailing!I lit PredictWind.Version: 4.3.0

PredictWindAs a marine engineer I find the weather information to be very informative. Access to the global weather model data in this application is something normally only available to industry professionals. I spend a lot of time on the ocean and find the wind and wave predictions to be very close to actual conditions..Version: 4.2.3

Great appVery useful.Version: 4.2.1

Takes the guess work out of weather forecastingSo very versatile. Plenty of options for checking the wind forecast. From a brief description to a coloured map you can experience the wind forecast accurately. Impressive to see how the colours change as the wind direction changes. Light winds to hurricane strength. Just tap on a location and the forecast appears. Thumbs up!.Version: 3.9.5

InvaluableVastly better than the Canadian weather service, or whatever the hell they now call it.Version: 3.9.4

ReviewI like knowing a few days ahead what the predicted wind or weather is for my boat excursions that way when I invite friends aboard I can inform them ahead of time whether or not we can go out. It’s been a valuable tool to use. Regards Bob..Version: 3.9.0

PredictWind is perfect for boaterJust as predicted.Version: 3.9.0

Great forecasts !Been using the app for weather on our commercial fishing boat for three years now and have to say spot on folks , keep up the “ great “ work ..Version: 3.8.2

PredictWind is incredibly accurateI have really enjoyed using this app when deciding whether to take the boat out fishing. I rely upon it all the time.Version: 3.8.1

Excellent siteI’ve used this site for about a year and have found it to be reliable and quite accurate..Version: 3.8.1

PrecisionUseful and precise. I use it every day in the Pacific Northwest waters..Version: 3.8.1

Fantastic AppUse this app all the time, I have a small boat and now I can plan a safe trip and return feeling the wind will be fine..Version: 3.7.3

Glad I got thisMost accurate wind report I’ve found..Version: 3.7.3

Extremely AccurateNo idea how they do it but it is uncanny accurate!.Version: 3.7.3

Safe TransitVery useful for small boater planning trips from cottage into Nanaimo..Version: 3.7.2

Sailboat on lake EireBeat wind forecaster there is..Version: 3.7.1

PredictWind appVery easy app to use and I plan to download the full version. John L.Version: 3.6.3

Excellent Interactive MapGreat basic weather data at a glance for a variety of concerns. The map is very straightforward and pretty accurate from experience. Before heading out in a boat, any wind events that may pose a problem are illustrated very well in logical colour gradients, making quick passage decisions easy. Departure times and routes can be planned with confidence at a glance..Version: 3.6.0

AccurateVery accurate predictions using different models using, free version is limited.Version: 3.6.0

OutstandingEvery sailor needs this app. Outstanding. Never fails. I use it planning every trip. If you're a considerate sailor who plans passages download this app..Version: 3.5.2

Great for cruisingThis has good accuracy for cruising. I have only seen the wind model out in two places in the Med. So it's better the. Most. I would give it five stars except I don't think anything is perfect and there is always room for improvement. But this app along with iridium Go is a great combination. Well done. You killed the SSB market single handed..Version: 3.5.2

Sailing toolIt is a great sailing tool for Southern Lake Huron! Very accurate..Version: 3.5.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 4.9.8

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