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Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker Customer Service

Poker Heat – The new FREE ONLINE POKER game brought to you by the creators of World Series of Poker (WSOP) - Playtika

Compete in intense poker games as you place your bets online in the best POKER APP WITH EPIC LEAGUES. Put your Texas poker strategy to the test & place your best bet like a true VIP Texas poker player! Move up the ranks of TEN poker leagues to reach the top and claim jackpots of MILLIONS of chips!! Enjoy the best Vegas Casino Poker online while you compete in live poker games vs other VIP players from Las Vegas and all over the world.

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League-based competition
Looking for something more exciting than simple Las Vegas poker games, where you can truly test your poker strategy? Poker Heat’s unique league-based competition with party-like classic poker gameplay gives you intensely competitive gameplay and large variety of online poker rooms, better than any other standard online poker app. Start by playing in the Newbie Court to get into the ‘Promotion Zone’ and progress into the next league. Compete in 10 leagues, bet your free chips online and finish in the top tier to win HUGE PRIZES!! Free Poker games are here for you to play – Place your gamble, join The poker party and play free online poker!

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Participate in a world poker tour straight from your phone! Show your poker hand, ante up, go ALL IN or fold - bluff your friends and outsmart poker players from all around the world! Login anonymously or with your Facebook profile to show everybody you are the real poker star in one of the best free cards games online. Want to play classic poker online with a friend? Just use the INVITE button at the poker tables and play free poker Texas Holdem together. Participate in exciting poker tournaments and win BIG!

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Get your daily free poker chips bonus multiplied by your league ranking! The higher the league – the bigger the multiplier! A Prize pool filled with free chips awaits the league’s top poker players in the Promotion Zone. Reach the World Class league to become a poker legend of poker stars in Poker Heat - the best online Texas Holdem app! Play poker online games anytime, everywhere!

Exciting Content
Get into online casino of poker heat as a true poker king and discover nine different stadiums with their own poker style and mood! Start at the Newbie Court, advance through Victory Cage and move on to the Ring of Honor - for the true poker pro! Enjoy player statistics, hand strength info, amazing animations and so much more! Find special deals at the Chips Store to buy chips instantly for a cheap price!
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Install the latest Texas Holdem poker game, brought to you by the creators of the WSOP official online game (World Series of Poker).

This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker App Comments & Reviews

Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker Positive Reviews

Like professionalI never write reviews, but I definitely like this game. It's more like playing a real table. You definitely just keep on playing. Good players makes it even more fun! Definitely can be addictive whether you're winning or losing. Even when you lose everything you can't wait to get back on the tables when you get your next bonus. I just wanted to add to the person with the review about there's no way you can give me is a full house when you have a full house and a real table this is untrue it's happened to me on the river. There are times that there are problems with the game but all in all I have found it is still the best app so far. Did does bite though when people just constantly go all in just to keep taking everybody's money. It's nice to play real games of poker with those who like to really play poker online. One other anything I have found is with the wheel, first time I responded I won the big one. Already for me. But every other time since in the past year I've been playing it always stops just before or just after the big one. Is anybody else noticed this? I am liking the new updates but it seems to have slowed things down..Version: 4.22.0

Great fun but customer service doesn’t help when you have problems.I love the app, lots of fun. My only problem is that a week ago I won a hand with a full house, 3 aces, 2 nines. The pot was over 11 million. The other player called my all-in and I won but the money never went to me. It went to nobody. I contacted the company and gave all of the details. I was on WiFi and have no problems with my WiFi at all. I heard back from customer service and they asked if I was on WiFi and other questions I had already answered in my original message. I responded and answered everything again. About five days later I received a response that told me my WiFi must have dropped for a second or two, which I do not believe, and they did not offer me the over 11 million I had won. They gave me a link which gave me 5 million, less than half of what I had won. I think the customer service should have given me my full winnings and not made excuses about WiFi and only give me less than half of what I had won. Just be wary of this kind of thing as a player, that customer service doesn’t do the right thing..Version: 4.30.1

So rigged it’s actually funnyThis game is on the same level as a Ponzi scheme at best and flat out stealing at worst. Never, and I repeat never spend a dime with this company in any way shape or form because it’s so rigged, you will lose everything you put into it. I promise. Anyone below level 18 can’t lose and after that you will be drained of all money by rigged, set up hands played by Fake “guest” players. It’s so rigged it’s actually hilarious. You would think they would try to hide it a little better but they don’t. It so obvious, it becomes absurd. My hope it that people thinking about playing this game take this to heart, this company goes bankrupt and the people in charge end up in prison where they belong. You have all been warned and every word I said is the absolute truth. Please stay away and pass the word along to others so that they don’t end up in a similar situation. Please please please..Version: 4.38.0

Bad customer support but fun to learn how to playI never knew how to play poker and this game taught me. Your supposed to get 100,000 chips when a friend you refer and I contacted customer support and they told me I received the money even when I told them it was from someone else and they didn't respond back to fix the issue. So, ignoring people is good customer service??? And, it took them like a week to even respond. You can tell that the automation is made for you to think that you will win the next hand when you wait to join a table and you see the hand you could have used. So, next time you play you can think you'll have a perfect hand. It's smart but, I'm not stupid boo... lol Good to learn how to play and I've learned all the hands and when not to play a hand. So, this was good prep. To go to casinos and hit the tables with confidence. Response to developer: why would I up the ratings to 5 when I never received the coins and you guys never responded back. And, I stopped playing the game after week bc you guys were so rude. Give me my coins I worked hard to get friends to join and then I will.. Thanks.Version: 4.19.2

Thought it was differentI just saw THREE FULL HOUSES IN ONLY TWO HANDS. I tied the first hand with another guy with a full house, then lost to a full house the next hand...UNREAL. When I first started playing this game, it appeared to be different and closer to realistic than the other poker games I have played. It’s still a little better than most and there is much I like about it, but it’s definitely not as realistic of a game as I first thought. Im sure it’s fun for most people, but I personally don’t like to see a flush or full house EVERY SINGLE round I play. I just played SEVEN hands, 5 players, and saw THREE FLUSHES and TWO FULL HOUSES in only seven hands. Is that really fun for people to play? Im probably just getting old, but it’s not that much fun to me. Also, it “appears” to me, “almost” every time I play, there is one hot player at each table. Now, there are times when the winning does get spread around the table which is a lot more fun. But usually, in my experience, there’s ONE seat/player that repeatedly gets the “one card they need” or “ONE card better” to win a very high percentage of hands dealt..Version: 4.41.7

RiggedI see that every time I get to Master 1, I get on a losing streak then I fall all the way back down to Legend sometimes even Expert. Now, I just left the game, I had 33, called the raise, flopped 3,4, 10 non suited. I go all in and he has AA and guess what? Ace hits on the river but when I do the same thing, I get beat out every time!!! Yesterday, same thing! Flopped two pair, raise and a bot calls with not even a pair and rivers a straight. I’m not buying any more chips because I think this is ploy to make people do so!! I also get the cards the person to the left of me just had or if the previous hand flop was 886, I have nothing then next deal, I get 8-6. Or I have have K4, nothing then next hand flops KK4!!! And I never flush but every other hand is suited!!! Don’t tell me about algorithms because it’s BS! I’m not a beginner so I know better!!!.Version: 4.38.0

Altight game the more ya bet the unrealistic it is🤔Game has a few bugs and always want you yo buy something. Players are somewhat friendly on the most part. If you like to play poker this game may be good for you! I have liked since i know how to bypass most spam. Give it a try and do not get to greedy😊👍🏻 but game seems odd on higher stake tables😤 i have not gotten so many 4 of a kinds and bad beats in poker rooms! Still fun😊 but in real life play the cards are not like these! I cannot count the times my full houses were beat by 4 of a kind! Good time killer while waiting to do something else👍🏻 way to many ways to get ur real money, plus bonuses have decreased immensely. Still fun tho!But i do not like how they push u to buy chips. If im going to spend cash, i will go to my local poker room. Still am playing after 2 yrs, expert level is tough to keep. Smaller tables i think are better! God Bless😊👋🏻😱 One year after my words above, game, its a game to make you spend $! Simple as that👎🏻.Version: 4.39.1

Rigged to spend!! No advertising.Games rigged to make you spend. I did great before spending ! However, wanted to play higher limit tables. To do well, I have to lose all the money I purchased. You then all of a sudden, straights, flushes, full houses & four of kinds. Then boom, losing streak conveniently during a contest. “They’ll spend to keep going... Especially if they spent before!” Not first game to do this. Algorithm is painfully obvious. Also, loves to give big hands to beginners to entice them. Don’t spend & have fun! Be patient. No advertising nice, but they have to get paid somehow. Spending algorithm is the key! Also game does not add winnings properly & screen button malfunctions. (Not being able to fold) Have to wait for timer to run out..Version: 4.39.2

Haven’t fixed fold optionI’ve written a review before. This is an outstanding game which is why I gave it four stars. However, there is a glitch in the game where there are points were you can’t fold a hand. You should be able to fold it any point in a poker game. Instead you have to wait for your turn to time out. This is irritating and slows the game down. Update: It seems their fixes make everything worse. They still haven’t fixed the above and now it constantly loses connection, times you out before you even get your turn to bet, you have to wait until a player times out even though they probably left the table on the last hand. When you leave the table to join another one you end up at the same table. This could be a good game but the above things plus being automatically folded when you have a good hand is especially frustrating..Version: 4.29

Awesome appI’ve tried a lot of poker apps and I have to say that this is one of the best ones that I’ve seen. You don’t see impossible hands and the people who play are very nice. Every now and then you’ll see some upper level player who lost all their money and is trying to get it all back by playing ridiculously, but besides that the app is very realistic to how people play in real life. I just see that as free money when they go “all in” on some garbage hand. I love the daily free chips, and the daily challenges. The only thing I do not like is not being able to turn off comments but I can overlook that. 10/10, highly recommend it. If I see you in a game I’m likely to take all your money, it’s not personal..Version: 4.44.2

One player got 5 good hands in a row..riggedI like the game and it is better than most poker apps. The good: A majority of the people are good players. Every now and then you run into an all-in fool but most are good players. The extras are nice and the music does not put you to sleep. It has special effects that make the game more fun to play. They have contests that can last 2-3 days instead of 7 days which is awesome. They also give you free money, especially if you do well in the contest. The bad: Sometimes it can take forever to get a good hand. I played the game for two days straight and most of the cards I got were crap. They need to fix this part of the game. The game also has computer glitches. I was waiting for a contest to finish so I could see how much prize money I won. As soon as the contest ended I was kicked out of the game. The error message said it was some kind of interruption and I was supposed to refresh the game but nothing worked, it locked me out and I never got my prize money. They have now added a show hand button which you can use to your advantage. When people show their hands you can see how they play and use that info to your advantage. I play this game more than my other poker apps so give it a try..Version: 4.7.4

What’s wrong?Only been using this app for a few weeks now long time user of the Texas Holdem app. Not sure how I feel about it yet I feel like the Texas Holdem app has a lot more to offer. But to get to the point of my question it’s happened 3 times now that I gave the winning hand and it gives the win to someone else. This last time I had full house other guy had 2 pair and wins. I look at the bottom where it usually says what your hand is and it says high card even though I had a full house 6’s and 3’s. Someone please look into it as if it happens for a forth time I might just delete the app thanks.Version: 4.38.0

Wheel of DoomI have been playing this game off and on for a few years. It’s definitely the best poker game on the market and it’s addicting. I really enjoy the various contests and the developers keep it fun. I’ve not spent one penny, so I have to disagree with the other negative reviews as far as people saying the game is rigged, etc. Play better; that’s all I have to say. My only complaint with this game (and my reason for the title) is that the wheel which requires 10 hands to spin thrusts you into the highest paying table and I have so far lost 2 million because I ended up being the big blind the very second I was thrown onto it. I will never spin the wheel again LOL. It is most definitely the wheel of doom. Not worth it. I think I won 30k and lost 1M on the most recent time. It’s laughable..Version: 4.45.2

Classy hold'em game with a nice UII was looking for a casual iOS poker game to pass the time, and was referred from an ad in another game. I'm pleased overall as a f2p player and I tend to hang out in the lowest betting tables to prolong gameplay. If you're careful and don't tend to overdo it, you can play this game for hours without spending a penny. If you get hasty and go all in unnecessarily, you'll burn out and have to wait a day to collect free chips. Sometimes that's just going to happen when you go all-in with pocket kings against pocket aces. ;) The gameplay is smooth and the UI is clean on my iPhone 8. The animations don't seem to lag at all or detract from gameplay. It would be nice if the devs would allow us to upload an avatar that isn't my Facebook picture, but I can live with their built in pics for now. The company pushes their micro transactions pretty hard with pop ups when you sign in and various other flashy sale animations, but I haven't noticed any mandatory video ads or anything of that nature. Still, the frequent IAP advertisements do get annoying, which is why I'm going with 4 instead of 5 stars on my review..Version: 4.25

So far so goodI just started so we'll see how it goes. I have an older iPad so my experience playing is hit or miss. Lag, kicks me off, but sometimes it loads quickly and I can play hands in a timely manner. The PC version via FB is slow for me. It works but takes extra time to load and delays between screens. Thought it might work better on PC the way WSOP version does. I don't mind the intro music but you could lose it after the player is in. If I could turn the epic music off after entering and leave the sound effects but I can only turn off sound. I like the sound effects but the music is too intrusive beyond the intro. I'm playing poker not scaling a dangerous peak. Take care.Version: 4.23

No accessI have no access. I can no longer open the app. I do not buy games or stuff within games. My Facebook is off limits to all but my 2 family members. So, are you still free with access to users that only want to have a little fun playing poker? If not let me know so I can find another app. EDIT: Alright, I’ve been playing for quite a while now and realize this is quite fun. I still don’t buy any of the offers, but I watch all the offers for free chips. Key word here is ‘free!’ I do get locked out once in a while, maybe during updates or I just need to reboot my phone. Also, the ‘fold’ option will sometimes not show itself. Or my thumb is not fast enough to get the amount I want to bet. ALSO, is there a turbocharger on the timer in certain situations? Quite a few times, I have only had 1 second to make a decision before the buzzer! ;/ All in all, it’s great fun and interaction with people all over the world. 4 1/2 stars. Part Time Bill Massachusetts.Version: 4.23.1

This game rely’s so much on your wallet.This game is very fun, the animations and the way it works are fantastic. But, this game will highly rely on you buying stuff. So if you just want to play this game for free, you’d have to wait hours before getting some chips. And you barely get any for waiting that long. Getting to another table is impossible without buying something. This game is the equivalent to EA, accept worse. It will also wait until you’re out of chip. (Which it will happen every 5 minutes into a table when starting off.) to crush you with ads of buying more chips. It will even almost force you to, kicking you out of a table. This game has potential, but the “pay-to-win” needs to stop..Version: 4.25

GiftsI have been playing for awhile and when I was collecting my gifts it said for me to send a gift to a friend of mine that don’t even play I did it the first time and they whoever tried to hack and make up a blank fb page on me and sent a few people friend requests they told me first I got that fixed and when I go to send all to my friends on the game it lets me do some I have more left and it keeps coming up I hit cancel and then go bk to send the rest and it keeps coming up please fix this cause something ain’t right and I love playing the game please check on this tvu Debra farrell.Version: 4.45.2

If Only there was a Cash section offered by the best Poker AppAs close to money poker as it gets! If you play unwise then you will lose quickly, so most people bet as if playing a cash game! I would like to see tournament options, and the winners are pooled into a small cash game tournament... I used to be able to see the exact amount of hands I have played and won. Maybe you could also show the amount of bad beats, royal flushes, four of a kinds, full houses, and so on each player. I have 4gigs of data from playing this App,,,,so why only percentages now?.Version: 4.39.0

Its fun as long as you're F2P.Its a solid simple poker game with constant purchase promotions and goals to chase. Presented well. My luck has since been dried up as its been suspicious since my first purchase, it was 440k for $8, a bad deal. I used to be able to take my daily spin and win that in 30-60mins. Now I get beat by the river every single time. Not by real picture players either. Players going all in on PIGS off the flop and getting a 4 of a kind on the last three flips. No matter how good my hand is (which is rare now) they'll more often than not flip something just to edge me out. It wouldn't be so suspicious if their cards were worth betting so much on, but even garbage hands beat my decent hole/flop..Version: 4.38.0

ReviewIt has interesting new updates but I can’t purchase chips because I bought so many yesterday so fast on a new credit card and it thought it was fraudulent and now I can use that one to play. Wish I knew had to add or take away money like others do when you are at a table in case you want to play big and go all in or in case someone tries to do that to you. How do others do this? You can fold if you don’t want to play a hand and if you have a strong hand you can bet big and go all in too when playing. Look at your cards and you will see options next to them where you can choose how you want to play your hand or if you want to fold..Version: 4.39.0

Great app for poker players!You don’t get demoted from your rank. 👍 Chips are hard to come by unless you purchase them. 👎 Can’t see the hand once it’s played and any chat (like “Nice Hand”) covers up the bet visually on the player to your right and you run out of time to bet. 👎 Moves pretty quickly. 👍 Was playing WSOP and tried this and like it. 👍 Wish app would not crash so much. Has some bugs to work out, but it puts you right back on the table you were playing and you do not lose your table entry fee 👍 All-in-all, I like the app 👍👍.Version: 4.38.0

Game playIt is not right how you let the same person win 85% of hands and give others hands that are good but wont beat that person . I have played all day and everywhere I play game after game its the same . And your stupid internet connection keeps throwing me out of games and it cost me more money to buy back in . I lost over a hundred thousand chips today because of that problem and thats not the first time either. I play everyday and its always the same im tired of this crap bit Im sure you dont care ! No more for me!.Version: 4.38.0

Give it then take it allI love this app, always loved playing Texas Hold Em, although lately I’ve been losing on every table. My chips were up to 11,000,000 and had been on a winning streak, then all of a sudden I’m down to 6,000,000. I still only have the one ring and was really wanting the get the others but not if I’m going to continue to lose. You see some of the other players that are over 30,000,000, really. It’s really frustrating to lose all the time, I play to win otherwise it’s a waste of my time. Thanks.Version: 4.41.7

Awesome AppLove this game. Addictive, fun, accessible, good players hanging around. I love that it shows the country a player is accessing from; makes it super culturally interesting for me. I’ve played totally free a few months now and stacked up a nice bank just by hitting the bonus wheel, exchanging with friends (making them is fun too), and increasing my level. I just skip past all the advertising to play, play low stakes tables, & don’t get too crazy with my bets and have a couple million stacked up. Would never spend real $$ for this, but rad for fun..Version: 4.39.2

CoolCool game fun.Version: 4.7.4

FunFun, clean user interface.Version: 4.7.4

Poker HeatHi I’m so happy and my friends playing this game it so awesome when it’s break I play ❤️so fun 🤩.Version: 4.45.2

Good gameFun.Version: 4.7.4

Pop up cityConstant unnecessary pop ups. Really ruins what is a great poker app, sadly. Same goes for their other poker app they developed..Version: 4.45.2

رهيبهممتازه حماس.Version: 4.45.2

NopeOuch.Version: 4.45.2

ReviewI love this game I recommended to everybody.Version: 4.45.2

Midders 1Sendgood games.Version: 4.45.2

AwesomeThis is by far better then all the other poker apps I've had played on.Version: 4.45.2

GreatPlace To play!,👍👍👍.Version: 4.44.2

Good gameThis game is addictive and keeps ya coming back for more.Version: 4.42.2

Osti de perte de tempsSurtout quand tu joues et que après 30 brasses tu n’as gagné qu’une seul fois. Quand le système se met contre toi tu ne gagnes jamais. Quel perte de temps. Vous n’êtes que des crosseurs, excuse des ostis de voleurs.Version: 4.42.2

Good gameI like this game.Version: 4.42.1

No friendsImpossible to create a table with a friend and we invite someone we don’t know how it works. Stupid....Version: 4.42.2

CarefulThe game will try and automatically buy chips for you if you run out. And they are not cheap..Version: 4.42.1

Poker is a great game enjoy yourself please 🙏Good luck.Version: 4.41.10

He cambiado mi cellphone y no me cuenta, que sucede? Mi nickname es caleñisimoHe cambiado mi teléfono por un iPhone 11 y no aparece mi cuenta, mi nickname es caleñisimo. Que sucede?.Version: 4.41.10

QuestionI dont see my friend playing why?.Version: 4.41.10

Poor friend connectionI wanna play with me buds but it isn’t working.Version: 4.41.9

:-(Bonus wheel pay out to low.Version: 4.41.10

Very good game I will give it a thumbs upEvery one should play this good game.Version: 4.41.7

Excellent option to play poker online for funI moved here from Zynga poker to experience fair gameplay and have totally loved the experience todate. The option to see u compete with other game players at the same level is excellent. Also all the in game bonuses help u enjoy this game. As advancements I’d like to see 9 player tables and also recently played as u may enjoy playing with someone but may not have added them as buddies and if u move u loose them. Keep up the good work Cheers Colin.Version: 4.41.7

CardsAs you can see I play this almost every single night of the year. I am no stranger to the ups and down. However, these past few months it has been OFF THE CHARTS how hard I have been hit with bad beats and the like. After 20 million in a 10-20K room. I know this must all be computer generated but there has to be something wrong with my situation. I have been on here enough to know something is “off”. I have recommended a lot of people to this site and still do however this has left a bad taste in my mouth. Is there anything you guys can do? Does anyone check these comments? Something is wrong. Play this EVERY night for past year! Please check & see what’s wrong?.Version: 4.41.7

# 1 TomcatHi. Just wanted to say I usually rate 5 stars but just about 20 minutes ago I won 4 hands in a row and wasn’t rewarded 250,000. Please check your records if you can. Thanks.Version: 4.41.7

Great Poker SiteThis site gives stats and details on each player including where they are from and what level they are at. I like the options for chat as well as the speed of the action. I like it..Version: 4.41.7

Worst siteWorst site I ever played it’s set up never in my life have I seen so many bad hands win would not spend a penny to play this site.Version: 4.41.7

不错.Version: 4.41.7

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