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Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now:

• View grades and course content
• Submit assignments
• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar
• Send and receive messages
• Post to discussions
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

Canvas Student App Comments & Reviews

Canvas Student Positive Reviews

Love it, love it , love itI love this program, the app as well. It's treated me well the past few years that I have been in college. If there's schools that use other programs, they should change to this one ! The ONLY issues I have are this : One. I wish that with new upcoming semesters I would be able to look up all my classes like I can do on a computer and add them to my main page , as long as they are published and ready to be added. This isn't a big problem since I can always use the computer laptop to do this, but it would be nice to do on my phone. Two. When I get notifications for files added and announcements, and I click in to it on my iPhone, it only brings me to the first page that you always are greeted with that just has all your classes and stuff. It would be really cool if from the phone we could click into that notification and be brought directly to that announcement, assignment, or whatever else. Again, minor stuff that would be cool if changed, but LOVE CANVAS!.Version: 3.18.5

Pretty great, but would love some improvements!Edit: Would it be possible to only receive notifications for replies to my own discussion post and not all discussion posts? I like the app in general. It sure is handy. I don’t like that the To Do tab only shows a limited amount of tasks and that you can add or view To Do tasks that were added by oneself. You can view the To Dos you added using the desktop website in the Calendar tab in iPad and iPhone, but you cannot add, edit or delete them. I really wish the To Do tab was more useful in the iPad and iPhone apps. Another thing I noticed is that when a particular course imports quizzes from an external application like Cengage Mindtap, it does not mark the assignment as completed in the To Do list. It has to be checked off manually. I wish the To Do list (or List View in the Dashboard tab on desktop) were enhanced as having a comprehensive and editable list of To Do’s is very useful for students to track their assignments. I also noticed that the Inbox feature in the mobile app versions lack a couple capabilities that at least exist in the desktop version. For example, members of a group message can view who is in the message thread while on desktop. But in the mobile apps, you would only see the addressees by clicking reply all..Version: 6.9.8

Great App!I have been using Canvas for about a year now and it's been very helpful! Although the initial switch from Google Classroom to Canvas in my school district was hard, I have now gotten used to the apps interface and how it works. I like how organized everything is in the app, I can see all my classes laid out when I open it. If I click on one of my classes, I can easily open modules to find my assignments. I can also keep track of my assignments with the todos tab and inbox which shows messages from my teachers. Turning items in is also an easy process (depending on which format). You can turn in with audio, website URL, media recording, file upload, or text submission (depending on what the teacher chooses as submission process). Another great aspect is that all of your assignments are sorted by unit in the modules making it very easy to find your needed assignments. Overall Canvas is a good app, I only gave it 4 stars because on several occasions my teachers have made the app more difficult by allowing only a certain type of submission/ locking material by mistake, etc. I do have one recommendation, and that is when you film an in app video submission, there should be a pause button, I have experienced times when I was not able to pause and I wanted to..Version: 6.8.0

This Is a Good App but Has Things to Be FixedI love this app because it is nice for both people using it on computers and on phones. I do however have some issues with it. My first issue which has recently come up is that my teachers have posted assignments and it has said that it was submitted but I never submitted the assignment and when I look at the attachment linked to the assignment I saw that the assignment was not submitted so I don’t know why it keeps on showing that I submitted assignments when I didn’t and the attachment also shows I didn’t submit the attachment and this is for multiple attachments such as Kami (a PDF editor) and Google Assignments and through the Canvas assignments as well. This only does this with some classes though and all my classes use the same things. Another issue that I have that is annoying is when you submit a text entry through the Canvas assignments they don’t have auto draft so if you accidentally leave the page or have to do something else on the app it is very annoying. I don’t know why they haven’t fixed this problem because this would be an easy problem to fix and other websites have auto save so it would be nice if they also did that! That is the only problems I have and for the rest of the things it works well!.Version: 6.10.2

Great in most ways, except one MAJOR flawThe Canvas student app is really responsive and high functioning, almost easier to use sometimes than the actual desktop site. It makes doing school work while on the go a total breeze. HOWEVER, I knocked a star off because there is just one MAJOR issue that I hope they can fix in a future update. I’ve noticed that whenever I navigate away from the app and then return (for example, checking a module for an assignment due date, navigating away to my calendar app, then navigating back to canvas to read further) the app backs out from where I was and returns to the main screen. This is really ANNOYING and I wish it would be fixed. I don’t close the app, I simply switch to a different one, but when I return I have to navigate all the way back to where I was, often needing to click through multiple menu bars to get back to my place. It’s really aggravating when trying to multitask (as all students usually are), especially when phones these days are trying to make multitasking more intuitive and easier to manage. Hopefully that can be fixed because otherwise this is a really successful app..Version: 6.6.4

It's improving! Getting closer!I'm getting much happier with the new updates that have rolled out recently. Most of the functionality is intact, which makes it really good for getting a forum post or two done during down time somewhere. Some things that are still a bit difficult are picking up discussion conversations that you have posted in. There is no way to quickly find or jump to posts that you have already made, which makes it difficult in larger classes with protracted discussions. Perhaps tagging people in a Facebook name type format and then being able to jump to that particular point in the discussions would help this? The only other major problem that I've found (and this may just be an IOS problem) is that if I switch to another app to copy and paste some material or even just the web page url itself, the app closes itself and I lost my entire post. Like I said, this may just be an IOS thing with memory management but it is still a major pain in the rear to lose a long post that was typed on a mobile keyboard. Overall it works well for me and I'm pretty happy with it! Keep up the improvements, it's about there!.Version: 6.6.4

Missing Online Features for SubmissionIn general, this app is good. I can easily submit files of many types when I need to and for any class, and I can track grades, upcoming events, discussions, and more. I love the ability to watch videos in-app and track what I still need to do. There have been some issues with my To-Do list in the past and it’s been hard to find some of my assignments, but after investigating I realized that this was due to faulty organization and uploads by my instructors, not because of the app itself. The only problem I have with this app right now is that it is missing some of the features available online. In my online Canvas account, which I use on a PC, I can submit Google Drive or OneDrive files directly to Canvas. On my iPad, which is what I use with the app, I only have the ability to make a text entry or upload a file from my iPad itself, which means I have to go through the trouble of moving Microsoft files from OneDrive to my iPad’s regular storage. If you could add support for this on both the online version and app, then I’d be grateful. I’d also appreciate full-screen support for videos..Version: 6.8.6

Good, but…From the beginning, the app was fine. I enjoyed using it and it was a good way of keeping up with my grades (assuming my professors uploaded them in the first place), but this recent update, as of April 16, is annoying to say the least. If your class are heavily discussion based, good luck. You now have to scroll though everyone’s posts and comments to finally reach your own. It gets hard to tell which one is a post and which one is a comment because there’s no real indicator except for a very thin gray line. If you want to edit a previous comment or past that you made? Tough luck, you’ll just have to replay again and add to the madness that is already this discussion board. Not only that but the scrolling never loads everything and often gets stuck when it reaches the bottom and has to load more also causing the app to crash. It was so much more efficient when all of the comments were in folders under the original post. Not only that but the notifications are still broken in the sense of, when you get a notification and you click on it, it still doesn’t take you to the right page..Version: 6.2

Disorganized mess.Canvas is a disorganized mess. My school recently switched over from eLearning and that program was SO much better! The discussion boards are a mess. You have to scroll through tons of posts to be able to get to yours. When you get a notification about a comment on the discussion board there is no way to tell if it was a reply to your post or just another reply unless you scroll through. It’s difficult to find anything. I understand there is a learning curve anytime you switch to a new program but it’s really unfortunate when you switch from a great program to a lesser program when the only difference is one has an app (that is still a lesser program) and the other you have to go into safari or another browser (as if that is that hard). Overall, I am terribly disappointed and the hype around this program must just come from people who have never had a better program..Version: 6.3.4

More accessible and easy to use than the computerI enjoy using this instead of having to log on every time on a web browser and having to boot up my computer, it’s also wherever I am. I do have a couple of occasional issues though, sometimes the app doesn’t load, it just keeps showing the canvas logo rotating forever (I think it may have something to do with having do not disturb on, I don’t know if it’s exclusive to my 2017 model iPad Pro 10.5 or if it could be a generic issue). Also, when writing a long reply on a discussion, the letters sometimes can start to fall behind, even to the point of a full second delay and then it will start back spacing if you made a mistake and won’t stop for a minute. This problem may have been fixed just this week with a canvas update (not the app, just canvas in general). The only thing I would like added is the option to edit a post/reply in discussions, I really wish I could do this without having to log on online and just use the app. But overall all, this is a great app to use..Version: 6.6.8

Great for faculty only, calendar is uselessNothing auto uploads to the calendar. If I have to personally check 10 sources to make sure Im on schedule, this is basically a very complicated syllabus with a forum attached to it. The format allows and inadvertently causes faculty to make busy work for the student by uploading more and more materials with more deadlines to keep track of, but since it does little to organize or enhance workflow, it has essentially made it more work for the student as you are looking through 50 pages of materials to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. I’d rather have a paper syllabus and take home handouts as needed, then have to keep track of hundreds of files, notifications, emails, forms and dates throughout the term. Its idea of a solution inadvertently creates a bigger problem. You’d think everyone having remote access to something would make the workflow more efficient. Instead it just opens floodgates to 40 people at a time thinking “Oh, I’ll just say or add this one more thing...” At least add a global search tool..Version: 6.6.3

Great app with some issues here and thereLove the app overall! I would love to see an updated UI in the future to kind of bring everything together a little better. I have found issues with the mobile app not being able to load certain files at times (ie. PPT, Word, and other extensions). Perhaps the most problematic is the failure to load grades in the correct module. I can usually get around it by going to assignments though. Something else that I will note it the somewhat cumbersome viewing of comments on papers. Each time a specific comment is viewed it takes you out of the paper completely, or you have to swipe down again. It just feels rather clunky and I think it can be better implemented. I love Canvas and look forward to seeing where it goes. Oh, and I’m not sure if it is already available but I would love to see this tied into a degree plan completion module somehow to know which courses have fulfilled certain requirements. This may already be available I’m not sure..Version: 6.9.6

Love-hate thingI love canvas. Only on the computer though. When I went to change my profile I have to go to my phone because I’m using someone else’s computer. But when I downloaded it TWO TIMES, I didn’t know how to get in. The furthest I ever got was to the register. I don’t even know what I’m buying. But then I noticed the login part. That just took me back to the start. But instead, it says my password isn’t correct. (You’ll never guess my password, it’s nonsense lol) I typed it while I took a video to make sure I typed my password correctly. I typed it correctly, however the app says that I did not. Truly annoying. It does not work on my phone, BUT, I still love it on the computer! I love this website! (On the computer. I’m no dummy)All those cons only made it go down to three stars. That’s it! Please do not remove this app because it helps kids who do hybrid classes (like me) or always online. Don’t let all my complaints remove this app. Sincerely, A new fifth grader!!:).Version: 6.8.9

Great App, but Needs a Few Minor TweaksFirst off, I want to say I love this app. Very easy for students to stay up to date on their schoolwork. I have used other programs such as My Big Campus and Blackboard Learn, but this app puts both of them to shape in terms of how easy it is to navigate. I could barely use their apps because everything was a mess, so good job with the creation of this app. However, I would like to make a few suggestions. As soon as something is posted to Canvas, it should you should IMMEDIATELY get a push notification and/or email. Sometimes, it takes several hours even though a grade, post, or assignment was posted a day ago, so make the notifications faster and more efficient. If I view a notification on the Canvas app, it should view as read on the desktop version. I notice when I view a notification on the app, it will show I have not viewed it on the desktop version. Also, find a way to allow users to do the “What-If?” grade scenarios on the app..Version: 6.4.6

New DesignThis app made the studying process so much easier. They did a great job on how everything functioning but I removed one star because of their recent design changes. The app icon appears to be red with white logo on it, which made it very hard to see new notifications (since they also appear red in apple devices). I don’t usually write reviews but this really became uncomfortable for me personally. For example, I don’t get notifications on my locked screen, and my banners are also turned off when I get a notifications. When I unlock my phone I could still see that little red circle in the upper right corner of the app icon (that would tell me that I have a message or something). However, now the app is red, and I don’t notice a new notifications because two same colors blend together... I hope this review is helpful. I like the app in general. To all their team, thank you for your hard work..Version: 6.7.1

Back to school later in life-I just thought I would take one class at MiraCosta, but I ended up signing up for a few more than that, and I’m so glad I did. My son just graduated from high school, so I finally had the time to pursue my interest in marketing and business. I started off just taking one class and waitlisted a few others, but as they opened up, I decided, “Why not?” I’m loving my classes and my instructors! Even though I’m not tech savvy, it’s pretty easy to figure out and there’s lots of support here if you’re struggling. If I can figure it out...anyone can! And it’s been 20 plus years since I’ve been to college, but my instructors have been super supportive and helpful at every turn. I can’t believe it took me so long to get back to school, but now that I am, I’m loving it! I think MiraCosta is an excellent choice for someone who wants to go to college or back to college, no matter what the circumstances..Version: 6.8.9

Can’t see all of the slides in a PowerPointSome are cut off, some are missing random pics that are there when I open on a browser, but not the app. Can’t export them smoothly to GoodNotes, which is practically the only way to make use of them without printing out the entire presentation at once. Auto log out times make it so that if you take too long to type out a response then it deletes all of your work when you hit submit to turn it in, which means you have to type everything in word and copy paste if the professor wants something submitted in type on canvas rather than a doc or pdf. Wasting 3 hours on a well thought out and polished post my freshman year made me want to sling my computer out the window. Lesson learned I guess. Calendar is %100 useless. Nothing from the classes is added, what’s the point in even having it on there if it’s worthless? I feel like I’m getting work done in spite of canvas rather than using canvas to get my work done. Fix the slides issue or restrict the professors formats if you want 5 stars..Version: 6.6.9

Previous userI downloaded the app because it allowed me to interact with my instructors & fellow classmates. Somehow there was an update to the app & I can’t get into it anymore. There’s a function that allows a person to reset password & every time I try & request a new password via email, I never get anything from canvas at all. When I go into my school website on the computer, my info works just fine so I’m getting the password right they just don’t have my info in their system or something. I have also had other issues but nowhere to go & try to get help for this app. I’ll be deleting it off my phone since I can’t get in anyway. And it will remain deleted unless they go back to the way the app was 2 weeks ago. Fix your app idk how that needs to be done but it isn’t working for me & there’s no one to call or email for issues unless you’re logged into the app🙄.Version: 6.4.5

I like it but there’s somthing wrongI like canvas better than google home beacuase it’s organized and it has a to do list to show you any work your missing and it has conferences that I think my teacher added but canvas my teacher can give us classes through it and she can even assign work for us I have to courses on for Arabic and the other one is just says my home room teachers name she teaches us all our classes but since carona we don’t even stay school long we only stay there four hours and leave one but on Friday we leave 12:30i really like it it makes everything easier but I think there’s a bug on my iPad when I tried at login it didn’t work and just showed a black screen and when my brother who goes to the same school as me it work we’re twins we’re in the same grade and I kinda feel left out to be the only fourth grader loving a teaching app like the just so goood.Version: 6.9.3

Works pretty good. I like using it, and do.I definitely get benefit from using this app for three classes now. Starting on the 4th. I gave it 5 stars because it is useful. Recommendations for improvement include: the Echo 360 videos do not have audio on my iPad; the People section does not have the groups; power point slides get rendered a little off, but good enough, and there is a way to copy to Power Point for IOS so that is ok. Pretty good integration with Office and OneDrive on IOS; the discussions it would be nice to have a toggle to a view with all reply’s expanded, then back again to only top level posts to be drilled down into. The first two made it so I had to lug my personal laptop on business trips in order to do all I needed for the classes. Still, I found this app worthwhile. Keep on improving it so that it can be used equivalently to the full PC browser based version..Version: 3.19.3

Canvas is niceCanvas is a great service. SUGGESTIONS: It would be very nice if you made it so you could move, rename, and delete your files in the app. Also, there is no way to delete the downloaded files off your device. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! Allow users to view files without having to download from the internet beforehand when they’re on Wi-Fi. Then they can download it off the internet when they are connected so they can see it when they’re not. This would be very useful for someone like me who only views most of their files when they’re on Wi-Fi and not have to download it onto their device. Add support for iOS 13+ dark mode. Make everything in-app features, including new quizzes (along with submission comments for new quizzes), collaborations, and other features that are only available on a browser right now. Thanks for spending the time on creating this great app, Instructure. I know you guys did your best on this app..Version: 6.10.1

To Do List tab needs fixesReally great app and super useful when I don’t have my laptop. However I use the To Do List tab a lot and in my classes that don’t require me to turn in digitally (so i do so on paper in class), it still shows up AFTER my teacher puts in a grade. Wish it was more flexible and student friendly. If i could add or take assignments off when I needed (and an erased tab in case i accidentally did the wrong one). If it was more like the computer face version this tab would be great. I can turn pictures of stuff in, has me set my notifications, and send emails here, really great app overall. I recommend having it in your pocket. .-. I was once at a football game and forgot i had an essay due that night. Went on my google docs app to work on it right on my phone. Then and there and was able to turn it in later on canvas with no computer! Didn’t have to leave the football game either, win win..Version: 6.10.2

I hate the notifications on the home screenI haven’t had many issues with Canvas before, but I absolutely hate the new notification system that came with the update. I can’t stand having notifications sitting on my home screen, especially when for Canvas, the number of notifications depends on how many upcoming assignments you have. I’ve tried turning off notifications for the “To Do” section, but it’s not possible. The only way to disable those little red numbers is if you completely turn off notifications in Settings, which means I would miss new grades being posted, messages from teachers, and announcements/assignments for all my classes. The red numbers in the corner of the icon just pile onto my anxiety and it makes me hate having to open the app because I know it’ll show me all of the never-ending projects and papers I have coming up. The creators need to find a way to turn off only the upcoming assignment notifications, for the peace of mind of students..Version: 6.10.1

Great app, could use minor updateI absolutely love this apps usability. I just have a couple suggestions to make it a little more user friendly. Not sure if this matters, but I go to Ashford University. First, it would be nice to have your own posts displayed at the top of each discussion, so they are easier to locate. Instead of having to scroll down through every other post just to find your own. Second, although the notifications are nice, they can also be a bit annoying. Especially since clicking on the notification does not take you directly to the specific reply of that post. It simply takes you into the app and then you have to “guess” who commented and on which post. Those are my only two suggestions/complaints. Other than that, the app is awesome! Fix these two things and I’ll change my rating to 5 stars..Version: 3.20.4

Meh. It’s ok but it has some issues so it could definitely be better.It’s a good app and a little more user friendly than Blackboard but it has organizational issues that can be hard to handle. I wish there was a way to customize your course selection screen and the access points for your modules once you open your course. I have to jump through hoops to get to where I need to go for some assignments. It’s time consuming and frustrating. Also I wish there was a feature where you can add events or assignments to your personal in app calendar. I have one class that does not enter the time or day assignments are due directly into Canvas and therefore the assignments don’t show up in the calendar. I’d be willing to manually enter due dates from the syllabus if the app would allow me to but unfortunately the entire calendar is locked down. I can’t even export it to my phones calendar or reminders. Very frustrating to deal with but it hasn’t killed me yet so 🤷‍♀️.Version: 6.6.5

Great but the glitches need to be fixedI love this app, I love the functionality of it on my phone and iPad and the ease of it. What I don’t love is that as SOON I put my phone down it automatically turns off the app, meaning the page I was on was gone and it restarts me back to home. This has happened ALOT of times when I’m in the middle of writing an email to someone, I put the phone down for a second and then pick it up back, the email is gone, nothing saved all my writing was deleted and I’m brought to the homepage. I did exit out of the app or anything it just does that automatically. Can they fix this issue where it stops refreshing the page and bring you to home right away unless you close the app completely? Let it just keep you on the same page you’ve been until you yourself close it on change the destination..Version: 6.6.5

Student Canvas App ReviewThe Canvas app is extremely convenient (for both teachers, parents, and students) to use, at any time, anywhere. The app is easier to log into than the website, and it gets you in quicker, with barely any time wasted on loading. You can have the app on your phone or IPad, which makes it a very reliable backup option. You can also have multiple accounts on it, without having to log out on your main school account. The app enables you to check your grades, upload an assignment, submit an assignment, join a conference, message a teacher, etc. I like how on your phone, you can quickly access your account without waiting for the page to load, which isn’t even accessible on a phone. Not everyone has an IPad, so the free app, is very useful, especially during this time..Version: 6.8.3

Works good but needs some updatesThe app works well, it allows me to check my grades and look at up coming assignments very easily and is mostly what I use it for. I think if the developer would update the way that discussion content is presented it would make the app more user friendly and be more valuable for actual learning. I would like the ability to minimize discussion like is available on the canvas website so that I don’t have to read the entire discussion or all the comments at once and could choose to read only specific ones at a time. As it is right now I do not use the app to follow discussions because I have to scroll through everything to reach a discussion that I want to read. If I could choose the discussions that are fully displayed then I would be more likely to read discussions throughout the day follow along with the discussion instead of waiting until I am sitting in front of my computer at home each night..Version: 6.3.1

Helpful, but glitchyWhile it helps to have an app that allows me to continue my education even while putting a child to sleep, there are a great many problems. The biggest is the slow keyboard response. When writing, one must be willing to be overly patient. In this era, we should be able to type at will and have the technology move with us. More often than not I must type and wait for each word to appear. It is common for the app to take more than 10 seconds to respond to my typing and mangle the sentence into an unintelligible mess. The other failing is the annoying tendency for the app to relapse into previous versions of the screen in which I am working. If I complete a post or reply, it would suddenly disappear as if it failed to upload the post. If I retyped my post, it would all of the sudden remember the past and double post. Unfortunately, this is not only a problem in the app but also the desktop version. Please fix this!.Version: 6.6.3

NEEDS improvement.This app is very responsive and aesthetically functional. However, it is not functional for the things that matter: 1. Discussions: I write all of my discussion posts on the notes app instead of the in-text box in Canvas. Why? Because any text more than what I could only guess is more than 200 words, causes extreme lag and unresponsive ness from the app. Also discussions should be handled a little more like social media, so notifications apply directly to your own post and can be quickly accessed/directed to your own posts. Rather than having to scroll for long times to find your discussion post in a class of 60+ people. It’s also normal for teacher to request a post goal in discussions, it would be cool for canvas to have a discussion post counter so students can be aware of how many posts/replies they’ve made, to make sure they’re on track. Replies should be expandable, to maintain organization of the feed. 2. URGENT Drop down menu multiple choice during quizzes/tests needs to be look . It resorts to the iOS wheel of choice similar to the one when selecting your birthdate in any other app. It basically limits the information displayed to stay in accordance to the feature of iOS. However, I lost some points in a test because I couldn’t figure out what the drop down menu said. And sentences are ended with elipsis, rather than a clickable option to expand the content.Version: 6.6.11

Just ehSo far on the mobile side canvas seems very inconvenient due to the constant redirects to 3rd party apps and the long loads, not to mention the module system. I do like the linear feel of the modules but from a visual and usability side google classroom’s feed is definitely a lot nicer (mostly due to the interconnectivity of the google suite). Being able to create separate feeds for discussions, work, and recourses is really useful though. Also the ability to choose which courses appear on your course page is pretty neat, but instead of seeing courses you have favorited you should just have the option to hide courses that you don’t want to see that way you don’t risk missing any new ones you may be added to. Custom color options for courses would also be nice since I’ve now run out of colors I like. All around it seems like it can be a very powerful tool for online learning, but needs a little more work especially on the visual side..Version: 6.8.9

Needs Fixing!I’m not sure how I feel about Canvas. I recently started using this app, and there have been some distressing occasions on attempting to turn in work/get to class on time. There are some components that I like and some aren’t as good in my opinion. For instance, the assignments that I submit do not appear submitted on the teacher’s side. This negatively impacts my grade. Additionally, it’s easy for the app to crash from the number of students/educators using it at once. Sometimes I end up not getting to class on time due to it not loading. I hope these “small” bugs get fixed soon, or many educations are being put in jeopardy. Some good components are (if the app is working effectively) it’s quite easy to find your assignments and get them into your instructor. I like how the app has a calendar and it marks off the things you have already completed. All things considered, this app needs some fixing, but overall I would love to use it again..Version: 6.8.9

CriticsGreat app, it is really on the fence of getting a 4 instead but with all the bug fixes it’s okay, if you have problems with the app just ask people who know it will enough, most people complain about the app but it’s actually pretty good. It sends notifications thru text and notification just in case it did not work, I really hated how it handled files but know it is okay, I also hated how it handled assignments but know it’s really good, it might need a place to put your email for teachers and students a like, I don’t like how it has the messages layer out like reddit, it’s not even the good reddit one, it’s the bad see reply one and you have too keep pressing and pressing, it has a very useful Hud where you can see all your classes and you can change and customized them, it also has access to drive and outlook. Thx canvas.Version: 6.4.7

Forensics & Mat 142I really like canvas for my forensic class because everything is easy to review and the professor is really great about helping with any needs that are on canvas. However, I really dislike canvas for my Math class and I took the same math class last semester and had to drop due to family emergency but it was on blackboard, the topic were the same but the program was very different. I had to master a topic to move on but if I couldn’t master the topic I was just stuck in that topic. Ask teacher and other students for help and they were having the same problem. The teacher didn’t feel that the program was a problem, but it was indeed an issue because I was spending 7-10 hours on the computer trying to figure out the topics. However, I will not take math if it’s on canvas Ever Again..Version: 6.4.1

Solide, but lackingThis application is very solid for allowing me to access my schoolwork, however, an update needs to be made in order navigate to discussion threads in my classes modules. Another improvement that needs to be made is the time zone settings, which needs to be accessible from the application. Apparently the application depends on the devices location, which is problematic considering you’re relying on your device for the time. I am currently running iOS on an Apple tablet and an iPhone X. Because I wasn’t able to adjust the time zone setting on the application, three of my assignments or late. I run a very strict schedule at work and in sure that I can accommodate free time for my schooling, however when I have the application for working against me, it doesn’t leave much room for error..Version: 6.4.1

Only one thing-Great otherwise!This is a nice app. It’s definitely handy to have as an alternative to Canvas on my school chromebook. I love how you can click and option that allows you to see your grades from the card view—Whenever I think “Hey, let me check my grades,” I open the app and see them right there. One thing that i noticed however is that when I access the app from the notifications, two tabs will pop up instead of one. And example: I get a notification about a test being graded-I tap it, the app loads, and the test pops up, and right after the same test pops up again. I’ve also found that sometimes the app will freeze and I won’t be able to tap anything. I can’t remember the last time it happened though so it’s not a big deal. Overall, good app! :D.Version: 6.9.8

Excellent!I love it!.Version: 6.13.0

Difficult to navigateQuercus is very difficulty to navigate, recordings and files are in hard to find places, messages are also difficult to find..Version: 6.8.0

Application Name is WrongThe application shows up as ‘Student’ rather than ‘Canvas’ on my iPhone. Can you please update the application to fix this?.Version: 6.10.2

OkIt’s good except it’s kind of annoying how if you’re looking at a professor’s slides and you switch out of the app for a second that the app restarts and you have to search for them all over again.Version: 6.4.1

Multitasking issue needs to be fixedEvery time the app is minimized and brought up again, it kicks you to the dashboard, very annoying..Version: 6.4.1

Night mode!Hello there, this app has been great on my phone, however, I do hope that you can introduce night mode on iPhones, it would be nice if you can do it! Thx!.Version: 6.11.1

Ok…It’s an ok app, great for school…. But it’s really confusing and slow and the app is called student. If you could fix these problems (like naming it canvas student) and making this a whole lot less confusing it’s be better but still….Version: 6.12.0

Nice, but needs more polish. And don’t use an 11” iPadThis is a pretty nice app overall, in my experience. For example I like that you can annotate slides inside the app and the notes are all saved there. No need to download them separately, unless you want to. And I love split screening the lecture videos beside the slides. However if you try taking notes on an 11” iPad, the markup toolbar opens in a really awkward way. It blocks some of the slide, and you can’t move the toolbar out of the way because that option is hidden behind the lower menu bar. That brings me to my other main criticism: menu bars are kind of everywhere. They sometimes take up a lot of space and for no obvious reason. Luckily split screening with another app makes the biggest menu bar go away. Anyway if you have a larger iPad you might have a better experience..Version: 6.11.2

Great for onlineI have been using it for about almost 3 year and it’s really good, it’s simple and very good for anyone who doesn’t know what there doing, It takes no more than two hours to memorize the layout of the app bc it’s very straight forward. Form: Jeremy Moore.Version: 6.10.1

KIojbh.Version: 6.9.8

Notifications😑This app is pretty good, except for one thing— it constantly sends multiple notifications of the same thing. Like when I get an email in my inbox, I get a notification for it 6 TIMES. It’s extremely annoying, but it could be something on my end so I’m not gonna complain about it TOO much..Version: 6.10.1

No notificationsVery convenient to have the app on your phone but i don’t get any push notifications from it even though i turned it on from the desktop website. really annoying to have to get email notifications which makes important messages get lost :(.Version: 6.10.1

Amazing but notification do not workThis app is a great platform. My school switched to Quercus a few years ago after using blackboard and this is much better. My biggest critique is that I don’t get notifications directly from the app..Version: 6.10.0

HiI is very easy to do my work.Version: 6.9.8

No Push NotificationsDespite turning all push notifications, I receive none to my iPhone nor iPad..Version: 6.9.8

Best App Ever!Best app ever! I am going online this year due to covid19 and I find it really useful having the app and the website link to go whenever I want. You can do. One but I use both! Canvas is something you should totally get!.Version: 6.9.4

Sending love to youBest of luck with school. remember you are loved and i’m so proud of you for trying your best ❤️.Version: 6.9.6

AccountI can’t use the same account in my pc :(.Version: 6.9.6

Loading problemPictures won't load. It's so frustrating.Version: 6.9.5

Good appIs there a way to show averages/distribution in the grades section? or is this only available on desktop.Version: 6.9.4

Efficient for Students like me!It’s almost the same as the desktop interface in iPad OS. Because of this similarity, it helps in easy navigating through my courses like I would on a computer. Very helpful tool!.Version: 6.9.3

Not good on iPadBad on iPadd.Version: 6.9.4

Slow garbagePoorly designed. Poorly executed.Version: 6.9.2

So helpfulEasy to use and we can use anywhere anytime.Version: 6.9

Dark ModeThis app is used by hundreds of thousands of students. It should have a Dark Mode in 2020..Version: 6.9.2

Discussion board is bad enough on desktop ...And it is virtually unusable in the app. If there are many posts, you can’t filter for unread messages or messages from particular users. Attachments require numerous steps to view..Version: 6.9.1

Surprisingly goodThis is good.Version: 6.8.9

It’s okPlease add a dark mode the white dashboard makes my eyeballs feel like they’re being roasted on a George Foreman grill.Version: 6.9

Missing one feature that users desperately needI love the app (5 stars) BUUUTT the developer needs to find a way for videos to rotate to landscape view..Version: 6.8.9

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What do you think Canvas Student ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Canvas Student iPad Images
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  • Canvas Student ipad image 3
  • Canvas Student ipad image 4