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The lead-management (CRM) platform that helps agents and teams run their business – anytime, anywhere. The Premier Agent App provides a simple and effective suite of tools to help you respond to leads quickly, communicate intelligently and manage your to-do’s efficiently.

Intelligent lead management
• Get alerted the instant a new lead is received, with relevant data including property and contact details
• Connect leads from over 35 sources and manage them all from one inbox.
• Gain valuable insights about new leads including search history across Zillow and Trulia, time frame to move and loan pre-approval status.
• Set status and filter leads based on the consumer's readiness to buy a home
• Record your phone calls and have them delivered to your Inbox, so you can listen again later.

Tools to manage your Agent Team
• Route the right leads to the right agents by price, location or type.
• Set tasks and reminders for your team members to follow up with their leads
• Monitor incoming leads to your team and track follow-up

Task management
• Create tasks for your individual clients to manage the various to-do’s through their home-buying process.
• Organize your day by setting due dates and reminders.

Listing management and other resources
• Manage listings, upload a video walkthrough, post information about open houses or add additional photos
• Manage your Premier Agent profile by adding past sales or requesting reviews
• Access powerful tools and training through the Premier Agent Resource Center

Premier Agent App Comments & Reviews

Premier Agent Positive Reviews

Zillow Premier Agent App👎Although the issue is more closely related to the staff and their practices and procedures, I must express my concern. When I first started using the Zillow premier agent app, I felt that my leads were of good quality and coming in on a regular basis. Once I finished my diet contract with Zillow and began my second, the quality of my leads dropped significantly. I went from receiving leads on homes between $100k and $200k to only receiving leads on foreclosed and condemned homes that were listed for less than $50k. A few here and there wouldn’t bother me but I haven’t received anything worth while in over 3 months. Now the Zillow “care team” keeps coming up with reasons to bill me and extend my contract. I’ve been trying to cancel this advertisement service for almost 3 months. It’s a scam..Version: 5.8.0

Contact details not easy to accessWhen you have a call, the contact info (phone, email) for the new lead are not readily available to see. You typically have to click “edit” on the contact to see the data. Very inconvenient when on a call with them and you are not sitting at a computer. I always like to confirm their phone number when it is a direct connect from Zillow, because leads don’t always have the best phone number entered into their profile..Version: 5.8.0

Great FeaturesThis app is great! So many things to help you with clients. Texting from the app is great and it automatically tells the system that you sent a text and what date you sent it on. Same with the call from the app. Easy to add notes to clients and keep on top of everything. Thank you Zillow!.Version: 5.9.0

Zillow premiere appApp is helpful when you are on the go like most agents area. Information at your fingertips is really handy. I would love for agents to be able to toggle between leads on/leads off by day and time. There are times when agents are unavailable (vacation, training sessions, open houses, client showings, etc...). It would be helpful to toggle off leads. This ultimately would create a better user experience for the agent and buyer. Leads would only be sent to agents that are available. Better timing, creates a better user experience and more connections for the buyers..Version: 5.7.0

Zillow needs a New CTO and Dev TeamThis app is good because it connects you with the consumer...that’s about it. It’s design is horrible and it’s layout isn’t intuitive. UX for the agent/broker is so bad. If I could upload all the glitches with photos and videos it would be embarrassing. Maybe Zillow should invest in the app before it keeps investing in Zillow Offers. This company cares deeply for the end user and the consumer online and buys up companies like Trulia to trash them so it can further drive traffic to Zillow cornering the market while not investing in the agents user experience on the mobile app or web app..Version: 5.27.0

Over priced for quality of the leads.Zillow charges exorbitant fees for their service and has listings based on old and inaccurate data. I continually have to add my closings manually. They are quick to add a property but there is a disconnect on UC and Sold properties. Many of my leads are generated on UC properties. I also don’t think their database is not current when it comes to agents. There are agents on their list that are either inactive or dead (literally!). I can’t say that the investment is totally negative. However, the leads are inconsistent (like real estate in general) but the ROI is OK, just not what they portray it to be..Version: 5.5.2

Making progressThis app does not update in real time. It’s frustrating when I look at the app after I have missed a phone call, even force update and nothing. Then 5 hours later I check the app and all of a sudden those 2 calls show as leads! I can’t weed out the junk calls from real calls especially since all the phone number spoofing is going on! I just don’t even know what to do! I’m even on the do not call list!.Version: 4.34.0

Premier ZillowI use the App over the website on my computer. I can make calls and texts straight from there without accidentally typing in the wrong number, as well as being able to put notes directly into your clients folders immediately..Version: 4.27.0

Need a snooze featureI love the app for getting leads. However, there needs to be a feature that allows an Agent to turn off the app or turn off lead generation. I have a full time job and I need to turn this off during that time. Also needs to check for pre-approvals..Version: 4.38.0

New Premier AgentThis is my second week as a new premier agent, and so far I have had steady calls and I am working with one lead as the buyers agents and three appointment schedule from the leads. However I believe that being an premier agent will move my business to a higher level. Thank you!.Version: 4.54.1

Great App to work with!!!!!Premier Agent App or Zillow App is one of the most important tools for a Real Estate Agent. I would say necessary. It allows you organize your leads, keep a good follow up with them and manage your portafolio of customers. I recommend it 100% to any Realtor that wants to become successful..Version: 4.43.0

Where is everything?It’s difficult to navigate. I just finished a showing with a Zillow contact who I “met” on the phone 2 hrs ago. When I tried to leave notes about the first showing, I only found another house she viewed on Zillow so we went to see that one too. Now I want to leave notes about the interaction. Where can I do that?? Susan.Version: 5.34.1

Zillow Premier Agent is rated A-1 by meGreat opportunities Learning all about what is available and what a great chance to reach our to an agent. As an agent I am so excited that customers can go on this web site and let us know what they are interested in viewing. Thanks Cynthia Alexander Coldwell Banker.Version: 5.20.0

Needs improvementsIt seems that Zillow has a ton of information but only allows agents to navigate through a bit of it. Also, clients that do not wish to work with an agent and declines the request, should be moved into a different folder so agents don’t need to continuously update their notes or status on them..Version: 5.42.0

You could be betterIt should be a requirement that any FSBO who advertises on Zillow agreed to pay Zillow brokers a 3% wholesale commission minimum. Independent real estate agents who do not Co-broke at market splits with realtors should not be allowed on Zillow or also agree to pay a minimum 2.7 %. I am seriously considering other alternatives platform for marketing my real estate because of these concerns..Version: 5.37.1

PA app is easy to usePA is a user friendly app to keep track of leads. You can send text messages, emails and call directly from the app. It records calls if you have it set in the settings. Great for reviewing to increase skills and convert more leads..Version: 4.51.1

No response from the troubleshooting teamNot receiving any response from the support team since the beginning after numerous request over the course of 6 months.Version: 5.29.0

Great ProgramI am very excited to be in this program to meet different people from all walks of life that I may not of had access to otherwise..Version: 5.17.0

Zillow FlexGreat idea, the leads are not all qualified leads and some just want to see homes with no intention to buy it would be better in my opinion if Zillow implement a 3 question step asking if the lead has a realtor, if they are approved and if they are intending to buy whitish the next 90 days..Version: 5.52.0

Wont Ring on WatchSince they’ve updated the Zillow Flex calls to come through the app, the lead call will no longer ring on your watch. Makes it very frustrating when everything is on silent or vibrate to not notice the call Bc your phon isn’t attached to your hip. THATS WHY I HAVE THE WATCH!!!.Version: 5.42.0

FantasticIt’s a wonderful system for meeting new prospective buyers! I’ve met lovely people from all over who desire to relocate or find a vacation home in my area! I’m very pleased! Thank you!.Version: 4.57.1

DisappointedDisappointed that my pictures are not being posted in the order that they are on the MLS. Also disappointed that my open house is not being displayed.Version: 5.49.0

Simple but goodEasy to use - not a ton of bells and whistles. But it does help keep track of who I called, texted, emailed and any notes I might have about the client - all in one place attached to the property address they first inquired about..Version: 4.29.0

Zillow is okayThey’re okay sending a lot of tire kickers, haven’t gotten a close yet off their service but it’s only been one month, still hopeful, I did receive some on the fencers..Version: 5.52.0

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