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Kids read 5x more with FarFaria! Choose from the most popular read aloud kids books for ages 1-9, for free.
Thousands of beautifully illustrated fiction and nonfiction books, bedtime stories, picture books, audiobooks, nursery rhymes, and songs keep your child engaged, and eager to read.

Kids will love new hits as well as classics like Rapunzel and The Wizard of Oz, and they will come back for more as new books are added weekly.

Every book in FarFaria’s library is reviewed by Reading Specialists and tagged with an easy-to-use A to Z Reading Level Badge. With FarFaria, children become confident, independent readers, building literacy skills, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.

Help your child build a love of reading with FarFaria!

• Unlimited reading! A curated library of 1,000 of high-quality children’s eBooks.
• New books every week!
• Read-to-Me professional audio narration in EVERY story.
• Word highlighting to improve decoding and vocabulary skills for beginning readers.
• Find the right book at the right level with kid-friendly reading-level badges on every book cover.
• Standards-aligned reading-levels includes Lexile score and word count for every book.
• Perfect for travel with offline access to up to 50 favorite books.

• Select one book per day for free from our library of curated children's books.
• Receive new books each week.

• Subscribe for just $7.99/month or $49.99/year to unlock unlimited access.
• Subscription can be used on up to five connected iPhones and iPads.
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at purchase confirmation.
• Your subscription will auto-renew. Your credit card will be charged via your iTunes account. You can cancel at any time from your iTunes account settings.

• “A SOLID literacy tool.” – Common Sense Media
• “Brain Expander” – Parenting Magazine
• “Netflix for Children's Books!” – USA Today
• “TWO-TIME Family Choice Award Winner!
• 5 Stars “Great books! I love that it shows the different levels of the books! With the Read-to-Me feature kids of all ages can listen to the stories. I highly recommend this app!” – longbyrd, 5/31/2020
• 5 Stars “Great App. My littles love this app! I love that it grows with them.” – srr2012obrn, 7/11/2018

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FarFaria Read Along Kids Books App Comments & Reviews

FarFaria Read Along Kids Books Positive Reviews

After 4+ years, finally got the LifetimeI have used FarFaria with and without a subscription for several years. It’s been completely consistent in its appeal to my daughter since she started to read until now, at 8 years old. I thought at some point we may get tired of it or find something better, but it’s appeal has remained solid since day 1 and nothing else comes close. And for what it’s worth, I’m also interested in voiceover work, so I find listening to the stories to be beneficial to me, as well! They are very well done. I bought the Lifetime Subscription and my daughter will be thrilled since her yearly subscription ran out and I’d been dragging my feet to renew. It’s a done deal now and I feel very good about it!.Version: 3.47

Love it!My child loves this app and enjoys listening and following on in the books. I would recommend this to everyone. I do wish some of the books were longer, but we’ve only had the app a short time so I just may have not found longer books. I also wish it also had higher grade levels. I have a son that doesn’t like to read, but started watching my younger one listen to his book..Version: 3.49

Great booksI love that it shows the different levels of the books! I wish I had known about this app when I started teaching. There are some really fun books on here and with the Read to Me feature kids of all ages can listen to the stories. I highly recommend this app to get interested in reading!.Version: 3.63

Very fairy princessThe book is very good I like examples details coloring the rainbow you’re all talking about just umbrella you’re staying with the topic not going off for like a man I’m talking about I’m Barela and I’m going out a bear I’ll talk about a bear that’s for you guys if you like I am maybe could change it like yellow but now are yellow and brown rice and Bella are yellow umbrella is very good for the weather and other stuff.Version: 3.51

FarFariaFarFaria is AMAZING! yes you only get one story every 24hours but the stories are fantastic the one story you get l promise you will LOVE it! So no matter what happens you’ll have a great time with FarFaria and you may have just one story but you can get a life time update kinda thing were you can get life time stories instead of just one story a day but any way you’ll love it I promise.Version: 3.44

Long books!!!So thar or some great story’s but what about the long ones? And if it’s because your worried that they’ll never finish why don’t you make a thing to save your spot?(so a bookmark for a game)here or some: dog man(yes I do mean all the books),popularMMO’s presents a hole new world/enter the mine, the bad guys (no it’s not a horror book it’s funny graphic novel series)rainbow magic(at lest the night series)but over than that it’s a great app/game(I don’t know).Version: 3.62

The bestI was reading far frail and the books were very good. Me and my family love to read them. I love to read once every day it really helps me improve with my reading skills thank you for fire for our our. I love to read once every day it really helps me improve with my reading skills thank you far faria for all you done for me..Version: 3.51

Reading is POWERMy 3-month old son loves this app. He enjoys his story time daily. Thank you very much. This app will help him enjoy reading and learning new words before he’s 1. His brain is a sponge now. This is an amazing tool. I’m glad he we have the option to read 1 book per day at the moment. However, It would be nice to have newborn books as well..Version: 3.49

"I love Farfaria to 100!"...says my four year old! 😄 And I (Mom) love that the books are leveled for my 8 year old. He says he likes that Farfaria will read to him first then he can read better independently. We found this a great way to have stories on vacation without toting along books! Totally worth it - we got the lifetime subscription 💕👫😻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.Version: 3.43

The only app I pay forMy daughter is 8 and we've been using this app a couple of years. It provides an endless amount of stories during a time when reading is very formative for her. Incredibly worth it. My two sons will follow in her footsteps making it that much more of a value for us..Version: 3.43

Love itWe have had this app for many years and my kids love it. I’ve always recommended this app. My son is 8 and he has watched this every night before bed since he was 2. He is in advanced classes and reads/comprehends on a 5th grade level. He is in 2nd!!!! I can’t say enough good things about this app. Thank you.Version: 3.50

FarFariaFarFaria Is the Best FarFaria Gets 1000 thumbs up from me it has books it has games and it also has different types of stories and bedtime stories make up stories which means that you make up with friends so I request you get far Faria today thank you for reading my message bye-bye.Version: 3.44

Twins and IWe Love FarFaria. We learn sign language using the stories. And have enjoyed reading together often. I wish the books were more interactive like speakaboo. And maybe more of a sign language selection since it’s another modality that includes reading..Version: 3.51

Fantastic and educationalI bought this app as a teaching tool for for 3 year old grandson. It has helped him tremendously. Now My great granddaughter is benefiting from the same way. The stories are the same as I was a child. So wonderful. It incredible how it helps there ability to learn a young age..Version: 3.49

“So and so is beautiful”We’ve had this app for years and have really enjoyed it BUT there is WAY too much focus on the women being beautiful in the intros to the stories! This is really glaring, do you not have any women on your product design teams? You should know better in this day and age. Almost has me deleting the app, but my kids would be sad. TAKE THE FOCUS OFF the physical characteristics please..Version: 3.44

It’s hard to sign inI paid for lifetime use but on the home button you can only see the selling or ad it does not ask if I already have an account or no where to find if I already have an account..Version: 3.43

Review from a MomThis app is great. I really enjoy the stories and the “think about it” questions to make sure children understand what their reading!! I love that children are also able to follow along with the words. 5 stars from this Mom!.Version: 3.42

Exciting, useful and easyI got a free subscription thanks from Scribd perks. The Farfaria app is exciting. It has vast selection of books plus you can choose between fairy tales, adventures and many more. My daughter thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world and she is 7 years old. Thank you Farfaria!.Version: 3.63

Thank youMy son didn’t like reading and I found this app and even though it is a little expensive it was worth every penny to see my son want to read thank you so much for an app that keeps him interested and engaged!!!!.Version: 3.62

We absolutely LOVE this program.Even though our grandkids have almost aged out of the grade and skill levels offered. Our very favorite that we keep going back to is the Cat Bug stories. Check them out and more..Version: 3.45

FarFariaI Love the books that you provide for the children I think they're really great .I am actually one of the children that read your books and I think they're absolutely wonderful.Version: 3.43

This app is so awesomeI love this game so much you can read books and these are some of my favorite books I’m reading right now this game is so awesome thank you for making it goodbye.Version: 3.65

My love for farfariaI want to say that I love farfaria . It has the most beautiful and greatest books that I’ve ever seen and I just wanted to say I love the way I can choose the books I like and it has a book club and I like that and I just love it..Version: 3.53

This app is ingenious.I really enjoy using this app to read to my son. I specifically like the map function on the iPad app to find the different genres. I definitely recommend this to parents..Version: 3.62

Good app for childrenI really like it, I just wish you got more than one free story because sometimes you (or your LO) will accidentally press a book that you didn't want to read and will not get an option to read another.Version: 3.42

Needs a language selection bar in the parent sectionNeeds a drop down menu in the parents section so you can change languages if you have children who are bilingual and need reading to improve vocabulary and fluency...........Version: 3.65

Very helpful! We love FarFariaIt's great for younger kids and it's great for older kids who are having trouble reading there's different levels even if your kid is a great reader you can still use it for bedtime stories.Version: 3.42

My ratings !Far faria is a very good if you have to read one book a day Far faria has a lot of books to read and you could find music . I think you should get farfaria!.Version: 3.47

Great for bedtime storiesAll the FarFaria books are well timed and give the option to have someone narrate or you can read out loud to your child. Great for a quick bedtime story..Version: 3.58

Have fun with books 🥰🥰😍love itHi! my name is Medha this app has many good books 📚. I would like you to read my books I would be happy if you did. I hope you have fun with some of my books.Version: 3.57

OMG it helped me so much now I can read better it's AMAZINGIt helped me in reading and in making my English accent better and I thank whoever made this app and if you don't have it you have to download it 😀😃😄😀😃😄😍😘.Version: 3.43

Huge hit at bedtimeMy kids love FarFaria. They ask for it every night at bedtime. My son has also improved his sight reading since we starting using the app..Version: 3.44

Can’t go to the islandsWhen I try to go to any of the island’s it goes black it doesn’t let me go to the islands it takes a very long time if I want to enter the island. Please fix it.Version: 3.65

Awesome!Bought the lifetime access and so far it's been great! My daughter loves it! The books here are better than other similar apps and the variety..Version: 3.42

My sister loves this app!I downloaded this app for my little sister and she could nearly read when she started but now, she loves it and can read really good!.Version: 3.44

We Love FarFaria!We Love FarFaria!!! Thank you so much for making it. We love the cool stories and there is always a surprise! It’s one of our favorite things to do with Mimi!!! MP 6 years old RP 5 years old Mimi 63 years old.Version: 3.48

Reading MagicBooks for Pre K to 4th grade. Great selection. I love that you can read or have it read for you. My Great Niece is going to learn to read using this wonderful app. Love it!!!.Version: 3.51

Love it!As a grandmother of five, I am very happy to have found this app. It makes my putting the children to bed much easier. As I sit down in my arm chair, they are screaming Far Faria!!.Version: 3.44

AwesomeI L❤️VE Farfaria. It ha so much fun stories to choose from! Though... you can only read one story a day.... unless you want to pay a couple of bucks. Personally I don’t like wasting money on an app... other than that it’s great!.Version: 3.56

Ayanna was the unicornOne day it was a unicorn named Ariana she had a friend namedAyanna and they played at the unicorn Park so H was a unicorn that had no magic and they helped the other unicorn get its magic and that is how you make friends the end.Version: 3.42

Love it!!My sister loves it but we also want to read more books some days but other than that we love🙂.Version: 3.51

Great reading tool on the goIt’s always on hand. The kids love using it and it avoids the clutter of books both at home and in the luggage..Version: 3.44

Kids favorite right nowIt’s a gem app for story lover/ book worm kids but can't read as fast yet!.Version: 3.65

Excellence is FarFariaExcellent app.Version: 3.57

Awesome butAwesome app it has great stories and I love to explore the world of FarFaria but the only thing is you can only read 1 book in a day But overall awesome.Version: 3.62

We love FarFariaFarFaria is great for me and my 3 kids (5, 3, and 1 years old). Although none of my children really ‘read’ on their own much yet they get the experience of enjoying stories and reading independently through the wonderful world of FarFaria. They love to explore the islands and find all sorts of different books. My youngest gets some help picking a book, but he already knows how to touch play and turn pages! It gives me extra time to make meals or do anything else I might need to do while their attention is engaged. I prefer that be something more book like rather than putting on a tv show all the time..Version: 3.51

It’sIt is amazing.Version: 3.47

FarFariaThank you so much for the great game and the great stories.Version: 3.46

I love FarFaria so much I read it every night.I loved farfaria!.Version: 3.45

❤️❤️❤️FirFaria is the best!!!!! Get it now!!!!!! Don’t think 2x 🤯.Version: 3.45

Love itI love it because i can read it every day on my iPad.Version: 3.44

FarFaria is bestest story app.I love FarFaria 💋💝❤️💜.Version: 3.44

Fa fairy talesI think you should download this app because it has all of the fairy tales .And it reads to you.Version: 3.44

I love itI love it so much I wish I didnt have to do eny thing.Version: 3.43

Five starMy kids love the them very much.Version: 3.42

FarFaria 💖!FarFaria is a great to learn how to read,learn about history,&more!.Version: 3.40

Our thoughtsThe books should be a bit longer. But we enjoy them. Thank You.Version: 3.42

A hit with my sonMy son is just under 3 & he LOVES this app. We read it almost every night before bedtime. We have the option of reading the story to him, or having the app read to him. The voices are all human (not computerized), so there is no crazy voice inflections. He loves to turn the pages & leaf through his favorites. I also love that we don't need the internet to access his favorites so he can have them when we are in the car or without internet access. There are a few beefs that I have - in one of my son's 'favorites', there is a word that is mispronounced & it drives me crazy. I also wish that there were more familiar/popular stories that we have on his bookshelf. Overall, my son enjoys it & there are some learning tools here too (counting, colours, language introduction -ie- French, Chinese, Spanish). I think it's a fair deal for what you get..Version: 2.14

WowJ'adore la diversité des histoires..Version: 3.37

I love this app butI love this app but please make all books free.Version: 3.36

孩子们非常喜欢孩子们非常喜欢.Version: 3.35

Works wellThe app works well. Lots of variety..Version: 3.36

Just renewedLove the improvements.Version: 3.34

Fantastic app!It is great app for children. My 3 years old son loves it!.Version: 3.33

FarFariaIt's like having a library at home that I can access at any time ..Version: 3.26

My girl 3 & 6 love itMy girls and I cuddle up and read a story daily at bedtime, they love listening to the stories!.Version: 3.26

My toddler & I love this!!!We read and listen to stories every day and every night..Version: 3.26

Far farinaThis is a wonderful app for children,we love it!.Version: 3.25

PerfectGreat app!!my kids love it.Version: 3.23

FarFaria StoriesGreat app..Version: 3.23

We love FarFariaMy daughter asks for it every night. Thanks.Version: 3.22

Brilliant!!Brilliant.Version: 3.20

RoseGh.Version: 3.16

I like itThis app is so much fun.Version: 3.14

Good selection and levelsWe have subscribed to Farfaria for three months now. What a good investment in reading! My kids aged 7 and 9 like to have the stories read themselves, as well as using them as our read-aloud bedtime stories. Great range of topics, themes and levels..Version: 3.14

Love these booksMy boys love this app. Thanks so much.Version: 3.14

Amazing AppMy 2 1/2 year old twins love it . Definitely a must have App !!.Version: 3.14

Great app for the whole familyWhether you choose to read to your child, have your child read or be read to by the app this app greatly encourages a love of reading. It's presented in a fun easy to navigate way and has over 900 titles ranging from preschool to grade 4 level reading. There is something for everyone!! You just gotta try it.Version: 3.13

I like itAll the story are all Read to me which is a great feature for younger kids. Tons of stories not expensive, but no brand stories or super recent one..Version: 3.14

Great AppMy son can't get enough of this app! I love how much he loves it..Version: 3.12

Best Children’s Book App!I absolutely LOVE this app! I teach Grade 1 and use it in my classroom on my iPad. The “talking” stories are a real bonus for the beginning reader, and the bright colours and great graphics are appealing to the kids. Repeated readings are encouraged:) I also have a two-year-old grandson who adores this app. Even his other grandma bought the app for him. It’s super easy to use and he’s able to choose his favourite stories and turn the pages on his own. I highly recommend this app to parents, grandparents and teachers!.Version: 3.8

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