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This is a smart ballistic calculator. It can use G1, G7 and... custom drag-functions!
Can calculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient!
You can select reticle from the list (2009 reticles!) and see holdovers at any magnification (see list of reticles supported here
3781 cartridges database
2420 bullets database and 687 G7 ballistic coefficient bullets database
516 air rifle pellets database
Can calculate spin drift, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic stability factor and vertical deflection of crosswind.
Internal barometer support
Vectronix Terrapin X rangefinder support
Kestrel Drop and Kestrel 5x00 support
Supports imperial and metric units.
Supports WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter
Skywatch BL weather meter support
Skywatch BL1000 weather meter support
Density Altitude support
Apple Watch support
Field-proven accuracy since 2007

Strelok Pro App Comments & Reviews

Strelok Pro Positive Reviews

Absolutely Awesome!As a long time Ballistic AE user I thought dealing with bugs and a clunky GUI were just par for the course with a solid calculator on my mobile device. I’m here to tell you I was so wrong. Strelok is simply awesome, super intuitive to operate, and very well developed. The work and dedication that goes into this app is second to none. Just take a look at the consistency of the development updates and responses. A few things that stand out to me are quick access to G7 data, easy export of reticles, and the ability to save firearms with the scope linked. Overall this is a huge improvement for me over Ballistic AE. To list a few little things I have noticed. Sometime when I select a different target it does not always come up In my reticle view. I would love the ability to default the whole app to MRAD but that’s a personal use case. Lastly I do prefer how the Ballistic AE outputs long skinny drop charts that are easy to print and laminate for range use and hunting use. These are such small issues. I give this app a easy 100% hands down!.Version: 6.16

Best Ballistic App in the IndustryWhile there are a lot of great apps out there, with StrelokPro you have the ability to fine tune every variable to really true up your trajectory and know exactly what your projectile is doing. With many apps the process to get through the menu’s to update temperature on the fly is time consuming and one thing I love about Strelok is the ability to quickly Bluetooth atmospheric’s in via Kestrel Drop D3 and plot a new solution before the wind changes. There is a bit of a learning curve to understanding all the concepts that go along with long range shooting and Strelok is the easiest and most intuitive app on the market. The developer is very dedicated to offering support and the Strelok community in the Facebook forum is a great resource to learning the ins-and-outs and troubleshooting when you get stumped. If you want to get into long range shooting I cannot recommend StrelokPro enough. Best ballistic mobile app in the industry..Version: 6.05

Own every iPhone ballistics appThis app is amazing in my opinion, because you can email Igor, get an answer back quickly, and see changes within a week; I also use other iPhone mobile calculators with our Kestrel AB Elite like ABMobile, Shooter, BallisticsAE, Trasol, Bullet Flight, and several other mobile apps including the Kestrel Link app that comes with the Kestrel, however I find Strelok Pro to be more repeatable with the Kestrel’s wind call Bluetooth integration. We are able to consistently get on target with various distances from 278 to 1015 yards with a 308, 6.5, 30-06 and 5.56. Again my best reasons is app support (being able to email Igor) and see a long list of additions/fixes/enhancements and new features added every year versus the competitors apps that get a few updates a year if lucky or if they have to, because it stops working when Apple changes something. Igor’s app is priceless..Version: 4.47

Awesome Ballistics AppThis is an awesome app! Whether you are new to shooting or have many years of experience, this app has features and convenience that cannot be beat. Instead of printing off charts at home and bringing them to the range, this app lets you calculate bullet drop at distance and wind holds in seconds. You honestly just have to use it to appreciate all the tools and features available. I’d pay twice as much for all the work the app has saved me at the range - with the price of ammo, a good ballistics calculator can save you hundreds of dollars worth of missed shots and guesswork. Remember, the quality of your calculations depends 100% on the quality of your input, so use this together with a chronograph for the greatest effectiveness..Version: 6.05

Outstanding!Installed this app when I purchased my first higher power optic (2.5-10X). I’ve been a regular shooter since the age of five, but most of my rifle shooting had been done at 100 yards, and a few times at 200 yards. My local range opened a 500 meter range, so I tested the app, optic and rifle at a more respectable distance. After inputting my ammo type, grain, distance, etc etc, I found the adjustments given by the app to be perfect. I had a few misses due to wind, but had consistent hits out to 500 meters on targets as small as 8” with an AR10, 18” barrel (and the ammo was the cheapest 7.62x51 I could find). I was so consistent at 500 meters, I caught myself laughing every time I saw the bullet impact, along with the crisp “ping” that the steel target let out..Version: 6.49

Strelok ProJust started to use Strelok Pro and it is amazing. Forget all of the Range Cards and just take your iPhone and all of the adjustments will be at your finger tips. Once configured you can quickly swap your rifle, scope reticle and ammo, hit calculate and the data is all there. With over 1200 reticles in the database, you can load your exact scope virtually into the app and visually see what the settings should be. There are over 3300 cartridges in the database to give you an exact ballistics match. The app integrates very nicely with the iPhone to automatically set variables such as inclination, humidity, atmospheric pressure and many other items. It also is compatible with external devices such as wind and weather meters. Igor, the app developer is extremely responsive to questions and request to add new reticles and ammo. Overall this is a well written app that is intuitive to use and feature rich, and this is coming from a detail oriented person who spent over 35 years in computer support. If you are vacillating on whether to buy it or not, just spent the twelve bucks and you will not regret it. This app is Right on Target (pun intended)..Version: 4.67

StrelokProSince getting the app, I have been satisfied with it. Although there are times when I don’t know what something is and sometimes get a little confused. But over all I usually figure out what I need to do. I have to admit it is far better than some I have seen in my opinion. You have made the software user friendly. Not to hard to navigate around. What I find stressing is some of the terms. Now I am not a really good shooter. But I want to get better. Some of the terms used with out explanation leaves me wondering what the heck does that mean. Most of the videos leave out some parts that for most hunters and shooters don’t really need to know.. Just plug in your info and go. I see some videos where the shooter using the app have great results. And they do explain the software functions in a way that’s understood. But like I said there are some terms that get skipped. Also can you put my scope on your list of scopes. I didn’t see. It’s a Bushnell AR OPTICS mil dot 4.5-18x40mm. You have a great product. Thank you Lucky.Version: 6.40

Fantastic Ballistics AppThe app is accurate assuming you plug in the correct data. I use multiple calibers, with multiple ammo and scopes. The app allows tracking the data among each variation. In addition, Igor the developer has a Facebook page which he is very active so any questions can be directed or searched there. One of my favorite features include the ability to set different locations, which I use to set up the different NRL 22 stages with ranges. I highly recommend the product due to its functionality and overall support..Version: 6.47

First shot from new rifle...After established a 100 yard zero, punched in the numbers on this app and made an 800 yard shot on first try. The dial-in was dead on for my rifle, cartridge, and current environment. That’s about the best kudos you can possibly give. I have every rifle and scope already programmed in. When I get ready to take one out, I would just punch in the weather and print out the sheet to take with me. If you don’t have DOPE, this is the best place to start. As a software engineer myself, I feel like Igor is a kindred spirit of sorts. Awesome job..Version: 5.67

Awesome!This app is great for shooting. I log multiple firearms and optics. The owner is awesome! He responds quickly and happily takes request for additional bullets or a factory cartridge. The app has a huge data base of bullets and factory cartridges to choose from. The most attractive part of the app is the ability to pair your optic with the rifle/cartridge. The holds are really close if not dead on! You will not regret purchasing this app for shooting. Whether long range, short range, hunting, or precision shooting you will be happy with this app..Version: 4.75

Dead on!!!There is no better, more detailed Ballistic calculator out there. I'm glad I took my friend's advice and purchased it. The wealth of information in scopes alone is worth the price. To the developers... very nicely done! No glitches. No inaccuracies. Just a great program. I've talked 7 people in to purchasing the app. Every time I'm at the range, I do my very best to show off the app. I haven't had a single person try to tell me the one they were using was better in any way. Thanks for a good product I can trust!!.Version: 4.36

Outstanding!The perfect addition to the tools of the long range target shooter or any hunter. I use it with an $85 WeatherFlow weather meter and real-time shooting solutions appear. Choose your reticle, define your target and the proper adjustments are in your hand. MOA, Mil dot, inch adjustments or number of clicks are all right there. If you don't want to think, just call up your reticle image and type of target, then make your scope look like the screen and squeeze 'til you hear bang. Also an excellent way to play "What should I do if ...." scenarios..Version: 4.43

Superb ballistic appHave only just downloaded it and fiddled with it, haven't even taken to the range - fantastic app. Every time I wonder - "Does it do X?" I find it does exactly what I was looking for or expected. Pretty intuitive overall. Only thing that threw me off was selecting the rifle I want, would have expected that to be a primary menu item at the top instead of deeper in the main screen. Not a biggie now that I know. Very impressed with the ease of exporting the data. This will help me fine tune and learn in the field and then allow me to create customized data charts later on. The app had my common rifle, scope, and bullet info readily available to load up. Great job, highly recommend this to a new shooter or experienced shooter looking for an app to make field work simple. I look forward to having more fun at the range now..Version: 4.54

Worth every penny!This is my first review every in the App Store and I’ve downloaded and purchased a ton of apps. Great app and superior support! Igor so much help. StrelokPro works and work very good. I have an Fx Wildcat .25 cal and with with app it very accurate beyond 125 yards but you have to input the correct numbers. I can’t remember what I paid for this app but I’m sure it’s worth double due to Igor Borisov. Super fast replys to my email for help. I can’t say enough good things about this app. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 5.00

Fantastic!Best app I ever downloaded . Once I figured out the interface, I easily entered several firearms with different scopes and load configurations. Every load and reticle was preloaded in the data base except two; with a little digging, I found completely compatible reticles in the app. This app does it all-renders the other four Ballistic Apps on my phone completely redundant while doing more (more easily) than they did collectively..Version: 5.80

My favorite go to ballistic app!This is a relatively simple to use and intuitive app that does everything you can imagine with ballistics and tells you exactly what the Coriolis effect is, the Spindrift, Drift due to wind etc. etc. The reticle view on the app is very powerful and useful. Animals ball shorts, every kind of target you can imagine or build your own. I regularly shoot steel out to 1100 yards and occasionally to 1250 yards… This app is never let me down..Version: 6.16

The best app in the marketEverything you need is in the app. Very intuitive. Using it about 2 years and every time getting amazing results. Recently I contacted the developer regarding my new Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 data about which I thought missing from the list. It was not the case, I had to be just more attentive. As I said everything you need is there. And what a great way of treating the costumers. Thank you for the nice customer service. Thank you for the app..Version: 4.49

If you don’t have this app you probably shoot like crapThis app took me from being completely lost and just hoping for the best, to hitting cold barrel shots at multiple distances. From up close 150 yds, out to 600+ yds with a low end 308 and a foggy scope. An actual marksman with real equipment and this app could easily take it to 1000 I’d bet my next paycheck on it. The ability to fine tune the different variables is unmatched..Version: 6.14

Great appI’ve been using this StrelokPro for many years now, very user friendly. In my option it’s the best app on the market for the money. Like any ballistic calculator it’s only as good as the data you put in it. I’ve used most of the ballistic apps on the market. This is the one I use for accuracy. Yes there’s more expensive apps on the market, but this is a great calculator. Thanks Steve.Version: 5.62

Grate app, great responsivenessBest ballistic calculator I have owned. Has been dead on fr me after I collect good inputs to put in the system. Plus, myself and a couple others have reached out at times when there has been a reticle missing and he gets them added amazingly fast. Accurate calculations, very responsive to users, what more could you ask for......Version: 4.81

This is a GREAT app!This guy is a genius. I have used Strelok for many years with my hand loads. It is a valuable tool if you are looking to be “surgical” with your rifle. The data bases of bullets, pellets, factory ammo and reticles are mind blowing. Check it out I’ll bet yours is in there. The house support is there if you need it and the paid version is cheap. A must have for the serious distance shooter..Version: 5.79

The BeastI have used different ballistic programs in the past. StrelokPro offers you the best of two worlds the bullet and the pellet calculator in one program. Everyone should try this program. The standard program is good but when you get the StrelokPro in your hands you will see for yourself why this is the program you will only need ..Version: 5.29

Best money ever spent.I was first introduced to the program through a friend in the special operations community. Before everyone had a Kestrel this was the go to program. I bought a Kestrel. It stays in the gun safe because it is $650 I use this program everywhere I go I have now started using them on all my shooting matches it is always within .1..Version: 5.29

Great APPI started off with Ballistics AE. While I like that calculator Strelock pro seems to offer more functions such target/stage input, matching my reticle to show holdovers, etc. this is a great calculator. I use it more the AE now. I will say that both Ballistics AE and StrelokPro give me the same DOPE with my data input. Just make sure you don’t put garbage in or that is what you’ll get for output. Get the APP and use it..Version: 5.29

Excellent AppThis is a great app with lots of information. As I am just getting into shooting it is also a great teaching aid. It is regularly updated. I recently bought an Aztec Emerald 5.5-25x50 scope the reticle was not in the list as this is a new scope and mfg, with that said this reticle was added today. When you go hunting make sure your phone is fully charged and buy an extra external battery..Version: 4.32

Mr.H.R.JohnChanged my scope on my Sako 22, from leupold 6 - 20 x 52 FFP .250 MOA to Nightforce 3.5-15 X 50 MRAD .10 FFP, changed on my existing page on " change Rifle " to MRAD also on Page " scope click units " set to MRAD, changed also on" cartridge page" to MRAD, Changed on" Taple setting" to MRAD, but here is my problem on the page " CHANGE RIFLE IT WILL STAY IN MOA " THE same if i do that in reverse,??? it will stay always in that page you started ,can't change existing page's or update from" MOA to MRAD" or" MRDA to MOA" ,i have to start with a new page " Change Rifle"??.Version: 5.26

The next best thing to collecting your own data (DOPE).This app will get you on paper at distance quickly. I often cannot sight in beyond 100 yards, but shoot matches out to 600 yards. StrelokPro puts me on target every time. Nothing is a substitute for DOPE, but this is darn close provided you enter the right data. Most 3gunners, hunters, and beginner PRS shooters would benefit from having this in their kit..Version: 5.21

Super Intuitive Ballistic Ap; My Favorite!This has been my favorite Ballistic app for a long time. Has some great features like really easy truing for velocity or bc. Also integrates with most of the wireless environmental data collection options out there. Everything can be backed up tot the cloud too. And Strelok is the only bal Ap that gives a visualization of your holdovers using your actual reticle. Love it..Version: 4.57

Great Ballistic CalculatorAs a novice long distance reloader/shooter, this calculator has helped me consistently hit targets out to 900+ yards. You can start with simple data, then add inputs as you learn more about bullet dynamics. Used properly, this app is a good resource and teacher, especially when “Trueing” your reloads. Excellent referral from the crew at Defender Ammunition. Keep up the good work..Version: 6.37

Excellent ballistic softwareI tried using several other ballistic apps and they all worked decent but missing the features and power of StrelokPro. The reticle library and the factory ammo library just make it so easy to setup and tweak to my rifles. I find it easy to use with a short learning curve..Version: 5.88

Great AppI have been using this app for a few years I believe. The app does exactly what it describes and what has been impressing me the most is the constant updates and improvements. It was not just a one and done. This seems to be a labor of love with regular updates Great work and ongoing support. Thank you!!.Version: 5.42

Great ballistic appI down loaded several ballistic apps after reading an article on the best apps available. I found this one very easy to use and the retical function is a big bonus. You can use cartridge information included in the app or you can input everything your self. Definitely give this one a try.Version: 4.59

Pro says it all!Any other ballistics program is backing up compared to Strelok Pro. Super simple to use. Good data in excellent accuracy out. Data base of scopes, reticles, bullets, and rifles. Unparalleled! Making contact with the app developer is super simple and very timely. I have and continue to recommend this to any other shooter..Version: 4.83

THE app for ballistic calculation!If you are serious about shooting with precision, want to see how changes in your set-up will alter ballistic flight and point of impact or just want to save money sighting in this app has what you need. I hope more of the Sightmark Wraith reticle will be added, especially the 2-16 model..Version: 5.90

Excellent ballistic appExcellent app, well worth the money. I purchased it last week and noticed my scopes reticle wasn’t listed so I emailed the developer and within a few days I noticed it was included in an update. You just can’t find service like that now a days..Version: 5.64

Great app for all shootersThis app is phenomenal for all types of shooters. I use it for my 3gun competitions when we’re shooting long range. It has so many different reticle options and has a great data base of different bullets, cartridges, and just about anything else you could want..Version: 5.51

StrelokProAnyone else having issues with the application losing data once saved? Seems like it happens periodically and after an update. I’m using this app quite regularly so still gets 5 stars, so hopefully this is just a glitch 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 6.35

Awesome appI held off buying this app, but man it has opened my eyes to what’s possible. I love how intuitive it is to use for a nontechnical person like myself. For me it has provided immediate value. My shooting is going to improve because of this tool. Highly recommended..Version: 5.03

Diamond StandardThis app is easy to use, chock full of features, and the creator of the app is dedicated to constantly updating and adding reticles, simply by email request. Igor, you’re the absolute dude. To anyone on the fence about getting it, Stop hesitating. Buy the app. It’s worth every penny..Version: 5.73

One of the best.This is one of the best ballistics apps I have ever used. It’s important to remember though that every rifle shoots different so this is just a guide. This app gets you extremely close though, just have to fine tune your rifle and ammo combo after that..Version: 6.04

Strelok ProMy friend recommended this app on a hunting trip….he loves to use the reticle only for ballistic compensation as he uses cheaper scopes. He makes amazing shots under 500 yrds! I zeroed my 22LR Ruger Precision at 50 and used Strelok Pro to hit a metal target 10” at 170 Yards…. Nailed it on the first shot Missed some after but that was me and cheap ammo. Hit a Coke can w 22 at 170! I shoot 223, 308, 30-06 also. LOVE this easy to use app! Best $11 I have ever spent…….not kidding! Take 45 minutes to learn how it works and you will love it. As an amateur shooter it has doubled the enjoyment of my shooting…….Version: 6.36

Awesome application!!!I use a few ballistic apps and I always come back to strelok to verify. Only thing missing, is a target analysis part, where you can import a picture of your target and have it analyze for grouping and other measurements..Version: 5.16

Great AppI downloaded the app and was playing around with it. Had a question regarding some settings and emailed Igor. They addressed my issues and responded incredibly fast via email. Great customer service! Would highly recommend!.Version: 4.88

STRELOK PRO-JUST GET IT!!!This is the best ballistics app that I’ve found. I started with the free version and decided on the pro. Great decision on my part. The app easily talks to my Kestrel Drop to get current weather information on the spot. The Dropbox feature is great when you use multiple devices for shooting. Just export out of your iPad and then import onto your iPhone. Just like that! The Facebook user group provides lots of good questions and answers from other members. Support from Boris is amazing. JUST GET THE APP!!!.Version: 5.21

Amazing Developer response & AppDeveloper added requested ammunition date within a couple weeks. Very comprehensive app and even had a left hand twist option for scope adjustment. Well worth the price of admission..Version: 5.95

StrelokPro proWhat incredible customer service!! I’ve been using ISTRELOK PRO for about 3 years. I had a little glitch, I emailed Igor, the author of the app and he got back to me with a quick fix within 2 min of my email. WOW!! I’m a lifer now!!! Steve.Version: 5.31

Love this App!!Igor keeps it current and it is extremely accurate. I shoot PRS and this is my go to app. However like anything having to do with computers, you have to set it up correctly with scope height, etc. I absolutely love the recalibration feature!!!.Version: 4.70

Works as expectedWorks great with the Skywatch bl400. Is especially useful with a scope with a BDC reticle like the any of the Primary Arms ACSS scopes. I use the 3-18x50 R Grid 2b. I love how quickly this ap drops my target precisely where my aim point needs to be on a copy of my exact reticle..Version: 5.09

Great appThis app has definitely helped make me make more first shot hits. Calculating the number of clicks to quickly get on target is great. But even better is the ability to see where the target should be in the reticle. Love this app!.Version: 4.71

Impressed.Found the scope I use but it isn’t labelled properly. Very good features..Version: 6.22

Fantastic ballistics.Great fast support from developer Igor. Very pleased..Version: 5.99

Awesome formatEasy to use has been very accurate. Only reason for not a five star is some of my scopes reticles are not in the library. One in particular is G7 Night Force..Version: 6.10

Excellent.Great app. Very good for load work up and selection. I use the a lot to match loads to BDC optics..Version: 5.91

Mind blowingI’m actually shocked at how well this app worked. Had my exact reticle in there to load. I did a couple test shots at different ranges so the app could figure out the speed and then I dialed it up to 600 and hit first time following the apps guidance. Worth every penny..Version: 5.83

StrelokProStrelok Pro is the best app on the market for the long range shooting and mountain big game hunting. I use app for so many years now and all of my friends using it as well minimum 12 guys that I personally know. Everyone is happy with Igor’s App and we think that it’s amazing tool. I got nice elk at 840 yards lest season without any problem. Thank you Igor for your hard work very helpful App !!!.Version: 5.57

IStrelok ProI recommend Strelok Pro for long range shooter, I purchased all the Ballistic Apps but Sterlok Pro is the best. The developer would help you right away if you have questions. Thanks for the Apps..Version: 5.55

Accurate and Easy to Use Ballistics CalculatorI have been using Strelok Pro for 6 years and i love it. It really helps me tailor my reloading and shooting to get accurate and repeatable results.Version: 5.43

Istrelok proAwesome app.Version: 5.29

Great appThis is a great app I use it a lot and recommend it it to many.Version: 4.86

Best ballistics app period.Retical info is awesome; ballistics info is easy to set up and read. Perfect for both beginner and advanced shooters. I shoot a lot, this is the only app I use now..Version: 4.82

SuperbEasy to use and very complete. The latest update included my EBR-2C reticule so I was quit happy..Version: 4.71

Amazing appAwesome app. Always being updated. Would love to see a tutorial about the ‘target list function’ and some of the other options.Version: 4.46

GreatGreat app, but seriously wondering why there are no tremor 3 Reticle or any in that same family for that matter!.Version: 4.70

Good appDidn't like it on my phone, its MUCH better for ipad!.Version: 1.18

Just Ok pellet riflesI find that this app is ok for pellet rifles. Wish it had a pellet list in the ammunition list. The iPhone app is ok but iPad one is nicer to use. It would be nice to have info on all the input settings and there meaning. Cause if you screw up an input the output is crap too!.Version: 4.32

UserHow do you store info, then start with a different load and caliber?? Or do you email to yourself then print out? My email [email protected] hotmail. com.Version: 1.79

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