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Poetics is a visual poetry app, developing the concept of an infinitely editable, object-oriented poetry.  

The app is an ongoing artwork created by Seth Indigo Carnes, an artist based in New York City. Poetics is used in over 150 countries, across languages and cultures, and in schools to teach a variety of subjects.

Art features:

• mutable text
• chance operations
• ephemeral missives
• gestural semiotics
• nonlinear flux
• meta tangents
• intermedia cutups
• multimodal love

App features:

• works on all iOS devices
• portrait and landscape compositions
• turn device and use in any orientation
• always editable, saved work
• custom photo filters
• minimal text styling and color
• physics-based interactions
• nuanced gestural control
• zoom in and out for detailed work
• write in multiple languages
• speak your words into app

Music in App Store preview courtesy of The Missing Ones

Feedback or thoughts? [email protected]


Poetics App Comments & Reviews

Poetics Positive Reviews

Great except one flawI'm really liking Phoetics. To be fair, it's really short on features and options. It uses one font and background color for the text. But you can resize the text and move it and reorient it. So what it does it does well. What I HATE is that to add the "Phoetics" you have to crop it to ONE RATIO of 16x9 and ruin whatever you had it cropped to before, like a square! Makes it very hard for Instagramor anything else. Developers: please just make one change! Remove this crop! Don't force us to crop, just let us add it to the image in whatever shape we want! Thank you..Version: 1.31

Surprise featureI know that it's not technically what this app is for, but I use it to create iPhone wallpapers with my photos. I crop them and after editing the photos with the app I take a screenshot of it when the photo covers the whole phone. The results are good. It's a decent photo editor and you can move the text around and add it. I'm not much of a text person but this app has a surprising purpose for me..Version: 1.31

Simple And LovelyFind the right image and let the words flow. Great little App for applying a feeling or lyrical thought to a photo. This is not about how many fonts this app has, it's about pure thought and splashing it onto a photo, and letting it naturally fall into the pix. Think of refrigerator magnets for your photos. You can position words or sentences in any direction 360 degrees, and also resize them easily. This app has reinvented the photo caption, and no two captions are ever the same! Thumbs up!.Version: 1.31

Praying for more features soon 😍Love this app so far! I have such a blast with it, but my only criticism is I think it would be 100x better if they allowed different font or text styles....praying for that to happen soon!!.Version: 1.31

Fun appI use this to capture a sentimental mood in my pictures and use as my lock screen. Some might find one block font limiting but I actually find that it makes the app more useful. Instead of fussing around with typeset, I'm looking for precision in word choice..Version: 1.31

👍🏻 THUMBS UP 👍🏻Quality user interface and useful app for my iPhone photo toolbox. Recommended for anyone who is searching for a clean minimalist block-text add-on capability for their images. Easily a five star rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.31

Need don't choicesI love the idea of this app, and the ability to and postcards is great. However, I would love to see some font choices, as well as the choice to use text without the "label." If it had that, it would be a 5 star app!.Version: 1.1

Pretty coolThis app is like post secret meets poetry meets photography- taken to the next level. I think it's super cool and a unique way to create things for, let's say, a poetic Instagram account. A+++.Version: 1.31

Best new appLove this app. So much fun especially because you can send $.99 postcards and they look awesome..Version: 1.31

Words and PicturesAlthough there are other apps that allow you to add text to photos, with this app you feel like your cutting up words typed on paper and making a visual art collage reminiscent of the early cubist painters. I had some crashing issues after I first downloaded the app on my 6 plus but an uninstall and reinstall seemed to have fixed that issue. Kudos to the devs for responding to my support question so quickly (a little over an hour).I think this is an app for some serious artistic creations or for some not so serious fun. Thanks..Version: 1.2

Must Have For Photo Poetic Junkies!Easy to use and simple to share, this one of a kind masterpiece says it all with just a few words and a whole lot of creativity. Make it your own when you personalize each simple plate, turning your words into bold statements. Behind it, your personalized picture awaits to be decorated. With a little extra, you can turn ordinary into extraordinary!.Version: 1.1

Applause!I have used other visual poetry apps before but always found them hardly flexible in terms of adjusting text or editing photographs. This poetics app offers everything I need to explore my creativity to the fullest. It is not only fun to use, but also a revolutionary form of dialogue for people to treat each other to the wonder of words..Version: 1.0

Easy to useJust started using this app and have enjoyed creating personalized photos. Not hard to navigate. Was able to create something I was happy with in the first few minutes of use. Can't wait to explore all the features..Version: 1.2

Custom postcards from your phone!I love the ability to move words around, and get crazy creative with the images, but what really brings this home is the ability to send a postcard right from my phone. I might get addicted to this!.Version: 1.1

It's okay.It kind of feels like a meshing of Instagram and Snapchat but with none of the social interaction. That being said, it's very sleek and does exactly what's stated in the description. I do wish that the text would maybe take some of the same appearance as the filters...sometimes it stands out far too much and takes away from the "visual poetry" so to speak..Version: 1.0

A Rare Gem!Highly polished (this is version 1.0?) app that encourages the feelings of unbound exploration we all experienced the first time we saw and then started fiddling with those poetry refrigerator magnets at someone's house. Well done! An ideal and fun app to share with kids and adults alike..Version: 1.0

TipsI would recommend making the text box of the word able to increase in length and size the word can hold. Overall I love it! It'll help with my short poems!.Version: 1.1

Love...I love this app. I have used it with my friends and with students. We created autobiographies and the students enjoyed using this app. It is easy to use and allows them to use technology in their lessons. Fantastic!.Version: 1.0

Favorite Photo AppTop photo app and top 5 apps I use daily. It's so fun to elaborate on my pics with creative text. I'm no poet, but am learning now that I have poetics! My favorite thing is sharing with my friends via twitter and Instagram! Five bright stars!.Version: 1.0

Fun play time for adults!A very fun app. Wish I could change font types, otherwise all around fun time for playing around with graphics and words..Version: 1.25

Too much fun!This is a fun app to use! I really like the concept. It has me going thru my pics to see what I can play with. Just one small snafu- it keeps crashing on the one pic I have. Works on all others so far..Version: 1.0

Love !!It's easy to use, fun and sleek! Maybe for a future update if there's a way one could change the font... One day I might be feeling more "script", another more "helvetica"...;).Version: 1.0

Like fridge poetry + pictureSimple, easy, elegant way to communicate. I do wish one could tint the white backgrounds behind the words. It stands out a bit much on some work and gives It a sameness. Otherwise looks fun..Version: 1.0

Awesome except for crash bf sending postcardI love this app as an outlet for creativity but it always crashes right before I'm about to send a postcard and it's so frustrating.Version: 1.25

Fun,easy, and useful!A great app for poets! Clean format that is easy to understand, lots of different options for photo editing, creative ways to beautify photos! I <3 it!:).Version: 1.0

Great Writing Tool For those with Special NeedsThis app is an innovative way to practice sentence building with kids with disabilities. Please make this app compatible with iPads..Version: 1.2

Amazing!!This app gives you a chance to express yourself in a completely new and inventive way. Let the creativity flow!!! Love it!.Version: 1.0

Amazing AppIdk why this app is not popular. it's simple to use, it enables me to create great pics. it still needs other editing features but i like it :).Version: 1.25

Quite cool.I like this app quite a bit. The idea is unique and the ability to send your pictures as postcards is genious..Version: 1.1

Great AppThis is app is really artsy and easy to use. I'm writing this after using it once. It was just that simple to use..Version: 1.2

PoeticsPoetics is simple and thus a joy to use. It's not a game, or a utility, it's a fluid way to explore relationships between photography and language, at least for me..Version: 1.0

Food for thoughtBetter than the fridge..Version: 1.1

Loving this appJust downloaded this app and love it! Very clever and a lot of fun to send more personalized love notes to my wife!.Version: 1.2

Wow - Great App!Finally, an easy to use, creative, social art app. Release your inner poet. New build is faster than ever..Version: 1.0

Get yer meme on!So good for getting creative with text and photos. Intuitive. Quick. Brilliant!!.Version: 1.1

Lovely, easy to useNice results, very straight forward..Version: 1.25

Amazing appThis app is all a family need, love the user experience..Version: 1.1

DecentDecent enough but could really be maximized with a more fonts and a rotate picture ability.Version: 1.0

GREAT UPDATE!Love this app! Easy to work with and fun! Thanks for the new cool update and your commitment to your product!.Version: 1.1

Great photo editorUse it all the time. Rarely write poems.Version: 1.0

Pierrick in New YorkPoetics = Picture+Poem! I love the idea! As an Instagram photographer, I now enjoy adding a "Poetic" layer to my pictures..Version: 1.0

New favorite photo appThis app lets you put such a neat twist into your photos. Love it!!.Version: 1.0

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