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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream App Comments & Reviews

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream Positive Reviews

Why You Tube Is ImportantIt is amazing how much You Tubers and their podcasts are helping to bring change in our society I am learning so much about Demography Geography, Finance, History from people who really know what they are talking about. It has helped me to understand where we are as a country and as s people. I’m born and bred A United States American. I also am better understanding the personalities of other countries. Yes, each country has its own unique cultural characteristics and personalities, as do we. I am a boomer. There are also talented folks. Layla the boxer is just a kick in the pants. I find myself laughing out loud at some of the cute skits. Ssmantha, I think that’s her name is very creative and she is good with her pets. That little girl puts Hollywood to shame. People from all over the world love to watch her dogs. There is stupid to. You Tube also attracts people who are in love with themselves. And like to show themselves off. I figure that kind off silly self involved behavior will die off as people get more sophisticated. Hope I helped.Version: 19.12.3

UTube ratingMy number 1 amount of viewing. Great series especially British. Do wish they stayed current and put in Series 1- ?? And programs. Call the midwife has been on for yrs in Britain. We don’t have all. Also Dr Martin, same with midsummer murders. So wish bodyguard went on . Love to watch the Royal family, I’m a transplanted Canadian, with a very British Mom. Love the music and video of concerts. I find Gary Barlow concerts and Take That really zippy and upbeat. Loved Boyzone, westlife. I could go on and on. The life with malamutes, Shepa, Penny the cat are a doze of fun. Shepa shows the beautiful British countryside. Oh my, escape to the country, is stunning. What great adverts for Britain. Enough, PS , I’m 74 and housebound much of the time. I found all music because 3 yrs ago Christmas my son suggested I watch/ listen to Last Christmas video. It brought back such good memories of Christmas in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada. From there other British music and Michael McIntre such fun, Miranda. Oh my I’m rattling. Thank you U Tube Delaware D’s.Version: 17.05.2

YT has NOT improved with ageLove the concept & the content; HATE the platform! As YT has gotten more popular, it has gotten SO much worse! First, ads are out of control! As another said, I understand that a company must make money, but seriously? Ads are forced upon creators even when they do not wish to monetize & the amount of ads are ridiculous! We, the viewers, are bombarded with many more ads than TV uses. And the ads are for things in which I have ZERO interest (hint: STOP with the weight loss ads!). You can also eliminate any ad over 1 minute! If I want to know THAT much about anything, I’ll search for a video! Sadly, it has become all about the $. Now for the serious stuff (as opposed to the merely annoying). Creators must suffer with having their videos highjacked by ads AND stalkers! SO many creators have had death threats & stalking IRL & many other serious issues & YT does nothing! They do not take this seriously. And big tech doesn’t make it easy to find out how to complain directly to them about anything. They hide in plain sight. It’s such a shame that there really isn’t a viable alternative…yet. Remember that YT: yet..Version: 18.04.3

Alright, but flawed in fundamental waysThe iOS app constantly forgets the actively playing background video when I lock the screen, and even if it appears on the lock screen to pause/play, trying to start and stop it via Bluetooth headphone burins also constantly fails and instead starts playback of something random from my Music app. This apparently will never be fixed? Not being able to listen to video from my locked phone without paying a bunch of money monthly is rubbish and just eats up battery life. Also, when I swipe a video down and then go to close it, get rid of that stupid bounce animation that moves it if I had just liked a video. That animation makes me miss the X close button due to it moving around and getting bumped by other notifications. Make the other notifications come up above the video at the bottom and not move the playing video minimized strip, and make it instantly move to the bottom predictably so I don’t miss the close button and re-maximize it..Version: 15.42.2

AdsThey push quite literal porn ads for adult mobile games, often using footage for something else entirely to pretend it’s not adult content, and then demonetize any creator who says anything outside of their radical left leaning biased. I get so many targeted ads for alcohol based on my age and location and have NO way to shut those down, and I can’t even use their support page, as I am greeted with an error saying I am not authorized to view that page. As someone who deals with drinking problems, and autism that’s forced me to stop playing games with predatory monetizing in place, seeing these ads constantly really does impact me in a negative way. Including the GTA Online ones of their Diamond Casino adverts of come in to spin the wheel for a chance to win a new car. I only bother to watch on my iPhone, and I don’t like being harassed to buying Premium just to NOT be bombarded with ads promoting gambling, alcohol abuse, and the adult mobile titles. I get they are targeted toward my age, but seeing beer adverts at 4 am is entirely out of line..Version: 15.28

Not user-friendlyI think the app Is really good, I use it every day but there are some features that drive me nuts. The one feature I hate the most but I wish there was an option to turn off the feature where on your home page or subscribed channels and some others, on where it shows the Picture of a video before you select it, if you let it sit there for a couple seconds it starts playing the video on the Area where the pictures is. I might seem overdramatic but that feature drives me out of my mind, I just wanted to where I can see the picture and if it says some thing on there I can read it and not have to worry about it starting the video on me, I just wish there was a option to turn that off. one other thing I would prefer there to be is more options as in When something is added to the app and you don’t like then it would be nice if there was a way to turn it off instead of being forced to have it. Other wise I think the app is pretty good just a little more user-friendly would be great thanks..Version: 16.41.2

You mean You be ridiculous going down the Tubes.Let’s see you block content on constitutionally protected and legal activity. Run a racket where no can know let alone comply with the rules, use this as way to bilk content makers out of money and run them off the platform. At the same time I sent in multiple complaints on an ad targeting kids to discover their sexuality that I blocked multiple times but it keeps popping up! You will take a 2 minute video and stick 5-10 minutes of ads on it. And btw a 45 min to upwards of 4 hour content is not an ad … it a video so stop sticking them to someone else’s content. The minute the channels I watch convert to a new platform I will be more than happy to let the wokies pay your bills, which hint hint they don’t believe in paying you capitalistic pigs money for content! I sincerely hope some other billionaire will buy your propaganda machine out and straighten it or you go belly up!.Version: 18.03.3

Channel list..For the past week i have been trying to get help with my list of channels that i am subscribed to. I stream through a roku device to my tv plus i have the you tube app on my iphone. On my iphone the whole list is there, from A to Z and everything in between, but on my tv anything after P is missing, when i look at the channel list on my phone, there is a line after the last one that shows on my TV. Almost like it is showing me on my phone where the list ends on my tv if that makes any sense. Anyway the ones that call themselves helping me with this issue haven’t helped at all, and are very short and hateful with me, after speaking with 3 people with attitudes i got kind of frustrated and decided to leave it alone, but the channels i mainly watch are the ones that are missing from my dang list. They said something like i have changed my settings or something and i have never touched the settings. I have updated on my TV and my phone and still have the same problem, anyone else having this issue?.Version: 18.16.2

Amazing AppUsed it for over a decade, great performance, customizability, and over all a great video sharing app. Everything is simple to use, their recommendation algorithm is accurate, and can bring immense nostalgia in some places. You can discover new music, hobbies, video games, etc. that you never would have even tried doing. Watch people do crazy things you never imagined were possible. Very produced (unlike TikTok, no offense). And you can easily find your group of people/community that watch and like the same things as you. Crazy good app, 100% will recommend to anybody. Literally my only 1 problem with it is that you can’t see the amount of dislikes. Say there is a tutorial video on how to do something, and if you can’t see the ratio from likes to dislikes you don’t know if it actually works in advance. But putting that minor inconvenience aside, crazy good app and I plan to use it for as long as it still exists..Version: 18.01.6

Problems and enjoy the appI do enjoy going on here to watch videos from some of my idols or just random things. However it is nice to not have an account signed in so it can keep track of my watched videos while adding some similar to it. I am a bit frustrated and angry with this app by allowing people to post shorts. Yes I understand that people want to showcase some little mini clips sort of like TikTok and Instagram feels. However they are annoying and gross on my app. I do not want to see people popping random things from blisters to warts to whatever else. It clearly makes me want to vomit or not watch another video. Could you please prevent people from doing that or allow an option for non-account people to permanently disabled the shorts on their feed. I hate seeing them when they were never on my feed before and I keep trying to get rid of them but you won’t give me option too besides report..Version: 18.07.5

Please take pic-in-pic feature back! The new location of comments does not make sense on iPadsI use YT app everyday. I noticed that the pic-in-pic feature is always on and off. I has been stable in the past several weeks, but then after the most recent update, it disappeared again…very disappointing… Also, I’m not very impressed with the new location of comments on the iPad version. Originally, you could easily skim through comments on the left side of bottom while skim through recommended videos on the right side. With the new location, you will need to click unnecessary extra times to open the comments and then close it before you can get back to the recommended videos. Given the typical screen size of iPads, the whole left side of bottom has been wasted (and users end up wasting time clicking more times…). I could see why the comments moved on iPhones (because of smaller screens), but I find that such a same “adaption” on iPad is a total useless deadweight loss. I would rather stay with the old version….Version: 17.08.2

You Tube is Really GreatI have watched how to diagnose what is wrong with your washing machine and fix it yourself and save money. Need an oil change on you car what ever you drive someone on you tube will show you how to do you car. I installed new flooring like tile in my kitchen laminate flooring in the rest of our home , new kitchen cabinets. I garden guess where I go to learn what I need to know. That’s right You Tube! Think of most any song within reason and you can most likely find it on (yelp you guessed it) You Tube. I missed my FL Gators ball game I can watch a rerun on You Tube. You felling a little down and need a laugh to pick you up? Well You Tube to the rescue. You Tube is nice enough to let you have your own videos posted on your own You Tube Station. Well believe me I could talk a long time about You Tube but you get the idea “You Tube is really Great.” You Tube Thank You. ( Oh I fixed my computer more than once using You Tube).Version: 18.08.1

Great app!!! Read this for honest reviews!I have been a YouTuber for 8 months now. The copyright thing is pretty annoying tho. I have had a channel for like I said, 8 months. However, I have been watching yt for over 2 years. Ads are getting ridiculous and wayyyy too long. Also, you should be able to have the community tab under 500 subs! I have 250 and I rlly want the community tab!!!!! I just updated yt and I’m hoping that the bugs will be fixed. There have been bugs and issues with both uploading videos and watching videos. I’m hoping that this update will help. Also, 17+?!?!?!? There are 7 year olds on here! It should be at least 9+!!!! Other than that, it’s an amazing app and is one of the most popular social media apps out there! Btw I liked the update of not being able to see the dislike button. It honestly makes ppl feel a lot better about the videos :) 4 starts! Thx for everything!I hope u take the time to read this! Thx for an amazing app! ✌️🤪❤️.Version: 17.42.7

Nice, but “queue” option needs work and improvement…First, I’m on mobile and when I try to queue more than 2 videos it just replaces whatever the second video in queue is, I have to do a whole song and dance just to add more videos. Secondly there should be “add to queue” button not just “play next in queue” and “play last in queue” sometimes I want my videos to play a certain way or in a certain order, by selecting either option I still have to rearrange it later. Also, clearing the queue doesn’t do anything, if I click on “clear queue” the queue is still there and the videos are still listed sometimes even doubling the videos. Then there’s the problem sometimes with videos either duplicating themselves when you rearrange the list or add to the queue. Lastly, make it so that at the end of your queued video list instead of stopping or repeating, have it automatically play another video like it does when you finish watching a video..Version: 18.48.3

Optimistic in life and truthWe have been optimistic about life in everything we do many people loved to read what is posted on this page it has let us express our views our likes and dislikes⭐️we form a club that made us be a part of something especially myself it has let me make friends around the world I believe my words has some meaning to someone that reads it we ask for peace and prosperity in all of these existential situation that we are going through we have two lovely souls that we are following for years and wherever life takes us we will always be together with the two of them (XWY1085) I wanted to encourage everyone to stand up for what is right an just🌍🌎 stop expressing hate towards one another but unfortunately life is not like what we think it is 💫 we are living in a world of technology and misleadings so the truth of the matter life is hard and no one wants to hear the truth Wolf!!!!!.Version: 17.39.4

Bad next-up/auto play suggestions, not personalizedSuggested songs can be irrelevant to insulting to the songs I chose to listen to. The next-up song generated are often the same song I’m already listening to but by a different uploader. The next-up songs are often not the same genre or mood, but more just the same time period but chart toppers. When I scroll to see auto play suggestions, auto play stops, so no music plays until I scroll back up. When I download songs, they can be deleted by the uploader and I won’t even know which song it was. And the most annoying - when I see a song that is “next up” in autoplay, and I click “not interested “ for that song, I’m notified it won’t show up anymore, it disappears, and then autoplay plays that song right after. Also, if I search a song I’ve searched before, the search still puts songs by the same name first (often contemporary songs by more contemporary artists), but the song I’ve actually clicked on and played, further down the list..Version: 16.46.5

Watch LaterWatch later playlists now only load 20 videos even if I use a different sort by function. If I use oldest or newest, only 20 videos show up. If I switch to manual, I only have access to those 20 videos. Every other playlist seems fine. This is one update annoyance. Furthermore, you moved the subscriptions to the 4th button from the left after years of it being in the center. I am tired of having to close the creator / record / upload screen after naturally choosing to click the center most button, WHERE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG. we got used to the comments even tho the UI within comments is garbage, and now you do this. Do you like making the app worse or are you just messing with us at this point. At best I could argue that it improves RAM and cache usage due to not loading everything unless demanded. A good idea done with poor execution is still a poor idea..Version: 15.49.4

Lots of problems but I still like itFirst of all, many people are saying the same problem but every time I upload a video and say no it’s not made for kids it keeps saying that the comments are turned off all of my videos that I’ve made is turned off comments. Next, every time I wanna watch a video(well not every time but at least once a day) when I’m watching a video and I am like in the middle of it (it Has to be a long video though) it just goes to the next video when it’s not the end. And the last problem, when I first watch a video then add it to my liked videos or my Watch later One day later the video goes blurry but the editor didn’t edit it after and I am logged into the same account on different devices and it still does that on the same video. All these problems I don’t know what’s causing it. I hope you can fix it. Thanks for reading.Version: 16.38.2

To youI will do this when I'm not frustrated and can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel that shows me the light at the end of the tunnel and can feel the warmth and hope shining through to encourages me to hang onto the hope that leads me on to the path that leads me on to the path that I need to take take to believe in me and my family to hold on and support each other to keep the faith and support to believe not only in each other and to hold on to each other to continue to have the strength to support each other and to support your family from here to eternity knowing that the strength of your love will carry your love forever and make your love stronger and stronger and bless you all and never let go of the love needed. It is your strength to carry you through all of life's trials and tribulations for all of time and thereafter. Believe in your love and affection and hold on and believe in your love which binds you through all of life! I pray you get this message!.Version: 18.38.2

Use this everyday and love it but…I love this app. I have a channel with a couple subs, videos and everything. I use it everyday. I have a suggestion though. It is that mindplayer is kept on even for videos set for kids. Many videos are set for kids and not only enjoyed by kids. It gets really annoying when I’m watching a video set for kids, I go to my recommended and it isn’t playing. Please change this. I also a bug I would love fixed. I also use YT shorts daily. Some of the shorts decide not to load sometimes. I have to scroll up to the previous one and go back for it to work, it’s really annoying. Sometimes it also just doesn’t load at all and I have to skip watching it. (It’s not my Wi-Fi that’s causing this problem). One more suggestion I have is pls add 1.10 playback speed. Please take my suggestions into consideration. Thanks, Adi, a person who loves YT and uses it daily..Version: 18.33.2

Community TabsOverall, this is a great app and I use it a lot instead of the online website. But the thing is, as a mobile user, when I go to a specific channel and try to see their old community posts [only if I have missed a few days of their content and want to see what they’ve been posting. And if you’re gonna think “just scroll down in the subscriptions tab”, no. I have over a hundred subscriptions with some of them posting every minute; I’m not gonna scroll down that far] it doesn’t let me and says that it isn’t available for mobile or something like that. But I can perfectly see the community tabs in the subscriptions tab? But it still doesn’t work since when I try to open up the comment section area or try to click on the message to see the entire thing, it still says the same thing about it ‘not working’, etc. I’m unable to see full community posts because of this, please fix it..Version: 17.25.1

Some problemsFirst off, I love this app. It’s easy to use and a great time-killer; but there is some problems that are annoying. First off, I hate the fact that you get forced to sit through 20 second ads without skipping, every five minutes. And it’s always the same as for me, and I’ve heard that the creators did this on PURPOSE to literally force people to use the Premium edition. Second off, there isn’t a ad timer on my phone that is like “Ads is 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” but instead the ad just comes out of nowhere. Lastly, there is a weird bug that it something like a PC isn’t updated or the app isn’t correctly updated, Restricted Mode is stuck on and I can’t turn it off saying it’s enforced by an “administrator” and I don’t have an administrator. I hate giving bad reviews, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Please fix these I love this app just there is a few things I don’t like..Version: 16.24.2

Money hungryI used to have left a review rating this application as well corporations either four or five stars, now I rate it three stars due to how careless the company has become after Google took control and was managing it for some time, the content on it isn’t the problem and aren’t concerning but it’s the amount of advertisement that the viewers who doesn’t have a subscription on the platform gets, which is typically a totally of around eight or nine ads per video that’s two, three minutes or more, the advertisements are shippable but are tiring for when you have your device such as a phone, tablet, or other laying around playing your videos while you’re busy multitasking such as folding clothes, doing physically exercise, or what I commonly struggle with the most, having snacks or meals while your hands and fingers aren’t sanitary or clean to press on the skip option..Version: 18.06.6

DisappointmentYou Tube has become just a format for the grandkids to watch, cute kitty videos and how to make DIY slime. The real stuff, people posting videos backed up with statements, video, and bonafide articles, basically truth, are banned while you allow heads being chopped off, inaccurate information (proved inaccurate) and falsified information to continue to be posted. Your “terms of conditions” is obviously politically motivated, unjust and one-sided. You view your watchers as idiots, unable to sort thru the muck of fact or fiction and be able to think for themselves. As you continue to be a politically biased flat form, I would advise you to get a good grip on what your viewer’s opinions are as the tides are turning and people are getting tired of good people being banned while you promote a very incongruous platform. I gave you 2 stars because the grandkids really like to watch Myna birds talking to each other..Version: 16.32.6

The rfycggcI kkhuse a timer for a t and then it goes to o then the alarm is gone for a few uuioopp minutes so it goes off again but then it goes back to the alarm and then it goes off and then it starts going back on and it just starts again so it’s a one off and it’s just like that I think I need it back again I just want the clock out so that it’s going off so it keeps coming up so it’s going off but I can hear the clock out but it doesn’t start off and it just goes back to normal tyyt wwweeewww I don’t know why I don’t have time I just don’t know why it doesn’t even have time I have no time I have nothing but time is it just keeps going off and it doesn’t start going on for like I just want it doesn’t even start to work for me I just don’t want it doesn’t work like it just doesn’t even know how long I just don’t understand what it is and ythen it doesn’t even.Version: 18.15.1

Bug issuesYT has always been very reliable but the past couple of updates have caused a lot of bugs. I have no doubt they’ll be fixed but it is frustrating. The biggest issue is audio playing but no video on previews. I also just had an issue where the screen locked sideways but only half the screen and I had to close the app to get it oriented correctly. After I closed the app, audio from the video continued to play for a few seconds. Also, there is a LOT of scam ads. Ads using AI generated celebrity voice audio and then pairing it with a video that clearly doesn’t match up to what’s being said. I’ve reported them but the only way to stop them is for YT to step in. I understand that that’s not going to happen because they’re paying for ad time, but it’s very sketchy. I will update my review when the bug issues are resolved. Fingers crossed….Version: 19.03.2

Newest Update Made It FrustratingMy main issue is that now, every single video I want to play constantly needs to be reloaded or replayed because of an “unknown error”, usually 3-5 times each video. Weirdly enough, sometimes it happens on a video that didn’t have any ad, but then it will bump into an error while I’m watching, need to be replayed, and then have an advertisement pop up. There’s also increased sensitivity; one accidental “swipe” of the finger from left to right and it will take me one page back, but for some reason, the opposite isn’t a feature. You can only go back a page, but never return to the one you were just on. It’s probably tolerable because it’s on mobile, where a lot of these issues can be pushed through by several taps, but it certainly downgraded my experience. I wouldn’t have updated the app if I knew this came with it, but of course, the previous version of the app didn’t allow you to use it if you didn’t immediately update..Version: 19.03.2

If you think this has issues on your phone here’s you should watch on✅I see lots of issues on reviews on phones but if you reading this computer you could watch on but sometime if you watch on tv it could get annoying because you have to press the buttons on the remote it get annoying a little annoying but I would watch on pc but unless your phone is fine with no issues but a lot of people says they have issues on phone but the tv to type with remote is annoying because it’s really slow but on your computer you can type fast since you have a keyboard (unless you don’t have a computer or laptop) but you don’t have a computer you may have to watch on phone or tv if you don’t have a computer but you do have one you can watch one it I was trying to help btw if you have issues on your phone.Version: 18.39.1

Watchlist/ Playlist FrustrationWhen I watch videos from my watchlist, a new playlist (redundant) screen in the player comes up that I am unable to remove the video that I just watched from the watchlist. I have to swipe out of my player, to my watchlist to remove the video that I just watched. But when I do that, I am scrolled to a random location somewhere in the middle of my list where I have to scroll up and down to find the video that I just watched, in order to remove it from the list. I believe this is an issue with any/all playlists. The watchlist used to always have a shortcut on the Home Screen. But now it is dependent on how recently it was accessed. This can be frustrating when you have to scroll all the way down to the ‘W’s in order to find ‘Watchlist’. When saving to a playlist, the order is not alphabetical, but recent. Though that can be beneficial, if you are looking to safe into a play that you haven’t recently saved to, this can be daunting..Version: 18.38.2

Comment Likes no longer go up. Fix it!It took a while of seemingly endless update loops but the app finally finished an update. So far, some issues seem to be addressed, such as an active video in the lower right obscuring the ability to tap the 3 dots to the right of some videos at the end of long lists, such as Watch Later history and so on. Upon further review, the Videos tab on every channel is blank, regardless of how you sort. That’s a MAJOR bug. [Edit: They have since fixed this, so I’ll bump up the rating.] I like having the new ability to view replies to my comments on other videos without interrupting watching an unrelated video. I also like the addition of ¾ and 1¾ speed multipliers on videos. Unfortunately some videos now get paused when moved to the lower right corner, though this behavior is inconsistent. Also I’ve seen delays on comments in live streams going as far as nine (9!) minutes with only a few hundred or so people in chat. Also I have my fonts magnified due to poor vision, and for some reason, bold text in comments on videos is unusually small. So with the forced update, some things improved, and some didn’t. Update 10/26: This app routinely removes my likes on comments shortly afterward. I remove the like and re-like it, and the counter is fixed, then it decrements. It is so obvious when I’m the only one who liked someone’s comment, only to see the number "1" vanish shortly afterward. Fix your app!.Version: 15.43.4

Flipboard Channel Quality is SlippingI notice some sites like Wash Post now want you to subscribe and I would rather have it not in my list of things to read. Other channel sites overwhelm you with ads everywhere some pop up as an overlay ad or as an inline ad and force a page reformat while you are reading the content. CNN articles always have this read more button that then reloads the whole article maybe. On my phone it often gets stuck in limbo so I move on to another article or just quit flipboard in frustration. The math channel is cluttered with bike articles that have nothing to do with math. I guess you all expect that mathematicians love to ride bikes more than read about math. Other channels are similarly afflicted with content unrelated to the channel. People want a better reading experience and flipboard is no longer providing that hence the one star. My apologies for the harshness of this review, I like flipboard and the way it presents articles in newspaper format but there has to be a better way to improve article reading without dynamic ad clutter like pop ups or delayed inline ads or pay site articles. Have your app developers really use flipboard themselves and find ways to make a better flipboard 2 or something. As it stands now you will lose folks slowly and they won’t come back..Version: 15.49.4

Fairly new additionI signed up few months ago so I’m still learning how to use everything. I usually watch on my tv so I never see any links in corners or description and I would like to interact w the couple creators I am a big fan of. I was gifted a month membership to aquarium coop in feb and then kg aquatics in march. I feel lucky and noticed I don’t know if that is correct way of thinking about it. One thing I will say I don’t like is the constant reminder that I am not a member (I won’t be after this month ). I’m not a member to anyone’s and the reason is I am trying to support myself and my young daughter along with my 17 yo niece I live on 60$ a week it’s very stressful talking about money. I want you tube to be something that doesn’t relate to my stress in life. It makes me sad I can’t be a member bc I know I won’t even be able to communicate and get seen and a response.Version: 19.10.7

Well 2024 is coming up. Faster than light.This is my 3rd review. Ooo let’s Count the ways!!! 1st third party anything_ not good!!! 2nd all the censorship still Uug. At least the ban hammer is collecting dust!! 3rd. How come video games get demonetized?! But not werido stuff! Yall know what I’m talking about. 4th. The cyber bulling. HA. I guess is worse then crime in the streets. I don’t under stand that. But here we are. 5th. The unity in the culture Strong with the Force. If We get churches and politics. To unite. WOOOOOOOO!! America could be unstoppable. Just the facts. Sow to all the American maga hating losers. Bend the knee. Get your feet washed. That’s is the want right. Right. What’s next?? Welp ( disease Ex, no one knows about but we have another failed bio weapon test injection that’s going back fire). We have wars around the world with open boarders_ that’s suicidal) ) and if it couldn’t get any better Spy balloons with orbital strike cannons just float above ( ask me how is America’s military radar systems ? It’s been down graded twice like the economy!! All brought to us by mail in voting!! “The Mob aka La Costa nostra would roll over in its grave.” Ask me would the pope be mail in voted for??? Haaaaaaa NOPE. (( and you tube could actually turn the tides if they wanted to help)))_ I truly believe that.{ Till next time if there’s a next time. Saalute. Blessings and protections amen..Version: 19.06.2

Own itHate that I never watch leftist garbage and suggested videos have CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, New York Times, Bloomberg, The Post, Wall Street Journal, National Review, Time, Washington Post, Huffington, The Economist, USA Today, Black Lives Matter, et cetera as the posters! You Tube, Google, Twitter, Facebook definitely sensor stuff I prefer and over control ones I do want to watch, have to subscribe just to find what I prefer to watch and get word of mouth recommendations. Am looking for alternate choices that don’t manipulate as an agenda. Be sure that I share my opinion on this with everyone I know. I used to get on Facebook and Google more frequently but I am finding more unbiased places to go, you’re next if this keeps up, especially lying that you aren’t biased and manipulative. The only thing keeping me on is the good ones I’m subscribed to. Hope you’ll actually read this and give a hoot..Version: 15.46.5

FairI really don’t like being pestered into a subscription. And commercials or ads are now political can you remove them. I see so many political ads it makes me sick. Everyone of them is just so anti-Trump how about showing the advantages of having them in office and what they would do with their time in office. Like I want to hear how they would take care of our Communities and Country. And honestly it would really be nice to hear some ideas about their plans on what is really important like feeding our homeless winter is approaching and I just want to be able to see benefits of voting for them not more of that anti-Trump crap, it is getting old and it seems like all that is done anymore. Isn’t there more to USA then bashing Trump and his Administration. Show car Commercials plug some you tubers channel that may be of similar genre or subject. Can’t go wrong with food ads..Version: 14.32

What the-Everything is just fine, except for a few details, this may just be for me, I don't know. I am unable to watch certain videos because restricted mode is on, I assure you I checked and turned it off on multiple occasions. The other thing is that when I search for a video to watch, instead of the video showing up, I see movies, ads, channels, and other completely unrelated things to my search. This makes no sense to me, I have never had a problem with this in the past, and it has started happening fairly recently. I have checked here in the app store, maybe to update it, but I can't. I am confused about why this is happening to me, and if possible if you could fix this. If anyone else has had trouble with this, and knows how to fix this, please let me know. By the way, this is my first time making a review, it seems a little formal (Not really)..Version: 15.28

Nonexistent comments sectionI've heard about the new update where video comments were moved to a different part of the page, which bothered me a little but not too much. However, when this app updated on my iPad, the comment section was completely removed and nowhere to be found. There is a button at the bottom of the recommendations that seems to redirect you to the new comments location, but when I tap on it, it just brings me to the original comments location, which is now entirely blank. I can't see comments other people posted, and I don't have the option to write a comment myself. I've made sure that it wasn't just that comments were disabled on the videos since I can see the comments on another device using the same account and same video. As someone who reads the comments as much as I watch the videos, I'm really disappointed and frustrated..Version: 15.22.4

YouTube keeps deleting views!!Bring the views back from BTS’s ON.Version: 15.08

Great❤️Awesome, love everything is good way better than the browser version..Version: 12.35

Bring back oldNot many people (that I know of) like the new update with the videos when you slide it down. I'm one of those people. Otherwise I love YouTube.Version: 12.35

Please fix this bug!I love YouTube, Its my most used app on my phone, it's. A great app and super helpful and entertaining. However, lately my YouTube recommendations have been really weird. The app keeps recommending content I don't watch and am not interested in such as sports videos, wildlife videos, random music video's, gaming video's, etc. And I barley get recommended any videos that I'm actually interested in. I have tried everything to reset my YouTube recommendations to show content that I actually like. Because of this, i am only going to rate it 4 stars. If you could please fix this bug as soon as posing or at least look into it, that would be great.Version: 12.35

YouTubeLove watching YouTube.Version: 14.02

You guys messed upFix the damn comment section.Version: 15.17

YouTube, what the heck?Every video in my recommended section under the playing video is little kid videos and videos in other languages, nothing relating to the music or video I am currently watching or have watched. YouTube, what the heck is going on?.Version: 13.18

Deleting viewsStop deleting BTS music video views . Bring 67 million views back , YouTube sucks , you nasty people.Version: 15.08

Says I have no connection??Literally every time I use the app now it says I have no connection. I have 3GB of data that's always on and wifi while trying to use it no reason it's not working, and what's with all the ads now when it does work? Fix asap!.Version: 12.35

NoDeleted views for no absolute reason. give it back coward - army 💜.Version: 15.12

Money grabToo many ads..Version: 14.14

False AdvertisingThere’s no point in advertising YouTube TV if it’s not available in Canada.Version: 13.23

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 19.19.7

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