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Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 30 minutes. Plus, your first three grocery deliveries are free! And it's safe—contactless delivery is available.

Instacart delivers fresh food, drinks, and household items the same day all across the US. Download the app to see what stores are available in your zip code.

Prefer to pickup? Order online and pickup at your local store, where it will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Ordering made easy
1. Enter your zip code
2. Shop stores for groceries, household items, electronics, and more
3. Add your items to your cart and place your order
4. Chat with your shopper in real time to make any changes to your order
5. Relax while you you wait for your delivery to arrive
6. Enjoy your items while you save time & money

Contactless delivery
Order safely from your home and get your groceries delivered to you same day. Our 100% contactless delivery helps to ensure you and your shopper stay safe.

Find your favorite products
Get fresh produce, late-night snacks, and even alcohol delivered to your door. Don’t forget essentials like toilet paper, other household items!

And your shopper will ensure that fragile items like eggs and glass bottles are always handled with care.

With Instacart, you can:
• Find exclusive deals & coupons
• Creating shopping lists
• Reorder your favorite products
• View nutritional information & filter by diet

Where to shop with Instacart
Shop from your favorite stores - Aldi, Publix, Costco, Safeway, Wegmans - and nearly 40,000 other retail locations across North America.

Download to see what stores are available in your zip code.

Terms and conditions apply. See details:

Instacart-Get Grocery Delivery App Comments & Reviews

Instacart-Get Grocery Delivery Positive Reviews

Really gone down hillI have been a member for about 2 and a half years. I used to be very pleased using the service this app provides. They used to offer impeccable customer service and the app provided a quick way to access My account and order the items I needed quickly. Recently both a friend and myself who have 2 different susceiptions have experienced multiple problems. My lastest fiasco with them was I was locked out of my account when I tried to order groceries. They said it was because there were multiple addresses listed on my account and they locked it for security reasons. I asked what the second address was and the address they gave me was the address for the supermarket I was ordering from and clearly it was an error on their end. They then sent a link for me to verify my identity which wanted me to send a photo of my photo ID and my credit card. They’ve got to be out of their minds if they think I’m sending them documents that could get myidentity stolen. When I refused they said someone would be reaching out to me to see if we could resolve the issue. I’m still without food and waiting. Do yourself a favor and realize you can avoid this service and get what you need from Walmart pickup without the fees and subscription costs. Really disappointed lately.Version: 7.136.0

Not great customer serviceI’ve had Instacart for over a year and everything is great in terms of deliveries and the various stores you can choose from. No issue there. However, my account was recently locked and then deactivated while I had absolutely no idea as to why either happened. To get in contact with support you need to log in; however my account was locked so there was no way for me to reach them. I was able to find their number online and ask how to reactivate my account-they told me to fill out a form with a government ID and my payment information after which their trust safety department would be able to verify my account and unlock it. The problem is that the trust safety department has no number and they only communicate through email. The rep I spoke to didn’t want to give me the email address either and said I’d have to wait till they got back to me on the matter. Additionally when I asked why my account was locked they said they had no idea why it’s been locked and only the trust safety department can tell me. I was very frustrated by this because the trust safety department hasn’t reached out to me about my account being locked nor about it being deactivated. On top of that I had no way to reach them either to ask about this??? Overall the customer support regarding locked accounts was horrible and in the end resulted in me just completely leaving the service..Version: 7.173.0

Great service, one time issue onlyI love ordering from my phone. The cost of delivery and tip is worth me not having to leave house and put miles on my vehicle or deal with aggravation of crowded stores. The closest Publix is about 15 min away so I’m already committing to at least a 30 minute drive. I only had an issue one time - I ordered things for dinner (it was about 5ish). I should have ordered earlier but I didn’t know better. It was about 2 hours in and no one started working on my order. I called IC to see what their policy was and what the recourse was if my groceries didn’t come. The lady said “then it will just come tomorrow”. Which of course was unacceptable since it was dinner and I work for a living and wouldn’t be home. I ended up going myself and, as I was in Publix, someone started working on my order. My fault, I had forgotten to cancel it. I told them right away obviously through the messenger system. But, I’ll just always remember that ordering sooner is better. I wish there would have been a way for someone to say “no one is available for 2 hours, fend for yourself!” Keep in mind I live in a small city, mostly rural. I’m surprised we even have this service here. I love ordering groceries on lazy days!!! I also save some money from not going in the store and getting things I don’t need. Thanks IC!.Version: 7.9.0

KathySeveral of my items in my pick up order were missing. I called foodlion and I was told that those items had in face been given to the wrong person. Not only did they not have to return the items they weren’t charged, which that’s perfectly fine with me. My issue is that I then had to go to the store and pick up those items and still charged for them. I was the only one that was inconvenienced. I expressed that I understand that mistakes happen as this was not the first time but to repeatedly have these issues and I’m the only one that is losing out is not okay. I ended up speaking to Kathy’s and her customer service and telephone etiquette is not up to customer service standards and I believe she really doesn’t like her job. While conversing with Ms. Kathy I was given attitude. I was told that the other customer had nothing to do with this and why was I even bringing that customer into the situation. She asked what was she suppose to do about it ? I expressed to her that I was in no mad enough with her to give me attitude but I was the only person that was being inconvenienced and what was foodlion going to do to rectify the situation. Long story short, I did end up with a refund but it was not without incident and not given as a refund that wanted to keep a customer. My suggestion to Kathy is….if you aren’t excited to deal with the general public during the good and bad times, find another job..Version: 7.130.0

Compare store receipt to Instacart chargeI loved Instacart so much when I first tried it that I signed up for the annual delivery subscription to eliminate all delivery fees. Great $99 investment. I just pay a little extra to tip the driver through the app and I never have to visit the grocery store again… YEA!, However I did notice after a few months that the Store receipt was regularly 25$ - 30$ more than the Instacart total after correcting for adjustments and substitutions in the order. I called and spoke to customer service twice and confirmed that Instacart does not honor store prices and in fact sets their own to maximize profit. The original store receipt will always be included with your grocery delivery so make sure to check the total amount paid to the store and compare it with your final Instacart charge after substitutions and adjustments are made. For me the difference is about $200 per month, but we eat a lot of expensive organic produce. So just know that you’re paying $99 for the annual membership, but also for the inflated grocery prices. In my case since I pay my house cleaner $20 per hour it’s cheaper to have them do my shopping and the additional benefit to that is they can also enter my loyalty number at checkout so I can get my discounted fuel points directly from the store since in Alaska the Instacart drivers get the store points for the purchase. I’ll still use it a pinch, but know it costs more than the annual fee and driver tips..Version: 7.18.0

Always an issueOkay so I started Instacart before the Pandemic started and was over joyed with the amount of money I was making in a short amount of time. I liked it more than DoorDash. That was within the first few weeks of being a shopper. After I would have a whole bunch of issues and glitches making my orders take longer and more difficult to do. The year 2020 I had an order that was roughly $500 the app glitched and erased my profile just as I was on the way to deliver the items and it took the Customer service hours to even do anything that could help. There was an order before that where the app glitched and I was sitting at the customers house for hours waiting for a resolve. Fast forward 2021 I use the app under my moms information and didn’t have a single problem with the app except for bad connection here or there. I try to reapply (because the app glitched and deleted my account) under my own information again and was already having issues like it wouldn’t let me update my phone information. I tried to get a rep and they seemed helpful but then I couldn’t get to the chat to answer any questions. I finally get to the chat and had to start a whole new chat with different people who weren’t even able to help. It’s all been a headache and very disappointing. It seems they’re doing all these updates but not fixing anything that actually matters..Version: 7.102.1

Unhappy CustomerI’ve used this app over 10 times and the last time i refused to use it again. The service has always been great, loved all the shoppers. The last time they showed me the prices of the individual items and i was okay with it, they also showed me the delivery charge, the tax, the tip, and the service charge. Everything added up and i was fine with it. Everything i put in my cart was picked up by the shopper, there were no replacements or refunds or item changes. When the order was done the item prices magically went up so my purchase was $10+ over what i was expecting. Its never done that before and i didnt order anything special. I tried to email them and asked them why the prices mysteriously went up and they said it was service charge and i tried to tell them the service charge was already added in when i agreed on the prices. Email after email was the same reply, it was a service charge. They already add some service charges into the price if the item, thats why they’re higher online than in store then they add another service charge at the end. Which again i was fine with paying but then they charged me extra when they shouldn’t have and all i was getting was robot responses saying it was a service charge. I understand there might be some higher prices in the store but that doesn’t make every item price go up $1-$2 after you agreed to pay the price they told you..Version: 6.32.0

Almost perfectThis is such a great concept. I love that it gives you all the nearby supermarkets that work with Instacart so it’s easy to compare prices. I will not give it 5 starts due to 2 things. 1. Once you’ve placed your order, you have a few minutes to add any items you forgot, as long as you do it before the person begins shopping, the problem is, there is some kind of glitch with the app because 8/10 times it will not let me add anything; I’ve only successfully been able to do it maybe once, but most times, it just wont give me the option, even if the person hasn’t started shopping. 2. There is an extra $20 that is added to your overall total in case there needs to be a replacement for a more expensive item or in case you add something else in general, if none of your items were substituted or if you didnt add any items, your bank account will reflect the actual total that was given to you at checkout. My only pet peeve about this is, they tell you about the extra $20 in super tiny letters at the very bottom of the page, it just looks like general policy writing so imagine the surprise when you sign into your bank account and see an extra $20 dollars than the one you saw at checkout. I didnt catch this at all at first so be aware, whatever your balance is, add $20; but dont let this scare you, you will most likely not need those $20 so it will be back in your bank within a few days.Version: 6.20.0

Needs more environment awarenessI like the shopping convenience - no objection there. There’s the occasional wrong item being bought (just due to overloooking) which is understandable. What I am most upset about and have almost stopped using the app due to this is the massive plastic wrapping that most shoppers do. They do it out of good intentions I understand - sadly a lot of people like their produce wrapped in plastic. But there are a lot of us who try to reduce their blood plastic footprint. And big shopping “revolutions” like Instacart should absolutely always encourage using less plastic during shopping. I would really really like to see a default checkbox for “no plastic wrapping” or at the very least “reduced plastic wrapping”. I already only order from stores that only have paper bags, however they still have plastic in their produce section and sometimes shoppers use it excessively. My biggest jaw-drop moment was when I received a single mango wrapped in plastic (why, just why), and cabbage (which came by default wrapped in Saran wrap) which was wrapped AND tied in 2 plastic bags. Based on this I have limited myself to only order things that come in a container like milk, flour, eggs, etc. I’ve stopped ordering produce of any kind because I’m tired of dealing with tons of plastic bags that are honestly completely unnecessary for most cases. Even if they aren’t I have so many at home that I can always use my own for longer produce storage..Version: 7.50.0

Terrible customer service. First experience FAIL!I had a TERRIBLE time dealing with instacart. My very first order said within 5 hours and my person picked it up within two, I was very pleased! But then he started swapping after I said not to or even when I requested specific things he didn’t even listen! Once check out was complete at around 2ish I DIDNT HEAR FROM MY PERSON FOR AN HOUR! I had icecream and milk. Once I messaged him about 50 minutes later, no response. Just finally got the notification for that he was on the way. So my driver had my milk and icecream out for over an hour! Of course it was completely melted. My milk was warm and I had some wrong items! The driver didn’t listen to put at the bottom step so all my eggs cracked! I’ve tried reaching out to customer service for over 3 weeks now. I sent them screenshots of mine and the persons conversation. Explained everything I could. NO RESPONSE! It’s now almost been a month and I have no response. No refund. Nothing. I email them about once every 5-7 days but still nothing besides an automated email saying they’re busy! I tried instacart because I was sick and have no transportation. I am so scared to even try it again. After this I don’t want to waste my money in melted, wrong, and cracked items!.Version: 7.25.1

Very helpful app, but...I had to post this! I submitted below review a few days ago. Within 3 days I received a response from Kodi, that they will look into this issue immediately. So I m VERY impressed! THIS is what I would call a great customer service and focus on customers’ needs. Although I am confident that my suggestion — having an ability to open the items I’ve marked as my “Favorites” as a separate list to shop from — is a good one and that many shopper would likely find it extremely helpful, still; developer could have ignored it and moved on. Well, THANK YOU, Maplebear, and THANK YOU Kodi, for not ignoring a good suggestion. I look forward to seeing this feature in the app very soon. This app is great on everything that I’ve explored so far. However, I noticed one big flaw (at least in my view): you cannot open a separate list that contains your favorite items, nor can you sort all items by your favorites. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having this feature in the first place, to be able to mark items as”favorite”. Perhaps the next updates can incorporate this also, where I can view my favorites, because I believe majority of people keep buying the same stuff most of the time..Version: 7.15.0

Needs Ability to REMOVE Loyalty CardsI'm editing my previous review. I finally got my account working by calling into phone support again. I still can't REMOVE my old Sam's Club membership loyalty card that's canceled. Please add an option to REMOVE loyalty cards in the app. I’m having multiple issues with my Instacart account. 1. I’ve tried multiple attempts to reset my password, all have failed. 2. I can’t perform the account verification with a credit card since I didn’t have a method of payment on file, only had it set to Apple Pay before my account screwed up. 3. I have a leftover Sam’s Club loyalty card that will need to be removed from my account that I couldn’t remove before my account screwed up. I tried chat support. They never connected me to a rep, just the survey. I tried phone support, the call dropped while speaking with the rep. He never called back. I tried email support, they kept sending me pre canned messages instead of READING what I was asking them to do and trying to actually resolve my issues. As dumb as Siri and Alexa can be at times, Instacart’s support team is more incompetent. They might as well fire them all since a computer can perform better support than they can. I’m done with trying to resolve my issues. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I can drive to the store and get what I need faster than I can even try to login to their app..Version: 7.173.0

Frustrated!Instacart is great for those who are in need of shopping assistance. It’s very convenient, but the fees are through the roof. I’m frustrated because I had to pay an extra fee for my groceries to be delivered around 8:00am when I ordered them at 4:00am in the morning. The time slot started at 10:00 am, and there was a fee to choose the 8:00am slot, whaaaat!. I was ordering for breakfast time, i don’t get that. I’m not paying to have it delivered at 8 when the delivery time should have automatically started at 8am because of how early I shopped, and if ever you’re not able to cover a full tip, because of all of the other list of fees that are added, it is suggested that if there is no tip, your groceries are less likely to be picked up by shoppers. Is that the whole reason for the service, is to provide that delivery service. Also I wished that I could choose my shoppers, because I’ve gotten expired food several times, but I have had a couple of good shoppers who I wish I could choose to shop for me when I need certain things, the service can be improved. The service has its good and bad sides, I’ve just been disappointed too many times maybe. I haven’t given up yet because it’s so convenient. But the fees are beyond! and other things should be changed to be more fair for customers….just my opinion and experience..Version: 8.12.0

Not so greatI won’t name names, but I’ve dealt with this shopper before & had problems before. I find that the men shoppers are more clueless than the women shoppers. I did not authorize substitutions, but gave very specific instructions for certain items. He bought a huge quantity of cases of a type of soda that I did not ask for. I’m wondering how well this shopper reads, because he just doesn’t seem to read & interpret the directions at all. For instance, I wanted freeze-dried mangos. I specifically stated that I did NOT want dried mangos, but freeze-dried mangos. He bought dried mangos, which contain sugar & other ingredients. This is frustrating because I now have to return all of these items. I’m handicapped, so I have to wait until my helper comes to return these items. Then, when I’ve had to return items before, my refund doesn’t show up in my bank account for about five days! I always hesitate to have Instacart shop for me because I’ve had more unsatisfactory experiences than good ones. If you use this service, be aware that it’s a crap shoot. Sometimes you get a great shopper who texts & communicates, but then you can also get someone who does not communicate or follow instructions & makes unauthorized substitutions that you have to end up returning. Oh well . . ..Version: 7.100.0

Buyers Beware !!!The Instacart Service itself is very convenient. The problem is that there are many hidden costs and fees that increase the overall cost to the ultimate consumer by at least 20-30%. Items may be on sale at the store itself, or more often, the actual costs are lower. Instacart pays for these items using their credit card, not yours, and they get those benefits. They may say that they had already negotiated set prices ahead of time... but then why not pass them on to the end user rather than pocket them surreptitiously. On top of this, if an item is not available and they “replace” that item... then you are charged the higher amount even if the replaced item is on sale. Worse yet, should there be an issue with an item or it is not delivered, you will be charged unless you email or call up to complain. And if granted a refund, the appropriate proportion of the service fee and tip are not credited to your account. Also, should you have an issue, if not corrected the first time, NEVER will the same rep follow up with you. Again, the service during these times is essential for some, but please be cognizant of these deficiencies and poor/questionable sales practices..Version: 7.38.0

InstaCart ServiceI must say that overall I really enjoy the convenience of having an app that shops and delivers. I believe that Aldi has so far been the very best vendor. I have used Kroger. Meijer I don’t think I will use again because of their lack of following instructions. Barb A from there did not follow instructions. It seemed that she was afraid.I use this app because of the convenience to me. I use this app to shop for my elderly sister and her hubby. Neither drive a car. I asked for her to put the items inside of the apartment down the 6 or 7 steps down into their place. The couple is old and don’t do stairs well. The apartment that my sister lives in is not dangerous. My sister and her hubby are ages 71 and 75. If you cannot execute your job fully then you should choose another place to work. The whole point of using a service like this is for the convenience of it. If my sister or her hubby had fallen down the stairs from her ...(Barb A. )negligence I would be communicating differently to you. Fear cannot be the focus of performing your job thoroughly. I am upset about this. Jamone ended up shopping AGAIN and delivering the items without incidence. My sister said he brought the items INTO THE KITCHEN!!! Wow. What awesome service!! Erica Cade Member since 2017.Version: 7.9.0

A problem? INSTACART doesn’t careI am a frequent shopper with Instacart. For the most part in two years I had wonderful people that shopped, communicated and delivered my groceries flawlessly. At times I have missing, damaged or wrong items which I report on the app and it is taken care of without contacting customer service. Here is my major complain. If I need to contact customer service it is a major stress factor. Many times my order was delivered to the wrong address. I make a phone call and finally speak to a live person. They offer to duplicate my order and I agree. Again my order is delivered to the wrong address. Note: As a safeguard I have very specific instruction on how to get to my residence from the grocery store. I also indicate the color of my door and the color of my wreath. My latest issue was I found torn grocery bags, broken eggs, damaged milk carton and many items that were ruined by the eggs and spilled milk. Their resolution was to give me credit for eggs and milk. The shopper is representing Instant and I believe they are responsible for the mess that was left at my front door that dripped egg and milk on my floors to my kitchen sink. I truly am a never again INSTACART customer..Version: 7.133.0

The App has GlitchesIt’s good to have an app to which one can order groceries online from and Instacart has that, however, there are some features in the app that are not working such as the ability to delete an address from one’s personal profile. The app has the delete option and the button once in account settings and at the personal information, however when tapping on edit next to a delivery address and then click on the delete option at that particular address, instead of the address being deleted an error message comes up in white on a black background saying, unable to delete this address at the current time and the glitch can be replicated. And the app is also not accessible in its layout and the company’s technicians do not complete the order via phone in lieu of the app when the app is not working properly. And they want to investigate it before fixing the problem. Caveat, you had better taken a foreign language class in high school. I would not recommend this service for your grandparents or elderly parents until Instacart cleans up their act with the app and the help they have working in their customer service department. If you do have to contact their customer service regarding issues with the app, be prepared to do a lot of yelling..Version: 7.202.0

Customer Review of InstacartI appreciate a service that can shop and deliver food when someone either is unable or chooses not to go grocery shopping themselves. For the most part shoppers try hard to do everything they can to make this a positive experience for the customer. They read and follow instructions, text when needed to clarify instructions, and notify a customer when an item is unavailable (and ask if they can get something else if the customer has not picked a possible replacement). I realize that even the most careful and conscientious shoppers can make mistakes, since no one is perfect. However, these mistakes can at times be frustrating for the shopper. Especially if by just putting in a little extra effort by sending a quick text to clarify something would prevent the mistake. Today I received an order where I specifically asked for 2 pieces of fish I was going to cook for dinner. My order came and there was only 1 piece. Now I do not have enough servings of fish to make my dinner. This is frustrating. I don’t know if the shopper did not read the specific instructions or if the store was 1 piece short. If the shopper would have texted to tell me this, I could have asked for a replacement..Version: 7.117.2

Great App, Needs Some WorkI loved this APP when I first downloaded it. It was easy to use and navigate and the service it offers is amazing to someone who works full time with a long commute to and from work. Sometimes you get home from work and you just don’t want to have to deal with hassle of shopping. Especially for an introvert. However this APP’s functions and customer service has seriously declined in the last couple of months. Adding items to your order? Sorry, gotta catch it before the shopper starts shopping! Want to cancel your order? Ha! There’s no option to. Even with the available instructions that illusive ‘cancel’ button simply doesn’t exist. So what’s the next step? Calling customer service. Which gets you nowhere - just an endless wait with no response. If the developers of this APP could fix these highly frustrating issues (and customer service was a little more on point) I’d give this service 5 stars. Because, otherwise, it’s a seriously awesome service! The shoppers are always great - kind, polite, and work with you to make sure you get what you need as quickly as they can. However, with the markups this service charges in order to keep the operation afloat I expect better Customer Service response times and an APP that doesn’t hide some seriously important functions from you, the user..Version: 7.5.0

Zero Customer Support??Zero Customer Support?? My first order was canceled then I received a notice that my other two orders were canceled! The shopper said she knew nothing about it then immediately logged off. The following day I received a notice that they were delivered! Like heck they were!!! I hope I don't receive a charge for them because I cannot get a hold of them! In addition they need to refund several items since they included items to make a dish and the two main ingredients were in the other cart that wasn't delivered! I'm not spending $100 (min) on a dish that doesn't have the main ingredients! Their reasons for cancelation were bogus (because the store had different hours and low stock? Excuse me? They were open and had the ingredients!!) I don't know what they're up to but I'm really disappointed in the fact that there's NO ONE to speak with! They say to go to the website but the website just refreshes with the same image and you cannot click on it. It appears they've also whited out the comment section for review as well! So be sure to write your comments on a black email and change the color to black or dark gray or something similar..Version: 7.21.0

Most used app since becoming parents! We’ve renewed our subscription 2x now!Board usability. Wish Trader Joe’s would get on & then my life might be complete! app & the board & then my life might be complete! & then my life might be complete! fee we pay for free delivery year-round from Instacart is well worth it, and then some! The response-time & functionality of this app make grocery shopping at our regular stores simple, fast & amazingly convenient. We appreciate being able to communicate with our designated shopper in real time via the messaging feature and being able to provide immediate feedback on replacement items or refunds. My husband and I share our account but each have the app on our phones which means we can both add things to our store cart(s) individually throughout the day or whenever we realize we are out of something and then in live time we both are able to see what the other has added or when one of us has placed an order, when it’s likely to arrive, what needs to be replaced if applicable, etc. Since we started using this app over 2 years ago it’s only improved and we HIGHLY recommend to all of our friends & family with busy lives; with or without kids..Version: 7.4.1

Love Using InstaCartWe really enjoy using Instacart to have groceries delivered. I only gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way to choose preferred shoppers and there have been a couple of times they doubled up orders and our order wasn’t delivered until several hours after we’d requested and we had to cancel plans (the response was and “I’m Sorry and here’s $15 odd your next order. 😐). That’s only happened a couple of times, though, out of the multitude of times we’ve used InstaCart. Otherwise, it is so nice to choose what groceries we want/need (provided it’s available through the app and things are more expensive) and have it delivered. The app usually provides really good communication about the status of the order and it’s pretty cool to see which items have been shopped and which ones are left to be shopped, and we get to approve any changes that need to be made. It’s also pretty cool to watch the delivery status as the driver is heading our way so we can be prepared. Overall, we really love InstaCart! We have used it weekly for probably a year and a half now. It is a bit more expensive but if you hate grocery shopping or have a reason that grocery shopping is difficult for you, then this is a great option. It will also help you cut back on impulse buys!.Version: 6.33.0

AwfulNo items, three day wait, couldn’t figure out how to use the intercom in my building. Had to go down and get groceries. Defeats the purpose..Version: 7.19.0

Awful!My first experience of using your app was so disappointing. I ordered the items and according to your recommended time slots, they were supposed to be delivered by 11:50 am! Now, this is 12:55 and the shopper hasn’t arrived yet! I missed my bank appointment because of your inconvenient service and lack of responsibility. I won’t use your app again. I wrote this review to say you lost one user, if it’s important to you!!!!.Version: 7.7.0

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