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Money Manager (+PC Editing) Customer Service

“Money Manager” is an optimized application for personal account management.

Household account management is complicated. But we make it simple by simplifying the things that are complex. The default settings will get you started, and once you get used to it, you can alter the settings according to your needs with the highly flexible and customizable functions available.

- Super easy and simple to enter data anytime, anywhere.
- View your spending tendencies graphically.
- View statistics by simply entering the data.
- Search and calculator functions.
- Set up sub-categories and main categories as necessary.
- Manage all your accounts at once.
- Use multiple currencies.
- Check weekly, monthly, and annual statistics.
- Use calendar view.
- Use budget planning features to plan weekly, monthly, and annual budgets.
- Change the start date of the month.

※ Applying double entry bookkeeping
It facilitates efficient account management. Automatic double entry bookkeeping.

※ PC manager function
You can view ‘“The New Money Manager” application using Wi-Fi. You can edit and sort the data by date, category or account group on the screen of your PC. In addition, you can see fluctuations of your accounts indicated on graphs on your PC.

※ Budget management function
You can manage your budget. It shows your budget and expenditures on a graph so you can compare the number of your expenditures against your budget quickly.

※ Credit Card / Debit Card management function
When entering a future payment date, you can see the payment amount and outstanding balance on the accounts page. You can connect your debit card to your accounts so that expenses are automatically recorded under a specific account.

※ Passcode
You can specify the desired time lapse before the app requests a passcode.

※ Automatic money transfer and frequency functions
You can set up automatic money transfers between your accounts and configure the frequency of those transfers.

※ Sort expenses by the recipient
You can sort your expenses by the recipient and view this information graphically.

※ Payment Profiles
You can easily enter frequent expenditures by creating payment profiles.

※ Backup / Restore
You can backup and restore your data via email, iTunes and iCloud.

※ Multiple currency support – you can have individual entries in multiple currencies, and configure each account to calculate the total balance in your desired currency.

Subscription pricing and terms:

Money Manager offers auto-renewing monthly subscription at US$2.49/month and an auto-renewing yearly subscription at US$19.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the Money Manager Data Sync Service while you maintain an active subscription.

Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your iTunes Account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase.
Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be identified.
You may manage your subscription and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase.

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Money Manager (+PC Editing) App Comments & Reviews

Money Manager (+PC Editing) Positive Reviews

Awesome!This is probably my favorite app on my phone. I love all of the graphs, budget, options, and the way it looks. It literally gives me everything I need and it breaks it down so well. I’ve tried multiple apps and this one by far was the best. If I had to pick one thing I would change, or add I should say, is adding the shareable feature. My wife would like to keep up with our expenses but there’s no way to sync an account to view it from multiple devices. I love the fact I don’t have to sync it to my bank account, but I would definitely be in favor of having to log into an account or having something to where you can sync it to another person or device. If I could have it to where I put the transactions in and it sync with my wife’s phone, it would be absolutely amazing! Overall this app is a must have if you want to keep up with your spending habits!.Version: 2.1.8

Nice enough but…The app is nice enough kudos for what has been created. I know it’s a lot to design and implement an app that has the features it does have. Just a few missed features…shortcomings. 1. The app does not sync in the cloud from one device to another on my account (iPad <-> iPhone) I have to backup and then import to the devices. Boo. 2. On the transaction ledger screen you can’t sort the transactions by date visually, dated transactions are grouped together but only sorted visually in the calendar view not daily. You can’t even set it to sort ledger by date as a setting. Drives me crazy when I see the 02’s after 08’s date (the 2nd after the 8th). 3. Since they don’t have a Mac version (just web access) and you are limited what you can do from the Wi-Fi website, which they do eluded to, when u do turn on ‘Computer Manager’ (which is just web access from your device) you have to leave your device in the app settings page so you then you can not do anything from your device in that application while you have the computer Manager turned on. You have to quit. It’s easy enough to figure out how to use the app the Stats chart is nice and the ability to customize the accounts both expense and income but those simple features really need work. Also, the web version fields are cutoff and looks more like a poor Excel report version. Thanks for your hard work but it needs a lot of work and please just create a good syncing Mac version..Version: 2.8.12

This is one of the better expense appsI paid for the full version and I like it enough to move from another app I'd been using for 3+ years. There are a few improvements I would strongly recommend to make it better and more user friendly. 1) The repeat setting should allow user to provide an end date. Otherwise, the transaction will be entered automatically and will have to be deleted manually. The only way to stop is probably to delete there repeat setting but I don't know if that deletes the transactions already entered and I don't want to have to go back to re-enter everything. 2) It automatically defaults to the transaction tab and I want to be able to set my default is when I open the app. Example, I really love seeing what my balance is after entering the transaction so I'm always navigating to the Accounts tab and a specific account. 3) Would love to see a "Bills" tab so I can keep track of when my bills are due easily and easily create transactions. Not looking for the ability to actually pay my bills here as that integration has never been reliable with ANY app due to the securities from the financial institutions. Just looking for a way to enter my bills within the app only. 4) Integrate Dropbox as a backup option. Otherwise, this is a very solid app which I'll continue to use. Thanks..Version: 2.7.8

Unique and Functional App. Simply the bestI used to have 20+ apps available in the App Store, and one was related to the budget. This app is the best application that I have used thus far. The visuals, functionalities, and every single detail and possibilities are incredible. I never found any easy way to control my budget that involves several incomes and expenses coming from different sources—the charts, imports, export, etc. I never was so excited to add manually anything related to my budget. For some, it is inconvenient to add data manually, but for me, it is important to know and see every single transaction for a better control no matter what amount is coming in or going out. The best!!!.Version: 2.8.7

PerfectionThis app is the absolute best for manual entry accounting, expenses, and budgeting. I was using another app and the developers decided to pull it and replace it with a lame version that was super expensive and did everything worse than their classic version. Their users begged them to just bring back the old version and charge for it but they didn’t listen, so here I am. I am so happy I found this app. It’s the perfect blend of easy to use and customizable. Just when you think it can’t get any better, you discover a new setting or feature within the app that gets you super pumped. Love it..Version: 2.7.16

Really, really close!This app is very well thought through for the experience and things that matter. We use this app to keep personal expenses separated in otherwise a joint finances setup in our family. Works great. It’s mentioned in other reviews as well, the app really needs to auto-sync with an account or auto-sync data storage not locally but with iCloud. We both have iPhones and using this on the go is great, but when we want to really sit down and go through things we want to do it in the iPad. Yeah you can turn on pc mode and bring it up there, but this app in an iPadOS variant with real-time data sync would make it truly standout..Version: 2.7.37

Intuitive and it reflects how I think about money.Really intuitive app. I tried a lot of apps before and either I don’t like their subscription model, their app or how they think about the flow of money between accounts. This app really is as close to perfection as it can get for me. The only thing which will be hard to track are investment accounts since there is no automatic connections to investment accounts or a possibility to enter shares or other investment vehicles. Hopefully they will implement something like this in the future. Other than that. Thank you for the great app!.Version: 2.7.21

The value is INSANEI have never used a better expense tracker—period! I love personal data and being able to track my life through it, and this app is so much more than I expected for the price. The biggest reason I chose this app over something like Mint is the lack of bloat. It does exactly what it advertises and nothing more. It doesn’t share my info with “partners”, it doesn’t try to sign me up for credit cards or anything like that. It just lets me track my spending the way I want to. I love it so much. Please do yourselves a favor and get this app. And support the developer!.Version: 2.7.34

EFFICIENTI’ve been using the app for over 2 years now and I honestly love it. I bought it for the full experience and it’s honestly worth it, when you see where your money is going you make better decisions. There’s a lot of useful tools within the app. I’ve recommended this to multiple people. It’s honestly a great app financial app. It also pays to have a bit of financial knowledge as well, for a complete beginner may not be the best tool but if you learn quickly and looking for a great app this is it!.Version: 2.7.37

My favorite app, just few thingsI have been using several apps to control my spends and when I found this app I could not believe how I was not able to find it before. There are just few things that can improve this app to be the major difference against others. You should include a checknum to identify each transaction and also the hability to sync between devices, but I know it’s too much.. I really feel good with this purchase, many apps offer those annoying subscription fees that make the experience a nightmare and I really appreciate all the efforts you put in this app..Version: 2.8.6

Love this app + i have a suggestionThis is such a great and simple budget tool! Exactly what i needed and wanted! The only thing is if in an update you guys can somehow add a link together between the categories. For example; i went to Target and bought food and a gift for a friend. Well if i could put what i spent on food and what i spent on the gift and link them so that i see the total amount spent plus what was spent on food category and what was spent on gift category that would be awesome! Or if there is a way to do this already please help me!.Version: 2.4.4

Need a new UII have been using this app for 3yrs and it’s time for an overhaul. The user interface needs refreshing features, new graphics, the latest financial features including percentage gains weekly, quarterly and annual growth of wealth. Maybe rated growth projections? My point is I love this app but it’s boring. I like the feeling of seeing my money growing and the excitement of hitting that next financial milestone. But honestly this app lacks that money making excitement. I still love though. But I love it less and less..Version: 2.7.23

This is the money management app I’ve been looking forThis app is soooooo good.. so easy to use, and it’s so easy to understand where your money is going. I’ve been using this app for nearly 6 weeks now and I’ve been recommending it to friends.. one thing I wish they would let us do is change the lettering color and work on the PC editing a little since it feels a little outdated. But besides that, the app itself it perfect!.Version: 2.7.8

Best financial app ever !I love this app!!!!! So easy to set up all of my accounts, monthly bills, credit cards, taxes, and any other financial accounts. I highly recommend the paid version, as it gives you unlimited accounts so you can see and control all of your spending and payments at your finger tips !!!!!! Did I mention how easy it was to set up and use!!! Ditch the paper checkbook register !!!!! This can do so much more !!!!.Version: 2.7.40

The best so far, but...There’s still a lot of room for improvements. Two things that would be super useful: 1 - the ability to split one entry into multiple categories (I might have purchased two or more completely different things in the same transaction) and 2 - a graph showing changes in balance (account and liabilities) each period. EDIT Been using this app for a while. I’d say it’s still the “best” you can find in the App Store so far, but it really needs to get some updates! (Removed one star bc of this).Version: 2.8.10

Best App for Personal Finances, Asset Management, AND BudgetingI’ve shopped around for many budget and personal finance apps but none are as seem less as this one. It doesn’t force you to sync your bank accounts which is a big plus for me! My only gripe is that it’s a bit of a hassle if you constant switch phone as you have to import it to the new device since it’s not online based. Small price to pay. Keep it up!.Version: 2.0.10

Simple and easyThis is great for me as a college student to figure out how much I usually spend (so I can then use the app to set a reasonable budget). My parents appreciate that I know exactly what my money is going to and am on top of my bills. I wish there was a more aggressive envelope feature (where the money doesn’t even look like it’s in my account because it’s allocated) but I appreciate how simple this is. I don’t think i’ll be switching for a long time..Version: 2.7.20

Like the functionality, wish the account linked on multiple devicesI use my iPad and iPhone interchangeably for the most part. Definitely do shopping on both. Right now I have to enter things on both devices separately if I want the budget to show the same. I also don’t like that the repeating entries (bills, salary, etc.) don’t auto display. I want to budget but also track my spending and while the app is the easiest I’ve used…it’s no better than setting up a manual budget on excel..Version: 2.7.42

Lots of flexibilityThis is a well put together app with a nice array of features and data accessibility that makes manual budgeting easy. I personally use it for a zero-based budgeting approach with the Accounts set up as my spending buckets. I’ve tried just about every app I could get my hands on to mimic the YNAB style without the hefty subscription fee, and this is by far the best..Version: 2.8.13

La App perfectaLlevo algunos meses usando Money Mgr. Y no puedo estar más satisfecho. La app es básica, no tiene características de sincronización de bancos ni ningún otro mecanismo automático como la competencia, pero gracias a esto me he visto obligado a estar estar constantemente revisando y agregando datos, por lo que me ha permitido a ser consiente de mis gastos e ingresos, pero sobre todo de mi presupuesto. Si estas buscando organizar tus finanzas personales sin tener que pagar una suscripción mensual, echándole un ojo a tu dinero de manera constante y no te molesta estar agregando datos cada vez que pagas o recibes dinero, esta app es para ti..Version: 2.7.41

My very favorite expense appI’ve tried tons. Most are more complicated than I had time for and REQUIRE you to make a budget first. I don’t need a budget. I need a personal expense tracker. But you can make a budget on it. This was definitely worth the small amount to pay for the upgraded version..Version: 2.8.6

Love this appReally enjoying this app. Very helpful on going paperless and recording transactions. Calendar view is a nice visual. Very user friendly. It would be nice if I could check or uncheck different transactions depending on if they cleared or to see a running total from the checked items. Otherwise, love. This. App..Version: 2.8.14

Best money appVery capable and very stable. My favorite feature is the ability to copy text messages from banks/credit cards and paste into new transactions, it makes data entry a breeze. It has repeat transactions, easy to budget and no subscription! Highly recommend..Version: 2.7.23

Let it sync across devices.I bought the paid version within 5 minutes of trying the free version. I knew that this is what I’m gonna use a lot. But the experience somewhat dampened when I tried to check my entries on the iPad. They weren’t there. I’ll definitely change my rating to 5-stars when they fix it..Version: 2.7.42

Great app, worth the downloadI like this app a lot and it’s worth the download and additional payment. It budgets, does checking, charts, expenses. Only thing it’s missing is bill tracking. I have to use another app for that but it’s great if you don’t need to also track your bills..Version: 2.7.34

Best personal finance app.As title, tried all other paid finance app and this one come out the best in term of multi currency , ease of input ( if you record every transaction then you will appreciate this ! ) , detailed pie chart and reports on daily weekly monthly annually. Been using this for a year and hope more great update to it. Keep up the good work !.Version: 2.6.0

Greatest Manual Entry Money TrackerThis is by far my favorite app! I’ve been tracking my expenses for nearly 4 years. When transitioning from one phone to the next, the transfer process was seamless and I retained all of my data! Keep up the updates and support of this app! P.S. I love the new Dark Theme!.Version: 2.8.6

Best Mobile FinanceI’ve tried many. The best one yet. It gives the flexibility and control others don’t. One thing though, it should have an edit on credit cards to show your credit limit when you set up an account..Version: 2.5.16

Extremely helpfulMy favorite app by far. I was terrible with managing my money and it bit me in the a**. This app makes it so easy to track and organize every transaction. The graphs and charts are great. I love the budgeting tool. I have nothing but good things to say about this app. $4 well spent..Version: 2.5.16

So far so good!So far, I like the app,enough to buy the ad-free version to give me more accounts. Entry is easy. What I want to see in the future: 1) Sync between devices. I would like to make entries on my iPhone when I am out and have them sync with my iPad where I do all the work. 2) Need a way to reconcile with my bank. If there is a way, I have not figured it out yet. In my last app, I compared my app entries with my bank statements to ensure there were no errors. I reviewed a lot of apps looking for a replacement for my Expense Pro app that crashed and no tech support available. This one seemed the easiest to use. Help me with reconciling bank statements and I’ll be set for now. :).Version: 2.6.11

Great app for tracking expense and accountsThe App is great, keeps account on different currencies, manages incomes, expenses, budgets and recurrent transactions perfectly. If you need a app to manage your money and need to do it in two different currencies this is the Best App out there, believe me I have tried at least 7 other app and no good..Version: 1.9.1

+ icon should be customizableIf there is a setting to change what clicking the '+' icon, I can't find it! I'm a barber and use this app to keep track of my haircuts throughout the day. I rarely use it to add an expense, which is the first and automatic option when I click '+'. Please add a setting to give us the option to use it for adding income first. Great app! Thanks.Version: 2.3.15

Simple and SleekI’ve always preferred to track my expenses manually rather than linking my accounts. If you prefer this approach as well, then this app is perfect. Very straightforward to use and easy on the eyes as well. Would certainly recommend..Version: 2.7.9

Almost perfect...This a well designed app. The only issue I have is that you can’t easy identify the accounts on the account page. There should be color added to each account so you can easily identify them Or better yet add an image next to the account name so you can quickly glance and check each account.Version: 2.6.6

Love this appThis app is great. I bought the full version so that I can create as many accounts as I needed. Everything is working great. The only thing missing is a print function. I would like to print reports from the stats screen. Please develop a print option with different budget reports (ex.; stats, budget, recipient reports).Version: 2.1.13

New updateThe font and bars are way too big now. Please revert to the older size or make it smaller. I have to scroll up n down to see everything now... and also the font colors arent sharp, seems blurry and faded.Version: 2.7.7

Best budget and expense management appI hope that you will support new languages ​​such as Arabic, and also new currencies are added, such as cryptocurrencies and precious metals such as gold and silver, and prices are automatically updated every minute..Version: 2.8.9

Great AppEasy to learn and friendly app. Almost two years using this app. Very good tracking of expenses vs budget; as well as adequate record of accounts, savings, payables, etc. So far, the best for me switching from common excel sheet..Version: 2.8.6

Helps so much with budgetingManually entering what goes in and out of my pocket has helped so much with budgeting. I used to never be able to save and would spend too much, but not anymore..Version: 2.7.37

Just AmazingThis app is such a relief to our budget and finances. It allows us to centralize all of our investments and financial info into one place without switching back and forth between apps. Thank you for this app!.Version: 2.7.34

Best money tracking appLove everything about it! Ive tried at least 5 other money tracking apps and none come close to this one in terms of functionality and allowing me to record what I need to..Version: 2.6.5

Market LeaderExcellent financial software app for tracking expenditures. Feature rich and constantly improving. One day a web-app linked would be amazing, would even pay!.Version: 2.8.3

Nicely done!Detailed enough to be functional somewhat easy to learn only thing I wish it would do is connect online accounts other than that awesome..Version: 2.7.29

Very simple and thoroughThe interface is very clean and simple. i wish there were more options for color customization or logos but otherwise very nice. Also could use a better desktop version..Version: 2.7.28

Excellent productIt easy to use and takes care of everything I want to with keeping track of my money..Version: 2.7.12

Absolute Best!!I’ve used many other Cash Transactional apps and this one is by far the best! User Friendly and Intuitive, it allows me to enter my daily transactions simply and efficiently. Thank You!.Version: 2.7.21

Best expense tracker..1 suggestionExcellent app and very useful. Would happily pay more if it had the feature to itemize 1 receipt into multiple categories. Let’s see it happen!.Version: 2.7.36

Love this appThis budget app is one of the most simple budgeting apps I’ve used. I love that you can customize your categories. I just love it, it has made my financial life easier..Version: 2.8.6

I love this appWords can’t even describe… I especially love the stats feature and since I get paid weekly I love that I can see my spending on a weekly basis..Version: 2.7.37

Good but could be betterGood app but I wish I could click and drag to re order transactions within a specific day so as to match my online bank account..Version: 2.8.7

Great app for money managementI’ve be using this app for years, and it has everything I need. Easy to use and brings all sort of data that I need to manage my finances. I decided to buy the premium version to get all the benefits as it was really worth it for me, but I used it free for years and it exceeded my expectations. Managing finance can be boring sometimes, but the app really make it easy and fluid. Totally recommend it! If you’re looking for the best app, you definitely found it..Version: 2.8.15

Has all the features for manual settingsExplored lite app for a day and I decided to purchase this app. Good one!.Version: 2.8.15

Best budgeting appI have tried many personal finance apps and they all lacked one thing or the other. This app is absolutely brilliant and a complete app in all regards. It makes it so easy and fun to record your personal finances without any spreadsheets. The best part is you don't have to link you bank accounts either. I would give it 10 stars if I could..Version: 2.8.12

Best money appI’ve tried several money management and budgeting apps available on the Apple store, all where disappointing as they simply did not work very well. I came across this one (free version) and installed as a trial for a month… well I just upgraded to the paid version as it is simply the best money management app available today. I look forward to future upgrades and features as the developers obviously take care of developing useful features. Great app, easily deserves 5+ stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 2.8.12

非常强大好用的记账工具之前一直想找个记账工具同时也试了很多个,唯独这个在我手机上保留了下来。栏目清晰而又功能强大,没有花里胡哨的广告或功能,对理财达人或者小白我都适用!.Version: 2.8.12

Perfect! Intuitive!A great app to manage personal & household finance. Intuitive interface. Flexible customization. I have used many free/paid finance apps in the past 15 years and this is one of the best. If you want to know your financial health in a glance or to understand your spending behaviour, this is the app for you..Version: 2.8.6

Best personal bookkeeping softwareHave used this app for two years. Perfect for personal use..Version: 2.8.6

BestI have used a number of apps this one is great.Version: 2.8.6

3년 동안 무료로 쓰다가 유료로 업그레이드 했어요진작에 할 걸 그랬어요 예전엔 2-3불 했던 것 같은데 이제는 5불이네요 🥲 그래도 그동안 야무지게 잘 썼습니당 앞으로 더 잘 쓸게요.Version: 2.8.4

Best. App.I tried about a dozen apps before deciding on this one. The interface is simple but efficient, the options are extensive, and the support is great. English is not their native language based on the grammar of the Help screens and they are not the most receptive to suggestions but they are trying. I really like the app and look forward to what they plan for it in the future. Keep in mind they collect almost no data about you and you don’t need to link any accounts that might be a security concern. Overall excellent and, while I’ve only used it for a few weeks, I plan to update this review after a few months use. Thx.Version: 2.8.3

It’s very nice household ledgerIt’s so much good abbreviation of smart phone application for household ledger! 非常不错! 强推荐!.Version: 2.8.1

Perfect! 👌🏻The perfect app for Money management!.Version: 2.8.0

Works for me!Great app to manage household expenses. I bought the app because it delivers good value compared to the more expensive subscription services. Here’s hoping the developers continue to support the app..Version: 2.7.42

ExcellencyThe best budget app I've found so far, simple and powerful. It perfectly meets my needs. Thank you..Version: 2.7.42

Nice appLots of customization available and app seems to be updated regularly..Version: 2.7.41

Very elegant appI have never touched a bookkeeping app beautiful like this, elegant | simple | effective. You’ll like it, please have a try.Version: 2.7.37

Fantastic AppInterface is so simple and fantastic of this application. Makes it very easy to use. Highly recommended..Version: 2.7.36

Great app, just needs to support split screen on iPad for multitaskingThanks to this app, I finally have all of my expenses in order. Only thing I wish for is that I can have my bank app and this app open on my iPad. This app would be 5 stars if it could support split screen..Version: 2.7.36

Best One!This is a fantastic app with the features I always wanted. However, I really really would love to have it on Apple Watch as well, so I can input expenses right aways the moment I purchase something..Version: 2.7.34

Very goodCheap and easy to use..Version: 2.7.34

AwesomeExactly what I was looking for!!.Version: 2.7.28

It's a beautiful money manager. I love itI love it... That's the best I can say. Been using I for 3 years now and it's been evolving, getting even better..Version: 2.7.26

Perfect Application For Budget ManagementVery nice! Thank you!.Version: 2.7.24

You need this your life ! No jokeGreat app everything works well thank you guys..Version: 2.7.24

Love this app!!I’ve been using for over 3 months now. Great interface and stat features :).Version: 2.7.24

Everyday usesI can deal with my account balance with it..Version: 2.7.23

GreatAwesome app, I have been using it since two years..Version: 2.7.22

Incredibly easy and intuitiveLove it to follow a big family’s finances!.Version: 2.7.22

Love It!Has everything I need..Version: 2.7.22

Amazing!I’m wildly impressed with this app! It is truly customizable in every way, easy to use and very insightful! This is the best gift I’ve given myself in a while!.Version: 2.7.20

Great appPlease add repeating bills notifications and iOS 14 widgets support!.Version: 2.7.21

Recommend+++I love this app. It does wonders for me..Version: 2.7.12

Nice !!!Would be better to have proper financial statement like B/S, Equity and liability options.Version: 2.7.11

Best Money Tracking App EverWhen I wanted to track my expenses, I didn’t want something that synced with my cards. I wanted something that I had to log the expenses into that way I could keep an active track on costs and interpret charges the way i see fit. I tried several apps and nothing matches this app. Very helpful and clear budget tracking, support for different accounts, it has everything The $5 to go pro is completely worth it.Version: 2.7.7

Look no furtherRecommend by a friend. The best financial management app that I truly end up using. Even though free version is completely sufficient for my needs, I just decided to buy full version to show support! Keep it up!.Version: 2.7.7

Best AppThis is one the best App Available on store. Interactive user interface, can capture all Minute details. Worth buying the paid version..Version: 2.6.11

Time SaverGreat App..Version: 2.6.10

Everything I need and more.I used to use Pocket Expense but after trying this app it is much better. Just the fact you can set budgets to subcategories (How is this not a feature in all apps?!) and don't get me started on how nice the stats pages are. A must buy for anyone looking into tracking their expenses..Version: 2.5.12

Just 1 Thing...I’ve tried tons of budget/wallet tracking apps and this one is by far my favourite. The only thing I’d like is to have it be cross platform. However, it’s still amazingly functional as is!!!.Version: 2.5.16

Very goodI like this App. I like it because it is easy to use and completely editable. It does a good job. Merv..Version: 2.5.12

Best for tracking your expensesThis app is brilliantly designed with easy navigation and simple use. The stats are amazing, you can add as many catogories as you want. You don’t need to connect any cards, the entry of expenses/income/transfers is manual. If this is not what you were looking for - the app is not for you..Version: 2.4.1

Great on iPhone XThis app is amazing and it’s almost perfect. The only thing missing is a dark mode and It’d be a 5/5.Version: 2.4.13

Perfect and straight forward excellentAfter trying lots of scam apps like money pro and others which sell your data and force a hidden subscription fee after purchase I found this app. Connects with pc too through http and have a deep level of customizations possible. I look forward to more stats and graphs and hope for even more! Great app, seriously worth it all!.Version: 2.3.5

Excellent but...Excellent but can you add “repeat until date” or “repeat until number of occurence” on recurring transactions? Thanks!.Version: 2.2.6

Une magnifique applicationFonctionne vraiment très bien claire et concise manque seulement un gestionnaire de facture et encore.Version: 2.1.8

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.8.16

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Money Manager (+PC Editing) iPhone Images
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) iphone image 1
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) iphone image 2
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) iphone image 3
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) iphone image 4
Money Manager (+PC Editing) iPad Images
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) ipad image 1
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) ipad image 2
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) ipad image 3
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing) ipad image 4