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** Macworld Editors' Choice Award Winner! **

Smithsonian: “Immersive.” CNET: “Spectacular.” Macworld: “Exquisite.”

Frax is an art program that puts the “equations of nature” in the palm of your hand. Frax is powered by fractal geometry, the same principle that creates patterns of self-similarity in our natural world. From spiral galaxies to hurricanes, from tree limbs to branching blood vessels, the universe is filled with endless variation and staggering beauty. Frax visualizes this natural geometric code, so you can explore vast animating digital landscapes and make a masterpiece on your touchscreen.

Zoom deep into your creations. Use multi-touch gestures to fly through and explore intricate shapes and patterns. Tilt-to-steer through animating digital worlds, as you challenge yourself to chart a course for a long and beautiful flight –all at a depth range of a trillion-to-one.

Unleash your inner artist with complex color gradients to smoothly tint and shade your fractal shapes, two light sources for glossy reflections, and novel textures. The combinations are endless: supersmooth or wildly chaotic, metallic sheen or pearly white, subtle shades, stark monochrome or screaming supergloss. Or upgrade to Pro to access almost 100 parameters and controls!

Then share your creations with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and text. Or invite other users to step into your animating world by sharing a live preset link. You can render high-quality images to your photo library or create ultra-high quality 200 Megapixel renders with an IAP. And for the first time, you can now record VIDEO of your Frax animations directly within the app! (Pro IAP required.) Our users have put their designs on canvas, posters, scarves, T-shirts and textiles. The creative possibilities are endless!

What will Frax inspire in you?

We hope you enjoy Frax!
Ben Weiss • Kai Krause • Tom Beddard

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Fraⅹ Positive Reviews

Inspirational Beauty and Unparalleled ControlThis is not only the best fractal app I’ve ever seen, it’s the best all-around visual arts app I’ve ever used. It may very well be the best app in the App Store. Although it does indeed get rave reviews and is highly respected industry-wide, I still don’t think it gets the recognition it deserves. I may sound like an a company spokesman - and if I were famous, I would be! - but I’m just a devoted fan. The program this team created to allow us to fly through the complexities of the Mandelbrot set in real time - all the while enabling us to create eye-popping artwork using simple gestures and an interface that disappears rather than distracts - is truly miraculous. I cannot understand how anyone could rate this less than 5 stars. I’d give it more if I could, and I bet you will too if you spend a little time learning how it works, followed by endless hours of exploring the creativity and beauty it allows you to express. The new release just adds to the awesome with new fractals, features, and hidden gems....Version: 2.0

Amazing, gorgeous visualsI’m not the type that usually writes reviews, but I have to say that this app is beyond compare. I stumbled on it while looking for a music visualization app to cast to my TV (which I only found complete garbage). The quality of the textures is a true test and looks amazing on a Retina display. This app isn’t technically a “game” but so far I’ve spent many hours just playing with the gorgeous fractals. There’s a free version of the app as well but as soon as I saw the stunning fractals, I paid for the the pro version. Seriously this is probably one of the best apps I’ve ever seen. Now I’m going to dig into the math behind the beautiful visuals of these fractals. Just buy this app. PS. With the pro version you can record videos, I have been converting them to “Live Photos” and using them as wallpapers..Version: 1.4.13

Fulfilling Nerdy DreamsThis app is an incredible technical accomplishment that stands even today, years after its release. Back when it came out even the best fractal explorers required you to wait for each image to render, and real-time exploration wasn’t even a hope. It’s a work of mathematical and coding wizardry to have let us do this. But SubBlue was always pushing the edge in that realm! Today this app lets me easily explain to people what fractals are and to let them appreciate them in dazzling beauty as well as their mathematical cool..Version: 2.0

Phenomenal appEverything i was looking for a fractal app to be like, and much much more. So entertaining to look at, pass time and make beautiful unique creations. Highly recommend it to anyone. Amazing. I do wish however I could have a rainbow setting on color where it switches colors all over without me needing to press anything (I realize i can make the colors swirl, but its basically the same certain colors until i change the scheme with the color wheel thing).Version: 1.4.3

UPDATE!I was very upset after the update because the save rez was lower than pro. But the developer wrote me and told me how to save as a larger rez. I still wish I could set my own default and my own default rendering as I am on a iPad Pro 2020 version. But this will work. I am including the instructions for those who may be as confused as I was. "pressing and holding down on the ’Save Image’ button on the ’Share’ panel. This should give you a menu of size options, including “Custom” (if you’ve upgraded to Pro) which allows up to 8192x8192." .... It did!.Version: 2.0

Frax: An Extension of Abstract ExpressionWritten by 2D/3D Animator & Director Connor Dunham Director of the PROJECT VANILLA Trilogy Frax is a necessary visual abstract tool to create and express mathematical fractal animations, but it’s much more than that. Frax is in a unique place on the App Store. Just like Mextures, Frax is an extension of the ability to create art, albeit: purposely unrealistic, mythical worlds. Frax is different, the app empowers in ease of use, empowering in ability to transfix, and the ability to express a wide-variety of thought through being able to fully customize color, shape, form, mood, saturation, details, spectrum, texture & contours. I use Frax everyday. To both make how and what I feel, and to use the app to design and create worlds for the 2nd film in my planned trilogy of 2D Fractal Animation, titled PROJECT VANILLA. Frax is essentially, an extension of abstract color expression, available on the App Store..Version: 1.4.8

Hands downThe easiest, most versatile and one of a kind fractal playground. I'm so happy that I sifted through all the other fractal apps (seriously, did those people even try?) And found this gem that only gets better over time. I just wish that there was a start fresh option, a little tweak on navigation and an option to pay for your own personal prints directly through the app..Version: 2.0

Highly recommended!This app sets itself apart by the attention to detail from the developers. Even without the Pro upgrade, you would never run out of different looks and art to create. But the pro adds a lot of extra features so that you can create some very unique looking designs.Version: 1.4.3

Maybe it’s not fair ...... that I’m reviewing this software about 10 minutes after I downloaded it, but I expect to upgrade it to 5 stars one I get to know it better. The reason is one of the three names associated with the software - Kai Krause - is the author of my favorite Mac software ever. While I would prefer an iPad version of Bryce to this, this has amazing potential, and I look forward to many hours of exploring — especially when the M1 iPP comes out..Version: 2.0

Move this App to the Education Category To give it to credit it deserves.Great education tool. Have you ever taken a substance and looked at it under a microscope? Is somebody looking at us under a microscope? Well that’s The concept of this app!.Version: 1.4.14

Amazing app but poor video qualityAmazing app! I would spend hours playing around and creating a lot of rad art with Frax! I really like the capability to record videos but the issue I have is that it’s very poor quality when playing the videos back. I hope this gets resolved!.Version: 2.0

I have wanted to make fractals this pretty for 30 yearsI just can’t express how much I love this program. I got this program for Father’s Day and I am posting pictures of fractals everywhere..Version: 2.0

A masterpieceNot many apps stay installed on my phone. But this one is a must. Not only is it great for creating some cool art, but also my go to stress reliever. I can get lost in it for hours. Highly recommend..Version: 1.4.14

Great App. Hoping for iPhone X full screen support.I’ve been playing with fractal-generator/visualizer apps on multiple platforms for literally decades. This is the best ever. Still, though, Hoping for iPhone X full screen support..Version: 1.4.3

Beautiful!I absolutely love this app. I run Frax Flow almost continuously on 2 separate iPads while listening to music and also project onto my “Fractal Wall” through a Miroir Projector. A must for Psychedelic Enthusiasts. You’ll be pleased!.Version: 2.0

Actually the best App ever created, PRO WELL WORTH ITSeriously, amazing app. There”s also large number of users who upload crazy presets they created. GET THIS APP NOW. Frax team, thank you! Mandelbrot lives forever!.Version: 2.0

Was perfect now they want money to experience any coolness in this appWas fun while it lasted rip F4AX used to love staring into the mandlebot but no your not getting my money to fuel your greed. You don’t give something away for free than take it back that’s just bad business. Unless you sell drugs..Version: 2.0

Love itOne of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. The only problem is It keeps showing that I can get frax he on my iPad but it’s says it’s not available in my region..Version: 2.0

Great app with a major UI flawI can not click the save button on iPhone X to share or save a Frax. The menu button and save menu button are directly over each other. Other than that I love everything about the app.Version: 1.4.7

Favorite AppI love this app!! I’ve made amazing posters and album art for my music. When I needed help, they responded with a solution and detailed help..Version: 2.0

Amazing!!I almost never write reviews but this app!!!! So many possibilities with visual creation. I use it to make IG videos with my sound art..Version: 1.4.14

Fantastic!Brilliant, stunning, breathtaking! The only app in Apple store worthy of having. Gentlemen, thanks for the beautiful gift to the world!.Version: 1.4.7

WE LOVE FRAX🤝🤝Thus app helped me have an out of body spirtual awakening pls this is so good i got a tour of the earth from the man and WE HAVE TO SAVE THE EARTH!! 🌷🌷.Version: 2.0

Awesomeness!!!One of my favorite apps! Highly recommended.Version: 1.4.10

Mathematical ArtMesmerizingly beautiful. You owe it to yourself to give it a whirl..Version: 1.4.9

Great app!Lots to do and create, but can’t save videos... :( please fix!.Version: 1.4.4

Very entertainingI really enjoyed this app. Super trippy. I love it!.Version: 2.0

IncredibleAt the edge of it all.Version: 1.4.3

ExcellentGreat art app, recommended.Version: 1.4.5

FraxIve had this app for years(free version)& never have i had a single problem! awesome app everyone! 😏.Version: 1.4.11

IncomparableAll the other apps can’t hold a candle to frax—that’s a fact.Version: 1.4.10

IncredibleThis is one of my all time favorite apps. I'm an artistic person, and I'm also into science. Exploring the virtually infinite maps of the Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets has been like going hunting for something nobody's found before. I've probably spent at least 50 hours so far looking around, tweaking the texture, color and lighting settings, rendering the best things I find to my phone and uploading them to the Frax website so other people can see & use them. Upgrading to the pro version is definitely worth the money, most importantly in my opinion because it greatly increases the complexity and depth that you can explore of the fractals. It's also been really great after a bad day to use in the evening and forget about anything negative and not have any specific goal like a game would, but just relax and create. Very, very great app..Version: 1.4.1

Pretty good...This app is really good. The only thing that really keeps it from being great is the GUI. When it comes to the gestures you use to change the color, texture, lighting, etc., the gestures aren't intuitive. I've been using this app for a while and I'm still not entirely sure what they are. I've gone through the tutorial more than once, but they're not intuitive, so they just don't stick with me. The fractals are great to navigate and alter, but with the gestures being so unintuitive, it's hard to get things as I really want them. I feel like the great images I've come up with are more a matter of luck than choice. I also don't really like the layout of the controls. I just found some menu that I didn't even know was there, after using the app for a while. One of the foundations of GUI design is that it should be self-explanatory. So, while I do love playing with the app, I also feel that the GUI could really stand to be improved. It's a great idea for an app, though. I love math and I love fractals. It really showcases the beauty of math and allows people to be able to play with it -- something I wish they did more of in Math classes..Version: 1.4.2

Most intuitive, pleasurable fractal app I've used.I grew up using FractINT (for DOS!) and then ChaosPro and have made some nice fractal artwork for my walls. Frax takes it to the next level, even though you "only" get Julia and Mandelbrot fractals. The use of multitouch is brilliant and this app FLIES on a iPhone 5S, and it's not even optimized for the A7 processor yet. Most fractal software requires a steep learning curve to generate beautiful images but Frax just lets you experiment right away without really paying attention to algorithms and such-- it's hard to produce a bad looking image. Frax Pro is there for those who want to get more into the nitty gritty details but I think that is more suited for the iPad version. Lastly, the render farm seems like a nice service, though it would be great if there were a companion Mac app that could handle offline rendering..Version: 1.0.8

There just isn't a better app out there.Fractint386 and its updates have long been my holy grail of fractals on PC. Then I find THIS. I made the mistake of downloading it onto my old ipad2 mini and hour before my bedtime. 3 hours later I'm "smartbombing" my way far deeper into the vallies of a Mandelbrot than I've ever seen. The controls are so nicely tuned, and it's just second nature to tilt & steer as you set a nice decent speed from full out, and just keep ... going. It's the ultimate geekfest. I jumped right in and got the Pro upgrade and found one of my favorite settings - Iterations, and cranked 'em up. The dev's website is definately worth bookmarking in your browser, and has loads of great reading, and the science of fractals. How's your download doing?.Version: 1.3.1

Holy Hell!Not sure how the developers got Stephen Fry to comment on the app but he was right. (And the app is as amazing as he is.) I was worried it might not work well on my iPhone 4 but it actually does. The only issue is that the refresh / build rate is pretty slow in "Motion" mode but that's more than understandable considering the level of detail and processing. "Color" mode however is very fluid and that's the most interesting control anyway IMHO. It's a great time waster for sure but you can also get creative as with it as you'd like although the controls are limited if you don't have the PRO edition. I don't smoke anymore but if I did I have a feeling this app would have put my brain into overdrive. It's truly a transcendental trip!.Version: 1.0.8

Great app, great customer service.When I first started using this app, I never anticipated how well done it would be. The standard features alone make a great app, the ability to generate and modify your own fractals, or just play around with the standard one that's loaded when you open the app. There is even a visualization mode for the fractals. Don't even get me started on the pro features, the ability to render 50 megapixel images is insane. And all of the different aspects of the fractal that you are able to modify are simply astonishing. You have very precise creative control. I love this app, and recommend it to anyone and everyone. Even without purchasing pro features it's amazing overall..Version: 1.4.1

Exceeds expectations!I've downloading some fractal apps in the past but this TRUMPS all the other apps combined. They were all trying to do what this app already does. I even upgraded to the pro version, but it's still amazing and fun without doing so. However, the only! issue i've found so far is when you 'swipe' your finger across the screen to scroll through colors, sometimes it scrolls through the colors rapidly fast, while other times, the colors kind of blend and morph into each other slowly. Wish i had control over when it does it without having to restart the app..Version: 1.4.1

My Favorite App - FIVE STARS!I don't understand the recent negative reviews. If you have never seen this app in action you are going to absolutely be blown away as you scroll through fractal space in real time with lighting, shading, colors, textures and more rendered as fast as you can slide your finger around. For those with slowness issues, please check your available memory because you must be out of space on your device. This app is pure joy and will put a smile on your face if you are the least bit interested in fractals. I'd rate it 10 out of 5 stars if I could..Version: 1.4.1

BEST APP EVERI own close to 7,000 apps between my iPhone and iPad (that's not a number typo), and Frax became my very favorite app of all time within minutes of using it. I upgraded to Pro before I even knew what that entailed, and now I keep discovering more and more and more that the app will let me do! I'm in absolute awe!!! I cannot believe this is a 1.0 release! What in the world are these excellent developers going to do to improve Frax? For the first time, I have no answers and no suggestions. This app is just too perfect. I hate math. But, I really have always loved fractals (it's a dichotomy of sorts in my head). I was in love with an app a few years ago that was simply great photos of this fractal set. Now, I feel sorry for all the other fractal apps, because Frax has taken fractals, apps, and what these devices can do to a completely new level that is simply unattainable for many developers. I'm babbling ... Sorry ... It's the awe-effect of using Frax ....Version: 1.0.8

Wow!I was going to say "Amazing!" but two reviewers already used that for their title. Likewise with "Awesome!" I rarely pay for software, but I'm so glad I took a chance on this app. I'm really impressed! I've been waiting for software that could do this for over 20 years. This does everything I imagined and more, but I'm still strongly considering upgrading to the pro version. In part, just to support excellent app design. That, and I want to see what else they could have possibly included. I also think there's a good chance that the price will increase. The developers put some serious work into this and $2 is a bargain. Besides having what seems like countless variations, Frax has an intuitive interface and thorough instructions built in, including videos an a table showing what gestures do in different modes. I enthusiastically recommend this app! It's just, "Wow!".Version: 1.3.1

So addictive!I love Frax! I started out with the Free and then leveled up to Pro and I love it even more. Aside from the awesome functionality to change colors, shapes, lights, zoom and hyper zoom etc, you can also organize saved Frax in folders, super helpful as I like to export and use them in music videos and large scale projections. I actually commissioned the world's first underwater projector just so I could play with Frax in the pool. I also randomly met a girl who makes dresses out of her Frax. So cool! Give it a try, highly recommended!.Version: 1.4.2

Best fractal app aroundIt's really hard to explain to someone what a fractal is when you can't draw it out. Even so, people are not usually impressed by the idea. This app shows how amazing and intricate fractals are. Once you see the beautiful complexity it is much easier to appreciate fractals in our everyday lives (trees, leaves, etc). I love this app, I use it to capture images as my backgrounds and use it to show people the amazing world of fractals. Beautiful art and user friendly..Version: 1.4.1

Neat App!A while back, I had a fractal program on my computer, and it was fun, but Frax takes it to a whole new level. Exploring with the ability to pinch and twist on the screen is really neat. It's like exploring the landscape of an alien planet where there are so many wonderful surprises. Many of us hated math in school, but it really does have a beautiful side, and fractals show it off. This is a great, user-friendly program that makes fractals accessible to anyone. Jump in!.Version: 1.3

What a fantastic appThis app is impressive and super easy, for us that grew in the days of the beginnings of computers this level of achievement is beyond belief. For fractals lovers, this is a most!.Version: 2.0

DopeIt’s insane and fascinating and dope and really worth it!!.Version: 2.0

Incredible!I've only started experimenting with this new version and have already used it as part of a new digital art piece. You've made in even more incredible than Frax HD already was - a feat that should have been impossible... but you accomplished it. Five Stars truly aren't enough but it's the most I'm able to give here. Many, many thanks..Version: 2.0

AwesomeI’ve been building fractals from first principles for years with Ultrafractal. Frax is simply more engrossing ! However it is an energy demon and fortunately I have an iPhone Xs with 256 gig of storage..Version: 2.0

One of my Favourites!I could watch for hours..Version: 1.4.14

Awesome!!One of my favourite apps. You can create some really cool stuff in high res. Good customer support, too!.Version: 1.4.2

Battery killer!This program is very cool and better then the others but it seriously kills my battery fast but I guess because it requires an absurd amount of power to run it..Version: 1.4.2

Top NotchThe ability to export in super high resolution is amazing. Worth buying all the upgrades, you can make some amazing stuff from this thing..Version: 1.4.1

FraxThis app is amazing!! Beautiful, fun and creative!!.Version: 1.4.1

Awesome freakin app and developersGot frax and loved it so much I bought pro. At first didn't work and was kinda sad so I emailed frax and they got it working for me within the day. Super happy and amazing app if you want to learn somthing new and make beautiful mesmerizing art..Version: 1.4.1

Outstanding Fractal ViewerVery impressed with this app. I almost immediately upgraded to Pro so I could start fine tuning my discoveries. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.3.1

AwesomePure awesomeness. You can zoom into fractals like you always wanted to, seeing the same shapes get bigger and the small ones becoming them. The colors and textures really pop and any given screen shot will be good enough to be your wallpaper. I highly recommend this app, as well as the pro upgrade..Version: 1.1.1

FraxAMAZING !!! I just upgraded to Pro and even though it is a bit pricey I don't regret spending the $ 4.99 for one minute !!!! The possibilities are LIMITLESS !!! How can I best describe this app ( especially the Pro version ) , EXQUISITE , REMARKABLE , MIND BLOWING , SURREAL !!! I have NEVER experienced an app like this one !!! It's almost like entering a dream like state where all things are both possible and beautiful !!! As well I cannot say enough good things about the app support !! They got back to me promptly and helped me when I wanted to upgrade but they didn't push it on me !!! THANK YOU !! I would STRONGLY recommend going to the upgrade if you can afford it , it will BLOW your mind !!! I WOULD GIVE IT TEN STARS IF I COULD !!! Would LOVE TO SEE MORE APPS FROM THESE GUYS !!!!.Version: 1.0.8

Outstanding in every way. Beautiful and intuitiveIf you have even the most remote interest in fractals, chaos theory, art, and how are universe is composed you will covet this app. This team has a ton of experience and I remember using their software over a decade ago. They've created not just the best fractal designer, but possibly one of the best designed apps on the App Store. Award worthy..Version: 1.0.7

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