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Researchers at Monash University have developed the low FODMAP diet and a corresponding app to assist in the management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The Monash University FODMAP diet works by swapping foods high in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs), with low FODMAP alternatives. Around 75% of people with IBS experience symptom relief on a low FODMAP diet.

The app comes directly from the research team at Monash and includes the following:

- General information about the FODMAP diet and IBS.
- Easy to understand tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet.
- A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods using a simple 'traffic light system'.
- A list of branded products that have been certified by Monash as low FODMAP.
- A collection of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes.
- Functions that allow you to create your own shopping list and add notes to individual foods
- A Diary that enables you to record food eaten, IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary will also guide you through step 2 of the diet - FODMAP reintroduction.
- The ability to adjust units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate colour blindness assistance.

Monash FODMAP Diet App Comments & Reviews

Monash FODMAP Diet Positive Reviews

Some nice featuresI was a bit hesitant to spend $8 after seeing some negative reviews, but the positive reviewers seemed to know what they were talking about. So far, I think getting the app was a good choice. The diary is especially nice, allowing you to do quick ratings to track symptoms through the day. The food information is helpful, but I was a bit perplexed at the differences between the FODMAP info on some vegetables, since a good book on FODMAP suggests that (for example) broccoli, green beans, and cabbage should be avoided during elimination, but the app says they are okay. Because Monash has done the testing, though, I assume I have come to the “horse’s mouth,” so to speak. I was hoping for the price that the guide would be a bit more detailed, and I thought some foods (like yellow cooking onions, which are widely available in the US) would be included. But the strength of the app is in the recording features, and it is very cool that you can filter out food chemicals that bother you, and that the app provides a systematic way to track reintroduction, with a bit of guidance about amounts. Overall I think the app will be very useful..Version: 3.0.4

Simple things overlookedI will start by saying that this app has helped me tremendously on this hellish diet, but there’s very simple things in the app that were overlooked that could be fixed in a second. Like I’ve noticed multiple recipes don’t have some measurements of ingredients listed which is mind boggling that you forgot simple numbers on things. I’m also highly frustrated not knowing what bread I can and cannot eat since there are a few contradictions in the food search regarding that. And I know you can’t add every food known to man, but knowing I can look up anything would be nice (even if it’s obvious I shouldn’t eat it...ex. marshmellos). Also in the recipes, it would be nice to know how many you can actually eat of the what is the serving size for each recipe because I had like 3 rice paper wraps and my stomach was in turmoil that night. This diet is already hard and frustrating enough so when I pay $8 to make it easier, I need it to be worth it. I’ll end with saying that overall this app is quite nice and helpful and reduces my anxiety knowing it’s certified but small things that can help and be fixed should be, specially if you’re going to charge me for an app that helps with an only ever temporary diet..Version: 3.0.3

So so helpful and informativeBefore finding this app, my only source of help – and a good one too- was A website called help for IBS. I also had heather van Voorhis‘s Help for IBS cookbook. The amazing thing about the Monash app is the university’s breakthrough discovery of FODMAP chemicals as a real cause of IBS upsets, and the helpful guide to what foods to avoid or limit. I needed to lose weight, and I wanted to do weight watchers, but it would never work for me because of the foods they suggested. Now, with the use of the Monash app, I have been able to coordinate WW with the app Guide, and finally I’ve lost 13 pounds. Yay! But even more important is the helpful information. Sometimes when I have a flair I don’t know why, but I’ll go on the app and look at some of the foods I’m not sure of and I see exactly what I did wrong, and how to avoid it again next time. Thank you so much for your hard work, for your research, and for caring about this medical problem that is so debilitating and so ridiculed by the medical community..Version: 2.0.8

Life saving appThis app has given me my life back. I tried to use the app when I was first diagnosed with IBS a few years ago, I was not truly ready or committed to following the fodmap diet but could not deny the positive results of using it. I fell off the fodmap train if you will and quickly found myself needing the elimination phase again….Fast forward to 2022 where my flare ups became unmanageable and I was living in constant pain… I committed to fodmap and using the app to help “heal my gut”. This app has helped me clearly identify my triggers, reduce bloat, and most importantly has given me my life back. I love this app and use the diary to document my daily food intake so I can look back on my patterns of eating, nutrition, and also remember recipes I made that myself and my family enjoyed. Not only has the app helped me live pain free but I also overall feel better mentally. I hope this app gives others the same freedom it has given me. (I also went gluten free thanks to the app teaching me my body feels much better without gluten).Version: 3.0.9

My go-to guide!My husband has had IBS for 20+ years, but could never figure out what was wrong. We knew he was lactose intolerant, but there were so many more problems than just that. In 2018, after blood tests, cat scans, excrement sampling, colonoscopies, etc., his gastroenterologist suggested we try a FODMAP diet. Parsing through all the conflicting information felt impossible, and in the end, the best source was getting it straight from the horse’s mouth: Monash University. After months of elimination and reintroduction, we discovered that he is Fructan intolerant on top of the lactose intolerance. He has now been off fructans (or on low fructans) for 3 years, and his IBS is virtually gone! Unless he accidentally gets too much, he feels 100%! We use the app EVERY SINGLE DAY just to check if some random food or other is okay to eat. I recommended it to everyone with IBS, just in case they solve their issues. (And we’ve had five friends that have found their solutions, so that’s amazing!) Definitely worth a few bucks!.Version: 3.0.7

Thank you!!!I have only been using this app for seven days so far and have experienced great improvements in my bowel movements. I have been dealing with constipation my whole life and it feels like the Low FODMAP diet has been actually helping! I have attempted the diet using other apps but I did not have the knowledge of serving sizes and even being careful with mixing “safe foods” and as a certain FODMAP could increase by doing this make those “safe foods” not safe. I talked to a dietitian through the app (which I highly recommend if you have any confusion about the diet), and she explained to me how to use the app correctly to make sure I wasn’t getting too much of one FODMAP. I noticed a lot of the foods I was eating, even though they were deemed “safe” all of them together probably gave me too much fructan. This app unlike others is updated and well researched! Most of the other apps don’t go as in depth as this one! So save yourself some trouble and buy this app. It’s worth it..Version: 3.0.9

Very Pleased!I was very hesitant to pay this much with the USA reviews. After much google frustration with wildly conflicting advice I decided to get it for the best, most recently accurate source of information available- even if it wasn’t completely useful in the US. I’m sooo glad I did! Most of what I need IS here! :) The confusing lack of decaf tea (?) and the annoying diary setup are my only complaints. I’m doing the diary but I’m not doing their recipes, so it’s severely handicapped for results- but I want to record my daily improvements anyway. I consider the source of this Apps information as the important factor. If my Dr. had only advised me of FODMAP foods over the last 2 years of confusion and misery! I’m very grateful to these researchers and felt better after the first day! I had no idea I’d been causing extra misery with common ‘healthy’ foods! Those excessive exclamation points are appropriate to me, lol. This App is handy and this information is life-changing! Happy in Mississippi, USA :).Version: 2.0.9

Very helpful app, but lacks flexibilityI'm using this app in the elimination phase, and the guide view look up for items and serving sizes has been extremely helpful. Would recommend that for anyone trying to do a low FODMAP diet! Unfortunately for me, the journal function is based off of using recipes found in the app, which are a lot of recipes that I would never eat, and require extensive prep, even for lunches. I have found plenty of easy low FODMAP recipes online and would love the function in the journal part of this app to "create a recipe" by adding the ingredients (from the guide view) to get a similarly accurate analysis as from using the recipes. I would also like to be able to journal my symptoms in real time, because at the end of the day I don't generally remember all of my symptoms since they have been so normalized for me :) All that being said I couldn't imagine doing an elimination of FODMAPs without this app!!.Version: 2.0.10

OkayYou should be able to add food items from the guide section to your diary. I don't like that they give you a seven day "meal" plan with specific recipes for each day, I'd rather enter individual foods that I cook up and make for myself. Additionally serving sizes of the foods would be helpful to be able to track. A copy/paste feature for the diary would also be so helpful in tracking meals. Inputting food into the diary takes a lot of time, so being able to add things you’ve entered before would make it much more user friendly! Also there aren't really any US brands, it would be cool to see a bar scanner so users could add products to be submitted for review or something. The data base is good, but the diary... not so much..Version: 3.0.8

You MUST have this app - most net info is incorrect**UPDATE: Please don’t self diagnose from the internet! I had all the symptoms of FODMAP problems, except my bloat was unremitting. I spent 3 weeks using this diet and it DID alleviate some symptoms but - a stool test showed I had E coli. When my bloat continued to worsen after a course of antibiotics, a CT scan revealed Stage 1 ovarian cancer. The bloat was from Ascites, not IBS. Use this ONLY if you have seen a medical professional. There is so much conflicting info in the internet and in books, not just in anonymous forums but coming from people who claim to be coaches. People misinterpret things, or only give partial I was 2 weeks in before I learned (from a Monash blog) that eliminating the high FODMAPS had also eliminated all the prebiotic food. Seriously, I’m kicking myself for not having gotten a stool sample sooner. BUT if you insist on going this alone, I rate this a 5-star tool. Monash University is constantly testing foods and updating. This is the ONLY way you can search for a specific food, and see exactly what the rating is for each of the 4 FOMAPS. It’s the ONLY way you’ll get a sense of which of the 4 might be your problem. $8 is less than the cost of a book and besides, you’re helping to fund the research that made this possible..Version: 2.0.12

Inconsistent informationI’ve now used this App mostly while shopping to check ingredients before purchasing. Low fodmap granola often has amaranth. On this App it says amaranth high fodmap but on a google search Monash says amaranth is low fodmap. To get more info I have to go to their Facebook page which is a huge no for me. I have boycotted FB for years and wish companies would not force people to go to their FB page for info. Get your own website or use a socially conscience platform. Anyway the info I see from Monash two diff places is inconsistent on this grain. The App gives limited info. Why not put those articles and blogs that u have on FB on your app so FaceBook haters can read them? App cost $ FB costs your soul. Take ur pick. I’d rather pay more for a more informative app than give FB more data to sell and exploit. Plus the way FB has disrupted and ruined entire countries. No thank you!.Version: 3.0.6

This app is wonderful! Truly a must have.My doctor told me to start a fodmap diet, gave me a handout and said if I felt better after 4-6 weeks to continue it for life. I scoured the internet for information, downloaded many apps, and found lots of it to be conflicting and incomplete. My only regret is not buying this app sooner, it’s the only one I kept. I love the serving information, stoplight design for the different fodmaps, and most of all the developers at Monash are incredibly responsive! As I’m in the challenging phase it has helped me stay organized and on track. I am feeling better than I have in a long time! A few suggestions to improve it: 1. Offer more food options for reintroductions, as well as the associated amounts. 2. A comprehensive list/chart of all of the categories and foods under each would be so helpful..Version: 3.0.4

Good PurchaseI’m pretty happy with this app. I like that you can set your country and that’s what comes up when looking for something. I use this when planning out my meals. I like that it tells you what amount of a particular item you can have. For instance, some apps will say no to red bell pepper completely. This app will give you how many grams are okay to eat of red bell pepper. I could understand you not liking this app if you mostly go out to eat or you use box foods to eat but I mostly use whole foods when I cook so it makes it really simple for me. It also doesn’t hurt that these people are the developers of the FODMAP diet. I trust them to know what they are talking about. I also can say after 4 days of using it I feel better already. Thank you!.Version: 3.0.11

Great app with one simple bugEDIT: To clarify, my point is not about heads and stalks being differently rated. My point is that both of those are green for small servings and red for high servings, but one is rated overall green and the other overall red. This app is great, thanks to Monash for developing it! There's one bug that I tried to submit feedback for but the app didn't let me - foods like broccoli heads vs. stalks are rated overall green for the heads and red for the stalks. My guess about the bug: heads are rated green for small servings and red for large, while stalks are rated red for large servings and green for small. Because of the difference in the sorting order, they are rated differently overall when they should be the same. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting something?.Version: 3.0.8

How stupid was II visited my dietician more than 6 months ago and she recommended this. Since I rarely spent any money on apps I think it’s absurd to spend $8 on an app. I thought it’s the same information I can get online for free. No! Since the nutrients in food is changing from time to time depending on many reasons (i.e. how it’s grown.) Those information online were just copying from one source and another and people rarely update it. It’s a melee. When I followed the information online, I felt like there’s nothing much I can eat, and I ate the same thing over and over again. Sometimes, even I followed what they said but and I still have symptoms. I lost hope with food and became depressed, such psychological factor worsened my health. I hardly have appetite and once I have it I binge-eat. It was not fun to go out with friends telling them I can’t eat this and that (a lot of things are made with onion, garlic and wheat flour these days). This app changed that. Monash constantly update their database and they tell me the amount I can eat (even with chocolate.) Within days, my symptoms subsided, the depression with food is gone and I can feel I have better control of my life..Version: 2.0.7

I am disappointed by lack of vegetarian recipesThere are only 70 recipes all together. It’s like they want you to buy the cookbook. I would imagine there aren’t that many vegetarian and vegan recipes in the cookbook. Most of the products that are monash certified aren’t available in the US. Should be an option for exercise in the diary. I just use a note. I’d like to see more information on how to reintroduce foods. Types of foods to try first. After hearing from developers I am less critical about the recipe options since they would make the app take up too much space. I have used the reintroduction phase and it is limited. Mostly because there are so many foods that you can’t eat on the diet. Listing them all in the reintroduction feature probably takes up a lot of space also..Version: 3.0.10

Life changingI struggled for ten years with undiagnosed IBS. God led me to this app and it changed my life. My IBS had progressed to SIBO and leaky gut syndrome. I was struggling with bouts of diarrhea and vomiting so severe that I would pass out on the bathroom floor. It was so bad I could hardly eat even low (yes low) FODMAP foods. So, if this app/diet doesn’t work for you, talk to your dr about SIBO. It may be your IBS is so severe you need to do a “selective carb diet” concomitantly with the Low FODMAP to treat IBS and SIBO together. It took me three months, but my gut healed. I had no choice but to do it while pregnant and no harm was done to the baby! Fetus thrived while I was on it. You can do this while you are pregnant but get in with a good dietitian first and make sure your OBGYN agrees. Liz, RN.Version: 3.0.9

Info is thorough, but diary crashesI've found the content of this app invaluable in my search for low fodmap ingredients. Being that it comes from a reputable source makes it more reliable. Many internet sources can give two different answers about what is and what isn't considered a low fodmap food. Stick with this for reliable info. However, the loss of two stars comes from the fact that the app crashes. At the end of using it to record a week long account of food eaten and symptoms felt, on a daily basis , I reach the final day with a congratulations that I've completed the diary and can now print a report for my doctor. Imagine my disappointment when I am unable to get the app to prepare my report. I'd really like an update to fix this problem, as it is one of the main reasons for purchasing it in the first place..Version: 2.0.5

Worth the nominal priceOne of my favorite things about this app is the serving size information. For any food item the red, yellow, green light system provides detailed information about serving sizes that help me to understand how much of a food I can try at any time. Particularly helpful during the re-introduction phase in anytime you want to try a new food. I don’t use it yet when I shop, but I am certain it will come in handy. I use this in conjunction with the Spoonful app. Not all the items provide helpful information, and sometimes it is difficult to find products based on your geographical location, but that’s going to be true of any product. I am so glad that I got this app and I use it every day..Version: 3.0.4

Very reliable informationWith so much misinformation online, being able to easily get FODMAP information directly from the source of the research is worth the $8 price, with all money going to further research at this nonprofit organization. While information is somewhat limited and specific brand name product listings are not available in the US, being able to look up raw ingredients is very helpful. The color-coded traffic light system is easy to follow. Allows a quick and discreet way to check ingredients without carrying around papers. Very thankful for this app! I recommend using this together with Cara app for dietary and other IBS tracking. US users should be prepared for Australian terminology such as biscuit=cookie, capsicum=bell pepper..Version: 2.0.9

Game changerI just love this app. Like many I thought the cost was a bit much up front but having really intense INS this has been so helpful. After 3 years I still check it regularly for foods I don’t eat often. They also continue to test and update. So sometime when I’m not sure what made me sick I go back and check items I may have eaten to see if I miss remembered or the data has been updated. The app and eating FODMAP smart has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Hope it helps you too. I should also add I didn’t know the University. American hubris. Monash is Ivy League level in Australia so this app is getting updated with top notch research..Version: 3.0.9

It’s the sourceThe researchers at Monash University invented the FODMAP acronym. They test and retest food. I don’t know of another app that can claim that. If you look in the fine print, you will see acknowledgment of using and referral to Monash for information about food content. Sometimes a flare makes more sense if a food has more FODMAPs than you knew (change in storage and transportation can change food content, hence the need to retest ) And the diary is easier to use than it appears from first glance. I can use it to compare the effects of diet and stress on my symptoms. I’ve been diagnosed with IBS for forty years. This is the best tool in my IBS management toolbox..Version: 3.0.9

Worth every penny!When my doctor told me to go on a low FODMAP diet for gastrointestinal issues I kept finding conflicting information on the internet but eventually found a recommendation to get this app. I balked at the cost at first but I’m so glad I got it! The diet itself has helped my issues enormously and this app helps make clear what is safe to eat during elimination, and how much. It also has a guide to reintroduction and a diary section to keep track of meals and symptoms. I reckon it saves me money since I’m less likely to buy food that will make me sick. I refer to the searchable database constantly! I hope you don’t need this diet but if you do, this app is a valuable tool..Version: 3.0.3

Quality research based app from universityThis app is developed by the Monash university research team, and it’s based on their research as well as years of prior research in nutrition. They have tested all the foods in the app, which makes it reliable w the latest research available, which was important to me. Attempting to Google all of this information on various blogs on the Internet does not work… Only results and confusion because many bloggers are getting their information secondhand or third hand or from each other. Plus the information evolves based on research. 8 bucks for the app funds this research . I created a shopping list with all low fodmap foods. Tracks meals and symptoms too.Version: 3.0.3

Better and better!This app is what I wanted, but right now I feel that it is incomplete. I am in the US and many common foods are missing. The last update was a month ago, but when I look online, fresh cranberries are listed on the web site but they are not part of the app data. As this app costs more than most, I am hoping that it will continue to grow. As it is now, when in the store, I have to also consult PDFs I have downloaded from other sources. UPDATE— I have not experienced the issues with the last update some others have. While I still supplement the Guide’s info from other sources, this is really handy in the supermarket. I am updating my rating!.Version: 3.0.1

HelpfulI’m in the US and when I first got the ap I was frustrated. I felt it wouldn’t really help me. But my stomach problems persisted until i wondered if there was anything I could eat. Since i have been diagnosed with IBS I decided to try using the app. I immediately felt better after eliminating high FODMAP foods. I was drinking two cups of black tea a day. Switching to green tea cleared up a lot of my symptoms. My nose even stopped running. Using the food lists I have been able to start carefully adding Low FODMAP foods I previously thought I couldn’t eat and I used the app to find a certified dietician in my area. This is allowing me to have hope and variety in my diet..Version: 3.0.4

Great info but recent app redesign is confusingI have been using this app since it was released (and following the guide long before that). The new updates make the guide look much more slick but I find the new interface confusing because I can no longer glance at the list and quickly determine which foods are off limits for me because they are no longer greyed out. Also, when multiple serving sizes are listed for foods, they are not consistent in size order from item to item; that is, one item will have serving sizes listed from smallest to largest, while the next one will be listed from largest to smallest. Please fix these changes!.Version: 3.0

No search optionThis app is not user friendly. There is no search option. To find the food item I am looking for, I have to scroll through hundreds of items. It helps that they are alphabetical. This takes a lot longer and is super frustrating. Starting this new diet is stressful and challenging. This app was supposed to make my life easier, so far, the app is just a hassle. This app would be much better if they added a simple search option. Edit: there is a search option, but somehow I looked over it. There should be a search option when you look at different categories, that’s where the search option disappears..Version: 3.0.9

Needs SyncI have been using this app for a short time and have found it a very helpful way to combine useful information, meal tracking, symptom tracking, and stress tracking all in one place and in an organized/prompted fashion. My one complaint so far has been that both iPad and iPhone version are offered, but without the ability to create an account or otherwise sync information between the devices. I like having the portability of the iPhone app, but find it much easier to comprehensively journal from my iPad, so the ability to map information together would be very helpful..Version: 3.0.6

Best tool I have found so far for IBS dietI was hesitant to buy an app when there is so much free information but this app was strongly recommended to me by other IBS sufferers and I am glad I did. It explained to me why I was having trouble with certain foods that other lists said were OK. It is updated regularly with the latest research, unlike a list. It also has portion sizes, so I can have a few of my beloved almonds safely instead of putting them on the NO list. It doesn’t have much prepared food on it, you have to look up ingredients, but I have to do that anyway with this condition. I think it is well worth the cost..Version: 2.0.9

Spot on!I bought this app so that I could try following a low FODMAP diet to see if I would feel better. At first I continued to eat the foods I normally ate and when I felt symptoms I would check the app for all the foods I had eaten that day. And every time I felt bad I discovered that I had in fact eaten a red light food. This app is so spot on and it's so very simple to use and understand. It's my partner in my journey to feeling my best all of the time. I could never memorize all the foods in this app and whether their safe or not. It's definitely a must have if you wish to eat a low FODMAP diet..Version: 3.0.7

This will enable me to complete the reintroduction phase in about 30 days!I’ve been using the free FODMAP⚡ app for over a year now. I knew there had to be something better. I downloaded this app and already can see that it could have saved me months and months of time. Even though I kept a religious food diary, and I know I was supposed to re-introduce foods, I did not understand how simple the process could be. And how fast. I will never regret this purchase! If you’re on the fence about the money, it’s what, the same as a bag of gluten free, dairy free granola? A new bread to try?.Version: 3.1.1

Not as goodThere are other free* FODMAP apps that seem to do more. I am a bit disappointed that for $8 it’s not a better food diary. It would be nice to show a trend of information if you take the time to detail what you’re eating. At least to show something you enter could show a trend to your symptoms and there is nothing I could see that showed a way to track that without reading each meal you entered and making your own way to graph or track it. I was hoping to just look at something after a week of entries and identify that I ate “eggs 5 days” and I had this symptom consistently for a similar time frame 12 hours later. May be I’m doing things wrong.Version: 3.0.9

Much more US sources neededThis ap is truly a God send!thank you! The only reason I didn't give you all stars was because I live in America... I am into eating gluten free no dairy and organic... I noticed that your companies that you verified as true to good ingredients was seriously limited...How about Udis, Tinkyada,Pamelas products! ... just to name a few!This ap even ehen switched to American???? really I dont have a clue what much of the products are! Never heard of. An instant coffee? really? Everyone I know enjoy organic grown coffee... drip coffee the real deal! Instant!? yuk! You need several Americans on your team. But you are wonderful & helping many... nothing like this exists in the US Thank you thank you & Im trying to help by giving good criticism. good luck! Summer Weisel.Version: 3.0.3

Game ChangerIf you’re about to get on the Low FODMAP diet, this is by far the best app as it’s straight from the researchers who are continually testing food. Once you’ve done elimination you can then put your ‘group’ that you have issues with in and it greys out that food, making it easy to navigate the supermarket and menus. It’s definitely pricey for an app but at least the $$ go where the research is happening (and needed). If you like bananas like I do, I appreciate the research they have done on the stages of ripening that bananas go through so they are (in the correct ripe state) back on the menu, thanks to Monash Universities diligence..Version: 2.0.9

Worth every pennyI don’t often pay for apps but this is totally worth it. Since I always have my phone with me I am never without the info I need to make wise choices. It’s also more discreet than pulling a stack of papers with food lists out of my purse when I’m out. I just check my phone and no one is the wiser, and I don’t have to talk about it. The fact that Monash U. is updating the list constantly, makes me more confident that the info is accurate. Whereas online information is inconsistent from website to website. I wholeheartedly recommend this useful and convenient app..Version: 2.0.8

Well worth the moneyI have been using this app for 6 years and have recommended it to many people. I travel out of cell service a lot and that is a particularly difficult time to avoid FODMAPS, so having the offline mode is very helpful. The app has the ability to allow notes so you can keep track your response to foods. It even teaches you about FODMAPS and how to approach each phase of the diet. I have emailed Monash before we questions and they respond immediately. This app has significantly improved my quality of life..Version: 3.1.1

Great but not done yetThe best database of information, great features... but they need to make it so the journal entries and all our info gets synced across all devices. Typically this is done either by storing it on their server (necessitating creating an account) or storing it on our iCloud Drive. We users have phones and tablets and use both, actively. Plus computers: Be nice to have access from a web app, also. Other reviewers have made good suggestions, like the one about adding one’s own recipes. It’s been seven months since the last update. Can we at least have a quarterly cadence?.Version: 3.0.4

So Helpful I Bought It TwiceMonash University is the leading voice in the science of the FODMAP diet, which is not a fad diet, but a medical diet specifically designed for individuals with Celiac, Crohn's, or IBS. If you are looking for a dietary solution or supplementation to your current treatment plan for one of these conditions then this diet could be very helpful for you. And Monash University are they people who can help. They are constantly updating their app with newly tested food items from around the world. The dietary information is easy to access and easy to understand. I even bought this app for my mom, who helps prepare some of the FODMAP meals, and she able to look things up on her own (even though technology is not her forte). I have learned so much about food and food groups from this app. What was making me sick, how to eliminate and then reintroduce and create balance. I’ve also been able to help other family members based on the knowledge of this app..Version: 3.0.4

Great App, but not for AmericansI love this app and all of its opportunities. My favorite is the food diary because it has so many options to write about! I do think that it is hard for Americans to really enjoy this app! Maybe try to get an American to put in some food options! I also think the Food Diary should have a notification center so customers can set notifications throughout the day or the end of the day! Both if those options aside I am in love with this app! It is so helpful to me . I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease July 2021 and this app has been so helpful! Thank you Monash Creaters!.Version: 3.0.8

Works for What I NeedI find the food guide robust enough that I can find the answers I need in most cases. Considering the guide is the result of testing each food, it’s pretty impressive. The diary is extensive enough that I can track everything fairly easily. Yes, it would be nice if the food diary wasn’t just plain text-entry, but creating a large database of all possible foods is probably beyond the scope of the developers’ intent. A feature I would find helpful is a place to track what week/step one is in for each of the phases. If this exists, I haven’t stumbled across it yet..Version: 3.0.4

This dataset is life changingI have been using this app to check foods regularly for the last nine months and it has completely changed my life. The new refresh makes the individual sugars more visible, which is great! Sadly, the latest update has significantly complicated that most common workflow (check if a food is okay): instead of open app, search for food, you now need to open app, tap, wait, swipe down, and only then can you get to the search bar. I appreciate the beautiful app refresh; I just wish that most common use case could be made more efficient again..Version: 3.0

Feature Request: Sub-FiltersI’ve found this app to be invaluable for learning and staying with the low-FODMAP diet. Is the app perfect? No. There is room to improve the user experience generally, but for an app run by a research institute, I’m not expecting “slick”. If I could make one request: it would be nice if filtering extended down to sub-categories. For example, the app currently allows filtering of GOS/Fructans, but that’s really four different groups: Oligos, Vegetable Fructans, Fruit Fructans and Grain Fructans. Some people are sensitive to some of those, but not all. So would love to see an update to the filtering to be a bit more “granular.”.Version: 2.0.5

The Cure for my symptomsI had tried using a Fodmap food list before without any results, so I just assumed I was going to suffer indefinitely. But I found this after a recent doctors visit at her recommendation, and even though I was skeptical, following the information in this app has completely alleviated all my digestive symptoms. Being able to see the quantity of food allowed before overloading my body is something I had never seen before. The restrictiveness is hard, but works..Version: 3.0.9

What a great resource!I’ve been following the Low FODMAP diet for about 6 months now. This app has been worth every penny I paid! I highly recommend it! I love that I can add notes to items - I’ve started doing this as I have been able to reintroduce some foods or completely eliminate others. I keep the app open while I’m looking at recipes, or at the grocery store. Of course, I wish it contained the information about lots of prepared foods, however I get that it’s an app developed in Australia and used internationally- there’s no way they could have everything... but it only takes a few more moments to look up by individual ingredients. One wish - I have the app on both my iPad as well as iPhone. I wish there was a way to somehow make notes written in one device to carryover to the other, but it’s definitely not anything more than a small inconvenience to not have it sync..Version: 2.0.9

Very helpful and practical. A life-changer!I call this app "FODMAP for Dummies" as it is VERY user friendly and VERY simple to use. The user can quickly see which foods are safe...or not. The red/yellow/green-light system follows right along with Monash's reintroductory phase, too, because it shows how the different amounts of a food can be tolerated, or not. I can't understand why anyone would think it a waste of money. Come on, it's only a one-time cost of $7, and the app is even updated with new food added. It'll make a difference in your life..Version: 3.0.4

A necessity for the FODMAP dietI have struggled to find the foods that my gastroenterologist said I should eat in low FODMAPs. I had no idea what they were and which foods had which types of the triggers that caused my discomfort and motive flow. I give this app the highest recommendation of any app I have ever used. The developer has put TONS of work into categorizing all of the information into a simple and easy to use app and there has been numerous updates to the amount of listings in the food guide. Awesome work and Thank you so much Monash University!!.Version: 3.0.4

Awesome appThe only reason why I am not giving 5 star is because I wish I would get notifications when a food item has been updated. I love this app and is worth every penny I spend on it!!.Version: 2.0.9

Lovely so farGreat app, love the tracking and diary ease. The one thing I wish I could do is to search a food and immediately add it to my food diary for the day too. Keep up the good work! More options for BMS would be nice too (similar to Bowelle app) and customization. Overall does what it needs and the only app I use..Version: 3.0.11

Ignore the low ratingsThe difference between this app and the free versions is that this is the official app by the FODMAP creators. I found several discrepancies in the free apps. In a do or die dietary situation, there can be no guesswork or mistakes. This app also has extra information including specific instructions on how the diet should be followed, and photos of all the foods..Version: 3.0.4

A must for anyone following FODMAPJanuary 2019 I started using the FODMAP App … initially I referred to it daily, now it’s about 2x/week Thanks to the researchers and their support people & friends at Monash University 🍑🥑🧅🥖.Version: 3.0.9

Not for me ...Would be way better if they they included the portion sizes in the recipes. For example, according to the list of foods, avocados are only ok if you only eat ⅛ of an avocado, but there is a recipe for guacamole that is twelve servings but doesnt say the serving size. When you figure it out it seems like its around a 2-3 Tbsp serving which imho is ridiculous - who would go to all the bother of making it to only eat 2 or 3 bites. Who eats only 2-4 chips with guac?? Torture. Would rather not have any at all. This app is full of info telling you how little of everything you can have, like 1/2 an asparagus spear or 2 brussel sprouts, and I guess thats just how fodmap works but personally its not for me. Might be doable for some ppl and they would prob like the app but its too expensive imo. Wish i hadnt spent the 12$.Version: 3.0.7

Yes you can!Finally I found a reliable source for dietary help with IBS. I was sick every day until I started eating safe foods, then was able to do trials and add back much more. The continuing research by Monash University means foods get added after testing, too..Version: 3.0.6

FantasticRecommend including in the digestive section rating for stomach (upper abdomen in the ribcage) discomfort similar to the abdominal one you already have..Version: 3.0.4

I’ve tried manyThe most versatile and straight to the point. Other ones I tried were either incomplete or noisy..Version: 3.0.11

Just ok.First time rating an app. Spent $11. Expected much more. Agree with other reviews. To basic. Need to expand their database. Use the money they make selling this app to do testing on more items. Would love to see them add “other” ingredients for us to look up (ie: guar gum, citric acid, carrageenan etc). At least it’s trustworthy..Version: 3.0.9

Easy to navigate!This app has been a lifesaver for me and for anyone on the steep learning curve of the FODMAP diet..Version: 3.0.9

Sending feedbackThis app is really helpful, thank you. The feedback link doesn’t work, so three suggestions here: more meat-free recipes, a way to share with my husband, and a way to remove the commercial products. Thanks..Version: 3.0.9

Really greatI don’t write reviews as often as I should, but I had to come on here and express my appreciation for this app. It’s very easy to use, and I just discovered the awesome recipes section after a year (go figure!). I’m doing an elimination diet at the moment and these recipes are really helpful - as soon as I saw garlic infused oil I knew I was in the right place! Buy the app, it is worth it. Take care everyone..Version: 3.0.6

HelpfulI really like the app. I find it very helpful. I am just starting with the low FODMAT diet, so this is exactly what I needed. But, I did find a bug. In the section’How to read food labels’, it says “The images below provide examples ...”. But there are no images..Version: 3.0.6

Ignore low ratingsReading the reviews here and any low ratings clearly come from people that don’t fully understand the low fodmap diet or are too lazy to spend time learning about it. Every food on here is tested by monash. This app is very useful for the base ingredients in your meals. Don’t buy it expecting something like the spoonful app with thousands of products in the database (which mind you have NOT been officially tested). I’ve found various errors in spoonful and after a simple report to the devs they change things from red to green? No thanks.. if you want to take this diet seriously this app will be your best friend. Thank you Monash..Version: 3.0.6

Essential for the diet. Worth itI was in the app multiple times a day when I started LoFo. After many months now I check in to review, and catch up on the New Foods section. Lots of updates and different functions depending on your needs..Version: 3.0.6

Great resourceThere is a lot of information to take in and understand when diagnosed with IBS. This app definitely helped navigate the process. Understanding the triggers and help change what I was consuming to significantly improve my quality of life.Version: 3.0.6

Amazing appThis app is amazing. Doing a low fodmap diet is very complicated. This app made things far simpler. I loved having all the information I needed in one place. The recipes are delicious and easy to make with common ingredients. I can’t recommend this app enough..Version: 3.0.6

Version en françaisVotre App était déjà d’un grand secours mais avec le support en français elle est tout simplement devenue géniale! Merci pour vos recherches et bonne continuité dans le développement de cet outil.Version: 3.0.5

Tout ce dont j’ai besoinApplication essentielle pour toute personne sérieuse désirant débuter la diète sans FODMAP. Application facile d’utilisation et très bien expliqué avec beaucoup d’info. De plus, tous les profits servent à financer les recherches..Version: 3.0.4

Just what was neededI was diagnosed with IBS about 5 years ago after a bad flu. I have been on the fodmap diet before but by using printed sheets from my dietician. I just downloaded this app since I’m flaring up again and having trouble tempering what I can eat and not eat. This app with the traffic lights is so clear! This makes choosing food a breeze! I also have GERD and being on the fodmap a diet also reduces these symptoms. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 3.0.4

GreatThanks for the color blind option!.Version: 3.0.4

Nine months into the fodmap diet.This is likely the best 12 dollars I have ever spent. That being said it did take me awhile to figure it’s ins and outs. I reckon there are still lots going on I haven’t stumbled onto. The how to part is a bit week but just imagine you were a little kid and hit all the buttons and see what they do..Version: 3.0.4

No more pain.This app is beautifully designed and very helpful. The nice folks at Monash University did a superb job. Their painstaking testing of so many food groups means I can have a varied diet without unpleasant side effects. My life has gone back to normal!.Version: 3.0.4

You can change unit of measure in settings.You can change from imperial to metric in settings of the app.Version: 3.0.4

My impressionThe guide looks well researched but lacks some features that would help us all. 1. be able to do a quick search for the food item you are interested in. 2. Cannot print out a list of all the items you have tagged for your own reference. 3 cannot print the not acceptable items for quick reference, or that fact all the right ones that are recommended. Cannot get it to print a shopping list, it sates delete items, delete shopping list but no print command. Maybe I am missing this feature. Requires going to the lap top for all searches. For a paid app I would expect more. The University has done great research but lack user friendliness and flexibility..Version: 3.0.4

MartyThis is an excellent app. I am still referring to it and using the diary a year after I did the FODMAP diet. Life saver!!.Version: 3.0.4

No brand names or quantities?This app doesn’t include brand names for many processed foods (eg breads). So for eg it says oat bread is high FODMAP - but that depends entirely on the recipe. If the bread is just oat flour,then surely it’s ok? Whose oat bread did you test? The app also doesn’t include cutoff quantity levels. A cupful might be bad, but what about a tablespoon? At what quantity is this food ok? In this respect the app is less useful than I’d want. However, it’s still the only app based on lab testing..Version: 3.0.4

Nice to have this resource - worth the price tagI’m just starting to use the app and it seems to be really great so far. Things I’d love to see in future updates: the ability to search for food items (rather than scrolling) and a plant-based option so we can easily find recipes that don’t contain animal ingredients..Version: 3.0.4

Changed my life, worth itIve spent 38 years with IBS and finally have found full relief! No more painfully sharp gas pains that felt like knives in my gut, no more constipation, no more random diarrhea— all symptoms gone! FODMAP is not new, but Im a skeptic about fad diets— so the research and science-based testing of foods by Monash Uni sold me on the app. I use this app constantly and stick to the FODMAP friendly foods. The only part of the app I use is the search list. I know there are also free lists apps, but the difference is that this app shows serving sizes and educates you about how much a body can tolerate a food. I also dont care that they hock branded foods, I just skip those— removing processed foods of all kinds has benefitted me. I believe in this app completely and Ive got my niece, in her 20s to try it and she is also loving the app. This has literally changed my life..Version: 3.0.3

Barely worth the moneyThis app is more limited than I was expecting. I’m not able to hide any items, so a dozen different varieties of coffees keep getting in my way. Also, there seem to possibly be some glitches - broccoli stems are a hard no, but whole broccoli is perfectly fine in exactly the same quantity as broccoli tops? Why list it three times then? Sourdough bread - is most of it fine, or does it need to be a certain brand, and if most of it is, what do we look for on the label? I wish the branded foods were ONLY in a special branded category. I asked about that too. It is not possible to hide the branded foods. The country I live in isn’t one of the available options to choose in the app, so I had to contact support to ask which one would I could pick that would give me the least number of foods that aren’t available where I live. It’s quite a cluttered list otherwise. These features are rather disappointing to find in an app that I had to pay for..Version: 3.0.3

A MUST HAVE !Monash App is the reliable resource I go back to again & again for all things low fodmap, they created the diet, so I so trust their information. The App has excellent diet tutorial, recipes & food guide system that makes eating low fodmap easier to do & understand. Great filter function to by fodmap sensitivity or country. Absolutely worth the investment, best $10 spent on LF journey, glad to support continued LF Monash research. Thanks.Version: 3.0.3

Made my life 100 times easierI didn’t know how to manage this new diet before. It was the first time I had ever even heard of FODMAP and I had no idea what foods I had to eat when or how much. It was completely overwhelming and I thought it was going to take over my life. This app made all the worries I had really small. I can quickly look up if I can eat something and I can keep track of introducing foods which is huge. Worth every penny. Thank you so so much..Version: 3.0.2

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