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Wonder what’s in the new coupon barcodes? Had a coupon rejected or fail to double for no reason? Now there’s QSeer, the amazing app that reads these codes and reveals all hidden terms. QSeer is a must-have, money-saving...

... tool for all couponers, from the occasional user to the accomplished extreme couponing master.

The new barcodes on coupons convert all of the important terms into a machine-readable code. The problem for couponers is that these codes are usually different from what is written in English! Until QSeer, couponers were at the mercy of the codes, as you had no way of knowing what the barcodes actually said.

Manufacturers designed this system deliberately so humans would not be able to interpret the codes. QSeer unleashes the power of the iPhone to give you the ability to see what information is hidden in these barcodes and how to use those details to minimize your grocery bill.

QSeer not only reads the new barcodes, it converts them into plain English that you can use to plan your shopping. QSeer helps you match a coupon to the right product size and variety, eliminating those nasty check-out surprises. And it couldn’t be easier to use, as it works automatically with the touch of a single button!

QSeer delivers powerful benefits, such as:

◆ An incredibly easy-to-use app. Press one button, and then hold your iPhone over the coupon barcodes. QSeer does all the rest automatically! While your download does include a professional tutorial, you really will not need it. But if there’s anything that is not clear to you, help is one click away.

◆ Knowing whether your coupons can double or triple (at stores that offer this program). QSeer flashes an alert if a coupon contains a hidden code that suppresses the multiplying bonus!

◆ Identifying whether a coupon is restricted to particular stores or if it can be redeemed anywhere.

◆ Understanding the true purchase requirements. Using proprietary QSeer databases, QSeer is able to match over 98% of coupons to actual store products, so you can plan your shopping with confidence.

◆ Alerting you to errors in the barcode that can cause problems at checkout. The new barcodes are so complicated that more than half have some sort of error. QSeer alerts you to the errors that are likely to prevent a coupon from scanning properly.

◆ Recognizing data privacy concerns. The new coupon codes allow manufacturers to track when you use your coupons and exactly what you buy. They can hide a customer number, an IP address, or even your Social Security number in the barcodes. QSeer will alert you when a coupon contains one of these tracking codes. Note that QSeer does not ask you for any personal info – we only alert you when it is there!

◆ Working anywhere with no data usage. QSeer will not run up your data usage, because it doesn’t need Internet access to operate. It will even automatically activate your iPhone’s flash to work in the dark!

QSeer was built by a team that includes two extreme couponers, a pair of Mathematical geniuses, and a marketing expert who formerly designed coupons for Kraft Foods. QSeer is designed for the needs of couponers by people who truly are experts with coupons.

QSeer is a coupon barcode interpreter. QSeer only reveals the information that is encoded on a coupon without any moral judgment or redemption suggestions. QSeer is not designed to be used as a vehicle for the misredemption of any coupons. QSeer Users are advised to read our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) for further details.

QSeer Coupon Reader App Comments & Reviews

QSeer Coupon Reader Positive Reviews

Awesome app for Q-newbies to Q-prosLove this app makes it so easy to read a coupon and understand it by showing what the cashier sees- got this about a week after I started couponing and even after two years I still use it often - great app test it out.Version: 1.27

Amazing appI love this app! Admittedly it can be a little hard to get coupons to scan, but if you position it just right it should work. I’ve found that many coupons are coded to work for more items than what the actual text says. Even if a coupon has a size restriction, I always scan it to see if it actually is coded that way. I’ve saved so much money using coupons on items that they don’t actually say that they’re good for! With this app you can confidently go to the register with an item not listed on the coupon, and know it will scan. Totally worth the money if you know how to use it!.Version: 1.27

I never knew so many coupons had errors!QSeer is so amazing!! Every week this app helps me find mistakes in grocery coupons and puts $ in my pocket! I made my $1.99 back the first time I went shopping. No more problems at walmart checkout with coupons that won’t scan. And I like the fact that qseer doesn’t have any ads. My only complaint is really an Apple problem. Sometimes the bar codes are so small that my iphone can’t read them..Version: 1.28

Great AppI love this app! I was hesitant at first to buy it, but it’s so worth the money! I have saved so much money over the past years. A couple of months ago it would only scan one coupon and then it would go back to the home screen. I updated my phone and it started working like it should. Read the directions carefully, and you will have a lot of fun using this, especially if you are an extreme Couponer like I am!.Version: 1.28

No expiration!I love this app! I am just picking up couponing again after quite a long time. I scanned old coupons (from 2yrs ago) in my couponing notebook so I could get the hang of the app and noticed I had quite a few without any expiration. I would have just thrown them out. Good to know for the future! Unfortunately this app freezes often and then completely shuts down. It can be extremely difficult to read the coupons but when it does it’s awesome. Can be very frustrating though. Only giving 3 out of 5 stars..Version: 1.28

Best couponing appQSeer is the best app if you are an advanced couponer. All the people leaving poor reviews don’t understand how to use the app. QSeer tells you exactly what’s in the barcode. You just use your phone’s camera to scan coupon barcodes and then you find out how the coupon will scan at checkout. I’ve saved so much money since I purchased QSeer. Go ahead and get this app - you will be thrilled with how much money you will save..Version: 1.23

IPhone 12So I’ve always loved this app with the exception that sometimes there’s issues when trying to scan coupons. I upgraded to the iPhone 12 last year and since then I have not been able to scan any coupons. I belong to a couponing group and I am not the only one that is having issues using the app with the iPhone 12. I hope the developers can figure out the issue and fix it..Version: 1.28

5star but 0star for iPhone 12 Pro MaxLeaving 5stars because it’s an awesome app, but after upgrading to iPhone 12 Pro Max, it won’t scan no more and I have to use my old phone to scan. Pls pls pls fix this issue as I see lots of review about it. Thank you qseer team for such amazing app. Pls hear us about this iPhone 12 Pro Max problem..Version: 1.28

App works for those who knowApp works as intended and none of the other apps worked. For the price, it is an amazing deal based on the function. I read some reviews before buying. I think most people who gave 1 stars didn’t realize what the app function is before they bought it. Read the description carefully..Version: 1.28

Coupon readerI absolutely love this app. If you are a couponer, it’s a must!!! It will tell you when coupon expires when the date says one thing, it may not even have an expiration date. It scans all my coupons instantly as long as you have a camera that focuses . Super simple. App description is right on..Version: 1.24

MUST HAVEIF you’re a newbie like I was THIS IS A MUST HAVE. When learning all codes. Family codes ect. This is a very simple tool. Most helpful & neat app I’ve ever had. Seriously so much is hidden in the barcode that it’s amazing sometimes. I’d pay the like $2 every week if I had too. It’s that helpful!.Version: 1.28

Worked great at first..This app was great, as a couponer it was awesome to know what was actually expired vs the date on the coupon. Although the last few months, it hasn’t been scanning coupons at all for me. I haven’t deleted it because I relied so heavily on it and am hoping it’ll work again at some point but I’ve tried scanning the same coupon all week and it just never reads it....Version: 1.25

IPhone 6, iOS updated NO PROBLEMSHave used the me and time again waiting for a glitch or for the app to stop scanning like I’ve read in other reviews. Have had NO PROBLEMS SCANNING. I scan one after another and randomly here and there. Very happy this app worked out for me!.Version: 1.25

QSeer AppLove this App!! This app helps make the small print on coupons ~ Make Sense!! I have been using QSeer for over a year now and plan to continue! Best $1.99 I have spent. Also, No upgrade charges! Simple ~ Pay one time and save, save, save! Thank You QSeer Team for all your hard work!.Version: 1.23

Life saver!This app helps so much with clarifications of coupons. It helps save me time trying to figure out certain coupons or embarrassment at the register if the product doesn’t match the coupon..Version: 1.23

Updated?This app says it updated 2 weeks ago but 9 times out of 10 it’s still having problems scanning! As a huge couponer it has saved me a lot when it actually does scan but come on! As a paid for app I expected it to work better!.Version: 1.27

Love it!!I have never ever had a problem with this app, and have had it for quite sometime!! Whatever It scans as, is accurate. I absolutely love this app and don’t know what I would do without it.Version: 1.24

Great update!The update made all the difference! Coupons are scanning much better than before..Version: 1.29

My fav!!!I am an avid couponer, and I absolutely love QSeer! The last few times I tried to scan my coupons, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! I checked to see if it needed updated, but it doesn’t! Please tell me what’s wrong!!😂😂.Version: 1.28

MUST HAVE app for advanced couponers!In store, this app saves me daily! And... If you’re like me and have random coupons laying around, this app is a lifesaver! Can’t read small print? The app will read it for you! Can’t “read between the lines”? Must have Qseer!.Version: 1.27

Like the appSo I like the app because it lets me know what I can use each coupon on and when and if the barcode has an expiration. It’s worked every time for me so far..Version: 1.23

Misty RayI really enjoy this app it takes a bit to get used to angles but it’s great once u get it. Hoping it can scan longer codes soon.Version: 1.23

Not working on the iPhone 14This app has worked for years, but we just upgraded to the iPhone 14 and the app won’t work AT ALL! I keep looking for an update, but nothing. If you have a newer phone, DO NOT BUY THIS APP until they fix the issue..Version: 1.29

APP HAS BEEN CRASHING FOR WEEKSWhen will this be fixed?!? This app has been crashing for the last 3 weeks:…whenever time scan coupons and crashes….I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled……...Version: 1.29

Must Have For Couponing!!!!You won’t regret getting this app. Literally saved me hundreds and hundreds of never expiring q’s. I use to throw away so much. Now I save a ton more $$$ This app is my best friend 💕.Version: 1.25

QseerI LOVE this app!!! It’s works like a charm! Definitely recommend this to others. It’s changed the way I coupon for the better..Version: 1.25

GreatAlways works for me, 90% correct!!! Never have any trouble and I’ve had almost a year. Worth the money!!.Version: 1.25

Every couponer should have this app!Outanding! I’ve been using this app for the pass year and haven’t had any issue! Thanks QSeer!.Version: 1.25

Love this app!!This app is amazing! It helps me know what inserts to throw out buy scanning the coupons to see if there expired! So far so good!.Version: 1.25

AWESOME APP!This app is so helpful in understanding which items are included the coupon’s barcode. Worth every cent!.Version: 1.24

Keeps closingQseer, worked great when I first downloaded it!! I love the app but here lately every time I take a picture of a coupon the app completely closes!.Version: 1.22

Great appGreat app for advanced couponers. I have saved so much with Qseer best $1.99 ever spent!! Ps. You truly need to be an advanced couponer this app isn’t for beginner or mediocre couponers..Version: 1.25

SharonI use this app all the time and it always works I love this app worth every dime.Version: 1.26

Love this app!I couldn’t coupon without it! Saves me a ton of money!.Version: 1.25

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.29

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