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VSCO is a place where expression matters most. We offer creative photo and video editing tools, inspiration, and a place for you to be you.

Share your photos and videos with #VSCO for a chance to be curated by VSCO. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Take your photography to the next level with 10 free VSCO presets. Easily import and edit your RAW photos. Use editing tools like Contrast and Saturation to make your photos pop or use Grain and Fade to add texture and mimic analog film effects. Adjust or play around with your photo perspectives with Crop and Skew. Save and recreate your favorite edits with Recipes.

Join VSCO Membership to access VSCO’s complete preset library with over 200+ presets. Recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others with Film X. Use advanced photo editing tools like HSL and Split Tone. Frame your images with a touch of color using Borders.

Transform your videos on mobile with the same premium VSCO presets and advanced editing tools from our photo editor. Adjust white balance and experiment with color control with HSL. Easily create short video GIFs with DSCO.

Tell a video story and make a moving collage by layering videos, images, and shapes. Celebrate moments, illustrate a mood, or experiment with photos and videos you already have in your Studio. Adjust the opacity of any media layered in to create an eclectic range of customized gel colors and double exposures.

Explore inspiring photos, videos, and editorial in Discover. Find people you know and connect with friends already on VSCO. Create with Journals. Try something new with weekly photo Challenges exclusive to your VSCO membership.

Start your VSCO membership with a free 7-day trial. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged an annual subscription fee. Your VSCO membership will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor App Comments & Reviews

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Positive Reviews

Love the app, but please add this feature!!I’ve been using VSCO for many years now and I love it—their presets are amazing and the “look” VSCO has mastered even persuaded me to upgrade to the full version. I really love being able to create journals, which brings me to my next point: please please PLEASE (i’m literally begging u) create a feature that allows owners to download images from their journals. I ended up creating a bunch of journals with some of my favorite edited photos, then lost my phone (and with it my artist studio) and as a result, I no longer have access to downloading the edited versions. While I sometimes do copy and paste edits, I typically make small individual changes and to go through the entire process for each journal would take hours. Please make this option available—it wouldn’t even have to be for public use, but at least give owners of the photos the option. I would be so appreciative! Otherwise I have 0 complaints and suggest it to anyone who enjoys photography..Version: 177.0

It’s coolI really enjoy vsco, it’s a fun app I know many people who wish there were comments and likes things that normal social media apps have but I don’t mind, it has good filters but I wish there were more things for free. Don’t get me wrong this app has a lot of free things, but personally I’d love to have the filters the membership offers, but I don’t feel like paying money for it since I don’t use it to often. Just a suggestion. I ,however, do really enjoy the free Dsco feature I love taking short clips and I like how that’s free, it’s also a shame that I think you have to be a part of the membership to post videos. But unlike other apps this app has a lot more than just filters and has things like exposure and contrast to match what you think looks best on the picture there’s a large variety of things you can use to edit your picture, and I have to say they look amazing, I also like how you can repost it and favorite it, it’s different and I like how you can see the posts you have respirated, I also love the discover feature so you can see cool images that other people have posted I defiantly use the studio a lot to edit my apps, and I personally don’t own any social media but it’s cool that it can save to your camera roll and you can post it in other social media apps. Overall, it’s a great app and I would recommend it to a friend (I have actually).Version: 164.0

Always room for improvementI personally think VSCO is a great alternative to not only IG, but a great platform to share photos with other editors! I love the fact that there is no number associated with each post. All the social standards of having “a lot of likes/comments” is not an issue here. It allows creators to really just focus on expressing themselves through photo editing. I would like to say the same for video but it’s only available to members, which are those who can afford to do so; leaving those who aren’t as fortunate enough without that opportunity. I think making VSCO’s video feature free would really attract more users. In addition, I love how vsco can be easily linked to instagram (amongst other apps as well), but I dislike the fact that one must scroll and see every individual photo. I think if VSCO adapted a similar case to instagram, where photos are all in collages so that one can see multiple photos at once, rather than scrolling to view each individual one, it would be much more efficient. I guess being able to view VSCO through Instagram where one can see view multiple photos instead of scrolling down through every picture. Kind of like the desktop version of VSCO but on mobile (thru links). Overall, it’s a great app!!.Version: 170.1

Love it, just a couple easy fixes!VSCO is my go-to for chill photo sharing and editing. Super simple and elegant. Just a couple things to fix: - On iPad, the feed always glitches and is a nightmare to use. The photos on my timeline will be super blown up, rotation to portrait/landscape mode always confuses the app, and it takes several attempts at quitting the app and refreshing the feed to be able to see the entire photo. I usually end up just going on my phone to enjoy my friend’s photos. - Discovering and searching for friends could be better. I often find my friends have an account, which is exciting but also disappointing because I wanted to find them sooner! Possibly integration with other social media channels or better account discovery would be nice. I would also love to discover more creators and amazing photographers outside of what VSCO reposts! - I also want the ability to search in my followers/ing list- I get it’s not supposed to be like a hyper-social app but it would be nice to quickly search for my friend and see their latest photography. - The recipes feature is really confusing- every once in a while I’ll try to figure out how to set it and change it and such but I usually end up manually editing the photo..Version: 188.0

Hate update from a while agoI loved vsco but I hate the storing now because it all goes to my camera roll but that just takes up more storage I like to keep my pictures I take on vsco on vsco and the only way I can keep them if I delete it from my camera roll is if I post it but I don’t post every picture I take I like to just mess around with some of mine that I don’t want everyone to see. Please fix this so many people have complained about it and still it hasn’t been fixed I about want to use a new app but. I think you guys should also add the feature to make our vsco account private. Another thing that irritates me is that if I delete my vsco or something happens or say I got a new phone when I download vsco again all my old photos will be gone and yes I know I can save them to my camera roll to back them up but I hate having my vsco pictures on my camera roll I got vsco so my friends could see my fun pictures that I edit I don’t want to have to save my vsco pictures to my camera roll or another app it’s just better to have them on there. Please fix this it’s getting a little annoying and infuriating. I would prefer to not have to switch to another editing app when you guys can just switch it back to the original version you had it..Version: 119.0

Suggestion for paid membersI LOVE the app and I absolutely love the entire platform, however as a paid member I would like the ability to sign into my account online on my laptop and edit photos from there. I feel like paid members would be able to get even more from the platform as this would allow members to see colors and filters more clearly and allow members to make even better/smarter editing decisions. I went to do this one time because when I printed out the photo after I edited it, and it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would but yet it looked great on my phone app. I’ve used the app less because of this only because I don’t feel like I’m getting a true editing experience. It only makes sense to me, as you can access VSCO on a computer already and can log in and even browse around! You’d think I could at least edit the photos I’ve uploaded under my profile before I post them on the VSCO feed. I will more than likely cancel my subscription and find another app that will allow me to make edits on my laptop as well. Giving it 3 stars for now until VSCO gives paid members a little more freedom outside of the app itself..Version: 169.1

Verification TroublesIt’s an amazing editing app that allows for everyone to make their own custom adjustments and even gives them a good selection of pre- made filters that allows the user to have a good glimpse of what the app can do. The whole feed and layout is similar like to Instagram but still has that unique feature and qualities that makes it different than the- said app. Although some troubles in trying to claim the account of others and for yourself, is quite hard as you cannot verify your account unless the email that you put in, is correct. The problem with this issue, is that many users change emails and even get new phones (completely) and loose access to their old email for them to actually verify the account. Without adding the feature for them to change their email or even add their new email/ phone number, they can’t verify their account and edit their account (such as account name, edit the bio, links, etc). If VSCO adds the feature of letting the users claim their account in different ways, then it’s better for them, altogether..Version: 196.1

Love love love...but wait!I absolutely love VSCO and use it for all of my photography. The range of creativity, inspiration and options it provides is incredible. My only complaint is that when I’m scrolling through my feed, I always see tons of content that I like and that I want to republish. However, I always have to slow down while doing this and can’t mass-republish things without getting an error message! Maybe devs you’ve heard this complaint before and refuse to change it because you want users to pay more attention to others work and not just fly through it (at least that’s why I think you haven’t changed this), but I really wish you would! Content can still be enjoyed even if one goes through it quickly. And believe me, I know that many would enjoy the content that they see much more if they were able to republish and favorite things faster without error. Thanks!.Version: 69.1

Love it, but it could be better imoI use this to edit all my photos and I love it, I'm also a VSCO X member and I definitely recommend it for everyone. But, I would like it if you guys made the highlight option to not only take away highlights but to enhance them as well, or present an option where I can select what portions of my image I want highlighted (I’d prefer this more), and the same for shadows. Also, I’d like to be able to add presets to DSCO, not just the ones you offer as soon as I take it, because the way it functions now I’d have to save the DSCO, then re upload it to VSCO, which I find tedious. I’d also like the option to turn other videos I have into DSCO. Oh, also for DSCO, I want to be able to save it to my VSCO library, instead of only being to save it to my phone or uploading it to my VSCO feed, and make it longer, DSCOs are so short. And it would be cool if you introduced options that are fun like chromatic aberration, or vintage scratches and dust. If you guys had all these things I wouldn’t touch another app lol. The app’s dope though, keep it up..Version: 87.0

Great app but i have these inconveniencesI’ll start off by saying that this is a great app. I love using it to edit and I especially love how no one can see each other’s numbers of followers, likes, republishes, etc. It’s a free and positive space for me to post whatever I want without having to stop and think about what other people’s opinions of it may be. There’s no negativity on the app. The reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because of the update. I don’t like how when I delete a picture from my camera roll, it gets deleted from the studio as well. Maybe I don’t want the edited pic on my camera roll anymore but i do on the studio. Perhaps i’ve changed my mind and i want it back. Having it stored in my studio was great for me. Also, I liked being able to click on the home buttons on the bottom to go back to the top of the page I’m on. I can refresh quicker that way, but now I have to scroll back ALL the way to the top? I find that very inconvenient. Please go back to how it was before..Version: 175.0

Great...but membership activation is weirdAmazing app. i enjoy editing and how it has no ads and no followers or likes or how no weirdos can contact you. but on the downside, i purchased a membership and it won’t show up. i have tried logging in to both accounts that i have, and neither of them has the membership. i am worried that i have just paid $20 for nothing. please help! EDIT: i had to renew the vsco membership to use it. slightly confusing and frustrating but the guide had pictures. the vsco x is amazing, but you should be able to post vids. also, a guide to what each tool does would be nice. (e.g. exposure does blank while simultaneously reducing the blank). in all, an AMAZING app. 10/10. better than afterlight as well. 2ND EDIT: please please let me turn my dms off! i don’t want people asking me what i use to edit my pics! also just for safety reasons, u should let us have a private account!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!.Version: 164.1

GoodThe app is very very good. there are a few complaints or suggestions, however. most of the presets that will transform your pictures are part of the membership. VSCO close to never adds more FREE presets. i think that it is important to have more ways to express yourself and edit without having to pay. the few color presets are not as good and pristine as the ones that require a subscription. i am not suggesting that the entire app needs to be free, although that would be nice, VSCO still needs a way to make money. the videos and the montage effects should stay premium just because they are very cool features that should have the privilege of being premium. i am really just asking for more color pristine presets. other than that the app is very good. it runs smoothly and isn’t too hard to get the hang of. it requires creativity, but that is the point. overall, a very clean, good app..Version: 170.0

Best app everI am no artist. but ever since i got vsco it has made me want to be more creative and think outside of the box. the things people can publish on vsco are always incredible and even if it is just words they are always the most relatable things. my favorite part about vsco is that you can’t comment. people that post on instagram always have the fear of getting a certain amount of likes and who’s going to comment something, but vsco isn’t like that. you can be yourself. no one knows how many followers you have. no one knows how many likes you get and rebublishes (kinda like a retweet if u don’t have the app yet... get it though!) but anyway, thank you vsco for being my favorite app and i just have one recommendation; the posts that people publish saying things like “get this to 6 million republishes for my best friend to stop smoking or for me to do something, etc.” is it possible that the people who own there own accounts can see an actual number of the ppl who republish and like? not because any cares on vsco but because of purposes like that one. i’d like if nobody can see it but myself, just so i don’t have to count. even if this never happens, i wouldn’t be upset at all. i love the way vsco makes every person feel equal. it’s just a hastle counting when it could just tell you the numbers and only you. if you read this, thank you so much!! rock on!!.Version: 66.0

Love this app, literally more than any other appI have been using this app since 2013 and it only gets better. There have been features over the past years that I’ve had to get used to but overall I love it. I use it everyday. I think the idea behind this app is absolutely perfect. This app has given me the courage to explore my own creativity and open up to sharing it. I don’t worry about how many people notice my photos and I love that comments and likes are not a feature on this app. Every feature from the wide variety of presets, DSCO (ability to make your own gifs), taking videos AND being able to edit them and participating in challenges BRINGS ME JOY AND HAPPINESS! I highly suggest joining the VSCO membership, it’s worth every penny! Thank you so much to the creators and VSCO team for creating and continuing to update and evolve the VSCO app. It’s made an impact on my life so THANK YOU!.Version: 196.1

Getting better but...I’m really glad you guys listened to our complaints so I really hope you continue to do so. You made it so our photos cloned in app again which is really great!!! But I noticed when trying to paste an edit on multiple photos in the cameral roll section you ask to modify the original photo which is something we do not want or care for. You only bring up that option when we mass select but you just make a normal copy when we individually select photos, so it’s really confusing. It’s also incredibly time consuming because if I have many photos to put the same saved edit on then I have to do them all individually... when the point of the saved edits feature is to lesson the time you spend editing in the first place. Please change this!!! Honestly speaking a lot of things you could do to better this app again is to just go back to some of your old features. You didn’t have to fix what wasn’t broken..Version: 199.0

Amazing App But Buggy NotificationsOkay, so this is literally my favorite app. I love how it’s based around art and photography compared to like Instagram that’s just about whatever. Another thing that’s better about this than Instagram is with insta, you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people’s accounts. How many likes do they have? How many followers? With VSCO, you don’t have that bc it doesn’t tell you. A+ to you guys. My only complaint is the messaging part. And I realize it’s new so I’ve been trying to give y’all credit and I’m sure you guys will fix it but a lot of times I don’t get notifications even though they’re turned on. Every person I message on there says the exact same thing and that it’s a constant problem. So if you guys could work on that, I’ll gladly change my review to 5 stars. I recommend this app to everyone. It’s wonderful and the community is great. I highly suggest downloading. If you plan on using messaging though, just keep checking them until it’s fixed..Version: 50.0

Love it, but needs more for video editing!I have been a user of VSCO since almost the beginning! I love the app so much so that I decided to buy the membership a year or two ago so I could edit videos and get even more effects! There’s so much to love about this app, but I do think that there is still room for improvement! I would love love LOVE to have more video editing features added to the app. A big reason why I don’t edit videos in it very often is because it lacks editing tools/effects for videos, in comparison to other apps. The “vintage” look is super popular right now and I would love to have a feature that allows me to make videos/pictures look like film, etc. I actually was debating getting the membership for the app Tezza because they have this feature. Obviously VSCO is an incredible app and one of my favorites, and I don’t want to switch, but I would truly love if they had more features, especially for videos!.Version: 202.0

Awesome app, but haven’t been able to open it in 5 monthsI love this app, I have a passion for photography so I love taking photos and editing them with VSCO filters. But I haven’t been able to even open my app since January. I click on the app and the loading screen with the logo stays for a few seconds and then goes directly back to my Home Screen like I never clicked on it. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I try, it will not open. I’ve restarted my phone, updated my phone, updated the app, I’ve tried everything. I don’t know what to do because I really miss the app so much, I’ve been having to log in through Pinterest to catch up on my feed, and I’m even paying for all of the features, which is now a waste of money since I can’t even use it, it’s been really frustrating. Im scared to delete the app because i might lose my whole feed but I may just have to start all over. I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue…Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated!.Version: 217.0

Cool things to add!Love this app with the VSCOX membership and everything, but I would love if y’all could add a Post Notifications feature that way I could make sure to see the posts I want to see when I don’t have time to scroll through my regular feed!! Also if y’all could add a way to create DSCO videos from live photo’s or videos in your camera roll that would be AMAAAAAZINGGGG!!!! I’m always forgetting to take DSCO videos and it would be the best thing ever if I could just create them from my past live photos and/or videos. Also I love how you can edit videos, but I wish that I could save the video without it exiting out and forcing me to start over with a new video. Sometimes I like to save the same video with multiple filters or with a few adjustments and I wish I could do this without having to screenshot all my previous settings so I don’t have to start all over. Being able to edit the video without it continuously playing on a loop would help this, but adding a feature where you could edit the video while its playing on a loop or paused at places of your choosing would be great too. Other than that, I LOVE this app and I can’t wait to see what y’all create in the future. Thank you for such an amazing app!!! (with a very reasonably priced subscription plan too!!!!) Thank you!!!!! - Claire.Version: 72.0

FAVORITE APP EVER!Everything about VSCO is perfect. I use VSCO almost everyday and it’s so refreshing. I love the layout and how simplistic it is. I love how it isn’t very social unlike Instagram! Please don’t add in anything else social wise! The messages are a nice touch, but no comments please! That’s what makes it stand out in my opinion. There are a few glitches I’m sure you guys are working on, but I’d like to suggest a tiny feature that means a lot to me, and I’m sure other users as well— please add a “flip” photo feature in the editing tools selection. I like the way VSCO takes front facing camera pictures, but hate how my phones front camera flips the end result when I take a selfie with it. Please add a flip feature where I can flip a picture from left to right in the editing selection so it can be just like how it looks when I take one in the VSCO app directly..Version: 73.1

Horrible new UILatest design refresh is not intuitive and has made things much harder versus easier for mass editing, with little tutorial of how to use the new UI. I haven’t used vsco in a while and I couldn’t figure out how to upload multiple pics let alone 1 pic from my camera roll to edit. After finally figuring it out (you have to allow access to all photos - I had to delete and reinstall), you’re no longer allowed to select photos from your camera roll to edit. It instead accesses ALL your photos which means you have to scroll through all your photos each time. This has proven to be super frustrating since I’m downloading older photos to make a photo book. The UI is also super buggy. I’ve been a loyal user for the last 6 years and I may have to delete this app for the first time and try other photo editing apps..Version: 200.0

Best photo editing/sharing app!Years ago, I found myself too concerned with likes and followers on Instagram. I deleted my account and soon after, I found VSCO. This app is exactly what we should be using. It’s all about posting photos you like and not having to worry about likes, comments, who unfollows you or anything of the sort. As advertised, this app is pro-content. Your followers on VSCO can interact by favoriting or sharing you posts, but only you can see who’s interacting, not the whole world. The free version is still more than adequate. I don’t have VSCO X, but I’m sure it is great. The filters and editing tools are extensive and contain just what you may need. You can also discover new ways to take and edit photos by looking at the discover page. I wish my discover page didn’t cycle the same photos repetitively, but that’s a minor issue..Version: 183.1

Subscription Billing Without Subscription ServiceThis app crossed over into why-pay-monthly/yearly-for-it territory the last few years with VSCO X, it’s $20 annual subscription that unlocks all the features in the app. The feature set is robust, but it doesn’t/hasn’t changed in ages, other than a few new monthly filters (how many do you really need?). I get subscription billing is the new model, but most services have a feature roadmap or similar. VSCO does not. It’s worth $5-10 once if you got everything the app currently offers, but definitely not $20 yearly for VSCO X. I should add I did pay for it last year, but once I neared the end I didn’t really see a reason to renew. I guess if you like the community and photo challenges: launched in second half of 2018, this is their most recent feature. Many other apps offer the photo editing tools for way cheaper (some even as a one time purchase). I just really don’t know what perks you’re getting by paying a subscription..Version: 114.0

Questions for VSCOI love this app so much! It definitely is a way to show off my creativity and I spend a lot of time on it! I do have a few questions though- the first one would be that is there any way we can add an account so we don’t have to log out each time? I have a account where I post of myself and one where I post of things that I enjoy. It would be so much easier for me! Also is there anyway we can connect them to the same email? I don’t have more than one email. My last question would be is there any way you can add the number of our followers, reposts for each post, and favorites somewhere on our profile? It doesn’t even have to show other accounts the amount of our followers or reposts or anything to anyone, it would just be quicker and easier to see the number then count. Thank you!.Version: 186.0

Newest update is a pain.I’ve been using VSCO for something close to 6-7 years. I used to love it for its batch editing functionality and streamlined user interface. Now the studio section is just confusing. I can no longer save a batch of edited photos to my camera roll. When I do save from drafts to camera roll, the correct edits aren’t applied and I end up with tons of useless photos. Some that are permanently edited. My business is now suffering because I’m unable to batch edit in a time efficient manner. Lots of back and forth searching for photos through my cluttered camera roll when I used to be able to just import what I wanted and none of what I didn’t. This direct from camera roll studio is just not working for me. I may have to just switch to another photo editing app after loving VSCO for so long. Hopefully something is done soon about this as it’s apparent I’m not the only one experiencing these headaches..Version: 194.0

🤔I’ve been using the app for years and it’s easily one of my favorites. The set up and layout is displayed nicely, and all the functions are easy to find and use. I’ve always liked all the different filters but never wanted to purchase them all individually, so when the subscription rolled out last year I was very excited! That being said, I would love if there could be more in depth tools(selective, curves, text, etc.), too often I find myself having to use another app for a few little things that I think would be great to have all in one place. I also wish you could chose to have a profile or not, simple because I don’t care much for the social aspect of the app, it doesn’t seem to run smoothly and no one really seems to interact in it so it seems ultimately pointless, great concept though! Can’t wait to see what else you guys over on the VSCO team roll out in the future..Version: 69.1

I love VSCOI use VSCO for all of my mobile picture editing and I've been using it for years! I'd recommend VSCO to everyone who edits pictures. My only complaint is toward a product of a recent update. You guys released an update that deletes filtered pictures off the app once the original is deleted off the phone, I guess to save storage? This just isn't ideal for me. When editing a picture, VSCO is usually the final app I use in my process. When I'm finished, I like to delete all progress pictures for storage purposes and only keep the final product. When I do this, my edited image is removed from VSCO, along with the recipe I used for it. This is an issue for me because I often use the same recipe for different pictures and it's annoying to have both an unedited image and the final product in my phone. I hope my rant made sense and I hope you guys could accommodate me. Much love otherwise ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 118.0

HoesIts a free pornsite at this point.Version: 205.1

Never loadsMy vsco app NEVER loads. Every other app that i have loads perfectly fine but vsco is a problem. maybe it’s not just my wifi, maybe it’s a problem with the app.Version: 35.1

New updateI LOVE this app I use it everyday, but the new update that doesn’t save your pictures in your “studio” if you delete them off your camera roll REALLY bothers me. I never have many pictures on my camera roll but I know thy if I wanna go back and look at stuff they will be on my vsco. But not anymore! Change it back!.Version: 114.0

What did you do to the app icon😭😭The new blue icon is so ugly I cannot even express how much I hate it..Version: 210.0

Please readMy vsco isn’t letting me see anything in my gallery or edit photos. I’m not sure why but please fix this it’s getting really annoying. When it works the app is great..Version: 182.0

Question about new updateWhere can I find my favourites with this new update? My favourite part of the app was looking at my favourites but I can’t seem to find them ever since the app updated..Version: 166.1

PhotosI do really like vsco, but to be honest, this is the first time I’m making a review and I NEVER really had a problem with anything before... but I don’t like the fact that when I delete my photos off camera roll after putting them into vsco, they’ll ALSO delete on vsco too..... can you please change it back to where they’ll stay regardless if they’re deleted on camera roll?😞.Version: 120.0

KWe should not have to pay💖.Version: 207.0

Archive!!Please make it so we can archive pictures instead of deleting them.Version: 199.0

New features/update are horribleI normally love vsco, i have had it for about 5 years. But the new update doesn’t allow you to filter photos based on posted/unposted, as well as doesn’t let me upload to my editing gallery, it only lets you edit your camera roll. I take about 10 pictures of each thing so it’s very frustrating! VSCO please fix this :(.Version: 196.1

UpdateThe update kinda sucked..Version: 196.1

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