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STEP UP TO PLATE! MLB Home Run Derby brings the non-stop action of the Home Run Derby to you. Do you have the skill to be a Home Run Derby Champion? With three distinct game modes, 100+ batters to collect, and constant live events - there is always a reason to swing for the fences in MLB Home Run Derby!

- Duel online with other sluggers in live PVP contests that see how many home runs you can hit on a timer! Earn the best rewards in online competition!
- Head to the Arcade to hit targets and score big points! Stay in the slugfest as long as you can keep sending them yard!
- Compete in the Derby to take on the best batters in baseball for a Home Run Derby Championship! Can you win 3 rounds against the top home run hitters in MLB?

- Play against millions of MLB fans from around the world!
- Unlock exclusive new content in the Season Pass, with new content every month!
- Win baseball packs with every online victory - with new and unique rewards cycled daily
- New limited time events every week to unlock rare players!
- Top the leaderboards daily to unlock the best rewards! Earn more wins to climb to the top!
- Join the Classic Tournament every weekend for the best way to earn Classic Packs and legendary players like Jorge Posada, Chipper Jones, Keith Hernandez, and Jackie Robinson!

- Change the uniform of your classic sluggers to any of your favorite teams they played on throughout their careers!
- Unlock Home, Away, and Alternate uniforms for all MLB teams!
- T-Mobile Park, home of the 2023 Home Run Derby, is FREE! Plus, unlock every MLB ballpark with in-app purchase

- New batters released with live events like team specific events ( such as “NYY vs BOS Week” ), or themed events like “Catchers Pack” event
- Exclusive gear dropped frequently throughout the year
- New bundles, packs, and rewards available for each new event

- Over 100 batters to collect so you can find your favorite slugger!
- Unlock Retro uniforms to suit up your batter in classic style
- Free Daily Rewards in a monthly calendar
- Free rewards with every Season Pass
- Free Packs every four hours -- just login to redeem!

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MLB Home Run Derby 2023 App Comments & Reviews

MLB Home Run Derby 2023 Positive Reviews

Could be a lot betterFun for a bit but gets old after a bit. You can get lots of coins but guess what? They aren’t worth much. Oh you can spend them on “power-ups” which are basically useless. I played a lot of rounds on here before I made this review. The power-ups don’t seem to help either way. I’ve actually won more games without them than I have with them. It takes forever to unlock players…..unless you want to spend Cash, which you get very little of in your rewards. If you want to unlock players, it’s gonna cost you real money unless you just like playing 1000 matches before you actually unlock a legend player. Anyway. Went ahead and uninstalled because in all honesty, once you’ve played all 3 game types once, you’ve played em all and it’s pretty much downhill after that..Version: 9.3.5

Few Things Could Be Changed But Really FunFirst off, this game is really fun and really addicting. The players you play with participated in the real life HomeRun Derby(you can eventually unlock and play with non HomeRun Derby participates, but that takes major game progress). There’s a lot to accomplish as earning in game cash called “MLB Bucks” and completing game tasks are the main goals, in doing so you earn player cards that upgrade players and their ratings. There are 3 game modes: Arcade, Head to Head, and Full Derby Mode. Focus on the latter 2, but Arcade mode is good practice. Some annoyances: To progress even quicker you will want to watch an ad from time time. Spending real life money on the game doesn’t hurt either(though not a requirement it does help). My biggest issue is the stadiums which look REALLY GOOD, can only be unlocked by spending real money. The game does give you the default All-Star Game stadium which is Seattle. However, after a while it does get kind of boring only playing in 1 stadium every time. What I did was buy the stadium of my favorite team, also another random stadium, as well as Seattle. It seems “MLB Bucks” would help with unlocking stadiums but unfortunately they don’t. Overall I would give this game a 4.3 out of 5.Version: 9.3.3

Needs a Lot of UpdatesThis game can be fun and very addicting after hitting dingers and unlocking some of your favorite sluggers, however I feel like a huge company such as MLB should have better quality graphics and less bugs and internal errors. One of the common things that happens when I play is that I will finish a round of hitting towards the targets and it will ask “do you want to watch an add to extend your game 10 seconds?” and I will want to keep on playing and unfortunately the ten seconds will start right as you watch the add and by the time it’s finished your game is up and you just wasted 30 seconds of your life watching a meaningless add. I also think it’s ridiculous how you have to pay for certain stadiums and you don’t have the option to unlock stadiums through playing over time. Each stadium is about $5 and it is a total waste of money to buy anything in this game. It’s loud and clear that MLB doesn’t spend any time improving this game and expects you to pay for glitchy stadiums. I would expect better from MLB and really hope they “step up to the best plate” and improve this app..Version: 9.2.3

Needs some maintenance..I’ve played about 30 hours of this game which shows I enjoy it. However I’m leaving this review to rant about the issues that will soon have me quitting. Very frustrating issue in some fields where homeruns hit signs or billboards (example being progressive field) and for some reason don’t count as homeruns resulting in frequent multiplayer losses.. Offline derby’s are far too easy making them quickly become boring. Online tournament has also not been loading for hours at a time recently so I can’t participate. My biggest issue is that I’m currently using a player that has a total of 125 power and 108 contact with equipment but can literally NEVER outdistance an opponent in multiplayer. Whether they’re using a rare player epic player or legendary. In fact my max homerun distance with said character is around 720ft and that is only when I can pull the pitch down the left field foul line making it descend further when sailing out of the park.. Hard to believe someone using a rare or epic player should be able to consistently hit deeper homers than a legendary player with 125 power..Version: 7.0.0

Really Fun!The reason this game is great is simple: IT’S FUN! It’s a blast to hit monster homeruns and this game delivers. The hitting interface is so great, I wish they’d bring it the the R.B.I Baseball app as well. My biggest gripe is that the game is positively infested with ads that you absolutely must watch to earn more of the virtual currency required to “buy” equipment upgrades that would allow you to really compete. Wish there was another way to make that happen without all the ads. Truth is, I’m not even watching them. I play the ad to double my rewards, skip a challenge, etc. but then I set my iPad aside for a few minutes to do something else when it plays, then come back to collect my rewards when the ad is done playing. Advertisers aren’t getting much value from that, and more importantly, it makes for a poor gaming experience. Update: there a new bug that freezes the game after a multi-player game. You must force quit the app. Then the game inexplicable selects Bryce Harper to replace any player you had previously equipped as your player, when the game restarts. Why is he coded as the default?? Super weird..Version: 7.1.1

Good but flawedThis game is fun, but there are some issues that prevent replay value. -Uniforms cost wayyyyy too much. I’ve been playing this game for a while and never gotten close to unlocking a uniform and frankly don’t really care about them. There are just too many of them that cost too much, and opening a pack of cards just to get a bunch of uniforms that you aren’t gonna get close to unlocking is annoying. - Equipment is sooo hard to unlock. Again, I’ve been playing the game a while now, and I’ve unlocked maybe a single bat. Instead of equipment cards, I just get a bunch of uniform cards!! - it should be possible to level up a player by playing with them a bunch instead of just waiting to get more of their cards. I think unlocking a legendary player would be cool, but unless you happen to get a bunch more of their cards (unlikely) they will always have mediocre stats. Players should level up from you playing well with them. - having even a little control over which players/equipment you unlock would go a long way. It’s too random now. I could get two gold packs of cards and come away empty handed, and the odds of getting enough cards of one of the players I really want seem almost impossible, which makes me want to stop playing. Fun game overall though! I kinda like the system of watching ads optionally to get more cards/coins..Version: 8.2.0

Fun but….I like this game but have some issues. First issue is playing multiplayer in the domes. Pretty frustrating how many hits don’t count in the domes with Toronto being the worst! It also doesn’t help how the game either has the balls flying low or other times popping straight up. So if it’s popping up and your in a dome just reset the game cause you’re probably playing someone 10 levels above you and half your homers don’t count. Fun stuff.. Arcade mode is kind of pointless the pitcher is further away so you can’t really practice your timing and those targets are ridiculously hard to hit considering there isn’t really anyway to aim. Derby mode is cool if you’re trying to get bucks and it’s pretty easy. One other thing why do the multiplayer packs have a stupid timer on them? Just let me open them! Some of them have a 20 hour timer on them so unless you want to spend bucks or watch horrible ads you just have to wait?.Version: 9.1.1

Great game with 1 issueCan you please fix the distance tracker when you hit a home run. If I barely hit a ball out, it will say it went 600 feet. It I crush it, it says it goes 470. Can you please fix this, because it is kind of annoying now. Could you also make you able to upgrade players by playing with them more, but still unlocking them with cards, that would be great if you could do those things. But overall, 5 star game. And 1 more thing? Can you please update the classic players stats? These past home run leaders shouldn’t have that bad of power. And also please add more classics. Why is there no Ken Griffey Jr, or maybe even Babe Ruth? Ted Williams? Hank Aaron? So can you please update your game with some of these ideas..Version: 9.1.0

Fun but buggyI really enjoy playing this but a few things bug me. The distance meter for Petco Park is wildly incosistent. I've hit homers off of the light towers and not have them count. Some of the targets in arcade mode are nearly impossible to hit. Also don't like that we have to purchase stadiums for previous years that we had until the current version. UPDATE: When will the swing mechanics be fixed? I’ve hardly played the game since the update that messed that up. 2nd Update: The game has been working great for some time now. My main complaint now is that I get entirely too many cards of players that I’ve maxed out. Often, a pack will have only players that I have maxed out, and nothing else. It makes it very difficult to progress other players due to this. Can the developers fix the algorithim on this?.Version: 9.3.4

Edit to a previous postI must admit I may have spoken a bit too quick. I still say the game is a decent and an addictive game, but yes it does need work. The matching is very much off base(no pun intended). And another little something I have noticed is yes it will throw a series of ridiculous pitches back to back to back. And no matter how even the home runs may be up to a certain point, out of nowhere the opponents home runs will mysteriously increase even with speeding up for the next pitch. And I am completely astonished on how the opposition can hit a home run so much further which should tick more time but will still have home runs registering faster somehow. But the game is so addictive that with the few glitches I have noticed I still can’t put it down…even nodding off with the phone in my hand lol…oh well.Version: 9.3.6

Should be better than it it.This Game has the potential to be one of my favorite games. I’ve played for hours. I play nightly. And the more I play this more I realize the major flaw. The rewards system makes no sense. The card collecting is pointless. The guy you have is ranked better than any guy you hope to unlock. I got Pete Alonso early and there’s no way to improve on him. Even the equipment is dumb. The better looking equipment isn’t ranked very well. And unlocking anything takes forever and even when you do you’ll probably be taking a step backwards if you equip. Also $5 to unlock stadiums has to be the biggest joke I ever seen. Also the targets in arcade are impossible to hit. You have to hit perfectly which is dumb. The ball goes right above or below. Sometimes which makes that mode frustrating and useless. This is all unfortunate because the gameplay is fantastic..Version: 8.2.1

It’s really funIt is really fun. There are some glitches with the distance of the home runs and sometimes the pitches are frustrating but I understand that they want it to be challenging. Also they should add more things to do with your coins like maybe being able to spend them on gear cards not just players I have so many and I’m waiting for something to use them on also add another source besides daily challenges and derby’s and the mlb buck balls to get mlb bucks because after a while of grinding on derby it gets boring. And 1 more thing the packs you get from series points you should be able to tap them and see what you could get from them like all the other packs other than that this game is vary fun and you should play it..Version: 7.1.1

LOUSY TECH!!!While trying to enjoy a game of HRD. Your software is CORRUPTED!!! Every time I try to play one on one competition my opponent’s score jumps by 2’s. Then tonight his score went from 4 to 15 in the same time I went from 4 to 10. Not missing a single pitch for a home rub. Same competitors in the same time frame. My WiFi is totally up to date and top speed. It’s not on my end it’s your SOFTWARE!!! I lose every time I play and lose coins and position that took me time to acquire. I never loose a single homer in derby and when I play competition it makes me want to scream. FIX YOUR SOFTWARE! Put some money back into your product for a change. NEVER ANY UPDATES! WHY???.Version: 6.0.8

DecentI overall like this game but there are some things that need to be fixed such as that I myself am a 1800 overall so that meant I was good in multiplayer and I was up against my biggest challenge I ever had playing multiplayer he was a 1900 overall so we started playing in Tropicana Field/ Rays stadium the problem with this is that the game went his way BUT I would have won if not for the fact that I got 10 hits that were crushed and I was predicting would go 800 feet at least but instead it hit off of the dome so it wasn’t counted as a homer at the end he had 28 homers and I had 25 but I would have won if not for the dome I hope you see this and fix it second the regular derbies are way too easy but overall a decent game.Version: 9.2.6

Needs some work.It’s a great game overall and I personally love it. The issue I have with this game though is that when I hit foul balls in multiplayer, the camera looks at the for the longest time and allows the other player to hit more Home runs and get on top especially when it’s a close game. I suggest that foul balls shouldn’t even be looked upon because their just foul balls, they don’t benefit in anything. The other issue that I have is that I believe it’s just dumb for pitchers to throw curve balls at you whilst playing in a home run derby? I don’t know, in my opinion I believe that should be taken off. And lastly are the home runs. For example, Tropicana Field, sometimes balls hit the cat walks or “frames” on the roof and in real life, if you hit the outer frame, it’s a home run. But in this game it doesn’t. That needs to be fixed..Version: 8.0.3

It’s a great game, when it works.** Update from below. Thank you to the developers for fixing the game. I’m sure I’m not the only player who could not use the multiplayer function. It took 30-48 hours to get fixed. I’ve seen worse for sure. My rating goes from a 1 Star to 4 Star because the game can still be a little glitchy. However, it’s definitely in my top 4 games right now. Thank you again. Right now the Multiplayer is not working at all! When multiple player works Derby is still a little glitchy. Otherwise, this game is super fun! It’s a shame the developers don’t know what they are doing or no one is updating it. Somewhere the makers are not listening to the customers. This review would change to 4 Stars if they fix the Multiplayer..Version: 7.1.4

Still needs some tweaksThe latest update with the ability to purchase gear with coins and awarding coins for cards that are maxed out is great. But there still is the issue of the 2021 all star game jerseys. It appears that you can earn them for all teams with the different card decks, but then you aren’t able to equip the players with them for several teams, leaving a bunch of jerseys that you have enough cards to unlock in the position to never be unlocked. It negates some of the good of the coins awarded for maxed out items as you can earn enough cards to unlock a jersey, but since you can’t equip any players with that jersey to unlock it, it just keeps taking more and more cards rather than giving you the coin reward for a maxed out item..Version: 9.2.0

Make stadiums unlockableThe gameplay is pretty fun. It’s a game where you mindlessly smack a few home runs. I have no interest in multiplayer games, and there’s no challenge in playing the derby. I thought it would get harder as you progressed but it doesn’t. It’s just a way to grind and get mlbucks. Wish that could be more of a challenge. I also don’t understand why the stadiums have to be purchased with real money. There’s no way to unlock them with cards or ads or anything, unless I’m missing something. Paying $5 / stadium is crazy no matter how much you want to get a change in scenery. There are also challenges focused around specific stadiums so unless you shell out real cash, you can’t even complete them. Seems kind of dumb..Version: 8.2.1

Stadium GlichesThis game is a lot of fun most of the time, but can be extremely frustrating at times. In my gameplay yesterday and today I have experienced 4 different glitch spots in stadium outfields where hits that should have registered as home runs, did not. These all happened while playing Multiplayer Mode, and it’s extremely maddening when your glitched hit that doesn’t register as a home run is the reason you lose the game. The 4 glitch spots are…a small spot on the left side of the screen in left field where the Mariners play, a spot on the edge of the stadium roof in left field where the Marlins play, a spot on the batters eye in center field where the Athletics play, and a spot on the roof in right field where the Blue Jays play. ~DEVELOPERS Please Fix This!~.Version: 9.3.3

Has some glitched.I have been playing this game for a week after playing it in 2020 for a couple months. The current version has some glitches. When earning bronze packs, I open them early with 15 MLB bucks and get my cards. Hours later I get notifications on my iPhone that my bronze pack is ready to open. I open the game and nothing is there. Got my hopes up, but then I remembered I had already opened them and the game never recognized that. Another thing that I am not fond of is there is only one park to play in in derby mode and arcade mode. Boring. I believe they should offer a few parks for free to users as a incentive for further purchases as they cost $6 a park and not everyone can afford such luxuries. My two sense..Version: 9.2.4

4 StarsThis is a great game with the potential to be 5 stars. I love the new addition of the season pass, it helps me unlock more so I can unlock or upgrade something. I love the small things you add in this game, such as the batting stance that you added. I love how you add limited edition players as well. The problems I have with this game is that there are some bugs that still need to be fixed. Also I wish I could press the limited edition player and just buy the exact amount of cash so I could buy it. Other than that this is a pretty good game and it keeps me entertained. Thanks stay safe and healthy!.Version: 8.2.0

Wow!Over time I became obsessed with the original version of this game. It is a very simple and smooth game, and trust me it is worth taking the time to figure out the timing. Once you hit a few 700 feet home runs you will clearly understand my obsession with this game, and will not be able to put it down! The recent update has only added more fun. The overall game play has remained the same which is perfect bc that is what they got right the first time and just added a really cool card packs to collect new players. This is worth the space on your phone and if you give it a chance you will be hooked like me!.Version: 6.0.5

New update has messed up ability to hitUsing the same player as before the update I went from hitting 50ish hrs in arcade mode to struggling to hit 20. Derby mode is worse. I was mostly a pull hitting time. Now everything is hit other way so much I struggle to keep fair. If I time with earlier swing I might get a little pulled from center but with no power. Some other reviews said the update didn't mess with playing experience. ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Makes me think it was a fake review. I stopped putting money in this game a long time ago because they took stuff I bought out of the game with no compensation. 2018 version was making me think it was worth while again. Now I'm back to refusing to put money in this. Game isn't as fun anymore..Version: 7.1.0

Can’t unlock certain 2021 All Star UniformsThis is a fun game that I have played with my two kids for a few years now. It appears (currently) to have one frustrating bug. Despite having enough mlb bucks to unlock several 2021 all-star uniforms, eg. Yankees, Pirates, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Giants, Mariners, etc., the uniforms are not available for several unlocked players who where in fact 2021 all stars. Because of that, we keep getting packs of useless all-star uniform cards as the relating uniforms remain inaccessible to unlock. Not a big deal, but mildly annoying..Version: 9.2.3

Pretty Good w/ some problemsThe game itself is very fun. The players and equipment are all cool, and the events held daily are fresh. Although, the game has many bugs that need to be fixed. There have been multiple times I have won a derby, and had to forfeit the match because the game would freeze; furthermore, it only seems to freeze when I am about to win a match. Another bug is the home runs not counting. I have had incidents where a ball goes a certain distance they will not count, and I do not mean the ball hitting the top of the dome in a indoor stadium. For example, I kept hitting the Cleveland’s Indians sign and they would not count. Overall the game is great and quality is good, but there are a few bugs that are extremely aggravating..Version: 7.1.1

Fun but frustratingI do enjoy playing this game but it is totally rigged and there are lots of errors. Multiplayer is a scam; you are playing against the computer, not another player. And playing in the indoor stadiums is lousy because it often will not count moonshots that would be 800 feet if they hit the roof. Tropicana Field is the worst offender because of the catwalks. This has cost me the game multiple times. I have also had frustrating errors on clear home runs over the scoreboard that somehow were not counted. And it frequently calls fair balls foul and thus has cost me many games. Plus stadiums should be able to be unlocked. This game needs work and updates..Version: 9.2.6

I’m not gonna I’m goingI’m going home now I’m gonna way I gotta is your time to go to the practice and then go home to the house to pick me wanna I need your stuff to do stuff like I wanna was like I gotta is a really nice night out here I gotta is your birthday so we have a lot to say to do that you can get your mom and your moms to go home now so you gotta I gotta go get a good one or maybe I’ll go to the movies or something I’ll get it bruh I gotta go to play you like the game I wanna I gotta go to pick it and get your mom a good one to pick up I want you and you guys and then I’ll get to the bus I’ll be there at like five and I to.Version: 8.0.3

Amazing game and lots of funThis game is amazing love playing as Cody bellinger aka #MVP #bellibomb its fun to hit deep af home runs its amazing awesome game to play in my spare time but the only problem I have is you have to pay for the stadiums I get it for th mlbucks and the coins but why the stadiums I would love to play in dodger stadium but it have to pay 3-5 dollars for one stadium I might as well just play multiplayer to try to get someone who has dodger stadium and the odds of that are not that high the stadiums should be free or make the purchasable by coins or mlbucks so that players who play the game to grind can try to get that stadiums while saving money.Version: 7.1.0

Easy EnoughYou need to add a “charge the mound” option because any derby pitcher that throws that kind of garbage would get their nose busted open. The game is easy enough: rope dingers, get coins. But should you end up on any kind of streak, the pitcher throws pitches that defy physical ability. How you can get a pitch to slide, curve, screw and fork... all in one, is baffling. Get to 12 homers and you’ll see that magic, unhittable pitch. Good luck making contact, much less hitting the cheap seats. In other baseball fantasy news, I hit a 900ft bomb with Bryce. I watched it bounce into the parking lot. Tell me that wouldn’t demand a test for PED before even getting back to the dugout! The games begs for money quite a bit too. Hope you can be comfy in Dodgers Stadium because that’s all you get unless you want to plunk down 3-5 bucks per park. You should allow coins and bucks to be used to buy new parks. I’d probably go 5 stars if it weren’t for the obvious pitching cheat. Thanks for letting the unlimited coins/bucks/equips go on for this long..Version: 8.3.3

Game has so much potentialLove the graphics and the game is addicting, but in the month or so I've had it I'm guessing it's crashed 4 or 5 times and I've had to delete and reload it. Also, the way it measures distances is completely off. I'll hit one that leaves the stadium and it'll say 450ft and my next one will barely scrape over the fence and get a distance of 600+. I wish they could fix that to make the distances more true to life. They went to so much effort on so many other aspects of the game to completely whiff on that. Now to delete and reinstall as it has crapped out again. I have music and a black screen..Version: 9.3.3

StadiumsMake stadiums free… At least Fenway.Version: 9.2.6

A little bit glitchy latelyWatching commercials take me down a black hole..Version: 9.3.5

Update trouble game keeps resetting when turned off and back onI can’t open app after update.Version: 9.3.1

GoodIt’s really fun and it’s satisfying to hit home runs but add more players and a new mode plz but amazing otherwise.Version: 9.2.6

Great gameI think that the online game could use some work. Great game though. Watch Koogs46 and Mighty Goat. Their are the best baseball game youtubers..Version: 9.3.0

So goodBest baseball game ever!!.Version: 9.2.8

Used to be goodKeeps glitching now and the rays stadium is the worst to do home run derby in.Version: 9.2.8

Battery….It’s a fun game but holy crap does it ever waste your battery….Version: 9.2.5

HelpGame won’t open.Version: 8.3.2

Version Updates Causing IssuesI just had the latest version update and the length of time to download packs (lost gold packs) causes it not to successfully load. Also claims that I am on a slow network (I have high speed internet) and causes graphics to be choppy in some instances. Overall I like the game but this needs to get cleaned up. Rating is based on recent experience.Version: 9.2.5

Freezes downloadingFun before the game now freezes loading..Version: 9.2.3

Can’t go into gameWhen it first updated I now can’t go into the game it was fun but not now.Version: 8.3.2

Game won’t loadYou have a great game, but as of your last two updates the game will not load, please fix this. With your last update today, the game will still not load..Version: 8.3.2

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