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DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots Customer Service

Come and enjoy the ULTIMATE casino experience. Thrilling surprises and larger-than-life wins are waiting for you! Download the hottest casino out there and play from anywhere now!
If you want normal, look elsewhere. These are not your ordinary slots. No one else can offer you the same combination of wild games and massive jackpots. Only DoubleUCasino gives you slots with the BEST characters, graphics, bonus games, and more!
Prizes? You wanna talk about prizes? Well you’ve come to the right place. Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots, Jackpot Tourneys, Chip Giveaways, Bonus Promotions - the list goes on and on and on. Don’t forget about our VIP Room, Winners Club, Lucky Wheel, and various other reward programs.
Variety? We have loads of options. Variety is our middle name! With hundreds of slots to choose from it never gets old at DUC. Here are some of our most popular slots that you can play NOW!
• Rolling in (More) Gold: Collect gold nuggets in the mining bonanza.
• Caribbean Kitty: Blast the reels with cannon symbols.
• Wild Grizzly: Grizzly Bears prowl the reels for bigger wins.
• Piggy Jackpots: Catch pigs for a huge fortune.
• Kong Smash Stacks: This one is bananas!
Now is the time to spin. Now is the time to WIN! We are constantly offering new and exciting games so make sure to always check for any updates.

Special Features at DoubleU:
1. More than 100 slots and 3 video poker games, each with unique features.
2. No level-based restriction in slot and video poker play.
3. Every slot machine has its own jackpot.
4. A variety of bonus features: Jackpot Tourneys, Live Slotourneys, Winner Club and more.
5. Generous free chip giveaway policy.
6. User-oriented development and updates.
7. Prompt and interactive customer support.

*Recommended: iPhone 5, iPad 4, and later devices with an iOS version of 9.0 or later

*DoubleU Casino does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
*Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling.

DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots App Comments & Reviews

DoubleU Casino: Vegas Slots Positive Reviews

The game of a thousand cuts.I enjoy the variety of your games, but find the small wins against large bets a bit frustrating. Been playing for a few months and have won a few jackpots, however; since your last two updates the slots have gotten much tighter. In one day alone I lost over 1.5 billion chips. Even more recently the drain on the game bank is akin to a death by a thousand cuts, slow and agonizing. Please understand I truly enjoy the games, just loosen the slots up a bit. Also please don’t speak about luck with this app, your business model was not predicated on luck. You have pay tables based on the probability of a combination showing up and therefore as such you can adjust accordingly. This app could truly be great if there was a loosening of the slots by about 3.5 percent. People would play more if the frequency of wins were increased. Common knowledge house controls how much is won at slots and not luck. Thank you for the enjoyment and hopefully you will hear what myself and other players have been saying..Version: 5.20.2

I have reviewed this app beforeThe last time I reviewed this app I gave it 4 stars, this time only giving 3. I am echoing many of the other reviews by saying the payouts are lower and less often. Everyone likes to win, there’s no doubt but no one likes to lose either. They give you chances to win free coins by giving free spins, bonus wheel, mystery box and joining clubs but never enough to play for any length of time. I have never purchased any coins because they’re, well, worthless. At least at a real casino, your money has a chance to win real money. Don’t fall victim to these casino apps, if you need to buy coins to keep playing you may have a problem. Pay attention to the app developers responses and see how many are exactly the same, they hear but don’t listen. On the plus side, they don’t use pop ups during your play, only when you run out of coins, which is often. Good variety of games, need more video poker choices though.(Only 3 so far) There are lots of slot apps to choose from, this is one of the least annoying in my opinion. See for yourself but don’t waste your money paying for coins, these are supposed to be “free” casino slot machines..Version: 5.60.0

Love the gameI’ve been playing for years now. I love playing. I love that it gives free coins daily in MANY different ways:free spins, 3 box’s to choose from, free games, on the fan page, (Coin King Kevin and Coin Queen Jeny choose winners of free coins if you go to the fan page and if you “hit the like, share, and comment on their hourly posts. I have hit a jackpot. I’ve received free coins from Coin King Kevin and Coin Queen Jeny many times because I have taken the time to “like, comment, and Shared their posts). your friends can send you free coins, and if you join a league you get A LOT more benefits (like league rewards for earning a basic,super, and mega score/reward/coins), and also your team mates can send you gifts. You can start your own league and earn high rewards. I have my own league (Blue Bullies Rock) I made it private so I can pick and choose who joins and we are a bronze level (the different levels earn you more rewards and VIP levels. I hope this helps everyone...Good luck and happy spinning..Version: 6.7.0

Good graphics and games, but...I have played this game often and have enjoyed it. However, I think it is somewhat expensive. Yesterday, I had about 200 million points. I put my iPad away and went to sleep. Today, I looked at my game, and saw I had about 4 million points. Apparently it had gone on automatic, I guess. All I know is that I lost so much! This has happened before, but with much lower losses. I never play on automatic, but it often switches on its own if I don’t take my finger farther away from the keyboard. This time, I won’t spend more money on the game, as I lost over 190 million points without playing. Be careful when you play! Although I asked for help, it was told that after looking at my account, they had found no problems with it, so, apparently I played all night long, losing millions upon millions of points, about a hundred dollars worth. It’s unfortunate as I would like something to do during the weeks of staying in due to the covid - 19. I just can’t see paying a hundred dollars with zero chance of winning real money..Version: 6.24.2

Double u CasinoI’m just so happy with this app! It is so much fun and they are very good with their payouts. I️ guess I’m addicted to this app. Hahahaha!!! It’s ok though. I’m retired, 83 yrs old and I’ve had some surgeries so this app keeps my mind going as I️ don’t have much to do these days! So please keep on being a fair fun app and I’ll keep on playing!!!! Wow all of a sudden I can’t win a thing??? What’s happening? I’ve spent a lot and the past few days getting nothing!!!!!! Is there a glitch or have you just stopped paying?? I love the game but being in SS I can’t keep spending......well I’ve been winning pretty steady now so if it was a glitch it’s ok now. And I’m glad about that because I truly love this app. I’ve tried others but they don’t hold my attention like this one does. I love the new games!!! I stopped playing for a bit but am back again. I still think this is the best app!! I’m still playing . This app is great. The best games. I love it..Version: 6.4.0

DoubleU Casino - Almost 4 yearsThe first time I have installed this game was on October 2017. I have enjoyed playing this game a lot, and even went on to playing this game every single day. The best part of this game was Winner’s Club (prior to it’s revamp). Due to Winner’s Club, I was allowed to make a slow and steady profit due to it’s daily mission rewards. The game has a 98% payout rate, and there was a lot of opportunities to win. Fast forward to the present day, the Winner’s Club has lost it’s charm. The rewards aren’t even as enticing as before. Therefore, I had to leave Winner’s Club, and remove one star from this review. However, slots are still paying at 98% rate, which is still true today! Lots of newer slots are enjoyable with tons of unique bonus features and mechanisms, not just raw “FREE SPINS”. I still play DoubleU Casino up to this day, although not as much. Looks like I have found a new home to play slots everyday, which is House of Fun..Version: 6.45.0

DUCLove this slot game! Playing it for over five years. Always before, when I bought chips, up popped a screen to type in my password...I did, and was always accepted to buy chips. Got a new phone two weeks ago. None of my club info from playing for five years went into new phone. I was getting upwards of 300,000 chips in the purple box at least twice a day. Now I have started over with just 100,000 again. And the free ones we get every 20 minutes are only 10,000. Bummer!! It’s like I’m starting over as a new player. Also on my 10 XR phone, it won’t give me a screen to type in my password. It says “Confirm with burton on side of phone”. Nothing happens when I click my button on the side of the phone. I get no more chips. I hope I’m not racking up a bunch of charges. I will check my credit card statement when it comes. Help! I want to play, but can’t get chips!!.Version: 5.61.0

Losing internet connectionEvery once in a while I’ll lose my internet connection,( in particular yesterday and today ), when I’ve lost my internet connection, usually It will let me return to my game once connection is restored, every time I was winning big ,well yesterday and today it would not allow me to return to the game I was playing, in return it cost me over 80,000,00 in winnings ( cause I was in the middle of my bonus rounds ) and cost me at least 10-15 million to try and get back to my HOT GAME, EVEN THOUGH I don’t PAY TO PLAY, it’s very disappointing, and don’t think it fair to any players, y’all are very talented people who create these awesome games , think y’all are talented enough to not let this happen,,,,Fyi I’ve been a player since the beginning, not sure if I’ll continue to play,,,,,,, well thanks again just lost another 25 million trying to get back my bonus game thanks guys😡😡😡😡😡 never complained. Before thought your game was great but second guessing now let’s see if you post this.Version: 6.3.0

DoubleUCasino slotsDUC is one of the best gaming site as far as graphics which are great. What I’m sick of is the problems not being taken seriously. As of the moment me along with many others can’t get the newest slot while others are playing it. Yes , I have the status that qualifies me the ability to get the slot. Each time I try it says to download the game, which I do I’m then taking to the app like I need to update which I have several times then it says open. Only to be ask to repeat the process. I even deleted DUC and got the app again. This is just a small sample of the issues there. Usually the blame is laid on FB which I’m sure sometimes is true. It’s hard enough to get thru these things I’m curious why do they keep adding new slots so rapidly. Seems like DUC is more into creating new slots than taking care of all the issues first and possibly instead of putting so much of your revenues to loosing up on the percentage of wins. Most only see wins going to the bigger players. Great site for many reasons but needs some work..Version: 5.41.0

Lucky Bag ladyHey I’ve been playing the casinos for well over 15-20 years both in house and via mobile and laptops . It is the luck of the draw . I feel it has a lot to do with how you play . I don’t think any one particular machine has the best payouts . I love this app. And have many downloaded tonight I finally got the chance to play this one . One reviewer said he had hit real jackpots the first 3-5 months he had been playing but nothing since November. Then goes on to voice his dislike that folks hog the good machines . I too am sorry for his luck in that BUT as I said I just got to play this app for the first time ever and within 30 minutes of picking a club and a machine I hit 3 big jackpots so even if I don’t hit another tonight or in a month I’ve enjoyed playing this app and feel it may be one of my best apps . So thanks to the developers you nailed it with this one . I’d give you 10 🌟’s but it only allows for the 5!.Version: 5.36.1

Gifts and bonusesToday I played DoubleU Casino and in the Gift Box was 30 spins on Pelican Odyssey. The network kept kicking me out so I left and came back later and the gift was gone. I'd like to see if I can get it back. Thanks Here we go again. This game works fine as long as it's eating your credits. Response at around 10pm and again attention 1.0:27. At 10:27 I had 1,000 up and respond to go and I didn't even get credit for the 1,000. At 10:30 I played the gifts. Pelican Odyssey 30 spins nut again half way thru it kicked me out. This game shouldn't give gifts and bonuses if you're going to kick us out every time. If your going to eat the credits you should pay the earned gifts and bonuses. Play fair. This is the only game I have up that just says its your fault. Sorry..Version: 5.57.0

Was 5 Stars Until Last Update!Been playing this app since it was released and have always enjoyed it until this past update. Almost every time I try to play a slot the app closes and it is so aggravating! Especially when I reopen the app and the slot machine that was available is now taken. It takes me about 4-5 times of being booted out before I am finally able to play. This is the first time that this app has had this issue for me. I play on my iPhone 11, tried rebooting and uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. Hopefully the developers can fix this. On a positive note, I am very impressed and happy with all of the newly released games! Especially the old and new ‘Rolling for Gold’ and ‘Caribbean Kitty!’ These 4 games need more slots since they are the most popular and it’s often hard to get a machine. Keep up the great work! So impressed by the developers! Please fix the bug! Die hard and loyal DUC player!.Version: 6.26.2

My FavoriteMy last review stands. I’ve spent waaaaay too much money on this & thats on me, but come on.......Why are jackpots next to impossible to win???? Whenever your programming decides its time for you to lose, you are DONE! Very frustrating! I love & hate this game! This is by far my favorite game app. The variety, real casino like games, anticipation are all great. The only much money (already spent waaaaay too much) must one spend to win a top jackpot? I've been playing for two years and have won many of the lower pots, but never the big one. Very apparent that wins are based on frequency of purchases. One year later, and still no top jackpot! What must one do? My firstborn is over 50 years old, so can't use her as barter. Really....almost ready to hang it up. Anyone have any tips for how to win a jackpot?.Version: 6.30.1

Honest review after 2 yearsI have played this app for more than 2 years. To be honest, I am very surprised at the consistency of the app. Very consistent. Very honest app. Support is there when you need them. You DON’T HAVE to buy!! You can finish your challenges without buying, plus, friend away and get bonuses every single day! Besides the box, the wheel and free spins! I decided that I will buy now, to support the app, simply because I have won billions on this app and I am very grateful. After being treated very badly and being cheated on some other apps (I think everyone knows a specific one), I just decided to support DoubleUCasino! Sometimes I miss being able to play together with my club mates. But if it is going to ruin the fun that I have been having, than no. Nice graphics, hundreds of choices in slots. Keep it up DUC, it can only get better!.Version: 5.31.1

Dose anyone really win a jackpot here?I love playing these games here at DoubleUCasino. They are fun and they always add new games every month. But I am starting to wonder if anyone really wins a jackpot here. I have been playing faithfully every day for year’s and have never won a single jackpot. Every Friday you even have the jackpot party where 5000 jackpots are won. Now what are the chances that out of 5000 jackpots every Friday for years and a person never wins a jackpot? I’ve collected daily bonus’s every day to play and I have also paid to play and still nothing? Maybe I should just find another place to play because after years of playing and not a single jackpot I thinking that I am just wasting my time and money here for something that is never going to happen?.Version: 6.21.0

Big Wins & Beautifully designed gamesI love that you don’t have to make any purchases in order to play. Every day there is a wheel of fortune and a gift box full of coins and twice a day you are given 2 games to play to help build your pot... Also, you can easily join a club and make friends so that you can give each other free gifts daily, which also helps a lot to keep you going. I feel that the developers have tried to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. It is a casino, so of course it should be stressful, frustrating so it is exillerating when you do Win Big😃! The games are all Beautifully designed and put to the appropriate music and/or bells and whistles etc. Bet smart, be a bit patient as you build your winnings. You really don’t have to bet high to win big. 5 stars 😍.Version: 5.43.0

Definitely one of the best slot apps!!I have tried as many slot apps as I can after being taken for a ton of money & disappointed time and again. I have found this app to give you the most chance at winning and being able to play longer with what they give you. Of course, if you want to be more into the tournaments and/or want to bet higher, you may end up buying coins. They always have a good, fair deal on coins (again above the average) Also, some of my favorite games are on this app! Now, I would obviously still say to all slot apps, and most game apps in general, that if prices were lowerI would be more likely to spend more. I am a “principle” girl I guess haha. This app offers a deal tho that beats all I have seen. So enjoy!! Try Caribbean kitty and Betty’s circus!! Oh, and money bag👍🏼😁.Version: 5.31.1

🙃I’ve had this app for a few years now. I play without using my personal funds. I hear a lot of complaints about payouts and game hogs. Yes there are always some of the same people but there a lot of machines. It’s no different than a casino. Play and have fun, Or don’t play. I have several other casino apps. This is in the top three I play. I’m on a team. Only two of us, but we win a lot. All I can say to the losers is don’t stay in the same game. Move around. Some days I lose big. Others I win a lot. Trying to get help can be an issue. Their answers are generic sometimes and not useful. Big issues the team fix fast and well. Good luck you guys. Let’s have fun and spin to win. If your not having fun, try a outside sport..Version: 6.10.1

(Fill)Fun, fun,fun! This casino game is great! It's never boring and have so many variety for every one. I play a lot because I can get my fill for the day. No other games to me can do that. Looking forward to more big wins and new challenges. It's all in the mine , how we deal with the win or loss! Each game reminds me of people some people I know. Some going to like you and some people just don't, know matter what you do! It's how you deal with it that's important. sometimes you can get enjoyment being around certain people so it's like you take one day at a time enjoyed that day and then keep trying don't give up it just proves how strong the person you are. I'm a fighter I don't give up easily if I win I win if I don't I don't I'll just keep trying that's all thank you..Version: 5.15.0

Avid fanThere are quite a few games that I play frequently late at night before going to bed. I like all of the free money and very seldom have to purchase additional playing time. Although I must admit that the One of your games wiped out over $25 million that I had won on other games. Because I liked the game I bought in 3 times in order to keep playing because the game was positioned to give me a bingo and it would have been a big win. I lost that money too and won’t be playing that game again. My chief complaint is that you charge too much to purchase additional coins. What you charge for your packages is terrible compared to other games. However you do have a lot of good games..Version: 6.33.3

DUCLove this app but I have never gotten any jackpots after playing for a year. Also, if you don’t get a ticket every day each week, (if you miss just one day) you may as well wait until the next week to try again because your reward is gone. And this app won’t let you listen to music while you are playing (only app I’ve found so far that does that). Once you meet your daily quests, you should quit playing until the next day because there are no more challenges and the best you can do is get a “token” win while watching all of your play money disappear. The games are awesome and a fun distraction for a few minutes out of your day. You can get $20K every 30 minutes, but only if you are in the app. The clock stops when you leave. That’s a HUGE deterrent. No other app does that..Version: 6.40.4

Just a big Thank YouOh I just wanted to tell you, that l’ve been playing DoubleU for many years now. For about 4 years I play the games after work to help me unwind. I had the money then to buy chips to keep playing when I’d lose. Then I was diagnosed with a severe back injury and immediately had to stop working, I’m 64 years old and no longer have any extra money. What I want to say I appreciate your fan page and all the ways you give out free chips. THANK YOU! Because of that I’ve still been able to continue on your app. For the last 4 years. I only won one grand prize once, but I still love your app. I wanted to give you a good review and tell you keep it up for some of sure fast fans!.Version: 6.34.3

DUC New FormatBeen playing for years. Had ups and downs but overall it’s been very entertaining to play this casino app, until now. Through no fault of DUC, the New Format made the interactive Vegas Strip and many other features disappear. Not as unique anymore. Disappointed that the Level Up Feature is no longer available. So whatever level you were at when they switched you over to the new format, you are stuck there 😦. Also, there are features that not every player has access to which is unfair. There’s a feature called Casino City Challenge which some of my friends have and told me about. However, it’s not on my game. I wrote to DUC about it and after getting the run around they basically blew me off. Bottom line, this game is not as much fun 😦. I will miss the good ‘ol DUC..Version: 6.48.1

Chip$ and GamesI’ve been playing here for several months. Good selection of fun games, HOWEVER, the free chips provided by Club Gifts, Daily Stamp, Mystery Box, and Lucky Wheel are ridiculous. Seriously, I’m embarrassed to send such a chintzy amount to my fellow club mates. You should be ashamed to waste so many of our”free spins” and time for such low payouts. I refuse to spend any real currency on any of your coin packages because they are such a ripoff amount for the number of gameplay coins we get! I came to this site out of loyalty to a group of players that left another gamesite to continue playing together. It is impossible to get ahead...originally I put a lot of real money into playing but no more. Until you change how your algorithms payout and what the level of gifts and rewards are, I’ll spend my money at a different gamesite that is more reasonable and fair..Version: 5.48.0

All gamesAll games seem to be in lose mode. 30 free games, a daily opportunity, is good, however a 45,000 to 60,000 win is hardly incentive to play said game. Spinning 1,000,000 credits with zero wins is setting machines too tight. Just had 50 free spins and counted only 8 wins. 132,500 total when betting 10,000 per spin is poor. Why would I want to play that game with my accumulated total. I think not. Just played 30 free games of "Deep jungle Fortune. ". The bet was preset at 16,000 per spin. Only 13,000 + was won, which is pitiful. Did not even win one bet back. Why would I then choose to continue in that game. several months ago, I had 3.5 billion credits; losing cycle began and I now have 221,000. Pretty disgusting..Version: 6.42.2

Used to be fun now it’s boringThe graphics and games are great but the playing experience is not there anymore. Used to be fun but now shillls (fake players) occupy the high jackpot games so the only ones available are the low jackpot ones and they never pay. It’s not fun feeling like a looser☹️! The developer responded with “ We're sorry to hear about your experience, but luck can always change. Please understand that Jackpot winning also depends solely on players' luck. Try DUC again soon and see if you can win big The problem is all of the high jackpot games are filled with fake (non existing) players. My gripe is not about luck, it’s about the game being honestly presented. A fake player is the same thing as a lie. And if they are lying about who’s playing are they also lying about winning big?.Version: 6.34.3

JackpotsI really love DoubleUCasino but as long as I have been playing I’ve yet to hit a jackpot and the I bet over one million dollars sometimes and I buy packages but still nothing. The Diamond game I have played over a month every time I’m on it there are no other players playing and hasn’t hit the jackpot yet . I played for 10hrs and nothing that’s the crazy part and then I see the notifications of others hitting jackpots while I’m playing and the Diamonds game never hit I don’t what’s going with the game but it has to be something the jackpots are super high and nothing has hit hopefully something can be done to offer others jackpots! One tall fun realistic casino games #iwantamegajackpot.Version: 6.19.0

Best Slots App!Honestly super shocked! I thought I’d played all the decent slot apps at least once or twice, but this one has brought be back even more than the others! It’s colorful, has no ads, runs smoothly, and the artwork is very nice! Which is a very hard Thing to come by in this app genre. If there’s ANY Con I could have for this app, it’s that In their VERY expansive library, some of the slots become noticeably identical. However, even the repetitive slots still managed to get decent playtime from me due to how beautifully they run on my phone! It really feels like I’m there! Definitely recommend to anyone who likes these kinds of apps, or misses the slots!.Version: 6.39.1

Awesome addition to my Facebook favoritesI have always liked DUC so much. I have four Facebook family accounts and play on each them. Most times I do pretty good unless I start betting a lot. Then I get nada. During the JP tournaments they loosen the grip on wins. Even if you don’t get a JP you still do awesome. In recent years rarely loosen their grip any other time. I used to purchase packages till realized when you do you lose more frequently. Now I simply don’t play every day. I do much better when I do. Sadly I always get greedy start betting insane amounts and lose all I’ve won. For online casino play you cannot beat their games here. Love em!! Thanks DUC for all the free coins and fun over the years!!.Version: 5.40.0

I’ll give you five Stars but you only deserve one.I’ve played this game ever since you came out with it. You give us free chips everyday and Mr Richman gives us 25 million to play with every now and then, but you play the same tune over and over again. Play a modest bet and you take, take and take. Then we get our text book answer. Oh, you’re having bad luck. Nothing but a BS answer. Where’s the Fun and Excitement? Well, this is my review. I’ve tried to keep it clean as I have read some extremely nasty ones which are uncalled for regardless of their feelings. That kind of nonsense isn’t necessary to express your opinion. Thanks, Fred Cannon.Version: 6.2.0

It is okWins seem very conditional and i much prefer ‘My Vegas’.Version: 5.60.0

Hot slotsGreat fun.Version: 5.5.2

Awesome💯💯.Version: 6.32.4

GameNot bad.Version: 5.6.1

Good gameFun game, like the graphics!.Version: 6.47.1

NiceGood game.Version: 5.5.2

Great Fun!I’ve been playing this game for a few years and love it!.Version: 6.20.2

Double U CasinoGreat game 5 stars.Version: 6.36.0

Fun but not many winsGreat graphics but not very many wins. Keep wanting you to buy.Version: 6.34.2

Good luckThe game is okay. To win something substantial is very difficult. I’ve been playing for awhile now and “My Pot” is sitting at almost 33,000,000. Will I ever win a jackpot to get that, most likely not. It’s a game that kills some time.Version: 6.9.0

ReviewAwesome slots!.Version: 5.42.0

2 thumbs upGreat games.Version: 5.5.2

Double uThank you for my games back I could not get into it for a while.Version: 6.48.0

Wonderful gameTop notch game. Been playing many years..Version: 6.47.1

It’s funClose to the real thing.Version: 6.47.1

P.t.p.If you win a decent amount, you will lose it all very quickly no matter what game you pick and won’t matter how much you spend per spin. They make it so you have to spend money if you want to keep playing your favourite game..Version: 6.47.1

Great gameBig bonus’s.Version: 6.46.2

BonusesIf you like bonus games then play thus one.Version: 6.47.1

Great appThis is so emu he fun t9 play. I like to play everyday and win!.Version: 6.47.1

Super jeuWow.Version: 6.47.1

AwesomeStress reliever.Version: 6.47.0

FunBut more winnings would be nice.Version: 6.47.0

GamesThe games are fun and I like how you change the themes to represent the changing seasons. I hope Christmas starts soon..Version: 6.47.0

GameGreat.Version: 6.46.2

?Not a bad game to pass time.Version: 6.46.2

ReviewVery fun!! Usually not a huge slots fan but this kept me entertained for quite awhile. So if something different id what you want this is your ok. Graphics are good. So is sound..Version: 6.46.2

The bestAddictive.Version: 6.46.2

Thank youThank you.Version: 6.46.2

Fun to playGood games, lots of fun..Version: 6.46.0

Playing your duc gamesThank you so much for sharing the games,I had surgery recently and I enjoy playing the games.Version: 6.46.1

HelpI have Double U Casino for years now but l cannot open it Any more . Could you help me please..Version: 6.46.1

Love itLove it.Version: 6.46.1

DoubleUCasino - Vegas slotsJe n’arrive plus à jouer depuis l’installation de la version 6.46.1 Comment puis-je faire pour retourner à la version précédente..Version: 6.46.1

Great waste of timeSo much fun!.Version: 6.46.1

Yay👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.Version: 6.46.0

Great gameI love it..Version: 6.46.0

Payouts and BonusesGames are fantastic. Payouts are absolutely awful. Very little in the way of payouts and bonuses..Version: 6.46.0

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