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Come have a blast in the 300 stages of mind-twisting puzzles!
Beneath your feet lies the lost land filled with danger and mysteries. Ghosts defending its treasures lie in the wait! To survive this unforgiving world, you must wield your greatest weapons: your unmatched wit, flawless aiming, and absolute focus to fend off whatever evil may come!

Game Features
1. Realistic bullet trajectory! Intuitive game controls that are easy to learn.
2. Look for Ghost Treasures on diversified stages.
3. Explore the mists and experience the rich strategic gameplay.

Having problems with the game? Please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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Subscription Terms:

• Subscriptions consist of in-game daily rewards.
• Validity: 30 days for $19.99.
• At the end of the validity period, the Subscription will renew automatically. If you wish to cancel the Subscription you need to manually unsubscribe.
• Payment for iOS users will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and you will be informed of the renewal cost.
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

Stormshot App Comments & Reviews

Stormshot Positive Reviews

Epic time wasterIf you enjoy waiting long periods of time to upgrade just to find out new ways for them to waste your in game resources, then this game is for You! When starting out the game had some unique artwork and design that I enjoyed. The play through was simple enough and entertaining. Yet after a week in I started to realize the length of time it would take to get to higher levels. This is a long waiting game unless of course you want to pay big bucks out of your wallet or pocket. Otherwise be patient and after 30 days you will still be stuck at level 18. If you want to grab a few beers and sit down and try it out then you may want to get a case of beers because the into play through is quite long itself. For the bathroom player, I would not recommend this game because it is not quick and simple. Overall I would give this 3.5 stars and round up to 4.Version: 1.10.100

Not a shooting skill gameDespite the images used in the game description pages, and videos in adverts for the game, this is not primarily a shooting game. The shooting part shows up to get you started and then after completing game levels. The game itself is a kingdom building strategy game with, armies, resource development and management, and PVE and PVP activity. The first few levels, as always, go pretty quickly and get you used to how things work. After that, time to build, train, recover, develop, research, etc. gets longer and longer requiring you to wait hours and then a day and then…as you advance in levels. Unless you want to spend real money for “speedups”, more resources, shields, or what have you. Graphics are great, stories are engaging, and getting into a good Alliance will help you stay alive and progress. I gave it 3 stars for “false advertising”. If intense kingdom building strategy games are your thing and you have lots of time or real money to throw away, you will love it. Otherwise…this not the game you were looking for..Version: 1.11.0

Making improvementsMy kingdom is dying off and then a mod tells my r4 that kingdom merging won’t happen for 18-24 months. There is no kill event and in my kingdom people were quitting and kingdom was dying off so we created a top 10 nap so alliances were creating numerous farms to bring alive people from the kingdom. Which ended up being FarmVille in the end. Nobody was allowed to attack anyone and no rss from castles in the kingdom bc they were all dead and zeroed with no rss. During KVK you can only attack people in the crown or the dark forest so in other games you can usually go to the other kingdoms to loot the castles in the other kingdoms so that was lame you couldn’t even do that. Trying to purchase packages? Good luck. There would be glitches that would take your money but you would get no packages and they wouldn’t fix it. Just give you consolation which is no where near what you spent or bought. Everything in this game is buy, buy, buy. Other games have plenty of free rewards. I played this game for months and got fed up. I spent hundreds of dollars and was fed up with the gameplay and constant glitches. Merge after 18 months? Good luck devs. Terrible game if you are experienced game player. UPDATE: The devs are increasing their tasks for game rewards. Glitches are getting less. It’s a process….Version: 2.2.0

Good Ad, Poor mechanicsLet me start by giving the typical I don’t usually leave reviews speech and say I don’t usually leave reviews. However this game caught my attention from TikTok from what I thought was just a point and shoot offline game turned out to be an online pve game. Now the core game itself isn’t bad however this game falls into the same hole that every pay to win game does. Which hole is that? Well if you have enough money or a good credit card you can easily become the top player in the kingdom with nobody to oppose you. Makes you wonder why the devs won’t put a cap on higher players to not allow them to attack 10-20 million below their power. It becomes ridiculous for many players when one player can wipe out a whole alliance only because they spend more money. I understand during kill events to remove a cap however during regular gameplay it becomes unfair & unfun thus removing player retention and leaving kingdoms empty..Version: 1.1.10

Iffy on game play#1 Game play could be more timely takes extremely to much resources to grow once you hit a certain level, I’d say the game changes after stronghold 20 and makes you start spending money to grow due to the insane amount of resources it costs to grow #2 don’t think you’re going to have some extraordinary castle skins because you won’t you can’t buy them only look at them and when you try to get on it just says event not active so you’re stuck with the same boring looking castle as everyone else #3 if you’re gathering resources for the insane amount it takes to grow and someone bigger wants your tile hang it up they don’t even have to attack they just have to simply march the same time as you and bingo they get it you lose your resources Annnnd have to heal soldiers from an unnecessary battle…… But I’ve met cool people to chat with so depending on what you’re wanting to deal with it’s an OK game with potential to be a great game.Version: 1.13.0

Lady TrisherThis is the first time I’ve played a game of this type and stuck with it to see it through. Often times though it is confusing because I don’t have a clue as to what I’m supposed to be doing and how to do it. As much as I try not to let it frustrate me, it does. Then in my frustration I purchase more gold just to be able to feel I’m accomplishing something. And then I do but I feel guilty for spending the money. So, right there I can say 1) give more clues as to what a person should do and how to do it and 2) reduce the price on the gold packages. The money spent on the gold packages doesn’t feel like it goes very far in accomplishing anything. Most likely I won’t keep playing the game because it frustrates me so much! So that’s my review and I hope the designers of the game take my comments to heart. If they do I think you’ll find that more newbies to your game stay with it longer and find greater satisfaction with playing the game..Version: 1.10.100

First time playingIt started out good. Pointed and shot just like the adds then it turned into like some of the other games I’ve played that I eventually quit playing. But so far, I’m liking this one and will keep playing to see how it goes. One thing of possibly many that I don’t like is, I played till I finished the second chapter and had to quit to go to work. I logged in after work and it said my defenses were destroyed and I’m being teleported/moved somewhere else. I didn’t even get to the point of needing defenses and also didn’t know I needed them at all. Usually in games like this they give new players a 8-24 hour peace shield. I just wish games like this wouldn’t always have pvp involved or let us SELECT whether we want to play pvp or not..Version: 1.1.10

Great for everyday play when it worksI have enjoyed playing this game and will get into the pros. It’s a challenging game and continuous so you can play it everyday to grow. It allows you to connect socially. The sharp shooter portion is fun to play and the story line is exciting. There is always something to do in your kingdom to upgrade it so you will never hit a dead end. Cons will be the technical issues, there are a lot of them. From the boosts you acquire, to the sharp shooter and story line ending without notice or information when it will return. You aren’t able to obtain certain features like the mermaid Alexia, the harvest set armory, Billow and thunder set. The storm set armory is hard to attain making it difficult to complete the full set. There are not clear instructions on how to play the game and certain events so you rely on trial and error, and your social connections with other players. Reaching out to customer support is a hit or miss..Version: 1.10.100

Game of Patience & StrategyNo player has to buy items to progress through the game. Spending cash only moves you along faster. If you choose to enjoy all aspects of the ever expanding areas, and are patient, you can grow slowly without spending money on in app purchases. However, if you are impatient, you will either to get frustrated and quit, or spend money to move up quicker. If you are in a good alliance, they will point you toward resources and strategy to get the most return on your efforts. Many players gravitate toward building their army quickly. This will slow you severely later. Invest your resources inside the game to develop resource increases. The more power you have, the more it takes to feed and upgrade those armies. Good luck!.Version: 1.10.100

Too bad it’s not more shootingIt’s another civilization builder game… and that’s cool, if you enjoy that. I downloaded this because of the challenge of shooting angles to try to hit the pirate. That is a very, very small part of the game. Yes, I’m still playing it. No, ive never bought any of their packages, and yes, I do keep moving up, but it’s slow. People who said it is a time waster we’re correct, it still a pretty good game, if you like civilization builder games. In the end, they are pretty much all the same. I’ll be quitting this one soon, because I don’t want to spend that much time playing. Now, if they would make a game that was just shooting, kinda like the levels on Angry Birds… I would do that!.Version: 1.15.100

Not that bad.Y’all need to chill, this game isn’t that bad and is far from paying a ton of money being the only option. This game is geared a lot towards spending but to me it makes it more fun. Cause while it’s slower to grow f2p it’s possible. Unlike other games I’ve played. You want to know what a true pay to win game is? Play Game of thrones conquest. It’s my main war strat game and in order to max out everything in that game it would cost you up in the 100k mark. F2p is not impossible but it’ll take so long you most likely won’t be alive to see it. In this game however. As long as you have patience you will grow..Version: 1.11.0

My favorite stress relieverWhenever I’m bored or need a break from reality. I got to Storm shooter and thank the lord it’s not like dreamscapes ads or townships ads, those lied, this one was promising. I love how you have to work had and it’s easy at the same time. That makes it fun. And the character designs are amazing. This gave is either played my entire day, or whenever I don’t want to focus. But over all it’s a good game that I really love, if you’re reading this and you haven’t downloaded it yet. I say you should, I didn’t regret it. Maybe you might not either. Greg game! Would recommend!.Version: 1.15.0

First day of PlayI saw the shooting in the adds, figured I’d give it a try. Didn’t realize it was kinda a samo samo. But I do like the graphics, and the little shooting I have got to do was pretty good, so I’ll continue to play it to see if it gets better or ends up like a lot of the other similar games like this where you get stuck and either have to spend $ or wait basically 24 hours to be able to play. If it’s the later, I’ll do the same thing I’ve done with games like, Klondike etc. un-install. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out that way!.Version: 1.0.0

I was surprisedI got the game after constantly seeing those annoying ads. I will admit I was like whatever at first but I ended really liking the game. I like the constant changes in challenges and seeing my kingdom grow. The bad side for me is that it takes a good minute to unlock areas and some things don’t seem to have a solution like releasing kong, unless I pay $99. The fact that I have to pay as much as I would for a weeks worth of groceries to release the ape is crazy. Overall the game is good , I enjoy it and I give it 5 stars..Version: 2.3.100

My calm after the storm gameMy main game is sniper game so this is a good way for me to get back into a relaxed state, mostly mindless clicking with an occasional shoot the other guy which was what is advertised but since when do they ever tell the truth? Saying that it’s mostly self explanatory. The issue I have with it is trying in to upgrade the proper items in order to become a stronger player. Where are the explanations for making my Creation stronger? Some items I need and have no idea how to make them or where to find them. I would give it at least another star if it had better instructions or research on how to build items or find what I’m looking for..Version: 1.0.0

It is a farce, from the shared pictures to what really occurs.This is a civilization building, buildings/troops/hospitals with several sides in app games to play. Guess to assist peeps to ready ourselves for war. 🤣😂🤣 The larger cities will attack and farm you instantly…there is no “protection until level ___”. As most other eating apps…this is bloody war 🤣😂🤣💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽. Fun though, bides the time whilst waiting hours for troops to be trained. Smaller games to grab our attention…. As is newbies get hit, killed, farmed🤣😂🤣😂🤣. I’m figuring it out….rule the days of attacking smaller player🤣😂🤣. I so can’t wait haha.Version: 2.2.100

Actually funUpdate: Seriously you guys are getting greedy. Making all players work so hard to get the gorilla then make it only available if you pay $100?!?!?———Kind of confusing at first but it’s not just the game that’s advertised in ad videos. That’s only one part of the fun. There’s 10 or so different aspects of the game that you play and grow and more and more aspects come about as you go along. Very fun, can be addictive but if you decide to pay to play they do have cheap options to make the game better but doesn’t require you to pay to play like other games..Version: 2.1.0

Great adventure game I DONT EVER DO REVIEWSI never do reviews!!! Great game only downloaded it due to just the shooting part, didn't know it was a lord/ fortress adventure game, the game is free you can spend a little money and get advantages, but you don't have to, there's so much to do in the game to upgrading your fortress to adventuring and getting resources, to fighting, it's endless im in a alliance with 48 people there's a lot to do, if you like adventure building type games download it, super easy to understand the game and how it works.Version: 1.0.10

Much better than I thoughtI downloaded for the shooting game and stayed for the active community in the kingdom. Players who want to be dominant will spend, but this isn’t a pay to play game. A subscription will definitely help to maintain steady growth though, much like the subscription games of old before the days of micro-transactions. Studio designed this function well. Key is to get into a strong active alliance with strong players who will deter the PvP attacks..Version: 1.15.0

ThankfulWhen I first downloaded the game, it wasn’t what I expected. A lot more like Sim than actually shooting. So I started building my town and various infrastructure things. It was fun at first. But now there is so much time involved in development and not enough action. And building your infrastructure either takes a lot of time or you have to buy a lot of upgrades to proceed. In my opinion, the upgrades that I spent money on do not go far enough considering how much time I have put into the game. Thank you for your game. I did appreciate it. And I enjoyed it..Version: 2.1.100

I just startedJust started. I like the shooting challenge part. I have read other reviews and expect is to start asking for money. I pay too much already to the big names like Microsoft and Google and Apple on monthly subscriptions, so I doubt I will do it here. Just pop up an ad every level like others and I may stay a while. Also, since I rarely review anything, this ploy of ‘review us for rewards works pretty well too’..Version: 1.9.10

Couple hours inHonestly I was just really really bored and I decided to download whatever game appeared in an ad and this was it. It’s different from how the ad presents itself, there’s a good bit of story going on here, you get to develop an area to progress the chapters and go to new levels. It’s lowkey two games in one and I’m actually okay with that. Either way give it a shot if you got some extra storage on your phone or tablet and your bored..Version: 1.0.0

Strategy GamesAlthough I am starting on the adventure, I am really enjoying playing a game that requires strategy and engages what little grey matter I have left..Version: 2.3.0

Extremely StupidMONEY grab, in app purchases, Extremely Stupid, feel like vomiting. deleted.Version: 1.7.10

Elizabeth is hot!!!So far it’s pretty good.Version: 2.3.100

StormshotBon jeu, assez palpitant divertissant et surtout tu peut te connecter à travers le monde à une alliances pour en connaître le menu et surtout comment progresser plus rapidement. Moi personnellement j’aime bien 😌.Version: 2.1.100

STORMSHOTExcellent gameplay. Always something fun to do, and you dont have to pay to gain power. But if you do pay, it does reward you greatly..Version: 2.2.0

AddictiveDon’t remember the add so cannot speak to the few complaints about it … However ! The game itself is addictive. There is so much you can do and so easily without spending extra dollars (it is an option if you want). Just love it overall. Love the mission and the actual thinking it requires to get the exact angle when shooting and the fighting part of the game is just an added bonus games imo love it !.Version: 2.0.1

Jeu super génialFonctionne bien, et facile de jouer!.Version: 2.1.0

If you got the timeGood graphics and solid gameplay, need to have the time to get invested in and like so many other online only games you don’t stand a chance against invading players if you’re not standing by your phone all day😔 None the less fun until it’s not.Version: 2.1.0

WowDiversifié, plaisant, un très bon jeu! Bravo!.Version: 2.0.1

So much to doAds for this game are misleading it’s true. The game is more in the vein of constructing settlements, building up an economy and venturing out onto the world map. But this game is unlike others in that there are so many other facets to keep one invested. From interacting with mermaids, to a basic dungeon crawl, to mining for minerals, to gathering statue power ups. There are numerous ways to stay invested and events to keep one going..Version: 1.15.100

Une belle surpriseJ’ai d’abord téléchargé ce jeu pour la partie de tir affiché dans l’annonce en pensant le supprimer avant la gin de la jour comme tant d’autres jeux. Puis j’ai découvert tout un monde. Le graphismes sont incroyables, l’histoire est attrayante et les missions stimulantes. Cela fait des mois que j’y joue et ne m’en lasse toujours pas. Aussi, il y a une merveilleuse communauté qui prend les moins expérimentés et les fonts grandir..Version: 2.0.1

Shot in the darkI quite enjoyed the sharpshooter portion and did not mind any of the other things until it got hung up for 45 min on buying more workers and I have no idea how I got there!!! Many of the screen icons are small and I am not always sure what I am hitting with my finger. But when it is”””FREE””” you can put up some problems!.Version: 1.15.100

Switch and Bait AdAd for this game was a switch and bait. Looked like a simple shooting puzzle game. It is a freemium game with plenty of opportunity to spend real money for upgrades and such. Overall for the type of adventure game it is decent. It wasn’t what I was looking for when I installed it but I have been enjoying playing it for what it is..Version: 1.15.100

Great gameGood.Version: 1.14.0

PotentialTo much focus on gathering and little tastes of why drawn in the first place. Such a shame..Version: 1.15.0

GoodGood so far….Version: 1.14.0

FunFun game.Version: 1.13.100

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