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Have the unique color of @hwa.min, an influencer loved by 1 million followers.
A camera with a special film, @filmhwa



hello. I am Hwamin who loves photography.
I have been sharing photos on Instagram since 2015.
Many people loved my photos, so I decided to release the app.

I often capture landscapes that can be encountered in everyday life.
I especially like warm moments filled with light.
I tried to capture the atmosphere and emotions I felt while taking pictures in the 'filmhwa' filter.
I hope you do not miss the brilliant of everyday life with the 'filmhwa' camera.


■ It is recommended for people like this
• who like the analog sensibility of a film camera
• who want to create a natural, basic camera feel.
• who like to take pictures of light, sea, flowers and trees

■ Unique atmosphere photo filters
• The secret of photo editing that people asked whenever @hwa.min posted a picture on Instagram.
• Reproduce emotional colors with filters made by @hwa.min.
• New filters will be added every month!

■ @hwa.min recommends filters according to the weather and situation and shows private photos.
• Filters suitable for the weather, such as holidays, cloudy days, backlight, and night.
• Filters for each situation, such as a lazy morning or a leisurely afternoon walk
• Check detailed info about each filters like a magazine on the home screen
• You can find out the date, time, location, and camera model that @hwa.min took.
• You can also see photos that haven't been posted on @hwa.min's Instagram yet!

■ Photo shooting/editing tool perfect for vintage film sensibility
• From basic editing functions such as brightness, exposure, and contrast
• Various effects such as grain, light, dust, etc.
• You can even edit the proportions for Instagram posts and story sizes at once.

■ Video shooting/editing tools for moving moments
• Capture the mood of the day with the @hwa.min filter
• Easy to share reel with full aspect ratio shooting

■ Wide-angle shooting, silent mode, and skin texture correction functions are also provided.

■ Instagram
@hwa.min : Follow and enjoy Hwamin's photos.
@filmhwa : Follow us for new updates and events.

■ Customer Center
Send your enquiries to [email protected]!

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