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Like playing match games? Like decorating the room? Happy Match Cafe is a classic 3D match game, in which you can decorate and build your own style house while playing the game!

Happy Match Cafe can relax you in your free time, keep your brain intelligent and sharp, and improve your design creativity. More decoration areas are waiting for you to unlock, start now!

How to play?
- Select an object and put it into the elimination column below, then find three identical objects to complete the matching collection
- Look at the list of objects above, which is our collection target
- Complete the collection of all target objects to pass the level successfully
- Have fun and start new levels
Tip: You may see an object from different angles, because it is a 3D game, so look carefully!

Game Features:
- Unique gameplay: Classic match game and decoration game, both in one game!
- Stunning 3D visual effects and objects, every action of yours will give you a satisfying 3D effect, and every level will bring you endless fun~
- Special game props to help you pass the level!
- Varieties of festive events and challenging activities will always surprise your eyes!

The simple gameplay of Happy Match Cafe is suitable for any age, download it and start the game!

Happy Match Cafe: Draw & Find App Comments & Reviews

Happy Match Cafe: Draw & Find Positive Reviews

At some point, you loseI love this game as far as the matching part goes and the skin thing is fun. What perplexes me with these games is that you eventually get to a level you can’t conquer. I don’t quit easily - I’ve played a few levels for a week or more to get through. I hit level 323 and I simply can’t win. The purpose behind this is to get the player to buy things to help them win. Maybe I would have gone for that except the packages offered weren’t really going to solve my problem and they are too expensive. And, I’m going to quit so there really isn’t a future possibility of getting my money. I know the designer has to get paid and the company deserves it! Maybe offer a “skip this game” option for a buck or two - I might have done that a few times!.Version: 1.0.20

2⭐️ but there’s redemption!So the main game is obviously what the title of the game is. You match items in like a claw machine pit and the rewards allow you to build a cafe and other shops. Then there’s also a mini game that has skin care. The most interactive skin care mini-games are the ear ones which are levels 1-5, then the belly button one you see in the ads. After that, the next two levels are less interactive and the quality is also less than the others. I stopped playing at this point because I mainly play for the skin care and the main game takes too much time for the minigame to be worth it. To get to level 9 you play 30 or 40 matching games and the skin care ends up needing you to just tap the screen 6 times to play the animation. Not so satisfying.. I will say though, all the skin care games reuse the same animations anyway, this game lets you achieve them faster than the other ones. +1 ⭐️ for that.Version: 1.0.18

Game suggestions…Just when I’m about to delete this game, I make it to the next level. You eventually get to a point where you’re forced to purchase add-ons or give up. It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t accidentally spend your coins down. I’ve wasted coins I’ve earned on useless time additions because the game doesn’t verify if you want to spend coins. This is actually what forces you to need to purchase helpers or just be stuck for a while. Add a verification for a player who wants to purchase more time (or a row clean). Also, add a way to earn coins by watching ads like other games do. Don’t get it for the ASMR. It’s a minimal part of the game. It’s a way to earn coins but there aren’t enough levels to supplement your resources. It’s well developed game but the forced pay-for-play is irritating. There are other match games that are just as enjoyable. I see myself eventually deleting the game because of this..Version: 1.0.21

Problem! Sad!I gave this game a 5 star rating before and I stand by it because the game itself is fantastic fun and challenging! The problem is I have been struggling with level 854 for almost 3 weeks. I even made the mistake of sinking money into this game for power ups to help me. Still struggling. I enjoy the game and the challenge but when a decent player and I believe I am a decent player cannot find 72 items in 3.5 minutes something is off kilter! There is way too much on the board and I realize y’all want people to spend money but this is ridiculous! Therefore, I’ll be removing the game app and I hate that because I’ve had a blast with it. Good luck to others, I hope your eyes and speed are equal to the level..Version: 1.0.20

Very addictingI thoroughly enjoy this game albeit the primary game is not exactly what is advertised. The mini games are just a very small portion of the gameplay but are fun as well. My only issue with the game is when you get to a very hard match, unless you have extra time or additional funds to buy some time or lightning boosts to help, it’s very difficult to pass those levels. I wish there was a way to play some alternate levels in the meantime to possibly help acquire some extra boosts in order to pass the more difficult ones. Otherwise I enjoy the game and remodeling the town which no other matchup games have that set up..Version: 1.0.8

More levels and more city’s to buildI have been playing this game for a few months now. I am on level 1895 I have over 1200 stars the cities I have built are completed and they only have levels 35 in for the specials to level 12 for the mini games completed all of these. I wish you guys would open up the levels on the mini games more to where you can get up into the hundreds if possible also would love if you could open the special levels up as well. Maybe make it where there’s more cities that you can build. I enjoy playing this game as far as matching the three items together and getting up higher in the levels they get harder, but I love a challenge. Please add more levels on the mini games and the special game and more cities to build..Version: 1.0.21

Not like the ads, but SO FUNLike everyone else, I got this game because of the satisfying ad. The ad is a very very small part of the game, but when I started playing the main game more and more I just became absolutely addicted and can’t stop. I see the other reviews saying the levels get too hard, which is true but I love that too because if it was too easy, I would get bored of the game. I also love the little town that I get to build along the way. Overall, this game currently is my new life!.Version: 1.0.21

This game is awesome!First of all I love the color schemes of this game! You can be so creative as to what styles and structures you choose to customize your village! However you don’t get very many of the health related games as advertised; but you forget about that instantly because of how fun and addicting this game is. Another thing I would like to address is how many levels of the find and match game you have to play in order to get enough stars to achieve to add a additional add-on to your village. I love how you can give people lives/hearts and in return give you lives/hearts when you need them! Overall this is an awesome game; but please take into consideration what I have suggested! Thank you!.Version: 1.0.11

Great game, ruined by adsI loved this game for so long, got to level 2,000 and then they added a banner of ads at the bottom of the playing screen. it shrunk the amount of playing space which made it more challenging in the worst way. even worse, as those ads shuffle to the next, it stops playing anything you’re listening to, even if you don’t hear the ad. you have to pause the game & restart your podcast/music/whatever 3-5 times for each 3 minute round, it’s absolutely ridiculous. i’d happily pay money to remove all ads from the game, but there’s no such option. went from my favorite game to one i hardly use anymore..Version: 1.0.25

Levels too hard after a certain pointI was really loving this game and addicted to playing it, but I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t get past a level where you need to gather 24 tiny lipsticks on a tiny screen that look to be the same color but aren’t. I even spent money to try and get past it and it ended up being a waste. Plus the mini skin care games are no longer available at the level I’m at which was one of the main reasons to play. I wish developers would realize that when a game gets too hard and makes you nearly sick trying to find tiny things in a sea of tiny things on a small phone screen, it’s no longer fun, but stressful..Version: 1.0.23

The game is good , but …..You can only get so far without the matching levels becoming unbeatable, I played for 20 minutes got to level 11 now they’re making the match part impossible to beat so you cannot progress in the pimple popping, the hygiene cleaner , all the fun stuff . They try to make you buy little things to help you level up which I would at some point but not that early into a game . If I liked the game ,was able to play more than 20 minutes before having to buy things to advance into the next levels, this game would get a 5 star from me and an outright good rating but sadly they want you to buy stuff right off the bat to get further into the game 😢.Version: 1.0.23

Good, almost greatThe main game is a lot of fun, it’s just a mindless matching game where you get to race against the clock. I like to do it at the end of the day to unwind. Additionally, it’s really fun to make upgrades to the little buildings in the city as you earn stars. However, the mini games advertised as the ASMR experience are pretty lackluster. They were OK for the first few episodes, but they progressively got less interactive and less interesting. I wouldn’t call them ASMR at all at this point. I still keep playing because I enjoy the other aspects of the game, but, the ASMR animation and interactive games could be a lot better.Version: 1.0.20

Not bad honestly, kind of addictingOkay, so the ads for this game are absolutely DISGUSTING and lw trigger my trypophobia, but luckily the "ASMR" part is only mini-games and not the main gameplay. It's literally just one of those matching games that gives u points and u use those points to build a town. The mini-games are unlocked with every 10 matching levels u achieve, and honestly? I haven't come across a mini-game yet that's as gross as the ads; most of them are kinda fun, but they only have about ~30 or so. The town building part is probably the most enjoyable part, it just takes awhile to do..Version: 1.0.20

AddictingI love this game and play it all the time. I just wish we could do more of the mini games instead of every 10 levels and you only get to do a bit. Those games are my favorite part. When are we getting an update so we can play the mini games? Need another update I played all the mini games I can. Also, pretty upset because I had over 80 of the zapper and clocks earlier today. I just went back to play some more and I have 14 of each. I have spent a lot of money on this game and I always buy the ones with free boosters. What happened?.Version: 1.0.20

Addicting Game - review of new musicI absolutely love this game and play it way too often. I love the hard levels, I can always seem to pass them after a bit of time. I love playing this game for the music and sounds, it’s calming to me. With that being said, I hate the new song that plays when you are in playing the actual game. It’s sounds like the song Drive by The Cars. Hopefully i’ll get used to it. I’ve definitely spent some money on this game, I’d hate to leave because of the music..Version: 1.0.21

So funUsually i never write reviews unless i REALLY like the game but this game is actually so fun. u dont have to do extremely hard things to do a level of pimple popping or anything satisfying. The levels r so easy to complete and actually equally as fun as the actual thing you came for. I thought it was fake like when you find a cool game but its nothing like the thing shown in the advertisement. This is exactly what i thought but gave it a try anyway and i got what i came for!.Version: 1.0.18

Fun game addictingI play this game all the time I only play the matching objects I wish they would make you confirm to use ur coins and boosters tho like wiping the row or using 100+#< coins for more time cuz i've accidentally hit them many times and wasted them and coins aren't the easiest to get. y'all should offer watching ads to get coins there's no other way unless u purchase them. I dont understand how to unlock all the new locked events? I really want to remodel more places I have 3k stars because I did the whole map and dont know how to get going ,.Version: 1.0.24

Nothing to do after completing townI recently finished all areas of the town, and now it feels like there’s no incentive to play anymore. What’s the point of saving up tons of stars just to be unable to use them? I figured a new town would become available so we could continue customizing and have a reason to use the stars. Can this possibly be fixed in a new update? I would have left a 5 star review but I was disappointed to see there’s just nothing left to do in game except continue acquiring stars..Version: 1.0.18

Re-can’t beat levelsI am on level 500 something and while it is not easy to beat them it is possible!! I have not bought any packages or antything because I agree with you to expensive but with time and patience you can do it!! It took me a week at 375 like you but I did beat it and now I’m stuck on 500 something but I have gotten it down now to one item left before time runs out! So what I do is let all the extras at the bottom to help you build up it helps! Keep going you can do it!!.Version: 1.0.22

Nothing left to do?We've been playing this game for MANY months...made multiple in-app purchases & everything...but now that we've finished decorating the 1st neighborhood, we can't move on to a new area. 89 stars & counting with nothing to spend them on. Why do we see locked areas when we click on the house icon, but none of them will unlock? I'm not playing this for nothing anymore. It's not enjoyable to earn stars just to stare at the total. WHEN WE FINISH DECORATING EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE 1ST NEIGHBORHOOD, WHY CAN'T WE MOVE TO A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD TO DECORATE?!?!?! I see other locations but..... 😡😡 Signed, 1 very disappointed game player.Version: 1.0.20

Fun but misleadingThis app advertises for something it is not. You literally do have to complete 10 levels of another fun game before you get to continue on your pimple popping journey of fun. Yes, both games are fun but don’t lie and tell people that you don’t make folks go through an endless stream of games to get through to the one game you actually signed up for. For this reason I’m leaving three stars. Just be honest with folks. It’s not that hard..Version: 1.0.17

Had been okay up till nowIt’s fine. Like all these games it gets harder and harder until it stops being fun. However this game set a new standard for pathetic recently. After completing 10 levels or so of the matching games, the game unlocks a ASMR level for you to complete, which is the reason you download the game in the first place. When I first downloaded the game, you could access all the previously unlocked ASMR levels if you wanted to. Now, in order to replay them, you have to watch an ad. I’ll probably stop playing the game now. Nice job developers!.Version: 1.0.20

Great!I really enjoy this game and I’ve put ALOT of time into it. Obviously they added some weird pimple popping part to bring in the customers. I never use that option. The game is actually a matching game. There are a bunch of items on the screen and you need to get three items to get a match! I play a lot of different apps like this. The reason this one is my favorite is because it isn’t a money grab like the others. Sure you can pay for no adds or for boosters. However, they are reasonable. I think I paid like $2 to get rid of adds. In other games they are asked for $10 to get rid of adds! Crazy! This game you don’t need to buy anything to progress which is amazing. You get a lot of rewards if you play a lot. I genuinely enjoy this game..Version: 1.0.20

Mini Games Has Potential to be greatI give a 3 because asmr to play the mini games is no good, it’s not satisfying at all and shouldn’t that be the point? You can only watch what them using the tools to clean, pull, cut, etc… and only a couple times I got to use a tool to get a satisfactory response; otherwise no satisfaction, again, cuz you just sit and watch it. Too bad, because it’s great graphics and can be very satisfying if they allowed us to use the tools and feel it in action. Hopefully one day they will update it for more satisfying gameplay.Version: 1.0.20

Great gameI see a lot of negative reviews and they’re somewhat unfair. The game is a match game, not an ASMR like it says. There are asmr mini games but 3D match is the main point. Yes some of the levels are very hard. But what fun is am east game you just breeze through?? Use your brain, I’ve never gotten stuck for more than like 10 tries, which isn’t bad for a level marked “very hard” I love this game and I play it all the time..Version: 1.0.20

The sound is not workingI love the game I really do!it’s just that when ever I play the sound goes off plays for a quick second, and I don’t get to experience the sound of the cleaning and after while of not hearing anything it gets boring after while so if its anyone else if this is happening to them ,in my opinion I think you should at least try to fix that I’m sure it will really help!.Version: 1.0.22

Have I finished the game?I enjoy this game (although some of the super hard levels should be called basically impossible unless you spend money) but I think I must have reached the end? I just finished the train and there’s no new areas to download. Is that it? Will there be an update? I have almost 200 decorating stars and nothing to use them on. I’ve even unlocked the special decorations for each area..Version: 1.0.22

Great game till it turns ridiculously hardI like a challenge, but once you get to higher levels, you get impossibly difficult puzzles that will take you days to finish. I’m a decent player, don’t mind buying a booster now and then, but some of these “Super Hard” levels are rigged so that the only way out is to buy a ton of coins and buy time/tools. The game can be frustrating and expensive..Version: 1.0.22

Really funIt’s a really fun matching game different from the usual ones. However, after 900 levels it becomes more difficult. It seems every other level is super hard. It makes me want to stop playing because I’m not willing to spend the money to buy coins/helpful things to beat levels. Also, the “ASMR” mini games are a very very small part of the game. I was only offered a handful of them and they completely stopped showing up after a couple hundred levels..Version: 1.0.15

Don’t play this game unless you want to go broke!Whomever came up with this game was pretty smart. It hooks you and you start dropping money right and left to advance. It took me a little while but I figured out the game cheats, so you will spend money! I’d give it a 5 star if they didn’t cheat. You can wipe the board clean looking for the last match and then it pops up in front of you with seconds left. Very ingenious on somebody’s part! I refuse to give them anymore of my money!.Version: 1.0.21

Very addictive! Wish it had more time to find the pieces needed.I feel so addicted but at the same time I feel we are set up for failure. Need more time. Make it longer, it’s too short and also not enough lives. If it was longer it would be outrageous! *More time *More lives So challenging! Can’t stay away and then have to go play another game until the lives are topped out again..Version: 1.0.21

Surprisingly Good!Personally, I normally don't like this kinds of games, as they usually gross me out too much lol. But this one is awesome and really like it. I like how it's got everything in one game between the cosmetic/medical, matching, and especially the designing! Pretty impressed:)..Version: 1.0.16

Very EnjoyableGreat Graphics. Super game BUT ran out of levels for the aesthetics and still waiting, ran out of areas to “rebuild” and still waiting. The higher levels are almost impossible to complete without spending coins. The constant offers to buy coins to complete a game is annoying. You may lose this player if the upgrades take much longer..Version: 1.0.20

Good!I really like this game, I just hate the huge amount off videos popping up every second! I know, I can always pay for 0 videos but hey, I don’t want to pay for it..Version: 1.0.19

Happy Match Cafe ReviewThis is a good game that is fun but certain aspects of this game makes it difficult to move forward. For example, it when making matches and you realize you made a mistake you can’t just reverse your decision and you have to use the broom to clear everything out. The game should allow at least 3 chances to reverse a decision before using the broom. Plus more time should be given to make matches..Version: 1.0.18

Levels get boring over timeOn the first levels you get to do a little bit, maybe pull something at least. Im level 90 and you just clic, and there s an animation. Do this 2-3 times and the level is over… And this is actually just a mini game in the game. The real game is to sort out items. It’s boring but at this point I have more fun doing that..Version: 1.0.19

Great gameJust wish the mini games worked I have 110 coins can’t even use them.Version: 1.0.18

It’s OKNot the best but I recommend. It.Version: 1.0.18

Série de troiJ’aime bien le jeu.Version: 1.0.13

Alora corriveaus reviewOkay I just love this because it’s really fun and helpful for if this bend and I just love the way that this is so fun is this happened is I would buy fairway yesterday and this app help me so I would love to play this more often and I will never not play it.Version: 1.0.18

It’s ok…I don’t mind the sorting and building your town part of the game but it advertises the ASMR like it’s a major component. As the game progresses it takes longer to play the ASMR mini games and it’s less active. You’re not really playing, you’re pressing a button and watching. The first few had like 7 steps and now I’m on lvl 70 and it’s like push this one part and it’s done. It’s disappointing but I’m still playing so I guess they were successful?.Version: 1.0.16

Matching, fixing up people and choosing your furniture!!I love this game. It has everything in it you want. The only thing I wish was different was that you can’t fix people yourself. Maybe that will come in time. Can’t wait to play. Gotta go!.Version: 1.0.8

Zaara’s reviewThis is a great game.Version: 1.0.8

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