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Amanda The Adventurer 2 Customer Service

Join Amanda and her pal Wooly on a series of adventures as they explore and learn about our wonderful world! With several NEW play-along, laugh-along, learn-along episodes there's always fun to be had! Just make sure to do everything Amanda says or she might get angry.

Amanda The Adventurer 2 App Comments & Reviews

Amanda The Adventurer 2 Positive Reviews

Amanda‘s curseSo in the first episode Amanda said do you like apples I said no so kicked me from the game got back on another episode scratched out so I did all the episodes in the last one which was scratched or else I didn’t know which number is wise I just assumed it was four but what I didn’t know it was something else about treasure or something what did she use the rope for blacked out what she said to use the Rope for I was confused so I got off I saw it was still the episode that was on my screen so I decided to do it Amanda‘s curse don’t play this game.Version: 1.0

The EXACT same game as the ogThis game is something I would recommend if your looking for mobile Amanda the adventurer. The updates aren’t here like the actual game but it’s the exact same game that the og is before the updates. So yeah this game is kinda simple because it doesn’t have the updates but it’s still Amanda the adventurer on mobile and if your looking for a mobile version. I would recommend.Version: 1.0

Hard to get secret ending😭😭😭I love this game but it needs too be easier to get secret ending! I’ve tried this game like 1 million times I still haven’t got the secret ending why is it so hard??? Even my older sister tried and it didn’t work!! And she’s a pro at scary games…☠️💀.Version: 1.0

Awesome gameI have a problem though add secret please and people been saying she’s come to your house but that’s lying because that can’t happen she can’t kill anyone unless it’s in the game so whoever said Amanda came to her house you’re lying just letting you know that’s why I get a four-star if it’s too scary and I bet people are having nightmares and because there’s no secrets and we can’t walk around.Version: 1.0

The textingSo when your in the first episode and then it goes to the apple part and Amanda says “do you see apples?” And the texting comes up and I try to say yes but it won’t to anything and it may kick me off the game. Please fix.Version: 1.0

WowI played part 1 and all and I seen youtubers do the secrets but I didn’t so when I found this game I was happy thank you for bringing this in I know it took you a lot of work to try to put this in mobile im very greatful thank you.Version: 1.0

Just startedOk so when I first click on the game it asked me to rate the game when I didn’t even start the game so I think you should fix that but I bet that the game is going to be scary 👍:D.Version: 1.0

Please put all of the secret stuffBrah please read. My name is —- and I’m here to put: I love this game but needs all the secret endings I put in lamb nothing :( please put in all three. And the new update where u can move..Version: 1.0

Please fix itThe picture said you could walk around to get the episode’s and to I typed lamb and didn’t work can you probably fix if you did I wouldn’t have gave you a 5 stars but no 3 stars but it’s fun and put much more episodes and the episodes are to short.Version: 1.0

A little disappointedI love the game but you can’t move around and you can’t get secret tapes like in the pictures and whenever a episode is done there is always a add and a stupid ringing sound so please fix that thank you.Version: 1.0

ProblemSo you see you need to make us move around for more people to play your game I’m a fan of your game thank you.Version: 1.0

There is a bug please squish it!!When on tape one when she asks do you see apples in the store I tried to type yes and I would not do anything. It did not kick me from the game it just that but anyways good game!.Version: 1.0

Nice!You can’t move but the game is like how the actual game was when it first came out.Version: 1.0

Just a little favorThis is great, but normally the real game has like secret tapes when I type “lamb,” if you can, do you mind adding it? If yes, then thank you! This was my first time playing it though.Version: 1.0

I know why yes when do you say apples dose not workYou need to say apples I was confused to about it and well I said yes and she said say apples and I said apples and it worked so if you were wondering that’s how.Version: 1.0

?I was trying to type lamb to get a hidden tape but it didn’t work and I see others use it and it works but this one doesn’t could you please fix it?.Version: 1.0

Mobile Amanda the Adventurer! But…Pretty good! Its just like the actual game! It needs the secret tapes though. Other than that, its good!.Version: 1.0

MehVery good game but on computer it has new updates and stuff I think y’all need to add it bc it’s making me kinda upset bc it’s always the same thing🦋🥺.Version: 1.0

It’s okay and fun! ( kinda )You could get copyrighted but it’s cool and it kinda did freak me out by the way Amanda’s eyes are wide open ( very might not be able to sleep tonight ) but yeah it’s okay and cool!!.Version: 1.0

To much adsI clicked play and then it took me to an ad and after every episode there’s an ad.Version: 1.0

Short, but fun!I’m absolutely in love with this game! It’s scary but is okay for all ages. It is also kid appropriate, too. I get so made how people keep copying this game, it’s no fun when they do. It’s never the same if they even try there best either. I hope this game keeps growing, and improving with its updates and the game itself!😊.Version: 1.0

GoodIt’s just like the original game but we need the other tape.Version: 1.0

Why pleass help I don’t know how to updateUm Pleass somebody help if I play I don’t see the update I don’t see the picture and if I spell lamb it does not give me the 4 tape so Pleass tell me how to fix Pleass.Version: 1.0

Wow!This is very accurate, it’s the same as Amanda the adventurer, It’s basically the iPad/ iPhone version of Amanda The Adventurer..Version: 1.0

Read this review before buyingYou can’t even move or put in lame it’s fake don’t lie it’s like the real game but without the new updates.Version: 1.0

Please add the updates for pcThis is a really good game but it’s in its old version please update it.Version: 1.0

GOOD!Can the lam like fight and maybe make like a horror Game where we could move.Version: 1.0

The secret tape!!!I love the game, but we need the secret tape!!! I typed in lamb but there was no secret tape. Also in the pictures you can move and put in the secret tape! So just letting you know that you need to add that stuff. Thx😉🫠.Version: 1.0

Good but not that scaryThe game is really good but it is not that scary cause like at the end when she turns into a monster I was not that scared to be honest..Version: 1.0

Why tho???So I was playing and it’s really good but there is a problem that is VERY annoying there is SO many ads like I can’t even.Version: 1.0

Not able to moveThe game said I was able to walk around please fix it.Version: 1.0

This game is….AMAZING idk really I haven’t played it’s downloading I’ll be back in about a hour yah bai.Version: 1.0

So funI love this game I watched all of the YouTubers play it and now I found it!!!.Version: 1.0

May you please add the new updateI want the secret ending.Version: 1.0

Amanda the adventureI don’t have the new update yet.Version: 1.0

OmgDon’t play this game she came to my house.Version: 1.0

Good butThis game is so boring it’s like a bad version when I put in a tape it has an ad before it pls fix.Version: 1.0

I love it but it is scaryPlease do not let kids under 1-6 play.Version: 1.0

Secret tapeI have seen alot of YouTubers that found a secret tape so I tried it but it didn’t work 😭😭.Version: 1.0

I love This gameI love a man to be adventurous and I finally get to play this game is amazing.Version: 1.0

I want the secret tapeI play the game, type lamb,and no secret tape!could you please add the secret tape to the game?🥹.Version: 1.0

OMGI haven’t downloaded it yet, but I think it is the best game ever my God.Version: 1.0

HmHm.Version: 1.0

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