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Let's solve the mystery and escape from the room!
It's a very simple escape game, so even those who haven't played the escape game can play it easily!

◆Introduction of useful functions◆
・Hint Function
Even if you get stuck while solving a mystery, you can easily find out the answer if you have a hint. You can review hints, answers and explanations of the riddles.

◆Escape games manual◆
・Move around
Tap the area you want to check or tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen
Tap the area you want to look at closely and check
・Select items
Tap the icon of the item on the top and select
・Use items
Tap the screen while the item icon is selected
・Expanded view of items
Double-tap the item icon
・Use items on other items
While the item is enlarged, select another item and tap on the enlarged item
・Display hints
Select the hint button on the top left of the screen

◆Materials used for the development of escape games◆
Planning, Developing, 3D Graphics, Scenarios, CV:
Nakayubi Corporation
Music is VFR
“Sound effects obtained from”
twitter: @HarukiRyohei @NAKAYUBI_CORP
instagram: @nakayubi_corp

Escape Game - The Room App Comments & Reviews

Escape Game - The Room Positive Reviews

Great intro to point & click escape games!All the most common puzzle types are here, with few distractions and little trickery, so this is a terrific introduction to the point-and-click escape game genre. As an experienced player, my time was 9:33. The important thing for me is that I wasn’t bored! It was still fun to anticipate “did they do X type of puzzle?” If you’re coming from the kind of big escape game that involves scrolling and a higher level of realism (as I did back in 2020), think of this game as a tutorial. The games in Nakayubi’s two libraries will then show you more artful and elaborate scenarios that are built with these game mechanics..Version: 1.0

Logical but simple gameTook 13 minutes to complete, complexity level 1-10 is a 4. A bit too easy…still a fun game.Version: 1.0

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