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From airport restaurants to lavish resorts, romantic weekend getaways to epic adventures of a lifetime, the FlytoPlaces app makes it easy to find and explore your perfect destination. Find aviation events, shows, food festivals and more (we need an execuse to fly right!?).

Also find a useful directory for pilots that include A&Ps, avionics, instructors and more.

With just a few clicks, an AI built right into the app can compile an hour-by-hour itinerary tailored to your desired travel type and duration. Plus, you can take advantage of curated collections that include procedures for flying to the Bahamas, from Canada to the US, and even extraordinary overflight procedures like Niagara Falls and a New York City tour!

And the best part is, you can access the airport finder to search for nearby airports and quickly get directions - and even bookmark your favourite airports and set up a bucket list, all within the app.

So if you're dreaming of a grand getaway, FlytoPlaces will help you get there!

FlytoPlaces App Comments & Reviews

FlytoPlaces Positive Reviews

Best App got Aviators!What a fantastic app! Easy to use and find the absolutely best things to do while flying to a new city. Love that the developer is using some AI and new ways to look at taking a trip to a new city. Especially find it helpful in finding a new destination and love that they have some step by step directions on customs for the Bahamas! Looking forward to seeing where the next generations of this app go..Version: 1.3

Fills a big gaps for pilots who like to use their plans for adventuresHowe Ed you want to use your plane, this app will help you plan more easily and faster. It combines info from a lot of sources into one user-friendly place. Wish I had thought of this! It’s brand new but the content is improving and increasing daily. As more and more pilots discover it and contribute content , it will just keep getting better. For now it’s free , and I can see many people getting hooked and being willing to pay for it. It’s that good an idea. I have already used it for a recent trip to the Bahamas from Canada and am currently using it for a trip to 3 US cities to watch MLB games. It’s fun to add your own content too , knowing it will benefit fellow pilots..Version: 1.4

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