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Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of constructing your motorsport empire from the ground up, where every choice holds the key to your success.

Hand-pick exceptional drivers and engineer a world-class racing powerhouse. Collaborate closely with drivers to secure pole positions and craft pitstop strategies that lead to race domination.

Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of races in real-time or navigate through intricate strategy screens. Swiftly adapt to ever-changing weather, unexpected crashes, and the emergence of safety cars.

Embark on thrilling GT and Endurance racing adventures across six distinct championships. Immerse yourself in the iconic beauty of Monaco's settings, rendered in breathtaking artistry.

Step into the shoes of promising new drivers, delve into their statistics, and cultivate pivotal relationships. Navigate the revamped HQ, seize upgrade opportunities, and master the new part development system for an immersive journey.

Embark on a motorsport odyssey where every choice shapes your destiny. Witness dynamic AI team movements and adjust the difficulty level as the game evolves with you.

It's your opportunity to rewrite the annals of racing lore and etch your name into the history of motorsport. Motorsport Manager 4 empowers you like never before.

Motorsport Manager 4 App Comments & Reviews

Motorsport Manager 4 Positive Reviews

A challenging console quality game!I’ve enjoyed Motorsport Manager 3 and now 4. Motorsport Manager 4 plays similar to 3, it was easy to jump right in. From the very beginning I enjoyed the new layout and depth of the game. The strategic and replay-ability value of the game is excellent. Some of the strategy I used in previous versions worked well but required more thought, more planning, especially with pit stops! You can easily loose a race because you picked the wrong tires, or your pit stop timing was wrong. A challenging console quality game!.Version: 2023.1.7

Getting Ever Closer to F1 ManagerThis game just gets better with each iteration (except for the “free” online one). This time, the improvements finally include actual cars on the track rather than dots. The setup options are more complex but still easy to pick up if you’ve played one of the previous versions. One slight problem, IAPs aren’t working at launch (even though the bundle is on sale)..Version: 2023.1.6

If you like MM3, you’ll like MM4MM4 has all the things MM3 had, it honestly could be an update to MM3 if they wanted. There are new things in MM4 like sprint races, pit strategy and R&D. Whether all these new things are worth buying MM3 again is hard to say and mostly depends on you. I’m having fun with it at the moment but that’s mostly because I really liked MM3. Who know I might change my mind later about it if new things are added..Version: 2023.1.8

Extremely fun and competitive.I’m one of the first to get this game and I love it so far, it’s very competitive but forgiving if you mess up. I would like to see more options for engine upgrades in the future similar to how you can do body upgrades. Other than that I can’t complain at all about the game what so ever..Version: 2023.1.6

Something missingI bought the game editor and the livery’s. I find no way to edit. I got the package but it’s not working. Anyway I like the improvements to the game and feel like it’s worth a try. Just don’t buy any in game stuff cause it’s not working..Version: 2023.1.6

Great gameNo complaints here once again you guys delivered an amazing racing game keep up the good work..Version: 2023.1.6

Good game overallIt’s fine overall but I can’t check championship standings without the game crashing and it keeps throwing a code when I try to buy stuff from the store.Version: 2023.1.8

The purchases don’t workI never got the money for the game and I try to restore it and nothing..Version: 2023.1.6

Seems great nowLoving the game so far. I was having Jussie’s yesterday but all of that seems to be fixed now..Version: 2023.1.7

Keeps crashingIt was all fun and for 15min but after the first qualifying session, the game crashed and now I can’t even open the game. I know it just came out, I just wanted to notify the devs since I payed some money for this..Version: 2023.1.6

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