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Dcare is the software that works with the smart ring. The data content obtained by the smart ring tracking will be displayed in the software in a timely manner. The software will detect and evaluate the user's exercise data and various health data based on the obtained content, and draw various intuitive charts to help users better and easily understand and adjust their daily life status.

Main functions:

Timely update and record the user's total daily steps, and convert it into corresponding calorie consumption and exercise mileage.

Set exercise goals, users can dynamically set their own daily exercise goals according to their own wishes and physical conditions, accompany and encourage users to complete the daily set goals through real-time feedback of the user's current exercise data.

Records the user's sleep status, clearly shows the user's daily sleep and wake-up time, total sleep time, deep sleep time, light sleep time, REM time , and intuitively counts the percentage of deep sleep and light sleep to the total sleep time, to comprehensively and fully evaluate the user's sleep.

Supports real-time static and dynamic analysis and monitoring of heart- rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature.

Make statistics on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual data, and draw intuitive charts, so that historical data can be seen at a glance.

Delicate ring, personal companionship. The Dcare Ring ring can be your sports partner, fitness assistant or sleep companion. Dcare Ring always pays attention to your health status! Accompany you to complete every exercise, every good night's sleep and every heart-pounding moment!

What Dcare Ring provides is peace of mind, health, and warmth. We hope that you will always be healthy and full of vitality with the company of Dcare Ring!

Note: This product is not a medical device and must not be used for any medical purpose. It is intended for general fitness and health purposes only. For medical diagnosis and decisions, please consult a doctor.

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