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BMI Calculator – Weight Loss Customer Service

With this BMI Calculator you can calculate your Body Mass Index to find your ideal weight.

It's the ideal companion app for your weight loss program. No matter if you want to lose weight or gain weight, this app can help you evaluate your current weight.

• BMI Calculation for everyone 7 years and older
• Metric and imperial systems are supported

• BMI - Body Mass Index: is defined as the body weight divided by the square of the height. It provides a rough guide since the BMI doesn't take into account a persons build or the composition of the body weight.

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BMI Calculator – Weight Loss App Comments & Reviews

BMI Calculator – Weight Loss Positive Reviews

The people are the problemListen. This app is great to find out your BMI, which is what its meant for. I have seen so many people review the app and say “All bodies are beautiful” or “this app should motivate you to lose weight” nah. Im a fatass and even I believe it aint ok to be fat. You shouldn't be happy to be fat. If you encourage people to stay fat and be “body positive” you should be ashamed. The only thing positive about being over weight is that im positive mine and many others heart’s are fighting like a mf to keep us alive. And to the mf who said the app should encourage you to lose weight. It aint the mf apps job to get YOU on the ball. Get motivation yourself. Dont got motivation? Work out anyway. You know its good for you so what more motivation do you need, you mf baby. Anyways bouta go for a lil run keep complaining fatties. Im lose my weight and still laugh at yall..Version: 1.7.10

Here’s why there’s so many bad reviews:To make it fast: recently there’s been a push to get rid of and ‘cancel’ any sort of apps that “promote Diet culture and fatphobia”. People don’t like apps like this bc it deals with weight loss and health, and it seems like anything that tells a person that they are fat and overweight is somehow bad now. The app is accurate, and if any of the reviews actually cares about that they could’ve done the research I did to make sure it was accurate. But they don’t. They just don’t want people to take care of their healthy and know their BMI..Version: 1.7.10

BEST BMI APP EVER!!!This is hands down the beat BMI calculator I have ever used. It is so easy to use and so detailed without being confusing. Very clear and to the point and breaks everything down into categories. This app is really under appreciated! You can’t go wrong! It also saves all your information so you don’t have to add it every time and can just adjust as you lose or gain weight..Version: 1.7.10

Love it but one issueThis app is so great and easy to understand. It’s very fast and gives an accurate BMI number. However, the accuracy of the underweight/overweight placing is off. An underweight BMI, is anything less than 18.5. This app says that to be “underweight” you need to have a 15.6 BMI. 15.6 is severely underweight. Same thing with the overweight. Having a BMI over 21, is not overweight, but the app says it is. So, great app, great numbers, but just remember, 18.5 or under is underweight, and over 25 is overweight. Don’t be tricked into thinking you are overweight✨.Version: 1.7.10

Not accurateThis app does not record ur muscle mass genetics or anything like that so it’s very inaccurate and if anyone says that the app is accurate they are clearly not smart enough to know how these things work Ik I’m fat and I don’t at all day cupcakes blue raspberry muffins and more there so good with there cream.Version: 1.7.10

People are dumbPeople don’t seem to understand that age and gender greatly affect what a normal healthy bmi is. Say you have a 12 year old kid who’s 5’7 and 95 pounds. They are in the range of healthy, not by much though. But you change the age to 17, you are now very underweight. It’s actually very accurate, but people don’t have much common sense..Version: 1.7.10

People are softPeople are dumb, and rating it one star because they didn’t get the rating that they want. If you know that the rating is inaccurate then don’t use it. But you don’t have to become insecure because an app😒😑.Version: 1.7.10

SimpleI looked for an app to figure out my BMI and to find out what is should be and this app makes it very simple to see this app does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Thanks for that..Version: 1.7.10

Love It!!Super clean and pretty interface. Really easy to input the data, and you can remove ads for only $0.99. Tried others. This is the best..Version: 1.7.10

AccurateIt’s pretty accurate i know my body fat % already and just wanted to see how accurate it is and it’s solid.Version: 1.7.10

I love this app it helps a lot!I checked myself in and I was under weight so imma just start eating again I guess.Version: 1.7.10

The most specific BMI appFound other BMI apps, not nearly as specific as yours! The semi-circle scale is easy to see where one is on the underweight/overweight spectrum. Very good visual!.Version: 1.7.9

Very InaccurateI Have Used Many BMI Apps/Tests And This Is The Only One That Has A Very Different Outcome. I Have 74.9 And Apparently That’s Normal Which Other Apps Find Underweight Which Is How I See Myself. I Just Think The App Could Give People The Truth And Not What They Want To Hear.Version: 1.7.10

Other ReviewThe other person that reviewed it must’ve been salty cause they’re fat 💀.Version: 1.7.10

GoodIt works and is simple to read don’t understand why the bad reviews..Version: 1.7.10

Great appThis app is good. All of the bad review are just from overweight people not accepting the fact they fat..Version: 1.7.10

This may cause unnecessary stressThe app of great for what it does but the way is classifies overweight and underweight bmis are dangerously misleading. People who are normal weight will likely appear to be overweight in the app. The app cater more towards underweight people..Version: 1.7.10

Do i like the bmi app?Okay so i feel like this app is some what accurate but not really at the same time because i’m 10 years old 5,2 114 pounds and i’m 99% sure that’s normal and bmi says i’m overweight my doctor said i’m great weight for my age i’m a lot muscle but if you want to be really accurate this is not a good app for that.Version: 1.7.10

Great appDoes just what it’s supposed to. Fast and accurate..Version: 1.7.10

Accurate !Great app and layout ! its accurate and fast. this app however is not for childrens bmi and using it for that is why so many people left negative reviews. also 5’0 and 100 lbs is a normal weight..Version: 1.7.10

Best appThis is the best app to see if you are over weight or not.Version: 1.7.10

Simple, easy to readWell presented like a Dashboard..Version: 1.7.10

Best weight loss, nutritional, and health app everGreat and helpful app that keeps me honest on my journey of improved health!.Version: 1.7.10

Great app!Perfect for an0r3x1cs!!! You really helped me [email protected] into it again! Thanks so much!!.Version: 1.7.10

To the pointSimple app. Does what it advertises. Ads aren’t disruptive..Version: 1.7.10

It’s goodIt’s a good app if all you are looking for is if your normal weight!.Version: 1.7.10

A helpful toolWatching your your BMI drop gives you another metric to strive for in addition to weight. When I weigh in every day I’m inspired as I get close to dropping to the next 10 pound bracket (like out of the 190’s into the 180’s. Well, watching BMI gives me another metric to track and celebrate drops (like out of the 29’s into the 28’s). People criticize BMI as being just a number. But the reality is it is just another tool to help you. This app is awesome..Version: 1.7.10

Horrible stillSome people do kgs but there actually thinking about lbs so if it says overweight then check again And this is just the worst app still.Version: 1.7.10

Dont be a ❄️Il 4”11 and weigh 100 pounds but it doesnt matter that it says im under because im not a snowflake. I think its fun to use even though the information is probobly wrong.Version: 1.7.10

Why y’all rating so lowIf you have a ED just don’t get the app😭 For what it’s meant for it works well.Version: 1.7.10

Fat peoplePeople pressed they overweight.Version: 1.7.10

Y’all just fatYea y’all are just big just switch it to lbs 😂🤣🤣🤣.Version: 1.7.10

It’s alrFat people mad.Version: 1.7.10

Not badEveryone is saying this is very inaccurate but it’s not, my doctor said and many other paediatricians have said that this is pretty close to perfect, so don’t go around saying that it’s wrong because your just in denial, someone said there 13 and 5 feet tall and are 115 lbs, and they thought that it was good, that is very clearly overweight.Version: 1.7.10

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