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Create beautiful designs and professional graphics with DesignLab. Choose from millions of images, graphics, fonts and customizable templates to produce stunning visuals, perfect for social media. It's fast, fun and easy.

How people are using DesignLab:

- Instagram stories + highlights
- Social media graphics
- Typography design
- Event promotion
- Birthday cards & invitations
- Special sales offers
- Screenshot markups
- Watermarked photos
- Real estate promotion
- Scrapbooking
- Pinterest posts
- Album covers
- Business cards
- Inspirational quotes
- Meme creation

... and so much more.



• Customizable Templates - Search & select from our famous library of thousands of professionally designed templates. Organize them into customizable folders with our favoriting tool.

• Projects - Save your projects with fully editable history and open them later. Share the project file with a friend for creative collaboration.

• Free Stock Photography - Search from a collection of millions of free stock photos & illustrations.

• Advanced Text Tools - Create beautiful typography with our carefully selected collection of fonts from some of the most talented designers from around the world. Easily add multiple text layers, controlling their size, positioning, opacity, rotation, kerning, leading & color. You can also curve, bend, erase, and apply 3D transformations.

• Gorgeous Artwork - DesignLab comes jam-packed with hundreds of irresistibly gorgeous illustrations, decorative ornaments, and design elements.

• Layer-based Editing - Our layer-based editing makes complex design simple to create. Tap the layer menu to select one or multiple layers to edit. You can also re-arrange their orders by long-tapping and dragging to the desired position.

• Custom Artwork - Import custom artwork or your own logo, and use it in your photos as a fully editable layer. Terfect for the mobile creative, it helps branding efforts everywhere. You could also use this feature for collages or scrapbooks.

• Blend & Erase Tools - Erase parts of your artwork, text, or imported photo layers & apply several different blend modes to create unique images. There is also a built in "focus mode" - which allows for great precision when the eraser is active.

• Drawing - Use these tools to create an illustration, make notes on an image, mark up a photo for business, or add a signature for personal touch.

• Shapes - Create vector shapes and control their properties with ease.

• Photo Filters - Choose from our collection of filters to get the look you desire.

• Photo Adjustments - Finely tune your photos with our suite of photo adjustments, including brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, blur & more.

• Font Installation - Install your own fonts! Use a method in which you can deliver an .otf or .ttf file to your device, such as Dropbox or Email. Then use the "Open With..." option, and choose DesignLab.

• Crop Tool - Choose from a variety of aspect ratios.

• Dark Mode - Design deep into the night without the uncomfortable eye strain with dark mode. For iOS13+ users, dark mode will be activated by default depending on your system wide settings.

...and more!



DesignLab PRO offers two auto-renewing subscription options:

$5.99 per month
$35.99 per year

Your DesignLab PRO subscription will automatically renew 24-hours before the end of the current period, and you will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off your subscription at any time from your iTunes account settings. You will not receive refunds for the unused portion of your term.

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DesignLab - Graphic Design App Comments & Reviews

DesignLab - Graphic Design Positive Reviews

Amazing Design & Story App. The other Pale in Comparison.The design quality of the templates are world-class. Templates in other apps are simply, in my opinion, too corny or amateur. This app has helped transform the visuals in my Instagram feed & stories - I use it daily. The latest update compelled me to leave a review as I had written an email to the developers with some feature requests, and a few of them were included! I now have the ability to favorite and organize templates into folders which is awesome. I am loving the new drawing suite as well as I often mark up stories with my own funky handwriting which adds a cool personal touch, and unique look as well. I tell all my friends & colleagues about DesignLab. It's an absolutely fantastic and tremendously useful app. 5 stars. Thank you!!.Version: 5.01

This app requires heavy lifting that is even too much for the iPad Pro Gen1Ever wonder why their is no vector app on a professional level on the iPad Pro that can replace adobe illustrator? Or ever wonder why Adobe hasn’t stepped in yet with a serious drawing app? Remember when the iPad Pro first came out and people were up in arms about whether it was worthy of the title? Well, this app tells you a lot about why. As awesome as it is, the iPad Pro just can’t handle the heavy lifting this app demands. Sure it is useable but it can be laggy, it can be slow, and it can crash. For now I’m uninstalling it, I’ll revisit it later when I have a new iPad Pro. I give these developers credit for taking on such a huge task to create this app especially since it is only a few years away from Apple creating a real iPad Pro that can handle an adobe port and that is when adobe steps in to scoop up all the users from other apps, unfortunately leaving hard working developers at a loss of revenue.Version: 3.21

Saved me a lot of $$$ on designWhile looking to hire a social media graphic designer for my Etsy shop, someone recommended I try this app. I use the pre-made templates all the time now to create content for my social accounts. Not only did I end up not having to hire a part-time designer to create my visuals, I'm actually having a lot of fun coming up with the designs myself using the app. There is so much to love. I've been getting tired of all apps switching to a subscription model, but in this case, it actually has saved me money. I would like to request, however, a landscape option for iPad. That's my only grievance with the app as I use a smart keyboard with my iPad. Anyways, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the development team..Version: 5.01

Easy to use and incredible template design qualityDesignLab is by far the best app in its class and I consider it a hidden gem. It's incredibly intuitive. As far as the templates, I consider the designers superior to the competitors. I am super impressed by the quality of design, and the daily updates to the collection. You've won me over as a subscriber, and at a few bucks a month, I actually feel like you guys should be charging more. It's truly an incredible value. My one suggestion (and hope) would be that your team creates a web version. If the same quality is achieved on web as iOS - there will be no other option for me when it comes to design software..Version: 5.01

Almost perfectOkay, this app is an absolute gem. It's way better than Canva, and way cheaper. I don't know how this isn't the most popular graphic design app. My sister & I both switched over to this app. I applaud the team on an incredible product BUT I do have a few things I'd love to suggest as far as future additions. Firstly, the addition of a free stock video library would be very helpful. Secondly, adding auto-correct to the text editing would be fantastic. Lastly, and this would just be the icing on the cake, if you could add some sort of ability to animate designs, that would be mega!!.Version: 5.01

Good app, but needs some improvements!I recently migrated from Over to DesignLab and gotta say it: I absolutely love it – the possibility to import fonts, the shapes, the gradient tool, etc; but there are some things that need to be fixed... urgently. First: bugs in the saving process. On Over or other apps, if you close them while editing, you’re gonna be able to get back from exactly where u left off. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen on DesignLab — in which I have to make sure that I locked all layers before “ending and edit” that I wanna get back to later. Second: the inability to zoom in while editing. I used to do that while using other apps and that really helps me with precision and details, so I really do think that it’d be a good thing to have in DesignLab. Third: the app crashes whenever I type “vector” on the web media search. Suggestion: maybe implement a tool for making wavy curves? That’d save a lot of time — right now, I have to make two or more text layers and curve them in opposite directions. That’s it. I really like your app and thank you for the amazing work you’ve done so far. Hope to hear back from you soon. PS: I personally think the first and second points are more urgent..Version: 5.13

I had it for a long time butIt’s great and I can use it for certain things... but when I want gradient colors or want to change the color the picture goes above the screen where I can’t change the gradient rotation so I can’t change the direction or select it to change the color which is really annoying.. it does this with other things also but I don’t have to tap the picture in any way for that type of thing.. the other is that the picture quality is horrible after I edit it and save it.. I do y know if that’s a pro feature or not but I would just like a better quality photo to save if you can. Overall it’s the only editor that’s free that I can do this type of stuff with so it’s great on that part..Version: 5.13

Great featuresThis is basically like Photoshop on the go. DesignLab is a very professional product and probably the only editor with this many editing tools on iPhone. The interface is beautiful. I opened it up today and I noticed it was snowing in the app - great touch for Winter! The app is fast, intuitive, and is honestly an all-in-one editor. I've consolidated a lot of photo apps and now generally use this one for all of my editing needs. Would love to see it come to web or desktop one day as I still do quite a bit of editing on my laptop..Version: 5.01

Bad appThis app used to be my #1 app for editing photos, after some updates, the app just keeps crashing while editing or while saving the picture. Worst app after updates I just updated again and it just keeps crashing. I have been a couple of years with this app also and I originally paid for the app for everything, now its asking me to pay for a monthly account when I originally paid years ago. You guys should respect whoever bought the app originally with all the features you dont just that to loyal clients..Version: 3.22

Favorite editing app ❤️Truly love this app!! I have been through all the changes the past however many years it’s been, and I’ve always loved it, but it just gets better and better. Right now there are so many available options and ways to edit, the subscription is so so worth it. The best part about social media is being able to express your individuality through creativity, and this app provides endless opportunities to truly bring it to life. Makayla ✨ @_afantasylife on Instagram.Version: 5.13

A Must-Have App for Social MediaThis is one of the chosen ones - one of the select number of apps that appear on my highly coveted front page. I try to post on Instagram every day to keep my engagement high, and I used to always have trouble keeping up my content. Usually, I would just re-post content I'd find elsewhere online and always felt so unoriginal. With this app, a simple search from their design database, I always have something to post. I get a lot of complements on my feed..Version: 5.01

Nice appNow, i would consider buying this app. Just updated and they have added a very reasonable yearly rate. A lot of apps are going subscription with such a mediocre choice of options that one wonders if they are seeing the same things I am. DesignLab offers up so much me for free, so I really thought about actually buying it but it was still too expensive when you look at what you would be shelling out in the long run, and then to top it off if you cancel you are left with nothing. Also, I don't use it everyday, I just use it for fun, if I had a business, I would buy it in a heartbeat..Version: 3.11

UnparalleledVery intuitive, easy to use, and the advanced features don't overly complicate things. There are a ton of useful features, particularly the eraser & 3d transformation tool. Being able to work with multiple video layers is excellent, and doesn't compromise the performance of the app. I generally use the app to create digital greeting cards for my clients, and to keep my social media presence active with attractive visuals. Very professional, well-designed app..Version: 5.01

Offers more than any other but lags with big projectsLove it. Offers more than any other app like it and when you get become comfortable with the layout it’s easier do work with than the rest. It has some issues with the layers (deleting and moving), it’s glitchy and it lags with big projects (many layers). I got annoyed by the glitching and lagging but after I deleted it I couldn’t find anything like DesignLab. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as the best option, hands down..Version: 5.13

Very versatile with many features!I have used a few apps before this one to edit my photos and get them ready for my social media accounts such as Preview and VSCO but the various FREE! filters and photo options make it easy to prepare the perfect picture. Also I also like the options where you can layer text onto pictures, it makes it very chic and perfect for other social media platforms such as Tumblr and Pinterest..Version: 3.11

Crashes and errorsI have paid for this app for about 2 years now. I run social media for my business and this is literally perfection. UNTIL... the last few months. I can’t go back after checking out a template or editing one without the app crashing. I can’t save my own projects with the app crashing. If I open a template, the words on it enlarge and don’t let you try to get it back to size... if you save the project, it saves error-ed out like that. Please fix these issues. I depend on this app and love it otherwise. This is just pure frustration anymore..Version: 4.95

Life saver!As a blogger I need to have templates created for my website and Instagram and this really came to my rescue. It has been so quick and easy to upload my photos, select a design, and put my own unique spin on my graphic. I really recommend this to all bloggers/creatives! An excellent time saver and worth every penny! If you didn’t get the update, get it ASAP (there are categories to use when searching for templates, way simpler)..Version: 3.10

So simple & perfectI've been using this app for a while now, and I've got to say that I am blown away by the latest update!! You've got a new subscriber. DesignLab is so useful as a free app that I hadn't yet upgraded... but after this new update, I felt it was time. My only suggestion would be to add more graphics... and make it so we can search for individual graphic elements instead of just the packs. Thanks!!.Version: 5.01

Must-have for IGThis is my favorite app for social media! I use it most for their story templates. They make it so easy to make cute, professional stories (like I spent hours curating content) for my business Instagram. The blogging & quotes templates are my favorite for my personal page- I don’t need to scour the Internet from my computer putting together posts, they’re all ready to use in one place. I’m obsessed with it!.Version: 3.20

Recent bug fixes, created a new problem.I really love this app and use it instead of Canva because it’s more user friendly on a phone. Only problem is, the recent update has been deleting old projects when I try to duplicate that project to create a similar template. If I had two versions of a template and I try to create a copy of one, all of the templates are reverted to look the same. Please fix this ASAP! It’s really time consuming to recreate a template without duplicating it..Version: 3.22

Super glitchyThis app works intermittently. When it’s functional, it’s really good. But it crashes often and simply won’t open at other times. The majority of the problems started when they started charging more for the app a while back. It used to be pretty solid when it was cheaper. Now I often finding myself deleting the app and redownloading it as that’s the only thing that (temporarily) fixes it and makes it useable again. If they could make the app work reliably, it would be a 5-star app..Version: 3.24

LOVE this app!!With a ton of events coming up such as my graduation, my sisters bridal shower and a bachelorette party I have been looking for something to help me out creatively when I came across this app!!! I was a bit skeptical at first but I started using it and it’s been amazing!!! You are able to fully customize font and texts and there are SO many different free options available!!! HIGHLY recommend!!!.Version: 3.10

Amazing!It’s a very great app especially if you love doing scrapbooks! I personally love making those and turning them into birthday/anniversary presents because they hold so much memories and one day you’ll look back and have this lovely bittersweet feeling of nostalgia:) This app helped me a lot with the ideas, great designs and just made the activity and scrapbooking itself more exciting and colorful! Totally recommend it😁.Version: 3.11

Would recommend to othersAfter using a few other different apps, i came across this one through an Instagram account of all places. I was skeptical at first but tried it out. It’s great for all the things i need (i help run a simple marketing campaign for small businesses in the area) this app has helped me create simple but perfect image adds for that..Version: 3.10

Enormous Potential, But...There are features here that are completely wonderful. Those COULD make this one of the FIVE STAR, near-perfect design apps. But there are so many nuances and wildly BIZARRE hoops that the user is made to jump through that it WILL make me return to using other apps - and occasionally check back here to see if they’ve made this more user-friendly. I’m one user who is willing to help, if they asked. But these don’t usually go too far with developers..Version: 5.16

Super fun AppI am a designer and this app with all of its features is a delight to use. It is easy to use and clean without compromising on the features offered. This app makes it super easy to make a quick flyer or graphic or just make your new selfie prettier! You can also just have lots of fun trying out the various things. Must have!.Version: 3.10

I like it but...I really do like this app but for some odd reason I’m not able to save any of the pictures. I’ll work on something then edit it, by time it comes to saving the picture to my camera roll, sharing, or even open the screen it’ll automatically close the app out. It would be five stars if this matter was resolved. Hopefully with an update it could be fixed soon. :).Version: 3.11

Quick, professional and friendly!Great company fast friendly service and excellent value, highly recommend them, they really helped with bringing our Jewellery pictures to the next level. I will be working with them again without a doubt..Version: 3.22

There is no doubt it is the bestI searched for a long time but decided on using DesignLab. Totally impressed with the results. Amazing photos and instant upload to instagram. Nothing complex not like some software which has you scratching your head. Easy to upload and edit. A 10/10 experience..Version: 3.22

DisappointedI ns ed this to my satisfaction last year but now as I take it up again I find everything is labelled PRO and I have to pay to really be able to use the app. I also can not open pdf files or perhaps any files from i cloud, and if I take a screenshot it is not visible when I search under "Album's which is the only option in this app. You cannot search using "Files.".Version: 4.03

One of the best appsDesignLab has lots of easy and time saving effects that is very good for my business. It usually takes me hour to get those picture effects, but now I just load the pictures and do something else until I get the finished product.Version: 3.22

Best purchase ever!Can’t say enough how great the experience is with this app. Super helpful tips, tons of graphics and worth all the money. Hands down. Wish there was more fitness stories and pics on there, other than that. Hugs and kisses to developers and all the graphic designers..Version: 5.01

DesignLab... Must-Have for Small BusinessThis app has been a lifesaver for my business. I finally feel like my Instagram game is strong lol. My one request would be to add a brand kit. I'd love the ability to upload specific colors, fonts, and logos that I can easily access for my designs..Version: 5.01

Very surprised by this serviceIf I can work this then anyone can! I paid for the premium, lifetime package just over a couple of months ago and have been making videos of our holidays and family occasions which go back years. Well worth the money spent..Version: 3.22

Wonderful I have to sayI have been using this editing app for several months and I'm very impressed with the quality and quick turnaround. All I have to do is take my own photos on my amateur camera upload them to DesignLab and I get back the most gorgeous photos!!.Version: 3.22

Monthly subscriptions - not worth itThe app has a lot of fun features but to use the majority of them, you have to subscribe. Monthly cost is like five bucks or so but will you ever use it that much in a month? Doubtful. They would do better to add the fees onto the templates themselves as packages like every other similar app online does. Use the free templates over and over until you get bored and delete the app..Version: 3.23

Must have app for all photo editorsIt’s really a wonderful app for editing, adding quotes to the pictures. I’ve been using this from couple of months and hope all the enthusiastic photo phone editors should use this. You can see my few edited pictures in my IG handle: sairangareddy.Version: 3.10

Excellence in DesignI just want to mention how exquisitely designed the templates are. Really enjoying the Paris Verra collection in particular. I found out about this app through her & the way she would craft her visual stories on Instagram blew me away. Also appreciate the daily additions..Version: 5.01

ApplicationJ’adore l’application, bien fait !.Version: 5.16

Great app, even better support from devs.Can’t figure out how to delete or revise my previous review.. I was mad and now I feel like a jerk. This app is honestly awesome. I was experiencing a rare issue, and all I needed to do was contact the developers. They got back to me super quickly, and resolved my issue. THANK YOU..Version: 5.15

Great!This is a good app, the only problem is you have to pay for way too much. So, actually make that a 4star..Version: 5.15

Thanks😊Just awesome.Version: 4.71

It’s super...It’s a little boring sorry😐.Version: 5.14

WowFirst time reviewing. It is awesome! Please stay for free! Lol.Version: 4.60

Love the versatilityI have enhanced and added information in the design on dozens of old photos and it is so much fun!.Version: 3.03

5 stars👍 Love it.Version: 2.10

Was a great app..Until the upgrade. Removed the option to save pictures in high quality so blowing up or printing anything you create doesn't look great at all...Version: 3.01

Love it!In a simple manner this app allows me to quickly boost mi pics..Version: 2.10

Love!🙌🏼.Version: 2.10

AwesomeLove this.Version: 2.10

Great app!I am really getting the hang of this app now and I use it daily. So much fun creating my own graphics.Version: 2.10

Love it 👍🏻Excellent!.Version: 2.10

A W E S O M E !!Love this app it makes photos look so chic and glamorous..Version: 2.10

Great appHelps me out so much in editing photos, it turns my pictures in to mini masterpieces..Version: 2.10

👍🏻Iss pretty good.Version: 2.10

So far so goodI love it so far!.Version: 2.10

Really great appIt took some time to figure it out completely. But that's because I was a beginner at graphic design when I first got this. However once you get the hang of it, this app has the potential to create stunning photos/graphics. It's my go to..Version: 2.10

AwesomeGreat for ads!.Version: 2.10

👍🙌👌Coolio!.Version: 2.10

👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 2.10

GoodLooks good but would love the crop function to work properly (I cant move the crop box) and also have a 4x6 crop option!!!.Version: 2.10

Not sure how I feel about this yetHad to write a review to unlock a package..Version: 2.10

Like this app!Favourite one.Version: 2.10

Liking itYou have to write a review to open this next part so here I am.Version: 2.10

Cool appNot super customizable, but pretty cool to play around with.Version: 2.10

InterestingGreat features Fun add ons.Version: 2.10

Creative Genius!Love this app for making beautiful images.Version: 2.10

Excellent!Worth it to buy..Version: 2.10

Love this!It's my go to!.Version: 2.10

1It's pretty cool..Version: 2.10

👌🏼👌.Version: 2.10

Awesome app!!!!Great for making your pictures perfect😆 it's so good!.Version: 2.06

Good appLove it.Version: 2.06

Love it!!It's very nice and easy 😊👍.Version: 2.06

Great so far!Only one project in but easy to use and lots of elements to choose from.Version: 2.06

Nice editor, lots of featuresPretty happy so far, review unlocks art packs!.Version: 2.06

PiclabGood so far.Version: 2.06

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