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This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.
Practice or success at social casino and poker gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
This product does not offer real money gambling or poker or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

World Series of Poker - WSOP App Comments & Reviews

World Series of Poker - WSOP Positive Reviews

Defies all laws of Statistical norms and Probability TheoryOkay if you want to play poker like you would play roulette or blackjack and you don’t mind spending money to do it. They may be forced by the gaming commission to certify that hands are randomly generated for their real money sites but that doesn’t mean that they apply that to the “free” game. It also doesn’t mean that the software isn’t engineered to generate specific hands during tournaments or events that generate bonuses based on the strength of a hand. Examples: (1) The frequency of split pots. Most common where multiple players have the same straight. Less common but still way outside the normal bell curve distribution are players having the same flush or full house. (2) Multiple full house hands (2 or 3) at the same 9 player table over the course of 5 to 12 hands. (3) A player winning 2 or 3 consecutive hands at a 9 Player table. (4) A player winning more than 1 pot with a full house at a 9 player table during a single round. (5) The proportion of hands won by players holding hole cards that professional players would not call or raise with (2,7; 3,8; 2,6, 4,9 etc).Version: 8.4.0

Bud speedsExplain how active works in all categories What does one check mark needed mean How can I know when active effects choices are available or will come to me Is your success based on chips bought or purely skills Just enjoying the game What happened to my original name budspeedthanks for the tech help. broke again but still enjoying the game What happens to the maintain balance when you go on to attain rank? I never get an icon bonus for it unless I don’t attain rank. Have had it happen several times. Same complaint, maintain bonus is lost when I achieve the next rank, with no opportunity to during that time to claim the bonus. It only appears when you fail to reach the next rank Same complaint as above, why not make the maintain rank bonus available at the time you achieve it Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback. See above, how about an answer Please make maintain rank bonus available at the time it is attained, not when you don’t acquire the next rank. Again the bonus is lost with out the opportunity to claim it Same issue make all bonus’s available when earned Same issue, give maintain bonus when it’s earned or explain why not Still enjoying Still enjoying though broke because I have new device and not on Facebook. That’s the breaks! Trying to catch up from changing phones, still enjoying it Why can’t I claim daily blitz as opportunities present ? And you still lose maintain bonus if you rank up, with no chance to claim it..Version: 8.16.1

Becoming unfairThis game has gotten out of hand, you have ppl playing at a table with a billion chips along with ppl who have only 100 million or only 10-20 million or less...on first call some raise at a decent raise level, however, the big chip holder person will raise an ungodly amount so if anyone wanted to meet it or raise they lose their whole chip amount playing with...if they lose...Should be rooms with limits on amount of chips owned! The game isn't poker anymore, it is who can or is able to raise high enough to win, no skill, just keep raising!!! It boils down to EAPoker wanting purchases of chips!!! Sad! I continue to play but with much fustration!! The clubs are horrid!!! I take my chips and play and win to advance in rank, however I can't alwAys play due to work, so you keep taking me back to lower ranks!! Take me back to level one of that particular suit but not all suits!! I earned it with money spent only to take it away!! Absurd!!! I do appreciate the free chips, the specials etc...I truly hope you read and absorb this writing...hope to hear from you. Cheryl M I still believe wsop has gotten out of hand, but I limit my spending and just feel sorry for the ppl that can't! Wsop could lessen the cost and still come out ahead!!!.Version: 6.13.5

Near PerfectThis is the best poker game out there and it is near perfect I just have a few things that I think could make this truly great. First, I would like some type of free roll tournament every week or month where people could enter for free and maybe earn some bit of real money. Second, I think it would also be nice if there was just a little bit more time to make a decision with hands unless I have missed something. Finally, it would be cool to have leagues of some sort both public and private where people could play like a season or something along those lines. Now to hit on a point that a lot of people bring up in their reviews about having to pay money. Depends on how good you are in all honesty and how well you understand poker and how the people who make games make money. If you aren’t good and you want the games bracelets/rings you are either going to have to be good and earn them the real way or pay lots of money. Poker is a game where 80% or more of people that play never turn a profit it would be stupid not to capitalize on this as a developer and they also have to make money to give us a great game. Like I said truly a great game just a lot of people not understanding how things work in their reviews..Version: 6.1.0

Excellent but...It's amazing and I respect to developers of this game... I can say it's one of the best poker games in the Google Play and App Store. It has great graphic, nice and enjoyable game play and a lot of good points. But I have a serious new protest! I invited more than 50 person of my Facebook friends so far and after each inviting, I got 2M dollars free chip, but now it's just 50K!!! WHY??????! Give me a logical answer because I'm shocked! I'm surprised! I'm playing this game for 1,5 years, I never didn't expect something like this! Are you looking for more purchase chips? So I spent almost 200 or 250 dollars to buy chips! And I'm sure a lot of players of this game purchase chips from this game and I think you have no problem like this... I invite almost 2-5 person each week in this game! Why I should see something like this? As I wrote, everything in this game and all games of your company is NICE and really attractive, but I'm very upset about decreasing free chips for inviting friends... Suddenly from 2M to 50K????! please convince me and write why you did that? I really need your answer and I think it is the question of a lot of players of this game... we're waiting for your respond. Good luck and I wish all the best for you..Version: 2.16.4

Fun and FrustratingI have been playing for years using the iPad app for free. I have never paid for a chip. I have had as much as 900 million chips, but I think I average 1 million. There are very effective ways of taking what you have and giving you more to keep playing. I absolutely Love playing the Daily Blitz every day. I absolutely hate having to click through all the promotions every time I leave a table to enter the Lobby. I am not an expert player, but like others, I feel there are forces at work. I go through long spells (defying the odds) where my pocket cards are crap and my only way to win is by bluffing. I also think there are Prop Players (players supplied by the game) at the tables driving up the ante and bets that are inconsistent with the odds of their hands. Lastly, more frequently than I see in real world games, many, many high stake hands are being decided at the River in favor of player with extremely low odds for winning. It’s humorous at times that players will pay high bets to stay in for the River. I lose most of my chips to low odds River cards. I accept it now as part of the fun. WSOP is fun, but a little frustrating. Is it the Poker Gods or is it WSOP?.Version: 7.0.0

Fun, but it’s quite a money drain.WSOP is always fun, no question. Got hooked playing online back about 15-years a go when it was first on AOL (and tourney winners actually won a trip and buy-in to the real WSOP in Las Vegas). This app certainly works great like you’d want and expect for the brand, and keeps you entertained for sure. The real problem with it though, and unlike other game apps I’ve used, it nearly requires you to not only make in-app purchases, but to do so consistently....and they are not cheap for what you get. For example, $15 gets you about $75 Million in chips. Only enough to play 5 entries in the bottom level of the special tourneys they have....but along with that every pot you win they deduct 15% locking it away in your “piggy bank” which you have to pay to break and get your chips back. Basically theft in-app. So without putting more money in constantly you cannot keep playing the weekly games/tourneys as 99% of users will eventually run their chips dry. The same $15 that eventually runs dry on this app will get you several decent apps in the store, so not a great app for this reason alone. The value is simply lacking long term. Chips should be cheaper and much easier to earn in quantity to still take part in the weekly fun, even for those on a budget..Version: 6.10.0

Eh.....Rigged, But arn’t they all., The Best of the bunchI have played most of the large well l managed gaming apps in the top funded three of the poker platforms and I must agreee that after showing loyalty the folks at WSOP do support your gaming thru various, well thought out ways to try to get you and your currency separated. Ha! Well they ain’t in it for their health , rather they draw the most well behaved and you won’t find some flippant young man trying to buy each Nd every pot just because he can afford to buy the chips. The decorum and unwritten polite folks I find will put up with a whole lot of self engrandizment will be delt with in time. There are apps just s fancy but none that are so handy at getting you to separate you from your chips, I think Van Patton and his buddies have the best tables in play. I know I am much more adept at the game than I was when I began, It’s worth a try if this is your game for enjoyment , remember it’s just a game, but keep in mind that your kids arnt going to benefit from your prowess at winning unless you are in NV or NJ. If you are then you may play for the quickly sinking value of the US dollar. Have fun and be nice..Version: 8.8.0

Great fun but has issuesI have been playing this game for awhile and I have tons of fun at it but my problem with this app is that the algorithm is designed to equally distribute chips among everyone after so many hands . Tested theory thousands of times . Even with this being said I don’t mind because I still have fun playing with family and friends . My particular problem with this game is that I have made all appropriate measure to make sure in app purchases are turned on, but I’m still unable to purchase chips to continue playing . Took further measure to add money to my iTunes account for purchase to ensure it wasn’t a card or bank problem and it’s not . Money was added successfully. I get a constant loading error. And with this being said on multiple occasion of trying to purchase I’ve missed out over 200+ million chips during deals ! I think a business would take head in making sure that in app purchases would be available because without money it’s not a “business” . No reply to my emails reporting a problem. So I have yet to see if they honor all the chips I’ve missed as well ..Version: 5.17.0

Too many pop-upsThis is definitely fun as all Hold-em games are. And I haven’t heard of people getting losing their bankroll all of a sudden like I’ve heard of other games. What I dislike about this particular one is all the pop-up ads to purchase chips or to get into a tourney or whatever they have going on at the time. It gets tiresome having to close these out for the first minute of trying to play every dang time. There’s a button to purchase things, why put them in our face every time we open the game up? If I want to purchase something I’ll hit the button to do so. Also, I don’t know about the whole algorithm thing as far as win and lose go. It does seem that once I get a good bankroll going it is taken away slowly by unlucky hands or bad beats but that happens in real poker too. I just don’t think it happens as often as it does here. I mean I’ve been beat more than once by someone that has a higher flush than I when there’s only 3 of the same suit on the board. I’ve played a lot of physical poker and can’t remember when I’ve seen that happen once. If the cards are honestly dealt randomly then what’s the momentum scale and other things if you purchase chips for?.Version: 6.3.1

Moving onThis game and a lot of others is fun at first. The challenges are fun and prizes are cool to ( brackets, rings, trophies ect...) you get your bank up quick the first bracelet. Then it takes foreverrrrrr to get the next! You also lose money quick especially if you like to play a lot. You get either bots or people who pay to have a huge bank to play on low bank tables and you get what I call the table bully ! Eventually you lose your stack or go down so low you can’t play. Like other games I feel this a ploy to get you to in app purchase. If you are like me and do not purchase. The fun dies out you delete and your on to another game. Even with free spins and chips you still can’t play. I would in app purchase if I could win real money. To bad cuz it’s a fun game to play. Being pressured however is not !!!! Good luck ! if you like to spend your money this is the game for you. If. The game let you get up a big bank you may have a better shot! Governor of poker 3 does the same thing and that was super fun ... until you can’t play especially when you join a team. I even tried in app purchase and then it seemed like they wanted me to purchase more and more.... oh well.Version: 7.10.0

Great presentation; poor card generatorI have played several “free” poker games, and this one is the slickest, easiest to read and navigate. The problem is the dealer is not truly random. It’s almost like premium hands come more often in order to pique interest of the players. For example, u will see a pair on the flop (e.g., JJ9) A LOT. Also, u will see pocket pairs frequently, and lots of KK and AA. In discussions with other players I have see comments like “you win when the machine wants you to win.” And this refers to the streaky nature of the game play. Here’s another example. The game also features a “bonus wheel” you can spin between games to get extra chips. There are 12 slots on the wheel with various denominations, including one gold “jackpot” slot. Six slots are tagged with the lowest prizes, so one might assume one would hit the low prizes about 50% of the time spinning the wheel. Wrong—it’s about 90% of the time hitting the lowest prizes—because it’s not random! The developers insist the computer program and card generator is completely random, but in my experience of two years of regular play on WSOP, I respectfully disagree. Anyway, it’s a nicely designed game, but it could be better..Version: 6.12.6

Fun way to learn pokerGreat fast paced way to learn poker. Of course, it can only be so close to the real thing since there’s no money involved. Because of this people make very stupid bets they wouldn’t if they were using actual money, and therefor you call them with stupid bets of your own knowing they’re more likely to bluff. The in game economy is somewhat tedious, the app is loaded with ads to buy their chips...but like what’s the draw at playing at 10million dollar blinds over 10k dollar blinds when it’s all ultimately worthless anyhow? Cash games have a positive expected value with all the bonuses thrown in, however tournaments have a steep negative expected value not unlike WSOP in real life. The ranking system is also very hard to hold your rank unless you’re playing every single day. They try to make you log in every day for the mini games, but said games are often infuriating (30 seconds to choose 15 best hands in a row but there’s like a half second delay every time you make a choice). All in all solid game, 1 star missing for all the obnoxious extraneous ads.Version: 7.19.0

4 StarsRecent improvements seem to be working well. More free chips would be helpful. Seems to be working a little bette Iam retired on a fixed income and could use some more chips please. Thank you. Anything you can do to help with extra chips would be appreciated. Love the site I am inviting several of my friends to join me thanks Need more chip gifts More chips would be helpful. Thanks The site is good but could be much better if you could provide more chips. Thanks You are doing better, thank The ratio of win vs loss seems to be tilted lately. I went through nearly 100 million chips with out a win, and I tend to play conservative. What’s up with that? The game seems to be coming back into balance. Keep up the good work. Thanks would be kind of you to provide me with some more chips. Iam retired have live on minimum income. Some additional chips would be helpful, Thank you. The experience over the past few weeks has been enjoyable, thanks so much! Getting better. Thanks.Version: 8.16.1

RateLow playing when I’m lucky to win often.Version: 7.21.0

Great app love the speed of playGreat way to pass the time.Version: 2.16.2

Very addictiveI love Loving it 💜.Version: 2.16.2

WeeeeeAwesome... woot woot woot.Version: 2.16.2

Good poker game👍👍.Version: 2.16.4

It’s fun when you can playEasy to blow your load because you’re playing with $50k at tables with players holding $1.4m stacks. Hard to get ahead sometimes unless you pay for chips.Version: 7.8.0

Good table playFor the most part the table play is fast.Version: 7.3.0

This games hates meIts good but i always lose the cash i make ... went from 80M to 0 last year.Version: 5.19.0

Love itGreat game.Version: 2.16.2

BulletGreat game.Version: 8.16.0

Try your luckOne f the better sites to Practice playing poker..Version: 8.16.0

GreatGreat game.Version: 8.16.0

Super fun except all the pop upsSome people play really poorly and still end up winning. Frustrating It’s seems like poor play gets rewarded..Version: 8.16.0

Four starsFive stars to five and great,I notice that the slots only pay when you bet small and very seldom when you bet big!.Version: 8.16.0

Great site.Thank you..Version: 8.16.0

WSOPI like the game but it keeps crashing on me why.Version: 8.16.0

WSOPWowwww I am hooked new game profiles every week.Version: 8.16.0

Extra gamesHouse wins a disproportionate amount. Lose 10 hands to every 2 wins and rarely win in the bonus round for Caribbean poker.Version: 8.16.0

ReviewAmazing.Version: 8.16.0

Fantastic. Enjoy every minute on your siteGreat.Version: 8.16.0

Fun gameLots of chances to win chips. Fair game play. Many side attractions and events. Love it super 🤩👍🏻.Version: 8.16.0

Raté usWonderfull 😄👍👍.Version: 8.16.0

Frustrating gameFrequent dropouts.Version: 8.16.0

Da BombLove Poker…this site is wayyyy better than PokerStars, lol…legit..Version: 8.16.0

Texas hold themHaving a great time very fun.Version: 8.16.0

Club symbol from card suit player name: AlwaysmileI lost my account off my screen with 5 billion + chips? And all my friends? How do l recover my account back?.Version: 8.16.0

ExcellentI buy a lot but sometimes need a free chips.Version: 8.16.0

PerfertAbsolutely awesome so fun.Version: 8.16.0

Love the gameLove the game. Excellent way to unwind after a long day! Love the challenge! By far the best poker app out there!!.Version: 8.16.0

AwesomeLove it.Version: 8.16.0

BogstarAwesome.Version: 8.16.0

KOTTThe payouts get smaller as you gain followers.Version: 8.16.0

Fun gameSo happy my cousin introduced me to this game. It’s a literally taught me how to play poker and it’s such a fun way to not spend my actual money. Super fun and gives you a lot of free spins first serve..Version: 8.15.0

WSOPAwesome game,.Version: 8.15.0

It lost all my achievements and bankIt wasn’t able to connect via Facebook for some reason, so I signed in as guest, there’s no place to sign out, and when I go to log back in, it automatically logs me in as guest and doesn’t show my winnings and awards. Not happy.Version: 8.16.0

WSOPAll’s well 👍🏽.Version: 8.16.0

ChiselYou guys are the best.Version: 8.15.0

ConivingPeculiar ... not Greatbetter.Version: 8.16.0

Happy meGreat game. Thanks.Version: 8.15.0

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