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101 Juice Recipes Customer Service

Looking for new juice recipes? Our app contains 101 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes. From Joe Cross, star of the inspiring weight loss documentary, "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and New York Times best-selling author.

Whether you’re new to juicing, looking for new recipes, or hoping to Reboot by only consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juice for a period of time, this app features 101 of the best juice recipes selected by Joe to keep your body fueled with plant-powered energy.

-Search for recipes by ingredient & color
-Create and print custom shopping lists
-Search for juices that help fight health conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and more
-Substitute fruits and veggies you don’t like or are hard to find by following the Substitution Chart
-Save your favorite recipes to review later
-View video tutorials on how to prepare juice
-Select US or metric measurements

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101 Juice Recipes App Comments & Reviews

101 Juice Recipes Positive Reviews

Fantastic App!!Awesome! When I first bought the app, I was disappointed, because I only saw a few recipes, but then I found the Search function and all of the recipes that are in here! I love that you can search by an actual fruit or vegetable for juices you can make with it and love even more that each recipe offers substitute options for each ingredient in case you don't happen to have something on hand. This app was very well thought out and I can't think of a thing I would change. It was worth every penny, and that's coming from someone who had never purchased an app before (I historically only use free apps). So happy I got this instead of the book, which I'd considered ordering instead!! This is with me wherever I go, doesn't take up space and saves trees! :) Love it!!.Version: 1.8.11

Fantastic but could use a few tweaks!Awesome app for laying out quantities of produce to purchase based on each recipe, just a few suggestions: 1. Be able to select a specific number of recipes prior to adding them to the grocery list to better track how much needs to be bought (i.e. if I select 6 ‘Mean Green’ then add to the grocery list, the amount of produce displayed on the grocery list for each ingredient would be equivalent to 6 juices 2. Add more produce/herbs/spices to the overall list. The latest Nutrition Almanac would be the perfect guide. Some others to include not in the Almanac would be Spirulina, Chlorella, Ash Gourd (Winter Melon), and any other superfoods that come to mind. 3. People should be able to add their own CUSTOM recipes to the app that can easily be integrated with Number 1 on this list above. That’s pretty much it. These few improvements would make the app phenomenal!.Version: 1.8.17

Must Have App For JuicersFor a new juicer, this app has been a lifesaver! I can search for recipes based on condition, ingredient, category, OR just scroll through an index of all the recipes! The instructions are clear and easy. There is a favorites tab where you can save your favorite juices or recipes you want to try. You can also create a shopping list of ingredients with one tap. It’s rare that any app has all the features I didn’t know I needed, but this one is well worth the $15 I spent (I got the bundle that included 101 Smoothie Recipes, which has the same features!). I’m currently using iPhone 11..Version: 1.8.14

Comprehensive / Complete / Cross-ReferenceI could not find a more complete app that I am able to reference juice recipes by all categories. Other than recipe nutritional information the app even offers alternative ingredients. This is especially beneficial to me since I juice for both my wife and I; she can’t consume certain ingredients so now I can exchange for alternatives with the same nutritional value in the same recipe. Additional note: for those who bellyache on the price why in the hell do you purchase it to begin with?.Version: 1.8.14

Great app!I have found this app to be very helpful and enjoy choosing recipes and then generating my shopping list! Nice! My only negative was I didn't realize I could have upgraded the Joe Cross Reboot for the same amount of money I paid for this and received this and more. Unfortunately there is no way to combine them, that might be something worthwhile to look into for those of that may not be that computer savvy and are fully on board for the reboot. Only ten days into my reboot and the changes this Grandma has seen is nothing short of amazing. I do LOVE this app! Feel like a magician with my Breville Cold Fountain juicer and this recipe collection!.Version: 1.8.14

An App that has helped generationsI love this app! I started my help journey a few years ago. In these last two years I’ve recommended to my parents who now use it to reduce the pains of diabetes and heart disease. My parents have both come off of multiple medications. My daughter and two friends, ages 12-14, have the app and use it for health and energy. They say they’re now more prepared for hour long karate classes. No need for soda or energy drinks that make them crash. I send blessings out to Joe Cross. 🙏. Thank you..Version: 1.8.14

Another option...I don’t usually write reviews or spend $9.99 on an app. I figured it was the cost of purchasing the book so... Now that I’ve used it, I wish I would’ve downloaded the Joe Cross free app and updated it for $7.99 to basically include all this app includes and more. This app does have a lot of selection but doesn’t allow you to make notes on the substitutions or changes that I make. All and all, I am not unhappy with it but would not purchase it again. I do love the other Joe Cross products and what he stands for so please know my review doesn’t not reflect on his overall work and mission to help spread good health with clean juicing and eating..Version: 1.8.12

101 Juice AppI love the extensive search abilities. By health condition, by green juices only, by athletic, and even by ingredient. I like the shopping list generation and the view shopping list by ingredients or by recipe. I like the color coding of the recipes when viewing the available recipes. Helps be plan out rainbows for every day. I recently discovered the index so you can find a particular recipe by name..Version: 1.8.14

Good app with recommended improvementsPlenty of juice options, recipes, and even recommendations. It would be nice if you could add double recipes to the shopping list. It would also be nice if you could add your own juice recipes manually to your favorites list. Also it would be nice if you could search/organize juices by color. It’s still a good app and the grocery list by ingredient for shopping and by recipe for juicing is super helpful..Version: 1.8.14

So happy to have found this!I am not one to leave reviews often, but I read them religiously before purchase. I LOVE the app! My mom bought the book and she enjoys it, but I like being able to choose by condition. I have been suffering from liver issues for years and thanks to this, I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel..Version: 1.8.11

Fantastic app!High quality app. Just like the Nama Juicer and the movies. Clear, concise, high quality product. I especially like the shopping list feature. Don’t be afraid of bad reviews. If they were true at the time they were written, they fixed any issues. Thank you Joe!.Version: 1.8.14

One of the best apps I ever gotten😜You just tell it what you have it tells you the different types of smoothies or juices you can make! I wanted to take the guesswork out of making the smoothies or juices. With the bundle you have 202 different juices or smoothies you can make I think it will keep you busy for a really long time. Gregg from Naperville, IL.Version: 1.8.14

Best ever recipesI don’t think anyone has gone through the effort to create these recipes like like this I think Joe is done fantastic job and I’ve been clean for years often on for years and I think that hat is it fingertips on my cell phone is just absolutely amazing thank you so much for your hard work.😀.Version: 1.8.14

Excellent is an understatementUsing these recipes and the shopping list function helped me go from 250lbs to 235lbs in 10days. Now after two days off I'm starting my next 10 days. I wish there was a recipe part for after your reboot and what foods are best to work yourself back into eating. The first day was rough!!.Version: 1.8.11

Very useful appIf you’re a juicer, you’ll love this app. My only complaint is that the # of servings is not always accurate. But if you have certain fruits or veggies in your fridge and want to find a juice recipe using those items, you can do a search for that..Version: 1.8.16

Get ur juice on!!! DiabeticsThis app is awesome!! When we first got our juicer we were lost as to what combination would be beneficial to our health being that both my husband and I are Diabetics. This app helped us create yummy tasting replacements meals and snacks that did not spike our blood readings while helping us shed some pounds!! Win win situation....Version: 1.8.14

Only thing missing...We’ve used this app for a few years now and I love it. It makes planning and shopping a breeze for long term juicing. I only have one item on my wishlist with this. I’m a big supporter of local produce and for eating seasonly and I wish there was an option for a seasonal category..Version: 1.8.16

Juice on!Since 2013, on and off I’ve been juicing and always felt great. The app is a great tool and now friends are starting to juice also because having the app they are afraid no more putting together the ingredients to make their juice. Thank you..Version: 1.8.14

Great thought out appSuch a thought out at! Best app I’ve ever used. The grocery store feature is amazing. Makes grocery shopping much easier when purchasing so many different things..Version: 1.8.14

Terrific Recipes!I’m new to juicing and am really impressed with these recipes, the ease of finding recipes based on available ingredients, and the ability to create shopping lists..Version: 1.8.16

Shopping list issuesJust got the app. You cannot move the cursor to edit quantities of items. You cannot double a recipe for shopping list quantities. Message is given that the recipe is already in the list🙁.Version: 1.8.16

Amazing recipes! Amazing App!It may be expensive but it is so worth it. Excellent recipes every one, the app is so helpful, I have used it numerous times. I suggest anybody just starting out or long time juicer to get this app, it is useful for everybody..Version: 1.8.14

Great ResourceLove this app! Lots of great recipes, easy to put their ingredients on the shopping list with a tap. Easy to add anything to the shopping list. It’s a must have for dedicated juicers..Version: 1.8.17

At my fingertips….…are all the recipes and information I need. I’ve been juicing for 8+ years and this app is awesome. Happy juicing!.Version: 1.8.16

Excellent appGreat list of options for juices etc. It’s good to see the benefits of each individual receipt..Version: 1.8.14

Pretty coolPretty cool app. i love that you can find a recipe you like and click “ shopping list” - makes it soooo easy when food shopping!!! love the Joes mean green !!.Version: 1.8.14

Awesome app!!!So glad I got this app. It’s so convenient and so far I love all the juices I have made so far. I will definitely recommend this app!!!.Version: 1.8.14

5 stars +The shopping list also allows non-juice related items to be entered..Version: 1.8.14

#1 Go-To Juice App!!!This is all you need to get started juicing. Pick one or two of your fave produce and go!.Version: 1.8.17

Juiced up !!!Highly recommend it !! If you are serious about juicing this is the app for you ..Version: 1.8.11

Mucho Convenient!!!Makes it easy with the recipes and the and the grocery list calculator!!.Version: 1.8.11

Best App EverI use this app daily So helpful After watching both movies I've turned into a juice junkie.Version: 1.8.14

Videos doesn’t playStill exploring the app and the videos doesn’t play. Using iPhone with iOS 14.7.1 Hopefully it gets fixed..Version: 1.8.16

Love it!!!Amazing worth every penny plus some!!!! So many great recipes!!! Truly love it!!!.Version: 1.8.11

Great app!Amazing app!! Love it! Easy, helpful, and informative!.Version: 1.8.14

Wow!!!!Every imaginable recipe with every imaginable ingredient!!!! To top it off all recipes taste GREAT!.Version: 1.8.14

Great AppLots of recipes! Lost 14 pounds in first week with Mean Joe Green’s recipe!.Version: 1.8.14

AwesomeThe App is easy to use, I love it!.Version: 1.8.11

Great App. Easy to shop for ingredients!Love Joe and the App!!.Version: 1.8.11

ExcelentThe App is great. I like the receipes. The juices are very good.Version: 1.8.11

It’s the best!Love it!.Version: 1.8.14

Price reflects qualityI was at first hesitant about paying $15 for this app, but it has proved to be an invaluable companion for juicing. It has a beautifully simple interface and I love the ability to find recipes by ingredient or aspect of health you’d like to improve. You can’t beat the convenience of having so many good recipes at your disposal whenever you find yourself near a good produce stand, and the improved shopping list in the latest update fixes the only serious shortcoming in the app. I’ve tried only about a dozen of the recipes, but I’ve enjoyed every single one. I’ve been waiting for summer in order to get more peak produce. If I have one beef with the recipes it’s that some require ingredients that are simply not in peak season at the same time, but substitutes are listed for every ingredient. I have not encountered the video problems some users report, though I do wish the app would run on my iPad too..Version: 1.0.4

Worth the priceThis app gives you all the information you need and is a must-have tool for an enjoyable and successful juice cleanse. I am from a family of health nuts and I have done juice fasts / cleanses before and I was always bored and irritable on them. This app changes that and makes juicing interesting and fun. I didn't know what "1 fennel" meant in the ingredients list (I only knew about fennel seed, the spice) so I went to the help section and found the info I needed -- it is a bulb. I was then able to find it in the grocery store lol. I love the way the app is organized. The only thing it doesn't do is tally up your grocery list, but it still gets the job done when it's time to get the groceries. It helps me not over-buy too..Version: 1.0.1

Fairly DecentI like this app much more than the Reboot with Joe app which isn't as "customizable" as they portray it to be. So, I have decided to use this app and an Excel color coded spreadsheet for my meal plan. This recipe app is easy to navigate and the shopping list is fantastic as why many would probably purchase this app like I did. A couple minor changes would make this app great. 1) Allowing notes and a personal "5 star" rating so I can keep track of what my like and dislike trends are since I am a new juicer. 2) Following up on #1, an average 5 star rating from other users! :o) 3) The option to browse by "color" category. 4) Clarification on the serving size listed. This is a biggie as most recipes state 2 servings. I am not so much worried about the calories as I am the shopping list. Does 2 servings mean 2 separate 16-20 oz juices (i.e. makes 1 for breakfast & save 1 for lunch) or is it 1 juice that is 2, 8-10 oz servings that satisfies 1 meal? Kind of important on either not having enough ingredients or too much that will rot and go to waste! Just some things I would like to see but for now, it is very functional!! (as opposed to the Reboot with Joe app) Stick with this one and just juice the rainbow! ;o).Version: 1.8.9

Awesome!I have been exposed to juicing back in the early 80's at the age of 8! Carrots and apples is what my mother juiced. For 8 years as an adult I have juiced a lot and found many recipes on joes website but I LOVE this app! I'm not shifting between printouts and trying to write my shopping list to realize I lost the page with the juice I bought stuff for and wasn't sure of the name. So this does the favorites and a shopping list! Wish it had a didn't like list ;) so I would stop making the ones my hubby didn't like. Only issue is its only for the phone not the iPad as I just discover when I went to download it to there :(.Version: 1.1.6

Love the appI would like if instead if favorites it was a thumbs up or down Sometimes I forget if I’ve tried the recipe.Version: 1.8.17

Charged $36 Bundle package when it says 20$When buying the bundle Looks like the discount was not applied Navigated the 101 juice recipes app and I see that you need to pay $4 for the inflammatory recipes. I tried to watch the videos but not sound when playing them. 😔 So far is average app I hope I can get back 16$ for it..Version: 1.8.14

101 juicing recipesOmg love this app... so helpful great ideas and love the substitutes if you need too.... all the recipes I have tried are totally delicious but best of all I know what’s in them !!!!!! Enjoyable and amazing Thank you.Version: 1.8.14

I use it daily!This app is the best! I love the search feature, and the alternative suggestions. I look up the main craving I have then swipe through to see what else I have in my fridge! Like I said I use it daily!.Version: 1.8.14

Excellent appReally love the way they design this app, easy to use to start from West you got at home to delicious juice or smoothies, strongly suggest to get both app, juice and smoothies and get a discount Select by Ingredients and health condition or any goal you have, i.e. list juice or smoothies that suitable for diabetes Makes a shopping list based on recipes that you added, makes shipping easy for what you are going to make Really love it Thank you Joe Cross.Version: 1.8.12

LoveThis app is amazing! I really enjoy all the alternatives offered for when you don't like a recommended vegetable or just any find it in the store for whatever reason. I'd recommend this app to others..Version: 1.8.10

Wow!Idéal pour s'inspirer et créer une grande variété de jus..Version: 1.8.10

New to the lifestyleI'm excited because today my juicer came in the mail. I think Immediately purchased the app and the add-ons as my goal is to start next week. My only critique would be when it comes to the shopping list, and you go to the show by recipe – that you're allowed by the recipes name to enter the recipe quantity so it will update your grocery list. I believe once this happens and you print out your list it would be more accurate and allow you to be conscientious about the prices :) other than that, this app is amazing!.Version: 1.8.10

My new way of lifeLoving it - loving it - loving it. It's my new way of life and I am loving showing friends and family how easy it is and how healthy I have become.Version: 1.8.9

Love thisI love everything about this easy to use tastes great it makes getting healthy much easier thank you so much for putting it together 🤗.Version: 1.8.9

I love itAmazing app . Thank you Joe cross I lost 10 kgs in 14 days.Version: 1.8.9

GoodGood app. It's frustrating that they are constantly asking for four or five dollars more for new recipes..Version: 1.8.9

Love it!Great recipes and very user friendly..Version: 1.8.9

101 JuiceAmazing to have this at the tip of my fingers....I love the convenience and love the variety of juices.Version: 1.8.2

Love it!Love the App! I know it says "101 Juice Recipes" but it's time for more. Maybe a Volume 2 😉.Version: 1.8.9

Awesome!Love this app! Makes planning, shopping and juicing so simple. The substitutions are fantastic..Version: 1.8.2

Great app!!!Love it! I make juices all the times and this app is a huge help!.Version: 1.8.2

Excellent App!!!Very happy with this purchase. Makes planning out the reboot very easy!.Version: 1.8.2

Update requiredThis app is amazing for anyone whose new to juicing. I use it everyday and it works fine except today when it kept crashing as I opened it. please send an update and fix this. One less star because of this.Version: 1.1.6

Its Okay!Thank you developers for making it work for iPad. I can say this is okay application, but have potential to be much better. Again expectations are linked to price point and I would not expect same from one dollar application. Here are few suggestions: (1) UI seems to be aimed to user who have some items in his fridge and wants to select few ingredients and find out what can I make out of ingredients from the fridge. Second choice is select recipes based on health condition which does not make sense as for each condition, you end up getting most of the receipes. There is no way to keep track of which receipes I have already tried out of 101 and what I haven't. I don't think anybody can remember it out of 101 options. Ideally I would like to divide huge amoung of receipes in small weekly plans which I can systematically complete and mark favorite recipes out of it. (2) Receipes: Some receipes are very good (best I have ever tried) and some are okay. (3) After spending too much of money, my first impression is application does not look very good and have limited UI and even not optimized for ipnone 6/6plus ratina display! I have many other applications on Juicing and Smoothies which are much better designed and costs much less and this one looks terrible on iphone 6 plus in comparision of those. (4) Also, I would expect more information like guides on various ingradients and superfoods, their health benefits, FAQ section with common questions etc. Cost does not justify only receipes. Please update....Version: 1.2.7

Great app!!This app is great, but please update servings. So far recipes actually only yield for 1 serving not 2. I've had to manually double..Version: 1.1.0

Great appGreat app if you're looking for juice recipes or doing the reboot. The only thing that could make this app better is if you could categorize juice recipes by their colour..Version: 1.0.5

Please fixAmazing recipes, but the videos don't work, every time I click on a video the app closes ...PLEASE fix.Version: 1.0.5

Lot's of variety and functional​I just went for it and bought the $15 app. Is it the most expensive app in the iTunes store? Probably not but its pricey. I would give it 5 out of 5 if it was more reasonably priced. Anyway, I was setting up my juice plan for the next couple of days and noticed different #'s. I've been using the Reboot book for the first 5 days and the same recipe on the App has been "kind of" cut in half - yet both the book and the app say "makes 2 servings". And sometimes instead of 16 kale leaves it will call for only 4. Has anyone else tried it? Otherwise I like it - the shopping list maker is super handy and easy to use and edit. There are plenty of details and lovely photo's. My only wish is I could sort by colour - I think the app store says you can but I don't see it. I only see colour coding for each recipe. Which is "okay" but it would be handier to just sort orange or green recipes. What would be even handier is if you could pick a recipe and place it in your daily menu - red for breakfast, green for lunch, purple for dessert. I have to keep a separate piece of paper to remember what recipe I added to the shopping list so I know what it was i'm making now! Curious what others think and how they get the proper measurements..Version: 1.0.4

Almost perfect.All in all a pretty good app. If I may offer some suggestions though...I was disappointed to find that some of the recipes from the book are missing from the app. Since I bought this mostly as a more mobile (and less likely to get juice stained) replacement to the book that does make things a bit difficult as now I have to switch back and forth. As such it'd be nice if you could either add those or add a section were we might add juice recipes that are not included in the app. I also think it'd be great to have an individual notes section added under the recipes where a person might save little memos like tweaks they made to the recipe, what they liked or didn't like, etc..Version: 1.0.3

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