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Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing app enabling you to explore the night sky through the screen of your device. Make an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, constellations, and other celestial bodies. All you have to do is point your device to the sky!

⁕ BEST OF 2014: The next generation of the best-selling Star Walk, winner of Apple Design Award, used by over 10 million people ⁕

The app taps your device’s sensors and the GPS to determine the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, ISS, satellites, meteor showers, etc., in the night sky.

“She’s a beauty.”- The Next Web

“Star Walk 2 is a terrific introduction to astronomy for young and old. It’s also handy for serious stargazers for observing planning.” - TUAW

“Star Walk 2 is visually stunning.” - PCmag

“This is a very beautiful and unusual application that turns your phone into a real planetarium.” - Free apps for me

“For those who enjoy the original app, Star Walk 2 is worth the upgrade — the interface is gorgeous. Anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy should grab Star Walk 2.” - iLounge

“It is worth every penny.” - PadGadget

Star Walk 2 in travel & tourism industry:

‘Rapa Nui Stargazing’ based on Easter Island uses Star Walk 2 for sky observations during its astronomical tours.

‘Nakai Resorts Group’ in the Maldives uses Star Walk 2 during astronomy meetings for its guests.

Main features:

◆ Map of the sky in real time
◆ Stunning 3D models of constellations and other sky objects
◆ “Time machine”
◆ Deep sky objects
◆ Info about celestial bodies and sky events
◆ The sky at different wavelengths
◆ Augmented reality mode
◆ Night mode
◆ "What's new" section with the latest astronomical news
◆ "Visible Tonight" section

► Star Walk 2 shows the real-time map of the sky on your screen in whatever direction you are pointing the device. As you hold your phone up and point it towards the sky, the star map follows your motions using the built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location.

► What's up in the sky tonight? Open the "Visible Tonight" section of Star Walk 2 and quickly find out all upcoming astronomical events and celestial objects visible for your location.

► Be aware of the latest news from the world of space and astronomy. The app's "What's new" section will tell you about the most outstanding celestial events in time.

► Touching a clock-face icon at the upper-right corner of the screen allows you to select any date and time and watch the sky of different periods.

► Get a deeper understanding of the constellation`s scale and place in the night sky. Enjoy observing wonderful 3D models of constellations, turn them upside down, read their stories.

► Find and study deep sky objects such as meteor showers, planetary nebulae, star clusters, etc.

► The night-mode will make your stargazing at night time more comfortable.

Star Walk 2 is the sequel to the original Star Walk, which is one of the most popular apps for stargazing.

New in Star Walk 2:
-Incredible 3D models of celestial bodies
-All-new stunning design
-New interface in vibrant colours for retina displays
-Atmospheric visual and sound effects, stirring soundtrack
-Exclusive handcrafted artwork for constellations

The app contains In-App Purchases.

If you enjoy exploring the stars, then our app is a must-have for your arsenal.

Start your best stargazing experience right now!

Star Walk 2: Stars and Planets App Comments & Reviews

Star Walk 2: Stars and Planets Positive Reviews

Excellent, especially if you are a huge space nerdThe app is designed very well, with options to change how the constellations appear (lines or actual pictures) and how many stars are visible in the sky. The music is also very nice. You do have to download packs to get information on satellites, the cores of planets, etc. but it is well worth it. The app never lags, which is fantastic, because if you are like me you get the urge to smash furniture when apps are slow. My one complaint (if you can even call it that) is that not every star has its own information. Many of the stars, when you click on their info tab, simply give the definition of a star. I understand that this is because many stars do not have much information known about them, but at the same time I’d rather not be able to recite the “a star is a luminous sphere of plasma...” spiel in my sleep. If you have read this entire review, I feel sorry for you, because you are either very very bored or a 45-year-old with severe indecisiveness..Version: 2.5.0

SuggestionThis is a very nice, useful app. However, when I tap on a constellation or while I’m looking at the 3D view, I would like the option of turning off the picture of the mythological person/beast that appears. While using the app to look at the sky, I can choose how I want the constellations to appear, but once I tap on the constellation, the picture appears and obstructs my view. I like seeing the picture, and I love that the app includes information about the mythological person/beast, but I don’t like that the picture obstructs my view of the constellation and all that appears in it. So once I’ve seen the picture, I would like to turn it off. What I really want to see when I tap on a constellation is the boarder lines of the constellation. I.e., I want to see the region of space bordered by the constellation. Here is my reply to the developers response. I appreciate your response, but it looks like you misunderstood my suggestion. I know how to change the settings of the constellations. I mentioned this in my review, and I have my constellations set to appear with the lines connecting the stars. However, when I tap the constellation the picture still appears. This is the part I don’t like and can’t change..Version: 2.5.0

Can’t stop notifications!The app seems okay, but no matter what I do the notifications keep driving me nuts. I turn them off in the settings menu, and they still keep pushing through. Even though I paid for this, I guess I’ll just have to uninstall and reinstall when I want to use the app, unless it makes me purchase it each time I try to reinstall it. My job keeps me too busy to even have a life to do my Astro photography (which is why I originally purchased this app). It does help me locate things when needed, but being unable to stop the notifications seems intrusive, annoying and distracting. Swiping to clear the notification from my screen, doesn’t remove the red dot showing a notification on the folder (where I have the app organized with similar apps), which my OCD can’t seem to deal with. Edit: Thank you to the developers for helping me turn off the notifications! Much appreciated even if it took a while for a response. Now I can enjoy this app when needed and not be aggravated by notifications when they interfere with my busy schedule..Version: 2.13.2

Almost Perfect, But Not for NEOWISE or PlanningOut of the astronomy/stargazing apps I’ve tried out, this one has one of the best interfaces. It’s easy to use, and the app is just gorgeous. I also love the ability to learn more about various constellations. There is also an ad supported version if you want to try it out first. For those that are annoyed by the music/sounds, it’s also easy to turn off. Now for those wanting to use it to track the NEOWISE comet, unfortunately, you have to pay again for a separate bundle to get access to it. Also for any photographers, this is not the best app for planning. I wanted to be able to use the app to see what would be in a particular part of the sky in the future. However, you cannot use both the compass and change the time simultaneously. I emailed this as a feature request, and they responded that this “doesn’t make sense” because the compass mode is “real-time”. I understand this, but it’s not very helpful when some other stargazing apps (e.g. Night Sky) do provide this ability (and also provide better control of the time)..Version: 2.9.6

Great for stargazing 🪐As a kid, I loved opening up the original Star Walk app on my grandparents’ iPad. It filled me with wonder and stirred my imagination. As a young adult, I use Star Walk 2 on clear nights by myself or with friends to see what that bright “star” is up there. I’ve gotten into stargazing over the past couple years and have even learned how to set up and operate a decently powerful telescope (that my grandmother lends me😊). This app displays solar coordinates of planets, stars, and many other objects allowing me to quickly tune the telescope with pinpoint accuracy. It has definitely saved me the hassle of just eyeballing it. I love this app. One of the few I’ve spent my money on, and well worth every cent. There are additional in-app purchases that aren’t necessary. But for those aspiring astronomers 🔭 and astronauts 🧑‍🚀 out there, the add-ons will definitely enrich your experience. A BIG thank you to the developers for putting so much heart into this! I can’t express enough how much this app means to me!.Version: 2.12.2

It's amazing and very helpful.I understand that for some they just want to use it for star and constellation locating, and it's great for that. Though for others who plan on going into a field in that kind of subject is great for them to learn where everything we know of is, and how they function. It even gives those people a great understanding of the how much there really is out there. I've managed to learn so much. Even if it doesn't give you every material makeup of all the stars, galaxies, and star clusters, it's still a great source of education. I have much to learn from it, and I highly suggest getting the full deal on it. Maybe someday I'll be able to pursue my dreams, or maybe they'll just stay dreams. But as long as I keep trying my best I might be able to, and this app would have helped me so much. I just want to thank the creators for giving me a chance to study at a low cost, and helping me keep my hope that what I want to do isn't pointless..Version: 2.5.0

Starwalk helps son with traumatic brain injury and epilepsyThis app is everything you or your loved ones could ever want if they’re as in love with space as my son with a traumatic brain injury and epilepsy is. Upon his injury at 5 years old and relearning to walk, talk, eat, and potty train; one thing he never forgot was his love of our night sky and with this app he had before and after his injury he will sit for hours in the backyard playing with the app learning about the heavenly bodies and when it’s day time he will sit inside with his great grandmother (the one that got me into loving the night sky passing it along to my son) showing her things he learned the night before and while many things are difficult for him still this app helps him in his steady quest for knowledge into our cosmos. It’s easy to use and the 3d pictorial constellations make it easier for him to learn what stars make up each constellation. Thank you for this amazing app!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.4.4

Well worth itOne of the best things about 2020 for me turned out to be looking at the stars with my iPad at night. There are a lot of good apps for that and so I don’t want to diminish others by saying this one is fantastic. It just happens to have a lot of fun features and the pictures of the constellations together with the music is pretty relaxing. I have learned a lot about the stars using this app. I gravitated toward paying because the ads in other apps are a little intrusive sometimes. A couple of bucks up front to be able to just focus on the sky was well worth it for me. One big plus about this app too is that it gives you a list of things to look out for each month, so you don’t have to search online for info about what’s upcoming in the night sky and be subjected to all the kooky websites you inevitably find whenever you try to find meaningful information on the internet..Version: 2.11.3

Star Walk 2 harnesses the power of your iPad to make a planetarium.Star Walk 2 presents the user with a conjunction of software and hardware to make a planetarium for use inside and alongside your telescope or binoculars under the night sky. This application lets me check the ephemeris of a night object and then “see” it inside by holding the iPad up to the sky where it shows me a virtual real time night sky, in the exact position objects appear. Then I can repeat this outside and there it is. Even such an ephemeral sight as the ISS will come over the local horizon in the exact position Sky Walk 2 shows. It always amazes me, and makes viewing the night sky easy and productive..Version: 2.9.6

Wish I could return itI had this open for less than 10 minutes, but apparently that was too long to return it. The music was annoying, but easy to turn off. The sound effects were overdone, but easy to turn off. The constellation images were over the top, and they have animations that shimmer and sparkle when you pan around the sky. They are very distracting and can make the stars of the constellations difficult to see and identify. I couldn’t turn off the sparkle. One option in the settings looked promising, but it didn’t do anything that I could identify. Most annoying is that the app requires an additional in-app purchase for more than a very limited discussion of simple things like individual planets. That isn’t clear here In the App Store. Fortunately this is partly corrected by a button that links directly to Wikipedia. After playing with it some more, I found the setting to “dial down” the animated constellation images. But even the simple stick figures are animated, disappearing and redrawing (note: not “reappearing”) as I pan through the sky. Someone might find that entertaining for a few minutes sitting at their desk, but the feature makes it difficult to compare to the night sky. I’m still very annoyed that an in-app purchase is required to see full content. The jury is still out on notifications..Version: 2.8.3

Great Except SatellitesDownloaded this app and all the add-on content as we are currently staying in a “Dark Sky” location. The star, constellations, visuals are all excellent. Why three stars? The app only seems to know about one satellite. Over the past 4 nights we have counted approximately 20 satellite objects each night, confirming with other online sources. The only one that ever showed was Tiangong. That satellite showed reliably on multiple nights. Considering most resources claim 8,000 or so sats orbiting the earth, and this app claiming to know more than 10k, I am at a loss why more are not being identified. Read through the manual checking for settings, and did not find anything “off” or set incorrectly. I then deleted and reinstalled. No change. Correct me if I am missing something here, please. Love this app, but disappointed in this aspect..Version: 2.13.2

Cool but have encountered some errorsI really enjoy this app, I love space and seeing all the different constellations and learning about new stuff fascinated me, however I got a notification about a solar eclipse today, and went outside to check it out, and getting confused as there were no signs of an eclipse, I checked the app and sure enough it visually showed there was an eclipse so I checked my location and saw I was in the correct location (I even tried different towns near my city) I then noticed the app said that the eclipse wouldn’t be visible here but it would be in Argentina and Chile, but the app visually showed it being visible in my location, I also checked news sources and they all said it wouldn’t be visible in North America, maybe something went wrong with the tracking, but just wanted the developers to know!.Version: 2.8.4

Who knew Space was so big?It’s big! Really Really Big! Starwalk and other apps from Vito Technology has given me the ability to see and understand that Really Really Big universe in a way nothing before it ever could. I have been a looong time subscriber (probably since they were released) to Starwalk, Starwalk2, Solarwalk, Solarwalk2 and Skylive. They top the list of my very favorite apps! My children and I have spent hundreds of hours lying in the grass and exploring the solar system and beyond with Starwalk. The only downside is the pain in your neck that will come with spending so much time looking at the stars ;)..Version: 2.11.12

Good app; room for improvementHaven't used it much yet, but what I've seen so far I like for the most part. Will continue to explore and experiment. Two downsides I've noticed thus far, though, that leave room for improvement: 1- The app is pretty large. Wish it could take up a less space--perhaps by giving the option to not carry around all the fancy 3D models of things. 2- Can't find a way to turn off the constellation "artistic renditions." I just want to see the stars and the lines we draw between them, thankyouverymuch. The unavoidable presence of the additional artwork is distracting and unnecessarily cluttering when actually using the app to compare with what's overhead..Version: 2.8.1

Amazing App and CompanyI personally love this app and all it includes. I myself am studying in the field of astronomy and physics and love this app. Not to mention backyard stargazing help. When I first found out there was an issue with the apps bundle purchasing, I was met with a support system that stayed with me for 3 days due to our different time schedules for it to be swiftly resolved with just a few simple steps. I do understand the ad issue if you have the free version however I do not feel $3 is asking too much and for those willing to go above and beyond an additional $3 for so much more inclusive material..Version: 2.5.0

Get this! What a great app.I am learning so much more than I thought possible! I especially enjoy getting alerts about planets being within view and how to spot them. And meteor showers and remarkable stars. I love looking at the nighttime sky and now live in a place where I have an amazing view of the sky. This app has been helping me about understand planets and stars I didn't know I could see without a powerful telescope. I highly recommend this app. Oh--and when I had questions, I got wonderful response from customer support. Far superior than anything else..Version: 2.9.0

Cool appMy 4 year old son and I love this app. He loves space more than I do. We were using this app a few days ago and he asked to see Ganymede and Callisto (by name, Jupiter is his favorite). It's very difficult to zoom into the moons of Jupiter. I purchased all the additional content, and the moons were still not there. Could those be added (at least the ones we have imagery for) This app, if you force touch the app icon, will show you stargazing conditions. Mine shows the conditions are currently poor, yet the app sends me notifications of things to go check out. Why does it do this? It’s more like HA HA, look what you’re missing instead of being informational..Version: 2.7.7

App is greatThis app is a great Stargazing app. I upgraded from the previous version and am happy with my purchase-I don’t see ads! I did have a single situation where ads popped up, but an iPad restart fixed it. The app is easy to use, just point it to the sky to see what’s up there. It will give you a real time experience as you move it. You can adjust the number of objects seen to compensate for light pollution. There is a search function that will guide you to the sky object you wish to see by following the arrow with your device. A great experience!.Version: 2.9.6

Immediate WOW factor!I was literally raving with delight and enthusiasm less than three minutes after opening the app. I don’t have a telescope, but I am always wanting to follow the progression of planets in the sky, and I always wanted to learn more about the visible night sky. This makes it all easy, but with tremendous access to information while I stargaze. The added visual and aesthetic effects are tasteful (and optional), in fact they enhance the sense of awe and seem to help draw the attention more to the subject at hand than to distract. One of the best app purchases I’ve ever made!.Version: 2.8.6

Stop with the ADS!!!!!I enjoy the app but have had reason to question their policy of pushing their other apps. A box asking me if I wanted to download another of their apps popped up right across the screen while I was observing the Orion constellation. I was told if I dismissed it, it wouldn’t show up again. We shall see, but that’s still intrusive to the experience and shouldn’t happen. Also a list of other apps popped up on starting the app. I was told this was a “what’s new” offering. Again a list of their other apps for sale. I just want to boot the app and enjoy the experience! Stop these peddling intrusions! Especially when you’ve paid a lot for the app!...not ads!!!.Version: 2.5.0

Love it!This is a wonderful app for stargazing! I have looked at the stars for decades and only been able to pick out the most well know constellations. With this, I can just point my phone in the direction I’m looking and the app shows me exactly which stars and which constellations I’m seeing. I also like that it sends me notifications about what is happening in the sky on a given night. I can’t wait for my granddaughter to get a little older so we can lay out under the stars and find constellations together with the help of this app!.Version: 2.8.7

Go Outside and Look UpThis is THE ONLY Astronomy app you will ever need. Go outside tonight and look up. What do you see? Star Walk 2 has the answer; and, with this app, you can see what it looked like the night you were born! Can not say enough about how much information is at your fingertips and how beautifully presented. The “night mode” feature (red screen) is perfect for protecting your night vision while sitting under the stars. When I downloaded Star Walk 2 I deleted all the other astronomy apps I had wasted my time and money on..Version: 2.4.5

A friendly suggestion!Believe me, this app is amazing. I’ve been using it for years to see the planets and stars. Although, recently I downloaded the Night Sky app, I will admit, it isn’t as good as star walk 2, but I like the music in Night Sky a little bit more than the current music. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but I just prefer the NS music. Would there be any way to put multiple soundtracks in the game and you can choose which music you want to hear? Kind of a silly question, but it would make me happy. Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.5.0

Widget shows no informationI’m running the latest version of iOS 14. The widget shows no information. I hard restarted my iPhone. Didn’t solve the problem. I’ll try deleting the app and reinstalling. If I don’t update this review, you can assume deleting and reinstalling do not help. Update: Widget fixed. Rating changed to 5 stars. And KUDOS do the developer for so conscientiously responding to user comments in the reviews. Sadly, many developers do not choose to response to user comments. Those that do deserve a pat on the back!.Version: 2.11.2

Beautiful app!This app is amazing! I bought myself a beginner telescope and this app is great for identifying what I’m looking at. Love that it uses my phone’s GPS so I can use the app when I’m camping in the mountains with no cell service. This app is incredibly educational with beautifully done graphics. Giving this 5 stars and would definitely recommend. Features I wish this did have was the ability to filter the view to show only certain types of objects (nebulas, comets, etc.), and the ability to favorite items..Version: 2.10.0

Amazing!!!We live in Hawaii and it is so cool to use this app! Thank you developers for making this incredible application. I am getting more and more interested in astronomy lately and this app has helped me so much! Our family all loves this app and we use it to have fun at night before bed. Definitely deserves a five stars except for all the adds. Other than that... exceptional work developers! One thing that I could fix would be that we already paid for this app but we are supposed to pay more if we want to get rid of the adds... I think that is very unfair to us..Version: 2.4.5

I really like the Star Walk 2 app! I like that I get notices of events that I might have missed.I and I use the Sky Walk 2 app almost every day. We have a great view of the night sky. On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I used my Sky Walk 2 app to watch the Taurus meteor shower. I was notified by SW2 that it could be seen that night close to midnight. We walked out on the beach, sat down, and within 10 minutes one streaked across the sky! It was the first “shooting star” my sister in law had ever seen. SW2 made me the hero of the night!!.Version: 2.8.7

Nice....I have downloaded free apps and I have downloaded apps that cost a lot of money whenever it comes to looking at the universe. This one is really good. It shows you so much more than many others out there that usually ends up costing a lot of money. The only negative: It doesn’t show close-ups of nebulae. It will show stars; but who really wants to see a star? They are all the same besides their color. They’re either going to be blue, red, white or yellow. There’s no difference. Other than this, I really like this one. I think that is worth it, and I do recommend it..Version: 2.4.4

Absolutely LLLLOOOVVE this app!This app is amazing. You can look for specific things or notifications can alert you to something in the sky; either way what an experience. Hold it up to see what's in your sky including, my favorite, meteor showers. In December I saw the notification for the Geminid meteor shower, I ran outside and it was spectacular! If you want to know about something in particular it can be your resource and show 2D models as well. I can't say enough about all this app can do, it's worth more than every penny you spend!!!.Version: 2.13.2

One minor issueI absolutely love this app, I use it all the time, yet there is one minor issue. Even though I click the little compass in the top left corner to use the star spotter, I cannot move my camera. The screen is stuck facing North. Everything else is fine, it’s just the star spotter is stuck. I hope this can be fixed. Maybe it’s a problem with my phone, maybe it’s a bug, i don’t know. Anyways that’s it. Thanks for reading! - your wanna be astronomer.Version: 2.7.7

Using this appThe best way to use this app is when the moon is full, most stars are hard to distinguish one from another, BUT, you can see the stars from the app with the moon as a good reference point. So it helps you remember what stars it passes by when you follow a few days after the moon. I learned more in 1 year with this app, than I did in 50 years of watching stars by seasons. BECAUSE I’d touch each star as the moon passed it & this app told me the name, constellation, type, distance, etc..Version: 2.9.4

SuperbShows the glory of the skies!! I am now 80 years old and still clearly remember my summer visit, as a child, to Camp Red Cloud near Plattsburgh New York where I got my first glimpse of our magnificent skies through a Ten Inch Reflecting Telescope . Breathtaking!! I was 6 years old and remember every detail of that night. This app brings back all that glory along with much more information about what is up there in that sky we take so much for granted. Keep up the great work !!!.Version: 2.12.2

EducationalEnjoy this app! tweaks needed so it doesn’t “ding” me everyday. mistakenly turned on cartoons and can” get rid of them. now the good stuff. every day my wife and i enjoy sunset. our view is of the southern sky and its a pleasure to see the changes in changes from season to season. anomalies are called to our attention as well as following satellites, including Hubbles path across the sky. much fun fir seniors… a great learning tool for parents with kids! good work..Version: 2.13.2

User interface is as confusing as app is great.The UI took some learning. But once I learned it, this became a very useful experience. I love the notifications and you should turn them on! Info on what to see is great but briefly presented. They’ve been improving a lot over the years in every areas. Anyway, this app is one of the ones everyone should buy and use. It represents the best of the pocket computer world we live in..Version: 2.12.0

It’s hard to improve what’s perfectSince it’s first release Starwalk has been one of the most important and valued apps I own. And every new update just makes it even more valuable. Wether you’re an amateur astronomer, professional astronomer or just a back yard star gazer this app has it all. I highly recommend purchasing the upgrade to get the best experience. And no, I was not paid to say that. It really is that good..Version: 2.13.2

Great app!!! A must when camping with the family.I love this app. It’s so informational and easy to use! The only reason I’m not leaving 5 stars was that I was a bit disappointed to find out that you cannot just point and see all satellites. I just saw a satellite in the sky, but the only way I could know what it was is by digging and clicking on every single satellite in the “find” section and seeing its orbit one at a time. I never did find out what satellite I saw. I wish it was a bit like the flight radar but of satellites..Version: 2.7.4

What I think of this great appWhen my dad told me about this app I was astonished. It is an easy to use app. In my area it is very cloudy at night ,so this app helps me see the stars. I have recommended this app to my friends and they also love it. I don’t know why people give it hate. This app doesn’t deserve it. I spend hours walking outside looking. If I could I would give this app 10 stars. Thank you for changing the perspective of the world to me..Version: 2.11.9

Not so timelyLove the app. It’s simple and pretty gorgeous. It also holds and reveals a ton of great info about the night sky. And jeepers, Star Walk folks, if you’re going to tell me about wonderful upcoming events, please please please tell me before they happen not after. I can’t say how many times the app has posted an upcoming event for “tonight” that happened last night. The conjunction of the moon and Jupiter tonight is the latest example. Already behind us. Thanks for the thrill. Ugh..Version: 2.11.12

This is amazing!Got this app before I went into the deep mountains and this app was everything I could have asked for and more. I paid for all of the upgrades, but I’ve been in love with the stars forever and for a few dollars I can have all of my questioned answered! Just point and have the universe mapped out with 3-d graphics. Plus the search function is very helpful. Countless hours of pondering and discussion about the cosmos have ensued. Mind blown!.Version: 2.8.7

By the far the best for looking at starsIf you want to know what stars/planets you are looking at lift up your phone and align your screen to the part of the sky you are looking at and you can get the name, history, constellation, and much more information about the celestial object. It’s a shame the devs didn’t pay enough to be Apple’s “Editors Choice” because this app is definitely the best!.Version: 2.12.3

Phenomenal!This app is one of the best apps I have ever bought. Without a doubt, it is worth the cost. If you have a Apple Watch, you can have notifications enabled to show you when events in the sky happen and then it uses arrows to bring your eyes towards the event. Without the watch, the app is amazing too. Better than all of the other astronomy apps out there. No brainer in getting this one. :). Thanks developers!!.Version: 2.4.5

My Go to Sky AppEvery night I check out the sky. Star Walk always helps me name stars, identify constellations and notice unique events. I like the way it looks, I like that I can change things like the magnitude of stars visible. The app reminded me to look for the planets that appeared close to the moon this last month. I like reading articles in the app. When there are too many clouds I can still look at the stars on my iPad..Version: 2.8.7

Excellent app!Love this app, use it every time I look up at the sky at night. This is a must have for anyone that loves to see what is going on up there!.Version: 2.4.2

Too many notifications to buy other apps and featuresMy personal opinion is that I paid $3.99 for Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map and most times when I click a button an ad pops up to buy more stuff. I regret buying it. Other people may have different opinion but this is my personal review.Version: 2.7.0

Apps très bien faite et très simple pour consulter et très intéressantSalut je trouve très bien le site pour consultation merci beaucoup de bien nous faire visiter la voûte céleste ainsi que l’espace..Version: 2.4.5

Love this app!!!!This is one of my favourite apps and I love being able to read about far away space objects like Sedna and I like being able to learn about the planets in the solar system and the quiz’s are awesome I’ve aced them all so far !!!! This is a great app.Version: 2.14.4

NiceI like this app lots of interesting information.Version: 2.14.4

Espace imaginaire...C'est formidable de voir cet application et de la transposer dans notre quotidien. De jour et de nuit Star Walk permet vraiment de parcourir l'espace de mon imaginaire et il est vaste 🤩.Version: 2.14.3

Too many notificationsHow do you stop the constant notifications for Stargazing News? It’s freaking annoying..Version: 2.14.4

Facilite le repérageBel outil pour me familiariser avec la disposition des étoiles,planètes,constellations etc . Cela m’aide par la suite à mieux me retrouver lorsque je suis à l’extérieur.Version: 2.13.2

Great app!As a beginner in astronomy this app really helped me navigate and understand the night sky more and helped me find what I was looking for. Very accurate and reliable for its cost..Version: 2.13.2

Easiest Sky Watching ToolEasy app to understand - even for a rookie sky watcher. Lots of features. You don't have to buy any additional features but they are easily available as your interests develop. I like to follow the ISS on here. Good job on the app!!.Version: 2.13.0

The best gameThe only reason I like this is that it’s not just a game it’s a whole new world.Version: 2.13.2

Very EducationalThankful for teaching me so much about our amazing Solar System. My favourite part of the App is “what’s new tonight”. Everyone should this App.Version: 2.12.3

MarvelousJust love it all detales.Version: 2.12.0

Nebula frustrationLooking for horse head nebula is impossible on this app, why?.Version: 2.12.3

PerfectTeaching the basics of astronomy to my girls. ♥️.Version: 2.11.12

Awesome!!!I have tried several star apps before and this is the best one I have seen so far. It's worth to use and lots of options. Don’t let the file size stop you from getting it..Version: 2.11.12

I’m waiting to be a grown upI just love space and my dad does to me my name is Kaia and I’m 71/2 I want to be a Mishin-control.Version: 2.11.9

Love this app !!!!I have had this app for years!! It shows exactly where planets, stars and comets are.. in the sky in real time...makes it so easy to then use the telescope to find what I want to see..Version: 2.11.9

The bestThe best application for sky discovering.Version: 2.11.8

Simply the bestI got the app and purchased all the ad-on many many years ago. It doesn’t cease to amaze me everything I get my phone out. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 2.11.2

Great app, but.This is one of the best stargazing apps I have ever used, but on your latest update the compass is calibrated wrong. Where it should be west it is showing south, it is off by about 90 degrees. Please fix this. Thank you.Version: 2.11.7

Excellent literatureI enjoyed playing and learning with this book.Version: 2.11.0

NiceI’d really like a lot more information about the stars in the app itself. Size, distance, origin of the names, age etc. Many of the stars just have a default description of a sun..Version: 2.11.0

Charged me twiceI enjoy app, fun to bring out while you are camping. But when I bought it, it charged my CC twice. It’s not a lot of money but still..Version: 2.10.1

Walk among the planets, stars and constellationsGreat app! Had it for years 🥰.Version: 2.10.0

Good content, poor supportEnjoy the app, almost accurate. I purchased the All-In-1 bundle about a month ago, stuck at 89% downloading after all this time. There’s no support so...fml.Version: 2.10.0

Thank you and great job guys!I’ve only just begun using this app but so far tonight it is really been a lot of fun learning lots about the skies and the stars. Space has always been one of the biggest mysteries and I hope to learn more keep up the good work guys I’ll be sure to buy some upgrades..Version: 2.10.0

Pretty coolHelped me identify constellations and learn more about the cosmos, I love it so far! Beautiful app!.Version: 2.9.6

Starwalk 2Very useful..Version: 2.9.6

BkIt is enjoyable and quite well done.Version: 2.9.6

Great little Astro-CompanionPretty good little app to introduce people’s to the night sky and its glory. It’s ok..Version: 2.9.6

Amazing Watch AppThe apple watch app for Star Walk 2 is the best app I’ve used on my watch. Impeccably useful for an amateur stargazer, I can look at what stars and planets I’ll be able to see now or later in the day, and tell how much light pollution there is. Definitely worth the subscription..Version: 2.9.6

I love this appI’m having no problems witch is good, I also love how when you move your screen it follows so whatever direction you’re facing.Version: 2.9.6

Used the original and now the sequelHave finally upgraded my old version. Still a great app..Version: 2.9.6

CalibrationI have an issue with regards to celebration sometimes. But I love everything beside the calibration. Sometimes it’s accurate sometimes it is not. Cool app tho!.Version: 2.9.4

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What do you think Star Walk 2: Stars and Planets ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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