Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Customer ServiceNike, Inc

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Customer Service

Explore, buy and unlock the best of Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers. SNKRS provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike and Jordan Brand have to offer.

Learn about the inspiration, benefits, and heritage of featured sneakers with exclusive content, straight from the source.

Set notifications about upcoming releases, and share news, photos and videos with friends.

Buy sneakers in seconds, directly within the app. Store your billing, shipping and sizing information to expedite the process.

Submit your entry into a randomized selection system to purchase key releases.

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release App Comments & Reviews

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Positive Reviews

I’ve never gotten a win!!! I’ve had app for 4 yearsI want to start off buy saying I’m a big time sneaker head. I know that there are obviously other men women and young adults that feel the same. All the time and effort I put into this is crazy for me not to hit at least at least 1 time 1 time !!! I I’m on this app faithfully!!! I mean to the point that It makes my wife look at me crazy!!! What’s the point of the app if you can’t even buy a pair of shoes every shoe that I’ve tried to get was nothing but waste of time and effort i’ve took nothing but L after L after L i’ve had this app since 2017 I’ve i’ve tried to get every heart release since I’ve had this app and I have not hit no over exaggeration since 2017 and I have not gotten a chance to buy a pair today I lost it with Nike snker app my brother sat next to me not even a sneaker head doesn’t have love for sneakers like I do hasn’t spent a dime or the time gets the app and hits on the hyper royal like what the F#%k is that i’ve been on since 2017 i’ve spent crazy amounts of money on sneakers four years on this app and never hit crapBet you Nikki won’t even get back at me.Version: 4.16.0

DisappointingOver the years this app has NOT gotten better at processing orders correctly it’s either you get it or you don’t and for me, family & friends sometimes even strangers over the internet it’s 98% of the community that don’t get to cop, even with pre set Information like your size or payment information this app continues to freeze or just don’t process your info correctly or on time 10:00 am drops an sold out at 10:00 am makes 0 sense you can have the highest WiFi or 4G 5G service nothing this is so disappointing, you can’t even get regular sneakers sometimes much less SBs or Jordan’s etc smh just very disappointing because I love the app an all the exclusive sneakers it offers but it’s VERY DISAPPOINTING that this app has NOT gotten better smh!! it’s not fair for those that want to cop sneaked at RETAIL PRICE!!! I refuse and maybe this is why I’m so upset an frustrated but I refuse to go on other 3rd party apps an pay $350-$500+ on sneakers that RETAIL for $110 that’s not fair in anyway I really hope you guys get it together GET RID OF THE BOTS SO US REGULAR FOLKS COUKD ENJOY SNEAKERS AGAIN!!!.Version: 4.13.0

LOVE THIS APP 5 STARS ALL THE WAYI love everything about this app and I’m going to more than likely get on it every single day for the rest of my life. One of the things I really love are the videos about the shoes that are releasing, because it gives us a story behind it and i feel it gives us more of a history lesson behind it. When i first started using the app i was super frustrated because I wasn’t able to get ANY of the shoes i wanted. As time has gone on and I’ve been on here more consistent i keep getting the GOT EMS. Honestly, there is no better feeling in the world than seeing that notification on your screen pop up after anticipating that shoe all month, reading about it, watching videos, and just becoming all around obsessed with the shoe. I honestly think there should be more shock drops and more early access but all in all i love this app, and i really enjoy being on it. I also noticed that the quality of the shoes i get are TOP NOTCH QUALITY! Keep up the great work, and thanks again for everything SNKRS. Hands down the best sneaker app out!!!.Version: 4.16.0

This App Is Terrible And RiggedJust like the subject says!! Don’t believe the hype, if this was 2016, then I’ll be saying otherwise but ever since the hype of sneakers became more popular to the public it has become IMPOSSIBLE! To even try a secure a pair of sneakers! The Public is having a long term battle now with resellers and people who are using Bots to secure MULTIPLE PURCHASES, Leaving no space or any pairs for the ones who truly desire on owning the pair of sneakers of their dreams! It’s annoying and pretty frustrating. Don’t believe the fact that NIKE is doing everything they can to fix the battle with resellers and people who are using Bots. They don’t care as long as their merchandise is being sold out after every release is really great business for them. I Warned You guys first before installing this app, it comes with a lot of frustration.. until Nike really does something to fix this, there is not any chance for regular people like us who do things the right way… good luck to everybody I hope this changes for all of us who truly still have passion for sneakers….Version: 4.16.0

Great appThis app is absolutely terrific! At first I was feeling dreaded on constantly trying to go to stores to get my Jordan’s just to find out that it’ll be sold out in my size anyway. When I came across this app I contemplated because I didn’t know if it was a scam or if it was actually legit. So I took the courage to order one of my Jordan’s which were the air Jordan retro 9’s that were all black. I went to my local shoe store and they were sold out at exactly 9 am so when I ordered it off the app I didn’t know if it was gonna be sold out or not, but comes to find out it wasn’t! They had my exact size and all I needed to do was create an account with my touch id passcode and just like that I got them. A few hours later it emailed me saying my order has been received and 2 days later emailed me again saying it has been shipped. About 3-4 days after I got my shoes in the mail! I just ordered another pair which was the Homage To Home retro 1’s and the same thing successfully happened. I absolutely LOVEEEEE this app and do not regret getting it, and will continue using it for here on out. :).Version: 3.3.3

This app has never worked.I typically don’t write reviews on apps. This one is an exception. I haven’t hit on a limited shoe that has immediately sold out ever. I have tried at least 5 times in the last three months simply to get error messages over and over again. I really like snkrs as an app when it’s not releasing a shoe. But every time a shoe drops it completely dismantles and hardly functions. This app makes me want to give up on trying to win through NIKE. Also. Snkrs pass. How can you legitimately expect fairness when the app is fully booked in 10 seconds. I timed it. Watched it happen time and time again. It’s the same people catching every drop and I try and try just to miss out. The last release I was able to purchase was the DMP six for someone else in April of 2020. That’s over a year of missed releases. I understand you cannot satisfy everyone but at a certain point you gotta understand that this makes me never even want to try again. NEEDS WORK! Try a Snkrs pass with the draw feature?.Version: 4.16.0

Had my-doubtsWas reading a review about how hard it was for ordinary customers, like myself to purchase new drops. I saw this Sneaker about four weeks ago and I knew I had to have it. Even got my dates mixed up and tried to purchase it on the 5th not realizing that I was two days early from the original 7th drop date. Even went as far as calling customer service to complain. So this morning I was really doubtful that I was ever going to be able to get this shoe especially after reading the terrible review. But I tried anyway. When my purchase went to pending my skepticism increased even more because that what the review said generally happens before they boot you out of the line. So I just went back to work. About five minutes later I got an alert that I had booked the sneakers. Contrary to all my doubts Sneakerz is a great site and I will using it again. This was my first time I ever used it, but it won’t be my last. Thank You for increasing my confidence in your went. Be Blessed..Version: 4.14.0

Not Dependable, Flawed ProcessingI went on the app today at 9:59 am to purchase the Jordan 1 Pine Greens and as soon as the time hit 10:00 i purchased the shoes just to be told they were sold out. My order was pending for about 5 minutes and then i was informed they were sold out. This was a complete waste of time in my opinion. If you purchase the shoes within 5 seconds of availability how could they sell out that fast?? I thought this app was supposed to counter all this nonsense but I see that it’s still impossible to buy Jordans. The process is flawed or either Nike needs to make more, its obviously a high demand so why make the supply so limited??? I ended up paying a full hundred dollars above retail from the EBAY app. If EBAY is more reliable than the Nike SNKRS app itself i see no point of having this app at all. I am fed up with this Nike App at this point and this is the reason people are being killed and robbed over shoes. I’m starting to believe Nike is intentionally making a small amount to hype the products and i think its absurd..Version: 4.6.0

Love the app but it has lots of flaws.Much of the last year “2020” was very disappointing. Not that sneakers and being able to buy them is that important in general, not being able to make a purchase for an item on an app is very frustrating on so many levels. Most of the time, it seems like I’m just wasting my time trying for a sneakers release. Even if it is limited or not, odds are that I won’t be getting anything. I’m hoping for a better year and overall better experience with the SNKRS app as I’m sure many are. True sneaker enthusiasts who actually want to own and wear Nike/Jordan brand products but are unable to do so thanks to bots and very limited stock numbers being available. Add to the the constant “back door” rumors we hear about that happens as well and we’re all pretty S.O.L. I hope improvements are being made and am glad that so far for the year 2021, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to buy a couple new releases so far..Version: 4.13.1

Great design, love the app, but never get notified of dropsSNKRs is an awesome app and love the way they’ve designed it. It’s simple, easy to use, and easy to buy your favorite sneakers. It’s outfitted similarly to Instagram with large photos of the shoes you want to purchase. I do wish they showed more photos of the sneakers on feet and with outfits to give me some ideas, however its not that hard to instagram or google outfit ideas. One bug that I’ve noticed that “bugs” me is that I’ll hit “get Notified” on a sneaker drop and never get notified or alerted that it is happening or will happen. I’ll open the app days later and the sneaker will evidently be sold out. This happens a lot. I double checked my Notifications settings on my iPhone and everything is set to alert me, but I never get alerted of a drop, so I always miss out on the best sneakers. Also, its confusing to go between essentially 2 apps to get the shoe I’m looking for. If SNKRs doesn’t have it, I’ll have to pop on over to the Nike app to look for the shoe. I’m not sure why there’s the complexity of jumping between 2 apps to buy something that should be as easy as a 1 stop shop from one brand..Version: 3.7.0

A few bugs. Other than that it’s workedSo I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been able to cop every shoe that I’ve tried get on this app. From the cement fours, to the bred fours just this past Saturday. My main problems with the app is every time I got to purchase a shoe, I need my password. Even tho it’s setup up for Face ID, and in the past, Touch ID. Another bug I’ve noticed is on the account tab of the app. When I click on my favorites tab, and also the purchased tab, all of my favorites and purchases are not shown. Some show up when they want to. Others never show up. And others never move. This is frustrating because I like to be able to show people stuff that I have bought, or things that I think are cool. But it like every time I go to those sections it’s like the app plays this game of “ what are we going to show today “. I’ve literally had to go and re-favorite things that I’ve already favorited and at this point I’m like what’s even the point of the feature..Version: 3.11.0

BuggyFor in-stock items the app has worked well and I have purchased about 7 pair of shoes On multiple special draw opportunities the app has failed leaving me a bit frustrated. Today all my information was cleared from my profile except credit card info and the app wouldn't let me re-enter it or update it causing me to miss the draw (the submit button stayed grayed out and would never allow me to complete even for the entry portion) Previously the shoe size and CVV were cleared causing me to miss out. I have yet to have a successful draw event and only a couple times have I even been able to receive confirmation of entry despite being up to date on app version and profile, this while trying to enter within 1 or 2 seconds of the draw opening. I would expect better from Nike but they are selling out of the limited edition shoes anyway so i don't hold my breath for any change from big Corp. Sometimes the notification doesn’t work. Sometimes presets don’t fill in..Version: 3.14.1

Love the app, hate the dropsI actually love the app and it’s set up for the most part. It’s visually appealing and functional but when it comes to actually securing sneakers on release day through this app? It’s a true hit or miss. And I take more misses than anything. I feel like I’m a loyal user and I participate in the majority of drops but I’m rarely successful in getting a W. It shouldn’t be this hard to “win” a chance to BUY shoes. Then no matter what I do I can’t get exclusive access to save my life, meanwhile there’s people that get it almost every single drop. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t seem fair that the same people get to benefit while others never do. I’ve known of so many people that say they haven’t gotten W on the app in years or those that have never ever gotten Exclusive Access. There has to be a way to make this process fairer or allow the rewards to be beneficial/accessible to more people..Version: 4.24.2

Thanks SNKRSSo a little backstory… in 2001 I was a wide eyed 19 year old kid. I was proud to have my own apartment and my own vehicle. I wanted these shoes more than anything at the time but I just couldn’t manage the extra funds to get them. So I just accepted that it wasn’t meant to be and went on with my life. Then 2010 comes and the cool grey 11’s are once again going to be released. I was 28 and deep into addiction. My life was a downward spiral. I barely even noticed that they were being Released again. Now to present day- I start seeing Twitter posts about a possible “shock drop” for the cool grey 11’s. I am coming up on 1 year sober and I also just got approved for my first credit card since I was 18. So when I saw that GOT EM screen pop up AND it being my first credit card purchase I was elated! For me it’s more than just copping a shoe. These shoes will represent my success in sobriety and in life. Thanks Nike..Version: 4.24.2

App lags during limited releasesThere have been numerous times when I go into app right before a release and when the clock turns to the time of release, the app will sit there and load for a while until you either reload the app or log out and back in. And a lot of times when that happens, it’ll say you’re in line with sale pending, and then say that your size is sold out. It did that once again today, it happens so often, I’ve become accustomed to it. What made it worse is that it didn’t show the “Jordan Reserve”(restock of limited Jordan’s) on my feed until I logged out of the app and back in. I have been checking in on the app every 2 hours since 9:30 for the earth day releases and I didn’t even know about the “Jordan reserve” stuff until I got on Instagram and I still missed out on the earth day releases too. So if you’re a sneaker head, get used to missing out a lot of releases, especially if its been hyped up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, now join me in taking these Ls..Version: 3.10.0

Bullsh**tStraight like that I buy a pair a shoes as soon as they dropped not 1 second late after it goes through it says pending I believe I’m waiting at 10:01 around 10:06 I got back to the app and the h03 says sold out how is it sold out and I didn’t get a pair I just am in shocked ruined my day I just don’t know y’all h035 with the click bots relax why y’all even use them like dang make it fare and I can’t rate it 0 star’s so here is 1 Also with any major shoe dropping no matter what you won’t be selected if there is a drawing even if you aren’t in a draw and you buy the shoe at 10:00 exact it says order pending then few moments later you weren’t selected like why if I was first to get there like many others and no matter what size you try to get you won’t be one of those who are selected only way you can get shoes off snkr app if they are lame non resell-able shoe I hate this app.Version: 4.12.0

Functionality with StyleBy far one of the best app to have in your collection if your a sneaker enthusiast. Everything is pretty simple and laid out for you. If you don't want to forget some of the biggest release of the year this is the app for you. If you just want a easier way to purchase kicks that have been on your radar ( Nike x Jordans only) then this is the app for it too. Just a clean app and awesome with the Apple Pay. Update: After having this app for awhile still Is an awesome app. Im still giving it 5 stars despite the once in a while glitches ; like having to refill in payment , shipping info that is already saved to your NIKE profile , and getting error message your first attempt to purchase exact when it drops. Honestly thats with any sneaker related website or apps apart of the sneaker game when everyone is trying to get the same sneaker..Version: 2.8.3

Honest opinionIt’s a great concept I’m not even going to lie but the execution is flawed. Truly the only reason people even have this app is for a “chance” at hyped shoes. I’ve seen people literally beg, so rituals, basically anything they can think of for every release and not get one shoe while someone who barely opens the app gets exclusive access on top of hitting a good amount of shoes. It doesn’t seem to reward or even favor the the ones who’ve been using the app longest, watching the videos, etc… I can honestly make a snkrs account tomorrow and probably hit a few new releases just like that. Idk what the snkrs algorithm is but I truly believe this app needs a revamp. Where people who haven’t hit in over a year some even longer can finally get something opposed to Billy bob who just downloaded the app and is getting everything under the sun. I don’t get it but this app literally drives the resell market after the constant Ls.. Stock x will surely have your size smh..Version: 4.22.0

App has had problems since updateThis app has a tendency to make people either hate it or love it but that’s just how we gotta get the heat now a days. Frustrations aside taking an L on the app isn’t too painful, but waking up to not even be able to get in queue is terrible. Since the update the last 2 times I’ve woken up at 7 I was first greeted with “problem with payment information” along with the screen freezing on the “submit order screen”. Keep in mind I haven’t changed the shipping or payment information, I shrugged it off as a glitch and said let’s try tomorrow. Woke up this Saturday to try for the Notres and another glitch but this time with my shipping info. I don’t mind taking an L on the app, but not even being able to try and losing out on bonus sleep for the weekend makes the current version of the app unusable. Please fix the bugs so everyone can try, or just let the resellers keep driving your market..Version: 4.13.0

Too susceptible to bots; too many bugsBots absolutely destroy this Nike app — I think more than any other other sneaker app available or online site, Adidas, finish line, etc. — and the number of bugs it regularly has to fix are insane. On a hyped release?...forget about it. 9/10 the site/app is more likely to crash than for you to actually secure a pair. Matter of fact, on a hype release, you should probably hope for an app/site-wide crash. That’d actually increase your odds of getting a pair (not your size, necessarily, but A Can’t even simply input online gift card information without expecting delays, or entire resets, on said information upon trying to check out. Kind of a joke at this point. You’d expect more out of a major company like Nike, at least after this amount of time has passed since the app has been out. Disappointing..Version: 3.12.0

Great App, ButThey should definitely implement a full proof way of making sure that 1 person can have 1 SNKRS Account. Bots have some how found their way into this app and what I mentioned earlier is part of that problem so I’m hoping they’re on it. The app runs pretty smooth in itself, However getting anything on the app has become extremely hard because of the growing sneaker community, hopefully this app will introduce pre-ordering some exclusive and general releases. You know a window opened for 5 mins That way there’s more happy customers, more product in the hands of real sneaker enthusiasts, Nike creates exactly what they need and collects every dollar they can make instead of allowing both the resale and replica market to diminish their fans interest. Great for getting tapped in with your everyday Nikes.Version: 4.22.0

SNKRS app TruthOk so let’s all not pretend that bots have a super advantage over us normal human sneaker head. The question here is how do we adapt and overcome? I have hoped in the past that Nike would fix this problem but so far no luck. 🦗’s. So you have to wonder how do we get this super dope heat without paying 3x to 4x cost? Yeah, still trying to figure that out myself! But in the meantime this is the best app out there for true heat at retail. Now a little heads up for you so you don’t get your hopes and dreams crushed out the gate. If it’s a super limited release like say the Supreme AF1 or Tinker JTH III you can forget it bots bots bots. But Air Jordan 13 White/Royal Blue or say Air Jordan 9 breads you will cop if you do your homework and are ready to go at release time. So with that said I would highly recommend this APP it beats going to your local mall and dealing with all that work. 😎 Sincerely your Dope af Sneaker Head..Version: 3.2.0

Extremely frustratedI have entered almost every draw for the past year and never win. Also the SNKRS reservations are rigged. As soon as u click on it everything is sold out. No one‘s fingers are there fast. U can’t even pick a size. How can That be possible in less than a second. It’s not fair that if I want any exclusive nice sneaker I have to pay 2 to 3 times reseller prices. I’ve been buying Nike my whole life but can never get the sneakers I really want. Everyone should get a chance. My friend won the vapor max draw twice on a draw in a row. If everyone gets an opportunity how does he win twice in a row and I can never win. Their needs to be a better system or make more to meet demands and stop making these low level crappy sneakers. You can’t even buy a nice sneaker at footlocker anymore. Everything sold out before hits the shelf..Version: 3.3.3

NOT Fair for regular customers !I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SOME SUPER NICE DROPS I HAVE HAD A Account with this app for some time now and for the fact that i miss so manny kicks is just insane I follow all the rules but nike can’t get it rite with loyal customers versus bots so you push people to play the game to try to get what ever so you can go on goat or StockX toHopefully make enough money to buy the shoe that they were supposed to hit on this app IF YOU LOOK AT MY ACCOUNT I HAVE HIT SLME NICE STUFF WITCH IM SUPER GRATEFUL FOR BUT WHEN SUPER NICE DROPS COME I HIT ONE TIME OFF THIS APP which was the original Travis Scott ones after that never hit a big shoe again on top of exclusive access even with that i never get. friends of mine get it all the time and even miss and still get more exclusive access. PLEASE EVALUATE MY ACCOUNT !!!! I deserve better for being a super loyal customer.Version: 4.22.0

Fix notificationsOverall your app is really good. There is just a few things that need to get fixed. 1. Fix your notifications when you push back a draw for a shoe. For example, the Red Championship Dunk Lows were supposed to be a raffle on Tuesday Sept 28, I got a notification for the time and when I opened the app they weren't there. Go to the upcoming and see they got pushed back to today the 30th. I would like to either get a second notification on the day they actually draw or telling me that you guys changed the day at the last second or both. And 2. Fix your draws and availables. The past couple of draws I have been weren’t actual draws but could just purchase right there. I went in to put in a draw for a shoe I wanted and the draw just changed to available at the time of the draw and I missed out on the shoes..Version: 4.23.0

Top Rated SNKR AppThis application is awesome no doubt. I’ve literally had to limit my hours of scrolling the SNKRS feed. My only gripe is the Drawings and that “Frozen Processing” screen. I won my first draft and haven’t won since. That seems to be a trend from talks I’ve had with others. As well as the hypest drops where I literally click BUY NOW AT 10am and my screen says processing for 20 minutes not allowing me a purchase and then finally refreshes to SOLD OUT 😰😢. That’s basically a mock drawing, might as well set it up as such on those drops. I’m humble though. If I don’t win I just plan for the next release. What may hurt the most of all is that I’ve spent so much on this app and still do not get offered ALL THE SHOCK DROPS/SNKR Pass Events. I literally get notifications and when I head to SNKRS the shoes isn’t even available. Idk who controls the shock drop/SNKRS pass offers but I should definitely be privy’d to ALL ACCESS..Version: 4.6.0

Come on Nike pls fix this AppLiterally been spending money with Nike as a true collector for over 15 years personally and I barley win anything on here or get any type of exclusive access since I’ve made a return on some shoes they sent 3 sizes to small. Which was Nikes fault but ever since I did that it’s like I’ve lost all my points and privileges for the hundreds of thousands I’ve spend at retail with them over the years. They need to revamp this system because I’m sure I’m not the only whose experienced this and still do. I’m lucky to get anything now. Only the members access shoes and merchandise seem to keep me feeling special or like they truly appreciate my business. I just want access again and for them to fix their mistakes on the app. The bots are pretty bad as well which is why not having them look into ppls account when they truly have a problem matters to us true loyal customers..Version: 4.24.2

SNKRS App is 🥶I got a love-hate relationship with the SNKRS App. I love that you actually have a chance to get some of the hottest sneaks out there, especially without having to go to a store. I hate some of the glitches or perceived glitches on my part at times with SNKRS falling off and coming back on. I like that the SNKRS App has re-releases and stories. I hate that I miss out on the some of the sneaks I want… lol… but that’s just because like any guy who loves sneakers you wanna catch them all. But it is my preferred platform. If I could make a recommendation or two. I think Nike should do two things. One, make it so that you can automatically set your shipping speed (i.e. standard, two day, etc). And two add a feature so you can buy for your family (i.e. mens size, woman’s size & kids size for up to two kids in a particular run). Just my two pennies..Version: 4.32.1

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