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With Background Eraser you can easily remove background from your photos & save the transparent image in Png or Jpg format! The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps, such as "LINE camera", "PicsArt" to make a photomontage, Collage apps such as Papelook, Collage Creator, PicMix and many more.

- Advanced erasing tool like Target Area, Target Color, Brush Tool !
- Undo-Redo features!
- Restore/Reverse Tool!
- Save as Png or Jpg format!

So, what are you waiting for?Download while its free!

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Background Eraser -Erase Photo App Comments & Reviews

Background Eraser -Erase Photo Positive Reviews

Amazing App, just one suggestion!I downloaded this app years and years ago, and it’s been the only one I really like to use. The new update is really nice too, I like the new interface that puts the tools at the bottom instead of the sidebar. I do hope that the Target Color tool becomes more precise. For example, I’m currently working on an illustrated portrait. I wanted to erase the white background behind the portrait so I used the target color tool and it also erased the grey of the shirt and some of the peachy skin tone. Luckily the portrait has thick black linework so using the restore tool wasn’t difficult, but I can imagine in work where you may not have thick lines this could be frustrating. It would be amazing if there was a way to specify the colors for target erase via hexcode or maybe a color wheel, though that’d really only help people working with images that have simple backgrounds. I am also not a developer so I don’t know how much this would be asking of the devs. But this app is pretty much amazing otherwise, and I’m forever grateful it exists..Version: 2.6

A very good applicationApplication to use. So necessarily I have used this Background Eraser App to use for my application and it sounds really good. I rate it 4 starts because I had very big problems while using, First problem is when I start erasing my background it erases something else that I don’t want. Please fix this app, The next reason is that this app is KICKING my project, I create a project and it kicks me out! It doesn’t save. So please fix this, the last reason is that this has a lot of glitches but this app is so good thanks for making this app..Version: 2.8

Pixelated imagesI’ve used this app for a long time and paid for no ads feature for editing very small images. Tools are great. I do wish the color recognition when using the single tap eraser was more precise and didn’t erase any color close to the one you tap. For example when erasing black background, brown, maroon, blue, and purple will get erased as well. However, my real concern is my attempts when trying to edit normal sized pictures of higher quality. Not sure if this is an iOS update thing, but the app advertising editing normal pictures with good quality as well. Just a little confused what the issue may be with this. Aside from this, the app had been great..Version: 1.9

Unusable ProblemI’ve been using this app for maybe about 4 months from time to time for some projects for people. But one day I opened the app and started a project only for one of those “tap here to play game” ads came up. I have no problem with these ads because they are usually easy to skip. But because I am using an iPhone XR, the “X” to close the ad and continue to the actual project is ABOVE where my clock is. It’s a zone where no touch is recognized. Due to this it has made the app unusable for me. I genuinely cannot press the X to continue. I hope they read this and fix this problem so I won’t have to delete this application for another one but for now I’m using an alternative..Version: 2.8

Erase background with erasing pictureLike that it’s free but was wondering if their was a way to erase the background without erasing the picture? Some pictures are hard to get some parts of the background out would be nice to have a way to use the eraser to take the background out without worrying not to erase to picture or parts of the picture? But this is a nice app like the fact their isn’t no water mark👍🏽.Version: 1.9

Useful but...I really needed a background eraser for my Gachalife Videos but, everytime i do one, ONE picture, theres an ad. Yeah, I know, ads are in everything but, it’s annoying to see one EVERY SINGLE TIME i do ONE picture.I get it, you need the ads, but that many?? Other than the ads, everything is fine. Well, actually, whenever you erase the background or anything, it still leaves some color on the edges of the things you don’t erase... its sorta annoying. Anywho, its useful. Does its job, even if it does it sloppy..Version: 1.9

Love it but...This app is great and when I make it transparent it works, but then when the picture is saved as transparent background, it will save but then the next day the picture I saved no longer has a transparent background..Version: 2.1

Uhmmmm...So, I love this app. I’m a Gacha Tuber and I needed a top quality background eraser, so I got this app. I like it, of course, but what I don’t like is that the pictures are not that good quality, so it’s hard to erase the background without erasing the little character. Also, what’s frustrating is that when I put the picture into my editing app, the picture has a small white border surrounding the character, which is stupid, honestly. I would rate this app 5 stars if only you would fix these issues..Version: 1.9

Best of the bestThis app not only gives you great results, it doesn’t bombard you with ads. there’s multiple options to cut the background from a photo, and it’s my ultimate go-to for editing photos. it’s the closest thing I have to photoshop. I love this app, but lately it’s been freezing and shutting down my phone when I go to save a photo. I don’t know if it’s a new update or whatnot, but I’d love it fixed because this app is truly the greatest..Version: 1.9

Liked, but now a glitchI really liked this app until I upgraded recently to an iPhone 11. I have the free version so there are ads. When an ad for a game comes up, I can no longer close it to use the original app! The x that’s supposed to do that is half hidden in the top left corner of the phone and is unresponsive to fingers and my stylus. So it’s pretty much useless until that bug is fixed. I deleted and reinstalled the app last night so it’s not in need of an update..Version: 2.8

Very usefulI’ve been using this app quite a lot and found it very useful. The more I use it, the more proficient I become and the more I appreciate its features. I am thinking of upgrading it to access the full features, but am just not sure what they are...the black and White Mask feature, for example. I wish there was more information about it, and it is not listed in the developer’s website. But to me, this is the best app of its type around..Version: 1.9

Worth gettingI love this app. It is one of the best I’ve found (& I’ve tried more background eraser apps than I can remember). There are 2 features that are missing that would make this app perfect. Those are the ability to refine and smooth the edges and hair (you know those little wisps of hair that don’t lay flat against & if you erase them, the person’s head/hair doesn’t look quite right?).Version: 1.9

Good, but too much adsI love this app and it works really well but there is way too many ads. I’m using the lasso tool and an ad pops in ruining my crop in an instant. It seems like the longer I use the app the more ads I get. It’s so annoying. I understand a couple ads but it’s way too much. Other than that the tools are great and useful. They help me a lot with my edits..Version: 1.9

What happened?I loved this app and used it a lot, with this new update everything changed. Everything looked nicer, but I can no longer convert my image to a png image, If I tried to it will just make a jpg. Please fix this if you can.Version: 2.4

Awesome App, especially with some....PRACTICE! This is an extremely useful app, but it does require some practice time to get the hang of how the tools work. I'll probably go for the $4 in app purchase, which unlocks a few more tools and gets rid of ads. The other good point about this app is you're not bombarded with ads! Good job Kite Studios!.Version: 1.9

Navigating the appThis was so easy a caveman could do it, literally. Download the app, upload a logo, taped target color and magic. I edited and saved the logo the way I wanted it in less time than it took to upload the app. If you are doing small projects or quick png formats this is definitely your app..Version: 2.5

First time an app had me look for its pro versionWhat a brilliant intuitive tool I've been looking for something like this and after countless apps including the likes of photoshop this is definitely my number one..Version: 2.8

A very powerful app for photo editingFinally the new auto erase feature which i wanted for so long. Multiple layer editing is a very useful addition. The clean interface makes the app very easy to use. I'm loving it. 👌.Version: 2.5

Good AppThis is really a more than 1 use app, it really works really easy to use, also ignore those people that say " u need to buy the app to Customize your own pictures " that people don't know how to use the app..Version: 1.9

Less powerful than advertisedPrepare to be underwhelmed. After you are bombarded with ads and pay walls, you’ll find this is fairly lacking. The edges are jagged and there are other apps that cost less that do way more. Would not have left a review if there weren’t so many ads in the first 30 seconds..Version: 2.1

Pretty good!This is very helpful to make edits and thumbnails! I saw someone say “I couldn’t save the pictures!” You could so don’t think you can’t! It is absolutely helpful and fun when your bored I love it but if you could do more than one picture at a time that would be amazing! 4 STARS!!.Version: 1.9

Update no longer usefulThis my first review of any app. Ever! Recently updated. I have been very happy with previous version(s) of this app. I have used it frequently. No longer. I can no longer find the menu of tools that I came to depend upon. I’m going shopping..Version: 2.4

BEST ERASER HANDS DOWN!I have tried several different erasers in the last week. None of them was this simple and easy to use as this app. It was precise and simple to use I was so amazed how sharp my images came out. Your money is well spent here!.Version: 1.9

HardSomeone should take me through how to change the background perfectly.. I am having hard time doing that ..Version: 2.6

Overall pretty goodIt works fast, which is good, but for some reason when I select, for example, a grey background, the grey in the eyes and sometimes skin get erased too. Also, I don’t like how you need to pay to get multiple layers, and you can’t switch the photo in a project. But it was overall pretty good..Version: 2.4

Erase background in a minute!I liked the app al lot, specially the new update. Multiple layer and high resolution output are my favourite. I can also save the transparent photo as png and jpg. Liked the feather feature too. Smooth erasing is a must one..Version: 2.4

Super easy to useThis a great simple app. Fantastic amount of ads and almost every time you want to do another picture it wants you to buy something..Version: 1.8

This is just great!Personally I think this a great app. 1: The is not that much pop ads at all. 2: This helped me a lot. 3: It was better then the one I had before. I highly recommend it..Version: 2.6

UGHHHHI don't get why I can't just automatically choose one of my photos and I have to buy stuff And I have to do a Hot Air Ballon first and I can't do my photos without buying it. It's really frustrating.Version: 1.8

Best fun appIt makes the pictures better. Let’s you have fun and the more you use it the better you get. Like other viewers I’d like to save since I bought the app..Version: 1.9

It's okWhen I first got this app it worked amazing and perfect but as the day progressed and I went back to making things transparent I began to notice that a white border began to appear around every transparent image. It went from flawless to something I can't fix. Developers please help.Version: 1.9

Very good but...This app is SUPER GOOD but the images are way to pixelated maybe you can try to do something like less pixilated if you can because I use Pixomatic and when I do a text and put a font the go to erase the background it’s just all sloppy and just big squares.Version: 2.4

Keeps crashingI love this app when it works how it’s supposed to. Right now it just keep crashing and I can’t finish my projects. When it works well it’s super easy to use and a really simple way to eliminate backgrounds..Version: 1.9

Used to be goodHate the update but still love it.Version: 2.4

A great app but hard to figure out after update.I love this app and use it all the time. After one of your updates a few months ago, the look of the app was totally different and it took me quite awhile to figure out how to use it again. I was very disappointed for awhile because I couldn’t figure out what to do to make it work like it had before. Had I not used it many times in the past I don’t think I could have figured it out... If I remember correctly, there used to be a quick tutorial somewhere when you opened the app to show how to use it. I think it would be VERY HELPFUL to include a tutorial again for those who are new to using it..Version: 2.6

Old Version is BetterThis App is absolutely amazing! Except this new update does not feel like an improvement. Don’t get me wrong these new features are great, but it just makes it so much more difficult to use. Before I could change images on the fly, and it was so easy and fun. Now when you go back you have to watch an ad, and the new system where it saves your pictures isn’t that beneficial either. I really hope you bring the simplicity and flow of the old version back!.Version: 2.6

Very good app,Easy to use!.Version: 2.6

Candy leeThe eraser is so satisfying to use this game is underated:3.Version: 2.6

Wow awesome updatesI was amazed today , new tools and some of the older that I liked alot.Version: 2.5

Was a great appThis app has worked great until now. I save photo with transparent background then go to my PicsArt app and it has a white background.Version: 2.1

Amazing!!I use this app almost everyday for everything I do at work. It’s easy & quick. Love it!!.Version: 2.3

Best app I have used to make photos transparent!Amazingly easy to use! I am not tech enough to use photo shop editors that make you edit layers, etc. I also found it easy to manoeuver around the smallest edges! Much easier in this app on my phone than in photo editing software on my PC using my mouse..Version: 2.1

Facile et efficaceJ’adore! On peut facilement faire une image sans fond ou sur fond blanc..Version: 2.1

It helps me so muchI love it cause I can use it for many things.Version: 2.1

Follow the tutorial, really great!Using the magnifier and bullseye helps to erase big chunks of the image. You’ve erased to much, not a problem, with the pencil you can restore those areas. So much more! Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.1

Amazing photo eraser app!This is the most greatest eraser app that I’ve got in a while, this app is amazing for erasing / editing your photos to improve and design an amazing photo! I recommend this great app to and for anyone that’s needs help to eraser / edit you’re own great photo. Five stars for sure!.Version: 2.1

HiI like this app, but recently when I have been trying to get a transparent background, but when I add it into KineMaster, is has a white background and I have tried 6 times..Version: 2.1

AmazingA great app.Version: 1.9

I guess?So I downloaded this a long time ago but I didn’t even see any save button, so I had to use IbisPaint to cut out the background. Now I understand about this app more and I know how to save.Version: 2.1

Best app ever!I really enjoy working with this very quick to learn and easy to use app!.Version: 2.0

I love it!I think it’s a great app overall and at start it’s tricky to figure out what to do but after you get the hang of it it’s so easy and has helped me edit a lot!.Version: 1.9

It is really goodIf it’s hard for you with the eraser try the magnify thing sorry I don’t know how to say it.Version: 1.9

The best App out thereThis is absolutely the best app out there. it’s so easy to use, and it gets right to the point. the features make it so easy to use. i would 100% recommend this app..Version: 1.9

How?Umm how to i make the background black.Version: 1.9

Works very well to remove a background!I use it on my iPad, and it reacts like it only handles iPhone photo formats, so it will not give you a working screen in landscape mode, but rather it gives a portrait frame laying on it's side (on the iPad). It would be wonderful if you tweaked this a bit for the iPad because that's the hw of choice for creating art. I'll give you five stars if you fix it, and also a hug..Version: 1.9

It goodI like how like you can target the place for the picture 👍.Version: 1.9

GgGg.Version: 1.9

Good appThis app is good.Version: 1.9

Perfect!I use this for all my montages and it's perfect. Simple, but exactly what I need..Version: 1.9

This is the easiest app everI tried many apps before but, this app is the easiest app i used and has more options than other apps... im in love withthis app.Version: 1.8

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