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HBO Max is a premium streaming app that combines all of HBO with even more must-see TV series, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Max Originals.

With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, we’ve got something for everyone in your family. So kick back in your comfiest loungewear and find your next favorite from one of our curated hubs including DC, the Cartoon Network Collection, Classics curated by TCM, Sesame Workshop, and more.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:
• All of HBO with even more critically-acclaimed movies, binge-worthy TV series, and all-new Max Originals
• Bingeable collections hand-picked by our editorial experts—not robots.
• One-of-a-kind kids experience with flexible parental controls.
• HBO Max Hubs devoted to beloved brands including the Adult Swim Collection, the Cartoon Network Collection, Looney Tunes, Studio Ghibli, Classics curated by TCM, Crunchyroll, and more.
• Download episodes and movies to your phone or tablet to watch offline, anytime.
• Up to five viewer profiles with customizable profile images.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App Comments & Reviews

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Positive Reviews

Great catalogue , super buggy app thoFirst the good. This streaming service really delivers for the price as far as content goes. The overall selection of movies and shows contains more a list movies than any of the other services and it’s not filled with overflow of b movies most other services seem to offer. Of course the HBO original content is always top bar. Hard to complain about the quality of material on here. Overall the movies stream just fine on my roku and iPad, and I don’t have blazing fast top dollar internet either. Second, the bad. Man this app feels real buggy. The app loads slow, changing between genres loads slow(like one of those webpages with way too many advertisements on it). Even accessing the basic navigation moves slow. Every click left, right up or down just takes a minute to register, and once it does it fires off how ever many times you click, so only click the arrow once, then just wait for it to catch up. Finally I do not even attempt to watch trailers anymore, as it always crashes my roku. I sure hope HBO is tackling these issues as it seems I am not the only one. Again I will say, I have no issues when it comes to the steaming of movies and shows, which to me is the most important thing. But for a premium app that’s in the $13 a month ballpark I would expect a better overall product. Adding a scene selection feature to movies would be very nice too..Version: 50.20.0

Love the content, but the app leaves much to be desiredI really like the content on HBO Max. They have great original shows and movies as well as a lot of popular releases. My only grievance lies with the app. Across all platforms (Xbox, iPhone/iPad, Samsung TV) I consistently receive messages saying the content cannot be played (often times while the show or movie continues to play). I do everything short of uninstalling and reinstalling the app because that can be a massive inconvenience (not trying to do that while exercising, for example), and often I continue to get the error even after multiple restarts. Also, the UI is not the best - it takes some trial and error to figure out how to get to the point where you can choose a season of a show for example. There are also some other, more tolerable issues such as when l download things and try to play them it says I’m not connected to wifi (the whole reason I download is to watch off wifi as I assume is the case for most), long load/buffer times or just randomly logging me out. Again, highly recommend the content and this review would easily be 5 stars if the app itself didn’t need as much work as it does..Version: 50.25.0

Good content, bad User interfaceSorry HBO I really love your shows, but here are the things I have issues with your App and your Xbox One version of the app (it seems like others are having a problem with this too, like Ps4) My List- this is always a great function in a streaming service. When it’s accessible... My List does not always appear in HBO Max. Additionally doesn’t not list all the things you’ve added to it when it does. This is frustrating for people who are trying to watch something they have added, only to have to search for it again. Big no no. Episode Selection- watching a show sometimes you miss something, wether you got busy around the house or fell asleep, I know I can find the episodes.. if I search for it again. But unlike other apps I can’t select another episode from the episode I’m in. For example. Netflix on the Xbox, or PlayStation. While watching an episode you can hit (X on Xbox) (square on PS) to view the episode list. Why do I need to search it again. All in all I respect the Swift Roll-Out for HBO Max, and switching the subscriptions from HBO to HBO Max. But the Max App for Console and Phone is MISSING vital features to a streaming service. I highly suggest fixing these issues because I don’t want to see your app use slow down or disappear all together. Even after a boost in advertisements, not having these functions could end the popularity of your service. Please consider these thoughts and I hope to look forward to these changes..Version: 50.3

Much better! ..... Still no Roku language optionUpdate: Much better interface. On my phone and tablet it gives me the option to choose finally a different language. The new movies and shows recently released in the past few months made me resubscribe to HBO Max. Only thing that is a hassle and ONLY way I can view the majority of shows and movies in Spanish. Is by Airplay, and sending it to my Roku connected to my tv. Wish HBO Max could finally update their app on Roku and give me an option to do it in screen on the HBO Max app. Plus the ability to share a link to a movies or shows that you want to recommend to someone to check out would be awesome as well! Old: I have to say they have improved the app gradually. Which is nice. Now I can watch “The wire” with family and it has Spanish audio and subtitles which is a huge plus. I think more of the Latino/ Hispanic crowd will be happy now having that option on some series/movies..Version: 50.20.0

Good, but missed the basicsI enjoy the content in the app, lots to watch and browsing experience is pretty good once you figure it out. Easy to manage and streaming quality is good. One gripe I do get is the lack of “zoom” or “double tap” to fill the screen on iPhones. Currently when watching movies like Mortal Kombat or Godzilla vs Kong, the view is tiny. The screen has black borders all around the movie, which is undesirable. One workaround I’ve found is setting the phone to low power mode, which for an inexplicable reason makes the view larger, filling up quite a bit of the unused black borders. It is still not as good as a tap-to-fill feature could be, as it still doesn’t use the entire screen of the iPhone 11 Pro Max that I use to watch my media, but it is better than nothing. I’m giving it 4 stars, but in reality it deserves 3.5 stars. I barely encounter any bugs, but the lack of such a basic feature that every other streaming service has is disappointing..Version: 50.25.3

Functionality not quite thereThe app seems to work for the most part, but I don’t like a few things: it seems weird that when I click on something in the continue watching section, there is no way for me to pick another episode from there. It seemed I had to go to the search option to find the show and THEN I could pick the episode I wanted, rather than where I left off (I often fall asleep while it’s on auto play and have to go back.) Also, it keeps giving me the cellular warning over and over, even tho I’ve turned that fiction off in the settings. One time it changed my setting for streaming with cellular data, and wouldn’t play at all until I switched the setting back. So weird. One more comment, why does the iPhone app allow you to jump ahead 15 seconds but the browser version on my computer does not? All in all the app is okay, and I like the extra content as compared to HBO now. But why the separate version of HBO? Just come out with one for goodness sake!.Version: 50.1

Great with a few problems...First off I love the selection, I can finally watch all of New Who in order, I've been able to rewatch a lot of my favorite shows and movies. (Except for GoT I'm never watching that 😂) Overall selection wise the app is amazing on both my phone and TV. However there are few issues I have with the app too the biggest being the UI, I find it difficult to rewind and start over an episode or movie. So my suggestion would be to rework the UI both for the main menu and when you're currently watching an episode. Other than that Max is my favorite platform due to the great selection of shows and movies that I like as well as movies I've never seen, I feel like I could watch two new movies a day and never run out of stuff to watch. Overall I give it a 9.5/10 the only downside is the UI, if it gets changed it will have a perfect score ok n my books..Version: 50.15.1

Constant crashing on Apple TVStarted a few weeks ago. Captions should come on by default, as they always did before, but now 1. They don’t come on, maybe once out of every 20 reboots, and 2. When they do turn on, they are in Spanish or Portugese, and 3. When I turn them on while watching, the app crashes. I reboot the Apple TV and hope for the best. HBOMax “help” doesn’t address this issue at all, and when I tried to send a message, guess what happened? Yes, the help website crashed. So, no help. It works fine on both iPhone and ipad, btw, so it’s not my network connection or speed. Everything else on Apple TV works fine, including captions. (I’m hearing impaired) and I have un- and reinstalled it, and also reset Apple TV and reloaded from scratch. Hope somebody sees this here, as I have no other options left. Update, a few days later: It suddenly works, so I’m guessing a little update/patch just went out. So it’s either a happy coincidence, or, Thanks, HBO!.Version: 50.20.0

Great selection and quality, buggy app.Using the app on my roku tv is fine and the quality and selection of the tv shows and movies is great my only real issue is when I have to download a series I really like or want to get into when I’m going to be away from a service area. The app version on my mobile phone is buggy. It takes a long time for any movement or selection to register and it will register how ever many times I clicked it so best to click things once and wait for it to happen. And when downloading things I try to download multiple episodes at once it will crash and not save anything so I have to restart. Best thing to do is to click download ONCE, one at a time (for movies or tv episodes) and wait for the one thing to finish downloading and then click the next one. I don’t have a problem like this with any other streaming service app and I feel as though HBO for their price range needs to step up their game as far as ease of use and accessibility of their app..Version: 50.25.3

Broken downloads featureFor the most part, this is a decent app. The content is great, of course. Download management is poorly designed. Currently you must click edit, then scroll through your list, X out the download you don’t want, then scroll back up and click Done. It’s a lot of real estate to go through. Secondly, downloads don’t play on their own off of the phone unless the phone is taken off network. So if I have a slow or poor internet connection, shows don’t play immediately or at all, and I suspect that they’re eating data instead of playing off of my phone. Downloads only play well in these circumstances if I set the phone to Airplane mode. Finally, the Renew option doesn’t work. If I click on the exclamation point to renew, I get a dialog to Renew or Cancel. Click on Renew and nothing happens; no shows or movies renew. I can only get them back if I delete and redownload them. Like I said, it’s a decent app, but this part proves to be a frustrating experience..Version: 50.4.0

The Wind Rises BugThere's something wrong with "The Wind Rises" ghibli movie. You can't watch the english version on the PlayStation app at all(it literally will never start, I tried everything possible.), and when you try playing the English version on IOS it plays the movie in a different language with no subtitles. In conclusion you can't watch the English version of this movie on HBOmax at all, hopefully this isn't the case for some other Ghibli movies, but it seems unlikely since i've watched most of them on HBO already. Sad I'm forced to buy this movie digitally now. update: When I played "The Wind Rises" on mobile, the movie actually was in english, it just happened to be a complete coincidence that I skipped to a part where they were speaking French, not English. So since I never watched the movie I automatically assumed it wasn't in English. It's true the movie wasn't working on Playstation when I tried watching it in English, but it started working again the next day for some reason..Version: 50.30.1

What’s up with the console versionsI love HBO max use it every day I usually fall asleep watching impractical jokers nightly only problem with that is the console version runs so bad more often than not when I’m watching on my ps5 it just randomly stops playing and when I rewind to try and let it buffer a little the bar goes out of whack and starts from the beginning with the bar showing it’s halfway through the show usually I have to reboot the app and that same problem still occurs after only barely watching 1 episode when it comes to my PlayStation I bought to media remote to quickly switch to other apps or games with it but the fact that if I wanna watch anything without issues I have to get my other remote for my tv and go on HBO max on theor that is very inconvenient for me considering I have it on my play station and I use it for everything this has to be fixed asap but I don’t see any effort being put in come on guys.Version: 50.10.2

NiceSo, I’ve been using HBO Max since May and I love it. Everyone is talking about glitches, but it hasn’t glitches for me once. The content is PHENOMENAL! They have an incredible collection of movies and TV shows! The UI is not bad, although it could be a bit smoother on the firestick. Update: Ok, so yeah, the app does have some annoying bugs. Sometimes, in the middle of a movie or show, it will say “Oops, we can not play this right now” and makes you restart even though the media is still playing in the background. Also, idk what it’s called, but when you hold the dot to scroll to a certain part in an episode or movie, it’s HORRIBLE! That needs MAJOR fixing. I try to scroll but it like stops at a certain point on its own and is just overall very glitchy. When all this is fixed, I will for sure update my review. Update 2: Alright, it seems like they somewhat fixed the scrolling issue so that’s good.Version: 50.30.1

The Infinity TrainPlease please please keep making more Infinity Train, it’s many people’s favorites on this app. I heard that it might not get a 4th season because people might now be willing to buy HBO Max for it, so other people might pirate the show. One of the reasons why people will pirate is because they’re not willing to pay that much money for another streaming service, but also because HBO Max isn’t available in other countries. Many people from other countries really want to buy HBO Max and watch the content, but it’s not available to them and you may not see the numbers you want to see on series like The Infinity Train, so if it could be more accessible to more people, more people might buy this streaming service. Edit: ok, so I got the app working, but pleaseeeee keep The Infinity Train going. Lots of kids can relate to the struggles of the characters, and it’s so well done. Edit: I got into Studio Ghibli and I’m so glad you have it on your app. Good content.Version: 50.6.0

Wonderful way to adapt to the changing world!!!HBOMax has given us the ability to see the new releases without having to risk exposure in the current world environment. While I do hope that this changes and we are able to be back out and about to movie theatres and such, I think that this product is such a wonderful idea and have heard from many who have challenges getting out in the world that this is a GREAT way of being able to keep up with current movies as well. This is a wonderful idea and should be continued...they should provide for ratings higher than 5 when something like this, an adaptation for a changing world, provides a new and accessible way to reach out the communities in the world that are unable to get out and about with ease. Great idea, and I hope that you keep up the innovations, and incredible service..Version: 50.25.0

Great shows but app is horrible, especially the Apple TV versionThe Apple TV app is highly glitchy. After an episode, when you select the next episode it has never played the second one without issues. It either takes too long to load or comes back to Apple TV homepage. The app always has to be closed and reopened to watch next episode. Big issue for me since I watch most of shows on TV rather than tablet or phone. When one tries to fast forward it is never smooth and there’s a lag between video and audio (which gets corrected but still not ideal). Multiple times even after closing and reopening app, the episode doesn’t load fast enough (load time almost 45-60 sec). Not an internet issue since other streaming service videos open without the delay. It’s the most expensive streaming service. Standard has got to be better from an app standpoint. If not Netflix, at least aim to be as good as Peacock..Version: 50.25.3

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