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Toca Life: City Customer Service

Welcome to Toca Life: City, a metropolis filled with everyday fun! Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures — there’s something in every corner!

Thanks to the great response to Toca Town, we're bringing you Toca Life — a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. First out in the series is Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City!

Try, experiment and customize. It’s time to get creative in Toca Life: City! Change outfits, dye your hair any color and switch hairstyles in the Hair 3000! There are millions of ways to personalize the characters — we dare you to create them all.

Say hi to 6 locations and 34 characters! Go shopping at the mall, grab a bite to eat at the food park or invite friends over to your loft. Characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be transported between locations.

Record and play with the new recording feature! Create stories and record, save the video to your camera roll before sharing with your friends. What are your friends in Toca Life: City doing today? You decide!

- 6 locations to explore: loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon, food park, theatre and tailor
- 35 characters that are customizable in over 4 million ways!
- 47 hairstyles to test, 37 colors to choose from and various outfits to try on
- 7 different food stands at the food park — have some sushi with your burger and try the famous fish ‘n chips!
- Shop for clothes, kitchenware, pets, toys and groceries at the mall
- Write a play and perform it at the theatre
- Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
- More fun videos and games for the TV
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

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At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Toca Life: City App Comments & Reviews

Toca Life: City Positive Reviews

It's amazing. But...So I was so excited to play this app when I bought it. I still love it. But when I went to the reviews for fun, I saw that Toca World has ALL the locations for FREE, plus one. This disappointed me, because I bought this app with some of my Christmas money, and I basically wasted it. I can't figure out how to contact Toca or I would, so I can get a refund, because in another review I saw it says that deleting the app for a refund does not work. If the developers contact me (or my mom) about the refund, I will most likely just get the hospital toca, so no need to worry about me spending my money on another company (other than animal jam). Please help! PS my family still loves ur games keep making more!! I love the mansion, wedding and fantasy ideas. I even have some ideas of my own. -toca tech: would have arcade, electronic store, a tech based apartment, and a movie making studio (secret could be robot) -toca woods: would have a scenic waterfall trail kinda like in the stables game, a camp site, a wood, and secret could be a dragon sloth -toca pirates: would have all pirate based characters, a ship, a beach, a tropical jungle, and a house boat. The secret could be a chest full of gems, a sloth mermaid, or a pirate shark.Version: 1.5.1

I have a toca life ideaThe name is toca life:world So I was thinking about all the world and how I wish they could connect but I know so many people have sent you reviews about that so I’m sending you my toca LIFE app idea it’s called toca life:world!!! There’s a houses you can pick one to be yours then each one comes with one room for parents a bunk bed room for kids a teen or grama bed room and a baby room/baby bed room and a kitchen were you can cook your food and a living room every house thas a different look but they all have those rooms and now the jumbo mall there’s a clothing store with so much clothes and then there’s a salon and spa were you can do your hair and pick your emotions, skin color, you can pick there face, and you can pick ther age and to keep people entertained they get older every 3 days and you can make them baby’s again at the spa/salon there’s also a school it’s smaller than the real school toca life but it’s good enough there’s a baby store and a restaurant we’re you can eat and there’s a drive through I’ll get to the car stuff later there’s a play ground too for kids and don’t forget the Shipley’s donuts restaurant for breakfast and actually get mail in the post office that’s even better than the one in toca city and did I mention you have a job it’s either artist or a bakery or other jobs you can come up with mabey a bisness man and last there’s a place called the road you create your self a car and you can use it on the road bye.Version: 1.5.1

Huge Toca Fan! Thinking of buying, read this!This is the review part of my review. Parents or whoever is buying this I’d recommended reading. So, this is game Toca City. It’s a series of Toca life games. I would say start of with this game. If your kid is 2-4, Try out Toca town first it’s easier. This game is full of fun action and actives that you can do or play with. You can make own person, make a family, or best of all make a story! There is a play where your kids have their people make a play, a small house where they can live, oh yeah we all the balcony where you can throw your stuff off of. There is a hair dresser, and tailor a mall with pets. It’s really amazing. So I hoped this helped to see if you want the game or not, it’s truly cute and wonderful it really spark imagination. :D My part. Ideas. This are really not for anybody but the devs and others who want to share them. I LOVE THE NEWS ABOUT TOCA WORLD! I have been dying to have this. Not just connect the worlds in this update can we have new homes and some disabled people? I’d like a huge home to added for my bed families, and maybe add some new Toca people. I really would like so more cute houses. Now, back to my ideas. I would say after Toca world. Toca neighborhood! There would be many houses apartments, and a zoo or you could just add these to the Toca world. I’m sure no dev’s red this but atleast I got to work on my typing skills..Version: 1.5.1

#love itHi I really love your games and I made another review on critical if you see it I am so sorry it's called glitchs but I really really really I'm sorry about that and I really really really really really love the game🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜💓💗💖💕 and I don't know if you are going to use this idea or not but I'm saying it anyways you should make one called toca boca restaurant I don't know if you already have this but yolo so when you get in you see 5 different places a home 3 restaurants and a abandoned restaurant for the 3 restaurants it should either be McDonald's,Chick-fil-A,canes,steak house,a Chinese restaurant ,Burger King,or any restaurant you want to create then the home is for if you want take out food you can go home two floors you can decorate it how you want and if you go outside of the restaurant you can go through a drive way and how to exit that is by a exit door button (like all the games duuu) then last of all the abandoned restaurant you can go in it and see all the garbage in side then you can redecorate the place with lots of stuff if you click a button that shows an items then there are lots of things to use so you can decorate the place and that's it I hope you read this and I hope you use it thank you..Version: 1.4

I have a Idea 🤗🤗🤗I have a great idea!!! So you should make another toca life game where you can type in each characters name and it will show up above the character and you can also change the age of the characters in between, teen, toddler, adult, and elderly person. Me and my sis love this game so much, we just wish we could play together on the same world so maybe you could add a multiplayer option where it allows devices that are connected to the same wifi as you to join you on your world. And I have a idea that for one of the new toca life games, and it would be called Toca Life: Medieval. The game would have knight costumes and princess costumes and all these other great stuff like a castle and a lake with mermaids and a forest with fairies! And another game idea would be Toca Life: Hollywood, it would take place in LA (obvi) and there would be a jewelry store that has diamond necklaces, and earrings, bracelets, Etc. also in the game there would be like designer gowns for red carpet walks and everything glamorous!!! I know it must be very hard to make these game series so I don't expect it to come out any time soon (or any time at all) but I check on the AppStore every day for your new releases on Toca Life games..Version: 1.4

OMG THX SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS FREESo back in the day, the only Toca Life game I had was Town. Town had fewer ppl and like 6 small places. And 16 characters. That's was about the dullest Toca Boca app ever. Needs work. But the reason why this review was made was to give a big thanks for making this free. I really liked the preview video and I was like "Wow this looks like an awesome sauce game!!" But back then this was about a $3.00 game. And all I had and still have was 12 cents in my account, and my parents don't go out and randomly buy App Store gift cards for me. So instead I got Town. Big mistake. Dullest app ever. (Except of course the farting noises when a character uses the potty. That was very funny.) But just today I went to the Store to update a few games and then I saw this game was FREE. Then my brain was like MIND. OFFICIALLY. BLOWN. Although I still don't get some of it, like whether or not you can interact with the hair salon tools and what is that ugly dark thing, because it gives me the creeps. But anyways thanks again so much and please make Vacation, School, and at least Hair Salon 3 free too cause they all look like interesting games and also thanks for releasing some TB clothing in Target they looks super cute!!.Version: 1.4

One tiny thing pleaseOk to start off just let me say one thing: I LOVE TOCA BOCA!!!! Thank you so much for making the games! Even though I wish they were a bit Cheaper I have a couple of the games and I love them! I just have one request I recently downloaded picabu vacation and even though it was cool, it definitely didn't add up to your game! Anyway on that game there are a couple cool things I think you should consider having in your game like in the picabu game you can change the weather from rainy to cloudy to sunshine and I think it would be amazing if you put that in your games also I know this a lot to ask especially b/c I know it's really hard to make these games but it would also be cool if for the coffee machines if they would run out of coffee beans and that you could refill it! And if maybe you could make the blender that you can buy from the store actually work! If you do all these things it would be great even though I don't really expect this thing to happen I just think it would be really cool! And I mean I can still be hopeful right? Anyway thank you so much for the games and I hope you consider my humble request!.Version: 1.4

Fun! but please add this!!!My friend and i are almost 15 years old and we love toca boca games! They are so much fun and give you so much creative power! Amazing apps, but as you know Toca Boca’s long time rival, My PlayHome has some convincing better features. First of all My PlayHome combines all the different apps you have purchased, so it’s one big world. I would love to see that in toca boca life games. My PlayHome also has partner play where you and a friend can be in the same game on different phones and interact with each other. I think this is an amazing feature and i would be so smitten as a kitten if this was on toca boca. Oh also please find a way for the characters to move without us having to drag them. It’s annoying and just looks stupid. Overall Toca Boca life games are really fun but if you guys can’t make these improvements and changes i will be bringing my business to My PlayHome instead. Thank you!.Version: 1.5.1

Love love love this gameThis game is awesome I would totally recommend it. And I have a suggestion in the toca baca world game why not make the app cost money like 30$ or less and then everything in the game is open because if the game cost money people will expect everything to be free inside so they will definitely buy it but when they see on the App Store the game is free so they will think they won’t have to pay for anything so they get it but they only have 9 locations which is disappointing because if there a poor family they can’t buy some of the locations so I think you should make the game cost money and make everything in it free because that would better than spectacular. If you have to make the game cost 50$ just please make everything free in the toca baca world because me and my sister are dying to get it and we don’t want to have to pay for everything that’s locked in the we would rather pay 50$ for the entire game then get the game free and have to buy the rest o& the locations in the game. From your biggest toca baca fan.Version: 1.6

Awesome and new game ideaOk, so can I just start off by saying that all of your games are amazing! Well the ones I have anyways, but I know from the ones I have currently that all of them are great! And about the new game idea, I think you should make one called Toca life: Cruise. Where there will be a total of 7 different areas. Like, a house, a boarding place where you board the ship, and on the ship will be rooms (at least 2 rooms), a place to eat, a pool, and a little place where you can slide off the ship and into the ocean and at the end of the cruise there will be (this is optional) another little island. Yes i do know that most cruises don’t go some where else but it would be cool. Oh and the secret is up to you! I like surprises. Plus can you add the thing when the food mixes into different foods like on toca life office?Because I think that it’s really cool! Well that’s all I have to say! Hope you liked reading! And I’m sorry if this was long, I just wanted to tell you before I forgot 😁. Oh and one last thing, can you add a mascot that you can dress up your character as? Sincerely, a Toca life fan. ❤️.Version: 1.4.1

[SUGGESTIONS] Love this game!Before I start to give suggestions I would just like to say that this game is amazing and probably my favorite Toca Boca game so far, but there is still more that this game could have. My first suggestion is to add more than one apartment. There should be a hallway with the doors that lead to all the other apartments. Another suggestion I have is to add streets. This could also be another way to enter buildings. Along with streets you could have new characters, stray animals, and maybe movable cars. My last suggestion is a spa. This doesn’t have to go in Toca city, but it would be a nice addition to the city. In the spa people and pets could relax after their long busy day in the city. Here you would be able to change your characters facial features. Now my last suggestion may not be possible, but I’ll share my idea anyway. I would call this one Toca World. It would be a way to take your characters from let’s say the city, all the way to the school. Anyway those are all my suggestions. Thanks for reading my suggestions. I hope some of my ideas make it in. This game is great!.Version: 1.4.1

Love it! But..... and ideas! Of new games!Wassup TB! Yeah it’s DJ Fluffy paws 🐾 i love this game but remember when you tried to find stuff for the mail place? I want it back!!! Because it’s super fun! And i wish the clues for it were much easier so that’s really all i wanted to say and remember all of the um like tb funeral and wedding PLEASE add it for a new game and maybe the zoo one be that looked like a good One and i have another game of tb in my mind drum roll please!!!......... TOCA BOCA SUPERHEROES! Like it has the characters like the flash Batman Superman Wonder Woman and the joker and other things like that and it also gave me an idea......... toca life: funeral i wanted to put ONE MORE thing in it i want heaven to be in it like where we’ll meet God and Jesus. Ok and back to the game i was also wondering about the other game that was on my mind and hv 1 more thing for the wedding one like the dance place where they dance and u know. Ok i was also thinking..... toca life: ............... don’t remember right now... oh yeah! Now i do! Toca life: high school - prom! Slash prom good? Ok I’m not doing my song this time see y’all dawg! Drop the mike! Oh wait! And maybe Toca Super Bowl!.Version: 1.4.1

Just a Little Ranting, sorry, luv you toca!Dear Toca Boca, 1) I read a lot of your comments and approve of most of your games. They are educational and improve all senses for creativity. I saw that you ,” every one of your comments...”, and find that slightly baloney. Do you really? Like, really? 🤔Eh, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. 2) I find it really aggravating that there is a lack of houses in your games. Usually there will be only one or two houses, and they are really small. Can you make a house with, like, an elevator or something that can take you to different rooms. Maybe you did and I don’t know, but I would like to assess a free game like that. Also can you work on baby clothes? Maybe add more hangers in your closets. I would like it if you could customize it a tiny bit more; make makeup, customize clothes with maybe allowing us choose color... AND MABEY A NEW CHARACTER WITH FACIAL HAIR! YOU HEAR ME! THERE IS ONLY ONE CHARACTER WITH FACIAL HAIR, TOCA! Sorry, just would like it with mabey more hair options... I will Right another request soon, but it’s really tense right now... 💜Cheesecake Child, 12 year’s old..Version: 1.4.1

PLEASE CONSIDER THISI would like you to know that I find the app very entertaining. Although there are a few things I would like for you to adjust. First, if you could make a series of apartments right next to each other, then my many characters could go into houses instead of their current homes (grocery store, storage shack, Chinese food court and much more). I also ask for the current apartment to be more detailed; more bedrooms (I have 3 siblings a mom and a dad), and a WOODEN porch (the other looks REAL beat up), and maybe more? I want you to add more pets as well; more dogs, more cats, rabbits, and fish. I recommend to you as well for you to add a REAL restaurant. I know that you have one in the town, but then...a food court is probably less wanted than a restaurant with food from different places. Right? Lastly, I would love it if you could add a combination of a zoo and aquarium. Animals rock! And a secret layer in the zoo that you could get to by going under a sewage cover whatchamacallit where some thieves trap animals and police need to grab them back! Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.4.1

Toca city is lifeI love toca city and I agree where is Brockosauras about everything he or she said and also I think that you should add new clothes to wear after to weeks like a toys "R" Us and thing for the babies like more clothes, bottles, cribs and many other things but the most important is that we can drive a car but also some app could be toca zoo where would be a map of the zoo and there will be places like the aquarium and the desert animals and Etc. or could do is have an airport in the center of the town there would be a house and a store then you would get on the airport and where would be the option at the airport to go to different destinations like the desert, China, space, Antarctica and so many other places the kids would have a fun time playing also I different destinations that would be gift shops and places to explore like in the desert you could see the pyramid and in Antarctica they will see how polar bears asked and they can see how Eskimo people live and in different places also help kids learn about things all over the world.Version: 1.4

PLEASE MAKE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!Toca Boca I'm nine and I love your apps and please make a Toca world where you can customize you own character and home. All the Toca life apps put together as one. There can be an airport in all the lands and you load the plane up and press the travel button and it asks you were you want to go. You press on the button of where you want to go and you're there. Also there should be a spot for horses and animals because of Toca stables. You should also be able to customize clothes with Toca tailor then you're outfits appear in the tailor in Toca city. You should also be able to design you character at the beginning of the game and there should be an option to go to a world where everyone can talk and play together through the game!!! I think this would be so cool. PLEASE MAKE THIS APP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.1

Love it but add something like...I love toca boca I have all of the pack that this comes in but I rlly like my charter from toca:pets so I think you should create toca: travel which you would have your own town with charters you design and you can travel to other apps if you have them here is the story a man created a town but wanted to go on vacation so he went but then got hurt by a crab and went to a hospital then decided he wanted a pet then went to a pet store in the city then one in another town then moved to another town. I also suggest a toca: myth so you can be a god(ess) or a dragon or a centaur or a giant etc. or humans which you could be a Viking or a Native American or a peasant or royalty in England and there is diffrent worlds for that so plz creator create those I know their highly recommended so plz read the comments I love toca boca apps so plz or maybe a toca world where you could go to diffrent countries and try diffrent things like in China you can visit the Great Wall so plz add those apps for free 🦄🐇🐉🐲🦉🕊🌈🇺🇸🏹💻🌃🌠🌠🎑🏞🌅🌇🌇🌄🌁🌆.Version: 1.4.1

On behalf of everyone who ❤️toca bocaOk so I have like a habit of reading the reviews and I totally agree with almost everybody else that says you guys should combine all of them or make a place where you can choose how to get to an app (like rent a car or go by train or by plane or ferry or boat or whatever).Also I think we should be able to connect with other people that play cause that would be suuuper cool👍🏼 also please make it cheaper or even free cause for an average kid it's hard to get allowance around here if you know what I mean right? Please read the other reviews of all your other T.Boca life apps cause they all have completely awesome ideas .I really love this app and I want to get the others so please make it cheaper .I LOVE LOVE LOVE TOCA BOCA so please listen to my and other people's ideas (like 🍍toca boca fan 🍉 when he / she reviewed your toca boca life hospital app)pretty pretty please me and hundreds others I think would agree Sincerely, #1TocaBoca Lover P.S when we heard this was free me and my brothers rushed to get it😄.Version: 1.4

I love your games!I totally love all your Toca life games, and I am super excited for Toca Life after school!!!! I can't wait to play it but city is still my favorite. If you could make more costumes in the theater area that would be AMAZING because I myself am I drama child and that's like the best part of the game for me and if you could make that area better that would mean the WORLD to me!!!!!!! Thanks for reading this if you even do and I know you probably won't. I also know how hard these games are to make and you probably aren't making updates for this anymore but I wanted to get this down on paper (or I guess screen) what I think should be in your game. I think another game that would be cool that I saw in another review was like a HollyWood themed Toca game. I think that this is a great idea and you should look into it. It takes place in HollyWood duh and it has a jewelry store and a film studio and a red carpet and a house and finally a dress shop. THANKS!!!!! I just want to say one more time that I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.1

Great gameDoes anyone else notice that with the update when u combine two food they still go into their smaller form, but they separate its kind of weird considering u may try to make bread with jam, but you eat the jam separate from the bread. Excuse the oddly long sentence. Other than that there are barely any glitches and it's an amazing gam that I love to play. Also I have another app suggestion for an addition to toca life. Maybe a toca mansion, where instead of tapping on places to go. You tap on the floor level u want to go too. On these floors could be kitchen, dining room, several bedrooms, maybe a library, another like place that you can click on could be like a large Garden with roses and things u can plant. I would love it if my idea came to life. Thank you for reading this. I would love it if you were to add a think to ur games when u an make ur own character. Like hair, skin tone, clothes, accessories. Like have a wardrobe button where you can go in and change ur clothes and stuff..Version: 1.4

Love the game but I have idea😋Okay I love this game and I have an idea how abut you can customize your own character with lots of stuff..and also you can play online and talk on chat with ppl plz and also can you also make the little toca boca ppl can drive cars and also make a huge water park with lots of slides and also make a lots of hair acssessories and if you have the time can you make toca boca life the game it has to have a lot of things in life and also let the player customize their house and character and name it to and also make a cute kitty pillow and a bunny book that says bunny for kids and can you also add more baby's and elders for grandmas and grandpas and also add more adults and teens plz and can you also make furniture for the teens because I need teen ppl plz and also make emotions for the toca boca ppl like my town and also make a big pink bow and blue glasses at the shop and also add a beach with whales lol sorry to much but also can you make some more hair..:).Version: 1.4

I love it sooo much! But one suggestionLove the toca life games! But I only have three, toca school, toca city, and toca vacation. And I have two suggestions, can you make the apartment have more rooms? Like you are at the top room, the one we already have, and then you scroll down and you see three or four more rooms and a breakfast cafe. And can you have a single house a little at the edge of the city with a second story floor with a crib for a baby, another bedroom, and a toy room or something. And can you pleassee make a toca life DISNEY WORLD. I just love Disney world so much and toca life, so of you combine them, I will buy it and love it. It could have rides like 'It's a small world' and 'big thunder mountain railroad,' and you know the shows like 'the voyage of the little mermaid?' You could do your own effects like water coming from the top of the stage!bye now! If you do the things I said I would be very happy(not like you have to.) Sorry for the extra-long review.😶.Version: 1.4

Cute!! SUGGESTIONS!!I think you should start by putting a hair salon and tailor( or just a lot of clothes) in each app, and be related to the theme of the app, because we all like to customize our players. A restaurant to work in, a prison for the criminals to stay(and also more work lol), and lastly, A WAY TO GET TO EACH APP FROM WITHIN ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the update with a bag and plane tickets is so fun, but you can't keep your character who is flying:(/////// You could do a plane for Toca vacation, a bus for Toca school, a tractor for the farm, a horse bus for the stable, and an ambulance for the hospital. But you could have these all at the end of the screen lined up, and the player clicks on them and it takes them to the next app, BUT, we still have our player that was in the last app. Another app has lots of apps, but you can get to each one with a car or a bus and it's great. This would be the ideal update that would make everyone buy all the apps lol!!!.Version: 1.4

Love It! Ideas?I have every single Toca Life game. Every. Single. One. ANYWAYS so I am about to get the newest one Toca Life: Office. But I have a few ideas....... •Toca Life: Travel I know there is vacation, but I saw this from another review and fell in love. Basically you can visit states like New York, Florida, Idaho- all 50 from the USA. There should be like shops and hotels, ya know, stuff like that, in every state. Maybe characters from the states with different looks and clothing expressing them self! •Toca Life: Carnival Like, a carnival! You can ride roller coasters, the merry go round, pirate ship, and more! Also play mini games, eat at food shops. Maybe face paint too? Actually this one is kind of iffy, I just thought of it! •Toca Life: Circus Like stable, theres a truck you can travel to different circuses and preform with your team. LOTS OF CHARACTERS. All of them dressed normally, but a building/lockeroom thingy magigy where you can put the ones you choose in costumes. You can tight rope, and shoot from the cannon. I dont know the rest, but those too! •Toca Life: Band Know how in every game theres like instruments you can play? Well, hoe about merging them all and more. Like melaphone susaphone baritone tuba flute clarinet saxophone trumpet french horn trombone violin guitar drums bells xylophone... as many as you can think of. And more than you can think of. Research. Sorry, Im in band so... Thanks for reading this if you did, its important to me 😝 •.Version: 1.4.1

I love this app and all toca appsThis and all of the apps in the toca life series are so amazing. They are SOOOO WORTH THE MONEY!!! Buy them if you haven’t. Now developers, here’s some feedback. I am in love with Toca Life World. But ever since I downloaded it, it won’t let me back in to any of the other toca apps except Neighborhood. This is a weird glitch and please fix. The other feedback I have for World is that one day I was playing the game and then all of a sudden it crashed and took me to the home screen of my device. When I went back into the app all of my progress was gone (I had totally customized EVERYTHING and this was devastating). Please fix! My final word on Toca Life World is PLEASE put all of the hairstyles in the barber shop in City. It would save me so much time. Other than that, you guys are doing GREAT! Keep it up! Side note: My friend sent you guys a letter about her idea for a toca mansion. I think that would be so cool!! please do that!!!.Version: 1.5.1

I love it! Here are some ideas for a new oneMaybe like a Toca kingdom? There would be a potion shop, with three different potion types: #1 gives the character a certain color of cat/wolf/bunny ears and tail, #2 turns them into an animal (wolf/cat/dog/bunny) with a potion to reverse the effects, #3.. it’s pretty much just hair dye with a more delicate casing. Then there’s the main castle with a throne and feast room, With separate towers/wings for the bedrooms and dungeons and stuff. A stable with horses and stuff, a Small village, and then a forest where you can find dragons and unicorns or other mythical medieval creatures. BUT ALSO! Can you possibly add more apartments in Toca city? I end up with a lot of characters (6 to 7 and usually in 2 groups of 3 or 4) and with only total 4 places to sleep (I counted) it’s a problem for me.. so 1 or 2 new apartments plz? And other apartment building are shown on the map, so it does make sense.. so plz? It’ll help a lot..Version: 1.4.1

Love it! And, I have a suggestionI love toca boca but I was thinking of a new app... Toca life: wedding I think this is a great idea because it's basically starting a new life. E.g. You can live a normal life in toca life: city and meet your about - to - be husband. THEN you can go on toca life: wedding and get married. NEXT you can have your honeymoon in toca life: vacation and get a baby in toca life: hospital. DETAILS: There will be a wedding shop ( where you can buy your wedding dress) , church where you obviously get married, and a place to have your party after you get married. If toca boca will make toca life: travel then it would be MUCH more convenient because u can use the same people every time. If you want to find more info about my suggestion then go and look at the reviews on toca life: hospital. The title of my review is… LOVE IT BUT I HAVE AN AMAZING SUGGESTION SUGGESTION PLS READ. Take a look at it if you want to find out more. I hope you make this app toca boca ❤️..Version: 1.4

An IdeaHey, maybe you guy's could make a subway to the games that you have and it could maybe say like town with a circle around it as in Toca Life: Town. Also if you didn't have Toca Life: Town it would either be all gray or not have a choice. You could take your people back and forth and take a person from another Toca Life and take them to Toca Life: City and make them look the way you want them to. Also could you add some more apartments like on Toca Life: Vacation. Could you also add a community pool and some bathing suit's in the clothe's store that would be great! Anyways I don't understand why you have that tunnel? What does that tunnel do!? Also why did you add the post office are you supposed to get all the name's that you have to guess and it would open? Please let me know as soon as possible and maybe add what I was talking about. Thank You!♥️ Love, Me🤗.Version: 1.4.1

Amazing 🤩🤩! DON’T BELIEVE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY.I’ve been reading some of the critical reviews that are only like 1 star. They say “oh my screen turns white after the intro” That is not the games fault!!! It’s probably some glitch so stop getting mad at the creators. Yeah, I understand that you got this game for $4 and it doesn’t work but stop saying this game is trash!! And for the people who say “it’s exactly like toca life world” it is not. In toca world, you can create your own characters and your own house. Yes, toca world does have the same city as this but there are other places too! And yeah, they do cost money but some of them are only $1! That’s not so bad!! Please stop saying rude things about this app. If the game doesn’t work for you, then you dont know if the game is bad. I think it’s great, I have been playing the toca boca games forever and I love it!!!.Version: 1.6

Best. Game. EVER!!! (And more toca life suggestions)At first, I didn't even know toca boca was a thing. Until my friend got it and showed it to me. Ever since then, I've been in LOVE with the toca life series! I was sooo upset to see it costed $3.00!!! But then eventually I got ALL the toca life apps! And I love them all! But I think u guys should make a Toca life: Zoo, Castle, Mall, and one with ALL the toca life characters and locations! So, 1 BIG world with a tone of people and locations! Also, I think you should make an app called Toca Life: Modern family where the whole town would be a modern town! 2 modern houses, an actual mall, and modern stuff like that! I'm really excited for Toca life Office! I think you guys should also make a toca life Aquarium! Also, my parents are tired of buying me apps so please make the price free! ALOT of people wish for these AMAZING apps to be free. Anyways, bye! One of your biggest fans!.Version: 1.4

Good game!!I love this game and I can spend hours and hours playing it and it is sooooooo fun! It is worth the money and so is this whole series of games! But, I have some suggestions. 1) In the hair salon, the 'props' should actually do something. For example, the curling iron should curl hair when you hold it up to their head. When you hold the scissors up to their head their hair should get shorter. The same goes for everything else. Plus, when you put a towel on to their head, their hair should wrap in it. 2) There should be several floors an apartments in the building so that they can go see each other. 3) The building should have a lobby with mailboxes for the post office. 4) More hidden codes for the post office! 5) Personally, I always read the reviews, and sooooooo many people have requested some way of getting into the other life games from different life games. For example, let's say I was in Toca Life: Farm and I want to change my character's hairstyle, which is only available in Toca Life: City. I would go to the train station or bus stop or whatever and select an icon or something representing Toca Life: City. I would get there and do what I want to do, and then I would go back to Toca Life: Farm. I hope you consider making these changes. I love all your games!!!.Version: 1.4

I love you guys SO MUCHYou guys really are wonderful with all that you’ve done. i love everything and i have two suggestions. maybe a remaster of toca town? and also toca life: train station? so basically every train car is a different section to see! and there’s also like a section where everyone gets on and off (the station) and there can be the caboose and the area with the conductor. i just wanted to say you guys are wonderful and help me a lot because i have depression and anxiety so with this being i can make anyone do anything i want. i would love to see this and i hope you really do read every comment so you can see this! and just to say i’m not completely opposed to the toca world idea! i think sago mini has already done it and maybe you guys could as well anyways you guys are wonderful! 🤗🤗.Version: 1.5.1

Always Having Fun + IdeaI downloaded this game years ago. I’m so glad it’s still growing! Your updates are amazing and the characters are brilliant. My favorite place is the Theatre. There’s so much things to do with all of the costumes and instruments! I also love the fact that you can change the scene by pulling one of the ropes. The outfits and hats are so cute & the hair choices in the salon are amazing. I love your games so much, it shows kids that they can do anything and it shows their creativity. I bought almost all of your games and I don’t regret any of it. One of my suggestions is to make the mountains an actual area. It’ll have hikers, picnics, and little flags to put on the top of the mountains. There will be backpacks and hiking gear + new characters! If you actually add this, I will be so happy! ❤️ Love your games so much! ❤️.Version: 1.4.1

GOOD INFORMATIONSo I downloaded this app a few years ago and I already downloaded toca world. I was really excited to play this game but when I got into it I found a problem this is the same thing as toca world!! Now I probably can’t get my money back! DO NOT get this game if you already have toca world it is a waste of money! And you can’t get your money back! Developers of this game. I really like the apps you make but I don’t think you should make a game that has the same thing as another game especially if it costs money. Anyway I really like the games you make and I just wanted to say keep up the good work with your games! Well that’s all I hope I gave you all a warning but live your life how you want I’m not forcing you to do anything I’m just saying. One more note developers I just wanna thank you for bringing us all joy with the games you make keep up the hard work! Bye!!! 😉😊.Version: 1.6

I think I have a few ideasI personally love your games but I have a few ideas maybe for another game or a few add ons for Toca city: 1. Maybe for Toca city we can add another floor to the apartment, hotel place and we can change the weather by tapping a cloud maybe, and I think you guys because everyone loves your games maybe you should make a Toca boca life: zoo (my friend willow helped me make up this idea thx willow ❤️) honsestly I would love for you to make Toca boca zoo life and help the children Learn there animals you could add different areas to the zoo and there could be monkeys, elephants, zebras, a aquarium, tigers, lions, bears just things that you guys would think is fun BTW you guys don't have to make this obviously but I would love and thing a lot of people would love this idea ok you guys are amazing luv ya thx if you read this ❤️❤️.Version: 1.4

Cool!!!! I have a idea!!!!!!Okay make a game called Toca life:royale high this would be a fun game with fairies (normal sized) and a school for them. So add a school with a cafeteria,classes , (science,math,etc) dorms (like 12) and make the furniture movable and a hall with lockers that are custom and outside the school a shop for wings and dresses , a bakery , spa , pet shop , nursery for babies and a vet and hopisal and can the secret be in the a office in the shcool and a cafe and make a lot of fairy recipes and a beautiful garden and have a for dorm for each type of fairy 🧚‍♂️ (dark ,fire etc) and add a salon. Can you make it free ❌💵💵💵 and if you want ideas 💡 then go to a roblox game called royale high also add a character with light pink hair and a light yellow top with brown skin with a blue skirt and yellow wings and be in a light dorm oh I forgot add a furniture store From that crazy toca boca fairy game fangirl 🧚‍♂️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚‍♂️.Version: 1.5.1

SuggestionsI really really love this game because you can do anything that belongs in the city. I agree with the transportation reviews because I sometimes make little movies and show them to the people I know, and it is harder when you are on two separate games. I do not agree with the multiplayer idea👎🏻. First, it will interfere my movies for no reason. Second, it will use a lot of my iPad's data so iMovie can't work. But if it is the media, I'm in for it, like Tocatube or Tocagram, idk. Anyway I would really like it if you put all the games free, it would save a ton of money 💰. It will be sooo cool if we have a toca life: space adventure. People get to go on space ships, visit planets, have a new home planet and a super cool prologue that says: a billion years later, earth explodes and we need to find a different planet to live on..Version: 1.4

Amazing app!Okay, Toca Boca, you are awesome. That’s all I can say. I’m soooo excited for Toca Life World and I have never heard of a terrible game from you guys. Parents, if you are reading this, it’s completely worth the $3.99. I’ve been playing Toca games since I was four! Little kids in my neighborhood love these games, and they make up such cute, creative stories. Toca Life: City is one of my personal favorites, but I have a request: can you add all the hair styles from other games to the hair salon? There are a few hairstyles I really like from other games (e.x. the girl with the braid in Toca Office), and I would really like to add it to different characters. Also, could you do something, kinda like My PlayHome, where if you and your friends are both playing the same Toca game, you can connect in a way so that you can do your own stuff, but also meet up at spots in the game? (Check out My PlayHome to see what I mean, though it isn’t nearly as awesome as Toca.) It’s a little annoying when me and my three friends are squished together on the couch, trying to fit into one house. I’m soooo excited for Toca World, and I will continue to download every game you make. Thanks for being awesome! Your biggest fan, pineapple.Version: 1.5.1

More app need to be freeThe toca life apps are great and my 5 year old daughter loves to play them for hours. but she only has 2 this one ( which was free) and the school and she is constantly begging for more!😬 of course I would download them all in a second except they are so expensive! Both the apps we have are very good and sometimes I even like to play them myself, but my daughter won't stop whining for more every time she sees them. All I ask is that maybe you could make at least one more free toca life app for my little princess it would really make it easier for all the parents who own a child and one of these apps. I will be really grateful and I'm positive others will be grateful too. Thank you deeply for reading and hopefully thinking about my request..Version: 1.4

OmgI thought this was like those games like township and all boring, BUT, when I thought, well, it might not be that bad.I think I'll try it. I fell in love within two seconds. You can make food, change the character clothes, dye their hair, enter codes for items, and their are different character sections. And a lot more!! Just to save you trouble, the codes are, bullseye,luckypet,element,tinypets,painting,playcity,thankyou,and right now that's all I remember but it is an AWESOME game!!!And, I think you should add a feature called something like create a character and have like a paintbrush button under the home button when you hit play. It should be like you can draw the clothes, hair, and face, everything!And there should be like a fading color wheel with the colors fading to one another.Version: 1.4.1

PLEASE READ AND RESPOND TOCA BOCA!!!! Awesome game, suggestions.Could you PLEEEAASSEE make it so you can join other people’s worlds if you have the same WiFi as them??? My siblings and I have always loved your games, but they get kinda boring after a while, so I really wish you guys would listen to this and maybe make an update for it. You don’t have to make it so you can join ANYBODY’s world and you don’t have to make a chat, because those would probably end out bad, but I really hope you’ll make it so my siblings and I can join each other’s world. It’s really really cool how you guys do that developer response thing, and I wish you guys had time to respond and read everyone’s reviews, but you don’t and I really hope you’ll read and respond to this review. THANKS CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!! -CowGurl.Version: 1.4.1

Great!! I have a idea 🦄🦄🦄All the toca life apps are great! They’re really awesome! I just have some more stuff for the game that you could add! So what about like in the salon you can actually cut the hair shorter and straightened it and curl it. And more costumes for girls in the theater 🎭. Then maybe another house it doesn’t have to be big! (Just please add 3 beds) this is because I have more characters and they’re home is the city’s garage! And there’s no furniture or anything! And if I throw away the boxes and I leave the city garage and come back the boxes are still there! And maybe some more clothes in the clothes store (fancy ones, casual ones, and pajamas!) if you update your app with 2 of my suggestions that would be great! And I watched your trailer for the pets one I cant wait until it’s done 😁😁😁.Version: 1.4.1

So funI was a little nervous about getting this game because it was 4 dollars. But I got it and I’m so glad I did!!! It’s so good!! You can go to the restaurant court, and there’s like 10 restaurants. And there is A TON of outfits! And a backstage area in the theater that is hidden behind the stage! There is even little instruments! And the graphics are REALLY good! I read some very bad reviews after I got it, but NOT ONE of them is true! I hate bad reviews! I love every single Toca Boca game I’ve ever played! 😀 I have an idea too! Toca Life: magic! You can explore a magic world, live in a castle, and of course, ride unicorns and dragons! If you like my idea Toca boca, please make it! Toca life: city is the best, Toca boca game I’ve ever played! ( I’ve played a lot!) - anonymous girl that really loves Toca boca.Version: 1.5.1

Suggestions ( Please Read )I Love The Game And The Series So Much But I Have A Few Suggestions About The Series. #1 I Would Like You To Make A Toca World Game Where You Can Play All The Games In One. I Know It Will Be Really Hard To Make But I Believe You Guys Can Make It Happen. #2 I Think You Should Make A Toca Camping Game Where There Is Campfires, Trailers, Campers, Rv’s, And Have Places Like Washington DC, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, And Maybe Texas ( Like Things Near The Places But Still Make Up Things Like You Do ). #3 I Always Wanted A Game Like This Where You Can Have Presidential Things Like Vice Presidents, Presidents, White House, And A Whole Town. I Know Again It Is A Lot Of Things To Do But I Think It Will Be Worth It. I Love The Whole Toca Series So Please Keep Making More Awesome Games In The Series. Please Write Back So I Get An Idea That you Saw This..Version: 1.5.1

LOVE TOCA LIFE!!!!!!!!!!I am 10 years old and I LOVE toca life!!!!!!! I have all of them because they are soooo fun!!! I have a suggestion. What if, you have all of these toca lives separate from each other, and then you made an app that has all of the combined!!!! You could put four people in a car and then drive the car over to the hospital, town, school, city, stable, vacation, and the farm!!!! All the people from each game could be combined into one as well!!! Also, instead of the houses being put in random places, you could make a neighborhood in the city and the town, add more hotel rooms, put a few random houses at the farm area, and make some cabins at the stable area. That would be the BEST, GAME, EVER!!!!!!! I would SO buy that!!!!!!!! ❤️, your faithful fan 💋💋💋💋.Version: 1.4

I have a great idea!!!! 😋The next Toca Life game should be about a chef with a restaurant and a there should be a town with houses as one of the places to visit and of course a storage room. Also a store, or a market that people can have in the park. Definitely pets like dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, and any other kind of animal but it would be cool if u could put a leash on the dog and walk it or any other animal and walk it. I like how in the Toca Vacation there are suit cases that can hold a lot so those should maybe be added. I like how in the Toca City there's a post office I think it would be cool to add a toy factory to one of the games. This would be an amazing game if you could create it btw I hope it will be awesome like always (if you create it) that's it for now. Chou!!! 😋.Version: 1.4

I love it and I have a suggestion PLEASE ReadI absolutely love Toca Life I have all the life apps! And I am having a lot of fun with the new update with the post office. I have a suggestion... A Toca life Zoo: it would have a place for the arctic animals and all different animals. And a gift shop and at least one or two houses. A toca Life Grand hotel: it will be a Grand Hotel in La/Hollywood and there could be a airport and a paparazzi and a limo that the can actually drive and it would have a roof pool. Toca Life Beach: It would have boats and Yachts leaving the beach! The beach would have music and food trucks and ice cream. And the most important of all houses maybe two or three. Toca Life cruise ship: it would have a airport and then the cruise ship would have multiple floors one food two lobby three sleeping four gaming five pool and spa ( go and see my review on Toca Hospital for more detail) Toca Amusement park: It would have games and rides and prizes and food ( go and see my review on Toca vacation for the rest and detail) Thank you so much and y'all are doing great and plz if you make another Toca Life soon can u plzzzzz make it free Thank you sorry this was so long.Version: 1.4

I love theese apps!!!I love all these apps but it would be awesome if we could drive cars!!! And pick out shoes to wear with our out fits I love all the other ideas but I don't care if they are free or not I will buy them!!! Also it would be nice if in any game you could change the cloths and hair!!! Also you should make a toca life collage I would buy it and in the collage you could have dorm rooms and class room buildings and a cafeteria for the collage students and more stuff!!! I would love it if you could connect all of the games together so snippet the tiny dog and all of the tiny dogs can meet each other!!!! It would be cool if there was a vehicle shop to buy cars and other things but this is just a suggestion!!!!! Thanks, 😜.Version: 1.4

Love it!This is a great game, like all of the other toca life apps, they don't need internet connection, which I love in apps! I love the amount of pets that you can get from the post office and the pet shop. I only wish that there were more beds in the apartment. Just saying. An idea for a game that I had, would be wildlife rehabilitation . It would be like a cross between pets and hospital. So it would be in the woods, with like a house with a hospital part. There would be a woods section, where there are animals. Some could be sick, some could be hurt, and you take them back to the house and help them. There could also be a river part, maybe, and baby animals too? I don't know, I just really want this game..Version: 1.4.1

Hi Toca bocaI like Toca World a like to play it it’s a really good game but the thing I don’t like is that when you purchase something you can’t get your money back and The stuff you bought by accident you can’t delete it but it is still a good game but I still want them to add if you don’t want this thing then delete it. :).Version: 1.6

PLEASE READ TOCA BOCAHi my names Allie and I'm 15 and love this game but one request it that can you add a bigger house because there's not a lot you can do with the house now and there not a lot of space please thx😘😍😜😎.Version: 1.4

Toca Life IdeasHi I have mostly all your toca boca life games and this is my most fav game of all of them.Please add more different apartments and probably a amusement park or more places where they can work or buy stuff.Btw can u pls allow the game to go to other places in toca life without leaving a game just to go to another place(in toca boca).Thanks!.Version: 1.4

AmazingHi, I'm 8 and I love this new update it adds more inspiration! Also I have something to ask, can you add a Amusement Park or Zoo and possibly a Museum?.Version: 1.4

SuggestionsHey guys! I love this app, but you should make an update to all tocalife apps so that you can connect them. That way you can bring other characters to other games and whatever. But a connection to the other apps would be awesome!!!!!.Version: 1.4

HahaI really enjoy the game. However, I think the apartment could afford to have more than one room. But keep it an apartment, not a house. :) I really like the new update to it too!.Version: 1.4

Please read Toca boca!I love this game but I think there should be more hotel rooms and A hotel lobby so then you know it would be more fun so yeah I hope you do this.Version: 1.7

Can it be freeCan you please make it free?.Version: 1.5.1

UpdatesI want there to be updates on this game. There needs to be more content of this game, like a mall or more apartments. Please I am begging you please add more content.Version: 1.6

Hi I LOVE this gameHi I have most of your games and in Toca boca life I have the pool villa the bohemian house the mall the hospital the outdoor pool and more and I’m also getting more I also have the festive pack or known as Christmas furniture pack and I’m so excited to get more!Please make it multiplayer in Toca world and this game so we can have more friends and they can chat with us we can also go shopping together thank you.Version: 1.6

I love itI get bored of the games after a little bit but I have so many Toca games I asked my mom so much and my dad so much if I can have any of your games and I love them thank you keep more up.Version: 1.6

More stuff please!Make it more interesting please!.Version: 1.5.1

More houses!!I love this game even though I’m probably a little old for it. I wish that you would make more houses and more people. You guys should also make more clothing stores and places to go. I’ve spent so much money on this game it’s not even funny.Version: 1.5.1

It’s awesomeLove all your games but you can get toca life world and it’s free!!.Version: 1.5.1

I love this game!Toca city is probably my favourite toca game! I really enjoy playing it since I can edit the character’s look by changing and dying their haircut. I don’t have all the games so idk if there are other toca games that can do that too, but it’s still awesome! And I LoVE how if 6 of the characters all hold the 6 musical instruments, they all play this amazing song together! Although when I tried the instruments today, it didn’t work. But that’s probably just my iPad and not the game(my iPad’s really old). You should definitely get this game if you don’t already have it. Request: please add a sheep in the pet stop. I 💗 🐑.Version: 1.5.1

Love itBest game ever.Version: 1.5.1

Amazing!Hi, I’m 11 and I love this game,it’s very interactive and interesting u can do many things which makes it so fun! If I ever had a dream toca a world it would be called toca parrots! And it would be fun of amazing and colourful birds (because I love birds lol) ! Thank u some much for making this game!.Version: 1.5.1

This is a good appSo I do like the game but the apartments very boring even I am 8 like everything else is good but the apartment is very boring and there is not aloud of cool stuff in the apartment please fix Please thx.Version: 1.5.1

PLZ READ TOCAUr app is amazing BUT my friends r getting the vacation one for free some how and I’m not and no there not paying for it. It just shows up??? BUT OTHER THEN THAT LIT GAME GOOD JOB! Hi it’s me lol umm so I see that u add people’s ideas sometimes I hv one... so a zoo would be REALLY cool or a mall or even a church ty for ur time Toca.Version: 1.5.1

DOWNLOAD NOWHi I’m 8 yrs old, and I LOVE this app!! But, could you please add a park in toca city?.Version: 1.5.1

Here’s more game suggestions. I will tell you my ideas for new games.A “Learning about different cultures, continents, countries, and a geographic region” set. -Continents: North America -Continents: South America -Continents: Europe -Continents: Asia -Continents: Africa -Geographic Region: Oceania (You(anyone) can tap on any continent/geographic region. Then you(anyone) can tap on what country you(anyone) want to learn about. You(the game developers) can do the rest.(a.k.a clothing, food, etc.) p.s, thank you for listening to my ideas.).Version: 1.5.1

I LOVE IT!This is soooo much fun to play with and customizing the characters and theres is a lot to do. You should buy this game, its worth it!.Version: 1.5.1

I LOVE THIS GAMEHi I’m mya and I love this game!i play it everyday I’m attracted to this plz add a bigger apartment.thanks!.Version: 1.5.1

PLZ READThere should be a toca life movie star game with lots of clothes plz make one 😀👍oh new 2 idea 1 make a Toca Theam park 2 ad school bus's to Toca school! Plz plz plz😄I was thinking more drumroll please! Toca mansion a new idea Toca waterpark.Version: 1.5.1

This game is amazingThis game is amazing I love it but it has a lot of bugs I can not figure out how to get the winter cabin. Some of the bug are when I go to a new installed place I makes me go out of the game.HOW DO I GET THE WINTER CABIN..Version: 1.4.1

UhhhhHi um I love this game but I can’t get the tv at the post office it’s just a poster on the wall and I can’t use the codes.Version: 1.5.1

AwesomeThis is a great game for all ages.Version: 1.5.1

It’s great.Hello and I’m 9. Idk why I but that detail but everybody else is. As a kid who can’t buy any games which cost money due to freaking strict Parents this was like god since it was free. My only hope is for you to add more details higher the quality but have a low equality setting know. And add more features inlarge the house it’s a bit crowded. Maybe a zoo put things that would be in a city. Maybe floors to the apartment and different rooms/few cause that’s hard ;-; skate area? School? What would be in a city to make sure it can run. MAYBE THE WHITE HOUSE? AMERICA! (T^T I’m sorry)) and most importantly. Them features. More food combos maybe a guide to it. That would be nice. More uses for it. Maybe more interesting outfits like hoodies for teens and things. CARS! And maybe a proper cash system. Thank you for listening to the development of this FREAKING HELLA long comment. ;3.Version: 1.5.1

DisappointedI just got this app and loved it until I realized there was the same app as this called Toca Boca: World! I was very disappointed because the other one was free and this one was 5$ Noticing that they were both the exact same! Not very happy and I would like a refund!!.Version: 1.5.1

Love it but can u.......I love the game it’s sooo much fun but....can u add that when u press the apartment there’s a lobby and an elevator so u can go to all of the floors please do that please so then I don’t have to make my Toca boca people live in the same apartment I want different rooms because so I can have like different rolplays at the same time please and if u can please add a pool if u can that would be fun and thank u for all the awesome games u made love yall!.Version: 1.5.1

?I went on the app store to buy a toca game and all the prices went up... i was confused.Version: 1.5.1

Mushy goo💩Toca Boca is so fun I luv how u can die there hair with ketchup I would say more but I am almost speechless because toca boca is so good I wish I could rate this game 1.90000000.Version: 1.5.1

I loved itI love this Game it was fun .I really liked the characters I think everyone should play this game just because it’s that much fun. I also like the movie theatre and the hair salon and even the apartment I really thought the pet store was adorable. can you please make a Toca life Game called Toca life create it’s where when you go on it it will show you all the Toca life that you’ve already made and if you want to add onto the Toca life School Office city or even after school you can type in stuff you want to maybe inside toca life school maybe you could put more apartments a store and if you want you can create your own you just have to type in Toca life dentist or even eye doctor. then if you type in what you want inside Like if you want toca life dentist you could type a house a dentist some grocery stores a whole and bunch of other things. also you can make you’re very own Toca life characters and you can still use the old ones that you have made and fix them And make your own food.and clothing or use the ones that you made..Version: 1.5.1

OkThis game is great but you should put more apartments and a library and my rooms. Please fix this game..Version: 1.5.1

Toca boca pls add thisI love this game just add four more appartements or Two big houses pls!.Version: 1.5.1

Cool ... butThis game is really cool ... but it gets boring after awhile , can you make it multiplayer so friends can join !.Version: 1.5.1

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