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Triller is an entertainment and music platform. A social video editor built for a community of creators. Where you can show the world who you are by capturing amazing videos and sharing them in seconds.
Whether you need to add music to video, add filters and effects, share your videos to Triller and other platforms, or discover the next big star, Triller is the video app you need!


Express yourself and connect with the content you love. Create amazing music videos and follow trending challenges with stars like Charli and Dixie D'amelio. Be creative and lead the next dance trend or challenge and become the most viewed. Millions have made Triller videos along with huge global stars such as Eminem, Justin Bieber, Josh Richards, Charli D'amelio, Noah Beck, Kevin Hart, Tyga, Saweetie, The Weeknd, and more.
Just shoot a few takes, tap the next button, edit, add music and Triller will quickly edit everything together into an impressive, shareable video. Wow the world, get more followers, go viral, and become famous on Triller!


Feeling bored and looking for new fun creative content? Discover clash videos, challenge videos, music videos, and similar super-creative Trills on our amazing social video platform. Scroll down to get new Trills endlessly, or go to the “Following” section to see the Trills from content creators you follow.

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Create professional videos in minutes with the help of our unique auto-editing algorithm Look your best with 100+ video filters
Access the top trending tracks or your own music from your library
Watch live video streams from our top creators
Share videos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Text, E-mail or save to your camera roll
You do you, Triller does the rest.

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Triller: Social Video Platform App Comments & Reviews

Triller: Social Video Platform Positive Reviews

I like it a lot but I have some suggestionsThis is a great alternative from TikTok. But there some aspects to which makes it a bit more difficult then TikTok and other applications that are similar. This app honestly has a great variety of music and amazing effects. Honestly the app seems pretty easy to use and understand. My suggestions are: an installation for direct messages and to find away to use audios that other people/creator have recorded. I find the second suggestion most envied by me. It’s just a really enjoyable feature that could be added. I can’t wait to see what this app has in stored for the future. And I hope this creates a great and amazing community around it..Version: 13.0

ReviewApp has many glitches , quality of videos looks blurry (even with great wifi) usually takes a while to adjust and even then the videos still look unclear for the first half while playing ( that’s your uploads and videos of others) . it would be nice if the apps community tab was like tiktok it’s useful to see everyone’s videos , not just vertified influencers in the front of all pages it makes it like ig In a way and not as inviting to the entire community . App also takes a while to upload your videos ... as well as glitches at times when you attach something from your camera roll , it won’t even show up to edit it .. as if you didn’t choose an attachment at all , over all app could be better if glitches were fixed and were more inviting to community not just influencers . I really enjoy how tiktok shows you many different videos . I’d also like to add I had triller when the app first came out and it wasn’t as glitchy.Version: 13.1

Glitch maybe?So... my phone started playing music then kept going to other music and stuff while it was off and I wasn’t touching it,it was all the way across the room and I was on my I pad so I went over to it and started to see what that was so I went to all my apps that played music and stopped the music and then the music started again and it just kept going to different music and stuff so then I turned off my phone and turned it back on and it stopped for about 20-25 seconds then it started back up and it wouldn’t stop so I went to triller and just swiped up and down and then I clicked off the app and that’s the music that was playing so then I went on instagram and swiped then it played a mix of both music I was so lost so then I started to delete all my apps then when I deleted triller it stopped and then I downloaded it back and it never did it again lol but it was kinda funny tho 😂.Version: 9.3.1

Glitch, please fix!!!Theres something wrong with that app. Me and my boyfriend boyfriend both experienced this a few times. It plays music without the app even being open. It woke me up in the middle of the night playing songs. It goes through them too. Like more than one song plays. Like its swiping through the triller videos playing songs. The app wasnt even open at all. I closed all my apps and it still played. The first time this happened I was confused and I thought someone hacked my phone, here it was the app. So I deleted it. Then a day after the second time it happened to me, it happened to my boyfriend. It woke him up in the middle of the night so he starts calling me. So he had to delete the app. Its either you delete the app or keep the music playing because restarting your phone doesnt even help it just continues. Please fix this because I actually really like the app and I used it a lot..Version: 9.3.1

Improve the app moreSo this app is a really good alternative to apps like tik tok but it’s still full of bugs and glitches and features missing. The big feature is messaging. PLEASE fix and implement your private message feature. I’ve messaged people and it wouldn’t load me in. Then with a recent update I see that you can’t message anyone at all for some reason. The next feature is to fully save videos to your camera roll. Other apps let you and so should triller. If there’s a funny video I want to send to my friend I want to easily do it by saving the full video to my camera roll. The third feature is a request system. I have many times requested and asked a user to make specific videos and I think they aren’t seeing my comments. This request system would fix that by letting commenters privately request whatever video they want. These features would definitely make this app even better. Thank you..Version: 9.6.2

It’s ok! 💞Ok so I’m going to give this app a four star because I’m sure this is a really great app and I really want to use it so people can get in contact with me, but I can’t sign up for an account! Well, I can, but there’s been some problems because it won’t let me make an account. It could just be on my end, because I’m not on WiFi and I’m switching between 3 and 4 bars of internet because I’m on a road trip, but every time I go to make an account it says that theirs an unknown error. I tried to use my phone number to sign up, and it told me that my phone number was invalid? Then I kept trying but it wasn’t working so I decided to try my email, that didn’t work it either it just told me their was an unknown error. I will definitely try later when I’m on WiFi!.Version: 13.0

Is there a glitchSo I had this like a two year ago and I was at my friend house and I was on it and I did not know we had to pause it so I left it and it started to play music and it was cussing and all that stuff my friend started laughing at me so I call my dad and I told him we need to fix it and I was scared my heart was beating so fast but then when he fix it I like what the heck but I just got it again to see it Would happed but Ik you have to pause it now so if you ever get this app pause it before you get off cuz it will get stuck and don’t close it out it keep playing the music! Please if you can fix this so ppl don’t get nervous ty.Version: 19.2

Almost perfect appI love this app to make music videos. It’s easy to learn how to use and has a lot of great features. I wish I could give it 5 stars but I have to problems with it. 1) There is only a 3 second countdown before the video begins. I wish there could be options to set the countdown to 3 sec, 5 sec, and 10 sec. I do videos by myself and sometimes it is hard to be in front of the camera in a shot after just 3 seconds. The other feature I wish it had was an “undo” button on the shuffle screen. I will be working on a video and have it shuffled and edited perfectly but then accidentally hit the shuffle button AGAIN and lose all my work. It would be very helpful to have these two features..Version: 9.7.0

HelloI love using triller. I always record 1 minute long music videos, and I record many different videos to edit and make the entire music video loon unique and cool. The recent update makes each video segment much longer. I am posting this to ask for the app to allow us to edit the length of each video segment, like how we can change which video we want in which place, can you update it so we can choose each length of the video? I like the app even 2 months ago, when each time segment was different and wasn't the same for every video. Now my music video is so out of place, because I want to edit it to go along with the song but I cannot do that now. Please fix this!.Version: 15.2

Ok but needs workSo I came to this app because as we all know Donald Trump is banning TicTok so this is kind of like a alternative app so I got on the app and the first thing I will ask if there’s an auto scroll feature and I’m pretty sure Once all the creators on TickTock figure out that there’s an app called Triller they will move onto the app and they will make the app better like they will take all their content and move it to Triller and if the for you page will pretty much be good worst thing I noticed the data there’s an auto scroll feature and I do not like that at all I think that just disengage the audience from engaging with the creators I think it might be a way that you can turn that feature off but yes it’s kind of a lag he and when I say could you some work on yeah so.Version: 13.0

I’m a creator on the app!!!I love triller I been using it for about 4 years now. I really like how the app is turning out since the swiping days. There is one thing I would like to see on triller is a “Live” feature within the app. I think this will really boost the usage of the app. Every app has it why not add it to triller to connect more with your fans and friends. Yeah every app has it but I think triller can do something... different idk. But overall the app is great and a lot more professional than most underrated app or not public apps, it really could be bigger than Facebook and I’m triller for life!!!.Version: 16.2

I mean it’s alrightFirst off this might be the next tik tok since I am not aloud to have tik tok I always am looking for an app similar and this app looked kinda like it and I seen some tik tokens on it so I was like ok maybe this is the next tik tok but then I was like oh it only has a few songs and it’s always be happy maybe put more songs that are popular or have been popular before I would give it four or five stars then because all my friends have tik tok and I don’t so if there was an app that could help me be more part of the tik toks my friends do because every time they ask me to film one with them I don’t know the dance so I sit and watch so this app eventually could be a great app for me😁 but over all I like the app.Version: 14.4

Bring Back The Old Triller ASAP ❗️❗️I been using triller for about a good 3 years now And it wasn’t until the last update that y’all completely lost me , triller don’t need lenses the filters that was on the app previously was better and more helpful , being able to have different effects and flashes to your video make a difference. No one wants floating faces around there head😂 ... mainly because mostly artist uses triller . And me being a artist I can’t even use the app to my advantage no more this update give you the same length for each segment instead of have them different lengths or even letting you adjust them .👎🏾 I Wanna Save My Trillers , Bring Back The Old Triller ASAP 🙌🏾.Version: 19.1

Cant Select a FilterWhen I click the select filter button it doesn’t give me an option to apply the filter I want ....for some filters that I have to change with my eyebrows it keeps changing through out my recording I mean I have facial expression so of course my eyebrows will move but I don’t want them to continue to change my filter cause then when I play it back it keeps changing instead of remaining constant please help with this if you can thank you very much but the way I still love the app for sure !!!❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️.Version: 19.2

Autumn AaliyahI really love Triller. People are given the options of editing content themselves or triller automatically editing videos for users. The app stands out from others because you have a chance to interact with celebrities you may look up to and you can grow your own social media while having fun. Lastly, Triller is hosting an upcoming fight with Jake Paul and they’ll be flying 100 people out to see it. Also, many artists will be performing at the event. To sum all of this up, If you don’t have this app yet, you’re really missing out!.Version: 26.0

I love this app!I love it! It’s just like tik tok kinda. Definitely more now! I am not even close to a tech savvy and cant figure out how to get to my Direct Messaging. One other thing is I took some videos from Dubsmash and posted them on here cause I couldn’t find the sounds. In fact I couldn’t find any sounds. I love the songs that are on here but I wish there was even a way to add a sound or record it. So that we can make videos with that other app. (And I already deleted it)😬 Other then that I love the app and it’s totally worth downloading. And all your favorite dancers are on here! Addison Rae, Charli Dameilio, Bryce Hall, etc. those are just some examples!.Version: 14.0

What my life has come toI came to this app because I’m preparing for a tragic loss, you may have heard that TikTok will be ban in the USA soon. This app will go places with a bit of tweaking. For starters I would like a feature of favoriting sounds, videos, and hashtags. I would also like the ability to “hide in the comments” this is something that the people on TikTok created. To explain it is when you find a scary video and pull up the comments while the video is playing so you can’t see most of the images. (If you need more information go on TikTok and find a horror video and look at the comments) Next I would like to see videos we liked, it’s, to put it simply, convenient. I love TikTok and it may seem like I’m trying to make this other app a copy of it but I’m truly not. This app has some very good features, and (to be completely honest), not as racist as TikTok. Thank you for your time~ ~Sincerely: A broken hearted ex-TikTok user.Version: 11.0.1

Huge glitchTriller is a good app or what not but today I’m chilling and my phone starts playing music out of no where literally. So I swipe all of my apps off and it’s still playing. Now at this point I’m thinking some one hacked my phone so I turned my phone all the way off then turned it back on. That stopped the music but just a few minutes after it starts again, so I turn my VPN on like that was supposed to do something. Then, when I saw it didn’t stop I went online and saw so many people complaining about triller doing this, I deleted the app and the music stopped. Y’all need to fix this cause I was ready to get a new phone chile..Version: 11.0

I love your appThis app is so beautiful you can do a dances and stuff I can express my feelings I can do my dances I love everybody on here I get followers are you likes this is a good app everybody should go to this app and I love you app and and there’s a lot of loving people on this app I love this app this app is beautiful it just lets people express their feelings and this is a cool name for this app and everybody everybody I mean everybodyEven the whole world needs should go on this app please please please please go on his app I love you bye ..Version: 9.0.3

Great but very glitchyI really like the app because it’s really fun and cool and your able to message make videos and dance and I like the option to make two videos and put them together! But the app is really glitchy and every time I want to click on the video it glitches and kicks me out of the app and it’s really annoying because I can only watch a video on my for you or my following and it’s getting really annoying. But I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the app but if it didn’t have those glitches than I would 100% recommend.Version: 16.2

What started as a 5 star app has become 2-3I would’ve given this app 5 stars when i first used it. The latest updates have taken away almost everything that made this app so fun to use. Ive made awesome videos before and now it seems like im making another Tik Tok video. I can’t put multiple filters, effects and transition effects in individual takes anymore and i need that back asap. My new videos compared to the old ones are so dull and boring. I want the old version of Triller. I gave this 3 stars out of love of what it used to be. I’m honestly sick about it because this was “IT” and now it’s not.. What happened?.Version: 24.0

I want to love itI’m very against using tiktok, and naturally this is the best alternative. Unfortunately it has two major shortcomings. 1. The algorithm in the “trills” page is horrible. I keep getting recommended videos I don’t care about all all or that I’ve seen before. 2. The lack of the ability to use other’s custom sounds is extremely frustrating because it largely prevents trends of songs that aren’t natively on the app. Other than that, the camera is very good, I would say superior to the competition. The only other small gripe I have is the placement of the music tab. It should be integrated into the search tab..Version: 16.2

Expected MoreI redownloaded Triller after a few years to make music videos again. I was expecting the fun and colorful filters and the fact that there would be more cuts in the music video based on the amount of takes I took. I was wrong. All of those fun filters were replaced by face filters. Now there is a constant limit of the amount of cuts there are in a one minute music video. I just wish those aspects would come back because it would have made my experience on the app better and nostalgic of when I used the app years ago..Version: 23.0

New into this app since around October, 2020I have seen some people gets to share it in other social media and how they edited in some filters and effects and I decide to get to try it out and see how it goes and how it works and it’s seems to be okay, I just wish it can tell you how many videos it has and finding somewhere that you have on the liking video lists amd other more optional settings and I wish it can tell me easily how does it really worked also, I also wish it includes the dates on every video so it can tell you when did you posted as well.Version: 16.2

Disappointed teenagerI used to have this app and I really enjoyed it but now it won’t let me save ANY of my videos, I’ve tried to make at least 5-10 and every-time the app glitches out when I try to publish. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I really wish it would work because my trillers used to be fire and I’m salty that I can’t make them anymore. I already tried re-downloading the app but it still doesn’t save my videos without the app crashing,, I’m frustrated and annoyed!.Version: 8.2.6

Need a area to get back out of pagesTriller is good love it but the developer(s) forgot one thing , when a user goes to lets say someone's friends list you get stuck because there's no area to go back to the page that you where on before or to even go back to your own page , the next update the developers should put a back button on their app so users aren't stuck trying to navigate back to their page or back to the area they came from & add live video chat too ..Version: 14.4

TikTok ReplacementWho’s downloading this app before TikTok ends? 😁.Version: 13.0

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Fun with problems 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣This is a good app to make music videos can’t lie it’s fun to do when you’re bored just watching the edits but every time I try to post/save a video the whole app crashes and takes me back to the home screen and that happens at least a million times before I actually get to save/post the video..Version: 9.0.0

Can’t saveThis app won’t save my trillers no more .. so i can’t share em.Version: 8.2.6

WhackKeeps on crashing... dumb app.Version: 19.0

NbI downloaded today since I miss Tiktok. But this app has been nothing but generic videos so I don’t feel like the for you page is catered to my likes..Version: 20.1

Pretty goodThis isn’t a bad app but, it’s exactly like TikTok and that’s not a bad thing! But you can’t use other peoples sounds, there isn’t a lot a memes, and not a lot of filters but other wise it’s a pretty good app.Version: 20.1

StatsAs a creator, I wish I could see analytics for my videos like on TikTok . Overall it’s awesome.Version: 20.0

CrashThis app is great and all but it crash every time u go to post a video.Version: 19.1

CoolIt’s cool ig.Version: 19.1

I recommendIt’s absolutely amazing I would take this over TikTok likee Zynn any day.Version: 18.0

Needs more songs...I think this is an amazing app but it needs a few more songs, more options and and you should add more fun filters but besides that it’s awesome.Version: 16.2

GoodIt’s kinda I copy and paste if tiktok but it definitely has its own touches.Version: 15.2

OkIt’s a good app but it always crashes when I go on the search tab so that needs to be fixed.Version: 16.1

😃😃😃It’s amazing I love it.Version: 15.1

I can help make this app look better,Ye.Version: 14.4

I’m on iPadI’m on iPad and it says cannot record on phone.Version: 14.2

LitVery fun app!.Version: 13.1

Great App But...Every time I want to copy my own music into triller, it takes me straight to the camera with no option of trimming my music, once the record button is pressed, after the count down no music is present..Version: 13.1

App kept crashingTried to make my first thriller my video it looked amazing then booom the app crashed.Version: 13.1

None of the videos will loadWherever I am in my house, whether I’m on wifi or data, or at somebody else’s house using their wifi none of the videos will load. They just stay on the loading screen forever.Version: 13.1

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