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Why should you join the countless Airmen who have already been promoted using this app? Read on...

1. PURCHASE ONCE, USE FOR A CAREER! PDG PROmote provides lifetime free updates. Why should you have to pay for a new app every time the study guides are updated? You don’t pay $0.99 for these apps. You deserve lifetime updates. We know that your promotion is important to you but that doesn’t give us the right to take advantage of it. Should the Air Force resume testing for the SNCO ranks in the future, rest assured that we will include those ranks in the app too.

2. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE APP! This app contains everything you need to prepare for your WAPS testing. We're serious. You never need to leave the app.

3. NOW WITH EPR SHIELD! You need to do more than score well on a test to get promoted in today's Air Force. EPR Shield helps you to track and evaluate your performance for your ACA/EPR. The Dashboard in EPR Shield provides quick visual feedback of where you stand. You can also generate a report that details your performance in each evaluated area.

4. ADAPTABLE TO EVERY LEARNING STYLE. Not everyone studies the same way. PDG PROmote provides all of the options you need to study in a manner that works best for you. Want to read the AFH 1 paragraphs? You can. Want to read condensed nuggets of information from AFH 1? You can. Want to study flashcard questions? You can. Want to study flashcard questions but with the answers always shown? You can. Want to listen to the slides, flashcards, or AFH 1 paragraphs on your way to work? You can. Want to listen and read at the same time? You can. Your mission is to master all the testable sections of AFH 1 and no other app offers you as many ways to do that.

5. JUST SIT BACK AND LISTEN. We made our audio even better. Sit back and listen to study slides, questions, and even AFH 1 paragraphs. Sure, it's synthetic audio but it’s a popular feature that many of our users use on their drive to and from work.

6. OUR SMART TESTS WILL SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS. PDG PROmote knows which questions you have seen, answered correctly, gotten wrong, how many times you answered correctly, how many times you answered incorrectly, even how many consecutive times you answered a question correctly. It uses this information to always put the right questions in front of you on tests.

7. OPTIMIZE YOUR LIMITED STUDY TIME. You have a full-time job. We know you need to get the most out of your limited study opportunities. PDG PROmote makes it easy for you to maximize the effectiveness of your study sessions.

8. INTUITIVE DESIGN. PDG PROmote is simply the most intuitive and least frustrating AFH 1 study guide you will find. Experience the difference a great designed app can make.

9. OUR QUESTIONS ARE SIMPLY BETTER. Many of our users have commented to us that our questions aren't as simplistic as other apps. They make you think a little more. The actual exam seemed easier. PDG PROmote provides TOTAL COVERAGE of the AFH 1 based study guides.

10. DON’T BE TRICKED INTO PAYING SKY HIGH PRICES! You will be accused of selling yourself short. Don’t believe it. You can easily find Airmen who have used our app and scored high. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Our users pay about half as much, get the same or better results, and get free lifetime updates. Doesn't that sound wise to you?

ON MAC AND PC! Go to http://forcereadiness.com/pdg-promote-pdg-study-guide to learn more.

PDG PROmote is an application aimed to prepare Airmen who are taking the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the USAFSE-United States Air Force supervisory examination. Its sole source of reference is The Study Guide for Promotion to (TSgt), 1 October 2023 and The Study Guide for Promotion to (SSgt), 1 November 2023. Just select the appropriate study guide for the promotion grade that you are testing to and begin studying!

PDG PROmote 2023-2025 App Comments & Reviews

PDG PROmote 2023-2025 Positive Reviews

Best app around one big flaw!This app is a great tool to promote even if you have limited time. However right now the only way to test on more than one chapter is by Custom Test>select chapters and # of questions. The problem with that is that some of this chapters are fairly big and riddled with A3 sections and the test will try to pick an even amount of questions from each chapter. (Most chapters have more A3 material than any other material). Technically there is nothing wrong with that as it will still be testable information. But even the app recommends X1 (x being the leve of understanding; abc) the most and X3 the least. So you will spend most of your time on “less important material”. If only there was a “Mock Wasp Test Option” where it selected from all the elegible chapters but in a rate that most of the material was extremely important; followed by Very important; and last the Important material. This option would make an already great app the best all around app. Adding a timer to said option would be the cherry on top..Version: 5.9

Needs serious workAt first I was excited about this app & didn’t know what the other bad reviews were talking about but it’s true— this app has a lot of problems. There is no easy way to communicate the problems with the developer. There are slides that are duplicated, slides that speak but nothing appears, frequently skipping to other slides without showing the words. Some Air Force info IS NOT up to date. & lastly the speaker only goes at one speed regardless if you changed the voice speed in your settings. This makes it difficult to follow along because of how fast the voice reads & also does not pronounce some words correctly so you find yourself going over the same slide (not in a helpful way) just to understand what the speaker is saying..Version: 8.2

Great App to make it to the next Stripe...The app itself is amazing in terms of testable material to come in the tests and tracks progress. The only two setbacks I see is that: 1. It won’t save any progress made in the “Create Custom Test”. If you make a 1,000+ questions test and want to rest a bit, if you press “Pause” you just lost all the progress you have made until now and have to restart all over again, discouraging you from doing it again. 2. I have sent numerous emails asking this company how to use the app/material in another devices, for example a PC. I bought this app here at the AppStore and I want to use it on my PC, but I don’t see a way. They promote the “Now On PC....” but it’s just to use the Microsoft Store, get the app and pay for it again. Oh and they have not replied back to any emails I have sent. So there is that..Version: 6.1.3

Best thing I did was decide to pay and use this app!!!Bought this app Nov 2021 for the upcoming 22E6 promotion cycle. Put the work in utilizing this app and all the sections offered. It definitely was frustrating at times because the way the app is designed, is that the questions and material is presented in multiple ways even more difficult than what you’ll find on the actual PFE. I’m not kidding I was flying through the PFE portion of my exam and was like it makes sense as to why it seemed so hard to study. It’s all for your benefit!!! Get this app, put in the work and go get what’s yours! 22E6 (T)Sgt Select and a first time tester at that. Thanks to the team of developers involved with this app! Good luck to you all out there..Version: 8.2

Review? Why not. I’m boredThis app is pretty good. Giving it 5 stars because I wouldn’t change much about it. It updates to the current testing requirements, and has very few issues. Perfect for getting up to E5 or E6. Don’t get me wrong. It has its issues. I’m a little miffed that the ‘voice’ portion reads the apostrophes as “number 39”.. so that’s a little annoying. Studying or listening to it on a car ride and a sentence says something along the lines of “The numbered AF blah blah blah it’s own squadrons.” It doesn’t read like it should, it reads “..blah blah blah it number 39 S own squadrons.” The text is fine, but the voice in the app makes minor errors like that. But again, that’s minor. The questions hit everything and flows pretty well. The fact that it remembers everything you do in the app, has the ability to do missed question tests on its own, option to randomize the questions, it’s a good study partner. 5 out of 5 if going by stars, or 9.9 out of 10 on a real scale, because nothing’s perfect. Try it out. Worth the chump change to buy the app and you don’t have to re-buy anything or have in-app purchases..Version: 7.0.5

New update good but has some question bugsThe new update is very helpful with the applicable readable content (AF1 paragraphs) a click away from the study guides and test questions. My only complaint is that some of the questions aren’t worded correctly. There are a few that should say which of these is not the correct answer etc. With the paragraphs I’m able to read and make applicable question notes, which helps. It would be nice to see that’s fixed though..Version: 7.0

Missed Questions TestSo they want to get rid of the missed questions test, prefer people test in smaller chunks and trust the algorithm but users like the specific “missed questions.” I don’t understand why they don’t just utilize the missed questions test more broadly in that case. As it is now, you hit the missed questions test and you only answer what you recently missed, then it disappears until you miss more questions. Just make it routinely test on the users weak answers rather than resetting every time. There’s way too many sections to go over, so that’s probably why people want to specifically focus on things they’re missing rather than going section by section again..Version: 7.0.5

Not bad but new update has bugs.Overall this app is great. Only rested for stars due to new update and possible bugs with it. On multiple slides in the new study feature, it will not register that I have went over the exact slide and remain blue. It leads to it saying I have completed 50/57 slides on multiple occasions. The only way I have found to fix it is sitting on the slide for over five minutes. There are other slides that have a different shade of green and I am unsure if this means something or if that is also another visual bug. Any response would be greatly appreciated on how to remedy this for everyone else..Version: 7.0.1

Helped me make Tech!I love this app! I made Tech my first time using it. Plus you can’t beat the price. The other apps cost way more and you can only use them for 2 years. Once you pay for this one you have all updates for life. Just study the MKTS and you are golden. Unfortunately, I won’t have to use it again since they took away testing for SNCOs. Please make an app for the SKT portion. I know that would require a lot of man hours, research, and resources but you guys have promotion testing figured out!.Version: 5.9

Can we change the voice for audio?Overall good study tool. I learn way better from listening by audio but the voice is just terrible. All the other parts of the app are great and I’d still recommend. A more soothing and less robotic janky voice would be awesome. The voice just makes it difficult to listen to for long periods of time without being annoyed by it..Version: 8.4

Favorite study toolGreat app design, extremely user friendly, and has helped immensely with keeping me on track to study. My only complaint is the audio. I adjusted the voice to the recommended speakers but the speed of voice jumbles sentences. If this could be fixed in my phone settings, I need to figure out how. If not, this would be my recommended improvement for the app..Version: 8.4

Clean interface and layoutI’ve been using this app to study for promotion for the last 8 weeks and it definitely makes me feel more prepared for the WAPS this cycle. Even though some of the hints for remembering things seem super random, they definitely help you remember the material. Good job with the functionality and easy to navigate interface. I also like the MKTS option to study topics of more importance. Excellent app and I have already recommended to my colleagues at work. Keep it up!.Version: 5.9

Great tool!Last year I bought this app but didn’t really put much time into studying and missed Tech by 2 points. This year I put in about 2 solid months of studying prior to my test date using strictly this PROmote App and I just made Tech by 13 points! I felt the information was relevant and current with what was on the test so I strongly recommend this investment..Version: 7.0.6

Great App! Apple Pencil Support?I love this app so far! I will be testing for E6 real soon and everything’s been going good with the app. The only thing I’d suggest is making it compatible with the Apple Pencil for note taking. I understand that it allows you to type notes but for some people it’d add to the experience if the user was able to write notes instead of typing them. Other than that this app is amazing and seems like the developers take the time to continuously update!.Version: 5.9

ImprovementAll and all, a great app for studying! I think an improvement would be to creat a study plan based on when your test date is. For example: Teat date is 1 March 2023, the app would generate a recommended reading, slide deck, and exam questions based on how many days you have until your test date to bring you through all the material. I think this could really benefit people when studying..Version: 8.4

2nd time testing for MSgt and killed itI wouldn’t have made E-7 without this app. I blew the PDG out of the water. I say it was my second time but actually it was my first, due to the fact that I didn’t crack a book the first year because of “mandatory” EPME. Thank you guys for putting this app together. I’ll definitely be using it in two years when it comes time for me to test for SMSgt!.Version: 5.5

GreatThe app and all they ways to study are great. I would have given a complete 5 star if only the audio studying was just a little bit better. The very generic monotone computer voice just isn’t great. It would be so much better is their was some way to get a person to read the information like a audio book that would be way better..Version: 8.3

Worth the purchaseVery useful and practical as well. Only minor mistakes here and there but none are misleading in any way. Would love the option to take a test over all chapters at once instead of just individual chapters. Update: August 2018. The latest update on my phone allows me to create a custom test and cover all chapters. For me the App is now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!.Version: 5.5

Worth itUsed this when I was TDY. I made tech this year and couldn’t be happier. This is a good tool. Obviously you have your phone all the time looking at Facebook and whatnot. Use this whenever you want to study but don’t want to pull the big paper PDG out. For real you can make it if you fry..Version: 8.4

Helpful hints really not that helpfulI like the app the material is great but seems like it’s just more work trying to memorize the helpful hints to help you memorize the answers. At that point your not really learning just memorizing but hey at the end of the day the information is getting in. I could just do with out these helpful hints or atleast make them helpful.Version: 5.9

2 (M)SgtsThank you for your amazing app! Thanks to PROmote, my wife and I have been selected for promotion. I love the study guide material and the exams. Before my wife recommended this app, I had purchased the PDG Gold and it was straight garbage. I didn’t retain a thing and it was a struggle. With PROmote, it just seemed to be so easy. Glad she recommended it! Thanks again! Highly, highly recommend PROmote!!.Version: 5.5

App Creators were helpfulThe app crashed every time I tried to open it. as it was recommended by a friend of mine since he made staff with it his first time I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. I emailed the app creators, they had a very fast response time, and looked right into it. I really appreciate it and am anxious to get to work on studying.Version: 6.1.1

The best app for studying but….I love this app for studying. I’ve tried others but I feel I retain more using this app. The only critique I have, is I wish the audio was more human like. It’s really hard to listen to and retain what is being said when you are listening to a horrible choppy robotic voice. My mind wants to glaze over when hearing it..Version: 9.5.1

Immediate SuccessI studied on my own an struggled my first testing cycle. That’s when a friend told me about this app, and I used it to study for the following years test. Needless to say, I was promoted! You can literally study any time or place, no matter if you do or do not have an online connection! This app is amazing, I really recommend it! #NoLongerE4Mafia.Version: 5.5

QuestionGreat app overall, I know that the app has been updated for 24E6, but I see some outdated information in some of the sections, specifically referring to EPRs and bullet writing when the air force has shifted to EPBs in narrative format, has the AFH not been updated yet to reflect these changes?.Version: 9.5.2

Switching between devicesI really love this app. I do have a question is there a way to make it where if I study on my phone that what I studied and tested over transfers over to my IPad or computer? Sometimes I study on my IPad but would like to pick up where I left off on my phone if I’m out and about..Version: 5.9

Finally made it !!!!!I would highly recommend this app for anyone trying to make the next rank. I like the fact that you get updates at no additional charge. It also has audio and allows you to sort by SKT importance which really helps a lot ..Version: 5.5

Hire a voice over actorI’m a visual learner but reading this gets boring real quick. I find that having the audio voice on and reading along helps me out much better but for the love of god fix the AUDIO VOICE. It would make studying x10 better if it had a noice flowing voice and not the monstrosity of a voice over..Version: 8.1.1

Buy it!!I bought this app a few years ago for E-5. And made it my first time. I think I made a 94. I used it again for 2020 E-6. Made it first time again!! Scored 26 pts over the cutoff without any promotion statement. Buy the app and apply yourself. I only studied for 3 weeks a few hours a day..Version: 6.1.3

App Transfer to Different DeviceMessage to the creators, I bought this app through the apple app store and now I’m being forced to purchase again through google play after i got my new phone. I was wondering if theres a way to restore purchase so I’m not having to buy again. Thank you for your guys help.Version: 6.1.3

Good but needs to be updatedThe app is good with some glitches that can be easily resolved, example unable to continue or return from where you left. The major issue is the line of question needs to be updated. MKTS priorities list is good but the questions were never revised. Example E7 MKTS Airman’s Creed questions should not be the same for E8..Version: 5.9

Great appMakes it easy to study. Maybe you could add some simple jeopardy style or matching games with sound effects for those of us who find it hard to study by flash cards and quizzes. App still works great but if you’re still looking to improve and stimulate the mind, these are things other apps have done..Version: 5.9

Good but could be betterOverall the app is great, formulates great tests but I feel that there should be links the the PDG for questions so that you can read the source yourself. Yes I know you can go look it up yourself but a quick link in the app would make it a nice one stop shop so to speak. I would recommend this to a friend btw..Version: 5.9

Buy It - It’s well worth it for the priceI’ve purchased other promotion apps - ones that require you to spend $80 every two years for their update - and this one knocks them out of the water. It’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and lets you study based on MKTS priority. I’ve had no issues with it. Plus, it’s only $25 with lifetime updates. I’ve found that I’ve been more motivated to use this one over other study apps. I won’t bash McMillan for their way overpriced and poorly designed app. I’ll just say that I highly recommend this one..Version: 5.4

Helped big timeA few little glitches here and there. Sometimes I didn’t save where I had studied last, but a minor inconvenience. Helped me make Master this time around by letting me study in sections and test at my own pace vs reading a whole PDF file the AF provides..Version: 5.5

Sections/TestSection 13B is not on the ADTC tab of the studying or testing portion. Update since I received a response: I’m stating that on the app when I try and study I do not see section 13B on the ADTC Tab when I have it under AFH 1 for reviewing or testing. I’m not saying it needs to be removed. I stating that I should be able to see in different sections of the app not just one.Version: 9.0.2

Great AppI went through all the tests and quizzes in this app for a couple of months leading up to testing for MSgt. Without even reading the PDG and only doing the questions I ended up getting an 89 on the PFE. If you’re looking for a great study tool buy this app and don’t waste your time or money on PDG gold..Version: 5.9

Great setup, needs an added featureThe priorities and the set up is fantastic in this app, however it desperately needs a flash card function. Otherwise you read the same slide question with answer countless times. Makes learning extremely boring and difficult.Version: 5.9

Promoted to SSgtThis app is truly amazing, I only used this app to study and I got over a 90 on my WAPS test. Even going into the test there was not one question that I didn’t at least recognize a little bit. I definitely recommend getting this app to study..Version: 6.1.3

Great app!!The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the way the questions are read when you listen to them. It is hard to separate the question from the answer and it gets confusing. If the developer could change that, the app would be perfect..Version: 5.9

Read the App Developers responses 😂100% bought it because of the App Developers responses to negative reviews. I would say it was well worth it. I made E6 this year on my first try, and used this app to study for it. Thank you for developing an effective app, please keep being a savage..Version: 5.5

Best Promote AppI always recommend this to my coworkers. This app will get you promoted and it’s way better than spending 3X as much on PDG gold!!! Also this app constantly updates whenever their is a change. If you want to get promoted. BRO GET THIS APP.!! 🗣🗣🗣.Version: 7.0.7

Absolutely Worth ItGot the app back in 2017 and used it religiously studying for E5 and then E6. Made it both first times. Material is always kept up to date, and updates are pushed regularly. Hands down, I recommend this app to supplement studying for promotion. Thanks!.Version: 6.1.3

The “study” tab upsets meI love this app and I appreciate the free upgrades. I don’t understand why they decided to work the study option in the question answer format. I only want questions and answers when taking a test! The study option should be in a factual note format taken from the AFH. Edit-definitely worth a five once that edit is made.Version: 6.1.1

Study or dieStudy every section, test with instant feedback, review missed questions, read the book for your worst sections. If you do this it is impossible not to promote..Version: 8.2

MotivationI have never really taken studying serious until I discovered this app. The conveyance and intelligence algorithm is unmatched in helping you learn. Highly recommend over all competitors..Version: 8.4

Way betterThis update they just did made this app ten times easier to read and use to study. I appreciate y’all for looking out and helping us Airmen. And good luck to the Airmen seeing this and looking to promote..Version: 7.0.1

Just StartedThis is my first time actually attempting to study. I will update the review after I receive my scores. I have approximately a month and a half till I test and will likely only receive a promote. Hopefully I can come back and write a decent review after the scores are released..Version: 5.9

IPhone X updateI’ve been using this app for a couple months now and I love it so far, I haven’t tested yet so I can’t comment on the relevance of the content but I wish there was an iPhone X update so it would fit the screen better. Right now I have big gaps at the top and bottom of the screen...Version: 5.4

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What do you think PDG PROmote 2023-2025 ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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