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The Best Free Music IOS Apps February 2023

The best 10 free Music applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in February 2023.

Clear Wave #NO1

1 - Clear Wave by Brilic Media LLC
The app plays sounds that can help you test your speakers. With the help of a sound level meter, you can find out how many decibels and hertz the device you are checking reproduces. You can also find out if the microphone on your phone is clogged. Privacy policy: Terms: Support: [email protected]

Bandsintown Concerts #NO2

2 - Bandsintown Concerts by Bandsintown Inc.
Bandsintown helps you discover concerts near you and notifies you of upcoming gigs by artists you listen to, so you’ll never miss another show. Awarded TIME Magazine’s Best Apps of the Year and Business Insider’s World’s Greatest Apps, Bandsintown is trusted by 72 million live music fans worldwide and is 100% free with no hidden fees. Using Bandsintown is easy… Follow your favorite artists or sync services like Spotify and Apple Music to stay connected and receive alerts when th...

DJ Mixer - edjing Mix #NO3

3 - DJ Mixer - edjing Mix by MWM
edjing Mix is a virtual DJ pro that allows you to mix music like a true DJ. With its turntable interface and DG technology, you can easily create mashups and song mixes like a pro. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or just looking for a fun DJ game to try, edjing Mix is the perfect app for you. Access millions of tracks coming from TIDAL Premium, SoundCloud Go +, iTunes and your Cloud sources, and remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ fx and features. Not to mention the sampler and the hardware i...

Moises: The Musician's App #NO4

4 - Moises: The Musician's App by Moises Systems, Inc
Elevate your musical creativity and practice with the Worlds #1 App for musicians. Isolate or remove vocals & instruments from any song and play with your favorite artists in any key, at any speed, with Moises App. Discover the ultimate immersive experience powered by Artificial Intelligence. Pro features for the everyday musician: -AI Audio Separation: Easily separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, piano, strings, and other instruments in any song. -Smart Metronome: Instantly generate click tr...

GarageBand #NO5

5 - GarageBand by Apple
GarageBand turns your iPad, and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. And with Live Loops, it makes it easy for anyone to have fun creating music like a DJ. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play keyboards, guitars, and create beats that make you sound like a pro — even if you’ve never played a note before. Plug in a guitar or bass and play through classic amps and stompbox effects. Use a Touch Instrument, micr...

Live Nation – For Concert Fans #NO6

6 - Live Nation – For Concert Fans by Live Nation Entertainment
Elevate your live music experience with The Live Nation App. From the moment you buy your tickets to the day of show, get all the info you need, all in one place. Check out the features: • Never miss a show — Buy tickets anytime, anywhere • Stay in the know - Get all the latest info on concerts, festivals, livestreams, venues and more! • Skip the line — Password-free, in-app presales • Don’t miss a beat - Order online at our venues and skip the lines • Go paperless — With mobi...

Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio #NO7

7 - Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio by Resonant Cavity LLC
​​Voloco is a mobile recording studio and audio editor that helps you sound your best. 50 MILLION DOWNLOADS Singers, rappers, musicians, and content creators have downloaded Voloco 50 million times because we elevate your sound and let you record like a professional with intuitive tools. Make music and content with Voloco––the top-rated singing and recording app. Record better tracks, demos, voice-overs, and video performances with this audio editor and voice recorder today. STUDIO SOU...

Smule: Karaoke Music Studio #NO8

8 - Smule: Karaoke Music Studio by Smule
Sing over 10 million of your favorite songs with music & scrolling lyrics! Sing your favorite songs solo, have fun creating a duet or group performance with friends, collaborate with other singers from around the world, or sing alongside recordings of popular music artists! Record with your camera on or off and add professional audio FX to sound amazing and have fun! With millions of karaoke songs to choose from, you’re sure to find all of the music you love. Use our voice recorder with scro...

soundcore #NO9

9 - soundcore by Power Mobile Life LLC
Please Note: 1. The soundcore app currently only supports the following soundcore devices: Flare / Flare+ / Flare S+ / Rave / Rave Mini / Mega / Trance / Wakey / Icon+ / Motion+ / Infini Pro / Model Zero / Model Zero+ / Liberty 2 Pro / Liberty Air 2 / Liberty 2 / Life NC / PowerConf / Flare 2 / Rave Neo / Rave Partycast / Trance Go / soundcore Mini 3 / Motion Boom / soundcore 3 / Boost(Upgraded) / Life Q30 / Life Q20+ / Life Q35 / Life Tune / Life Tune Pro / / Life Tune XR / Life A2 NC / Life ...

DICE: Live Shows #NO10

10 - DICE: Live Shows by DICE
Live shows make us feel good. They’re a time to hang with our friends, discover new artists or lose ourselves on a dance floor. We’re on a mission to bring all of this to more fans, more often. Download DICE to see what’s happening in your city. With DICE, you can: – sync your Spotify or Apple Music and receive personalised recommendations based on your music library – get tickets to live shows from all around the world – invite friends, follow each other, and get suggestions for s...

The Best Paid Music IOS Apps February 2023

The best 10 paid Music applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in February 2023.

Theory Lessons #NO1

1 - Theory Lessons by
Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from, presented in their original animated versions. Complete lesson list: • The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines • Note Duration • Measures and Time Signature • Rest Duration • Dots and Ties • Steps and Accidentals • Simple and Compound Meter • Odd Meter • The Major Scale • The Minor Scales • Scale Degrees • Key Signatures • Key Signature Calculation • Generic Intervals • Specific Intervals • Writ...

AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops #NO2

2 - AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops by Ryan Robinson
AutoPad is the easiest way to bring ambient pad loops into your mix! AutoPad generates atmospheric drone sounds that lend subtle structure to your live performances and recordings. Simply tap a key, and AutoPad will provide a tasteful soundscape that plays for as long as you like. Natural crossfades between keys are handled automatically. Features: - Perform with ease. AutoPad has two modes: Live mode gives you instant access to all twelve keys, and setlist mode lets you build a custom list ...

Loopy HD: Looper #NO3

3 - Loopy HD: Looper by A Tasty Pixel
Create music with Loopy HD by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile looper that totally reinvents the formula. As seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. -- “This is the best loop station on the iPhone” -- Dub FX ( -- “I pretty much own every mobile looper out there and Loopy is HANDS DOWN the best. Super simple interface with powerful features.” -- J. Alan Meier -- “If...

MusicMatch: Listen Anywhere #NO4

4 - MusicMatch: Listen Anywhere by Timeless
Music is best when shared. With MusicMatch, friends can share and open music links even if they use different streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music. HOW IT WORKS 1. Receive a link to a song, album, or artist from a friend 2. Copy the link to clipboard 3. Open MusicMatch 4. MusicMatch will automatically open your preferred app SAFARI EXTENSION With the MusicMatch Safari Extension, you can open music links without ever opening the MusicMatch app. To get set up, follow the in-app instr...

Time Trainer Metronome #NO5

5 - Time Trainer Metronome by Justin Guitar
Way more than a metronome, the Time Trainer adds five training tools to help you develop your own internal sense of time! This is an accurate and stable metronome (many metronome apps out there are not) and features: • tap tempo (to work out tempos by tapping a button), • countdown timer (for keeping your practice to schedule!) • many different sounds (you like cowbell, wood or xylophone?) • accent control (for odd time playing) • visual metronome movement with a flash on the beat ...

MusicSmart - Liner Notes #NO6

6 - MusicSmart - Liner Notes by Loop Apps LTDA
** Featured on MacStories, 9to5Mac, MacMagazine & more! ** MusicSmart shows credits and additional details for albums and songs available in your Apple Music, Spotify, or local music library. Discover who makes your favorite songs, from writers and producers to engineers and other collaborators. Go further with details about the artist, popular songs from the album's collaborators, samples, interpolations and remixes used, and movies/TV shows in which they participated. MusicSmart integrates ...

Tunable – Tuner & Metronome #NO7

7 - Tunable – Tuner & Metronome by AffinityBlue
Join more than a million musicians and improve your playing with Tunable - Music Practice Tools. More than a chromatic tuner, tone & chord generator, metronome, and recorder, Tunable is a music practice coach that can help you play steadily, in tune, and on beat anywhere you go. Jam-packed with features to help with ear training, breath support, rhythm, timing, and dynamics, Tunable is easy to use yet feature-rich. Tunable tracks your playing habits and gives feedback to help you improve. Equipp...

Anytune Pro+ #NO8

8 - Anytune Pro+ by Anytune Inc.
Learn to play, transcribe, practice and perform your songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting pitch, repeating loops, setting marks. Plug-in and play along with LiveMix, solo or isolate an instrument or vocals with ReFrame, shape the sound with the FineTouch EQ, view lyrics or your textual TABs scrolling with the music and much more. ANYTUNE™ is the ultimate music practice app for singers, dancers and musicians of all kinds. Try all features including ReFrame Audio Isolation (

eBatuque #NO9

9 - eBatuque by Elton Gomes de Moraes
O Ebatuque é um App com diversos loops de percussão brasileira, gravados por percussionistas reconhecidos, para você poder estudar seu instrumento de uma maneira musical e divertida. ​​ Você pode substituir o metrônomo pelo Ebatuque e tocar junto com uma base incrível de percussão, acessando diversos ritmos como choro, samba, bossa nova, forró, xote, baião, côco, ijexá, maracatu e muitos outros. ​​ Você ainda tem autonomia total para mudar a velocidade de cada ritmo, controla...

Cleartune #NO10

10 - Cleartune by Bitcount ltd.
"My most indispensable app is my guitar tuner, Cleartune. None of the old visual or analog tuners are as precise. I've even taken it on stage with me!" - Rosanne Cash "Cleartune and Clockwork are my most used apps." - Ezra Oklan (Nicole Atkins, Norah Jones, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Matt Beck (Matchbox 20), Chico Hamilton, Arnie Lawrence) "I've been having trouble with interference on stage with other tuners for the iPhone. Used Cleartune last night before a gig and had no problems with ...