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ClassDojo is a beautiful, safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students.

* Teachers can encourage students for any skill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork”
* Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements
* Teachers can also safely and instantly message with any parent
* Parents see their child’s updates at home, as well as a stream of photos and videos from school

ClassDojo helps teachers build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with parents.

ClassDojo is free for everyone, and K-12 teachers, parents, students, and school leaders in over 180 countries have joined. It works on all devices, like iPhones, iPads, tablets, phones, and smartboards.

"I’ve divided my time teaching as B.C. and A.C.: before ClassDojo, and after ClassDojo. I never want to go back!" — Jen E., an elementary school teacher :)

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ClassDojo App Comments & Reviews

ClassDojo Positive Reviews

Honest app reviewThis app is amazing !!!!!!! When I am at home or at work and my daughter is at school and I am curious about how her day is going, all I have to do is open this app and look up her report for the day. Her teachers will mark her for either being really good, neutral, or disruptive, which allows me to know how my child’s school day is going. They do this throughout the entire day. The teachers will also post pictures of the class and what they are doing throughout the day which is always fun to see. This app also gives me the ability to communicate directly with her teacher, without having to send an email. Not only does it allow me to communicate with her teacher, it also gives me the ability to message anybody that is working with my child in the school. Whether it be a counselor, the nurse, the principal, anyone that works in the school, I am able to communicate with. This app was a complete game changer for me. My daughter is developmentally delayed and this app has literally given me so much peace of mind I don’t know what I would do without it. This has taken away so much stress that I have about wondering how my child is doing at school during the day and I’m very grateful for this app. I think it should be made available to every single school in the whole world. THANKS DOJO!!!!.Version: 5.13

Fun and effectiveI'm a first year teacher in a special education 5th grade class and the behavior system I was using just wasn't cutting it. It wasn't effective for me to cross the classroom and stop my lessons to give my students reinforcements. Now I keep class dojo connected to the smart board at all times. The tap their naps in the morning to clock in for attendance. I give them points and demerits that I designed according to my needs which play a positive or negative sound. If a student earns three points in one day I give them a ticket to the classroom store. If the class gets more then 30 points I give them a class reward. The students see where the stand when it comes to their individual behavior and can see the effect they have on the group. The records they keep make report cards a breeze when it comes to marking students behavior. Parents stay connected and send messages through the app. This is all just the features of the website! The app offers added bonuses when used in tandem. The toolkit is a lifesaver with so many amazing things that it would take all day to describe them. This app is worth it a thousand times over!.Version: 4.16

Dojo points at homeThe ClassDojo app is fantastic for staying up to date on last minute changes, or events that are coming up. It makes it easy to contact your child’s teachers via text, as well as seeing how your child is doing behavioral wise and if they handed in their homework. The Dojo points given by your child’s teachers is a great way to express this. However, the reason I’m rating this app 3⭐️ is due to having to pay for the ability to give your child Dojo points at home for chores or listening etc. This is an education app. The ability to give Dojo points at home to your child should be accessible to all parents. Not everyone can afford the price you’re requesting for parents to pay. The price is a bit outrageous. In today’s society getting our child to attend school, especially our older children, is difficult already. Why not use the Dojo points at home system for pure encouragement so that your child can see their growth, in hopes they continue to go to school and stay out of trouble. If the Dojo points at home part of the app needs to have a price tag, it should be one that is based on society as a whole. Perhaps it should be based on the lower income families, seeing as they are the families that the charter schools are geared towards, in order for their children to have better education for a brighter future..Version: 6.15.0

Most recent changesI love the most recent changes to the student accounts, especially the ease in switching for students now. I would like to see a more streamlined process of posting pictures and videos. Right now, they can take a picture or video, add a caption, talk over the picture explaining or draw on it. Once they click the little blue airplane, they have to select their name again (even tho they are already on their own account) and then click post. I think the airplane on the previous screen should suffice in posting it. If there were to be another screen, maybe just give the option of being able to post the same picture to another student account like before. Sometimes my students are partners and they shouldn’t have to take two separate pictures for their work. I also would like some sort of feature where I can toggle on a record keeping of who is posting. For example, I might want to have students post a picture or video of their center for the day- I’d love to see a quick easy way to filter who has and has not posted to their own account during that time frame. It would be so helpful, especially when I have some centers I give students two or more days to do. Just some ideas! Thanks..Version: 4.24.2

DisappointedWe used Dojo at a different school and the difference was huge. My first experience was really great. We only saw only items that were related to our specific classroom and those that were sent by the principal and vice principal or reminders that were sent out for the whole school. This school We see every post for every class whether or not it is related to our classroom. Also purchasing the premium program so you can do dojo points at home was pretty useless. It does not interact with the schools character development process. So basically you make up the rules on your own and you have to find incentives to prompt your student into the behavior that you want your student to have. It was not worth the amount of effort it takes to develop a program at home that may conflict what is being done at school. Also there is no way to check on what your student is getting rewards for. All I know is that on Friday he gets to spend his Dojo points to buy trinkets from the “Dojo Store” or change his login Dojo character. This program has so much potential, but it is riddled with missed opportunities for parents to be informed and included in their students learning experience. Very, very disappointed..Version: 5.21.1

Participation test gradeI use Dojo in my middle and high school classes. It allows me to track how students are participating in my class. I can keep track how often students come to class unprepared or are off task, and I can also reward them for working hard or persevering. At the end of the quarter, I run a report through Dojo, which gives me a percentage for each student. That percentage is used for a test grade called Participation. I can also connect parents. They see how their kids participate in class, so there are no surprises. I can also post private pictures that only the parents I think had particular class can see. I share pictures of students doing fun activities in class. Also, if they learn something particularly interesting, I post about it So the parents know “what happened at school today.” I enjoy giving parents the opportunity to increase communication with their student regarding school. This app also helps me with group work in my class. The tools option gives me ability to randomly split students into groups. The students respond well to Dojo, and this extrinsic motivation really gets them going..Version: 4.26

Great!Overall, I love so much about this app! The customer support is wonderful, the points system is great for behavior management, the videos are awesome for social emotional support and the portfolios are a great way to show student progress. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much success as I hoped making this my only form of communication with parents. There is something inadequate about the messaging system that makes it unreliable for parents to receive messages. I don’t know if this is because of technical errors on the parents’ side with notifications or something that Class Dojo can fix. I’ve had several times when parents have missed an important message about a meeting, field trip or awards assembly. I also wish the group messaging could work like a text thread where all parents are included in responses. There also isn’t an option for volunteer sign ups, which is crucial at our school in the primary grades. Because of this, primary teachers use Bloomz and it is tricky for parents to manage both platforms if they have children in multiple classes..Version: 5.36.0

Every Single School Should Use This App!!!This app is amazing and genius in every sense! I am able to see my son’s points at school and class photos his teacher posts! Keep up with announcements, message his teacher privately, and also give him points at home for good behavior and reward my son when he’s ready to cash in his points! It works soooo much better than anything else we have tried with positive and negative reinforcement. He is 8 and ADHD and he struggles with self control a lot. This really helps him SEE his week or month as a whole, and the comments the teacher leaves on his behavior... we read them every evening and go over why that happened. Or I praise him for the good things he did or the great score he got on his test! It just keeps parents more involved! And it’s awesome cause mom and dad get to both see it, so dad is always involved too. Dad can’t say he didn’t know or wasn’t informed because it’s right there on the app!!! If he didn’t look then he is held accountable as well. My only wish is that POINTS WERE DEDUCTED FOR NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR AT HOME. Not just a time out to talk about it..Version: 6.4.3

Dojo MojoWe enjoy the dojo app each and every school day! We receive messages and pictures of our child as he weaves his way thru the school year. He’s only in 4th grade so all the messages aren’t going to be great one’s, however we can use these as tool to garner improvement and discipline as well. It really gives you a piece of mind when you can see what/ How your child is doing throughout our dreary work a day lives. I’m not sure all schools use the dojo app for their parents, I’m sure there are other apps out there that do basically the same thing, but dojo works just fine. I’m glad they didn’t have anything like this when we were coming up in the school system, things seemed so much simpler back then. The children can’t even breathe wrong or it will be documented and reported to the parents nowadays. I think today’s youth will be better off for it. They will be more accountable and detail conscious..Version: 8.19.0

Great app for quick communication!Excellent way to communicate any quick thing btw parent and teacher whether it is an FYI or "Brian didn't sleep well last night so he may not interact as much". Especially helpful for parents of special needs kids to keep close communication with teacher and parent to help regulate a child's routine. I've been able to get feedback from my son's teacher about his behavior throughout the day which is very helpful for me when giving him adhd medication when i need to note it's effects and what time of day. The teacher is more likely to have the convenience to give me a quick text to inform me that my son had a meltdown at 10:30a right after so I could troubleshoot with her via text. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because i wish we could download data to save the progress. Like the ratings the teacher gives daily are only available for like a week. It would be nice to download to excel or something to see the progression and identify weakness or patterns in behaviors based on external factors..Version: 4.14.2

Revolutionized my classroomThis program has revolutionized my teaching style. I use this program as a point system in my class. When a student has a certain number of points then s/he may sit in a certain chair. I also use this program to individually correspond with my parents daily regarding behavior challenges on particular students; but most importantly, I push out at up to 3 good behavior messages to my well behaved kids, so that I can give an extra thanks to these kids for being such great students. (Which in turn helps my classroom climate”). I also love using the Class Stories aspect of this program. The photos keep the parents feeling connected and I have a pictorial record of my class activities. Dojo offers all this and more free of charge plus they have no ads! This program has helped me improve my classroom climate. Thank you for the use of this program..Version: 5.21.1

Unschooling/Homeschooling record keepingI LOVE this app SO much! We unschool our kiddos (8, 4 & 1) and this is the easiest way to track what we are doing. I’m not great at keeping notes, planners or lesson plans (and we honestly don’t teach that way or any “typical” way), but this app makes it super simple to show the work we do on a daily basis. Quick pictures of field trips (children’s museum, zoo, science center, library visits, meet-ups, etc. etc.) with an explanation of what was learned. I also take pictures of the books they’re currently reading or audio books, podcast etc. I also am able to track behavior/life skills/chores via this app since it’s framework is pretty flexible. They get points for daily tasks around the school it would likely be stuff like raising your hand, being kind...whatever and for us it’s getting dressed, brushing teeth, limiting screen time to 2 hours or less, being respectful, returning library books to the “return” bin when they’re done, etc. Point is super flexible and I love it!!! I can’t say enough good things about it! Oh and also...I have some relatives that aren’t onboard with homeschooling (not their choice or business) and a super quick way to show them how much we truly do is to send them a parent invite so they can view what I track here..they’ve gotten off my back since 😁.Version: 5.43.0

Teacher’s PerspectiveI am a preschool teacher who holds open communication with my students parents as extremely important. I’ve recently began using class dojo and love it! I can update my parents throughout the day on their child’s behavior, share pictures with them, and post reminders and information on a the class story for all parents to see (which is great because they rarely read the ones I post in the classroom). I also love that I can message the parents directly and vice verse without having to share my personal contact information. I would suggest this app to every teacher preschool age and older. ***my only suggestion for improvement would be that the app designers make a way for parents to download the pictures of their children shared with them. My parents have complained about having to screenshot the pictures they wanted saved..Version: 6.4.3

Dojo???I will admit that when I first heard of this “Class Dojo”, I thought it was martial arts. However, after talking to other parents about this app and my husband and I using this app ourselves for 2 years now, WE love it! We especially love it when the teachers actually USE the app :-). I get that it can be difficult to post on dojo for each child, every day. I get it! I’d take every other day, honestly. Such a great way to check on my child throughout the day and gauge whether or not she should be rewarded for a good day or not, because according to my 2nd grader, EVERY day is a good day...not! I’m able to discuss things with her teacher or ask questions that I simply don’t have time to come into the school every day to ask. This helps a full time working mom soo much. A must use! I’m going to miss it when she gets to the grade where they no longer use class dojo..Version: 5.44.1

Rooms for improvement to reach 5 stars!I don't understand how this app gets 5 stars. I’ve been using iOS version since September 2019 my son goes to Kindergarten. However, at the student’s report page, teacher input comments but it shows “Talking after whole cl.....”. My first thought was users should be able to view the whole description but it’s somehow cut off on the screen. I tried to click on the description to see if it’ll expand the full content but it doesn’t. If this app is about how we understand our kids are doing in school from teacher comments, then showing the full point description should be a very feature which this app failed. Secondly, it’s a suggestion that right now I can only see the parents from my son’s classroom when they comment on teacher’s posts. I do hope the app will include a “parents connection” feature so when it’s needed, parents can message each other and get connected for social or emergency purpose..Version: 6.18.0

Effective Teacher ToolClass Dojo is a great classroom management tool that also allows for students to safely post their accomplishments for their classmates and parents to see. Like the fact that we can message parents about issues at school, and that we have the OPTION to write a note for any positive or negative feedback. Which teacher on the planet has time to document EVERY moment in the day? The messaging system is great for a blast to all parents or individual ones. I’m happy that you can sent photos and videos of student work and participation in class. If you’re a mentor at your school, then you have the option to communicate with all parents not just the ones in your class, this is great for school-wide announcements. The app has improved over the years, BUT I wouldn’t mind additional icons - even though you can upload your own..Version: 4.24.2

Thank youI work at an at risk school and communicating with parents has never been so easy!! This app has made it so easy to share positive feedback with family, share exciting events in class, keep parents up to date on our new learning goals, less handouts and creates an environment where my families can interact with each other and share fun ways to practice skills at home! This was a game changer for me. I work at a school where it is hard to get parent involvement, but 100% of my students have at least one family member on Dojo. I love the class wall where I can share news while group instead of creating newsletters or handouts. Each kid has a personal wall where I can share their success stories that only them and their family see. It’s like a scrapbook for their success. Messages allows me to talk to parents in private. Love this program!!.Version: 6.22.0

Class DoJo AMAZINGI have been wanting to write an email to let you know how grateful I am for Class DoJo, I have been using it for little more than four years in my classroom. Class DoJo has helped lessen negative behaviors and encourage cooperation within and outside the classroom. The Big Ideas are AMAZING. I use them to set the tone each week of what social-emotional goal we are going to work on and then share it with parents in class story, so they can see what the “dip” and other key phrases are. The Portfolios have been a life saver during this switch to digital learning from home. I will continue to use Class DoJo for the remaining years of teaching and share my praise for this wonderful and thoughtful program. I can access my account on any device and is so user friendly. I can’t wait until you can purchase a MoJo stuffy I will be the first order!!!.Version: 6.23.1

Overall okayThis is the second app of its kind I’ve had for school-related stuff. My kids had Seesaw in years prior at a former school, and I really enjoyed that I only saw info that pertained to my kids in particular, unless it was something the whole school needed to see in Seesaw. In dojo, I see everything from every teacher, it seems. I also wish I had the ability to unfollow some people, as in instagram, in order to not see some of the overzealous school personnel who share things that have nothing to do with my kids whatsoever. With 4 kids in 3 different schools, who each have their own list of extracurriculars, and my spouse and I having our own multiple responsibilities outside of home and work... The unnecessary info sharing is just tedious, which leads me to ignoring the app and therefore occasionally missing vital information, as it seems to be the elementary school’s primary form of communication..Version: 5.14

What did I miss…I wish there was an option to mark messages as read. Sometimes you get multiple messages throughout the day, sometimes even the same info from different people (teachers vs principal etc). Sometimes the same info multiple days in a row especially if there are tasks that need to be completed by a deadline. Because of this some info/tasks gets missed because the message is lost or buried between other messages. It would also decrease how many times messages need to be reposted because the staff would know that parents have the ability to better track “what may or may not have been missed”. You should even include the capability where teachers can see which students/parents have/have not read which messages; whether general or direct. Teachers are busy; parents are busy. Please include my suggestions to simplify overall communications..Version: 7.0.0

More then an app, we’re a community!This app has given us parents the capability to see what our children have and are continuing to learn in their classrooms’. This app give us the pleasure to view fun pictures and videos of classroom activities as well as the amazing programs, super fun social gatherings and awareness our school/teachers are bringing our children every day/ week. We all know the feeling when we ask our children, “ what did you learn/ do at school today?” Their answer is, “ I don’t know...I don’t remember...nothing!” Well, this app allows teachers to give us some of what our kids are learning and more. I too can send a personal message to my daughter’s teachers’ and get a response right away. There is no longer a communication barrier that keeps us disconnected from our children’s education. I love this app!! Just amazing!!!.Version: 5.47.0

GreatMy youngest daughter uses this app through her classroom. She wanted me to buy the subscription so she can have more options with her “monster.” I caved and bought 1 month to see if behavior would improve at home with the earned points and rewards. So far this app has been amazing at inspiring her to behave better to earn points and therefore also rewards. Everything is so personalized and easy to modify. Even my older daughter is using it (which is free with the added subscription) and doing great. My only complaint is that every tine I give a point, the screen minimizes and I have to hit the monster icon again. I tend to do points in a lump so this feature is annoying. It should allow you to pick several accomplishments without kicking you off that screen. Love the noise that goes with the points though!.Version: 6.5.1

2Nd Grade TeacherFrom a teacher’s perspective, class dojo makes classroom management, incentives, and communication with parents easy. But after using classdojo for the first time this year, I don’t think that I will use it next year in my classroom. I believe the downfall of being so closely connected to parents and so easily accessible is that the parents start messaging you at 9:00 at night expecting you to give them an immediate answer concerning homework. What’s worse is that some parents start using the dojo text messaging system as a way to rudely vent to the teacher with various complaints about the school, her, etc. I might use it again in the distant future, but I really believe that some serious parameters need to be put in that manages parent responses. Having a text- message style system of communicating takes away the professionalism that is needed between teacher and parent..Version: 5.33.0

Amazing Teaching Tool!I have been using ClassDojo in my preschool classroom for the last two years. It has changed my classroom. From the teaching resources it provides to the improved relationships with parents. I’ve received countless glowing reviews from the parents as they gain insight to their little learners school experience. In fact, it’s such an amazing tool we will likely begin implementing it in all our classrooms including the daycare rooms (infants+)! The only reason I didn’t give it five stars was because there are two things I feel would really improve the program. 1st - enable parents to download videos from their children’s portfolio. They can save photos but not videos. 2nd - transfer the children’s portfolios with them as they move up a class. I’ve been experimenting with it as we have discussed using it in all the school and have noticed that their pictures/videos/etc from their portfolio disappear when you move them from one class to another. I think continuing their portfolios the entire time they remain at the same school location would not only be an amazing tool for assessing progression but also develop an increased sentimental attachment to the app for parents increasing their appreciation for the app. I SUGGEST EVERY TEACHER USES THIS APP FROM DAYCARE TO PRESCHOOL THROUGH ELEMENTARY. Thank you ClassDojo for improving my classroom..Version: 7.29.0

Please fix iPhone audio issuesI love this app for communicating with parents about the classroom but there are two major issues that never seem to get fixed with updates 1) the messages are all together in one long line. Sometimes I am talking to a parent about an issue through the messenger and then have to send a message to all the parents about another issue. This all parent message ends up in the middle of the conversation and either doesn’t get read or we lose a comment in the middle. It’s a bad set up and messages should be separated. 2) half the time, for whatever reason, audio from videos does not play on iPhones. There is no reason to it, but half the time you hear it and half the time you don’t. Parents have the same issue and comment that they can’t hear directions. Please, tech people working on this app, figure out what the issue is and fix it!.Version: 6.22.0

Love it / hate the paid versionWe love dojo and have been using it for the past 5 years! It gives us a piece of mind getting to see pictures of our kiddos and seeing their points through out the day. It’s also a fantastic tool for receiving important info and communication from the child’s teacher and the school as a whole. I also love using it for PTO to send reminders. The only thing I wish they wouldn’t have done is make it to where you have to pay to have a membership. If the kids want to change their monster avatar, some of the options are for membership, want to see more than one or two weeks of their points need a membership, want to do points at home, once again pay money for a membership. It wasn’t always like that and now that they are a big app that majority of schools use they have monetize it. Take the need for a membership out and I would give it 5 stars! (More than that if I could!).Version: 7.4.0

Posts and pictures.I enjoy using Class Dojo it is a fun medium that helps keep communication between home and school fast and open especially with all the device (cell phone) restrictions in the classroom. My families love seeing pictures of the littles ones engaged and learning. They get to see what they would normally miss. It is an extremely helpful tool for remote learning also. I just wish we could attach more than on post to the school and class stories. Sometimes when I make a recording for my students I want to add a file, image or activity to go along with the lesson. I don’t want to overwhelm the parents with extra posts. I also wish there was a way to transfer posts between portfolios, Class and School Stories within Class Dojo. Whenever I try to download to post I get a lot of technical data instead of the images I want to repost..Version: 6.35.0

Classroom Management at its best!I teach 4Th. grade. At first glance I thought this app would be too childish for my students. However, I was surprised to find they absolutely love it. Their parents can see their behavior in real time. They challenge each other to top score of the day. The tool kit is amazing and I use so many of the tools they provide. I love the growth mindset videos, they are short and easy to use. The best part is the discussion points. I share pictures on our classroom story of projects, or helpful hints for parents with homework which make communication with all parents at once simple and quick. Finally, the installation and adding or removing students is super low tech and absolutely anyone can do it! Thank you ClassDoJo for creating such a helpful app that teacher like me can use to positively impact change in our classrooms!.Version: 4.23

Love itI’ve been using this since I started teaching three years ago. Recently we’ve been using this platform constantly at my school because of the quarantine. Although there was a slow period when everyone was trying to get on at the same time, this app is fantastic! Awesome way to stay connected with the school news and parents. The students keep connected in my room and I can add all their specialty teachers so they can communicate with them too. The only thing I’d wish to see with this app is the ability to edit a live document that you share on there. For example: posting the time slots for parent teacher conferences and parents being able to see as slots get taken up. That would be really beneficial and would make those events in the year much easier..Version: 6.26.1

Awesome resource for classroom managementClassDojo is a staple in classrooms across the country. It really is a great tool for classroom management, but that doesn’t just mean behavior! Because it’s built in a way to allow flexibility, you can use ClassDojo in many ways. Over the pay few years I have found that it is the absolute BEST way to keep in contact with parents. It has all of the convenience of text messaging, without ever having to give out your personal phone number. But it is actually more powerful than many messaging apps because it has some features that are designed specifically for the teacher/parent and teacher/student relationship. I will continue using ClassDojo for as long as it is available because it really is a fantastic resource..Version: 5.21.1

Great tool, but needs some improvementI have used Class Dojo for my eldest daughter when in prek and again now in 1st grade. While it is a great communication tool between teacher/school and parents, there are some minor improvements that could make it better. First, there is not a notification when there is a “story” added. I get notifications on direct messages from the teacher, but I have no clue when a “story” is added unless I randomly check the app throughout the day. Second, I cannot remove past teachers from the message log. I still have her prek teacher on her message list and while it’s not that big of a deal, it kind of throws me off. Other than that, I’m sure updates will be made regularly to keep up improvement. For those of us doing distance learning this year, class dojo is our lifeline!.Version: 7.1.0

When. Company wants money and the quality changesI loved this app when it originally came out because it keeps me up to date, my son created his monster and I get to stay in touch with my 1st sons teachers. It was awesome when it was basic but now all this extra dumb crap had been added so they can receive money. It’s not fair to my kids coming after my first that won’t be able to customize a character or certain tools that were free are being charged. I can’t customize girl creature for her because you want us to pay you for it. This app is not that valuable, this was also a suggestion from the school. Pretty soon this app is going to charge money for keeping in contact with the teachers and receiving basic updates. There not that much freedom in this app anymore. I’m sorry the moment you started asking for money you showed your greed and I don’t appreciate that..Version: 5.42.0

Easy way to communicate with my kid’s teacher.We love ClassDojo. The speech therapist in my son class suggest us to use ClassDojo to communicate. When the teach share the picture/clip of my son at school, it makes me feel happy. It’s fast and easy app to use. I hope all the teacher will use it to communicate with the parents. I’m happy with the App. However, I have some suggestions. I think if you can make it to communicate as a group that we can discuss and see the same message at the same time, it would be nice. My husband has one account and I have another account. Seem like the teacher have to post 2 times for both of us. If we can make a room as a team so we can discuss same things with many people who involved as a team, teacher, speech therapist, OT and parents in one shot. Could you please try to make it happen....Thank you,.Version: 4.16

I like this class/school app!!!!!!! (I also have an idea)Hey, can ALL students chat or message to each other? This includes group chat aswell. I'mma student and I want to text or message others, EVEN MY FRIENDS! This is an idea I thought about for students :) I HOPE YOU GUYS ADD THIS CUZ I WANNA CHAT WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want you guys to add this! I BEG YOU >:3 This is only for students since parents have this type of thing. PLEASEEEEEEEE ADD THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If... you guys like this idea I came up with, THEN ADD IT BRUH! Like seriously though, ITS A GOOD IDEA FOR STUDENTS! I want "my" idea to be added in Class dojo because ALL THE STUDENTS CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER! EVEN A GROUP CHAT! I'm seriously begging right now! CLASSDOJO HAS BARELY ADDING STUFFS TO STUDENTS! ADD MORE STUFF!!! I DARE YOU GUYS TO PUT NEW, GOOD IDEAS FOR STUDENTS CUZ US STUDENTS ONLY HAS PORTFOLIOS, CUSTOMIZING MONSTERS, DRAWING, UHHHHHH THATS ALL I KNOW XD -Buttcheekpopcornlolololololololol.Version: 5.13

Integrated collaborationWhat I love of Class Dojo is the user friendly solutions, empowering oneself and empowering online learning collaboration for achieving positive success from anywhere. Filling up the student electronic portfolio, working at home efficiently and effectively empowering as a XXI Century workforce since early childhood with awareness and safety for all. Zero risks for servicing public services when collaboration is required from global workforce at each global location. Optimizing the student’s success with wellness collaboration solutions with a whole positive collaboration from the top: Principal, Assistant Principal, co-teachers, librarían, counseling services, parents and students, integrated as ONE to serve each student’s needs effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much! Blessed technology and innovation solutions of the XXI Century!.Version: 6.23.1

Very average in comparison to other appsNo ability to send voice messages like you’re able to on the Remind app & no ability for a group message with the teacher and parents/guardians so it always leaves one parent having to screenshot and relay to the next parent. This seems like it should have been a very standard feature. I should be able to create a message with my child’s teacher, myself and my husband so we can all message and see updates in real time but because there’s no option to do this I’m aggravatingly ALWAYS having to screenshot my husband messages from the teacher. Voice messages should also be a thing for this app. It’s quick and something parents can do on the go if need be and allows teachers to communicate more effectively. Sometimes, it’s better to hear the tone of someone for some messages than to read them..Version: 5.47.0

ExcellentAs a teacher I love this app. I use it everyday and the students enjoy it also. I can post class work for the parents to see so that they are aware of homework and topics coved in class. I can also post pictures or have parents email me if they have any questions. The only thing I don’t like about the app is what students can do. They can change their monsters and post pictures or notes that I can approve or delete. Students can’t see the class story if they have forgotten homework or upcoming events. It’s also a bit clumsy if you have to print student and parent codes to send home. These are very small things and do not take away from a great app. I have and would recommend to any teacher or school to use..Version: 4.37.0

Great form of communicationWith my child transitioning from a familiar preschool to going to a new school (as in new build) and being promoted to K I was nervous. But the school providing this app as a way to keep in contact with the teachers and your child is comforting. To add, open communication with not just her teachers but with the administration and other parents as well. Followed by getting fingertip updates of my child’s development is definitely a major plus as well. The only downfall is to pay for the app in order to have complete and full access to all the tools the app has to offer. The same way the teacher is able to reward the students, as parents we can too for a fee! Other than that, it’s a great to use. Thanks for designing it for us. It brings so much comfort and communication!.Version: 5.47.0

Pretty good, some improvements neededI’ve been using this app for about three years now. I think it’s great that my son’s music, art and Spanish teachers are using the app as well as his main teachers. I love being able to reach out to them at any time and they are very good at responding. However, I would like the option to unfollow posts and stories from previous teachers. Even though they have archived their class and I can’t message them, I still see their new posts this year mixed in with his current teachers’ posts and it gets confusing since the previous teacher’s posts are irrelevant to my child. I would also like the option to download pics, interact with other parents in my child’s class. Other than, keep the updates coming, you guys are doing great!.Version: 5.43.0

Total Awesomeness!!This app is absolutely my favorite app on my phone!! It allows me to talk with my child’s teacher in real time like I am texting a friend!! I ask a question and 15-30 at the most I have an answer instead of have to wait half if not till the end of the day!! She can also share photos and her day to day classroom progress in a flash!! And my kid has asthma so if she is having issues it is so fast and easy for her to shot me a message to let me know she is having an attack!! This app is full of awesomeness I could go on for two more pages!! You must check it out if you like to be update to date about your child’s education or if your a teacher wanting an super easy way to communicate and share with parents!!.Version: 4.15

Amazing appAmazing! Love it!.Version: 4.14.2

HiIt’s great for pertending to be a teacher so fun also I think it would be great If you were a teacher.Version: 7.31.0

Crazy for DojoI love this app, I just wish the sensitivity of the microphone and sound monitor could be adjusted more for sensitivity. As it is now, it hardly picks up on my class sounds..Version: 4.14.2

It’s...good I guessIt’s an awesome app, but when I try to log into my account, it says I put in 10 wrong passwords?! I did not. I only tried once. Then when I go to I have an account it says, Impossible to get into this account. Which is weird. Pls fix this. I love this app and want to use it. Thank you. C’est une application géniale, mais quand j’essaie de me connecter à mon compte, ça dit que j’ai mis 10 mauvais mots de passe ?! Non. Je ne l'ai pas fait Je n'ai essayé qu'une seule fois. Puis, quand je vais à mon compte il dit, Impossible d'entrer dans ce compte. C'est bizarre. Les pls réparent ça. J'adore cette application et je veux l'utiliser. Merci..Version: 8.8.0

Contact with teacherGreat way to contact teacher, get updates/info, and even translate messages to another language, if needed. So happy to have it!.Version: 7.4.0

👹🦶School.Version: 8.28.0

Kid photoI’m loving this app because it lets me get pictures of my child enjoying activities in school. It also notifies me immediately when there’s a message from teachers!.Version: 8.28.0

YouyouWaw il est vraiment content.Version: 8.27.0

I love you my babyI am proud of you for trying your best in school my girl keep it up mom is always here to love u n help.Version: 8.27.0

WritingGood job👌👌.Version: 8.25.0

Excellent travailEn Principes , les enseignants ont représenté l’autorité éducative et le modèle qu’il fallait tiens vous remercier haut et fort Mme Beaudry. D’après une journée chargée nos enfants prennent une sieste..Version: 8.22.1

Very awesomeAmazing app you got there thanks for creating it your very creative.Version: 8.25.0

This app is so goodAt least it is for the daycare kids.Version: 8.22.1

Maman sidraBonne rentrée pour tous les enfants ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 8.20.0

AwsomeIt’s amazing.Version: 8.10.0

Why isn’t it letting me add studentsWhy.Version: 8.10.0

GreatIt allows your students to have fun and to make process better than you can think of. Get this app trust me.Version: 8.10.0

WooohJe vous le recommanderez fortement cette application. Cbon a savoir sur vos enfants!!!.Version: 8.7.0

Bravo à tous et toutesMerci madame France pour cette belle pensée! Je vous souhaite un bel été avec du repos pour faire le plein! Angèle.Version: 8.7.0

Great app! Definitely recommend for teachersI am writing as a student, and my teacher showed me this app. She uses it for class participation, and gives my class a point whenever we participate in a class project, discussion, or game. Again, I really recommend it for teachers!.Version: 8.5.0

Class dojoVery good app.Version: 8.4.0

5 étoilMerci.Version: 8.1.0

This app is a 5I love this app for roleplay I use it all the time and it is so fun!.Version: 8.1.0

I love this app / j’adore cette applicationVery good app for teacher or parent but i would like to have more tools. / Vraiment bonne application pour enseignants et parent, mais j’aimerais avoir plus d’outils.Version: 7.35.0

Visioconférences et ajouter des liens du webCe serait merveilleux si nous pouvions ajouter des visioconférences, des liens Facebook ou sur le web..Version: 8.0.1

AmazingIt’s always nice to have something to be proud of and it’s really good for kids like you can take points away for being bad or it can be the other way around but I just really like this app.Version: 7.24.0

I don want thi applicationBad application.Version: 7.23.0

Best app everSo hood! I use it everyday with my class!!!.Version: 7.21.1

It okWhen I log and it does not work I’m just trying to login I can see what my daughters class looks like please update the login.Version: 7.23.0

Organisation des messagesJ’aurais aimé que l’application soit en calendrier pour que je sois plus facilement en mesure de retrouver les plan de cours hebdomadaires et que je puisse regrouper par sujet... ça devient mêlant de se retrouver à travers des posts.....Version: 7.22.0

Easy to followEasy to follow.Version: 7.19.0

Reporting bugsThe app is great! I love it! But when I enter my Avatar, it just switches from blue to red, and it looks like it barged all over itself. My classmates are having this issue too. Please fix!.Version: 7.19.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 8.29.0

What do you think ClassDojo ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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