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Romulus European History is a quiz-based application of iOS devices designed to help students review for exams in European History, such as AP European History and IB History of Europe and the Islamic World, as well as for unit tests and mid-term exams. Our goal in designing this program is to allow students to reinforce their content knowledge in a fun, quick and accessible way.

This app contains 11 sets of 50 questions each with topics ranging from the Renaissance to Contemporary Europe. All questions have been written or approved by Tom Richey, a teacher with several years of experience teaching AP European History and college-level Western Civilization. In order to best provide quick, accessible explanations to students, the app utilizes external Wikipedia and YouTube links that allow students to quickly review content when needed.

Romulus Euro App Comments & Reviews

Romulus Euro Positive Reviews

Useful AppI was approaching the final test date when I decided to buy this and give it a try. Overall, it's a pretty useful app for learning some basics about various topics, dates, events, ideas, and people. Positives: - Simple and appealing layout - Good for studying in small increments - Questions cover most of the major topics and ideas - Helps you remember a few key dates and people that you might normally forget Neutral: - Price What I Would Like to See Improved: - More questions covering a wider range of topics - An in-app explanation of the right answer instead of just linking a Wikipedia page (doesn't have to be too long, just some starter info to give a basic understanding) - Ability to select specific questions instead of having to go through the whole section to get to one Suggestions: - Maybe some questions based on documents 😃 Overall I really liked the app, but now that I took the test it kinda just sits there on my home screen 😐.Version: 2.0

Needs a bit moreWhy does only the lite version have a midterm review but not the full?.Version: 4.1

AmazingForget quizlet or a tutor, this app is the way to go. I fall behind in history and don't always score the highest, but ever since I got this amazing app I have become one of the best students in my history class. The creator of this app was absolutely brilliant and I can't thank them enough. I am going into my history class with confidence on the day of the EOC. I highly recommend getting this app if you need help in history. By far the best 4.99 I've ever spent!.Version: 2.0

Fantastic AP Review appAs an AP teacher, I often see students struggle and become overwhelmed as the exam approaches. This wonderful app quizzes students in a fun format. I recommended this to my students, and encouraged them to study a unit at a time and then follow it up with the topic here on Romulus. Given al that it offers, this is a great value. Thanks Tom 👍🏻.Version: 2.0

Helpful!I started using this app a couple months before the AP Euro test, and it was effective in helping me get super solid on my timelines and ‘gotcha!’ type facts. Ended up getting a five with a combination of this app, another review guide, and making flash cards by myself..Version: 4.1

AP teacherAs an AP teacher, I'm always looking for new ways to help my students review. This App does an outstanding job of helping students prepare for the AP European exam and I highly recommend it..Version: 2.0

GREATAlthough not stimulus based questions, these trivia questions truly help get the facts stuck in your head, wonderful app👌🏼 thanks Tom Richey.Version: 4.1

HelpfulThe questions on this app are very specific and on the AP test all of the questions will be stimulus based. This means there will be some specifics like this but not all of it. That being said this all was not exactly what I was looking for (especially after paying $5) but still gets 4 stars because it helps memorize smaller details and can pinpoint areas I need to work on more..Version: 1.1

Tom Richey is my manTom Richey you are cool and can you shout out to parsa he helped you by giving you five bucks and he’s cool.Version: 4.1

Great App!Simple and effective! A great tool to review for my AP Euro year tomorrow..Version: 3.0

Super helpfulGood trivia questions for reviewing!!.Version: 3.0

YesThis app, tom richey, and marco learning singlehandedly made me pass this exam.Version: 4.1

Worth It.Before this application, the only way I knew how to review for my AP Euro exams on my phone was using Quizlet. However, because to Tom I now am able to review for not only my Midterm exam coming up soon, but I can also review for my AP exam on the go at a click of a button. The questions are fantastic and the layout is very easy to use. Astonishing app..Version: 1.0

AMAZINGI've never bought an app besides this one and it was totally worth it. The questions are perfect for keeping people from different eras in your head. I recommended this app to everyone in my class and for you too! This app is perfect to keep background info in you mind for LEQ,DBQ, and SAQ!!!.Version: 1.1

Good app... Consider revising descriptionThis is a great app and I'm glad Tom made something for his students and students across the US to study with... But the description on the App Store says there are 11 topics with 50 questions each yet I only see 10 questions per section. You might consider revising the description until more questions are added. Again, thank you so much for the study help!.Version: 1.0

Best AP Euro App Ever!My teacher didn't teach anything throughout the year, so I turned to this app for help. when I first got it, I got every question wrong 3/10, and now I can do every review section and get (nearly) a perfect score! so thankful for this app and I'm ready for May 6!.Version: 1.1

Great App!Really forces you to contextualize information and bring in everything you know for each question (especially when you don't know the answer ;)).Version: 1.1

Super helpfulDownloaded this the week before the exam and I'm 100% sure it helped me even with the short amount of time I had it. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.1

Best for content!!!This really has helped me because I've been spitting fire in class with all the answers to the review Yes it helps for the exam because you need the content more than understanding the passages - Rose🤑.Version: 1.1

Great AppKeeping in mind that this application is meant to have non-stimulus based question, this app helps not only on the MC section but as well as the LEQ, DBQ, and Short Answer portions through content drilling. Great questions over a broad spectrum of topics..Version: 1.1

Getting Pumped for AP TestThanks Tom, you've been so helpful, this App will help learning and reviewing over everything from the course of this year..Version: 1.1

Fantastic!This app is a great study tool for the AP European exam. It is definitely worth the money and is one of the better review tools I have seen to help prepare you for the test..Version: 1.1

Perfect!Tom Richey was fantastic at creating this app. It's helped me study in quick amounts of time and even lomg amounts. I would recomend buying it for sure!.Version: 1.1

Very helpful~thank you Tom!I crammed with this before my euro exam and it helped so much. Great refresher tool 👌🏼 highly recommend and worth the five dollars.Version: 1.1

Great Review for AP Euro!So many questions! Worth the price to have something like this to help me review for my AP exam!.Version: 1.1

NiceTom im so proud of you and all your accomplishments i hope your students enjoy this as much as i do! what a great way to help your pupils learn, and on a mobile device! always coming up with new and fun ideas for your kids :) much live and got bless !!!!!.Version: 1.0

Love itGreat for content drilling! The amount of questions is worth the money..Version: 1.1

Super Helpful!Makes reviewing fun and satisfying! also really good questions.Version: 1.1

Great App, Would RecommendRichey did a good job, keep it up..Version: 1.1

AwesomeLove the questions. Most helpful thing for my in-class exams. 🤓.Version: 1.1

So helpful!!Perfect for content review!.Version: 1.1

Great!Very helpful!!.Version: 1.1

Great!Wonderful review for final exams!!.Version: 1.1

Great AppTom Richey has seriously helped me out with my AP Euro Exam. His Youtube videos, live streams, and this app are amazing!.Version: 2.0

LONG LIVE THE CHERRY4/20 blaze.Version: 1.1

Excellent for filling in detailsMy students SRQs have improved from using this app! It's a must! Links to content if you get the wrong answer! @MrsDavis_AP.Version: 2.0

Great study toolI'm in AP European History right now and found out about this app from its maker Tom Richey, who also makes great YouTube videos on the subject. So far, especially for still being in beta, I have found this app extremely useful for reviewing important information for tests. There even a section for reviewing for your midterm. I can't wait to see where this app goes and I defiantly plan on continual use. If you need so help remembering some AP Euro information (or didn't do your reading) I highly recommend this app. Plus, I'm sure your parents, like mine, will be willing to pay 5 dollars if it'll get you to study..Version: 1.0

Amazing app!Great learning tool for anybody in AP euro :).Version: 1.0

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